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#but sometimes it b like that

hello angel !!! 💖✨ im ok ! very tired but otherwise ok ! how are you angel? i hope you’ve been well <3 thank you !!! it was only a weeks worth of nights but it’s enough to mess with your sleeping schedule so :( anyway i slept after my last shift and felt better afterwards. yeah :( i don’t think anyone can avoid doing nights but it’s not too bad as in the shifts are not as busy mostly because everyone’s asleep so there’s less to do. but the staying awake part is difficult. you wake up at 4am? poor thing :( the times you’re expected to be awake by is ridiculous. for me our morning shifts start at 7am so im awake at 5:30am. the waking up is the hardest part but once you start working you get so busy that you forget you’re exhausted. i think the more you do it the more you’ll get used to it. but it’s definitely not an easy thing to do. but i think because i like what i do it’s not so bad. but yeah, it’s hard so i empathise with you. im always here for you if you need to rant about anything nursing related :) thank you !!! im trying to get in a lot of sleep while i have some time off. hope you can get a lot of rest too angel ! <3 it’s not easy what you’re doing but it’s very much appreciated!!! take care always angel 🤗❤️

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my cousin: *knits* *does an entire canvas of art* *scores the highest possible marks in the national exam* *captains a sport team* *wins the hearts of elderly adults teens alike* *is funny* *is cheerful* *is polite* *juggles leadership and school* *is responsible* *has fun outside* *volunteers* *plays the piano* *somehow friends with everyone in my school*-

my family, my friends, my extended family, internally probably: wow why can’t you be like her

me: haha gay

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there’s just something really hot about smug characters who think they’re all that but the moment they get caught off guard, they become a flustered mess trying to explain how they are in fact not blushing, when you can clearly see it all over their face.
bonus points if you make their face even more red when you point it out 👀

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omg i know percy and annabeth are demigods but sometimes i forgot they’re actually… literally…. HALF GOD…. u know… like i know demigods are half god but still…. like percy is HALF A GOD… 50% GOD…. and annabeth is HALF A GODDESS….50% GODDESS…. like they’re not entirely HUMAN

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