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#but not today

These are my notes on mutations in Irish, basically as I wrote them. They were originally for a friend which is why they’re so messy. They also take a certain level of Irish for granted. Hope someone finds them useful! If there are any questions or corrections please let me know

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I could be doing so many things right now with my not sleeping time. I could play a game, read a book, run through a rp game, write a chapter or seventeen.

But no.

I’m falling down YouTube rabbit holes watching people eat gross things that I would eat but I’m allergic to, or Gordon Ramsay’s Hotel Hell, or people generally being incompetent.

Why can’t I be productive???

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𝘸𝘪𝘴𝘩𝘭𝘪𝘴𝘵 𝘪𝘥𝘦𝘢 .

piers is deathly afraid of being with someone since 1) his sister might not approve of his boyfriends & 2) he doesn’t know how relationships work . he’s really shy despite the persona he puts up as a confident yet mysterious guy . 

if you take him on dates , he’ll be very nervous first time and fluster easily . 

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i need to get some high quality kaku screenshots so my icon doesn’t suck 😔

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Send me asks!

I reached 500 followers- oh my god, I reached 500 followers! What do I even do to tank you people? Prompts? Probably. Maybe something else too? Send me a ship pairing with any if these sentence numbers and tell me what genre you want! Comedy, Fluff, Angst, you name it!

1. “Haven’t I died enough?”

2. “…I don’t hate you.” “You hesitated! Of course you hate me!”

3. *gasp* “NO-” “You’re jeALOUS!”

4. “I’m sorry but, I think you should stay away.”

5. “This is worse than dying! And I’ve died! I should know.”

6. “Will we ever see each other again?” “Hopefully, for you, no.”

7. “You didn’t tell me it was this bad!”

8. “I don’t do people, go away. Wait no- not you! You stay!”

9. “You don’t trust me!”

10. “You’re laughing at me!” “I’m no- pff-” “You can’t even speak because you’re laughing that hard!”

11. “You’re under arrest for being too cute!”

12. “Date her/him, they said. She’s/He’s fun to be around, they said. Fucking idiots.”

13. “Did it hurt?” “When I fell from heav-” “No, when you fell from the vending machine.” “Wha-” “'Cause you’re a snack!”

14. “I’m not pissed, I’m hurt.”

15. “Did your hair meow?!”

16. “I was stupid to think you loved me.”

17. “Oh, so it’s my fault, now?”

18. “I just want to help you, please.”

19. “I think I love you.”

20. “He’s/She’s mine.”

21. Own prompt.

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@venwe​‘s fault for telling me I could.

Fingolfin’s relationship with 99% of the world around him.


Originally posted by a-little-bit-of-thisandthat

Whenever the author wants to know why the f*** Fingolfin wants to hang out with some shady characters instead of his lovely family.


Originally posted by heckyeahreactiongifs

When Maglor wants to know why Maedhros went to the ceremony of the Cult of Fire.


Originally posted by getawayscars

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idk if this is tmi but i finally fessed up to my mom about the Nipple Piercings (acquired when I was 16, hence why i didn’t tell her immediately) and she thought it was the funniest shit ever and asked to see them so. theres that?

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