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Beautiful yet strange human emotions in particular phenomenons: falling in love

-the moment you start to fall in love with someone

-also when u realize you are indeed falling for them // have fallen completely in love with said person

-in the moment when the other person expresses reciprocated feelings (that fluttery feeling of nerves, relief, and happiness)

-the strange feeling in ur chest u feel when u miss someone u love so much and haven’t seen/can’t see them (distance)

-the first kiss / first time holding them

Absolutely magical (…despite the great of odds of inevitable heartbreak….or feeling said heartbreak and deciding to open urself up to that all over again with a new human and take the chances)

Listening to amore mio aiutami reminded me of those fleeting moments of the past that were magical and also kinda beautiful and the contrast of those feelings and the feelings /aftermath of it all but I’m focusing on the good parts lol

Love. Is it meant to last? Just because it isn’t forever does it make it pointless? Or should we appreciate the moments we do have with it. And with someone. Even if it just for a short period of time. Despite the pain after. And the inconsistency. This is a good topic to discuss. Maybe we need to stop focusing on forever and focus on the moments u did have. And maybe it doesn’t have to last forever to be worth it and meaningful. But then again the pain lmao.

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Every time I think about the mass effect andromeda thing where Ryder’s mom turns out not to be dead but secretly put into cryo it drives me a little crazy. Imagine having made peace with your mother’s death, having already mourned her and moved on, and now here she is, not really still alive as much as still fucking dying. And now it’s your responsibility to figure out how to cure her disease or you suffer her death all over again but this time it’s your fault. It’s just a complicated nightmare scenario and I hate that the game doesn’t seem to want you to think of it that way.

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