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#but still!!

I’ve been relistening to S4 in preparation for the first episode of S5 this Thursday and I was listening to MAG134 Time of Revelation (the first direct mention of the extinction) and then I got to this part of the statement:


[ID: A screenshot of the transcript for MAG134 that says: “She got her wish, and her colleague even managed to supply her with a photocopy of the journal, though it made little real sense. It talked of Garland Hillier’s ‘new revelation,’ about the absolute change of the world in terms that seemed at first elegiac, but later seemed - almost panicked, with the final entry simply repeating the words “La porte est la porte.” The door is the door.” End ID]

I mean this is probably a total coincidence but “The door is the door” sounds PRETTY similar to how the fearpocalypse did start at the end of MAG160. I’m not sure what this means but HM. Interesting.

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At the scene where the police pull Ian and Barley over, Wilden certainly didn't waste any time getting out of the van! Given that he spent the entire chase scene being thrown from one end of the van to the other, then I'd hazard a guess that he was thinking, "Let me off, let me off, I'm done, I DON'T WANNA RIDE ANYMORE!!! DX"

LMFAO poor guy was having a hell of a time XD”

(also please don’t be afraid to go off anon or DM me I wanna talk to youuuuuu-)

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To calm them down and make them feel better after transformations, Wallace and Eun give Jim and Seb belly rubs!


they lose track of how long they’ve been giving belly rubs for a bit because jim and seb are so unfairly floofy. when you’re petting floofy dogs time passes more quickly and that’s a science fact!

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Chaotic trio but Futaba is carried to Sojiro’s house often bc she passes out against Goro bc she’s comfiest when her big bro is cuddling her while playing video games (ie ending PT meetings early bc Futaba clonked out against Goro again and Sojiro isn’t really in the place to carry the youngest of the duo home. (Also add to this AU where Sojiro marries Futaba’s mom bc you know they love each other tbh)

absolutely!! this is the softest au ever god i love it so muchhhdjjdhh

oh but that means the phantom thieves will still exist.. hm that raises a few question marks… who is yaldabaoth’s second chosen one? we know ren is the one who represents “good” and since goro was adobted by wakaba, he’s no longer fit for the “evil” part because i imagine he gave up his revenge plans once he’s taken in by her…..

much to think about 🤔🤔🤔

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I’ve missed you tooo omggg I’ve been okay just been feeling off mentally but I’ll be okay! How are you doing?馃ズ -鉁

aww hun 🤧🤧

slightly stressed but it’s bc of studies so nothing out of the ordinary!! im so excited to see ateez’s tour start!!

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