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sugarcoatednightshade · 4 months ago
So I’ve been thinking. Most time travel goals are focused on action, right? The goal is to kill hitler as a baby, or kill osama bin laden while he was still in school, ect.
You’re trying to prevent the bad thing by killing the people who were responsible. But nobody ever thinks about how much more could be changed by trying to keep someone alive for just a little bit longer.
Like, how many more public works do you think the US would have if FDR had access to the polio vaccine? How many masterpieces have we lost to authors and composers and artists who died young? What would the world be like if JFK were never shot? MLKjr.?
A random act can change the course of the world; what if archduke Franz Ferdinand’s driver had seen a random pedestrian on the road he intended to turn down, and decided not to deviate from the original plan?
How many people - random, everyday people - could have changed the course of fate, had they simply lived and existed?
So, here’s what I’m proposing. Shoulder Angels are actually a time travelers from the future trying to convince their charges to stop WWV without letting them know bc Timeline.
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arabnico · a year ago
nico thriving in the never ending loop and continuous routine of the lotus casino instead of it boring him and driving him to madness as it would have anyone else is quite literally intertwined with the fact he’s autistic. not only did he survive it but it was what he found endless happiness in! he resisted the casino subconsciously because what would make anyone else go insane was actually the best conditions for him to prosper in! he thrived in the mere act of waking up everyday and indulging in what was obviously his special interest! he didn’t need new experiences or incitations or external stimuli to get happiness from! even after him and bianca got out and were thrown into the whole demigod ordeal for the first time, nico completely momentarily disregards that in favor of showing grover how to play mythomagic! even if he discovered the game in the casino, which is supposed to make its visitors’ memories hazy and fog their brains, he still remembered precise game stats! and he still remembered them even after he gave up on the game! the information is ingrained in his mind to the point it became basic knowledge that he cannot forget despite his many attempts to distance himself from it! nico managed to find joy and happiness and enthusiasm in the routine of the casino because that’s all the stimulation he needs! from the thing that he loves so much and will never get bored of! his special interest! he unintentionally resisted the daze of the casino because he fought back by just being himself! by unconsciously twisting the initial sick scheme of the casino and basking in its routine and just immersing himself completely in his special interest! i’m!!!
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devilsskettle · a year ago
i’m just trying to think of other comparable pieces of media that get the same treatment as the iliad and the song of achilles. imagine reading wide sargasso sea and refusing to ever pick up jane eyre and having all of your opinions on jane eyre and charlotte brontë based on what jean rhys decided to write over a century later. despite it being free to read online or to borrow at the library. and basing all your opinions on the characters of the original novel on how you feel about them in the adaptation. or what if you tried to do that with pride and prejudice and death comes to pemberley. or pride and prejudice and zombies. first of all, you’d be missing a lot of the interesting part of reading adaptations which is the intertextuality! to be fair i’m kind of obsessed with intertextuality so i get it if that’s not what you’re here for but still! wouldn’t you be confused, or at least a little disappointed that you’re missing out on the full experience of the book? the author of a retelling or spin off kind of book like that expects you to be somewhat familiar with the source material, maybe that’s not true of song of achilles since it’s aimed at younger readers and there’s no good quick movie version that will get you up to date if you don’t want to or have time to read the original first, but would you really prefer to read it entirely stripped of its context? genuinely not mad or “gatekeeping” or whatever, that just sounds less enjoyable and more anti-intellectual than being excited enough about what you’re reading to want to know as much about it as possible. you sound boring. again, to be fair, maybe i just get overzealous about intertextuality, i did read/watch red dragon through hannibal in the hannibal book/film series just because i wanted to compare them to the tv series and actually get the original context of a lot of the content and i really loved doing that even though it was kind of a waste of time lol but it made watching the show really refreshing and interesting from a new angle. why would you not want that for yourself
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shellyfol · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Date Night (ft. Wile and his terrible cooking) 
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box5intern · 10 months ago
Yesterday I made this instead of doing any number of other things.
I have a divine mission and it is to collect all the Infinity Stones, meaning Hugh Panaro audio and video boots, so that I may become the most powerful being in the galaxy, meaning “make Supercuts of every time he said ‘fOooooOle’ and ‘chandELIiIIIIEeR’”
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bornspellcaster · a year ago
god if younger me had that lumity episode maybe it wouldn’t have taken until I was fucking 25 to realize I was gay…
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hiwelcometoachilles · 5 months ago
Remembering the time I was looking at a diagram of a dissected pig on my laptop so I could sketch it in my 11th grade psychology class and my teacher walked up behind me and screeched “IS THAT A VAGINA!!!!” and everyone in the class just stopped and i had to explain that it was a cut open pig which honestly isn’t any better...... public school sucks man they’re nosy (also I had an anatomy quiz the next class I’m not a complete freak I promise)
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the-purple-duck · 7 months ago
I’ve stayed up til 2 am like three times this week because of Carry On. I blame you for this /j
ikr?? its just so good
listened to the audiobook the first time, and I was literally listening every waking moment I could, but my parents take my phone at night, so I was on the seat of my pants when I couldn’t listen to it.
i got my irl best friend to read it and our English teacher had to take it from her twice lol
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moodstabilizers · 7 months ago
i’ve pretty much become a hermit the last 6 months and every time i leave my house i remember why i prefer staying home, for example:
the other day i went to the gas station for a pack of smokes (a 45 second walk from my house) and i’m minding my own business at the register when this middle aged woman flings open the door and looks at me, absolutely raging, says “Where’s the pink haired girl who threatened to beat up my daughter? is it YOU??” and all i could say was, “ma’am, my hair is brown.”
anyways she found the pink haired girl who’s like, 16 maybe 17? with 2 other girls of same age and started yelling about how they should mind their business and how some dude named Coco is ‘lucky he isn’t in jail’ and they didn’t know the truth about what happened and a bunch of other shit, then she stormed out
idk man i just wanted my nicotine and almost got ran down just for being there, i wanna stay home forever. i hate it here guys
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into-the-storm · 7 months ago
SO I’m a nanny and this is my last week with my current kids before I start a new job on Monday. So I’m already a mess.
Now I’ve had to miss two days of my last week because I got a mild concussion and wanted to die. Then tonight I get a text from my aunt saying my cousin, who I saw on Christmas Day, has covid. So my boyfriend and I were exposed. I get to miss my last week with the kids that are like my own because of my own stupidity and fuckin covid
Needing some reassurance that everything will be okay. I feel so defeated and weak. I need love 💔
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dramaphan · 9 months ago
Bestie it cut off what’s the drama
Oh my friend called my mom a reckless driver or something and I got pissed off about it but she was right actually so it was really not that dramatic in hindsight
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emeraldbabygirl · a year ago
Does Seungwoo think it’s funny to make an mv before he goes in with sad undertones? You think this is a fucking game Han Seungwoo? Nobody’s fucking laughing.
What the fuck are we supposed to cry? Is Victon supposed to cry? Am I supposed to cry into his sister’s boobies? Who allowed this? The whole packing things into boxes to simulate a moving away scenario and him out in the ocean alone at night, being alone with his piano, especially the plain white colors and the scenes that are blue. Why the hell does it have to be sad?
Y’all laughing now Bald Seungwoo 2021 let’s go but the day he shaves his beautiful hair off and looks like a damn egg y’all will be crying. Why is it sad when idols go into the military? Like..they comeback in like 2 years or however long they go in but we gotta wait that longer before they come back? In the meantime their group could disband or a friend or family member could get sick or die or they could get lost in the military and never come back out like that one guy did or something could happen to them while they’re there. What do they even do, teach you how to shoot tin cans from across the street? What happens if World War 3 happens and it’s every country for themselves, does the Korean military invite every male to fight in the war or do they only send the ones doing their service at the time? What do they even do while they’re there? Sometimes we get interactions between idols.
Say Seungwoo comes back in 84 years and decides to live up on a mountain in the middle of nowhere away from everyone lmao I’m just kidding. It’s just kinda weird when idols enlist innit? Cause we don’t know if they’ll pull a 2PM or a History ya’know? Anyway FUCK YOU HAN SEUNGWOO. Your sister shall comfort me in her soft boobies during these trying times. We might even get married and when you come back you’ll wonder why your sister is in a sweat lodge with someone you’ve never seen before. Just a wedding ceremony is all, nothing to see here.
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mcsoylentgreen · a year ago
Only took 16 years, but I finally got my mother watching The Sopranos and she had a sudden realisation why my teachers called her to say I was super obsessed with the Mafia when I was 12/13.
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twwobsessed · 10 months ago
if anyone wanted to share some hurt/comfort and/or mental health fics that I should read, I would be eternally grateful. they can be west wing or madam secretary or literally anything good
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space-daddy-owns-me · a year ago
Boba and Din aside, who's ur next favorite SW zaddy?
The way he carries himself is so hot, and the fact that he’s a commander in the Resistance Star Fighter Corps too!! I really enjoyed him in the movies and the little thing he had between Zorii Bliss was just *chefs kiss*
Tumblr media
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the-gay-goblin · a year ago
Lmao best version of ‘happy birthday’ I’ve heard (or ig read) in a while
Thanks!! Even though this day isn’t as important I hope it’s still a good one for you !
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helaintoloki · a year ago
Since I’ve been stuck at home resting I spent most of my weekend watching the Texas chainsaw films and honestly? I haven’t been appreciating them enough it’s my new favorite thing
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