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Fun Fact
Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
#but omg
natasha-danvers · 13 hours ago
I think I’d be obsessed with your hands. I’d just hold them all the time. Maybe not like the other anon about choking, I’ve ever tried but I’d let you.
Y’all stop I’m blushing in class!!!
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loving-drivers · 22 hours ago
stop making me read essays *jazz hands*
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lululawrence · a day ago
Sunday Snippet
I was tagged by @justalarryblog, @laynefaire, @tempolarriefix, @larryyouknow, @mercurial-madhouse, @so-why-let-your-voice-be-tamed, @jacaranda-bloom, @zannithinks, @disgruntledkittenface, and @evilovesyou to share a snippet of my WIP. This is from what I’m writing for @1daboficfest, I hope you like it!
“I’m so sorry, I really didn’t mean to have this happen. I had no idea she’d do this, and I didn’t know how to tell her that the two of us who’d been supposedly dating for so long don’t sleep together? And you said that about calling me over too, which like, what am I supposed to do about that? I’m sure I could…”
Harry continued to ramble, clearly agitated, and Louis found it amusing, but he was also kind of in the midst of a breakdown, so he shut Harry out. He felt awful for doing it when Harry was clearly thinking he was already angry, but Louis couldn’t bring himself to care when he was a bit concerned about his breathing.
Fuck. Shit. All of the thoughts that he’d been battling ever since Drew had ended things were crashing back into his head, overwhelming him. He’d worked so hard to rid himself of them, and he rarely had to worry about it now, but it was because he’d closed himself off. He’d not allowed an alpha to even so much as brush against him unless absolutely necessary for years. He refused to date. He attended regular therapy. And all of that combined worked. All of the voices in his head that had slowly started sounding more and more like himself that constantly tore him apart had faded away.
After not dealing with them for so long, Louis had somehow become weaker. He wasn’t used to constantly battling them anymore, so having them suddenly coming and speaking their vile words again had him instantly panicking and unsure how to start pushing them back into the locked cage he’d kept them in.
Bad omega. 
Not enough. 
Never good enough. 
A disappointment.
I now tag @sadaveniren, @hazzabeeforlou, @bottomlinsons, @fallinglikethis, @kingsofeverything, @louandhazaf, and @dinosaursmate
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uni-virtuosis · a day ago
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lilly-white · a day ago
Me: Ahh Sunday. Finally the day to get started on these difficult transition chapters after agonizing over them all week
Bf: /immediately decides he needs to rehaul the entire office and starts packing and unpacking shit and generally making havoc around me
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write-lets-do-this · a day ago
ok so we all have shit for the bakuten babies but it's only two episodes in
i can't wait to see what happens when they introduce the rival team
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5secondsofsomerhalder · 2 days ago
I finished rule of wolves so uuuuhm what am I supposed to do with my life now????
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knightlyss · 3 days ago
lol poor travis just can’t consistently keep his facial hair throughout one full campaign
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kubbalik · 3 days ago
im weirdly emotional today, hockey games are making me feel like crying
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deathtriangles · 4 days ago
okay but if they rerun the title match ...... death triangle vs young bucks, mask and hair vs hair and hair lmfao
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australiansanta · 4 days ago
ive applied for literally like 600 jobs in the last year so im gonna make an onlyfans lmfaoooooo what would u wanna see but im absolutely not showing my face
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soulcluster · 5 days ago
gaider is talking about the changes he would’ve wanted for da2 on twitter and omg im really living for some of this stuff but also this
Tumblr media
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cowboy-kylo · 5 days ago
hello friends:) teenie tiny update, i have like two weeks of school left and i’m not letting myself post the first chapter of my clyde fic until then ksjhgksj im so excited
i’m gonna be posting the moodboard sometime this week tho!!!?????!
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