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#but the point still stands

okay but the weirdest thing about the owen and gwyn pregnancy storyline is tk is 27 right? and he and carlos are pretty serious, so in like a couple of years they’re gonna get married and possibly have kids and then tk’s sibling is only gonna be like 5 years older than his kids????

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teeny headcanon that is both specific for sharon’s ship w / @thunderbringer but also in general : when it comes to rings she’s going to opt for something that isn’t going to interfere with her profession (   think something like this   ) when it’s safe to even wear a ring. obviously she’ll have a ring that’s more substantial, but a silicone ring is what she’s going to wear day - to - day.

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ok First of all this is not my poem (just putting a disclaimer to be sure) BUT It is one of my favourites I’ve read so far.
And this might just be me but I can read this on so many different ways. I really suggest you try reading this to yourself but pretend to be angry the first time, than pretend to be fully in control of of your surroundings, like someone who just beat cancer and than pretend to be in utter despair while reading this.

I have done this so many times now and It’s just amazing how well this poem can make me feel

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Sometimes you go to a birthday party with your friends, full of people you spent so much time with during the last year, but there was a small falling out a few weeks back and you know that the rest of the people present spent a lot more time together without you. And you ask yourself: What am I even doing here?

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listen up guys, i have had ENOUGH.

if i see ONE MORE POST

about georgenotfound’s STRAY HAIR

i am going to lose my GODDAMN MIND.

what is it all for??? what have we become??



THE MAN SIMPLY EXISTS AND WE ALL COME RUNNING WITH “george ur so pretty 🥺” and “george do ur shoes need shining george george”

i hate to say it but

we’re worse than dream.

(actually no i take that back it’s not just dream it’s literally every guy he comes into contact with)

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I hate how people are like “if you need help don’t be afraid to reach out to me!” especially when you’re expressing issues with your mental health

Then you go to reach out to them right after they said that, like directly after, and they don’t even look at what you sent them.

Like cool ok I get it we’re not actually going to talk, you don’t want that in your life, and that’s cool! Really it is not your responsibility to be an emotional caregiver to me! You are under no moral nor monetary requirements to do so! But at least don’t lie to me!

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i feel like identity is such a strange concept. 

i’m constantly looking for a label, but the strangest part is when i find something that i truly relate with (like a micro label) i’m like “well i don’t really like the idea of calling myself this because it’s so… narrow.” and then i zoom back out and stick with a larger label and then i’m back at “well now i want to find something to narrow myself.” 

so… i guess the lesson here is just remember that identity can be fluid. some people prefer micro labels, some don’t, but no one should ever feel like they’re stuck in one label. maybe at one point in your life you identify as one thing and then realize you aren’t that anymore, and that’s totally valid. 

you are valid any way you identify.

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I like that Cas got soft. I think it was was a good development for him. Like I see his character development in 3 parts: Angelic warrior -> fuck-up who can’t catch a break (affectionate) -> the only good father on Supernatural.

And that was good! It’s a good arc! He starts off all power and intent, and then it doesn’t work out for him in some major ways, and he has to direct that energy elsewhere, so he directs it towards love. It’s lovely! It got a bit silly, how often he lost fistfights, but everything besides that was lovely!

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“not all men!”

you’re right. miya osamu, owner of onigiri miya (23), would never treat me like this

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Got a text from our school chat tonight that as of Monday, K12 educators in NYS might be eligible to sign up to get the vaccine, and many teachers immediately got all excited about it.

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“Jesus has every right to offend you.” 

You want me to offend you? 

Okay, fine.

  • Which part of ‘Whatever you do to the least of these, you have done to me,’ don’t you understand?  
  • I don’t only speak through the Bible. I’ve been speaking to you through history and science for centuries, but you never listen. I am the persona of Truth, not the persona of a book! 
  • Stop proclaiming me as King and then ignoring the people I send to you. For the fucking record, I don’t only send cisgender heterosexual white Christian men!
  • Was it really God that called you to disrespect your transgender neighbors, or was it your privilege? 
  • Stop ignoring the harm your beliefs have caused countless people. Start working to fix them. 
  • Quit pretending I can magically solve all your problems in life. I may be a miracle worker, but I’m not a panencia. I have never worked like that and neither does life. 
  • I called you to spread love and justice, not Christianization. I am still a Jew. 
  • I didn’t suffocate on the cross for over nine hours for you to turn my Crucifixion into an invitation to a social elite club. 
  • You are not holier than other people just because you’re Christian. You are not holier than other people for being rich or upper middle class. You are not holier than other people for being white. You are certainly not holier than other people for being cisgender and heterosexual. Get the fuck over yourselves. 
  • You need to start dismantling the way your society treats criminals, or what you define as criminals. Have you honestly forgotten I was executed as an enemy of the state? 

You need to step back and re-evaluate what loving God and loving your neighbor really means. I never called you to fake your love for people. 

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is nobody going to comment on how alex has a type with golden hellie and the golden boy of lethe

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I hate the beauty industry in general but those scented products geared towards men smell so fucking good and I want to just douse myself with them. Old Spice,,, mine. Bath & Body Works Men Scents,,, mine. Literally anything geared for males,,, also mine,

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