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#but please listen to the rules.
sleep3depriveda month ago
Just letting everyone know, my matchups are and have been closed (for a few months now too acc) Anyone who sends me one will be deleted. You can wait till my next follower event. However, not right now.
Thank you <3
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strifesolutiona month ago
feel like pure shit just want her back (red life/green life duos)
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jayggarricks5 days ago
What鈥檚 this about a evidence for Wally having a Ed? Miss what secret lore are you sitting on?
Tumblr media
It鈥檚 easy to miss and mentioned scarcely, but yes, there is some slight--and debatably circumstantial--evidence supporting this.聽
For some background information, speedsters rely on the Speedforce to contribute the energy they need to run. Before Wally managed to reign in control of his powers, his body had to resort to consuming an inordinate amount of food to balance out the energy his faulty connection to the Speedforce wasn鈥檛 providing.聽Wally鈥檚 dialogue frequently refers to this problem in the earlier issues of his run, but it eventually stems off as Wally grows into his powers and his aura starts to work as supposed to.聽
Tumblr media
The Flash (1987) #1
The very first mention of this is actually in the first issue itself. The so-called 鈥榖east鈥 in this inner monologue is referring to Wally鈥檚 hunger, where he goes on to say, 鈥渋t鈥檚 always聽time to feed the beast.鈥 Three things we can infer from this: number one, Wally has a negative view on his body鈥檚 round-the-clock demand for food. Number two, there is never a time in his early adulthood where he is not hungry. Number three, 鈥榟ealthy鈥 foods often fall to the wayside of his diet because they do not supply the energy junk food--such as baby ruths--would.聽
Tumblr media
The Flash (1987) #1
In the very same issue, we get this exchange. Wally鈥檚 friends comment on how much he eats--and therefore how much of the food he needs would be harmful in excess for any other person--and Wally replies by saying,聽鈥...I can鈥檛 go boppin鈥 off whenever I feel like it, like you guys. Always checking on my last meal and my next, that鈥檚 me.鈥 In another dialogue bubble, Wally remarks that,聽鈥渇or once there鈥檚 enough food.鈥
This introduces two other ideas: one, Wally鈥檚 food intake, while seen as a benefit to having superspeed in the eyes of outsiders, is a source of shame for himself because it limits what he can and can鈥檛 do, and therefore his valued independence. Two, Wally spends a vast amount of time worrying about his intake and what he eats, and presumably, the amount of money he spends on making sure that he gets the food he needs in the first place. It also reinforces the aforementioned points that Wally is permanently hungry and that quote-unquote 鈥榰nhealthy鈥 foods are his main source of energy.聽
Tumblr media
The Flash (1987) #10
The last panel I want to talk about is this. For some clarification, the man Wally is talking to is Chunk, a man with a rather severe complex for 鈥渟mooth, popular people鈥 because of how ostracized he is from society. While working on a matter transmitter, it exploded and Chunk聽鈥渟wallowed鈥 it, in effect making it so that Chunk has to constantly consume dense materials--mostly precious metals--to keep it from imploding his body. This also makes it possible for him to transport both living and nonliving matter into his own personal pocket dimension.
What specifically matters about the above panel is Wally, after having eaten a full-course meal in mere seconds, says,聽鈥淚 have to eat like that constantly just to stay even.鈥 Again, his body鈥檚 demand for energy is specifically portrayed in a negative light, and furthermore is shown to damage his physical state if he鈥檚 not careful, since the word use of 鈥渆ven鈥 is more or less stating that if Wally doesn鈥檛 eat as he needs to, he鈥檚 going to be as thin as a beanstalk with his insides shutting down in due effect.
Now, I鈥檓 not a psychologist. I don鈥檛 know what specific ED Wally has, or even if these symptoms/thoughts can even be classified as an ED. But what is clear as a reader is that Wally doesn鈥檛 have a good relationship with food, and is actively harmed in conjunction to it.聽
#listen i tried to make a decent argument but idk how well it translates? hopefully it makes sense and i wasn't insensitive 馃拃#malnutrition can also cause heart failure so like...could be nothing but it sure as hell could be something#also 2nd anon idk precisely why you can't access comics but in an effort to try and help i'm gonna cast the net as wide as possible rn#for free comics the website i use most frequently is and i recommend using an add blocker#if you're worried about supporting the industry please don't the comics industry is currently in an unprecedented financial boom#and you can always buy the comics later when you have more financial stability#if your internet access is restricted and you're american your local library might have some comics you can get with a free library card#or if you for some reason do not want/cannot get a library card there are no rules disallowing you from reading those comics#you just can't check them out and take them to your house#i don't personally know any software that will help with reading/comprehension disabilities but i would try looking it up#i know that comics are really easy to read with those with dyslexia but that's a sidenote#for vision disabilities i know that there are companies who make audiobooks transcribing comic books such as Audio Comics#you can find a wider variety of transcriptions on youtube also but from my experience they only tell the bigger picture#really i just hope that helped even a little anon and if it didn't maybe it's useful information for someone else? idk man#asks
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demelzatheshipper2 months ago
Kara Danvers to Lena Luthor (about Lena's relationship with Kara Zor El / Supergirl)
You鈥檙e still my girl I know I put us both through hell But now you鈥檙e movin on with someone else When you鈥檙e still my girl
You鈥檙e still my girl And I鈥檓 so angry at myself How can you belong to someone else? When you鈥檙e still my girl
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emberphoenix-san4 months ago
no more romance songs by alloro cis people from now on it's trans love ballads all the way and anti-love songs framed as love songs until you really listen to the lyrics closely by aro people
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masterstrange-closed6 months ago
Hey guys, just as a general rule because I鈥檝e been checking out new followers from the last few weeks... but I will not write or follow Eliz*beth Ols*n / whitewashed Wanda Maximoffs (multimuses, I鈥檒l tag block your Wanda). It makes me really uncomfortable and its not something I can support.聽 Wanda Maximoff is Romani-Jewish, and the MCU is guilty of erasing her heritage and rewriting the twins in a very offensive way.聽
There are many resources out there to educate yourself on the situation and find alternate Romani faces --- I鈥檓 not going to bully anyone currently playing such a portrayal, but I鈥檓 also not going to engage with you. Please respect this --- I鈥檒l be updating my rules accordingly tonight.
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