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#but that's still a whole lot

brain rot.

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this was not a good stream to happen while I’m trying to write

#I like having streams on in the bg while I do homework so its not so quiet, #but this one is a lot, #very funny but very distracting, #I am writing an essay about a communist terrorist group turned political party in colombia if you were wondering, #you werent but yknow, #I’m adding to this with my opinions on the stream bc its resulted in controversy and I have thoughts but dont want to make a whole post, #there were some funny jokes and while I zoned out for most of the bullying bbh again bit to finish my essay I still listened to some of it, #and it was kinda the worst (and by kinda I mean most definitely), #I’m not particularly attached to bbh but man even if they’re all friends idk how he stands them, #they just go too far and get so annoying constantly I could never withstand it as long as he does, #and all the stuff going around about the jokes being homophobic..., #I agree that those jokes definitely suck coming from cishets, #as a queer person I found some of them funny in the moment but looking back. theyre. not great, #but I also typically never find the patronizing of bbh funny (whether its inherently homophobic or not), #so not only did I stop listening for the most part but I no longer cared enough to form opinions about it, #but reading everyone’s analysis its quite frankly a horrible bit, #(I think I hate the bit so much because the way the pick on him (like their tone of voice and such), #reminds me of my step father and step brothers picking on me for little things that I usually can’t help but hey thats trauma babey), #(I actually wouldn’t really call is trauma, #a therapist might, #but to me its just general discomfort and frustration), #this became a lot. if you actually read all of this... no you didnt
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243 followers and following 243 people – i’ve reached tumblr equilibrium

#ended up talking to my kouhai for three hours abt politics last night before we finally got back to our movie, #she fell asleep for a whole half hour at almost four in the morning and i only noticed bc i was like 'are you seeing this shit sapph?', #abt the main character and the only woman in the movie falling in love and she didn't respond, #so i paused and was like 'sapph? you there? you awake? can you hear me?', #and she wasn't so i changed screens that i was sharing to firefox and started watching videos by an anarchist i respect, #she woke up towards the end like 'what's going on?' and i was like 'you fell asleep :D', #and she apologized like eight times and i'm like 'it's not a big deal you're mostly just lucky i noticed before the end', #and she thought she fell asleep for like two or three minutes but she was actually out for abt 45 minutes, #anyway i respect the way she had a level discussion w/one of my old english teachers abt conservatism n stuff, #n abt how he has white privilege and stuff bc i'd have just rocked back kicked my legs up onto the desk and been a little shit arguing, #and like the most astonishing thing is how the english teacher is how he watched the debates and he just, #does NOT remember trump NOT CONDEMNING WHITE SUPREMACY, #and a lot of their argument from what i gathered by her recollection was him essentially going [citation needed] out loud, #in the form of 'where'd ya hear that? social media? fake news kid' and he's right that you shouldn't get all your news from social media, #but hearing abt the conversation and her lamenting abt how she needs to become more educated i was just like, #'dude it's not your fault. you will learn. if i were in your shoes senior year i'd have been stumped in the same way.', #honestly the kind of rhetoric he was using to destroy her arguments were pretty familiar to me at this point, #bc of the types of youtube channels i watch, #still mad abt the 'jeff bezos buys the amazon trucks' vs. 'trump isn't in charge of paying his workers that's his managers' jobs', #so you can understand that the person in charge is reflected upon by his underlings' actions n decisions to defend capitalism, #but not to condemn racism? sir? professor? what the fuck?, #the worm speaks, #anyway those are just some Thots
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But @lilyveil tysm for the ask!! Unfortunaty I lost it kdhdkdnd but to answer what lila is like

She’s one of my splatoon ocs! She’s actually my agent 3 and she looks like this


She puts on a confident and angry looking front but she’s what I like to think of a very normal person lmao.. nice and caring and pretty chill but just a bit emotional(?), in the sense that she can easily cry over something sad or get angry if she doesn’t succeed. They’ve had to deal with a lot as agent 3 so they decided to actually quit turf wars and being an agent and start a band! It’s a very small underground band that they made with their girlfriend cynder (my agent 8) and one of their best friends, piers.

Outside of in-game gear her aethetic is pretty much old band tees, long skirts or baggy pants. Her scar and previously being an agent makes her want to always cover her face and stay hidden so she usually covers her hair thats stained and her face with a face mask and glasses. She’s the main guitarist and loves collecting old useful guitars and picks that she can use to experiment on songs. She’s also a huge nerd! Especially with music and history, which is what made her initially super excited to be an agent when given the chance..

Ive always imagined her main guitar to be transparent like this (but with lots of stickers) which i think ive reblogged like 3 times already whoops.


Ive never talked too much about my ocs so sorry if this doesn’t make sense they’re all super big wips in my head still

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😂😂😂😂 I’m so glad you enjoyed ❤️❤️❤️

Rio definitely has the annoying energy of yummy mummies who frequent stupid fancy health food cafés that have far too many seed options available and try to dress up additionally selling ugly artisanal ceramics as like a genuine selling point 😂

(also I think the whole fic clearly owes a lot to that otp meme q about dumber and dumbest and who is the healthy eater vs the junk food fan or whatever, so really the whole thing is basically jazz’s fault)

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Little jabs

#Doodles, #Vargas, #Edgar, #Scriabin, #Just a small batch this time, #I forgot his goatee for the first one so I guess he's baby lol, #I really just wanted to draw him with very very big glasses because I thought it'd be cute and I was right lol, #And also quite silly, #He looks weird without his goatee with the striped shirt! I'm used to drawing him with different clothes when he's a kid, #Yay the ''gun'' set, #I was reading around - behind the scenes stuff - and talk of his similarities to his toy really sparked images, #Chapter 19's whole deal ahhhh, #I've thought about drawing him with a gun here and there but I haven't actually done it yet lol, #But I equally liked the idea of him having actual fingerguns lol, #He can do a lot of exaggerated things in the mindscape! Why not this lol, #I really should draw him with a proper gun sometime I love all of his personal accessories hehe, #Plus that's the last instance of his wings :') And I still very much love those, #And for the last set I was thinking about Edgar and Nny's ??kid??? I wasn't there when it happened but it makes me laugh, #Not that it's a competition but Scriabin and Edgar are raising a kid together so clearly theirs is a more stable relationship, #Sure lol, #''I think we're moving too fast! I know - let's have a frickin' kid! That'll solve all our problems!'', #Also Scriabin being cute and holding his arm is fun, #I did a quick study for his hair too since I've been falling further out of practice :P Hopefully it'll shape back up lol
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