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Fun Fact
Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.
#but seriously
k1lld0llz · 5 minutes ago
y r some boys so cute until they open their mouthz???
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graffitibreadsystem · 22 minutes ago
Warning: A bit of a rant ahead!!
Hello! I’m our system’s protector, a fictive of Chica the Chicken from FNaF, and I just want to say, please do not make your first interaction with someone, a kinnie or an introject, their opinion on a ship or a specific area of their source’s audience.
I introduced myself to our friend yesterday and his reaction was to, whenever I introduced myself with, “Hi! I’m Chica, the protector of our system!” respond with, “ ‘Hi, I’m Chica, I have weird art drawn of me! ’ ”
You see the issue here?
Imagine walking up to a YouTuber or an actor - a real person with real human emotions and feelings, keep in mind - and asking them what they think about a “ship” the internet has created or how they feel about a group of people who are attracted to them.
It’s uncomfortable, first of all, but second it’s just literally not how you introduce yourself??? Like??? In what world do you introduce yourself by asking someone’s thoughts on people romanticizing or sexualizing them??? Please do explain because I do not understand.
TL;DR - Don’t introduce yourself to somene by asking them about or talking about people making things weird. It’s gross, it’s uncomfortable, and it’s an awful introduction.
That’s all, take care of yourselves, go eat, drink water, and get some sleep tonight. Love y’all! 💛💜🧡 /p
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fordekyle · 31 minutes ago
sometimes the way i talk sounds as if my suffering is behind me and im like heeeheee i deserve it all but then i realize N-o. i am . still . living it actually like thee Traumatizing Experience is still very much Real and Ongoing and then suddenly i'm like oooooooook Maaaybe it's... not.... funny anymore.
#'haha mccleery syndrome traumatized me'#and then im like wait *traumatizing me#and then im like. jesus christ#i cant put it into words well but#there really is a Great Deal of added PSYCHOLOGICAL DAMAGE when i realize#ok so. i have been able to recognize for a while now: i am being fuckinggggg Changed here#but the catch is its bc im STILL SUFFERING#and i KNOW I'm still suffering#THERE'S JUST NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT!!!#and its the whole thing that pissed me off and terrified me from the start!!! my own fucking life IS BEYOND MY CONTROL#and theres was just NOTHING i could do. i couldnt do ANYTHING bc this country has done their damnest to kill me#with keeping me from healthcare out of state#i have no FUCKING clue what i would be doing now#if dr golarz didnt go back into practice#HE IS THE ONLY DR I CAN GATHER IN THE STATE TO TREAT VASCULAR TOSES#I WOULD LEGIT BEBFUCKING DYING BC NO NTOS DR WOULD HELP ME. AND NONE OF THEM WANTED TO GIVE ME A REFERRAL ELSEWHERE#like SERIOUSLY this healthcare is SO fucked up. i straight up do not give a flying fuck if 'rare uwu' i'll fucking make it sk#so* your ability to speak is rare i'll beat the shit out of you so hard you'll never wanna see the light of day fuck you fuck you fuck you#but like THAT BEING ESTABLISHED when you are any chronic TOS patient you absolutely reach the point where its like what the everliving fuck#is wrong with some of these literal shit ass doctors. how BAD do you LOVE TO WATCH ME SUFFER WTF!? PIECE OF SHIT!!!#its like BRO ive seen it all. i really have. wish i hadnt. but i have.#so i dont know what i would do if dr golarz didnt go back into another practice. i legit would have exhausted all my resources#all except a couple:#1. kill myself. obvs it would end my suffering. not the best way. but you cant deny IT WOULD END MY SUFFERING#(and quite frankly ive said it b4 but no. i would not blame myself if it came to that. thats valid all things considered. if people in#incredible pain on their deathbed get the option to pull the plug ? why not me. thats my logic. and as long as no one treats me: persists#nothing more than a hellish life where i cannot do anything bc i cant function-- so i fo believe killing myself if it came down to it?#justified.)#2. move out of the fucking state . move out of the literal fucking state to drop my shitty insurance that keeps me from out of state#but also wont allow me to bill the unpayed over here
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system-demon · 52 minutes ago
purple, yellow and orange 👁👄👁
Tumblr media
Hahaha. Maybe. Depends on what you do. And Insane? Me? Maybe i dunno.
Tumblr media
Im dumb as shit. So u rite.
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the-dimitrescu-seamstress · 59 minutes ago
If someone could tell the place where I get silk fabrics from to stop having their inventory be $140 or $225 A YARD, and go back to the more reasonable, usually hovering around the $100 mark for their most expensive stock, that would be lovely. It would be easier for that to happen than me telling Alcina that she needs to suddenly become three or four feet shorter.
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me writing any romance is basically like... Character A : yeah i love you Character B, internally : someone loving me??? right in front of my salad????
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silentspaces · an hour ago
I think it's really sad how often I sit in my car and don't go home for awhile. Home is supposed to be the place where you rest and unwind, where you have a safe space. But for me, it often becomes a place where I have to face my daily obligations that I always inevitably put off -- laundry, dishes, a shower that I should have scrubbed a month ago. It's also where I find shame--shame that I procrastinate so much; shame that, when no roommates or parents or other social pressures hold me accountable, I don't live up to that (semi) responsible presentation I show the rest of the world. It's become a place that I find myself escaping from. So sometimes on the way home, I'll sit in a convenience store parking lot for an hour, and many times I'll just be on my phone in my actual parking spot at my apartment, not going inside despite being 200 feet from my front door. Sometimes I wonder if this is why I fill up my life with activities and responsibilities--they provide a convenient excuse to not be at home, where I should be taking care of non-work obligations. Maybe my car has become my most sacred space, because it's a place where I have no other duties to the world, myself, or the standards I hold myself to.
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cadaverkeys · an hour ago
i do have male OCs they just...go to a different school
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maraudorable · an hour ago
I think you're Grammar & Plants royalty and a truly lovely person ❤
Arya 🥺 I’m not grammar and plants royalty - I’m still always learning! Also there are only, like, four plant families I’m interested in. I’m a plant snob.
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superstar-rockin-abs · 2 hours ago
i fell asleep again which means i didn’t work on the drawing at all oR any of the one shots
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upside-down-person · 2 hours ago
Meme templates be like 'can I copy ur homework' and then list a bunch of stuff ppl might reply to that but I think it's bold of them not to assume that I'm not the one asking to copy the homework
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gikairan · 3 hours ago
God theres photos of the stand ins from the Sonic movie sequel and... I can't take them seriously
Tumblr media
Tails, are you okay bud?? Tails???
Tumblr media
The lights are on but nobody is home
Tumblr media
Honestly, seeing these characters, half the size of a human and brightly coloured standing on a pile of rubble is making me crack up.
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nabrialcs · 3 hours ago
I will continue doing Zodiark’s work.
Tumblr media
i know i am doing a good job when I get messages like this. <3 
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nixxin9 · 3 hours ago
So, I'm posting the new chapter for my fic tomorrow butttt
I wrote this and then decided it was way too over the top for the second chapter lol. So I've adapted it a little bit and I've turned it into a little one-shot, hopefully it runs okay as it's literally pulled from the middle of an 8k chapter.
The crew go out to see Flynn Dj and debut a new song then decide to save money and walk home.
Julie wrecks herself and Luke has to carry her home and then gets pulled into an impromptu musical number on the streets of LA at 3am.
Taylor’s interlude
Stumbling from the bar at just after three am, the group starts the trek back to Carrie and Flynn’s apartment, giggling to each other drunkenly. Luke starts forward and then glances back at the entrance to the club when he notices Julie isn’t following. “What’s wrong, Jules?”
Julie’s eyes study her toes as she rubs her bare arms with a frown. “I wore heels.”
“So did Carrie.”
“Yeah,” Julie grumbles her eyes finally meeting his green gaze. “But my feet hurt, and I can’t walk anymore. Carrie has like numb feet super-powers of something. If I’d known, we were gonna be walking forever I would’ve just worn my sneakers.”
She pouts at the boy, and he chuckles with a small nod, his chest filling with warmth for the drunk girl in front of him. Pulling off his oversized plaid jacket, he steps toward her, helping her slide her arms into the sleeves. He rubs her sides to help her warmup and she gravitates toward him naturally.
“Get on.” He orders with a grin, offering her his back for a piggyback. Julie doesn’t hesitate jumping on with his help, wrapping an arm across his chest and pointing the other in the direction of their friends who were already a full street ahead.
Luke gallops around, quickly catching up to the others who watch the pair with affectionate smiles. Alex rolls his eyes, when would they just admit they were in love already?
They are nearly back to the apartment, having fallen behind the group again, they spent the time chatting freely about their favourite songs played that night and what they thought of Flynn’s new song, which she had debuted at the club. Julie learned Luke had helped her write it and Alex and Reggie had helped her mix it. Luke was explaining the process of them working together for the first time when Julie suddenly starts humming in Luke’s ear.
“Are you humming Taylor Swift?” Luke asks the girl on his back amused, forgetting about his story. Julie takes his acknowledgment as permission to start singing the lyrics loudly.
Luke chuckled at her little change from ‘six’ to ‘three’ and joins in for the bridge. The rest of the group slowing down to listen. Reggie twirls Alex under his arm.
Today was a fairy-tale
You were the prince
I used to be a damsel in distress
You took me by the hand, and you picked me up at three
Today was a fairy-tale
Alex recreates the beat with his hands slapping on his chest while Reggie and Carrie supply soft harmonies to Julie and Luke who take turns singing a line of the chorus. Flynn snaps her fingers in time, humming the tune softly.
Time slows down
Whenever you're around.
“Put me down and take the second part of the next verse!” Julie whispers to Luke, her eyes closed as she sways to the beat their friends had created. With a chuckle, Luke releases Julie carefully and she launces into the second verse, twirling under Luke’s arm so she could walk backwards in front of him. Luke watches her with a fond smile, his hand staying in hers just in case she trips.
Can you feel this magic in the air?
It must have been the way you kissed me
Fell in love when I saw you standing there
It must have been the way
Today was a fairy-tale
It must have been the way
Today was a fairy-tale
Luke takes the second part and briefly thinks to himself that their voices worked together perfectly. His chest fills with an warmth when this pretty girl sings to him, her eyes sparkling happily.
Today was a fairy-tale
You've got a smile
Takes me to another planet
Every move you make everything you say is right
Today was a fairy-tale
Julie skips ahead when the bridge starts again, letting go of Luke’s hand and twirling around with an assist from Reggie before she stomps her foot in time to the start to the chorus, launching into a duet with Alex.
Today was a fairy-tale
All that I can say
Is now it's getting so much clearer
Nothing made sense 'til the time I saw your face
Today was a fairy-tale
Julie was truly captivating as she belted out the final vocalisations. She looked so free standing in front of her best friend in Luke’s oversized jacket, grinning from ear to ear.
Time slows down
Whenever you're around
I can feel my heart
It's beating in my chest
Did you feel it?
I can't put this down.
Today was a fairy-tale
Reggie and Luke whoop and cheer as loud as they can, and Alex slaps his knees with a grin while Flynn and Carrie clap and laugh. They were only a minute away from the apartment by the time they finished and a loud voice from a house across the road reminds them that it’s 3am and belting Taylor Swift is inconsiderate, even in LA.
“I’m sorry ma’am!” Julie calls with a light slur from her spot under Luke’s arm. “But when Taylor Swift calls, you listen! You have to understand!” Luke can’t help the laugh that falls from his mouth, which he quickly stifles under what he is sure is the glare of the older woman.
“I wonder if the cops will be understanding of your little explanation.”
“Oh, shit!” Alex curses, hurrying everyone along and whisper shouting a ‘sorry’ behind the giggling group.
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