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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.
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#but really though


i cant help but suddenly miss the sensation of chewing polly pockets

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Cabbage is lettuce that can be cooked

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Why would they end the photograph by Ed Sheeran montage with “wait for me to come home” then Buck’s doorbell rings AND ITS EDDIE AND CHRISTOPHER WHAT WAS THE REASON

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I’m dating my Demonia boots.

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There are some miserable ass people out here. Find and protect your peace. Know that you are beautiful and worthy of anything your heart desires. Misery loves company, so make sure that bitch is lonely.

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Eh, there’s nothing else I can say

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Work is cancelled a second weekend in a row. I’ll just go fuck myself.

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Im sorry but why have i not seen ONE vampire mommy Lady Dimitrescu RP blog????

I mean i typically dont rp with animated faces

But honestly like she could crush any of my muses heads in her….thighs

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When all of this is over someone who was in a coma should be showed onion articles but it is actual true news of what happened and see if they believe it. All I’m trying to say is 2020 is the most imagined real thing ever created.

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