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#but then again its 10 minutes who's gonna watch that
czenshireland · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: friend!jaemin x fem!reader, haechan x reader
genre: christmas!au, angst
warnings: friendship separation
word count: 3.7K
a/n: i wrote this a longg time ago and many people liked it hope u guys too uwu but ngl this is making me cringe now lmaoooo neway carry on
date: 23/10/21
Tumblr media
I was sitting on the couch watching tv as we waited for my mom’s best friend to arrive. We always spent Christmas together and because of that, I grew closer to her son, Na Jaemin. He’s the sweetest friend, someone who always genuinely cared for me. We go to the same school, walking together every morning and going back home.
I huffed, getting bored with the tv and so I grabbed the remote from the small wooden table in front of me and flipped through the channels. A little while later, the doorbell rang and my head snapped towards the door. I put down the remote beside me on the couch and stood up, jogging towards the door.
My hand landed on the knob, feeling the cold metal under it, and turned it to reveal Aunt Seyoung with her son, Na Jaemin. Both smiling so brightly and they were so contagious I flashed a smile as well.
“Good evening Y/N! How have you been?” She spoke cheerily and I answered, “I’ve been the best. Please come in.” I stepped aside and made way for them, they stepped inside as Aunt Seyoung gave me a hug followed by Jaemin who smiled and raised his eyebrows at me and I did as well.
“Mom Dad, they’re here!” I announced and brisk-walked to the dining room where it was already set up with so much food just for 5 people but there was a big space in the middle.
My mom popped up in the dining room from the kitchen, bringing the ham into the celebration and filling the middle spot. “Hey, Seyoung! Jaemin! Handsome as always.” My mom complimented which made Jaemin reply with a small thank you.
My dad came down the stairs and smiled, “Welcome!”
They chatted a bit while Jaemin and I stood on the side awkwardly, waiting for them to let us eat.
I turned my head and looked up at him, we met eyes and looked away laughing. “Hey, kids! Quit laughing now let’s eat.” We immediately stood up straight and pursed our lips.
The adults were now talking about things Jaemin and I couldn’t relate to. We sat there silently as my eyes wandered around the house, landing on the Christmas tree that looked quite a bit odd.
I excused myself and stood up, walking towards the living room where the tree was. I admired its height, the fake green leaves that supported the ornaments, and that’s when I saw that the mistletoe was hanging awkwardly there. My hand reached up to fix it. I exhaled when it looked better but I felt a towering figure in front of me, I looked up to see Jaemin his eyes looking down at me so softly and I now realized...we were under the mistletoe.
His eyes flickered to lips and back to my eyes. He leaned closer and his lips landed on mine so fast before I could even blink. I didn’t move, neither was I planning to. When he felt that I wasn’t gonna kiss back any minute now he pulled away and looked into my eyes again, now looking very disappointed.
“I understand why you did that but I just want you to know that I love you so much and I hope you feel the same”. I couldn’t reply and looked down. My mind went blank and I felt like I lost the ability to speak. He was making me feel confused now.
Have I been hiding my feelings from myself?
“Jaemin honey! We’re going home now.” He broke eye contact with me and walked away with a sigh as I watched him do so. “Y/N! Come here and say goodbye. What are you standing there for?” My mom called and I snapped out of my thoughts.
“Coming!” I shook my head and followed Jaemin to the front door. They thanked each other but Jaemin never tried to make his eyes meet with mine anymore.
“Goodbye..” I trailed off and the door closed.
It has been a year ever since that incident under the mistletoe. We didn’t walk together to school anymore, he barely interacted with me, he found a new group of friends, and he left me alone. It’s not like I was nothing without him but rather, I grew feelings of love and at the same time anger that he left me out of nowhere.
I want time to go back to where we were happy and innocent. Times when he was still with me.
It was December 23rd, just 2 days more until Christmas. I was setting up the Christmas tree in my jogging pants and t-shirt. I hung up the colorful ornaments on the green plastic tree.
I have hung up everything and the only thing left in the box was the mistletoe. I sighed, remembering the time he stole my first kiss. I still remember how his lips felt against mine and now I feel so stupid and it’s like everything was too late.
I felt hands on my shoulders and it immediately brought me back to my senses as I let out a gasp. I looked behind me to see my mother smiling widely, “Aren’t you excited for Christmas sweetie?”. I forced a smile and said, “Yeah. Of course, I am.” I replied as I grabbed the mistletoe from the box and hung it up.
”Great! I’ll just go finish the cookies for 25th.” She patted me on my back and left. I smiled back and averted my gaze to the Christmas tree. I let out another sigh. “I miss him so much.”
I took one last look in the mirror, fixing some little things before I exhaled and smiled at myself. I walk towards my bed to get my phone and left my room. Walking down the flight of stairs, the door was opened by my father to reveal Aunt Seyoung again and him, Jaemin. I continued to go down the stairs quietly, waiting for someone to acknowledge my presence.
Jaemin was smiling behind his mother being the polite one he is. Aunt Seyoung was talking to my parents and it didn’t seem like they were stopping any time sooner. It was then while she was telling them a story, her eyes landed on me who was awkwardly standing at the bottom of the stairs.
“Y/N my dear! You look beautiful as always.” She praised as she let herself in the house and her hands reaching out to cup my cheeks and lean in to let out cheeks touch, letting out a smacking sound from her lips as if she gave me a peck. I smiled, “Thank you, auntie. You look gorgeous tonight too!” I gave back the compliment and she let out a chuckle.
My mom clapped her hands together and announced dinner, “Alright everyone! Let’s head to the table.” She said, pointing to the table and everyone sat. It was the usual arrangement. My dad sat at the end, my mom on his right, and my aunt on his left. Beside aunt was Jaemin and I was in front of him who sat beside my mother. Everyone started digging in, the sound of the metal utensils clanking against the glass plates along with satisfied mouths spewing praises of how good the food was.
The adults laughing and exchanging conversations made it feel more awkward for the two of us. Jaemin coughed and cleared his throat, earning everyone’s attention just to excuse himself from the table, “May I go out to the playground?”
His mom looked at him in confusion but let him anyway, “Okay sweetie, bring Y/N with you.”
My eyes widened as I didn’t know how I’ll be able to handle the coldness between us, “Oh no it’s alrig-“
I wanted to refuse her order but he cut me off, “Okay then.” He looked at me and nodded. I felt surprised but I stood up as well, walking towards the door with him. He opened the door for me and I bowed and muttered a small ‘thank you’ before going out with him following as well.
We were so awkward and the ice between us was so hard to break. My mind wandered and kept making up questions I could ask him. I did try to ask them, but my mouth couldn’t seem to make up words so I kept quiet.
He had his hands in his pockets, looking straight ahead with no emotions on his face at all. The playground was in sight and he jogged towards it with me following behind him. He sat on one of the swings and I chose to stand up.
I leaned myself onto the slide that was just next to the swings and I felt his gaze on me, “Aren’t you gonna sit?” He asked and I was quite taken aback by his tone and question.
I shook my head, “N-no.”
He shrugged and opened his phone. I stood there, looking at nowhere while my mind still thought of so many things.
‘Is our friendship really over?’
‘Should I confess?’
I quickly took a glance at Jaemin to see him still occupied with his phone and I let out a huff.
‘I can do this.’
Tumblr media
“Jaemin?” She called, earning a hum from him. He didn’t look up from his phone and it only made her quite irritated. “Do you remember? Just a year ago, you confessed and kissed me?”
He sighed, hiding the embarrassment and annoyance he was feeling. “That was a year ago. Don’t bring it up.”
She scoffed at his attitude and crossed her arms against her chest, “Since when did you sound like a jerk?”
He finally looked up from his phone, turning it off and shoving it into his pocket. “Since the day I realized the one I only love doesn’t like me back. When I thought her actions of kindness were of love. I hoped onto something that never existed”.
Her breath hitched to his confession once again and she was speechless. The confidence she had all faded away. She felt bad. Her silence was making him impatient and quite angry at himself for confessing again when it’ll only lead him to rejection.
“I’m going back home.” He stood up but before he could walk away, she grabbed his hand, making him turn around only to be met with the lips he wanted to own. The kiss was long and their emotions were expressed through the kiss as the older pushed his lips to hers and deepened it.
Her hands went up to his hair while Jaemin snaked his arm around her waist and there were no gaps found.
They both pulled away breathless, “J-jaemin...I’m so sorry.” Y/N apologized as she caught her breath. She gulped and continued, “Jaemin, I thought of you as just a friend and that’s something I tell myself every day and I only kept hiding my feelings from myself. I was in denial. I realized I love you.”
“No, you don’t.”
“Yes, I do.”
“No. You don’t. You only say this because I stole your first kiss even under the mistletoe and after we didn’t talk and you just want us to get back together. To save the friendship we lost.” He argued and it didn’t make sense that he’s dismissing her feelings.
“You don’t know what I feel, Jaemin. I truly love you and every day felt like something was missing without you.” She hugged him tightly and buried her face into his chest.
She mumbled in his shirt, “I love you Na Jaemin.” She looked up at him and met his eyes that seemed so perfect. The brown orbs that hold so many riches. Yet he pushed her away and turned around.
“I can’t have you. I’m sorry.” And without a proper goodbye, he left and walked away.
Tumblr media
To this day I feel embarrassed. Kissing my longtime crush under the mistletoe but there was no response. Was I rushing her? Did I do it without consent? Did it make her feel uncomfortable? I don’t know. I wanted to fix this and put this all in the past, approach her and say sorry. That should do it, right?
Speaking of the devil, I saw her walking in my direction and that’s when I thought I should go and talk to her. I quickly closed my locker as I hugged my books and I started to walk, only to be blocked by a figure quite smaller than me.
“Jaemin-ah!” Haechan waved and flashed his cute smile, I knew he was gonna ask me a favor. “Haechan not now I have to do somethin-“ I tried to gently push him away but he stops me once again, “Jaemin, I need your help.” He sternly said, as if it was such an urgent request.
I rolled my eyes and sighed, “I need help. I like this girl in my class her name is Y/N and I know you’re close with her so please help me.” He pleaded with his hands clasped together and I was speechless.
My mind went black as soon as I heard her name fall out of his lips. My best friend, liking the same girl as I do. “Jaemin please!” He begged, his knees were close to landing on the floor just to get my permission but I only felt pressure and discouragement. Can I be selfish?
“Let me think about it.” Will I? I can’t just easily give up on someone I love, but somehow I might. Maybe we just weren’t meant to be.
“Thank you Jaemin!” He walked away, beaming in joy and excitement but I stood there with mixed feelings. The school bell then rang, an indication I’ll be late for class. “Shit.” I cursed under my breath before I ran to my class.
Days have passed by and I have been helping Haechan with his crush. Giving him advice, guiding him, but I couldn’t help but feel jealous every time he was close to her as I watched from afar. She blushed at his every action, tucking her hair behind her ear before showing off her adorable smile. Why can’t I man up and fight for my love?
I saw him running back to me and I forced a smile, “How was it?” He was love-struck, smiling like an idiot. “She’s so beautiful.” He looked down and I felt the grin in his words.
“Good to see you happy, dude.” I patted him but deep inside I wanted to hide him from her and have her all to myself, but who am I to claim her? She isn’t even mine. Never will be.
I was getting ready for the Christmas dinner with Y/N’s family. Of course, she’ll be there. I sighed as I closed the last button of my shirt and I fixed my collar after. I grabbed my cologne from the table beside my mirror before spraying enough scent all over me.
I placed it back on the table and looked at myself once again, do I have to be such a coward? I can’t betray my best friend like this too.
“Jaemin! Let’s go!” My mom yelled from downstairs and I replied, “Coming!” I cleared my throat and walked to my bed to grab my phone.
I walked out of my room and went downstairs to my mom, “Let’s go, sweetie?” I nodded and we went outside, not forgetting to lock the door.
Tumblr media
Jaemin and her mom had arrived at the Park’s house. They rang the doorbell and soon it was opened by Y/N’s father who was smiling brightly and greeting them warmly. They exchanged chatter and laughs before Mrs. Na had noticed
Y/N by the staircase. Jaemin had felt her presence but he acted cold and as if she wasn’t there, he continued to smile at her mother and her friend who were happy to see each other.
As Mrs. Na was telling a story, her eyes caught onto the girl who was awkwardly standing there, gasping as she reached out to her with arms open, “Y/N my dear! You look beautiful as always.” She praised as she cupped the young girl’s cheek and let their cheeks meet letting out a smacking sound, mimicking a sound of a kiss.
The girl smiled politely, “Thank you aunt. You look gorgeous tonight too!” She complimented back as she let out a chuckle.
It was then Mr.s Park clapped her hands, earning everyone’s attention as she announced dinner, “Alright everyone! Let’s head to the table.” She said, pointing to the table and everyone sat. Mr. Park sat at the end with his wife on his right and Mrs. Na on his left. The two youngsters sat across each other beside their mothers.
The adults have moved onto a topic somehow serious, leaving their children out of the conversation as they sat there quietly. Jaemin turned impatient and so he coughed and cleared his throat, “May I go out to the playground?”
His mom looked at him in confusion but et him anyway, “Okay sweetie, bring Y/N with you.” The said girl’s eyes widened and she wanted to turn down the offer “Oh no it’s alrig-“
To her surprise, he said, “Okay then.” His eyes turned to the girl and nodded. To say she wasn’t surprised was an understatement. They stood up and walked towards the door, it was opened by Jaemin as he held it until the girl had stepped outside.
She walked, followed by Jaemin behind her. The atmosphere was tense and awkward, so hard to break the ice between them but they chose to keep silent. The playground was quite nearing and so the boy jogged towards the place, outrunning the girl who trailed behind him.
He sat on one of the swings and she chose to stand up. She leaned onto the slide just next to the swings as the boy looked at her figure judgingly, “Aren’t you gonna sit?” He asked quite coldly. She shook her head and stuttered, “N-no.”
He shrugged and opened his phone, texting another person. She only stood there watching him do shit on his phone instead of making a conversation with her nevertheless, her mind had wandered and questioned herself.
She looked at him once again and let out a huff before she called his name, “Jaemin?”
He only hummed and didn’t even spare a glance at her, making her irritated but she continued, “Do you remember? Just a year ago, you confessed and kissed me?”
He sighed, hiding the embarrassment and annoyance he was feeling. “That was a year ago. Don’t bring it up.”
She scoffed at his attitude and crossed her arms against her chest, “Since when did you sound like a jerk?”
He finally looked up from his phone, turning it off and shoving it into his pocket. “Since the day I realized the one I only love doesn’t like me back. When I thought she was being obvious and it gave me hope. And until now, I can’t get over you.”
Her breath hitched to his confession once again and she was speechless. The confidence she had all faded away. Her silence was making him impatient and quite angry at himself for confessing again when it’ll only lead him to rejection.
“I’m going back home.” He stood up but before he could walk away, she grabbed his hand, making him turn around only to be met with her lips he wanted to own.
The kiss was long and their emotions were expressed through the kiss as the older pushed his lips to hers and deepened it. Her hands went up to his hair while Jaemin snaked his arm around her waist and there were no gaps found.
They both pulled away breathless, “J-jaemin..I’m so sorry.” She apologized as she caught her breath.
She gulped and continued, “Jaemin, I thought of you just as a friend and that’s something I tell myself every day so I can go to sleep peacefully. I was in denial. I realized I love you.”
“No, you don’t.”
“Yes, I do.”
“No Y/N. You don’t. You only say this because I stole your first kiss even under the mistletoe and after we didn’t talk and you just want us to get back together. To save the friendship we lost.” He argued and it didn’t make sense that he’s dismissing her feelings.
“You don’t know what I feel, Jaemin. I truly love you and everyday felt like something was missing without you.” She hugged him tightly and buried her face into his chest.
She mumbled in his shirt, “I love you Na Jaemin.” She looked up at him and met his eyes that seemed so perfect. The brown orbs that hold so many riches. Yet he pushed her away and turned around.
“I can’t have you. I’m sorry.” And without a proper goodbye, he left and walked away.
Without a proper goodbye, a proper ending to their friendship, neither a word had fallen out of his lips. He left.
She couldn’t do anything as she had frozen on her spot, not knowing what to do. Run for him? Chase him? Let him be? Instead, she had fallen on her knees as his hands caught her face, and tears started to flow. There was nothing she felt other than the pain and the loss of someone she realized she loved.
From afar, he watched her weep alone but he knew it was for the best when he was an approaching figure he knew too well. Someone he helped all this time and the reason why he never approached her. The figure bent down to her level, asking what was wrong and the girl was surprised. She knew this voice as well and so she looked up to the figure to see the tanned boy worriedly looking at her, “Haechan?”
She was glad to see him, though they weren’t as close, he was always there. He gave her thing she liked, and those actions made her slightly fall in love. She enveloped his figure into her arms, her head buried on her shoulder as Haechan caressed her back and hair to comfort her.
“There there, it’ll all be alright.” He leaned his head onto hers and closed his eyes, singing a song in an attempt to comfort her.
Jaemin heard his heart shatter as he completely turned and ran away to his home, away from the scene that was causing him pain. He couldn’t help but let a tear slip from his eyes, “Loving someone is sometimes letting them go.”
Tumblr media
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diomedrian · a month ago
I complain a lot on here but I was reading with my cat curled up next to me and it's thundering outside and I think maybe life is good
#personal#i am gonna post little moments cos i realized i didn't do it for my entire time in uk bc i was terrified i might never let any of it go#but thats okay sometimes like tonight. it came back to me as if it'd happened a week ago. as if i was joking in the grocery store about#English food and cat food with my friend who later walked me home and told me to watch for the stars and how when he was inside my room i#had a brief moment of maybe but then i didn't act on it i think thats the only time i didn't act on it#and there arw so many flashbacks to me and him (b) lying in bed and me waking up to his arms around me and me kissing him#goodbye at eleven pm so he can catch the last train because i insisted he stay a couple of hours more and the one time i was like sure I'll#walk with you to the station i don't mind and the look on his face so delighted and so pure as if he'd won the world#sometimes i think I'll take no one else just wait around until i run into him again because i dont think I'd want anyone else ever again#and its true there have been romances after but none like him nothing like us and i am very young but maybe i romance is not for me#not with humans and if it is and if its not with him then i want no part of it. maybe I'll find someone better whrn i am 60 someone who#shares the same interest in Euripides and Aristotle but that doesn't matter for now. i wanted a tragic once in a life time kind of thing.#I've got it. I've gotten as many romantic tropes as were sincerely possible. i have no complaints#fiskkfksdk i am so hopeful now that i have made peace with this that i will come around with classics as well#i am planning on just not being online for a while not on tumblr ofc that doesn't count but just. read and develop.#think internet is exhausting because its not moderated. when i am ready I'll schedule time slots of 10 minutes and maybe that'll make for#consistent and thoughtful posting and hopefully I'll have a classics thing ready to go as well yknow#it's okay that I have to take a couple of more months to be ready for classics. it won't matter in the long run#or it might and it will still be okay because I'd be pursuing classics#yes it has actually made me question whether i like greek or not even though its a modern translation and i have studied ancient greek. and#thAts the only reason i haven't lost my mind because sure it's derived from the ancient one but that doesn't mean anything. its still a ver#Different language and its okay that i can't do it because i actually haven't studied it lmao#anyway sorry these tags are so long and i love you and i am you exist#*glad
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nikrangdan · 5 months ago
lovestruck!enhypen x reader
Tumblr media
pairing: lovestruck!enhypen x reader
genre: FLUFF fluff Fluff
description: how enhypen would be if they became lovestruck by the reader ☹️☹️ this is such an adorable request!!!! itll vary for each member ur relationships so you’ll either be strangers or already dating etc.
a/n: idk if all of them are lovestruck exactly bc i just got carried away with the fluff for some of them and idky maknae line revolves around sleeping BUT IDC sleepy!enhypen is the best 😁
u worked at a pretty popular clothing store
and well well well heeseung had shown up dressed very much your style so u were like
Wow who is this guy....
he was alone just looking around
and there were like 10 other people in the store but u wanted to talk to him so bad so u went up like
“hi, welcome! are u finding everything okay?”
he was looking through a rack of shirts and turned around when he heard u but WOW
when this man turned around he looked even better in person u couldnt believe it 😫
his eyes got so wide u almost laughed it was so cute ☹️
he stuttered and was like “oh um im okay”
Aw man
but u said “okay then! let me know if you need any help finding anything or if u wanna use a dressing room!” and u sent him ur nicest smile u could give
his eyes were still kinda wide open and u gave him one last look before turning around😢😢
“w-wait! actually.. um....uh.. do u.. do u guys have sweatpants..?”
u giggled to urself on the inside bc u knew he just made that up on the spot
“we do! here, follow me”
while u were showing him the clothes u guys had exchanged names and had some small talk
and that was the start of something very Beautiful
and since then he has been coming almost everyday to visit u at work 🤗🤗
jay swore he found new things about u to love every single day
and today wasnt an exception!!!!
u knew jay had been really tired and just worn out from work recently so u had decided to make him his favorite meal for dinner
a nice little surprise for when he got home ❤️
and also the anime he was watching ready on the tv for u two to watch together :(
u had literally been preparing all day and u even decided to go out and buy dessert too
it was 8pm already and jay should be getting home now
u set the table all neatly and put on one of his sweaters
Fate 🔥🔥
romantic stuff like this wasnt really ur forte so this was out of the normal for u
but u wanted to do something for jay because he did stuff like this for u alot
the table isnt in view when u walk into the apartment so he wasnt able to see his dinner yet
“hi” you smile brightly and go up to hug him and give him a little kiss
he had his bad slung over one of his shoulders and he was taking his shoes off in the doorway after he closed it
“hey.. it smells pretty good in here” he gave you a tired smile while one of his arms was wrapped around your waist
“really? it smells normal to me” you giggled before walking to the kitchen area together
he stopped and looked at u with LITERAL HEARTS IN HIS EYES when he saw the table
jay: ❤️_❤️
“surprise!!! you know im not good with words but i wanted to show you that i can cook” you laugh “and that i love you very much and im so proud of you”
jay doesnt say anything but instead drops his bag on the couch and gives u the Biggest Hug Ever
ur face is practically smushed in his chest and his hand is resting lovingly on ur hair :(((
he loves u so much im so sad
“layla!!! layla where are you?” jake was yelling quite loudly in the massive park he was in the middle of
yeah jake lost layla.. uh oh
quite a coincidence you found the cutest dog you’d ever laid eyes on
and she seemed to love u very much
the dog had made u topple over and now she was excitedly playing with you while you were sat on the ground laughing to your hearts content
after a minute of playing you had got up because you knew she was somebodys lost dog and her owner was probably looking all over the park for her
“okay.. lets go find your owner before they have a heart attack” you giggle
just as you said that though, you heard a boys voice yell “LAYLA!!!!”
the dog next to you looked in his direction, tail wagging and tongue out, but she didnt move an inch from her spot next to you
it made me you laugh out loud
as you were watching the boy run up to you, you noticed how cute he actually was
Omg..... ur heart started beating a little faster
“hi..” the boy hunched over with his hands on his knees breathing very heavily “you have my dog”
“uh yeah” you laugh “sorry about that, she ran over to me a couple minutes ago and i was just about to go find her owner”
“its okay, thank you..” he trailed off to find out your name and finally looked up to meet your eyes
“y/n” you told him
“y/n” he repeated with a small grin on his face “im jake”
“hi jake” you lightheartedly give him your hand to shake and he chuckles before taking the offer
“and it was nice meeting you layla” you crouch down to meet her level and she licks your face making you fall on your butt
you laugh and jakes quick to help you up
“layla! thats not very nice” he jokingly scolds her and pets her head
after u got up u bid goodbye to the two before jake invited u to continue walking around the park AND HE EVEN BOUGHT U AN ICE CREAM
Is This A Date, Jake? 😫😫❤️❤️❤️❤️😳😛😛
“you should be more careful” you scold the boy sitting with you standing between his legs
sunghoon had apparently gotten elbowed in the face by his friend and scratched by his friends cat on accident????
“it wasn’t my fault! he turned around and i just happened to be in the way. and i didnt even do anything to the cat!” he whined
“i didnt say it was your fault. i said to be more careful.” you tried to sound stern
u knew ur logic was making no sense but u just thought it was so fun to mess with him
he let out a sigh and gave up, slouching over again
you were stood between his legs, wiping the blood away and applying ointment
“im just kidding, you’re so cute” one of your free hands comes up to rub his hair
a small grin pops up on his face and his arms come to rest on your waist
he looks up at you while you focus on tending to his wounds
“you know y/n” he begins
you hum in response, letting him know you’re listening
“im gonna marry you one day”
you freeze in your place
it took you a minute to collect yourself because you felt like your heart almost leaped out of your chest
“who says?” you joke
he leans up to give you a quick kiss on the lips before sitting back down
you noticed sunoo had been really tired lately and u just wanted to make him feel better :((
the boys were going out and invited you two obviously but you could tell sunoo was iffy about going
“uhh..” you trail off and look over at sunoo who was laying on the couch
“you know what guys? i think me and sunoo are gonna stay home today.. you guys have fun though!” you bid goodbye to the other boys and they all understood and left
you dont even know if sunoo knew they had left already because when you walked over to him his tired eyes were glued on the tv
“hey” you leaned against the couch and looked down at him
“y/n? are we going soon?” his eyes move to the top of his head to look up at you
you start laughing and he literally goes 🤨???
“silly, they already left! so what do you wanna do?” you plop down next to him and he was in the process of sitting up
“what? when did they leave...” his mouth drops open
“like 2 minutes ago” you giggle, leaning back to rest your head
sunoo had sat still, pondering for a moment
“why did they leave us?” he turned to look at you
your eyes met his “well i figured you didnt wanna go... you didnt, right?”
he slowly shakes his head “how did you know?”
you give him a sneaky smile and jokingly push his arm “because i know you so well”
he laughs at this and leans his head on your shoulder
“wow y/n.. im impressed” he grins, snuggling into your arm
your other arm crosses over to pat him on the head, leaning your head to rest on top of his
“but thank you y/n..” his eyes slowly close to rest “im thankful for all the little things you notice about me”
u literally go 🥺
your hand goes down to squeeze his and he falls asleep peacefully on ur shoulder ☹️☹️☹️❤️
“y/n..what is that” jungwons eyes can barely open as he tries to comprehend whats going on while hes waking up
you haphazardly tap around the bedside table trying to turn off the new alarm you set last night
and that new alarm was jungwon singing 🤗
“its you, dummy” your eyes were still closed but you turned to face jungwon and snuggled closer to him
“wha- where did you even get that???” he was almost fully awake now, staring down at your half asleep figure
you yawned before answering in your i-just-woke-up-and-i-should-probably-drink-some-water voice “remember when you sang me to sleep last week? yeah i was secretly recording you. no biggie” you pat his chest twice and leave your hand there, content with life at the moment Lol
“y/nnnn” he whines “change ittt i dont like it”
“you’re kidding.” you deadpan, shocked he would say such a thing!!! “jungwon you sound like an angel threw up on a field of flowers full of puppies and kittens! okay thats kinda weird maybe not that”
jungwon giggles a little and sits up so he can sit against the headboard while your head rests on his lap
“you like my singing that much?” you can hear the smile in his voice as he asks you
you finally pop one eye open to look up at him, a goofy grin in your face
“i love your singing”
his hands run through your hair and you let out a sigh at the feeling
jungwon doesnt say anything
all he does is admire you
you can feel his eyes on you so you open your eyes again (both this time🙏🏼) and meet his eyes
“i can feel you staring straight into the depths of my soul, jungwon”
he laughs at this, bring his other hand up to pinch your cheek
“i’ll sing for you whenever you want me to y/n”
“shut up sunghoon, hes sleeping” you whisper-scolded the boy
ni-ki was currently asleep on you
literally SPRAWLED all over your body and you were basically mummified
by nishimura riki
his legs were tangled in yours, his head shoved into your neck, and his arms were bent around you in ways you didnt know were humanly possible
“you literally have an alien taking a nap on you y/n” sunghoon deadpans before walking out the room
“when you’re asleep sunghoon i will send you into a spacecraft for the rest of your life so you can go see aliens for yourself”
“wowww im so scared y/n” the boy remarks and shuts the door
you half laugh and half scoff before turning your attention back to the ipad screen sitting on the bed infront of you
kind of infront of you because ni-ki’s acrobatic position was basically blocking the view
you were having a decent time watching the show playing, definitely not the most comfortable person on the planet at the moment
until you felt the body on top of you.. rumble?
you knew that feeling
ni-ki was laughing
HOW and WHY the hell was he laughing ?!!?!!?!
“what the hell?” you look down at him and his face is shoved near your shoulder but you caught a glimpse of his big smile
his laughter gets louder and you still dont have answers yet
“why are you laughing???? i thought you were sleeping?????” you try to push him off you but he was persistent in laughing in your shoulder (??)
after a couple minutes of you just letting this happen
ni-ki finally speaks!
“you’re so funny y/n” he finally pulls away from you and wipes his tears
“what are you even talking about... and how long were you awake, you sneaky kid” you poke his chest
he leans down again to hug your waist and start cuddling you again
“10 minutes”
“so you’re telling me i could’ve freed myself from that god awful demon EMBRACE you had me in 10 minutes ago???!!”
ni-ki starts laughing again and looks up at you
“thank you for threatening to send sunghoon to aliens for me y/n” he grins
you laugh, finally understanding what the boy had been going on about
“sunghoon deserved it”
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stargazer-balladeer · 8 months ago
Jealousy [Genshin Impact]
Tumblr media
Characters Included: Aether, Albedo, Childe, Scaramouche, Xiao & Zhongli
Notes: Ngl,, this is a mess 🤣🤣 just like my mind- ;;w;; hope ya’ll like this! 
Reader’s Gender: Neutral
Warning: swearing in Scara’s part :(
Tagging: @genshin-obsessed
Tumblr media
Aether isn’t a jealous-type at all, he trusts you that you won’t go behind his back. When he does get jealous, it’ll be either because he’s tired or someone interrupted his precious time with you or he just got back from his journey. But the one thing he hates the most is someone interrupting your date. 
His time with you is precious, every hour, every minute, every second, he cherishes them all. After all, he doesn’t know how much time he has, so he tries to make up every second in time with you. So if someone tries to interrupt his precious time with you, he’s pissed and pouty-
He’ll have a pout on his face as he glares at the person talking to you, wanting them to go away already. He doesn’t care if you reprimand him for scaring that person away, he doesn’t care if that person was important (like Jean or Diluc-), they're all the same in his eyes. When that person goes away, either scared or amused (Kaeya), Aether would immediately bring you into a hug as he peppers your neck with light kisses. 
If Aether sees that you are having fun with someone else, he can’t help but let his insecurity rise up. What if you left him for that person? What would he do with the shattered pieces of his heart? He’ll have a dark and sad look on his face, like a kicked puppy- he’ll walk away with his head hanging low. You better realize that Aether is gone or I swear I’ll--
Overall, his definition of jealousy is just being pissed by someone- 
“Tsk. That person really has the nerve to try to take away my time with you… I’m not jealous.”
Tumblr media
Albedo, at first, would be confused at the sudden foreign feeling inside him when he sees you getting friendly with the other Knights. He doesn’t know what he’s feeling at that moment. Should he go there and drag you away? Why the sudden urge of kissing you in front of them? Why is his chest twisting painfully inside him? He really doesn’t understand-
He would consult Sucrose about it, and Sucrose concluded that he might be experiencing “Jealousy”. At first, he rejected the idea, saying it was a childish thing to experience. And that he has no time for that. But as the days pass, he soon realizes that Sucrose was indeed correct. 
Whenever someone would approach you, he would be staring (more like glaring) at them in the distance. His eyes would narrow if he sees that person casually touching you. But Albedo would only intervene if someone took it too far or if he sees that you’re uncomfortable. 
Albedo would never tell you that he’s jealous. It is kinda hard to see him jealous but the slightest change of his eyes and how his lips quirk into a dissatisfied frown made you realize that he’s jealous. Also, his mood sours if he’s jealous. He might ignore you for a while, don’t worry, he’s not mad! He’s just a bit pouty because he was just right there, why were you talking to that person?
Overall, won’t admit he’s jealous and might ignore you for a while.
“Why are you here? Shouldn’t you go back to that person? It seems like you two were having a pleasant conversation after all.”
Tumblr media
Childe, similarly to Aether, is not a jealous type of person. Even if you try your best to make him jealous, it wouldn’t work. He can always see through your plan, so making him jealous purposely is always gonna fail. 
But here’s the thing. Childe is good at hiding his true emotions, the mask he has now was carefully carved and shaped by him. So he’s good at hiding his true motive, good at hiding his emotions, good at hiding his thoughts. This means that you wouldn’t know that he’s jealous. Though he’s still rarely jealous. He has a high pride towards himself that he wouldn’t get replaced easily. If there was ever a competition, he would happily compete with them for your heart- (competition and fights are what he lives for-)
He wouldn’t get jealous of you simply hanging out with someone, but if he sees that you’re having fun with the person. His jealousy meter is rising, he would hide in the shadows as he watches you and the person happily talking with each other. Once his jealousy meter reaches a certain meter, he would casually appear beside you and drag you away from that person while exclaiming that you two have something to do.
Like I said earlier, even if he was jealous, you can’t tell. So it’s 9 out of 10 chances that you were able to see his jealousy. If you tease him about it, he would just shut you up with a kiss- Also, there’s also this 50% chance that he’ll make out with you in front of the person. And he wouldn’t stop, he would just continue. You wouldn’t notice the person leaving, too caught up in your makeout session. When you two pull apart, he has a cocky smile on his face. 
Overall, secretly jealous but wouldn’t show it-
“There you are, sweetheart! I was searching for you everywhere! Come on! We have something to do! If you’ll excuse us, stranger, I’m going to have to steal away my (princess/prince)~”
Tumblr media
It’s very obvious that he’s a jealous/possessive type. He would glare at anyone who dares to even go near you. No one can steal you away while he’s with you. Those who are stupidly brave (Childe-) will get zap by his Electro as Scaramouche drags you away while huffing. 
But he’s like this because he never has anyone to care for him before, your love is the only thing he has. Never has he experienced being loved before. He was despised by his fellow Harbingers and Fatui. He was hated by almost everyone he met. No one showed him any sort of affection unless they were simply using him for their own gain. You, who was undoubtedly naive and stupid to trust a Fatui Harbinger, manage to not only befriend him but make him fall in love with you. 
He gets jealous easily. Even if you two are the same gender, he’ll get jealous. He’ll immediately appear by your side and whisk you away, ignoring your complaints and the stare of the person. Sometimes, if someone is flirting with you, he’ll make out with you in front of them. Even though he doesn’t like kissing you in public, he will make this time an exception. The flustered look on the person’s face brings him such satisfaction-
Scaramouche would glare at that person who you’re talking to, doesn’t matter if you were the one who started the conversation, he would be seething with rage. How dare they talk to you?! Your attention and time should be spent on him! You might need to talk to him about his rather alarming behavior. After that, he’ll mellow down a bit. But that doesn’t stop his glares on that person. 
Overall,, even though he manages his anger issues, he’s still jealous if you spend time (even if it’s only a minute) on another person- 
“I told you to stop associating yourself with those low-life people, my beloved. You shouldn’t waste your breath on them……. Of course, I’m fucking jealous! You should’ve seen how they eyed you! I wanted to kill them on the spot for looking at you-” (chill scara- do you want some snickers-?) 
Tumblr media
Xiao wouldn’t admit it but he’s jealous. He would rather die than ever admit that he’s jealous of you hanging out with your fellow mortals. Especially if you are on your way to meet him and a person starts to talk to you, somewhere, Xiao is glaring at the person and you are talking with a small pout on his face. He might not appear to you at all unless you decided to give him some Almond Tofu. 
Similar to Scaramouche, he never felt love before and doesn’t care much about it. He thought it was weak to love somebody, imagining giving everything up just for one person? Gross. But when Xiao met you for the first time, he thought time stopped. At that moment, he knew he would make you his. You manage to capture his heart just by appearing in front of him, so take full responsibility-
You can immediately tell if he’s jealous because he has a scary face on with an (adorable) pout. He’ll glare half-heartedly at you, grumbling that you should go back to whoever that was. Even though he acts like a baby at that moment, he was just insecure. You were a mortal, he was an Adepti. You can die any time while he lived for millennia now. Wouldn’t you prefer to date a mortal like yourself? One who will grow old with you, one who isn’t as cold-hearted as him? You might need to reassure him again-
Xiao trusts you, yes, but he doesn’t trust the mortals much. He actually prefers if you spend your time with someone like the Traveller, one he knows and trusts. He’s just being wary and cautious. Don’t worry. Even if someone decides to corner you in an alleyway or somewhere, Xiao would be there immediately, raging with fury-  
Overall, an overprotective, insecure baby that gets jealous if you don’t notice him-
“Did that mortal harm you? I saw how they grab you.. They should pay for their sins- how dare they hurt someone like you.” 
Tumblr media
Zhongli is also not much of a jealous-type. He trusts you whole-heartedly and allows you to talk to anyone freely. He would only be alarmed if that person makes you uncomfortable or decides to harm you in any way. But other than that, he lets you be. As long as you return home in one piece.
But he would be annoyed if someone (its always Childe-) decides to interrupt your date. He prefers having alone time with you because he is constantly busy with work. He would not-so-subtly try to shoo away that person. But if you intervene and let them stay, he decides to let them be. But be prepared to have another date tomorrow to make-up the date ruined.
Even if he’s jealous, you couldn’t tell. He just his usual face on, with a rather malice smile on his face. If you look away for even a second, the person you’re talking to is already gone when you return your head. You blink, a bit offended at that person for suddenly leaving in the middle of the conversation. While Zhongli besides you just pat your head. (shh.. You don’t need to know that he scared off that person,, it’s our little secret-)
BUT! His jealousy will only show if you spend the entire day with another person, and completely ignoring him- when you return home, prepare for your punishment for spend your day with another person and not giving him his daily dose of kisses-
Overall, a rather calm guy that rarely gets jealous
“How rude. You’ve been ignoring me the whole day, and yet you spend your entire time with another. I’m your lover, am I not? And to add to the wound, you forgot to kiss me. Oh well, guess it’s time to get them now.”
Tumblr media
[x] Main Page || [x] Mondstadt Page || [x] Liyue Page || [x] Fatui Harbingers Page
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soap-bubble-nebula · 6 months ago
adore you. || Bodyguard!Bucky Barnes x Reader (10)
Tumblr media
Prompt: Tony Stark’s genius daughter’s life is in danger. She’s quiet and anxious around people she doesn’t know, and must be handled with care. In an effort to prove to Tony that he can trust Bucky, Steve prompts Bucky to take the job. Though Bucky hates it at first, his feelings begin to shift as he gets to know her.
Word Count: 4.6K
Warnings: Stalking, a bunch of made up facts, swearing.
Notes: Little bit of a longer chapter this time. Before you read this, please make sure to look at this note! This isn’t just for me but also as a general idea for all authors you follow. 
← previous | next →
You had stopped drinking from the bottle of whiskey and had moved to sit in between Bucky’s legs. He let his chin rest atop your head with his arms wrapped around you while the two of you watched TV. You felt so safe and so comfortable and it was the first time you’ve ever felt like it was okay to let your guard down. You were feeling cozy and relaxed, not wanting to move from your spot in his arms as you sighed contentedly, leaning into him a bit more.
“You alright?” He asked as he looked down at you. “I’m great. I’m just comfy,” You said, bringing the blanket that had covered the two of you up to your neck, Bucky smiled slightly, seeing your back settle deeper into his strong chest. He placed a kiss atop your head and continued to hold you. It wasn’t super late, only being around 7pm. “Do you want dinner?” Bucky asked and you squinted your eyes, trying to think about whether or not you were hungry.
“Yeah, I can make something,” You were ready to get up and head to the kitchen. “Or we can get takeout.” He offered and you looked at him over your shoulder. “That’s not a bad idea, actually,” You hummed. “Alright. I’ll be back in a bit,” Bucky got up and put some shoes on, shrugging on his leather jacket. “What, you’re gonna leave me here?” You asked and he gave you a look.
“The safe house is called that for a reason; it’s safe.” He stated and you looked at him. “But like... They could be watching this place to make sure I’m alone.” You said, not exactly being serious. Bucky tilted his head to the side. “No. I’ve made sure of that. We’ve been doing a fuck ton of counter surveillance and besides,” He paused, picking up his phone and tucking it into his back pocket. 
“The windows are bulletproof, the front door is fortified, and they can’t get up or down the elevator without using this keycard. Which, need I remind you, is one of your dad’s inventions. There’s only one like it in the world and it’s here,” Bucky reassured and you groaned, muttering some cuss words under your breath
“What was that?” He asked and you pouted again. “I wanna spend more time with you, obviously!” You stood up, the blanket falling off you. Bucky froze, feeling a light blush come up to his cheeks. He covered his face with the back of his hand and scoffed. “You could’ve just said that, doll,” He turned away from you to grab the car keys.
“I thought you’d pick up the hints I was giving you,” You shrugged. “I don’t speak in code,” He deadpanned, approaching you with his wallet and keys in his hands. “It’s not that hard,” You shook your head. 
“Listen, doll, let’s get one thing straight,” Bucky leaned his elbows on the top of the sofa and you sat down onto the couch cushions with your knees tucked under you so that you could listen to what he had to say up close. “I’m not the ladies man I used to be. I can’t tell when there’s something you want. You gotta tell me,” Bucky softly spoke, using his hand to gently tuck a strand of hair away from your face.
“You used to be a ladies man?” You asked and he stopped dead in his tracks. “Shit,” He cussed and you giggled. “You can tell me about it on the way there,” You got up, going to your room to quickly put some shoes on. Bucky looked at the ceiling, shutting his eyes for a moment. “You talk too much,” He told himself as he waited for you to get ready to leave. 
Once you emerged from the bedroom, with your purse in hand and shoes on, you gave Bucky a look. “So, about the ladies man thing,” You started and he groaned. “We will not be talking about that. Ever,” Bucky stopped you and you laughed. “Okay, fine, fine. I won’t ask. But that’s not the case anymore, right?” You looked at him as the two of you walked out of the apartment and stepped into the elevator, pressing the button.
“Are you fucking kidding me? You think I have time to date around?” Bucky raised his brows. “Look, I just gotta make sure I’m not just another one,” You explained and Bucky’s brows furrowed. The doors to the elevator closed and he put his hand on your shoulder, pushing you back against the elevator wall while it descended.
“Woah, woah. Another one?” He asked, blinking at you. “Yeah, I mean you’re super attractive, Bucky. There’s no doubt that there are people out there who’d love to be with you,” You explained and he leaned down, your back remaining pressed against the elevator wall.
“Yeah, but that doesn’t mean I’d want to be with them. As far as I’m concerned, there aren’t any other ones. There’s just you,” Bucky assured and you smiled. “Okay,” You replied and pressed a quick kiss to his lips, catching him off guard for a second before he realized you had already walked out of the elevator. Bucky followed you and the two of you climbed into the car. 
You spoke with him while he drove, the two of you briefly chatting while he made sure to take alternate routes to the restaurant. You called ahead while you were in the car so that you didn’t dawdle at the place for long. That’s when Bucky’s phone rang and he saw that it was from Steve.
“Yeah,” He answered it. “Tomorrow? Yeah. I can bring her,” He said and you looked at his profile. “Sure,” Bucky said and hung up. “What was that about?” You asked him.
“Tony needs you at the tower tomorrow,” Bucky said and you nodded. “Did he say what for?” You wondered and Bucky shook his head. “Nothing in particular.” He shrugged.
“Well, that can’t be good,” You said and all of a sudden, a gunshot rang out, and the sedan was suddenly skidding down the road, one of the tires having been blown out. You could see Bucky’s grip on the wheel tighten as the two of you were pushed forward from the sudden hit. The car zigzagged on the road, swaying from one side to the other and you could hear the metal from the hubcap screeching against the asphalt of the street. “Bucky!” You called and he tried to maneuver the car to stop its erratic movements. 
“Hang on!” He called and and turned the wheel harshly to the right, managing to somehow drift the car, slowing it to a stop. “Don’t get out of the car. Lock the doors.” He ordered and reached for the glovebox, opening it to remove a glock and secure the magazine. “But Bucky—!” You tried to call and he gave you a look. “Shut up and let me protect you.” He demanded and reached into his leather jacket, pulling a second identical gun and removing the safety. You heard his metal arm whirr and click as he gripped the gun, opening his door, quickly stepping out of the car and shutting it. You immediately locked the doors, staying in your seat as your mind raced through what was going on. “It’s gonna be okay, it’s gonna be okay,” You whispered to yourself until you heard gunshots again, one of which hit the back window. You put your hands on your ears, trying to block out the noise.
You looked out the back window to see a group of men shooting at the car and at Bucky. They were dressed in black from head to toe, their eyes and faces covered. Bucky was using his metal arm to block all their shots, as they all reached for him ready to attack. One of the men tried to swing and Bucky ducked under, kicking the man’s legs out from underneath him while simultaneously using his metal arm to ricochet a bullet from another man’s gun. A third man tried to punch Bucky and he caught his fist, gutting him in the stomach and moving over so that a fourth person could miss him and punch his hand into his associates face. The men were incredibly skilled fighters and the fourth man started shooting at Bucky who pointed the palm of his metal hand to block the bullets, quickly approaching him to grab his head and slam it onto the ground. You quickly took note of their positions and counted them. 
There were five. 
That was when you heard another gunshot and you screamed, turning to see that it had hit your window. You saw another man dressed in black trying to to pry open your car door and shoot out the windows. 
“No, no, no, no,” You hurriedly mumbled to yourself, trying to find something in the car to use for self-defense. You knew the sixth person couldn’t see you through the tinted windows, so you quickly checked the glovebox where Bucky hid his gun, finding a dagger. “Goddamnit! He really left me with a knife in a gunfight!” You hissed, and then snapped your head to your car door. The man was trying to pry the door off using a crowbar, and was clearly getting nowhere, so he shot at the window again, and you yelped as the noise reached your ears. You looked out the back and tried to see Bucky but you couldn’t. You covered your ears, trying to screw your eyes shut and block out the sounds. There was some silence after a while, and the seconds stretched like minutes, the minutes like hours, and you were unsure how much time had passed.
Then, all of a sudden, there was a knock on the car window. You removed your hands quickly and gasped, looking through the window to see Bucky. You quickly unlocked the car door and he yanked it open, pulling you into his arms. “It’s safe now,” Bucky said and you looked over his shoulder, seeing five men completely knocked out. 
“There were six.” You whispered and Bucky pulled away, seeing the fear in your eyes. “What?” He asked. “There were six men and there are only five bodies. One of them got away,” You explained and he turned to look at the police examining the crime scene. “Nevermind that. We have to get out of here. I’m going to change out the tire and we’ll head back.” Bucky said and you reluctantly nodded, watching as he let go of you to go open up the trunk. He only got a few steps from you before you grabbed his sleeve, tugging on it. 
“Don’t worry. It’ll be fine. I’m here,” He reassured and pulled you to him again, your arms caged in between your bodies and fingers gripping his shirt in earnest. You were effectively terrified, and hoped that whatever they tried to do was unsuccessful. Little did you know that it wasn’t. Just then, sirens reached your ears and you spotted more cop cars arriving on the scene, no doubt responding to the gunshots. 
“Do you want to sit in the car?” Bucky wondered and you shook your head. “Can I wait out here with you?” You asked and he nodded. “The police will probably want a statement, anyway,” He replied and popped the trunk, pulling out the jack and the spare tire, as well as a few lug wrenches. 
Bucky lifted the car on the jack and started changing the tire while he gave the police a statement. Once the tire was all good, and you both spoke with the police officers, you were free to go. You got into the passenger side of the car, Bucky getting into the driver’s seat and you froze. Your eyes fell onto the windshield and your breath hitched in your throat, a cold sweat running down your spine. Bucky noticed the way you suddenly tensed up. “What?” Bucky asked, following your line of sight to the windshield. There, underneath the wipers on your side of the car was an envelope, your name penned on the back. “The sixth person put it there,” You concluded and gave Bucky a look, slowly exiting the car, reaching for the letter and bringing it back. You closed the door and Bucky watched as you shakily examined the letter.
“Y/n...” Bucky tried to warn and you looked at him. “Let me at least look at it. Maybe we can learn something,” You told him and he sighed, reluctantly nodding. You inhaled through your nose and shook your head, trying to shake your feelings away, becoming a virtual blank slate and detaching yourself from the emotions. You quickly flicked on the light in the car and put the letter up to it. 
“The stationary is a more high quality than the ones that we’ve seen so far. Linen textures. They’re made to look and feel a lot like fancy linen tablecloths, and elegant writing materials from the past,” You explained your reasoning as you went through it, lending Bucky an insight into what you could see. “I can identify from the handwriting that the person is male. You can tell from the bold strokes, and the way the handwriting slopes slightly. The handwriting is made to be neat, but it’s also asymmetrical.” You continued to explain as you flipped the envelope over. 
“Could you identify the pen?” Bucky asked and you nodded. “Yes. It’s probably an antique fountain pen from Montblanc. The nib that was used is narrow, which is unique to their classic designs. But that won’t help us in identifying him. It was a popular pen, there are plenty of them. And besides he won’t use the same identifier...” You trailed off as you realized something, your own words sparking theories in your brain as you thought back to all the letters you’d received so far. Your brows furrowed as the hands holding the letter slowly lowered and you looked out the front window. “Twice,” You finished, your voice quiet.
“What’s wrong?” Bucky asked. “Oh, god,” You breathed, sinking into your seat with your fingers pressed to your temple. “What is it?” He asked again, starting to get worried. “He’s testing me, taunting me. Throwing me pieces of evidence to watch me squirm,” You mumbled and Bucky’s brows furrowed. 
“He’s playing games with me, Bucky. These letters... They’ve all been clues on purpose, he wants me to identify him. The original letters... He’d have known I could have been able to figure out what typewriter he used to make them.” You swallowed hard as you explained, “This is all part of a plan. In each set of letters, he’s given me a clue; something that will help me figure out how to get to him. This... is all a game. I’m the player and each clue is a level, getting increasingly difficult,” As you realized this, your mouth went dry. You wasted no more time and straightened your back again, gently tearing the top off the letter to pull out the high quality paper. You opened up the sheet, which was neatly folded over itself and read it aloud. 
What will it take for you to stop ignoring me? If I need to get louder, I will get louder, but I will make sure you hear me.
Bucky saw you reading over the letter with your eyes and he took it from your hands. “Enough of that,” He said and tucked it somewhere you couldn’t reach. “We’ll bring it to the tower tomorrow. And there’s only one thing to do in this situation,” Bucky said and you looked at him, worry covering your features. 
“We learn the rules of the game, and we play it better,” 
Tumblr media
You were making dinner back in the apartment, Bucky helping you out this time. He was clearly trying to make you feel better, playing your favorite songs and swaying side to side. He was also being extra affectionate, trying to ease your worries and make you focus on him. You’d have been lying if you said it wasn’t working. That was when your phone buzzed. Bucky, who had his arms wrapped around your waist from behind, watching you cook, saw that Pepper sent you an image. You dusted your hands off, and picked up your phone. Bucky could see the screen clearly and you didn’t mind it at all, as you knew his eyes weren’t prying. 
She sent you a picture of a bright, blue purse. It was definitely not pretty, but you were sure the price was high. Accompanied with the image was a message.
Ugliest thing I’ve put eyes on. Don’t you think? Aqua purses are too flashy and each $7,000+
“What the fuck? How can a bag be that expensive?” Bucky asked, clearly still thinking about his days in the 40s when most things cost a few bucks. You giggled. “I know. But that’s not what she’s trying to tell me,” You replied and then typed out a response.
Same, I agree about it being flashy, and also expensive as hell.
“What are you talking about?” Bucky wondered as you typed out your reply. “It’s a skip code. First letter of the first word and then every third,” You pointed out on Pepper’s message. He tried to figure it out. 
Ugliest thing I’ve put eyes on. Don’t you think? Aqua purses are too flashy and each $5,000+
“Update?” He deciphered and you nodded, “She wants an update. No doubt she’s been informed on the shooting,” 
“Why doesn’t she just come right out and ask you?” Bucky asked, letting his chin rest on your head. “She might be worried that someone can read her texts. Best case scenario they’re just reading over her shoulder, worst case, she thinks the lines are tapped.” You replied. 
“And what did you say?” He asked, looking at your message. “You tell me,” You replied and he looked at it. 
Same, I agree about it being flashy, and also expensive as hell.
“Safe,” He read aloud. “Right.” You nodded and smiled up at him. He pressed a kiss to the top of your head and you smiled, turning back around to continue making dinner. “Did you teach her that?” Bucky wondered and you nodded. “Yeah, she was complaining that she couldn’t update me on the court case for custody because of confidentiality. And Tony wanted to keep me as far away from my mother as possible. So, I taught her the skip code and we’ve been using it as needed,” You explained and Bucky smiled. 
Tumblr media
The next morning, you went to the tower in the same sedan. Tony was already losing his mind about you being shot at and he was pacing around waiting for your arrival. Happy was going to arrange for a new car while you were in the lab that day; one that didn’t have any bullet holes. When Tony heard the news, he pulled all the information from the Brooklyn police’s case files and put his best agents on it. There was little to no evidence on the shooters and they barely learned anything from the attack. In fact, the only connection that was made was the presence of the letter on the windshield. Otherwise, it would have been consistent with a random shooting, just like the initial car bombing.
The men in custody said absolutely nothing when faced with interrogations, and Nat was planning to go in after your visit to the tower, to see what she could find out. You arrived at the tower and parked in the garage reserved for Tony, somehow evading the press do to so. They seemed to have grown tired of waiting for your appearance, though there were a few stragglers that remained.
You went straight up to the lab with Bucky, trying to resist the urge to hold his hand or stand too close to him. “It’ll be okay,” Bucky reminded and you nodded just as the elevator doors slid open and you walked into the lab, gulping at the sight of the team all waiting there for you. “This her?” A tall man approached you and you looked up at him through your lashes. You recognized him as Sam Wilson. Tony nodded and Sam wrapped his arms around you. “Man, it’s so nice to finally meet you!” He cheerfully said and you awkwardly pat him on the back.
“She’s cute! Tony, are you sure she’s your kid?” Sam teased and Tony gave him a look with an eye roll. “Certain.” He replied. Even though some might have thought Sam’s behavior was misplaced, it did wonders for the room. There were a few chuckles amongst the team and even Tony loosened up. They each stepped up to introduce themselves, properly this time and you felt a bit better, having started a steady conversation with them while Bucky stood protectively behind you. 
“So, Y/n,” Steve started. “I’m sorry to call you here all of a sudden, but to be very honest, we’ve hit a wall with the investigation,” He admitted and put a hand on your back to lead you to the large table with all sorts of stuff laid out on it. “We wanted you to look at a few things if that’s okay,” Nat stated and you nodded.
Clint smiled briefly at you as he handed Steve an evidence bag. Inside it was a distinctive green handkerchief. It was very light, its color closer to a pastel minty color and you froze, not grabbing the evidence bag as Steve handed it to you. You stiffened, taking a step back as you side eyed the item. “Where did you get that?” You asked and everyone looked at each other.
“Do you recognize it?” Banner asked and you took a deep inhale, looking around at everyone’s faces. “Unfortunately,” You murmured, swallowing the lump that had formed in your throat. “My biological mother used to have one just like it.” You said and they all looked at each other. 
“If you don’t want to examine this, I understand. We can have you look at—” Steve tried but you put a hand on his forearm to stop him. Bucky’s jaw clenched at the gesture and he glared at your gentle hand touching his best friend. “No. It’s... It’s fine,” You reached your hand out with your palm up, waiting for Steve to give you the evidence bag. He hesitated but put it into your hand nonetheless. 
You put it down on the table for a moment, going into a drawer by your father’s desk. You pulled out a pair of disposable latex gloves in your size and put them on, shutting your eyes for a second to reset and file your emotions away for the moment. You approached the table again, opening up the evidence bag and reaching for the handkerchief. You felt it through your gloved fingers, feeling it nearly slip between them like water. You pinched the middle of it, hovering it over the table and dropping it gently to see how it behaved. You picked it up again, raising it to your nose to catch its scent. You smelled hints of something steril, a little bitter on your nose. 
“It’s clean... But too clean,” You mumbled and continued to smell it. “This came from a scientific research lab. I would check if any of them have been receiving large donations over the years. Possibly from corrupt politicians or quote-unquote ‘philanthropists’.” You explained. 
“How would you know that?” Bruce asked. 
“The handkerchief is unique, but it smells like antiseptic. You could guess hospital, but why would someone at a hospital have this? You could argue they forgot it there, but I doubt the person left it there since it’s such an expensive item. Then there’s the scent. To pick up such a scent, it would have been sitting in an environment where it could do such a thing, and if not hospitals—” You trailed off, knowing you made your point.
“Research labs,” Bruce understood. “As for the donations, this is made of mulberry silk, which is the finest silk in the world. There aren’t any known brands that sell this item in this color or fabric, but we have to assume that they were mass produced if you’ve found one and my mother had one, so we can assume they were favors.” You explained and Tony’s ears perked up. 
If your mother was involved with this drug, then it would make sense that she would have one. The dots were lining up in his head one by one, and the connections were making themselves clear. “May I?” You pointed to the laptop that Sam was standing in front of and he moved.
“By all means,” He moved aside and you did a quick search for the largest research labs in New York City. You looked at the list and recognized a name. “I remember this coming up in the papers.” You pointed at the list and the team crowded around you. 
“Valence Medical,” Tony read aloud and you searched up the research facility alongside the name of a Pennsylvania senator. You remembered his name from the news a few months ago.
“Senator Cox? What does he have to do with this?” Nat asked and you clicked on the images section of your search, to see him wearing a mint green handkerchief, neatly folded in the breast pocket of his suit jacket, standing alongside other notable philanthropists with the same fabric. They were all standing in front of a white background, with a logo on top.
Tumblr media
“Does that mean anything to you?” Clint asked you and you shook your head. “Oh my god,” Bruce breathed and then snatched the computer away from your hands, turning it away from everyone. He copied the logo onto a software and eliminated parts of it, hoping and praying that he wasn’t right. His face grew concerned as everyone waited for him. Once he did what he needed to, he froze.
“Guys... I know I could be crazy, but tell me this doesn’t look the least bit familiar,” He turned the laptop around and the team looked horrified. How could they not see it before? It was consistent and everything made sense. Perhaps they just didn’t want to believe it, and their minds were pushing back the possibility, but when faced with it head on, they couldn’t believe they missed it. Steve’s throat went dry as he voice his thoughts aloud.
Tumblr media
“The Enclave,”
Tumblr media
Note: Yes I made logos just for this. You’re welcome :3
Next Chapter
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ackermannsz · 5 months ago
leave it all here
Tumblr media
pairing: canon!levi x fem!reader
warnings: nsfw, established relationship, some angst, some fluff, standard smut with a little praise kink~
summary: based on this request: reader is slightly closed-off, is also going through it emotionally but feels like she doesn’t really have anyone to find comfort in. uses levi as kind of a distraction from it all - but he’s the only one she really needs in the long run!!
words: 3,500+
“What’s wrong?”
Connie’s voice echoes in your ears as he watches you stare with a blank expression down at the plate of food in front of you. You know he’s not the only one who notices that you’ve been quiet throughout the better part of dinner, most of the table’s eyes are on you as they await your answer. In truth, you want to explain --- want to tell them not to worry about you, that you’re just thinking about everything that you’ve lost the past few years and that in about a few hours, the feeling will pass as it usually does. It would be nice to open up, maybe to someone… it’s not like they wouldn’t understand. But that was the problem, no one was coming out of this mess unscathed, and they all had their own issues to deal with. It would be stupid to unload yours onto them as well.
So, you looked up, shaking your head almost as if to free yourself from the bubble of negative thoughts you had previously been trapped in and you smile. “It’s nothing.”
No one seemed convinced and so you’re more than grateful when one of the scouts nearby drops their whole plate of food on Captain Levi, everyone’s attention forcibly being turned to watch the embarrassing events unfold.
“Who bets he’s gonna make ‘em do 20 laps.” Jean says in jest, shoulders lifting in a quiet chuckle.
“20? You see that shit … our man’s left no spot untouched. He’s covered head to toe. I say 50 easily.” Connie replies, shaking his head as he turns from the dramatic display of events.
You watch the younger cadet apologize over and over again to the captain, who looks disgusted as he simply just walks out of the mess hall without so much as a word. The rest of you left in shock at the disappointing reaction.
However, later on in the day, you watch from the window as the young cadet runs 10, then 20, then 30 laps, rain drenching the both of them as the Captain hovers in the corner, yelling out commands here and there.
Even later, when the sun had already set and the darkness filled the Captain’s room, a candle flickering in the corner as you peeled off his drenched clothes, you couldn’t resist bringing it up. “You didn’t have to make him do so many, y’know…”
Levi let out a muffled scoff, looked at you with an expression that conveyed to you without words that you should shut your mouth before saying, “Keep it up and it’ll be you next.”
“Is that a threat?” you questioned, reaching towards him to brush through his damp hair gently, as if not to bother him with your touch.
He grabs your hand, bringing your wrist down to his mouth so he can press a soft kiss to the skin there. The gesture, gentle and tender ---- the exact type of touch you had craved in the moment, made your stomach do back flips.
It’s not much longer until you’re leaning into his touch, lips moving against his slowly, softly, as if you both had all the time in the world to just enjoy the moment, savor each other.
It wasn’t always like this, you thought. These moments were slim to none, moments where you felt at ease, a sliver of time where you could forget about everything the both of you had lost.
You still remember the day when Erwin hadn’t come back, how Levi had kissed you that night, how his hands trembled when they held you flat against the bed, and the look in his eyes as he slid in and out of you over and over again. You thought maybe he had used you to try and forget, you couldn’t blame him for it either. In some sick and twisted way, that was a lot of what your relationship was based on. Allowing yourselves to forget, to be selfish just for the nights you had each other.
“Love you like this…” you hum, your hands reaching between the two of your bodies to push Levi’s boxers down to his ankles. He kicks them off swiftly, and there’s no real foreplay, nothing to prepare you for his length at your entrance.
“You can take it.” He tells you, and you nod despite it not having been a question.
When he enters you, it almost feels like he’s splitting you open. You whimper as you sink down onto him, trying desperately to adjust to the sheer size of him, something you’d thought you’d be used to by now.
When he fucks you that night, you know he’s only thinking of you. You savor every moan that escapes him, try to memorize every crevice of his body, and hold onto the way he makes you feel forever. Only because you know you won’t have this much longer.
And when he has you crying out, white stars clouding your vision as you cum around his cock, you kiss him afterwards as a thank you, because you’re just not sure you’ll ever have the opportunity to do it again.
There’s even a part of you that wants to admit to him that you love him, to tell him over and over again so that he knows, so that you don’t miss the chance to do it now. Instead, you don’t, and he holds you against his chest as you fall asleep in his arms.
When you wake up, it’s with a jolt, a yelp, and a sheen of sweat covering your body. Baby hairs sticking to your face as you see Levi, looking down at you with what you think might be an expression of concern.
“Are you---”
“It’s fine,” you tell him, pushing the memory of the nightmare into the back of your mind for you to think about later. “I have to go.”
You’re scrambling to put your clothes back on, checking the time on the clock to make sure it would be an appropriate moment to sneak from the Captain’s room unnoticed. It wasn’t, so you’d have to be extra careful.
Levi’s saying something, but you’re too preoccupied with getting yourself to look somewhat put together to really pay any attention. You hear a “wait” followed by a string of expletives, but it goes ignored as you hurry to make an escape, not even so much as a second glance back at the man you left in bed so suddenly.
You practically sprint back to the dorms. Sasha, of course, is awake and bombards you with questions that you don’t want to answer. You give her an excuse that she doesn’t believe. Once you start crying though, she pretty much leaves it at that.
You didn’t mean to show your emotions so easily, and you’re grateful when she leaves to let you cry in peace. All of a sudden, memories of losing your loved ones flooded all of your thoughts, and you allowed yourself to remember the nightmare that had plagued you from the minute you woke up.
The most concerning bit was Levi’s presence not even being able to at least distract you from it. That over the past few months, you had been relying on him to do that for you. You were disappointed in yourself mostly for ever thinking that it would work. Too much had happened to you to just simply find a distraction --- and was that what Levi had been boiled down to at the end of it all? You thought you loved him, believed it just the other night, and now the truth was rearing its ugly head. Maybe you just loved him for the moments of peace he gave you. Maybe that was all it ever was.
You told yourself from there on out, you’d stop being selfish. You wouldn’t bother him anymore. No more going to his room seeking the one thing you knew he could give you, and you didn’t. True to your word, you were practically a ghost. Every glance your way was ignored, every time the two of you passed each other, you wouldn’t even look his way. He had taken it out on you a few times, made you clean up the mess hall, run a few laps in the rain, even made you clean the bathrooms and scolded you in front of everyone when you hadn’t done a good enough job.
But it was easier like this, you wouldn’t be hurting anyone, and you could deal with his anger towards you. ‘S not like you didn’t deserve it. So, you successfully kept the promise you had made to yourself, at least for as long as he’d let you.
“Is she okay?” comes Jean’s concerned voice, referring to the way you’re eating all by yourself, shoveling food into your mouth and making a quick escape out through the back doors.
Sasha shrugs, too focused on the meal in front of her. “Don’t think so…” she replies, mouth full of food.
“She’s been like this for weeks now. Usually, it lasts only like... a few days, right? I thought she’d snap out of it by now.” Connie thought aloud, less concerned with the food in front of him and visibly more engaged with the topic of... you.
“What did she say to you that morning, again?” Jean questioned, looking over at Sasha again, who still didn’t seem all that interested in the conversation and more interested in Niccolo’s food.
“She… mmm… jjusst cried.” She replied, voice muffled before finally swallowing. “I tried asking her about it after, but she just brushed me off.”
“What the fuck, Sasha… you’re supposed to be good at this. You’re a girl, aren’t you? Try doing … girly things to get her to talk.”
Sasha continues eating but looks up at this, brows furrowed in confusion before looking at Jean, who just shrugs.
“We can’t force her to tell us what's wrong…” Jean said finally, picking at his own food.
“It’s probably something to do with her nightmares.” Sasha admits, now that she’s pretty much finished scarfing everything down. “She doesn’t like to talk about them. Can’t really do anything about it.”
The sense of helplessness settles on the trio. They couldn’t force their friend to open up if she didn’t want to. They had tried to offer support, reminding you over and over again that they were there to talk if you needed it, but you refused time and time again. It was a situation that was just simply one that couldn’t be helped.
“I might have a solution.” The three of them hadn’t noticed the Captain’s presence, and Connie yelped, jumping at the sudden intrusion.
“But… how?” Jean questions, not wanting to say what he was sure was on everybody’s mind. Why did the Captain even care?
“Like what?” Connie scoffs… “Gonna force her into therapy?”
“No, you little dumb ass.” Levi spits out harshly, causing Sasha and Jean to let out a muffled chuckle at his expense. “Just gonna remind her that there’s still something to live for.”
The last thing you really wanted to do was train, but alas, an emergency scout training was called and there was really no getting out of it.
You’re searching for your odm gear when Sasha pops out of nowhere, causing you to jolt in surprise.
“Jesus christ, warn me before creeping up on me like that, would you?”
“Sorry.” she chuckles, before finally spitting out what she had come here for. “I took your odm gear by the way.”
“Why would you do that?” You question, your hands pausing now that they have nothing to search for.
“Just for fun. Looks like you could use it.” Sasha replies matter-of-factly.
“I told you I’m fine.” You say again, potentially the hundredth time you’ve said those words aloud. 
“I don’t believe you.” She grabs your wrist suddenly, and you don’t even bother to struggle against her, just allowing her to pull you to what you assume would be where she’s taken your odm gear, for whatever reason.
You’re laughing when you see you’re heading towards the mess hall. Of course, she’d take it where the food would be, you think to yourself.
But soon, you grow very confused when the mess hall isn’t actually the mess hall at all. There’s more food there than you’re accustomed to, and you blink as you see all your friends, as well as all the other scouts gathered in groups, looking to be drinking what you think is probably alcohol, especially considering the way they're behaving.
“Welcome to the party.” Connie says, jovial voice piercing your ears at the sheer volume of it.
“Took you long enough.” Jean adds, wrapping an arm around you. “Let’s go get drunk.”
You don’t argue, feeling slightly overwhelmed to even really speak. You scan the room, looking for the one person you desperately want to see.
You find Levi in the corner, fingers grasping the rim of a glass filled with a dark liquid, listening to Hange go on and on about something he didn’t seem interested in. He catches your line of vision but doesn’t make a move towards you. You don’t expect him to, with the way you had been behaving the past few weeks.
You’re reminded suddenly of how closed off you’ve been. You forgot what it was like to feel carefree around people you thought you had confided in the past few years and as your cup is being filled, and the idea of a “drinking game” is being tossed around, you feel a weight being lifted off your shoulders.
You weren’t alone, not really. You had desperately tried to convince yourself that you didn’t need anyone, and in doing so, had backed yourself into a corner of hopelessness.
The four of you drink to your heart's content, you not so much as the others. You’re more preoccupied with enjoying the company you had forcefully deprived yourself of the past few weeks.
“Look at our little grandma go.” Connie says in reference to you, words slightly slurred due to how much alcohol he had consumed in the past hour.
“Just ‘cause I got some years on you and can actually handle my alcohol doesn’t make me a grandma.” You pout, tipping your glass down your throat.
“Sounds like something a grandma would say.” Sasha hiccups, and the four of you laugh, the sounds of it ringing throughout the room, making you feel at home.
You’ve been thinking about him all night though, and have been desperately trying your hardest not to look in the direction of the Captain, and when empty bottles fill your table, you’re the one who suggests getting more. Maybe just to allow yourself to catch your breath --- it was hard being in the same room as him when you were on speaking terms, let alone now.
The stash isn’t far, luckily... just down some stairs, in a closet specifically made to hold the valuable alcohol. You go to reach for one … maybe two bottles, until you hear the creak of the closet door, causing you to freeze your current movements, turning around to see who the culprit is.
“What are you doing?” You ask, as he closes the door behind him.
“Are you done with your silent treatment? Huh brat...”
“Shut up.” You say aloud, without even really meaning to. Levi doesn’t respond, and so you make to push past him. He’s stronger than you however, his calloused hand stopping you in your tracks, pushing you against the wall to ensure you’re not going to be escaping any time soon.
You suppose you deserve it, after acting the way you had the past few weeks. He lets you know it, too.
“You think I was just gonna let you act like a bitch and get away with it?” He questions and you writhe slightly, a feeble attempt to free yourself from him. This only makes matters worse, causing him to push his body flush against yours, feeling the cock you had chosen to deprive yourself of against your thigh, as an involuntary moan pushes past your lips.
This makes Levi smile with satisfaction, and you curse yourself mentally, realizing that your body and your wants were always going to betray you.
“You’re not gonna fuck me here.” You say, words coming out almost as a challenge. “Not when anyone could easily catch us.”
He scoffs, taking your chin between his index and thumb, forcing you to look him in the silvery eyes that you’d missed so much. “Let them find out. I don’t care...”
It was that simple for him, you thought, and you blinked in surprise, your gaze moving from his eyes to his lips, the ones that you’d missed far too much. And despite everything, you’re moving your hand into his hair, grasping and pulling him close to fit your lips against his.
You kiss him and he’s pulling you even closer to his body, the both of you attempting to make up for the lost time, reminding each other how much you had missed this.
You don’t stop him when he reaches to undo the buttons of your pants, his movements steady and controlled as he easily pushes them down to your ankles. He only gives you a second to really grasp the turn of events before he’s moving a hand between your legs, two fingers pressing down on the already wet fabric that's covering your cunt.
“Soaked.” He groans, pushing the cotton to the side and quickly finding your clit, as if your body was a map and he knew every corner of it with ease.
“L-levi…” You moan, head thrown back, rattling the bottles behind you.
He thumbs your clit softly, circling it and putting the perfect amount of pressure on it to have you going slightly stir crazy. “Fuck… missed this pussy so much.” He admits.
Your hips rut against him as you let out a loud moan, “need you…” you say, noting the desperation in your tone.
It’s really all that Levi needs as he pushes his own pants down to the floor, freeing his cock from its confines. You reach out, grab it in your hand and spread the pre-cum out so that it glistens against the skin of his cock.
Next thing you know, he’s lifting you so that you’re straddling him, back pushed against the wall for support. You guide him towards your entrance, mumbling a “so good” as he fits his cock between your folds, thrusting up and down, feeling your slickness before finally putting the tip in.
“O-ooh.. Mmm … goddd.” you moan, as he stretches you.
“Shit.” Levi groans, watching your pussy swallow up his cock, savoring the way it slowly disappears into your tight hole. “So fuckin’ good.”
“Missed you so much.” You admit, rocking your hips against him to try and get him to go faster. You needed him far too much at this point and there was no real reason to try and hide it anymore.
“‘S… too fucking tight.” he says, finally beginning to pump in and out you, stretching you out exactly in the way you needed him to.
The sounds of your bodies smacking against each other echoes throughout the closet, your arousal being made loud and clear as your pussy squelches and Levi’s balls smack against you.
“R-right there.” you whine, as he begins hitting a spot so deep, one you think only he could possibly reach.
“My baby takes it so good.” He praises, continuing to thrust into you harder, his movements becoming less controlled, and more desperate.
“‘M gonna cum… gonna.. c-cum” you warn and just a second later, your walls tighten around him as you cum around his cock, whimpering and crying out as you reach the high he so easily gave you.
“Fuck.” he grunts loudly, as he cums inside of you a few moments later, his cock twitching as thick spurts of his seed fill you up.
You’re both breathing against each other in a tender moment, exhausted from what had just transpired. He kisses you softly, first on the mouth, then your jaw, before moving his lips back to your mouth once more.
“Thank you.” you finally say after a minute of the two of you just breathing with each other.
“Do you feel better?” He asks, tenderly tucking a strand of hair behind your ear.
“I guess.” You reply, and this causes him to quirk a brow upwards in question, wanting you to expand more.
“The nightmare I had…” you start, and he takes your hand in his strong one, making you feel comforted, knowing that he was always going to listen to you no matter what.
“It was about you.” You finished, gulping down the fear you had felt, realizing now that all you had really wanted to do was talk to him about it. “I’m just afraid of losing you.”
“You should have just told me.” Levi breathes, moving his thumb to your bottom lip, tracing it softly. “You have to stop bottling shit up. It’s not good for you.”
He kisses you again, and it’s exactly what you need in the moment because maybe both of you were bad with words, but he was always good at saying things without really saying it.
When he pulls back, he looks at you with what you think is some sort of fondness in his eyes, something he can’t say with words before finally telling you what he’d been meaning to tell you when all this had started.
“I’m not going anywhere. Not if I can help it.”
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dinosaurtsukki · a year ago
haikyuu!! buzzfeed unsolved AU
[edit: check out the link at the bottom of the post for more buzzfeed unsolved au content :)]
hinata and kageyama:
Tumblr media
90% of the show is them yelling and nobody watches it with earphones on
both of them believe in ghosts but that doesn't mean they want to see one
hinata will literally go to the bathroom five times before going to the spooky house and kageyama gets mad at him for it but there is Fear in his eyes
producer: 'were you scared?'
kageyama: 'pfft, no'
cameraman: *points camera down to show that kageyama's legs are shaking*
they also bring a shit ton of food with them when they stay the night at a place and they'll deadass be eating while talking about the history of the place
‘this house *crunch crunch* was built in *crunch crunch* 1972'
the producers tell them to stop bringing snacks but fans of the show love it
sometimes they'll shoot a mini mukbang video
SPICY, BARBECUE POTATO FRIES | Mukbang at the Waverly Hills Asylum'
hinata: *looking up how to do a seance on wikihow* it says we gotta offer some food for the spirit
kageyama: *spills the doritos he was eating on the table
*after 20 minutes*
kageyama: fuck this
hinata: *starts eating the doritos*
producer: ...
the ghosts: ..................the, audacity
tsukishima and yamaguchi
Tumblr media
pretty much a ryan and shane duo right here
yamaguchi: we'll be visiting this place as part of our ongoing investigation on the question, are ghosts real?
tsukishima: *shakes head*
yamaguchi just wants to see the look of fear in tsukishima’s eyes at least once
yamaguchi: *hears a random thump sound* fUCk tSuKkI a gHoSt!!!
tsukishima: *sees a chair being tossed across the room* huh, the wind is pretty strong today
he likes to stick his head into attics to scare yamaguchi
yamaguchi always carries a water gun full of holy water
yamaguchi: i have holy water with me and i'm not afraid to use it! but i'm also sorry you had to die such a horrible death i hope you find peace soon
tsukishima: *walks into a basement that is supposedly a portal to hell* fuckin’ take me already
so many 'yamaguchi being an angel and tsukishima being a demon for 10 mins' video compilations 
daichi and sugawara
Tumblr media
a very chaotic buzzfeed unsolved duo
suga, who is satan’s child himself, and daichi, who needs a raise
daichi: hello everyone! this is daichi,
sugawara: and suga
daichi: and you’re watching...
sugawara: jackass!! unsolved??
daichi started out being afraid of almost every place he had to walk into but after having to deal with the chaotic mess that is suga for an entire season, he no longer Feels Fear
this is because suga will deadass film a tiktok dance video no matter where he is
daichi: suga, someone was literally axe-murdered there
suga: *dancing along to ‘I’m a Savage’ or whatever that tiktok song is called*
daichi: *at cameraman* do you see what i have to deal with every day?’
suga is only genuinely scared by ghosts when his followers point out that a ghost was caught on camera in one of his tiktok videos
suga: *watching the video*
that was the end of suga’s tiktok career
tanaka and nishinoya:
Tumblr media
another bunch of loud bois but they are much louder than kageyama and hinata
they’re very much into proving the existence of cryptids and are most known for that episode they spent hunting bigfoot by dressing up to look like bigfoot
tanaka: ‘you know that thing they do in cartoons where they stack on top of each other under a coat so they look like just one big guy?’
nishinoya: ‘ryuu i love you so fucking much’
other guy there who is also trying to catch bigfoot: oMg ItS bIgFooT *takes picture with the blurriest camera he could find*
both of them are very committed in their investigation of the supernatural and they’re very unconventional approaches
nishinoya: *lying on the ground in a creepy basement* EAT MY HEART DEMONS! WE’LL PUT THE VIDEO ON YOUTUBE!
tanaka: *takes out a spirit board* *spells out O-M-A-E  W-A  M-O  S-H-I-N-D-E-I-R-U*
ghost: *spells out N-A-N-I*
tanaka and nishinoya: *screaming*
kuroo and kenma: 
Tumblr media
kuroo deadass flirts with any ghost or demon they encounter and kenma would sleep over in a haunted asylum for ten bucks
kuroo: *sidles up to the infamous annabelle doll* hey there little lady, what’s a pretty thing like you doing in a locked, glass case with a ‘don’t touch’ sign like this?
kenma: kuroo, there’s a demon inside her
kuroo: well, i’m a bit of a demon myself
kenma: she attempted to choke a guy in his sleep
kuroo: oooh, choking. i can get behind that...
kenma: *looks at camera*
the demon in annabelle: d-daddy??
“kuroo flirting with demons and kenma looking at the camera for 5 minutes”
kuroo’s actually a huge fucking scaredy cat and kenma secretly tries to push him over the edge
kenma: *plays computer-generated screams of the damned on his phone*
kenma: ...I didn’t hear anything *looks at the camera as if he was on the office and plays the sound again*
kuroo: i was too scared to close my eyes last night
kenma: i was actually able to catch a bunch of pokemon last night. who knew the winchester mansion is such a hotspot
producer: did you catch any evidence of ghosts?
kenma: ...i caught a gastly
bokuto and akaashi:
Tumblr media
bokuto is a die-hard mothman fan and akaashi is emotionally involved in proving that ghosts exist he will stop at nothing
akaashi: all of the evidence on the shadow figures and orbs spotted in this place can only suggest one thing...
bokuto: mothman did it
akaashi: no
bokuto: yes
akaashi: mothman is literally five states away
bokuto: he has wings
during their individual investigations, akaashi has already foreseen how bokuto is going to react
producer: it’s been quiet for a while. do you think bokuto’s no longer scared?
akaashi: oh no. he should be screaming right about now...
bokuto, inside the haunted house: *screams and waves his flashlight around*
akaashi:  and then he’s gonna call for help
*few hours later*
bokuto: i saw my life flash before my eyes in there
akaashi: *muttering incoherently near his ‘evidence wall’ full of blurry pictures and red string*
bokuto: i must’ve stared into the abyss at one point
akaashi: this place is fucking haunted. can i go back? it’s for sale right?
ushijima and tendou:
Tumblr media
ushijima’s knowledge of ghosts is based on hollywood movies and tendou has exorcised places just by vibing
ushijima: *brings out a pottery wheel* if there are any ghosts in here, you know what to do
he’s actually never watched Ghost he just knows That One Scene
tendou: *naruto-running through the goatman bridge with a go-pro strapped to his head* IT’S MY BRIDGE GOATMAN, IT’S MY BRIDGE!!!
the Goatman Himself: i’ve never felt so fucking scared in my entire fucking life
ushijima believes that chanting in latin will Summon the Ghosts and tendou takes full advantage of that
tendou: *handing ushijima a slip of paper* here, apparently this will summon a full-bodied apparition
ushijima: thanks *begins chanting*
producer, interviewing tendou to the side: okay, what did you make him read this time?
tendou: i typed out ‘let me eat your ass’ in latin on google translate and went from there
cameraman: *zooms in on ushijima chanting*
the ghost haunting the castle: *is confused in French*
in the end neither of them get evidence on ghosts
ushijima: well, we'll have better luck next time
tendou: maybe even revisit this place ?
the ghosts: i know i'm dead but this is the first time i've been scared for my life
[EDIT: for more buzzfeed unsolved au content written by me, check out The Search for the Mysterious Mothman, a headcanon set feat. bokuaka]
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youngbloodslut · 5 months ago
celebrity crush | 2/??
a/n: the first interview is mostly based off of dove cameron and ava max’s interviews with popbuzz
Tumblr media
summary: actress! reader somehow manages to bring up her crush on calum hood in every interview
pairing(s): calum hood x reader, platonic! reader x tom holland
warning(s): swearing? slight mentions of kinks
“She’s at it again mate,” Ashton smirked as he carried his laptop over to Calum who was sat on the sofa. He flipped open the computer and hit play on y/n y/l/n’s newest interview.
“C’mon, I don’t wanna-” Calum rubbed his hand over is face and shook his head.
Ashton ignored him and turned up the volume to drown out his protest. “Shhh.. watch.”
“Hey guys, I’m y/n y/l/n and this is the Pop Buzz Tower of Truth.” You spoke as the title popped up on screen.
“I think I’m gonna end up tipping it before I can even get one block out,” You said as you tried to carefully pull of a wooden block. 
“That will never work,” Calum heard a voice from off camera say and recognized it as Tom Holland. He tried not to frown as you laughed and mocked him.
“Y’know what, we’re leaving that one.” You laughed, leaving the original block alone and easily pulling out another block.
“There we go. Okay, what was the last movie or tv show that make you cry? Dead Poets Society. I love Dead Poets Society so much and Tom had never seen it so we watched it after finishing yesterdays interviews.” You placed the block on top of the tower. “And he cried.”
The camera crew laughed as Tom shouted a, “Hey!”
“Tell us one thing about you that we don’t know. Um, this is hard because I’m always saying stuff that I shouldn’t be. Um, I’m an Oxford comma worshiper.” You said, unsure whether or not that’s interesting enough.
“Oxford comma?” A crew member behind the camera questioned.
“Yeah, y’know, the comma that comes before ‘and’ when making a list. I hate that people don’t use it because then I get all confused. Like if I were to write ‘Lizzie, Tom, and Robert are going to the party’ and I don’t add a comma before ‘and’ then it seems like Tom and Robert would be arriving at the party together. But some people who don’t use the Oxford comma could mean that all three people were showing up separately so I never know. Y’know what I mean?”
The camera crew were all silent after her rant and Calum chuckled a bit to himself. He thought it was cute that you were so passionate about the smallest things. Ashton looked over to him as Calum admired you through the screen. He wasn’t an idiot. He knew Calum secretly liked how much you talked about him.
“No,” Tom responded honestly
“Ugh,” You rolled your eyes dramatically and looked into the camera, “See, these are the type of guys you got to look out for: Un-grammarly men.” You joked.
“Un-grammarly isn’t a thing.” Tom laughed.
“Well if it were a thing, you’d be one.” You fired back at Tom.
“Anyway, who is your favorite artist right now? Um, probably Wallows, I love them and their music.”
“I was really expecting Calum Hood to be honest.” Tom shouted from across the room.
“Oh my god, I can’t believe I just forgot about him like that. I love you Calum Hood. I love 5sos.” You held up your hands into a heart shape and moved your hands from side to side. 
You then dropped them and grabbed another block. “Sorry, I keep forgetting that people are actually going to see these interviews. Like, he could literally see this. Dude, I hope he doesn’t.” You paused, “Oh god, do you think he knows about my crush on him?” You had been mentioning him for years and it had never once occurred to you that he could actually see these. 
Calum laughed at the irony of the situation. Here he was watching a video of you saying you hoped he’d never see said video.
“This is humiliating.” You mumbled though you didn’t seem to actually care, “Who was your first celebrity crush? Oh uh, definitely Andrew Garfield. I remember when I first watched the Social Network and I was like obsessed. My friend and I both watched it over 10 times within like two months. And then would continuously make Mark Zuckerberg jokes. But of course, Calum Hood now owns my heart.” You put the block on top of the tower. “I’m actually doing really good, I thought I’d knock it down by now.”
“Describe in detail the worst date you’ve ever been on. Okay so I was like fifteen right, and, well I’m not even sure if this counts as a date. I think he considered it a date so I guess it was but basically we were in the car, he was sixteen so he could drive. We were in the drive through, we had already ordered, and he started feeling around in is pockets and I was like oh god, cause I knew what was about to happen. He was like, ‘oh no i think i lost my wallet’, and I was like its fine I’ll pay. I really didn’t mind. I ended up paying, we got our drinks and without missing a beat, we hadn’t even pulled out of the drive through, he was like’oh here’s my wallet.’ I really didn’t mind paying for my coffee, I wouldn’t mind paying for both of our coffees. But him going out of his way to lie, and then not even lie well, was so irritating.” She placed the block on the top and picked up a new one.
“What is the most useless idem you’ve ever purchased? Um, I bought a seven foot giraffe while I saw drunk once.” The block was added to the top, the tower now taller than you. “He’s in my living room if you wanted to know.”
You grabbed the next block carelessly, immediately regretting it when the tower fell behind you, “Oh shit, well I guess we’re done then.” You said nonchalantly, looking at the blocks on the floor. “I don’t think I’ll be playing this again anytime soon. Love you guys,” You held up your hands, “Love you Calum Hood.” You winked before the outro began to play.
“She must really love you, Cal.” Ashton poked Calum’s cheek annoyingly, “She’s got no shame.”
Calum wouldn’t admit it, but as soon as he got home he looked you up again. He clicked on the same video Ashton showed him and scrolled through the comments. 
y/nscalumhoodkink: MOMOMOMOMOMOM
datemey/n: Queen of Jenga
ashtonfletchersbitch: Y/N LITERALLY IS ME
5esohes: no because y/n y/l/n and calum hood together is my kink
noemptywalletshere: not only does y/n own this fandom, but my ass too
He couldn’t help but laugh at the comments no matter how interesting they were. But something in the back of his head kept yelling at him. She doesn’t acting like you. Shes just likes your music, nothing more. He sighed and clicked out of the video and was about the close his laptop when his cursor handed on a video. 
Y/n Y/l/n foaming at the mouth while talking about Calum Hood for 5 minutes straight.
He clicked on it a little too quickly and waited for it too load. 
“Calum Hood choke me challenge.” You stuck out your tongue and threw up a peace sign with an innocent look plastered on here face. 
“Bro imagine if Calum Hood saw this?” “Oh he would definitely fall for you after this video”
The third thing to pop up was a tweet from 2015 just saying: #marrymecalumhood
“Calum Hood send me hand pics. This is a demand, not a request.”
Calum continued to watch the entire video. Normally, the thirsty comments would have made him uncomfortable, but them coming from you made his heart race and cheeks flush.
God, what was happening to him?
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therenlover · 6 months ago
Two Bodies In The Rain (A Helmut Zemo/Reader Oneshot)
(Big thanks to @rainbowrobin​ for enabling me and listening as I gave live commentary about my high school’s production of Les Mis where my greasy ex played Thendardier, this one goes out to you because I got inspired)
Tumblr media
Synopsis: It was raining the day you finally had to admit your feelings to Helmut. You hated to tell him the way you did, under the grey skies as your blood pooled below you, but at least you knew, in the end, he had seen the real you, even just once. That was enough.
Tags: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Self-Sacrifice, Kissing, Pain, Love Confessions, Open/Ambiguous Ending
Rating: T
Warnings: Swearing, Gunshot Wounds, Blood, Semi-Graphic Description of Wounds
Word Count: 5600~
This fic has been crossposted under the same title to my AO3! -----------
You should have seen it coming.
Helmut couldn’t have. He had only appeared on the battlefield a few minutes before Walker did, shooting at Flag Smashers with reckless abandon. Walker had joined shortly after. It was hardly a fair fight, the Power Broker’s hired guns against the Flag Smashers against Sam and Bucky against Walker, and Zemo’s unpredictability in battle certainly hadn’t helped. Everything was happening so quickly that even you had almost missed it when Walker pulled out his pistol and aimed it straight for Zemo’s head across the battlefield.
The whole area stank of blood and gore and the battle had been raging long enough that the sweet scent of cadaver had started to mask the more iron-y tang of the fresh dead. It made a sort of haze, choking you from the inside out as it poisoned your every breath. You were crouched above a body grabbing as much ammunition as you could, and then Helmut was there across the field in his stupid purple fur coat.
Part of you breathed a sigh of relief. If Zemo was on the field that meant he wasn’t dead yet and no matter how wrong it was, just knowing he was still alive and free after the few weeks he had spent AWOL post-Riga made you feel a bone-deep comfort. He hadn’t seen you yet, too busy gunning down whoever stood in his path to glance off towards the edges of the abandoned shipping outpost that hosted the scuffle, and yet you could see him clear as day. It was as if you were drawn to him. If he was there, somehow you would know.
That’s when you saw Walker. Well, more aptly you heard him.
Ever since he had taken the serum, he had become even more of a hulking beast of a man than he was before. You could hear his heavy footfalls before you even got eyes on his location. Once you did, though, your blood ran cold.
Walker was maybe 50 feet away from you, standing unseen by those fully immersed in the present fight at hand, and he was reaching for his holster.
Sam would have been able to see him from above if it weren’t for the fact that he had stopped circling the area and was instead on the ground trying to reason with Karli. Bucky, ever vigilant, was a little too busy trying to get the seemingly endless flow of the Power Broker’s assassins off his back to give a shit about Walker showing up on the complete opposite side of the battlefield. Even Zemo- brilliant, witty, planning for everything Zemo- hadn’t noticed, too busy lining up a shot at a few barrels of what looked to be propane to look over his shoulder at the man. Only you had eyes on Walker as he looked dead ahead at Helmut’s skull and reached for his gun.
That couldn’t be allowed to happen. Not before you had even had the chance to talk to him again, to tell him…
With adrenaline coursing through your veins, you dropped the ammunition you had been salvaging and started running at a dead sprint towards Walker. You could only hope you’d make it on time.
“Champagne?” Zemo offered. You shook your head.
Bucky and Sam were asleep, they’d been that way for at least half an hour after the animosity died down, and that left you awake and alone with the madman until one of them finally rose and put you out of your misery. After the long night you’d had in Madripoor and the battle that followed, you doubted they’d be doing that any time soon. So, you bided your time and watched the clouds out the window as you soared through the sky. Anything was better than looking at his dumb, handsome, snarky face…
Did you say handsome? You didn’t mean that.
“You know,” He continued, pushing past your barriers and sitting down in the padded seat across from you before setting down his own flute of champagne, “I’m curious about you. You’re not like them,”
“Who said that?” You snapped back. Zemo took it all in stride.
“Forgive me for this, but last night you seemed a bit too acquainted with Madripoor and all its peculiarities, almost as acquainted as I am,”
“I’ve been around the block a few times, so what,”
“Well, our good friend Sam Wilson had never even heard of Madripoor until I explained it. Tell me, how does a hero like you get mixed up in business all the way down in Lowtown?”
“I’m not a hero,” the word came out of your mouth like acid. You had never been a hero, never even wanted to be. If it hadn’t been for Steve and his empty promises, you would be happily settled at home right now with a cup of coffee in one hand and a good book in the other. Damn your loyalty and damn your moral compass and damn Zemo who was looking at you like a cat that had got the cream.
He wore that expression often, amusement mixed with egotistical pleasure that would make anybody feel less-than in his presence. It was as if he knew how to pick apart everything inside you with just a few choice words and that stupid smirk. You had to admit though, even if it was just to yourself, it did something to your heart when he looked at you like that. It was a privilege to be known, even if it was against your will. Nobody tended to know the real you anymore.
Zemo leaned in, elbows on the pull-out table between you. “You deny that you’re a hero and yet you consider yourself better than I am,”
“I have morals, a rule-book I follow,”
“And I don’t?”
“I don’t know yet,” Your words were uncharacteristically soft. It threw Zemo off his rhythm. “My allies don’t like or trust you, and yet they respect you enough to break you out of prison and let you run around without a leash. From what I’ve seen you have some sort of ethics code but it’s much looser than my own. That being said, you stick to it. You stick to your allies with a certain loyalty up until the moment they aren’t allies anymore, and I like that. Overall, I don’t know what to think about you because I simply haven’t seen enough of you to judge you in good faith,”
He offered you a smile. Not one of his usual grins, just a smile. It was a gesture of goodwill reserved for you and you only. “You know, I think we’re more alike than we give ourselves credit for,”
You raised an eyebrow. “Is that so?”
“You’ve lost something dear to you. You have that look in your eye, I know it myself. I assume you’re here because you owe a debt, I would assume to Steve Rogers because you scoffed under your breath when I referred to Sam Wilson as your friend, and once your debt is paid you’ll return to your real life only to find that there’s nothing to return to… I suspect you already know that part. Once you’ve aligned yourself with Barnes and Wilson on a little escapade against the law you never come back from it. Look at poor Ms. Carter as an example. I’ve been there, lost and drifting in search of restitution that never comes. That’s what made me who I am today,”
“Then I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see what sort of monster I become,” you chuckled. Now that Sam and Bucky weren’t listening to your every conversation you found it easy to let go around Zemo. Maybe he was right, the two of you might have been good friends had you met under the right circumstances. Who’s to say those circumstances weren’t right in front of you? “I think I’ll take that glass of champagne now, Zemo,”
“Helmut,” he said, standing to retrieve the bottle and pour you a glass, “I enjoy your company, so I’ll allow you the privilege of using my first name,”
“Well, Helmut,” the word felt nice on your tongue. It felt right. “I think this is the beginning of a truly beautiful friendship. It’s a shame you’ll be back in prison before it ever gets a chance to take off,”
“If I play my cards right with you, hopefully, that can be avoided,”
“We shall see,”
Your feet were hitting the concrete below you in an uneven thumping rhythm, jilted like your heartbeat as you pushed yourself faster. Faster. Faster. Faster.
Walker’s hand was firmly on his gun now, lifting it from his side.
You had to push harder.
His finger was on the trigger.
10 feet. 9 feet. 8 feet.
One of his eyes was closed as he lined up the shot.
5 feet! 4 feet! 3 feet!
He took in a deep breath.
No! That bastard wouldn’t be the one to kill Helmut, not like this!
As he squeezed the trigger, you caught him off guard, slamming into the side of his body with the force of someone who was about to lose the love of their life without them ever knowing. Hitting him, all tactical gear and pure super-soldier muscle, felt like a death in and of itself. It only got worse once you were fighting in earnest.
“What the fuck!” He exclaimed, slamming you down into the concrete, “You? Sam and Bucky’s little bitch?”
You gritted your teeth, kneeing him hard in the crotch and delighting in the way he went rigid above you. “I’m not their bitch, and I’m not yours either,”
“You’re gonna regret that,” Walker groaned, grabbing you by the throat. This was turning bad, fast.
Suddenly, as you gasped for breath that wasn’t going to come, your mind turned to Zemo. Had the shot missed him? Had he even noticed? Your mind was going hazy. It was as if every synapse in your brain was firing at once in a desperate search for any way out. Like a caged animal, you tilted your head and bit down hard on Walker’s wrist.
His blood tasted like chemicals.
That’s when the shots rang out.
One first, loud enough that it left your ears ringing as you finally got a lungful of the thick air, choking on the dregs of Walker’s blood as he wailed above you. Then another. And another. And another. It took you longer than it should have to realize he was the one being shot, his body suddenly slamming into your’s with all its weight once he couldn’t hold himself up any longer. He was bleeding all over you, warm like summer rain and thick as it burned against your skin. Why was it burning?
A voice cut through the agony. Helmut.
He was alive!
“I’m under here!” You cried weakly. With all the energy you could muster you tried to shove at Walker’s dying body. It rolled off of you easier than it should have. The adrenaline was still coursing through your veins, your blood rushing in your ears as you finally got a good look at Helmut. He looked almost enraged. Fury looked good on him.
He was at your side in an instant, helping you up as you wheezed in another breath. He smelled like gunsmoke and cedarwood and blood. Or maybe you were the one that smelled like blood, seeing as you were almost bathed in it. “What are you doing here?” Helmut hissed, but you couldn’t focus on his voice. All you could focus on was the pleasant warmth radiating from him as he held you up.
“I knew you’d come back,” you chuckled, palm pressed to your stomach as you leaned on him. “Bucky and Sam, they didn’t believe me, but I told them you wouldn’t just abandon your mission. I was right, you came back,”
“You aren’t supposed to be here, Y/N,” he repeated, “James told me you wouldn’t be here,” You shivered and leaned closer to him. Your whole body felt cold, but he was so warm. So, so warm.  
“Do you really think I’d miss out on a chance to kick your ass for walking out on us? On me?” You chuckled, but then your knees gave out. A pathetic whimper escaped from your lips as Zemo caught you, arms strong against your back as he carried you quickly behind a shipping container in the hopes of hiding you. While the rest of the world started to blur into smatterings of grey and green and red, all you could focus on was the soft furrow in his brow as he knelt down and propped you up against his knee. He was so beautiful like this.
“Something’s wrong,” he mumbled, large hands grazing your hair as he searched your bloodied body for a wound, “You’re acting strange. Tell me what’s wrong, now,”
Slowly, but not deliberately, you let your hand slip away from your abdomen and move to clutch the fabric of his purple turtleneck. Your digits were fully soaked in blood so you avoided his coat. It would be hell to dry clean it. “Walker was going to shoot you. I couldn’t let him, Helmut, I just couldn’t let him,”
“What are you s-” he froze. “Y/N, what have you done,”
“It’s okay now. You’re okay, that’s what matters,”
“What have you done,”
There, blooming against the shredded fabric of your tactical shirt, was blood, your blood, flowing freely and mixing with Walker’s own in a heady cocktail of burning agony. The bullet meant for Zemo was lodged somewhere near your spine. You smiled, spit thick with the same chemical redness that covered your body and spilled from your wound.
“What I had to do,”
The apartment in Riga was lavish, far more lavish than any place you’d had the pleasure of staying at lately. Even Sharon’s Hightown apartment seemed dingy in comparison to the stained glass fixtures and antique furniture that marked Zemo’s family vacation home. Under his watchful eye, you made your way through the main room as Sam camped out on the couch. How could a place so hidden in the winding, crumbling streets of the Latvian capital be so beautiful?
“Do you enjoy architecture?” Zemo asked from his place in the doorway. You shrugged.
“I always liked studying old European houses back when I took art in high school. Most of the shit in my neighborhood had been put together out of an old Sears catalog or built by someone who wanted to pay the least amount possible to have their business ready to open ASAP. It’s different here. Everything was built for a purpose… it has history,”
He hummed thoughtfully, eyes twinkling in the lamplight. “My family constructed this home hundreds of years ago. I’m glad someone else is able to appreciate it in all its glory, even if it’s been sorely neglected in my absence,”
“I wouldn’t call this place neglected by any means. It’s just… a fixer-upper. With a few good scourings and some caulk, this kitchen would look like new. It just takes time,”
“Well, I appreciate your thoughts, and I’m sure the apartment does too. I haven’t the faintest idea on how to refurbish wood,”
You chuckled. “Aw, I’m guessing you had a maid to do that for you?”
Helmut was happy to laugh with you, approaching and searching through the cabinets for something canned and edible that wasn’t out of date. “How did you know? Yes, learning to live with the means left behind in the wake of the Sokovia disaster has been a lesson in self-sufficiency, to say the least,” Suddenly, he turned, “It seems as if Oeznik has left us behind some canned peaches, a bag of beef jerky, and a jar of organic peanut butter. Does any of that sound good to you?”
“Hell, just bring it all out. Something is better than nothing,”
After a moment of shuffling around behind the counter, Zemo had strained the now only slightly slimy peach slices and set them in a bowl between you with two forks. He also set out the jerky and opened the jar of peanut butter, the natural oil sitting heavily on top of the rest of the mixture. He winced slightly at the spread before spearing a peach and biting off half the slice. You delighted in his disgust.
“Not your favorite?” You giggled, reaching for your own fork.
“No, I believe I’ll leave the rest of them for you to enjoy,”
“Many thanks, Baron, I appreciate it,”
“I appreciate you.”
Your cheeks flushed. He said it with a certain reverence, accent thick and seductive as the syrup from the peach still sat heavily on his tongue. Did he know what he was doing to you? Knowing him, yes. Your heart was thumping loudly enough that you were sure Sam could probably hear it from across the room. It was too much to bear. Looking down at your feet, you deflected.
“Did you come to this house often?”
“When I was a boy, yes,” he replied, choosing to grab a piece of jerky as you settled in to listen to him. “Once I married and joined the military, though, not as much. We visited once or twice, but Carl was never fond of Latvia. He preferred places where he had space to run and plenty of places to play. The castle back home in Sokovia was his favorite,”
“He’s your son?”
“Yes. The light of my life and the last thing I think about before I sleep each night. He had so much life ahead of him…” Helmut’s voice drifted off.
Slowly, so he’d know you were coming, you reached a hand across the table and set it on top of his. “I didn’t get a chance to say this earlier, but I’m sorry about your family. The memorial in Sokovia is nice, their names are right near the top of the list,”
His head snapped up as shock marred his usually schooled face. “You’ve been there?”
“A few times,” you replied, “I don’t have a lot of money or options for travel since I don’t exactly exist in the eyes of the government, but I go when I can. The baroness and your son haven’t been forgotten, nor has your father. The stone with their names always has flowers when I go, and twice there were people mourning them there when I arrived. Your people still love you, and they still love them too,”
For the first time since you’d met him, Zemo looked almost distraught. He smiled through it, a soft wet thing, and squeezed your hand in his. “I appreciate that you paid your respects, and I’m sure they’d appreciate it too. You are a good friend, Y/N,”
Something about that felt like high praise. Very few people in the world could be numbered among Helmut’s friends, and most of them were long dead. It was an honor to be one of the living, one of his chosen. Your heart could have simply melted in your chest. Instead, though, you offered him a measured smile and ate another peach.
“It was nothing, I just did what I had to do,”
Your whole body was on fire. It was like nothing you had ever felt before.
You were no stranger to the occasional bullet wound. In your line of work, it was unusual to finish a job entirely unscathed. This, though, this whole body-searing numbness that seemed to course inwards from your mouth and the hole in your stomach was something entirely new. It was agony, torture to the highest degree, and you were helpless against its whims. All you could do was cling to Helmut’s shirt as he frantically searched his pockets for something to use to dress the wound.
“You’re losing too much blood,” he muttered, more for his own benefit than yours, “I need to call Sam over here. He can take you somewhere safe-”
“No!” you gripped him tighter. It was difficult to speak, your lungs felt constantly empty no matter how much air you tried to bring in. “No, don’t leave me, please. Sam can’t know I’m here. Bucky can’t either. If they leave or get distracted, the fight may as well be over. I’ll be fine, I can wait till it’s done,” you took a deep breath, “just don’t leave me here,”
Helmut seemed conflicted for a moment, hand pressed down hard on your abdomen as his eyes darted across the battlefield as if he were looking for an escape route. In the end, though, he sank down deeper into his crouch and cradled your head with a tenderness you had never thought him capable of.
Above you, it started to rain.
It wasn’t an aggressive rain. Instead, it was a cool drizzle just heavy enough to fight the searing fire that was currently burning its way through your flesh. You smiled up at the grey skies. The droplets' pleasant wetness against your skin helped you ignore the blood slowly spreading across your shirt and dripping onto the concrete beneath you. You could ignore the pain and simply pretend Helmut was holding you like a lover under the soft shower. It was strange, but you started to feel almost at peace.
As your eyes drifted closed, Helmut shook you gently. “Stay awake, Y/N, you can’t fall asleep on me,”
When you managed to focus on his face, it was wet. Was it rain or tears? You couldn’t tell. Everything was just a blur besides his soft visage above you. “Don’t cry, Helmut,” your voice was barely a whisper as you tried to lift an arm to touch his face and wipe away his tears. Somehow, you could barely manage to lift it enough to settle your palm against his heart. “I’m so glad it’s you,”
“What?” he asked, voice catching in his throat.
“You’ve been so kind, Helmut, so kind to me,” his chest was soft beneath your hand. Would it be softer than his gentle hand under your head? You wanted to know. Slowly, you shifted closer to him and nestled your face into his warmth. He smelled so nice… “I just wish it could have been like this before,”
Suddenly, as his face came into focus again, you noticed just how scared he looked. Why did he look so scared?
“Are you… are you in pain? What can I do for you?” His voice was soft and tremulous as he regarded you.
You paused.
The pain was still there, an all-consuming numbness that made everything inside you feel like it was ripping itself apart and putting itself back together again, but it was duller when you focused in on him. You tucked yourself closer to his body. “Just hold me? You make the pain go away,”
“Alright, Y/N, whatever you want. Whatever you need,”
The puddle beneath you was growing. Was it really raining that hard?
“Am I…” you gulped down a mouthful of blood, “Am I gonna be okay? Are we safe?”
Helmut’s eyes flicked down to your stomach, but he pasted on a smile, pushing your wet hair away from your forehead and leaving a streak of red in its wake. “I have you now. You don’t have to worry,”
A shuddering gasp escaped your lips as a few tears slipped from your eyes. “I just… I’m so scared, Helmut. I don’t want to die here. I’m so young; I never got to get married, or had my first kiss… I never even got up the courage to tell you I liked you,” You could feel him tense beneath you, but within your own mind you didn’t even notice that you’d told him how you felt. All you knew was that you loved the sound of his voice. It was low and sweet over the sound of gunshots. It sounded like home.
The two of you were silent for a moment, every second filled with endless agony before he smiled down at you and pulled you closer to him, letting his body shield you from the rain that made you colder by the minute. “You don’t have to be afraid. Once we get out of here, once we’ve escaped, I’ll take you back to Sokovia, back to the castle. I’ll never abandon you again Y/N, I promise,”
A trembling hand clung to his shirt like a lifeline. He needed to be closer, even though his chest was already flush with your own. It was too cold when he wasn’t pressed against you. At some point, you had lost the ability to tell if he was touching you or not.
“You’ll stay?” you whispered.
“I’ll stay,” he repeated. His voice was shaking now. Had it ever done that before?
Around you, the world was getting dark. It had only been around noon when the fight started. Where had the time gone? The edges of your vision were fuzzy in the new-fallen dusk, but Zemo’s face above you was as clear as ever, a beacon of light. “Since when did it get so late? It’s so dark, Helmut,”
“Y/N, it’s not… it’s okay. It’s getting late. Are you tired?”
You nodded. Maybe resting would help you feel better. “I can barely keep my eyes open. Will you be here when I wake up? Please don’t leave me. I was so afraid when you left before, but you came back and- and I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe you had left me. I loved you, I still love you, I don’t want that to end,”
“It won’t. I’m not going to let anything take you from me, Y/N. I’m here, you don’t need to be afraid. You can rest,”
The hand clutching his shirt dropped without you even intending it to, and when you tried to flex the digits and bring it back up you found it was entirely numb. Panic bubbled up in your chest, but as you looked into his deep brown eyes, rimmed red with tears, you knew you were going to be okay. He would keep you safe. Helmut would never let anything happen to you. You smiled, teeth stained red as you coughed weakly, mouth still filled with that horrible chemical taste. “Kiss me before I sleep? I’ve never had anybody do that before,”
Helmut shuddered above you, shoulders shaking. “Of course. Of course, I’ll kiss you. Anything to make you feel better,”
At that moment, you forgot you were dying. Kissing Helmut was the only thing that mattered. You strained against the darkness, rushing up to meet his mouth only to stop an inch short. It was as if your whole body had suddenly short-circuited when you exerted your last bit of energy. The last thing you heard was his mournful wail as you fell back down into his arms, limp and breathless under the crying sky, and he pressed his face to your bloodied chest. There you laid, a body in the rain, mirrored by your killer’s just some 20 feet away.
“Did you know he was going to run?” Bucky asked, teeth gritted as he sat on the couch glaring a hole into the wall.
“No?” You replied almost angrily, “Why would I? Are you insinuating something?”
He groaned. “I’m old but I’m not blind, Y/N. There was something more going on between you two than just an alliance, something more than I or Sam had with him. So, spill,”
“It was just a crush, James. Let it go,”
“Seemed like more than that to me,”
Your hand curled into a fist. You had to take a deep breath and remind yourself that he was a super-soldier, so punching him right in his smug face wouldn’t do you any good. That’s when the tears came. Fat, hot, wet tears that burned in long tracks down your face as you collapsed on the couch next to James and allowed him to put his flesh arm around your shoulder. “I just thought he was different,” you choked out, “He was so nice I… I know you warned me but I thought he wouldn’t leave. Why would he leave?”
“People leave for all sorts of reasons. Not just people like Zemo, good people too,”
For a moment, you remembered that Bucky was intimately acquainted with being abandoned. You blanched. “Bucky, I’m sorry…”
“Don’t be,” he replied, “I get it. It’s crushing, the need to run after them, to figure out what you did wrong that led them away, but it’s not you. I’ve learned the hard way that it’s never the fault of the person left behind,”
You nodded. “How do you move on?”
That got a chuckle out of him. “You don’t. It gets easier over time to stop thinking about them, but they’re always there in the back of your mind; that little what if. What if they stayed, what if they came back… It’s always there. You just learn to live with it and try to find people that won’t leave you behind,”
“And if they do come back?”
“Well, I don’t know doll, that’s a question I’m still working on myself,”
With a soft smile on your face, you leaned in and gave Bucky a hug. “Thank you, I needed that,”
“You know what? I think I needed it too,”  
When you woke, the world felt a little bit like a dream. The lights were all so bright, even with your eyes tightly shut, and when you opened them all the colors seemed a little bit brighter than they should have been. You groaned into the unfamiliar space, and as you shifted you could hear someone rushing to your side. They caught your head as you strained upwards, and offered up a glass with a straw. You latched onto it quickly. The water was like heaven against your parched throat.  
“That’s it, there you go,” the stranger said, voice low and accented as they patted the top of your head, “Drink it all. You’re going to need it,”
You did as he asked, and once you were done you looked up at him in disbelief. The last thing you remembered was him holding you in the rain. How were you still alive? A quick check of your abdomen revealed that there was no bandage underneath the loose button-up shirt you were dressed in, and as you probed the area with your fingers you realized there wasn’t even a scar. Only one thing came to mind.
“Where am I?” you asked.
“Castle Zemo,” Helmut responded. Then he was hurrying away to refill the water glass from a pitcher across the room.
So many questions were flooding your mind as you took in the stone walls around you but you couldn’t vocalize a single one. Instead, you just stared dumbly until Helmut returned to your side, urging you to drink once more.
“You scared me,” he continued, setting a hand on your thigh, “I thought I was going to lose you for a while back there, but we’re together now Schatz, and free, just as I promised,”
He called you Schatz. Little treasure.
You didn’t know whether to cheer or vomit.
“Am I dead?” You asked, voice light. Helmut avoided the question with tact.
“We’re together now, you and I, and safe. I’ll never leave your side again,”
“Helmut, am I dead?”
“How would we be together if that were true?”
“We… we could both be dead! Or this could be some sort of heaven where I get to live out my greatest fantasies. I don’t know! All I know is that one minute I was bleeding out on a battlefield in your arms and now I just woke up in a castle with no idea how I got here, no clue how I survived, and no scar where there definitely should be a scar! I’m afraid, Helmut, I don’t know what's going on and I’m afraid,”
He silenced you with a kiss; your very first.
It was a gentle thing, his soft lips latching on to yours with a simmering passion that threatened to erupt into a fervor at any moment, and it served its purpose well. For as long as he kissed you, you forgot about everything. All that mattered was the feeling of his mouth against yours and the thudding of your heart in your chest. After a moment he pulled away and guided your hand to that thundering pulse.
“Do you feel that?” he asked, smiling softly, “That’s your heart. Powerful, strong… living. It doesn’t matter how I got you here, or how we survived, because you and I are together. We’re safe in a place where no one can ever harm you again as long as you stay within its walls. Isn’t that enough for you? To spend your life here by my side?”
You pondered the idea for a moment. It wasn’t as if there was anything waiting for you, or anyone who would miss you. If you and Zemo truly had found a way off that battlefield alive, and he had made it past the Dora Milaje to get you back to Sokovia, back to the castle… well, nothing else mattered. Even if you were dead, it made no difference. There was nothing else left for you. This man and this moment were all you had. Slowly, and without a word, you pulled him back into a kiss.
The future and its truths could wait. For now, though, just kissing him was enough.
a/n: this is by no means my best work, but I’m a sucker for people only revealing their feelings right before they die, so I hoped this could tide you over while I suffer through my writers block lol. Expect at least the next chapter of IFT&AS tomorrow, I just needed to get back into my rhythm before I finished it up. If you enjoyed, let me know! Thank you so much for reading!
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chaeryybomb · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
pairings: female reader x best friend!jungwon
summary: they told you that these were the golden years, but to you "golden" was a rusting metal spray painted yellow. the story of a seventeen year old trying to survive high school when all you do is try your best. but your best friend jungwon makes it worth the while. 
genre: high school au, friends to lovers, fluff, tiny bits of angst if you squint, attempt at humour
featuring: jang wonyoung, kim sunoo & nishimura riki 
word count: 4.5k 
warnings: reader having a existential crisis most of the time, strong language, mentions of insecurity
the sour series masterlist
Tumblr media
You slumped forward the moment the bell rang, letting your head hit the table. You could care less if a bruise would form on your forehead, you had much bigger things to worry about. Your teacher left the class wordlessly as the class was busy doing their own thing. And by that, everyone was buried nose deep in studying. You lifted your head to see the different books of the same topic scattered on your desk, a yellow highlighter balancing on the edge of your table.
Reaching over to grab the highlighter, you turned your head over to the side to look at your desk mate. Wonyoung sat there looking straight out from a k-drama, with her hair flowing down her back perfectly and her slender nimble fingers moving as she continuously wrote in her notebook. She was smart too, fluent in English and Korean, great at maths and science. And on top of that she was kind and friendly, everyone loved her. You did too, you had the honour of calling her your best friend. But sometimes you felt insecure around her, everything she did looked flawless and there you were just trying your best.
"Ack!" You yelped as you sat up straight, holding your forehead. Wonyoung rolled her eyes at you with a small smile on her lips, she had flicked your forehead to get you out of your thoughts.
Without taking her eyes off the textbook, she tapped your own workbook with her pen. Silently telling you to stop procrastinating. You pouted at her and looked at the clock, 10 minutes before lunch. Maybe a walk to the girl's bathroom would do you some good.
"I'm gonna go to the bathroom," you whispered to Wonyoung. She nodded and smiled at you before you walked out.
As you strolled towards the girl's bathroom, you passed by the bulletin board outside your class. A bright blue poster stood out with the words "ENJOY YOUR YOUTH" in white. Scoffing at the message, you continued on your way.
"I'm seventeen now, where's my fucking teenage dream?" You muttered to yourself. You were tired of waiting for your life to end up like a coming of age movie. Everyone told you that these were the golden years and you should enjoy your youth, but you swear to god if you hear another one of those cheesy sayings, you might just cry on the spot.
Tumblr media
Reaching over to open the stall door, you halt in your actions when you heard familiar voices talking.
"I'm so worried for finals, my parents are gonna kill me if I fail English again," a girl complained. You hear the sound of tap water running. "How are you so calm during this time, Mirae?'
"What's the use of studying hard anyways," the second girl, Mirae, said. "We all know the top spots are gonna be taken by Jang Wonyoung and Yang Jungwon, I just study enough to pass."
The other girl snorted at her reply. "Imagine if those two got together, the power couple of the year," she suddenly said.
"Poor Y/N then, she's gonna be over shadowed by them."
"As if she already isn't. I almost forgot they were a trio until you mentioned Y/N," the girl laughed.
"What can I say? They're out of her league," Mirae joined in with her laughter.
The two voices faded away as you heard the door closed. Finally pushing the door open, you looked at your reflection. Your eyebrows knitted in annoyance and your face was morphed in a scowl. You washed your hands aggressively and poked the inside of your cheek. What bugged you was that they were right. You were the black sheep between Wonyoung and Jungwon. Both of them were smart and amazing, and you're just…you.
You love your best friends, you truly do. But you were constantly compared to them and you hated it. Everyone wanted them, you watched as guys tripped over to confess to Wonyoung and girls squealing when Jungwon smiled at them. The two of them always reassured you that you weren't beneath them but you were sick of their sympathy. You're so caught up in the news of who likes you and who hates them. You just wished people liked you more.
Storming out of the bathroom, someone accidentally ran into you and caused you to fell onto your butt. The student immediately stood up and scurried off, not bothering to even a mutter an apology. All I did was try my best and this is the thanks I get, you thought bitterly.
They said that these were the golden years, but you wished you could just disappear. God, it's brutal out here.
Tumblr media
"Y/N, wait up!" Jungwon called after you.
You stopped in your tracks as you watched Jungwon waved goodbye to some students before jogging towards you.
"You heading to cram school today?" He asked you as the both of you fell into the same walking rhythm.
You shook your head, clasping your hands behind. "I moved it to Thursday instead, Wonyoung said I had to many things on Tuesday," you told him. Originally, you would be heading to the library to study before heading over to the cram school. But Wonyoung took one look at your schedule and decided that you did not had enough breaks, so she managed to convince you to take the Thursday slot instead. Thursdays are one of the days where you would not go to the library.
Jungwon seemed to be disappointed to find out that you had switched slots. Maybe he should changed slots too, but does he have any empty spots open for Thursday though? He'd have to check later. Instead, he coughed and stuffed his hands into his pockets.
"Do you wanna come over later? The new Demon Slayer movie is out," he offered, hoping that you'd accept.
Unfortunately, you once again shook your head. "Sorry Jungwon, I'd want to cram even more later. Finals are really creeping in and I can't afford to waste any time," you told him with a sad smile. As much as you would like to ditch the books and watch Demon Slayer, the glaring C on your last history paper was telling you otherwise.
You stopped walking when you had reached your doorstep. "Thanks for walking me home, Jungwon. See you tomorrow!" and with that you disappeared behind the door.
Jungwon waved goodbye as he watched the door closed. The smile on his face dropped and his shoulder sagged. Jungwon you idiot, of course she would want to study, he scolded himself. With disappointment on his face, he trudged home with a heavy heart.
"Change of plans, guys," he announced as he swung the front door open, unfazed by the fact that Riki and Sunoo were lounging on his coach. He accepted the fact that Sunoo had somehow gotten the keys to his house (suspecting that his mother probably gave it to him due to favouritism or maybe Riki had sneakily made a copy).
Riki's head poked out from the couch. "She rejected you, didn't she," the younger boy said with a smirk.
Jungwon's face ears turned red as he glared at the boy. "No she did not!" He immediately told him. "She rejected the offer to watch the movie, that's different!"
"That's basically rejection, hyung," Riki laughed.
The other boy just glared at him. "Shut up!" he sputtered out before hiking up the stairs.
Sunoo gave Riki a look, to which the Japanese boy just shrugged his shoulders innocently.
Tumblr media
Jungwon walked out from the shower, a towel around his neck with one hand running through his damp hair. Sunoo and Riki had left earlier, finally giving him some peace and quiet. His phone screen was flashing from his study table, initiating that someone was spamming him (quite aggressively) with text message. With a raised eyebrow, he picked up his phone
[7:09 pm] wonyoung: JUNGWON
[7:09 pm] wonyoung: JUNGWON
[7:09 pm] wonyoung: JUNGWON
[7:10 pm] wonyoung: ISNT SHE WITH YOU
[7:11 pm] wonyoung: DEMON HUNTER OR SMTG
[7:12 pm] wonyoung: WHY IS SHE ASKING ME FOR HW
[7:12 pm] wonyoung: DID U CHICKEN OUT???
[7:13 pm] wonyoung: omg u chickened out didnt u
[7:14 pm] jungwon: jfc wonyoung
[7:15 pm] jungwon: and no i did not chicken out okay
[7:15 pm] jungwon: she declined
[7:16 pm] jungwon: she said she had to study ;-;
[7:17 pm] wonyoung: omg u suck
[7:17 pm] wonyoung: i told u the movie idea was dumb
[7:18 pm] wonyoung: but do u ever listen to me
[7:18 pm] wonyoung: no
[7:19 pm] wonyoung: and now u suffer the consequences
[7:20 pm] jungwon: yea yea i get it im dumb
[7:20 pm] jungwon: now what's ur solution the great jang wonyoung
[7:21 pm] wonyoung: i am so glad u asked :)
[7:21 pm] jungwon: oh no
[7:21 pm] wonyoung: stfu im giving u a better idea
[7:22 pm] wonyoung: a n y w a y s
[7:22 pm] wonyoung: my ynradar is going off and she's s a d
[7:23 pm] jungwon: how would u know
[7:23 pm] jungwon: she seemed fine today
[7:23 pm] wonyoung: stfu jungwon its best friend things u wont understand
[7:24 pm] jungwon: i-
[7:25 pm] wonyoung: and as her future bf u SHOULD start to train ur ynradar
[7:25 pm] wonyoung: anw its exam season stoopid
[7:26 pm] wonyoung: and its when those kids start to talk abt how the both of us are gonna get top scores
[7:26 pm] wonyoung: and they talk down on y/n while doing so
[7:26 pm] wonyoung: assholes
[7:27 pm] wonyoung: so i propose to u
[7:27 pm] wonyoung: a ✨ study date ✨
[7:28 pm] jungwon: i
[7:29 pm] jungwon: that's
[7:29 pm] jungwon: actually not a bad idea
[7:30 pm] wonyoung: obv i came up with it
[7:31 pm] jungwon: can u not
[7:31 pm] wonyoung: anw a study date
[7:32 pm] wonyoung: she's struggling in maths
[7:33 pm] wonyoung: specifically taxes because she said and i quote
[7:34 pm] wonyoung: "why do we have to do taxes when we pay people to do it for us"
[7:34 pm] wonyoung: so pls help her and try to cheer her up
[7:35 pm] wonyoung: and confess coward
[7:36 pm] jungwon: i make no promises for the last one
[7:36 pm] wonyoung: aFTER EVERYTHING I JUST SAID
[7:37 pm] jungwon: what if she rejects me wonyoung
[7:39 pm] jungwon: sigh
[7:40 pm] jungwon: fine i'll try thanks wonyoung
[7:41 pm] wonyoung: np i expect y'all to be a couple by next monday <3
[7:41 pm] jungwon: i-
Sighing for the nth time of the night, Jungwon sat on his bed. He allowed the towel to slipped off his shoulders as his thumb hovered over your chat icon. Truth be told, he always thought his crush on you was unrequited love. You never showed any signs of returning of feelings so he thought he would just ignore the feeling until it was gone.
But oh boy was he wrong, because he didn't knew that he would be spending his high school years by your side. And now you occupy his mind 24/7. Wonyoung could literally tell that he was in love with you, but somehow you never caught on. He allowed Sunoo and Riki to convince him to do the whole "movie date idea", but that failed. So Wonyoung's suggestion was his only option left.
He typed out the message, ready to send it out. If only he could just press the button. Come on Yang Jungwon, you can do this. Just press the damn button Jungwon. Suddenly his phone pinged loudly, scaring the lights out of the poor boy as he yelped and his phone landed with a thud on the ground. He peered over his bed, as if his phone was a ticking bomb.
Oh, it was a message from you.
[8:01 pm] y/n: hey do u know where wonyoung is
[8:01 pm] y/n: she isn't answering my texts
Oh no. He realised that your chat was open, the two ticks indicated that he had (unintentionally) read the message. He couldn't just leave you on read. That's just evil. Scrambling to get his phone, he immediately typed a reply to cover for the other girl.
[8:02 pm] jungwon: sorry i don't :/
[8:02 pm] jungwon: what do u need her for
[8:03 pm] y/n: mf was supposed to teach me a maths question but she left me on rEAD
This was his chance! It was the perfect opportunity for him to score a date with you. Okay, breathe in breath out Jungwon. Don't mess it up and just ask her, he mentally prepared himself.
[8:04 pm] jungwon: oh i could help you if you want
[8:04 pm] jungwon: yk with finals coming up and everything, i can help you study
[8:05 pm] jungwon: if you want of course
[8:05 pm] y/n: omg srsly??
[8:06 pm] jungwon: pls help me study my braincells are literally dying
[8:07 pm] jungwon: jdsjkda okay how about this saturday at your place?
[8:08 pm] y/n: yeah sure
[8:08 pm] jungwon: cool its a date then!
Tumblr media
You blinked at Jungwon's message. A date? Wait, did Yang Jungwon just indirectly asked you out? Nah, nah. You were overthinking it. Yes, definitely overthinking. Don't kid yourself, why would Jungwon ask you out on a date? Jungwon is just a friend, you tried to convince yourself.
Keyword: tried.
If he really was just a friend, then why did it felt like butterflies were in your stomach when he said "it was a date"? Then why did you frowned when those girls said that Wonyoung and Jungwon would make a good couple?
Oh god, do you have feelings for your best friend?
Tumblr media
Saturday came faster than you would have liked it to. Ever since that last chat with Jungwon, it gave you the sudden realisation that you did in fact had feelings for your best friend. You tried so hard to avoid him in school because you don't want the butterflies back in your stomach. It was basically confirming the fact that you like him. Well, avoiding him also confirmed the fact but you choose to be in denial about it.
You didn't tell Wonyoung about your study date but lately she's been sending you outfit ideas on Pinterest. Specifically, date outftis. And whenever you tried to ask her a question about school, she brushed you off with a random excuse. So it left you no choice but to save those questions for Jungwon.
Speaking of Jungwon, he had texted you 10 minutes ago that he was on the way. You were standing in the middle of your room with your hands on your hips. Both of your parents were out for the day, which left you alone at home. You had taken out the low table to be used later and it was currently in front of you. Colourful workbooks were neatly stacked on top of it.
You did a 360 turn around your room. Was it messy? You cleaned it this morning when you woke up. Did you had any clothes out? No, doesn't look like it. For some reason, you were a nervous wreck. You blamed Jungwon. He just had to call this a date, didn't he.
Should you change? Maybe you should finally look through all those pins Wonyoung sent. Wait, no, why would you have to change into something nice. Jungwon was here to help you study, just that.
Yeah, a study date, your mind emphasised on the word.
The sound of the doorbell pulled you out from your thoughts. You immediately went to open the door. Yang Jungwon stood there on the other side, with his signature smile. Had he always resembled a sheep? He just looked so fluffy.
"Hey!" You greeted him with a smile, internally wincing at your way-too-enthusiastic voice.
But Jungwon didn't seem to mind it. "Hey!" he greeted back.
You moved to the side to let him in. "Thank you for having me," he said as he bowed then proceeded to remove his shoes.
"Uh, do you want anything? Water?" You asked him.
He shook his head.
"Ah, cool. Let's head to my room," you started to walk back to your room.
"Where are your parents?" He asked.
"Out," you simply replied.
That was when it dawned upon you, that your parents were not home. Leaving you and Jungwon, alone. Together. In your room. Alone. With the boy you potentially have a crush on.
"Y/N?" Jungwon tapped on your shoulder. You had stopped walking when you were suddenly washed over by your thoughts. Snapping out of it, you sent him a small smile before opening the room to your door.
The both of you shuffled into your bedroom, you sat down in front of the low table while Jungwon settled down next to you. He moved to take out his books then turned to you. "How about we do some studying and if you have any questions, you can ask me okay?" He said.
You nodded and flipped your own workbook open, immediately starting to work on the first question. Jungwon copied your action and a comfortable silence engulfed the both of you. As the time passed, you found yourself stuck on a certain maths question.
You slightly turned your head to the side to look at Jungwon. He was concentrated at doing his work, you felt a sense of deja vu while looking at him. He resembled Wonyoung when she was studying. At the thought of Wonyoung, you suddenly thought of what those girls said at the bathroom.
They would make a good couple, wouldn't they, you thought. The power couple of the year.
The butterflies in your stomach faded away into an uncomfortable feeling. Just the idea of them getting together already made you sick. You bit the inside of your cheek, you really did had feelings for him. And now it scared you because what if he doesn't feel the same. You made a mental note to consult with Wonyoung later, at least you hope that you'll allow yourself to tell her.
Jungwon must've noticed you staring and gently tapped your head with his pencil. A contrast to when Wonyoung painfully flicked your forehead.
"What's wrong? Are you stuck on a question?" He asked.
You leaned back a bit at the sudden action. You were so deep in your insecurities that you had totally forgotten about the literal problem sitting in front of you. Yet you couldn't even bother to ask him so you just shook your head. "I'm gonna get something to drink," you said instead.
Jungwon watched as you stood up, then decided to follow you as well. "I'll come along."
The boy joined you in the kitchen, perched on one of the island stools as you grabbed a can of soda from the fridge. He studied your movement as you worked around the kitchen. Your features were neutral, you weren't smiling nor frowning. But he could tell that your shoulders were tensed. Wonyoung was right, you did seem down. And he cursed himself for not noticing earlier.
"You okay?" His question made you stopped in a mid-pour stance, the can of soda was tilted but not enough for the contents to be poured out.
You brushed his question off and poured the drink into the cup. "Yeah," you hummed.
Unconvinced by your answer, he pried more. "You know you shouldn't care about what they say, right?"
You furrowed your eyebrows at him, pretending like you didn't understand where he was coming from.
"You're not below us, you know that right?"
You couldn't help but scoffed at his words. Jungwon's lips tugged downwards "I'm being serious here, Y/N," his tone was stern. "You shouldn't listen to what they say. You're more than just-"
The sound of the can being slammed down shuts him up. Your fingers tightened around the can as you looked at him. You didn't had the energy to hear him preach the same old "Don't Listen To Them" speech. You don't need his pity.
"I don't want to hear it, Yang Jungwon," you said through gritted teeth. Not sparing him another glance, you threw the empty can into the trash as you grabbed your glass.
As you walked past Jungwon, he suddenly reached out and held onto your forearm. "Y/N," he said softly. "Please tell me what's wrong."
You sighed and slowly turn around to face him, placing the glass back on the counter. You took in a deep breath before you opened your mouth. "I feel like I'm not enough," you finally said. "Everything I do just doesn't seem enough. All I'm doing is my best but it's just crushing my ego because everyone is telling me that you're better than me."
"I feel like no one wants me and I hate the way I'm perceived. It's always poor Y/N this and poor Y/N that's because everyone just sees me as your shadow and I fucking hate it. I only have two real friends," you gestured wildly. "And lately I'm a nervous wreck cause I keep comparing myself to the two of you. I'm not cool and I'm not smart, and I can't even parallel park!" You threw your hands up in frustration, the feelings you kept inside were pouring out like a waterfall.
Jungwon just stood there as he listened tentatively to every word. He didn't knew that you felt this way, bottling up all your emotions like that.
"And I'm so tired of people telling me to enjoy my youth and that these are the golden years. I might just fucking cry if I hear those words again," you finished ranting. It felt good, it felt like a weight on your heart has been lifted. Then you remembered that you just dumped all of it on Jungwon.
You opened your mouth to apologise to him but he surprised you by pulling him into his arms. At first you were standing stiffly at the sudden contact, but it took a millisecond for you to melt in his embrace. His arms were gently around your back and you returned the hug by wrapping your arms around his torso. The two of you stay in that position for awhile, relishing in each other's embrace. You definitely needed this hug.
Tightening your hold on Jungwon, you realised how important he was to you. He was your best friend and he was always there for you. It was stupid of you to compare yourself to him, when all he did was tried his best for you. The taller boy chuckled when he felt you rubbed your face into his shoulder, he involuntarily released a contented sigh. You felt one of his hands stroked your hair, it felt comforting. That action itself was enough for the butterflies to slowly settled back in you.
After a while, both of you finally (unwillingly) released each other. He pushed a strand of hair behind your ears and said, "You're wrong by the way." Which made you tilt your head in genuine confusion.
"You are cool and you are smart. You're like the coolest person I know. And no one thinks of you as our shadow, you don't hear it but I've always hear the juniors praising you for helping them and how enthusiastic you are," the way he delivered his words was filled with pure awe for you.
"And who cares if you can't parallel park. You didn't hear it from but Jay hyung failed his drivers test three times just because he couldn't parallel park," and that got a laugh out from you. Jungwon smiled proudly that he managed to make you laugh. "And you're wrong when you said no one wants you. I want you."
You blinked once, twice and thrice. He wanted you? "You're just saying that cause you're my best friend," you replied.
"No," he firmly said. "I like you, Y/N."
(Jungwon doesn't know where he got this sudden surge of confidence, but the mood was the perfect time for him to confess. It was a one time chance and he had to take it.)
You chuckled. "I like you too, Jungwon. We are friends aren't we?"
"No, Y/N. I like you. More than friends."
"Oh." Oh.
"Yeah," he scratched the back of neck awkwardly. Oh no, did you not feel the same way?
While you on the other hand, were malfunctioning on the inside. Your best friend just confessed to you and you were frozen on the spot. Why couldn't he had done it over text instead. If he had done it over text, then you could've left the message unread and you could've spammed Wonyoung for help. But the thing is that it wasn't over text and you couldn't just tell him to wait here while you panicked to Wonyoung in your bathroom.
Yang Jungwon likes you. And you like him too, right? Because if you didn't, your cheeks won't be heating up right now and your heart would have not be beating rapidly like it was going to break your rib cage any second. If you didn't like him, there would have never been butterflies in your stomach. Yeah. You like Yang Jungwon, you like him a lot.
"Me too," you whispered, it was soft but it was enough for him to pick it up. Jungwon eyes snapped to you, doe eyed filled with hope. "I like you, too," you said, this time louder. And you made sure you looked him in the eye when you confessed.
You watched as Jungwon's mouth morphed into a big grin. He let out a sigh of relief and dropped to his knees, surprising you. "Jungwon!" you squeaked, bending down to help him.
"I'm fine! I'm fine," he assured you as he stood up with your help. The grin on his face was still there. "It's just that … you like me," he breathed out. "You like me back, wow. I-I can't believe it."
Your face was definitely burning with embarrassment. You punched him lightly on the shoulder, turning away to hide your face. "Believe it, you dork. I like you, okay!" Somehow his grin was able to grew wider at your words, Gently, he took your hand in his.
"How about we stop this study date, and I'll take you out on real date?"
Tumblr media
© chaeryybomb 2021
a/n: thank you so much for reading this <3
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i-cant-sing · 5 months ago
Promise: Yandere Godfather Hawks x Todoroki reader
This is a side story takes place in the YRHR series, after part 1, when the reader returns home, blind.
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"Y/n... Come on, wake up. Its 9 already." You heard him say, feeling the bed dip as he sat on it, gently touching the back of your shoulder. "Aren't you hungry? Mom's making your favourite."
When you gave no response, Shotou pulled the covers away from your face, his brows furrowing at the bandages around your eyes that had loosened up. You had did that, clawing at the meticulously tight knot Natsuo had done; you didn't like how it settled on your eyes.
"You're awake, right?" The only answer he got was you turning your cheek further away from him when he tried to caress it. Shotou didn't like your silence and he missed it when you used to ramble about almost anything to him. He missed when you were happy.
The door bell rang.
Shotou looked at his watch confused. Wasn't Natsuo supposed to come around at 11? He could hear Enji walking to the main door, and after a few seconds of silence, he heard footsteps coming towards your room. But then he heard some scuffling, and people talking- he recognised Enji's and Dabi's voices, his brother's getting louder by the second.
"I'll check who's there. Stay."
Stay? You would've rolled your eyes if, you know, you still had them.
A few more minutes passed and you could hear Dabi arguing with someone, and you think that Shotou is trying to calm him down. Deciding to take advantage of the situation, you got up from the bed. For the past whole month, Shotou would come to wake you up everyday, carrying you in his arms to the bathroom, never letting you walk on your own, claiming "you'll get hurt".
Taking one small step at a time, you stretched your arms out trying to reach the wall. Once you felt the cold, smooth surface, you used it to guide you towards the door.
No matter what you did, or how many times you told them to back off, that you can do this on your own, they wouldn't let you. Hell, you were pretty sure that if they could, they would breathe for you too. As if trying to instil in your mind that you're helpless without them, incapable of making your own decisions.
I'll show them how fucking capable I am.
After stubbing your toe only once, you finally reached the door, your hand gripping the metal knob. You placed your ear on the door, trying to figure out who and where everyone is standing. The corridor seemed empty and you think everyone is downstairs.
Opening the door, you used another wall to guide you towards the stairs. You hoped Shotou doesn't see you; he'd throw a hissy fit at you attempting to walk down the stairs.
As you took one careful step at a time, you heard the commotion grow louder. You could hear Dabi yelling profanities at the other person, certainly not Enji because Rei or Fuyumi would've stepped in by now to stop him. You used to stop him too, but ever since what happened, you don't really care anymore.
"Why the fuck are you even here?! She doesn't fucking want to see you!"
"And who is gonna stop me? You? I'd be happy to knock you down on your ass- its about goddamn time!"
You almost stumbled down the last few steps, but you needed to know- was he, was he really here?
You heard his wings flap before you felt him, the wind gushed at your body strongly, making you lose your balance. But muscular arms wrapped around you before you could fall, and the winged hero lifted you up and spun you around, making you burst into laughter.
Rei was the first one to cry.
You laughed.
Not a bitter, sarcastic one.
A genuinely happy laugh.
And she missed her baby's laugh so much.
Dabi's eyes widened slightly. His heart clenching up a bit as he realised how he missed that beaming look on your face. He realised how fucking naive you were, how you were his little sister that he needed to protect.
Shotou felt envy. Why- why didn't you laugh like that with him? Why didn't you laugh for him? Was he... not a good brother?
Fuyumi actually rushed out of the kitchen when she heard you, her hands coming up to her mouth to suppress the sob that was building up. Too long. It had been too long since you were happy.
Natsuo smiled. He smiled as he saw you chortle when the hero's feathers tickled your cheek. He wished you would smile more often.
Enji's breath hitched as he saw you chuckle into Hawk's shoulder. It was so natural, so lively, so radiant. He had been dying to hear that sweet sound again.
Your heart was beating fast and your stomach was doing somersaults as you felt the air rushing through your hair and cooling on to your neck, the soft feathers brushing across your skin.
He really was here.
But so were they.
And you could feel their eyes on you.
Keigo frowned when he saw you curl yourself into him, as if trying to bury yourself into his chest. When he looked around, he saw them glaring and that's when he puffed out his wings before curling them around you; shielding you.
"I'll be spending time with my goddaughter. Do not disturb us." And with that, Hawks flew you up to your room, locking the door before they could sat anything. He could hear Dabi arguing, but he trusted Enji to handle him.
He set you on your bed, chuckling as you didn't let go of his collar.
"Its okay, dove. I'm here, now- ow!" You cut him off by punching his arm.
"Where were you?!"
"In your heart- ow! Stop hitting me!" He caught your wrists.
"You said you were gonna visit me at home! Its been a whole month-"
"I know, I know. I'm sorry but believe me, I really was busy!" Sighing, he continued. "The hero commission sent me to Europe for a mission and things got a bit messy, so I got caught up."
Yanking your hands out of his grip, you scowled. "Would it have killed you to call?"
"I mean I wouldn't say kill, but I probably could've lost a limb or two-" He started laughing when when you began getting up to walk to the door.
Keigo wrapped his arms around you, smiling cheekily"Y/n- I'm sorry, I'm just kidding. Come back-"
"No, let go! I don't have time for your bullshit" He continued laughing, easily picking you up and dropping you back on your bed.
"Okay, okay, I'm sorry. Come on, now. Stop being mad." You heard him shuffling. "Besides, I've got something for you!"
He dropped something in your lap. You picked an item, your hands feeling around it, trying to figure out what the rectangular shaped box was.
"Whats this?"
"Oh, here. Let me help you." He lifted the lid of the box and you were immediately hit by a familiar smell.
He hummed in confirmation"Your favourite ones too! They were always sold out! Luckily, I was able to use my charm on the owner."
"Charm? Oh, you mean where you pull that ugly smirk and do that half lidded look with your eyes, and you think that you look hot but you actually just look creepy?"
"Yeah- hey!"
And then the next 3 hours were spent like that, Hawks telling you about Europe and the bad guys he caught, you telling him about the way your family had been treating you.
"They don't let me do anything, they don't give me any privacy! Its like- its like they want me to be a doll!" You gave an exasperated sigh. "They- they act like they are being so generous. Like it was somehow my fault that my eyes got fried!"
"Oh come on. They can't be that bad-"
"They are! So much worse than before. Look, I'm a grown up- I need my space too! You know what Shotou said when I asked him to get me a walking stick? He said I don't need one since he can carry me everywhere. Do you know how embarrassing it is to get carried to the toilet every single day? Do you?!"
"Well, no-"
"And then Fuyumi cuts up my food and spoon feeds me herself! I know I'm blind but its not like I'm gonna stuff the food up my nose or something!"
The hero snickered at that.
"And then Enji reads me these novels or the newspaper and he skips over the parts he thinks I'm too "young" or "immature" to understand! They even monitor what I listen to! Fuyumi or Shotou would be quick to change the channel if something above pg 10 comes on!" You ran a hand through your hair frustratedly. "I asked Enji to get me a Braille and the first few time he pretended like he didn't hear me, before finally saying that I don't need one!"
"Don't worry, I'll sneak in a Braille for dummies the next time I visit."
"Hey-! Wait... what do you mean "next time"?"
"Oh come on! I promise I'll come earlier next time. Maybe in like 2 weeks-"
"No. I want to leave this place today. You promised."
"Y/n-"Keigo reached to place a hand on your shoulder but you pushed him off.
"You. Promised. You said you'll get me out of here when I leave the hospital" You inhaled deeply. "Well, guess what, Hawks? Its been a whole month."
"I know but you're not well enough-"
"I AM! If anything, staying here is harming me more!" Your tone was getting angrier. "You said- you said you would take me away from them."
"I can't do it right now. The hero commission needs me-"
"I need you! Or am I just not worth your time?"
"Please, dove- try to understand. How will I take care of you if I'm out at the agency?"He tried to pet your head but you smacked his hand away, snarling at him.
"You're a liar. A big fucking liar! Was this the plan all along? To give me hope that you'll save me, only to fucking crush it?!" The hero managed to dodge the box of chocolates you threw at him. "I don't need fucking chocolate or your stupid presents. I need to get out of this goddamn house!"
The hero began walking towards the door. "You're not thinking rationally- I'll- I'll leave." But before the hero could manage to take another step, you were leaping towards him, but since you couldn't see, you only managed to fall near his feet. When he grabbed your shoulders to help you up, you were quick to latch onto him, wrapping your arms around his torso tightly.
"No- no! Don't go. Please, I'm sorry! I'm sorry, I don't know why I said that. Please, don't be mad. I swear I'll behave, just don't leave me here!" Your hold onto him was becoming painfully tight.
Keigo felt like someone was breaking his heart piece by piece as he looked at you. The way your body shook from your pitiful sobs, the way you held onto his jacket as if your life depended on it- he was forced to remember how vulnerable you looked the night he brought you back to the this house. The same night when you begged and begged him to fly you away, that you'll do anything as long as he didn't dropped you back at the Todoroki estate.
"Y/n- darling, love, listen to me. I promised you that I'll keep you save, didn't I? I promise I'll come back soon-"
Hawks knew that bitch Rei did this on purpose, he knew and it killed him that he couldn't save you from her. He wanted to tell you that he believed you, and he was preparing a place for you. But the hero knows your siblings were eavesdropping, right on the other side of the door.
He had to be careful and play the fool if he wanted to get you out of this hell hole.
"Y/n please-"
You shook your head repeatedly, pulling him closer to you as you shrieked at him. "No. NO! I wont let you go! I WON'T LET YOU LEAVE WITHOUT ME! Keigo, I'm begging you! Take me with you, please! I'll die! I'll die! I'LL FUCKING DIE, KEIGO! PLEASE!"
Your loud screams had your siblings bursting through the door, obviously using a spare key. "Y/n, whats wrong-" You jumped away when they touched your shoulder, giving Hawks chance to slip away.
You instantly reached out for him, flailing your arms around to get a hold of him again. But the hero was already out the door and your siblings quickly pulled you back into their arms, shushing you, trying to calm you down.
But you were inconsolable. Thrashing around in Shotou's arms, you kept begging for Hawks to come back. "HAWKS COME BACK! LET ME GO! HAWKS, PLEASE! I'LL DIE! I'LL DIE! I'LL DIE!" It pained them to see you like this, so hysterical; Shotou and Fuyumi whispered sweet nothings but you payed them no mind. Natsuo knew you were going to hyperventilate soon, but he was more worried about you bursting a vessel in your head.
Thinking fast, he quickly brought up a tranquilliser- and the moment the sharp smell of the alcohol swab hit your nose, you were wrestling harder to get out Shotou's and Fuyumi's arms.
"Y/n, please calm down-"
"FUCK YOU! LET ME GO! KEIGO! I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY! COME BACK- STOP! STOP TOUCHING ME! STOP!" You screamed louder than before when you felt her cold hands gripping your arm, holding it still so that your brother could administer the dose.
As the drug began taking effect, your thrashing slowed down before you finally slumped into Shotou's arms. The tranquilliser numbed the headache that was forming, and you felt Fuyumi use a tissue to wipe the snot and the spit off your face.
"I'll die... I'll die... And you won't be there. And I'll die..."
Hawks was in a trance like state as he watched Shotou tuck you under the covers. He wanted to use his sharp feathers to slice off that cold bitch's hand that brushed the hair out of your face, before pressing a kiss to your forehead. Your daunting screams rang through his ears; his chest felt like some was shoving a knife through it slowly as he played back the image of you trying to wring yourself free from their arms, one hand still reaching out for him. It took everything in him not to grab it and pull you away from those monsters, but he had to remind himself of the bigger picture.
Lost in his thoughts, he didn't even notice the pyromaniac standing next to him until he spoke.
"This is all your fault."
Hawks looked at Dabi. His fault?
"You shouldn't have come here."
"She's my goddaughter-"
"Shut the fuck up." Dabi narrowed his eyes at the hero. "She's like this because you gave her false hope. Hope, that one day she'll get away from us. You and I both know that's not gonna happen." He sighed before continuing. "You call yourself a hero, but in reality, you're no better than us."
As Hawks turned to leave, not willing to let the villian get on his nerves, Dabi spoke again.
"Dont bother coming back. She won't forgive you. She'll never forget this betrayal."
Hurtful as they were, he knew the words he said were true.
Hawks was almost out the gates when he saw Enji sitting in the garden, looking at the koi pond. He should've left, should've flown away but there was something in Enji's eyes that had the winged hero walking towards him. He recognised the emotion as soon as he got close.
Or was it guilt?
Perhaps a mixture of both.
"Endeavour, are you... alright?"
The number 1 hero looked away from the fish and blinked at him.
"Hawks? What are you still doing here?"
The blonde chuckled nervously. "I was just on my way out." He gazed at him. "Are you okay? You seem to be in deep thought."
Enji only stared at him. Taking his silence as the answer, Hawks turned to leave.
"Why did you come here today, Keigo?"
He suppressed the urge to shudder the way his name rolled off his tongue.
"She's my goddaughter too. Why? Do you think it was a bad decision to come?"
"No." Enji sighed. "I just- she hadn't laughed like that in a long time."
Hawks stood beside him. "She's still traumatised from the kitchen accident. Its understable-"
"No. She hadn't laughed like that for a long time, even before this happened." Enji's eyes moved towards the night sky. The stars were twinkling extra bright tonight. How he wished you could see it. "Before she lost her sight, she used to look out the window, her eyes searching sky." He gulped. "She was looking for you, Keigo. You- you made her happy, you make her laugh. I don't."
Hawks placed his hand on Enji's shoulder. "That's not true, Enji. You do make her happy. She loves you. She feels safe with you. She sees you as her protector."
"She does?"
He nodded. "Of course. If you want things to return to normal, you need to treat her normally too. Just- just talk to her. Sort out the issues and wash away whatever fears she has." Hawks wanted Enji to listen to you, to really listen to you and protect you from Rei. He could only hope that Enji understood what he meant.
Hawks was right, Enji realised. Whatever delusions you have of Rei wanting to hurt you on purpose, of being the "bad person", they can all be cleared up if he just talked to you. Ever since the incident, the family avoided talking to you about Rei or the events that had occurred that day.
If he just talked to you, things will return to normal. You'll become happy again.
"Thank you, Keigo."
Hawks only smiled in return. "I'll be leaving now."
"Okay. When will you visit again?"
"I'll be gone for longer now. The hero commission is sending me on another mission again."
"Oh. Safe travels, then."
As Hawks flew away, he began thinking about the house.
The house where he was going to take you to soon. He just needs to add a few finishing touches before he sets his plan in motion. The plan to rescue you, and eventually Enji, from those sadist that call themselves your family.
He will not let his dove get hurt again.
He'll save you this time.
He promises.
Tumblr media
Idk how this turned out, angst wasn't the plan initially. Guess I'll write godfather Hawks fluff for another day.
Anyways, now that this is done, I'll start working on RE 8 fic now.
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words-for-holland · 7 months ago
Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader
Summary: Tom and Y/N decide to work in the same room together. The problem...both of them get easily distracted and a whole lotta fluff comes with it.
A/N: Whoa its been awhile but here we are again! Thank you for 1,000+ followers it means the world! Surprises to come 😉
Tumblr media
“Hello beautiful.” Tom greets Y/N with a cheeky smile on his face. He quickly pecks her soft cheek as he places his laptop across from his lovely girlfriend, who was currently focused on her work.
She takes a second to look up, returning his smile with a soft one. “Hey, good looking. What’s up?”
“Nothing really. Is it okay if I work here with you? I just want to be close to my girl.”Tom pouts.
Y/N’s heart could burst at the sight and reason he gave. An inaudible “aw” prolonging through her mind...until she quickly realized that there could be some complications with this as a slight frown starts to replace her dimpled smile. “Wait...are you sure?”, she asks. “Dont you have press interviews that require absolute silence? I doubt any of you will want to hear the constant typing in the background.”
“Yeah, your typing is horrendous with those lead heavy fingertips of yours.” Tom teases.
“Well these lead heavy fingertips aren’t leaving anytime soon, so youre probably better off working elsewhere.” She suggests, pointing off to the distance. Tom groans at the idea, using his one hand to put her finger down. He engulfs hers with his, lacing her fingers and holding on tightly.
“Noooo. Dont wanna be anywhere else. Please darling? ” He pouts once more.
She giggles at his plea, rolling her eyes. “Course you can, bubz.” Tom excitedly scoots his chair in as he rubs his hands together to prep for the work to come.
And work they did...for at least 10 minutes. Tom was getting antsy as he read through his next script. Occasionally his eyes would roll to the left, and observe Y/N as she continued to read through an article on her screen. Not that Tom didnt find his own work fun but he always found watching Y/N do her thing just a bit more interesting.
He hadn’t realized himself, but his body start to shift and lean more towards her. His arm extending to wrap her in, as it glided up and down in a steady motion. His thumb doodling hearts on her shoulder. Tom could tell it had an effect on Y/N, discreetly smirking to himself as he heard her audible shakey sigh.
He wanted to see what else could make her sigh like that, so instead of his thumb he used pointer and middle finger, running them up and down her shoulder. Tom could see the smile creeping on Y/N’s face and her little head shake. She knew what he was up to and yet, Y/N still wanted him to think that he was not gonna get her that easily. But God was it hard. Every touch felt like tiny fireworks against her skin, goosebumps forming all over her body with every touch. She to stay strong. No distractions.
Tom eyes perked up, at the action. He must go further, he thinks. Tom starts to trace his nose from her shoulder to her neck, leaving kisses at her jawline. “C’mon darling. Think its time for a break.”, he whispers in her ear.
She turns her head towards him as she smiles, leaving a quick kiss on Tom’s lips. “Its only been ten minutes.” She laughs. “Five if you want to count the distractions.”
He backs up, pretending to look appalled. “How dare you. I’ve been a good lad focusing on my script for the whole ten minutes.”
A playful glare formed on Y/N’s soft face which ultimately ended her up with a fit of giggles. She couldnt take him seriously, but then again she never did with anything. Tom has always said if they were kidnapped by a pair of robbers, her first reaction would be to laugh. As the laughter died down, Y/N paid her attention back to the screen which had been inactive during the playful banter and continued to type out those set of documents that she had been meaning to get to.
Tom on the other hand was still reading through his script, taking mental notes on how he was going to approach his character. This time he was completely engrossed in his work. His eyes moving left to right with every line he took in. Until...he felt something ticking his lower calves. Tom knew it was Y/N’s foot, by the way it brushed just as he had done with his hand on her shoulder. The movements never stopped, her legs now curling around his own. Y/N was trying to getting back at him, but one thing she always forgot was that Tom always wins.
Naturally he had to the same, and what once became a playful game of footsie, now ended up with Tom shifting Y/N to sit on his lap. Her legs now wrapped around his waist and his hands holding onto her hips. Both of them connecting their soft lips, feeling every spark and essence of love. He looked up at Y/N with admiration, thinking how lucky he is to have her in his life. Yeah Covid sucked for the most part and limited their ability to even do anything exciting outside, but it gave them the opportunity to be with each other far more than they could have on a normal day. On a normal day, Tom would be jumping around country to country while Y/N would be home miles and miles away from him. Course, nothings changed with jumping from country to country, but Tom gets to bring Y/N with him now and thats all that mattered to them.
But work never stopped them from keeping busy. Just as their kisses were getting more heated, and their hands tangling each others hair both their alarms went off. The couple stopped their antics as they leaned their heads back, groaning in synchronization.
“Ughh. Thats my cue. I have to prep for an interview.” He mumbles as he nuzzles into Y/N’s neck.
“I know. I have to get ready for another business meeting. Whoo.” she speaks in a sarcastic manner, dropping her head.
“What time?” He asked pressing a kiss to the shell of her ear.
“Mm...3. Why?”
Tom plays with the strands of her soft hair. “Was wondering if you’ll stay with me through mine and Ill stay with you through yours.”
“As much fun as that would be. I dont think were allowed to —“
“Im not saying we have to be on camera for each others meeting. But if one of us will be off camera itll be all right.” He plans, still looking at his girl with pleading eyes. Y/N’s mouth twitches to the left, her eyes furrowed with suspicion.
“You’re doing it again.” Tom states, a small chuckle escaping his lips.
“Doing what?”
“You’re making that face again.”
Her expression quickly changes to confusion, not entirely sure of what Tom was noticing that she didnt about her own face. “What face?”, she asks.
“The one where you twitch your lips and make your eyes look angry. You only do it when youre indecisive about something. Its bloody adorable.”
Y/N snorts at his comment, and tries to get off to give him time to prepare, only to be stopped by his hands pushing her back down on his lap.
“I was serious about wanting to stay with my girl the whole day while doing work. Please?” He pleads again, this time bringing out the puppy face. “I’ll be good and do the dishes tonight.”
To be fair, Y/N knew she was always gonna say yes to Tom. Its pretty hard to deny her dorky boyfriend when hes asking so sweetly and just wants to spend the day together. More so, if the roles were switched, she would have done the same thing. “Go get changed movie star, before youre late for your interview.” She murmurs to him, kissing his cheek before she scrambles of his lap to sit across from him.
Tom whoops with victory as he runs out the room quickly changing into his shirt, fixing his hair, and adding glasses for that sophisticated touch. Sure he wanted to look his best for the Cherry Press, but he made sure his outfit was something Y/N would very much adore as well.
“How do I look?” Tom asked coming out of their shared bedroom.
Y/N looks up from her computer, and smiles widely. “Handsome as always.” She couldnt take her eyes off of him, admiring every detail of the clothing and how it perfectly complimented Tom’s feature. She eyed him from top to bottom, until she noticed something. “’re not wearing any pants.” She asked a bit confused. Her eyes engrossed in the muscles of his thighs and the fit of his Calvin Klein boxers.
Tom smirks at her. “Its uncomfortable wearing pants. Besides no one will see...except you.” He teases, gently lifting her head up so that her eyes meets his. “Eyes up here love.”
“Youre something else.” She laughs, feeling the heat rise in her cheeks. “Well...least we know who wears the pants in the relationship.”
Tom laughs loudly at her comment. He hooks the waistband of Y/N’s sweatpants and snaps them back to further prove her point. “That was a good one. Ill give you that.” Tom and Y/N high five each other, and then it was press time.
Y/N kept quiet and tried her best to minimize the typing unless it was really needed. Seeing Tom talk about his work and dedication was something that she had always admired about him. He loved his job and everyone can see that. Occasionally they’d steal glances from each other, smiling and holding each others hand under table so that no one could see. But it was just one of those moments that Tom and Y/N couldnt help themselves too. Two hours passed and Tom was free.
“You did so well.” Y/N praised Tom and awarded him with a quick kiss. “I love it when you talk about your passion.”
“Thanks. I love that you were there with me to sit through it all.” He smiles. “I believe its your turn now. It’s almost 3.”
Y/N frowns, knowing shed have to dread through hers. Instead of getting to talk about her passions, itd all be about business, business, business. “Ugh. Do I have to?”she groans.
“Come on now. Dont be like that, you’re gonna be fine. Ill be here with you the whole time.” Tom reassures her with kisses all over her face.
“No distractions?” She asks.
“No distractions.”
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Of Constellations & Creeds
Chapter 20: Not Like This
Summary/Author’s Note: So. I don’t know how to summarize this without spoiling something so, I’m not going to. You’ve waited 80,000+ words for this--enjoy. 
There is a throwback to chapter 9/10 because I love a good parallel. Twenty Chapters?? Holy shit, guys. Thank you so much for sticking with this, with me, and falling in love with them more and more with each new chapter.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Din Djarin x F!reader (Alpha/Omega/soulmates AU) Word Count: 5.5k Warnings/Promises: Explicit/18+ - language, feelings, angst, canon-typical violence, so many kisses, biting/marking, mild blood, a gratuitous love for Pedro Pascal’s face, sexual themes, heavy petting
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To the delight of the village, and the surprise of you and your companions, the ambush of the raiders and the AT-ST actually worked. Omera had picked a select few of the teenagers to guard the rest of the children in the barn on the other side of the clearing while you took up position on the ridge. You waited in the dark, carefully watching the treeline for signs of movement and sure enough, when Din and Cara ran past the barricade an entire firestorm followed them in. 
You and Omera had handled the majority of the grunts. With a blaster apiece, you took down the ones that would best the villagers in hand to hand combat from a safe distance. Cara baited the AT-ST into the trap laid between two of the krill ponds and the moment it dropped, Din tossed a detonator into the main hull and exploded the mech. With their main weapon up in flames, the rest of the raiders fled for the trees, hopefully never to show their face in the village again. 
The days that followed consisted of cleaning up the damage and repairing both structure and civilian of any wounds they sustained. You took the opportunity to explore your omega, under the careful guidance of Omera, it felt like you had started down a new path but this time you weren’t alone--this time you had Din. 
Omera had suggested the two of you start each morning with meditation. It was a quiet time meant to allow the two of you to get your energies in order, to contain your separate beasts safely in their containers. She said it didn’t have to be done together but you both enjoyed the company. 
On one particular morning you sat back to back in the quiet, on the floor of the barn. The sun had yet to rise and the dark blue light illuminated just enough to be able to see your surroundings, at least it did before you were blindfolded. You didn’t mind wearing a blindfold like usual so Din could have the luxury of having his helmet off while the rest of the world was still asleep. By now it just felt natural. 
“What does your container look like?” you asked in a hushed tone, turning your head over your shoulder slightly. 
“We’re supposed to be quiet during this.”
“Come on, humor me.”
He gave a heavy sigh and readjusted how he was sitting before turning his head slightly as well. “It’s uh--it’s a box.”
“A box?”
“Wow--original,” you teased.
“Hey, it works, right?” he shrugged. “It was formed through heat--inescapable. No windows. Nobody can see in.”
“But you can see out.”
“Why would I need to see out?” he asked.
“I don’t know,” you answered honestly. “But it sounds lonely.”
The two of you sat in an uncomfortable silence as you tried your best not to dissect his choices for his container. However, it made you sad. It was sad to think about his essence being trapped in something so isolated. A living thing left along to wither and fade in a box of nothingness. You didn’t want that for him. You didn’t want that for his alpha. Your alpha..
He cleared his throat, trying to break the tension. “It’s a metal box,” he added, like that would matter or help his argument. 
“Ooooh a metal box,” you cooed sarcastically, following his lead away from the uncomfortable conversation. He turned around suddenly and grabbed you by the middle. “Din!” you shrieked as he rolled you to the floor and tickled your sides. 
His hand clamped down over your mouth and he laughed close to your face. “You’re gonna wake up the kid.”
When he moved his hand you leaned up slightly and pressed your nose against his cheek, lowering your voice. “Well, we wouldn’t want that.”
“No, we sure wouldn’t,” he whispered back before slanting his mouth over yours. 
Despite your newfound sense of routine and expanding boundaries, neither of you had yet to bring up the subject of becoming his Omega. You knew what needed to happen. You knew what you wanted, well, almost. The path that you were barreling down led directly to Din and yet it was still hard to do it, to admit it outloud. This wasn’t anything to take lightly, this was...forever. 
What if you agreed to be his mate and he changed? What if he suddenly decided he no longer wanted you? You couldn’t imagine Din doing either of those things but every ‘what if’ still had taken up residence in the back of your mind and it was driving you insane. 
You thought of your mother and father, you didn’t remember much of the times before--back when they were happy. You remembered most of the times after, when it all went wrong. They say when you lose someone every bad memory you’ve ever had comes to the forefront. Every fight, every cross word, every disappointment, until you are so overcome with guilt that it cripples you. It’s easy to remember the bad. Being unable to look away from a natural disaster was the same concept--it took effort to remember the good, to walk away and focus on what truly mattered. 
When everything was said and done, however, when you sorted through your panicked thoughts and considered your options, it was easy. Even after such a short time it was clear that a life without Din was much scarier than a life with him. 
On a peaceful afternoon, you sat on one of the carved sitting logs next to Omera. She had graciously allowed you to sit in with some of the children as she taught them how to weave baskets from the reeds gathered from the krill ponds. Yours was going horribly but, much like all of her, her teaching methods were kind enough that you didn’t take it too hard when your basket proved to be nothing more than a misshapen floor mat. 
You held the reeds in your lap and pulled slowly at the strings, occupying your hands as you watched Din across the way. He leaned against the door frame to the barn, arms crossed over his broad chest, engaged in a conversation with Cara. The drop soldier had her boots kicked up on a table and sipped spotchka slowly through her trademark smirk. What were they talking about?
Omera waved her hand in front of your face slowly and you jerked back, allowing your eyes to focus on her beside you. 
“Sorry,” you shook your head and glanced once more at the Mandalorian before back to her. “What were you saying?”
“I asked if you had given up?” she gestured with a light chuckle to your reed mat and you laughed as well. 
“I mean, it might be best to put it out of its misery.” You held it up to your face and looked at her through the hole in the material and she laughed more. “It might make good fire kindling if we dry it out.”
“Come on, it’s not that bad.”
“What could this possibly hold?”
“Maybe it’s not meant to be a basket--a pot holder perhaps?” she offered with an extended hand and when you rolled your eyes she laughed more. 
“I’m well aware these eight-year-olds can weave circles around me,” you gestured to the children who had finished their baskets and playing tag with the child. “And you’re a terrible liar.” You jabbed a stray reed back at the woman in front of you and smiled. 
“They’ve had more practice,” she said, putting her own materials to the side. She smoothed her dress down over her knees and followed your gaze as you both watched the children. Winta bent her knees and squatted down, hopping like a frog in the dirt before looking over her shoulder and watching for the small, green child to mimic her. 
“She’s been good for him,” you said, letting your elbow rest on your knees so you could lean forward and place your head in your hand.
“She’s a good girl,” Omera said, fondly. “Looks exactly like her father.”
“You must miss him.”
“Very much,” she nods. She looks over at you and leans back on her hands. “How are you and the Mandalorian?”
“Better,” you sigh. “I can’t thank you enough. Who knows what might have happened if we never met you.”
“I hate to imagine it.”
“Me too,” you said, seriously. “But thank you.”
She gave a humble nod to accept your thanks. “These things have a way of working out.” 
The two of you were silent for a minute, listening to the wind whisper along the tall grasses of the fields and the little laughter that carried through the village. The splashing sound of water trickled in the distance as the farmers pulled up baskets of the vibrant blue crustaceans and sorted them into different harvest piles. You still stood by what you said when you first stepped off of the ship and onto Sorgan weeks ago--it was beautiful. 
“He cares about you, you know? Deeply,” she jerked her head in the direction of the two warriors on the porch, still talking. 
“I know,” you said. You looked down at your hands and picked at the rough skin around your cuticles. “I care about him, too.” You couldn’t help the way your voice fell to a whisper as you realized this was the first time you had admitted it out loud to another person. 
“You’re both more than welcome to stay here,” she continued. “We’d be lucky to have you.”
“I don’t know,” you dismissed her quickly. “I don’t think he would want that--”
“Have you asked him?” she said with a raised eyebrow. “He may not be as opposed as you think.” The two of you turned and glanced at the man in question. “He reminds me a lot of my alpha.”
“Mhm hmm,” she nodded. “There’s a kind heart under all of that impressive armor. And there’s more to life than the creed. A lot more.” She leaned over and said the last few words pointedly at you, willing you to understand her meaning. 
You watched the children squeal as the child scooped up yet another frog and popped it in his mouth. He tilted his head back and swallowed the slippery creature down like a hungry pelican and both you and Omera made a gross face and winced away from the scene. You looked at one another and laughed. Like everything with her so far, it felt good, natural. Maybe she was right. Maybe the three of you could stay.
Eventually Din left Cara and stepped off the porch towards the middle of the village where the children were playing and you were sitting with Omera. He needed to talk to you, both of you, and the need had been twisting his gut all morning. It had gotten worse every time he watched the little green kid make another round with the rest of the children, squeaking with laughter. 
After last night, after the raiders were gone, it hit him--this was no life for a child. His life. Your life. Wherever the two of you were doing, it wasn’t safe for him. The way he saw it, he had no other option and for it to work, he needed Omera’s help. 
He stopped beside the two of you and you looked up at him and smiled. That smile. Dank farrik he adored your smile. The knowledge that leaving the kid behind would diminish your smile in any way made him almost forget the whole thing. But this was for the best. 
“Excuse me,” Din said, looking at Omera. “Can I have a word?”
“Of course,” Omera nodded, glancing at you before she stood and brushed off her skirts. 
“Everything okay?” you asked and he gave a small nod.
“It’s fine.” He hated keeping anything from you. “We’ll be right back.”
He could feel you watching him walk away and he and Omera walked between the krill ponds and found a quiet area to talk. He felt the prickling of your Omega whispering along the back of his neck. You were opening yourself up to him to sense what he was feeling--you were learning. In the days to come it was going to be increasingly hard to keep things from each other, but that was a different problem for a different day. 
Din watched as the wind rippled the tall grassy fields around the outside of the village. He could smell the pine trees even through his helmet as he surveyed the border of the woods that lay beyond. He looked at Omera who was waiting patiently with her arms loosely crossed and a gentle expression on her face. 
“It's very nice here,” he said, clearing his throat. 
Omera smiled and gave a small nod as she looked out over the krill ponds then back to the armored man. “Yes, it really is.”
Din looked passed her shoulder and watched as you picked up the child and sat him on your lap as the other children gathered around you. It made him smile, too.  “I think it's clear he's...he's happy here.” He paused before adding, “They both are.”
“What about you?”
“Me?” he looked back at her in confusion. 
“Are you happy here?”
“That doesn’t matter--”
“We want you to stay,” Omera interrupted. “All of you. The community is grateful. You can pack all this away in case there's ever trouble.” She gestured to the armor on most of his body. “You and your Omega and your boy could have a good life.” 
“He could be a child for a while,” she continued. “Wouldn't that be nice?”
He was quiet for a minute before he gave a slow nod. “It would.” 
He hated the way his voice broke slightly as he tried to speak around the sudden lump in his throat. The life you could have, that you both could have, was right there. It was so tangible that he wanted to take her up on her offer, to reach out and grab it. He knew you liked it here. The glimmer in your eyes didn’t lie. It would be easy to turn this place into a home.
Omera reached up and he almost flinched away but something stopped him. Her Omega reached out to him and its calming energy made it easy to allow her to place her hands on both sides of his helmet. It would be easy to let her take it off. Just take it off. He could run to you and show you his face, tell you how much he cared about you. Tell you how much...he loved you. 
But he couldn’t. Not like this. 
He gently touched her wrists with just his fingertips and moved her hands back down. “I don't belong here. But he does.”
“And your omega?”
“She belongs with me,” he hesitated. “I’ll give her the choice--”
“She cares about you--she won’t allow you to leave her behind.” Omera watched her reflection in the dark of his helmet carefully before letting her shoulders drop slightly and nod. “I understand. I'll look after him as one of my own.”
Din tried to thank her, to tell her how grateful he was, but the words never left his mouth before the shot rang out. A high powered ping rang through the village, rippling through the air around it, from somewhere deep in the trees. Din’s hand instinctively went to the back of Omeras head as she ducked down and he quickly started to sweep the area. The heat sensors on his visor showed him a blip of red off in the distance. 
“Go get the kids!” 
Omera stayed low and hurried back towards the village. Din took a last look and scanned the crowd for you. You were on the ground covering the child with your body, but a quick use of his alpha let him know you were unharmed. He felt your omega answer back as he ran towards the trees.
It had taken you and Omera almost an hour to calm the children down after the shot from the woods. The blaster fire had left a smoking hole in the side of the barn and looking at it shook you to your core. Someone had taken a shot at the child. 
The bounty hunter responsible had been unfortunate enough to cross paths with Cara in the woods and she had been more than happy to put two blasts in his skull before Din had found them. The two of them signaled that the threat was gone and left to walk the perimeter just to make sure there was no one else lurking in the trees. 
You looked up as Din came back into the barn. He all but burst through the divider that closed the doorway off from the rest of the village and you quickly held up your hands and urged him to be quiet. You both glanced at the child asleep in the crib at the foot of the bed before back at one another. He didn’t need anything else to upset him. His soft, green cheeks were still puffy and irritated from crying in your arms after the commotion. Sleep was the most important thing for him right now.
“Come on,” you said softly, grabbing Din’s gloved hand and pulling him back out the way he came in.
You could feel the frustration wafting off of him. The anger, the worry, it all swirled in a cyclone of emotion that made your body clench until you focused and threw a wall up between your omega and his. He was allowed to feel whatever he was feeling, but if you wanted to think clearly you needed some kind of buffer, something that separated his emotions from yours. When the two of you were so raw and unguarded it was easy for everything you felt to become one giant cluster, an overwhelming mess. 
The crickets chirped quietly and fireflies danced off in the distant fields as a peaceful twilight settled around the village. The torches around the ponds and alleys between the buildings made moving about the village safe throughout the night. Everyone was slowly retreating to their homes for the evening and the warm glow of a few windows kept the area from being completely dark. It felt secluded and safe. 
Omera had gifted you with a blue-green shawl that you threw over your shoulders as you and Din came to a stop in the shadows behind the barn. 
"Did you find the man who fired the shot?" You asked, crossing your arms. The moon reflected off of his helmet much like it reflected off of the ponds, rippling against the water and making everything fall under a blue hue. 
He nodded. "Cara did. She killed him and that's when we found tracking fobs."
"Tracking fobs? Like the one you had for the kid on Arvala?" you asked and he produced two metal squares with twisted steel antennae. You took them from his hand and looked them over--they were crushed, the red lights no longer blinking. "Why are there two?"
He looked at you silently through the dark visor of his helmet and you swallowed hard. You knew the answer to that. You placed the fobs back in his gloves palm and hugged your arms tighter around your body, bringing your thumbnail up to your teeth to bite it gently. One of those fobs was for you.
"I stole from the Empire. They want the bounty and to hurt me," he added evenly.
"We stole from the Empire," you reminded him and if you would have seen his face in that moment you would have known he smiled. 
"We." Din ground his boot into the dirt idly and looked down. “I was going to leave him here.”
“Leave him?” you asked, unable to keep your eyes from going wide. “Were you going to leave me too? Both of us--”
“No,” he quickly shut down your line of questioning before you let yourself spiral. “Absolutely not.”
"But, now they know he's here?"
"And they'll keep coming." It wasn't a question.
Your stomach ached with the realization of what that meant. Only a few hours ago the possibility of making Sorgan a home for the three of you was close enough you could almost touch it. But you knew differently. You looked up at him and stopped biting your nail and steadied your voice as best you could. 
"We can't stay here."
"I'm afraid not," Din said gently. "I'm sorry."
"It's not your fault, I just--" you stopped yourself and shook your head.
You just what? Thought you could have a normal life with the bounty hunter? Thought the two of you could build a home and raise your green adopted son and become farmers? It was a foolish dream. A very unrealistic, unreasonable dream. But it had felt nice to have it, even if it was just for the day. None of this was Din's fault, you had a feeling, before the shot from the woods, that if you told him you wanted to stay he would have made that happen. Omera's words from this afternoon came back to you slowly and it made you let out a shaky breath. He cares about you. Deeply. 
Din had taken your silence for the end of the conversation and when he turned to walk back inside you lurched forward and grabbed his arm. "Wait."
He stopped, turning to look at you before down to your hand and back. "Something wrong?"
A life without Din was scarier than a life with him. Your realization from earlier still held the same amount of truth. You knew what you wanted, no needed, to say. But without being prompted the words were stuck in your throat fighting to get out like a trapped bird in a tiny cage. Maybe he could help.
"Ask me again." You blurted abruptly enough that he tilted his helmet in confusion. 
"I don't follow--"
"Ask me again," you repeated, taking a step further and putting your hand over his chest plate, over the hexagonal shape right in the middle of the beskar.
He was quiet, moving his gaze down to your hand as he brought his up to cover it, gripping it tightly. “Don’t do this unless you mean it.”
“” you said each word carefully, slowly so he knew you were serious and not backing down. Going up on your tiptoes, you waited until he leaned his helmet down and you could whisper against it. “...again.”
He said your name, your real name, in a shuddering breath that left his body as he gripped your hand on his chest. “Will you be my Omega? Can I mark you as mine?”
With shaky hands he held your upper arms and let you square up to face him fully before backing you into an alcove of the barn. He pulled off his gloves one at a time and stuffed them into the pocket on the back of his belt. Your heart beat wildly as he reached for the edge of his helmet and hit the locking mechanism, making it hiss. 
“Wait,” you grabbed his wrist and he looked at you through the visor. “I…”
“What’s wrong?”
This was it. You had been with him for months, wondering, imagining, dreaming of what he looked like and now the moment was about to stare you in the face. Literally. What were you expecting? A chorus of angels? A ring of light to burst from under the helmet? You weren’t sure. But you did know one thing.
“I want to do it,” you said softly. “If that’s okay.”
He nodded and lowered his hands from the edges of his helm. You replaced them with your own, putting them flat against the sides where his cheeks would be if you were holding his face instead. Careful of whatever was underneath, you raised it up slowly and a noise akin to a sob leapt from your throat as he blinked and looked at you for what felt like the first time. 
You were surprised. Under the helmet was not the persona that donned the armor, that wielded the gun, that captured the quarry. He wasn’t missing an eye. There was no scar through the middle of his face from a fight for his life. No acid burns on his skin from a krate dragon crafted blade. The larger than life, storybook warrior was...normal. 
I have brown eyes. His words echoed in your mind and the helmet slipped from your fingers and landed on the ground with a dull thud. Those brown eyes that you had imagined were right there, in the flesh. They were as kind as his words and gentle, effortlessly reflecting the way he touched you. 
“Hi,” he broke the silence first with an almost broken voice as you touched his face to confirm he was real. It made you smile. The firelight behind you cast a faint glow along the edges of his face that seemed to be competing with the moonlight behind him.
“Hey,” you reciprocated. A small amount of tears welled in the corner of your eyes as you let your thumb glide over his cheek and down to feel his jaw, littered with a few days worth of stubble. 
When he smiled you took note of the small lines at the corners of his eyes and the space between his eyebrows. You refrained from touching his strong, prominent nose and instead moved downwards, ghosting your fingers over his slightly chapped, rose-colored lips. 
“You’re beautiful,” he mumbled as he caught your hand in his and turned his head to kiss the inside of your wrist, then again on your palm. All the while looking up through his dark lashes, refusing to look away from you.
“You’ve seen me.” You laughed softly, cupping his face again as he released you to continue your inspection. You should have been the one complimenting him.
“Not like this.”
He was right. He had seen the most intimate parts of you. He had seen your face but it was always with a barrier--his helmet, the blindfold. This was different. More raw. More real. Both of you stood fully clothed, yet more exposed than ever, more vulnerable, and once again with only each other to protect one another.
You couldn’t stand it anymore. Tomorrow you would leave Sorgan, be back on the ship, back on the run, not knowing when you would have this chance again, this privilege of seeing him like this. Your pilot. Your partner. Your Alpha. You kept your hand on his cheek and surged forward to capture his lips. 
You had kissed him a hundred times and yet this time felt new. You had seen his lips, seen his mouth, his jaw, his chin, and imagining the way it looked as you felt it was no longer just a fantasy. You knew how everything looked, a tangible point of reference that made the feeling that much more intense. 
His hands dug into the soft flesh at your sides at the base of your back as he pulled you flush against his chest and kissed you deeper, harder. You carded your fingers through his hair, those soft, dark strands that caught the moonlight just enough, highlighting the small amount of grey that he had. You made a soft sound against his mouth and that only seemed to spur him on as he pinned you against the wall and pulled away panting. 
“Where do you want it?” he said, breathlessly. He looked at you with a serious gaze and you clung to the front of his armor, refusing to let him go. 
The mark. His scar. 
The placement was everything and you should have thought of it before now. He waited patiently as you worried your lip between your teeth and thought. You had seen your mother’s on her neck, prominent, unable to miss, possessive. Your father had used what should have been something sacred as a symbol that he owned her. Din would never allow that. You had seen Omera’s on her inner wrist, intimate, protected, and always close to her. That was an idea, but it felt like you were stealing it from her. As the last piece of her Alpha she had left, you couldn’t do that to her. 
Then it hit you. 
You looked up at him and touched his cheek again, unable to help yourself. You kept your eyes gentle, confident--you trusted him. “You know where…”
He leaned down and kissed you again, a soft brush of lips as he whispered against your mouth, “Turn around.”
You did as he asked, facing the wall and dropping the shawl from your shoulders. With unsteady hands you undid the buttons on your shirt, relaxing slightly as you felt him put his hands on your hip and nose against the back of your neck. You felt his energy push against yours, his alpha reacting to your scent--accessible, willing, his.
The air was cold against your skin as your shirt fell to the crooks of your arms and he pulled your breast-band down and out of his way. A soft sigh fell from your lips as he touched the mass of scars on your upper shoulder blade. A hideous reminder of where your constellation used to be, of what you had done to avoid it. If only you had known then what you do now--that the person destined to you from the same exploded star would be a man such as this. Maybe things would have been different. 
“I got you,” he said against the shell of your ear and you nodded. 
You reached back and grabbed his hand, pulling it around to clutch against your chest. Your heart was so loud in your own ears that surely he was able to hear it standing this close to you. A wave of calm washed over you and soothed your pacing omega and you knew he was responsible for that. 
“I know.”
The hard press of his teeth against your skin took you by surprise, causing your mouth to fall open, making a choked whimper. You gripped his hand tighter and when you didn’t say stop, he bit down. The intense pain allowed you to find your voice and you made a louder noise, closer to a yell. Din’s hand wiggled out of your grip to clamp down over your mouth instead and you didn’t fight him. The last thing either of you wanted was a concerned villager coming out to see what was wrong. 
His blunt fingers dug into your tender cheek and you clung to his arm, using him as a buffer to cry out in pain as he broke skin with his teeth. Your breath came fast through your nose, in out, in out, in out, and he reached through your bond to offer his reassurance, his sorry he was.
You pulled his hand away from your mouth and he allowed it. The worst of it was over and the rush of adrenaline that flooded your body gave way to a dull throbbing in your shoulder and down your spine. 
“It’s okay. Din, I’m okay,” you said breathlessly and his arm dropped around your chest to hold you closer. He heard you.  
He laved the mark with his tongue, cleaning it up since it was exposed to the elements. He nosed your skin, carefully tracing the wound with his mouth, noting each individual tooth mark to memory as it criss-crossed the older scar tissue. He was never angry with you for what you had done to your constellation, not like the creed said he should have been. It didn’t make you any less of an Omega. It didn’t make you any less his. And now, something even more important had taken its place.
Your eyes fluttered closed as he sucked the wound, then the skin around it, and in a continuing trail up to your neck. Everything blurred together as you felt his large hands tug on your belt and the button of your pants. You reached back to do the same to him, clumsily trying to get past his armor in a desperate need to feel the man underneath. 
“I want you,” he whispered roughly against your ear and you reached back to grab his hair, turning your head to kiss him. You could taste yourself on him, it was faint and vaguely metallic and it made you weak in the knees. 
“Then take me,” you commanded against his lips and he obeyed.
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mishasminions · 11 months ago
The Last Time I’ll Write a Long Post About Supernatural (15x18-15x20)
[15x20 Speculation + evidence at the bottom]
First off, I just wanna come clean and say, after all these years, I still think they should’ve ended at Season 5.
If you’re going to come at me with “Then why’d you stick around to watch it if you didn’t like it?”, your question is immature, and the answer is simple: I just want to know what happens next (I also love the main characters and their actors too). You can watch a show and still think it’s shit.
Call me a clown, but despite all the disappointment and trust issues that this show has given me, I would still look forward to the day where it might just turn itself around and bring back the quality it once had, or realize the potential of each story it was trying to tell, or at the very least, do justice by my favorite ship.
Never happened.
They’ve had a few good episodes here and there. I can’t imagine the SPN Universe without The Man Who Would Be King, The French Mistake, and Scoobynatural. Seasons 6-10 were enjoyable at times. I blocked out most of 7 & 11-15. 
If you’ve been following this blog since its heydays in 2010-2014, you’d know I’d try my best to defend Destiel and this show’s decisions regarding it no matter what.
Because you know what, as a CONCEPT, this show is good. If you take a look at all the worlds its storylines have birthed in fanfiction/fanworks, you’d see how much Supernatural has wasted its own story arcs. The writing got shittier as each season progressed, and they’ve obviously given up in production as well because the quality in the execution has noticeably gone down too, but if you take a step back and take a look at the bigger picture, you’ll see that this show still tries to make sense of itself.
[If you’re still following this post, please bear with me, I know this is long, but I just want you to understand how jaded and pessimistic I am with regards to this show, so maybe you can buy into whatever hopeful thing I’m about to say later on.]
Never in my wildest dreams did I think that they would give us Castiel’s “I love you” speech. To the point where, if I weren’t so desperate for it, I would argue that it was completely out of character for him to word vomit the way he did (but I’m not gonna diss on that right now because I’ll take what I can get).
I’ve valued every meaningful and obscure exchange that Dean and Cas have had in the earlier seasons, and I was willing to accept their relationship as just that--undefined, without any clear boundaries as to what they really are. And I think that was beautiful on its own.
But now, they’ve chosen to define it.
After they’ve driven every possible wedge between Dean and Castiel in seasons 11-15, to try to explain away their feelings as something they offer to a collective.
Dean can’t mourn and pray for JUST Cas, he has to mourn and pray for EVERYBODY--even Crowley, even some chick he just met, because god forbid he cries about just the guy who has given up everything for him--that would be “too homo”.
They’ve even set Cas on a path to abrupt fatherhood just so he can care about something other than Dean. Make it seem as if Dean wasn’t his purpose through and through.
And after all these years of this stupid show trying to deny it, they choose to acknowledge it at the worst possible circumstance, at a time where they’ve been so far apart, that it seems so foreign for them to suddenly come together.
But here we are. And they’ve chosen to tell us.
Chosen to tell us that everything that Castiel has done leading up to his death, he has done it because he was IN LOVE WITH DEAN WINCHESTER.
Chosen to tell us that BEING WITH DEAN WINCHESTER is something that CAS WANTS BUT KNOWS HE CAN’T HAVE.
And they’ve also chosen to tell us nothing about how Dean feels.
Sure, finding out your angel made a deal, the stipulations of said deal, his newfound happiness philosophy, his long-winded monologue of why he loves you and why you’re worthy of his love, and to top it all off he tells you that being in love with you is enough to make him happy while he subtly hints that he’s always wanted to be WITH you romantically, was a lot to process in the 5 minutes after you’ve just had an existential crisis.
It’s whatever, right? Let’s culminate 11 years worth of tension and feelings in 5 minutes. Let’s waste the entire episode with cringey expository dialogue, and irrelevant sequences. The whole season was a waste anyway.
You know what Supernatural? FUCK YOU FOR THAT. They deserved better. WE deserve better.
And I would love nothing more than to hurl every possible insult your way,
But for the last time, I’m going to HOPE that you’re finally going to try to make it better for the fans that stuck by you all these years.
No more baiting new viewers, no more placating casual viewers, no more excuses. 15 years. Bring it home for the people who have actually been around.
There’s two ways this series is gonna end. Horribly or Spectacularly.
First let’s all take into consideration what Andrew Dabb says about it:
Tumblr media
So, let’s start with
In this scenario, Misha is telling the truth about his last day of filming being 15x18. His “camping trip” during the last few days of filming 15x20, was actually a camping trip. He doesn’t go to Vancouver to shoot.
Jensen wasn’t “being careful” during the zoom interviews that it was just him and Jared quarantining for the shoot, it really was just him and Jared (althought most of these were done pre 15x19) Supernatural isn’t smart enough to do misleading PR, and they’re once again oblivious to the potential of their own story.
Misha hasn’t posted a “Goodbye Castiel” tweet because he’s probably saving it for last episode or he forgot because it was overshadowed by the Destiel trend that night.
So what we get is:
Sam and Dean are on the road again, up against the monster of the week. Only their world no longer has actual Supernatural beings anymore, so the monsters they’re fighting are humans.
Tumblr media
Humans end up killing the Winchesters (despite having gone up against literally every powerful being imaginable INCLUDING God himself). Dean and Sam end up in heaven and relive their greatest hits.
Meanwhile, Castiel rots in The Empty because he died after realizing that he was happy and gay. Jack doesn’t bother rescuing him—his surrogate dad, the guy who made this specific deal to spare him—even though it was so easy for him get Cas in and out of The Empty when he had a fraction of the power that he has now.
Dean never speaks of Castiel’s confession because despite all the hints of a profound bond in the earlier seasons, and the fact that Dean has never cared for anyone (who isn’t his actual brother) as immensely as he does Cas, Supernatural just can’t have its main macho character be “suddenly bisexual” because that would hurt the male ego or some shit.
His heaven would probably be living happily ever after with his family. “Family” meaning Mary and John Winchester--two of the shittiest parents ever (but they’re not going to include them in this episode like they were supposed to because of Covid) and Sam.
Sam also gets a dog. As usual.
I wouldn’t put it past Supernatural to do this. After everything they’ve pulled, this would be right up their alley. I actually expect this ending.
Anyway, onto the next possible ending
In this scenario, Supernatural tries to stick the landing, and Jensen’s whole “It didn’t sit well with me at first, but then I took a step back after talking to Kripke, and realized that I had to view it from an audience perspective, I am now really excited about it” (DC Con 2019) anecdote about his thoughts on the final episodes, were actually about Dean potentially ending up with Cas. (Which would totally make sense because Jensen at first didn’t see Dean as anything but hetero, but as of late, he has been throwing in Destiel jokes of his own, so he seems to have warmed up to the idea)
Backed with Misha’s tidbit (DLConline 2020) that he and Jensen had conversations about Destiel, and that they wouldn’t have gone through with it if Jensen wasn’t onboard with it, but Jensen didn’t push back at all. (Why would they need to check with Jensen if it was just Cas going all in?)
Robert Berens (writer of 15x18) also wrote the script at the beginning of Season 15, but made Misha privy to the concept a year prior (Season 14), so they went into this season knowing about Destiel going canon.
This one’s a reach, but this scenario also supposes that Misha was lying about his whereabouts during the filming of the final episode, and him saying that 15x18 was his last episode is part of the diversion to avoid taking away from the weight of Castiel’s death.
And that Supernatural is actually self-aware of its own material (similar to how they have wrapped things up in the past—lots of expository dialogue, poor execution, but fulfills the story arc)
Since Season 15 is basically a Meta Season (Chuck/God as a writer, pretentiously calling out how he created the worlds, its characters, and basically invalidating the past 14 seasons), and 15x19 is supposedly the finale for Season 15, written by two of the worst Supernatural writers, Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming (Bob Singer’s wife), then we can assume that 15x19 is where the shitty writers kill themselves--as Chuck, of course.
So we get a badly written episode that produces a bad ending, or as Becky put it, “All action, and no Cas”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So we get the bad writers season ending at 15x19.
And 15x20 is where Sam and Dean write their own stories, and where the cast had a hand in pitching ideas for it.
Tumblr media
Dabb has mentioned that 15x20 (Act Two) is a SERIES finale, where they try to resolve the characters’ journeys.
Because as everyone has acknowledged, Supernatural isn’t about the story, it’s about the characters.
So here’s what we can get out of it:
With no more Supernatural beings left to fight, Sam and Dean are in a stalemate. They’ve resigned themselves to fighting to the bitter end, but the “end” has passed, and they’re still standing.
So they try to figure out who they are now, and what they want out of the life they still have.
Sam still wants a normal apple pie life. Before Dean dragged him out of college to go hunting with him, he had a whole life planned out for him. Become a lawyer, settle down with a nice girl, and get a dog. He gave all that up because they had work to do, but now the work is finished, he can finally go back to wanting that for himself again.
Dean finally realizes his self-worth after Cas saves him again. His prayer to Cas in purgatory may have helped him come to terms with his anger, but the whole “you’ve done everything you did for love” speech finally put him in his place, and he learns not to hate himself anymore.
But of course, he cannot fully reconcile with himself if he doesn’t get Cas back, and tell him how he feels.
Because Dean actually wants something for himself this time. Something he knows he can finally have if he can just salvage it.
So maybe this time around, with the help of Jack (off-screen), Dean saves Cas. Grips him tight and raises him from perdition.
They bypass The Empty deal by turning Cas human, and he lives the rest of his days with Dean.
Dean and Cas know they deserve to be saved, and they know that they deserve to be happy.
(Wishful thinking, maybe they kiss a little)
I’m just saying, there’s NO WAY that they’d have Cas go through that whole rushed speech, if they weren’t going to do anything about it later on.
But again, after 10 years of disappointment, I wouldn’t put it past Supernatural to pat themselves on the back and say, “Okay, we sort of gave them what they wanted. We’re good now”
If that’s the case, Supernatural, I’m sorry I wasted my time on you.
Here’s to hoping 🤡
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xfatefulmistyx · 5 months ago
How they react to their S/O adopting a cat (Male characters)
Series: Genshin Impact
Characters included; Kaeya, Childe, Diluc, Xiao, Venti
Summary: You found a stray cat that you instantly bonded with. After cleaning the cat up, feeding it, and getting it used to you, you decided that it would be yours to keep. How do these lovely gentlemen react?
Warning(s): None, just a swear or two because it's what I do- also slight accidental Diluc and Xiao favoritism, sorry!
**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚Note: I was going to add Aether, Albedo, and Zhongli but this got REALLY long, so there is gonna be a part two. I love writing these types of things~ Asks are open
˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚*Note 2: Part 2 (Albedo, Zhongli, Aether)
Disclaimer: I am fully aware Venti has a cat allergy, I mentioned it more than once in his portion so please read before making a comment on it (had to make bigger since I keep getting comments on it-)
I actually listened to a song while writing this, here it is if you're curious
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♡Kaeya gives me vibes that kids like him...but animals are debatable
♡When he visited your home and saw your new furry addition he just stared at it
♡For a whole minute
♡"Y/N...When did this get here?"
♡"Oh, I brought her in because she didn't have a home and she was starving...I hope it doesn't bother you"
♡"No no, it's...fine"
♡You never thought Kaeya would be so wary around your new cat, but it was heavily amusing. Sometimes he'd jump if your cat all of a sudden hopped up on the couch with the two of you
♡One night when you were cuddling on the bed together, the cat walked in and shimmied its way in between you two
♡You've never seen Kaeya look at an animal with so much confusion before
♡But when the cat snuggled up to him, instead of you, he had the biggest shit-eating grin on his face ever
♡It's safe to say that while he didn't care too much for animals before, he's taken a liking to your cat and your cat likes him too
♡He literally bought an eyepatch for the cat so they would match-
♡You began to wonder if he loved the cat more than you now (Don't worry, you're still his number one, the cat is just a close second-)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♡Childe likes to believe he's the master of animals, for some reason...
♡Your cat doesn't hate him, but he tries a little too hard. You know those people who love holding cats and showing mass amounts of affection to them, which ends in the cat looking like they need help? That's Childe.
♡He has good intentions! He actually spoils your cat with the finest cat food, toys, a cute collar...and clothes?
♡Why did Childe buy your cat a sweater again? You questioned him on it, but he simply said
♡"I want to make sure our baby is nice and warm! Is that so wrong?"
♡"Childe...the cat has fur, I doubt it's cold"
♡He only pouted and continued to spend tons of money on your cat. Such a sweetheart, but a little bit like an overbearing dad-
♡He's much better with kids, you think, but the cat doesn't want to kill him so that's definitely a plus!
♡The cat likes him for the most part, but Childe gets to be a bit much for the poor thing- overall though, very much a nice cat dad!
♡He definitely knows what not to do though, like petting the cat's stomach or even worse, bathing it (I have a feeling I know who'd do both of those things)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♡Believe it or not, Diluc is actually a cat person! (aside from Diona, she just really wants to destroy the wine industry)
♡Diluc has some odd encounters with dogs, so he's always naturally drawn closer to cats
♡Cats also love him because he's like a personal heater and you'll often find the cat curled up on his abdomen while he lays on his back on the bed to rest (he's so cute, pls-)
♡Like Childe, he buys every essential for the cat, making sure it's of the highest quality to make the cat the most comfortable it could be, though he doesn't buy the cat clothes
♡He feels the clothing would suffocate the cat from warmth, he much prefers being the cat's personal heater instead (He used to be just your personal heater but you decided you wanted a cat so now you have to share)
♡The cat loves to play with his hair, whether it's down or up, it's like a feather toy to the little furball. He pretends to act annoyed over it, but he finds it cute
♡Diluc befriended the cat so easily that the cat even lets him clip their nails right in his lap. Sometimes watching him with the cat made you wonder what Diluc would be like with his own children
♡He wants to stick with fur babies for now though, definitely not opposed to another cat, but he doesn't want to go crazy as he does have a lot of work and doesn't want the cat to be without him (and you ofc) for too long.
♡You actually became curious about how his eagle would behave with the cat so you had them meet, and you were half expecting the Eagle to try and kill your cat. Turns out they quite like each other? When you told Diluc about your initial worry, he gave you an almost offended look
♡"I taught him better than you may think" and he then flicked your forehead. Meanie
♡When you found out the cat even allowed Diluc to BATHE IT? All hope was lost, the cat was his now, you've been replaced
♡Overall, a great choice for this sort of thing 10/10 cat dad
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♡This man is practically a cat himself (catboy Xiao anyone?) so he shouldn't have any trouble with the cat, right? Well, you're half-right
♡Xiao has a secret skill for being pretty good with animals, but it's not an immediate notice. He at first is pretty wary of the cat, not wanting to piss it off since he knew how much it meant to you
♡He's already not very affectionate as it is, so having an animal who required some form of affection sometimes was weird for him.
♡He didn't take that long to warm up to the cat, though it was an interesting process indeed
♡For a while he refused to pet it for long, opting for small pats on the head and leaving it at that. Once he finally got to the point of petting the cat for longer, he always kept his gloves on. You'd always try to convince him to take them off to feel the super-soft fur of the cat before he immediately refused. He rarely ever took off his gloves after all
♡But one day he decided to actually remove his gloves to pet the cat properly, and he cracked the SMALLEST smile, at the feeling of the cat's fur against his skin and the audible purr it let out
♡You even snapped a picture with your kamera, but you would keep that secret until the day you died, it was too precious to let Xiao know
♡He'd actually go out of his way to play with the cat, given he has free time. He would never let you watch him play with the cat though because he got embarrassed. Try bringing it up and he will deny everything (tsundere...)
♡The cat follows him around Wangshu Inn, and Verr finds it really cute, but won't say anything to Xiao as to not embarrass him. In the rare moments he sleeps, Xiao likes to rest against a large tree outside, the cat curling into his lap for warmth, and this is one of the few moments Xiao feels some sort of serenity when he's away from you. When you happen to come across him like this, you like to walk over and curl up against his side, him opening an eye to look at you and hum in content
♡It's safe to say Xiao loves the cat, but not as much as he loves you
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♡You want a chaotic cat dad who wants to show off his new "child"? Here you go, here's Venti. He wasn't one for cats before but since it's your cat? He's all for it
♡You cannot convince me that Venti wouldn't carry the cat with him around Mondstadt, hell he takes it to Angel's share even. The cat sits on the counter in front of him as he drinks, much to Diluc's dismay
♡"Venti get your cat off of my counter, it's getting fur everywhere"
♡"Master Diluc, I appreciate the fact you care about cleanliness, but my child must stay in my sights at all times"
♡Venti is a snuggler for sure, the cat only elevates that fact. He's so attached to the cat that he carries it on his SHOULDER. It's practically glued to him
♡The only time Venti and the cat have when he bathes it. Yes, this bard tried to bathe the cat. Not once, not twice, BUT THREE TIMES. You had to visit Barbara after that-
♡I nearly forgot to mention this, but he COMPLETELY DISREGARDS HIS CAT ALLERGY NOW??
♡Sure he sneezes up a storm- But does that stop him from nuzzling the cat? Not even the slightest. You had to go all the way to Liyue to get him allergy medicine once it got really bad-
♡He was so grateful, more cat nuzzling is in order after that. He's practically stolen your cat at this point. Even tried naming it "Venti Jr." and "Catbatos"
♡You quickly shot those names down, ignoring the pout on the Bard's face
✿°•∘ɷ∘•°✿ ... ✿°•∘ɷ∘•°✿ ... ✿°•∘ɷ∘•°✿
┍━━━━━━━━»•» 🌸 «•«━┑
I really enjoyed writing this, so part 2 will be up later today, stay tuned and stay hydrated!
┕━»•» 🌸 «•«━━━━━━━━┙
✿°•∘ɷ∘•°✿ ... ✿°•∘ɷ∘•°✿ ... ✿°•∘ɷ∘•°✿
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ningningnim · 7 months ago
𝐓𝐄𝐀𝐒𝐄 (𝐦.)
Tumblr media
-𝐓𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞 𝐰𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐧 𝐛𝐲 𝐀𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐢𝐜𝐦𝐢𝐧
-𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: 𝐉𝐚𝐞𝐡𝐲𝐮𝐧 𝐱 𝐟𝐞𝐦 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
-𝐆𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞: 𝐉𝐮𝐬𝐭 𝐩𝐰𝐩 𝐚𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐩𝐨𝐢𝐧𝐭 𝐛𝐮𝐭 𝐉𝐚𝐞 𝐠𝐞𝐭𝐬 𝐬𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐚𝐥 𝐚𝐭 𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐞𝐬 𝐥𝐨𝐥
-𝐖𝐜: 3𝐤
-𝐒𝐲𝐧𝐨𝐩𝐬𝐢𝐬: 𝐉𝐚𝐞𝐡𝐲𝐮𝐧 𝐣𝐮𝐬𝐭 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐬 𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐲𝐨𝐮, 𝐞𝐬𝐩𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐲 𝐚𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐰𝐫𝐨𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐞𝐬.
-𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: 𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠, 𝐞𝐱𝐡𝐢𝐛𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐢𝐬𝐦 𝐢𝐠, 𝐟𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠, 𝐨𝐫𝐚𝐥 (𝐦 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐟 𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐞𝐢𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐠), 𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦𝐩𝐢𝐞, 𝐮𝐧𝐩𝐫𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐬𝐞𝐱, 𝐬𝐥𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐝𝐨𝐦/𝐬𝐮𝐛 𝐮𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐭𝐨𝐧𝐞𝐬, 𝐜𝐮𝐦 𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠, 𝐩𝐞𝐭𝐧𝐚𝐦𝐞𝐬, 𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐠𝐡, 𝐩𝐚𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐬𝐞𝐱?? 𝐬𝐥𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐧𝐢𝐩𝐩𝐥𝐞 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐲, 𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬 𝐨𝐟 𝐚𝐟𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐜𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐢𝐝𝐤
Tumblr media
It was a Friday evening, a bottle of wine and a fancy dinner made by your mother decorating her lavish table. It wasn’t the first time Jaehyun had met your parents but it didn’t stop you from worrying about what teasing remarks your cocky boyfriend would make.
Your father’s laugh rings out again as Jaehyun carries out his flattery spiel. Jaehyun was usually a people pleaser and with your parents, he pulled out all the stops. You couldn’t say it wasn’t lovable the way he wanted to impress the people who gave you life. But it’s not like he needed to try, your parents had loved him from the moment they met him.
You’re only half a glass of wine in when you feel a brush against your exposed knee, the skirt you had decided to wear doing you no favours at covering your legs and mid-thigh. You brush it off as an itch before you feel it again, this time lingering longer, drawing delicate patterns on your skin. It wasn’t unusual for your fiancé to be touchy when you were out, he just liked to be close.
He continues to caress your knee, drawing circles, hearts and never-ending patterns, the notion a comforting one, one that makes you feel soft and warm. You think he may just be especially needy today, a need to feel your warm skin under his smooth fingertips.
“Y/n, how is the wedding planning coming along? Have you decided on a venue yet?” Your Mother asks inquisitively.
Jaehyun begins trailing his fingers further up as you answer her question; “It’s coming along fine, I found a florist but I haven’t decided on a venue.. uhh just yet,” your voice coming out slightly higher as you feel the way Jaehyun grabs your thigh.
You turn to glare at him as your mother gushes about your future plans. You raise your eyebrows, serving as a warning to Jaehyun, but his only reaction is a cocky smirk. If anything, it only encourages his pesky behaviour, the hand gripping your thigh tightening, it's a wonder your parents haven’t pointed out that Jaehyun's hand hasn’t come up from under the table for the past 10 minutes.
He begins to trail his fingers higher and higher as your Father tells a story about his latest fishing trip, your mind too focused on the way the cold metal of Jaehyun’s rings feel on your heated thigh. Once his veiny hand disappears under your skirt, you know what he’s after; a smug look showing in the smooth lines of his face, his silver hair reflecting the light perfectly.
He lightly trails a finger over your lace-covered sex, replying to a comment your mother made, his voice convincingly normal compared to his fingers stroking over your leaking pussy. He lightly caresses up and down from your now aching clit to your entrance. He could be such a tease, you wondered why you let it happen sometimes.
He delivers a quiet slap to your clit that has you nearly choking on your wine. You needed to do something, and quickly too .“Hey, Mum, I just remembered I have a book from when I was younger that I wrote about my dream wedding. I’ll go get it, here, Jaehyun come with me, I might need help with some boxes, we might be a while finding it,” you get out nervously, desperate for some privacy so you could give Jaehyun a warning.
You drag him out of his seat as soon as the words leave your lips, passing it off as excitement to read about your past ideas of your dream wedding, but Jaehyun knew you better than that. You get up the stairs and into your childhood bedroom as quickly as possible, pushing Jaehyun to sit down on the neatly made bed.
“Jaehyun, what the hell are you doing? My parents were right there!” You whine, frustrated at him for turning you on at a time like this.
“Well they didn't seem to notice anything, or maybe that's cause I was going easy on you” he fires back with a smirk, that look in his eyes he always got when he knew he had you wrapped around his little finger.
“Going easy on me? You have to be kidding me, do you know how hard it was not to moan back there,” you explain; your hands gesturing wildly to get your point across to him, while he sits there with that cocky smirk plastered on his face.
“That was the point, baby. You’re cute when i tease you,” he whispers, before pulling you by the hips towards him.
“Well, of course you would say that, you always did love control,” you speak softly, sinking down on your knees in front of the man you've submitted yourself to time and time again, his eyes growing darker as the mood shifts.
“Is this your way of trying to convince me to not go back out there and tease that pretty pussy of yours in front of them.” He breathes out as he places his pointer finger under your chin, bringing your eyes to stare into his own.
“Well, is it working?” you ask, palming him through his tight black jeans, a small breathy moan leaving his lips as you do.
“I guess we’ll see, won't we baby.” His voice a melody as you unbuckle his leather belt, the slight clink of the metal buckle hardly registering in your ears.
You pull his cock out of the confines of his pants, his tip already leaking precum onto your delicate fingers, it pulses slightly in your hold, Jaehyun places his hand on the back of you neck as some sort of a warning, he didn't like it when you purposely stalled just to rile him up.
You take the tip into your mouth, enveloping it into your warm hold, the taste slightly salty. There was something so empowering about having him at your mercy like this, the way he would fall apart on your tongue, whiny moans resonating from the back of his throat.
“M-more,” he whispers, the desperation clear in his voice. At this you take him further into your throat, caressing the underside of his length with soft licks. You begin to bob your head up and down his cock, choked moans occasionally leaving the man soon to be your husband, when the feeling was too much for him to hold them in. you look up into his eyes, finding them watching you, clouded with lust. He moves his hand from the back of your neck and into your hair, gathering it into a makeshift ponytail.
“B-baby, please let me fuck your throat” he breathes out, if you didnt know any better youd take his behaviour as being under your control, but this was Jaehyun, he was playing nice just to get what he wanted.
You nod around his cock, waiting for him to thrust into your awaiting throat, the feeling nothing new, countless memories of sucking him off on lazy mornings when either of you had wanted to get up. Too enraptured with each other to leave the little bubble you’d created for yourselves.
Your eyes begin to water as he pushes you down on him, the feeling of his dick sliding down your throat both satisfying and fulfilling. Jaehyun lets out a choked out moan at the feeling, your throat squeezing him perfectly.
“You’re so perfect for me, you always feel so good” he lets out, mesmerised by the feel of you around his aching cock. You swallow around him adding to his pleasure, the intrusion a pleasant one, and soon after, he’s thrusting in and out of your awaiting mouth, using you for his own pleasure.
“I'm gonna cum baby, and you're going to swallow every single drop.” Annunciating his words with his thrusts and bringing his other hand to where your neck bulges slightly from the intrusion, feeling how he splits you open. Soon after, he's moaning as his cum shoots into the back of your throat, the warm liquid making its way down.
“Open up, princess. Let’s see if you listened or not,” you hear him say, sticking out your tongue, showing him that you obeyed his command. At your compliance, he breathes out a soft “good girl,” moving your hair from your eyes so he can see the glistening tears that had welled up in them.
Lifting yourself up from your knees you eye Jaehyun, his cheeks flushed in a peachy hue and his eyes closed in post coital haze. You run your fingers through his slightly matted hair, fixing it so your parents wouldn't suspect anything.
“Come on babe, we need to go back downstairs before they come looking for us” you whisper, hoping your parents hadn’t suspected anything. Jaehyun fixes his hair and fastens his belt, grabbing your hand in his own as he pulls you close to his chest and out of your old bedroom.
You decend the stairs and enter the dining room still hand in hand, your parents talking calmly, glasses of wine in both of their hands. Your mum turns her head towards you, now aware of yours and Jae’s presence.
“Any luck finding it, love? You were up there a while” she asks sweetly, completely unaware of what had just happened between the two of you.
“Yeah I just couldn't find it, maybe I took it with me in the move. Plus I got a little distracted with showing Jae some of the photo albums we found” you offer with a smile, trying to cover up the fact that you had been in fact giving your fiance a blow job and not showing him some pictures.
“Not to worry, I'm sure you'll find it. Anyways, Jaehyun, what did you think about the pictures, she was an adorable baby, wasn't she?” your mother asks, catching him off guard.
His eyes go wide, thinking of an answer but he just settles with a ‘she was the cutest’ and an awkward smile. Luckily she doesn't pry any further.
After that the rest of dinner goes by quickly, Jaehyun was always good at getting along with your parents, when he wasn't taken off guard of course. Not long after you’ve moved to the living room, the chandelier sparkling softly, the room lit by flickering candles. Your parents had always had a thing for creating ambient environments, candles constantly lit providing an amber glow.
You're seated on the couch across from Jaehyun, constant winks and smirks being sent your way, you remind yourself there’s only a few hours before you’ll be home and in his arms without interruptions. You just have to hold on for now.
The next two hours feel more like ten, the wetness in your underwear growing as you become more impatient, you sigh in relief as Jaehyun stands up to get your coats, stating that he wanted to get back and rest since he had work the next morning. You bid your parents goodbye, desperate to get home.
The drive home is even more torturous, his hand gripping your thigh tightly, his jaw clenched as he focuses on the road. You buzz in excitement, wondering what exactly was about to go down as soon as you enter the apartment. Memories of your past times with him flashing behind your eyelids. The way he had you tied up, his dick plunging into you roughly. Melodic moans resonating from the back of his throat as he takes you from behind. Jaehyun was a passionate lover, and you could never get enough.
He slams you against the door as soon as you enter, his lips attaching to your neck, almost like second nature to him at this point. He intertwines your hands, lifting them above your head and pinning them against the cold surface of your front door, he removes one of his hands while still holding yours above you. With his other hand he lifts up your skirt, grabbing your thigh and bringing it to his waist, rolling his hips into you, the friction drawing a moan from you.
“J-jae, maybe we should go to our room” you whine, his rock hard bulge constantly rocking into your thinly covered core. He only hums in response before turning you around and walking clumsily towards your room, his lips still sucking dark bruises on your neck, claiming you.
As soon as you push past the door and enter he pushes you on the bed, placing himself on top of you before pulling your top down exposing your hard nipples, the flesh now darkening in colour. He sucks harshly, your back arching in response at the euphoric feeling. Jaehyun always knew the perfect balance between rough and passionate, his touch like a blazing fire. He moves down your body, fingers tracing lightly over your sides, proving he knows exactly how to draw a symphony of breathy moans from you.
Lost in pleasure you hear him whisper: “you have no idea how bad I wanted to fuck you back there,” his voice deep and smooth, you’re sure you could probably cum from his voice alone, but that was for another night.
You open your eyes to see Jaehyun staring right back at you, his gaze intense and filled with lust, you bring your hand up to his toned chest, his abs tensing under your fingertips, the intimacy of the moment adding to your need for him. His eyes bore into your own, his patience dwindling the longer he stares at you
His fingers glide down your heated frame, latching on to your skirt, making quick work of pulling it down. He was desperate to see the gorgeous body underneath the soft fabric. Since the start of your relationship Jaehyun had made it clear he loved every single part of your body, the little imperfections you disliked were some of his favourite things, his feather-light kisses to those places showing his love.
A contented smile graces his features as he looks at you, the white lace underwear hugging your hips perfectly.
“You’re so beautiful,” he whispers, “and though I would like to sit here and stare at you, it seems I have other things to do first.”
He quickly moves down your body, his mouth inches away from your heated core, the soft, heartfelt moment from just before disappearing into thin air, the only thing on Jaehyun’s foggy mind being to take care of you.
You feel his tongue first, warm kisses being left over and in between your thighs, trailing closer and closer to where you needed him. He wasn’t trying to tease but it sure felt like it. He offers a smirk your way, before his deft fingers pull at your underwear, the garment coming down and exposing your wetness to him.
“You’re so wet for me, did my teasing back there turn you on?” He asks, running his fingers lightly over your slit.
“Wanted you so bad, all I could think about was fucking you all through dinner.” You moan out, Jaehyun's mouth now focused on your aching clit, sending jolts of electricity through your body.
Soft moans continue to leave you as his tongue runs up and down your slit, circling your leaking hole.
You grab onto his hair as he licks and sucks, pulling on his silky strands , the continuous pressure from his mouth wet and warm. He smirks at you between your thighs, speeding up his actions when you begin to shake from the feel of him.
“Want you to cum all over my tongue like a good girl, can you do that for me, princess?” He whispers pulling away slightly, blowing lightly over your soaked core.
Your back arches as he swipes his tongue over your pussy, his eyes darkening with lust as he holds eye contact. “J-jae, gonna cum” you warn him, your fingers gripping tighter on his hair. At your confession he pulls away, his lips and chin shining with your arousal.
“Not yet, want you to cum on my cock,” his voice low and gravely, he pulls his length out of its confines, the tip dripping with precum.
“Jae please, just do something, please” you whine out, earning you a light slap to the thigh.
“You get what you’re given, don’t get greedy or you’ll get nothing.” Jaehyun usually was only like this when he was extremely riled up, the need to dominate you becoming his first instinct.
You moan as his dick meets your entrance, your wetness covering his swollen tip. He begins sliding in, filling up your pussy to the limit.
“So good, so good” you babble out, your mind blank from the way he pushes his dick into you. He was so big, stretching you out so well.
“You’re so tight baby, you’re taking my cock so well,” he praises, pushing his dick further until he bottoms out, moaning at the feel of you wrapped around him so perfectly.
You wrap your arms around his neck, moaning for him to move. He begins pistoning out of you, the force of his thrusts pushing you further up the bed. You whine louder when he places your legs on his shoulders, his cock hitting impossibly deeper.
“You look so pretty like this, taking my cock like a good girl,” he growls out, his pace animalistic and rough.
“Just wanna ruin you so bad, fill you up with my cum.” You whine in response, wanting nothing more than to be filled with his hot cum, just so he could fuck it back into you.
He knows your close from the way you squeeze your eyes shut, fists curled up in the sheets as he pounds into you. He could never get enough of the way you look when you’re filled with his cock. The noises and faces you make forever etched into his brain.
His fingers come down on your clit, aiding you with your impending high. “Come on baby, cream on my cock, show me how good I make you feel,” he encourages, the visual of your soaked pussy taking him in drawing him closer and closer to his own end.
You chant his name as you orgasm, the pleasure too much for your body to handle. You shake from the overstimulation as he continues to use your weeping hole, chasing after that feeling.
“You did so well baby, gonna cum, fill you up like you deserve. You’re gonna keep it all in there yeah? Then everyone will know who your pussy belongs to. Tell me, who does this pussy belong to?” His voice becoming more and more uneven as he goes on.
“Yours only yours. My pussy is only for you” you shout, his dick throbbing within your walls. Your response pushes him over the edge, his hips stilling as he releases his load into you, warmth spilling into your abdomen.
He pulls out shortly after, making sure you close your legs so his cum stays put.
“You did so well for me, always so perfect.” He says as he nuzzles into your neck, breathing in your addictive scent.
“Come on, let’s run you a bath. You might be a little sore tomorrow.” He lifts you up, his strong arms curled around your frame, his caring nature coming into play as soon as he was done wrecking you. Sweet kisses being placed on your forehead as he carries you to the bathroom, a soft smile on his face as he watches you fight off sleep.
Tumblr media
-𝐓𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐤 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠! 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐡𝐚𝐬 𝐛𝐞𝐞𝐧 𝐢𝐧 𝐦𝐲 𝐝𝐫𝐚𝐟𝐭𝐬 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐬𝐨 𝐥𝐨𝐧𝐠 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐢𝐦 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐚 𝐡𝐮𝐠𝐞 𝐟𝐚𝐧 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐰𝐚𝐲 𝐢𝐭 𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐧𝐞𝐝 𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐛𝐮𝐭 𝐢 𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐢 𝐰𝐨𝐮𝐥𝐝 𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐢𝐭 𝐚𝐧𝐲𝐰𝐚𝐲𝐬!
-𝐀𝐬 𝐚𝐥𝐰𝐚𝐲𝐬 𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞 𝐝𝐨 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐞 𝐨𝐫 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐦𝐲 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤 𝐨𝐧 𝐚𝐧𝐲 𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐬𝐢𝐭𝐞.
-𝐀𝐧𝐲 𝐟𝐞𝐞𝐝𝐛𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐢𝐬 𝐦𝐮𝐜𝐡 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐦𝐲 𝐫𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐨𝐩𝐞𝐧 𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐧𝐨𝐰 𝐭𝐨𝐨!
𝐓𝐚𝐠𝐠𝐞𝐝: @1-800-seo
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saintzjenx · 8 months ago
Do you really think that virgo risings look seductive and foxy 💅
Absolutely 100%!
Not only that I also think they're the most underrated besides Aquarius Rising😭 People really think Mercury children can be plain or look like "aliens"💀 (I have heard SO MANY PEOPLE said this!! maybe its me but i dont see it guys). Let's do Virgo Rising some justice shall we:)
Virgo Rising/ Mercury in aspects to ASC
first thing first, they literally look like dolls. (esp the women omg)Think expressive eyes, pointy/slimmer and long noses and curvy lips ( not necessarily thick but more like the shape ). even people with more melanin can look a bit paler naturally!!
so many people are gonna come for my neck but i'm a simp for mercury people so i'll say it: they look GORGEOUS without makeup. not in a taurus rising way but wayyyy more delicate?!🤣 baby face without makeup though HAHAHA
these natives usually are CRAZY about their own health as they're prone to a lot of random or some distinctive allergy/diseases or nutrition issues and their health are not necessarily the best if not well aspected or there are no other placements to cancel out(6H Aquarius)
smartass. no they really are. as a kid, they probably traveled a lot or had access to a lot of knowledge about the world and different cultures! grow up reading books or knowing a lot of random fun facts🌸 (Sagittarius 4H)
believe in knowledge is power, ALWAYS learning smth new or interesting🖤
poker face. they have this worse than ANY other earth rising. saturn rising looks very "stern" and dry but mercury/virgo rising simply looks so soooo mean💀 yes the rumours are true, these individuals invented resting bitch face. can literally be browsing for tortilla in Walmart and strangers would think they're contemplating on killing someone. (true story)
the funniest thing is after some period of denial most virgo risings are now aware of their RBF and why do i feel like they secretly like it??😃😃
quiet and peaceful aura when they're not talking. HOWEVER the peaceful part may only come out when they know you well. if not most of the time they're just quiet and a bit anxious (mercury effect) will try to cover this up by putting on their RBF again🤣
kindhearted. mom friend of the group. even if they have the most underdeveloped, stereotypically "childish" or "immature" placements, their virgo rising will always take over. my friend whos a sagittarius sun/moon(yes, she's doing okay dont worry💀) but she has virgo as her rising sign!! would always complain on and on and get super mad at us about how annoying we are when we're drunk and passed out on the floor, but would ALWAYS give us water, take off our makeup, (magically) change us into our pajamas( she even color-coordinate them) and would set a timer every 10 minutes to go back and make sure we didn't choke on our own puke💀💀
random waves of sadness when they're by themselves. identity crisis as bad as saturn but not as career centered but rather about literally everything. as a child the environment they grew up in could have lack a lot of structure or had wayyy too much rules they had to follow, they feel as if they always have to stick to a certain way of life to stay sane🥺
not rly the type to say it but they'd rather show you.
observant in terms of people. their understanding of human minds are kinda scary tbh😀💀 could have been sooo into psychology
attentive. you'd be surprised. they remember everything you said to them. the good AND the bad. don't be shocked when they pull up with a yellow piñata just because you told them that one time a million years ago that you wanted one. yes they remember. (cancer 11H)
when they're under the influence they become someone else. pArTy animals. will jump on the table and start showing off moves you didn't know they could pull. "go big or go home" mentality when wasted. (leo 12H)
will regret everything the next morning. will act as if they don't care tho🤣
randomly walk down the memory lane for fun: get embarrassed by thinking of that one time they did something embarrassing.
SO SOOO sensitive and sensible. this is probably true to most earth rising! strangely, virgo rising in particular has the power to see through one's words to predict their "real" emotions and intentions.
knows when you're lying. they can smell the guilt in the air 10 minutes before you start to speak. i don't know how they do this, they just do. will start pressing you for answers if they can tell you're being sketchy
tight circle of my friends > a lot of acquaintances
don't get me wrong. they're extremely sociable when needed, are SO good with their words and the way they carry themselves just scream professional!!! 😆
need a lot of independence to work efficiently. probably somewhere they're not able to hear others and too much random noises. they also tend not to stick to one's outdated routine for too long, constantly looking for methods to improve productivity (6H Aquarius)
will judge you for your mess of a life😀😄but will still love&accept you. way more comfortable with emotions than typical earth rising.
ROUNTINES. the type of people who religiously follow a certain routine. for example another friend i know that has virgo rising takes her shower at 8 and then will maker a glass of tea by 9. I feel like she has been repeating the same rountine, exact to the minute for a couple of years now....
in love with the smell of fresh linens, clean sheets, shiny countertops and windows. they may not always be a clean freak but a lot of them find cleaning to be very relaxing?? it's like an emotional outlet for them😭 watch these individuals starting to dust the shelves and mop the floor when they're having some slight in inconvenience in their life as a way to destress HAHHA
may come from a very religious family too!! could have lived apart from their parents when younger! (Sagittarius 4H)
education FIRST. they understand how important their education is and the weight of what a reputable diploma/degree can do to their professional life. may be very traditional when it comes to education. (taurus 9H)
health conscious people. always learning about cool tips to improve their health. the first to get a supplement after doing an extensive research on the product!!
grammar nazi. there i said it don't even fight me on this 😃😃😃
sexually assertive. look like prudes but will fuck your brain out. they like to be on top. SUPER FREAKY SO DAMN DOMINANT AND DEMANDING IN BED LIKE i'm never taking this back. (aries 8H)
even in dating scenarios, they need some kind of established connection before having casual sex with someone. not that they can't get any, they're just super freakin picky(capricorn 5H)
SEXY WITHOUT TRYING. do you know how those movies about "nerds" taking off their glasses and braces and instantly become attractive? y'all Virgo rising don't even have to do all that🤣 their charm is so unique and elegant. SO GOOD WITH WORDS I REPEAT SO SO GOOD WITH WORDS
i have to stress it again. can someone please explain to me what is it about then thats so seductive?? like i'll beg my friends who have virgo rising to let me include their pictures to show y'all what i mean. their beauty is like Scorpio rising's intimidating nature + Cancer rising's angelic aura 🥺
if placed with even more beneficial placements they'll demonstrate a crazy amount of management skills and administrative abilities.
once developed, they make spectacular writers, singers, content managers, literally anything that relate to communication (gemini 10H)
pretty good w their own finance but spend millions on their loved one and on self care. (Libra 2H)!
a need to always look put together. so if you get to see them looking crusty, they love you.
they tend to have this BIG need to nurture, to take care of people. omg did i mention that they may also have to take care of their siblings when they were little?? parents for sure put a lot of pressure on them.
attracted to people who lean more on the loner side, who are "different" in some way, people they can save, people with pure goodness in them but rather not show it, people who are lost (pisces 7H)
i'm sorry but virgo rising, especially with libra/7H influence yall attract so much drama for what. and like since they're nice and HATE conflic, they wouldn't just lose it on you. they'd document everything you said and done, screenshot every message before converting everything into a pdf and transfer it to a cloud file. cross them again and everything will be send to your employers.🥰 one step ahead of you dear. ( i'm not even jk guys i saw sooo many virgo risings do this remind me never to fw them in the future🤣 )
like most earth rising, they're fiercely protective of their friends:) however, virgo rising literally see their friends as their family (cancer 11H) or the family they never had in some way, they would try to show you love by fixing all of your problems.🥺🥺🥺
realistic. yes the idea of running off with your lover to neverland sounds nice but it won't pay this month's bills.
complex relationship with their siblings, very defensive of them too (scorpio 3H)
their dream is to be rich. why you ask? so they can travel and continue to thrive in knowledge. they're actually so adventurous🕊
i notice virgo risings can pull off darker colours. they can wear a wholeass black outfit but would still look good
they just look so clean😭😭😭😭
their sense of humour is so fucked up. like i thought my gemini mercury was sick until i met a virgo rising💀💀 gosh they'd make fun of you and you'd b like wait what😀 and they say it with a dead serious face too sklsks I CANT- (scorpio 3H)
honourable people. when they did something wrong, they carry the guilt with them forever😭 omg come here babies lemme hug yall
THEY LOVE PEOPLE WHO LIVE LIFE WITH NO REGRETS. they think thats the best mentality. but they highkey dislike people who are disloyal, who have literally no boundaries
oh alsoooo boundaries issue🥰 if you're a hugger they'd be speechless and look physically uncomfortable but dont worry they probably aren't use to it HAHAHAH
I wrote this in 8 hours and have not proofread this yet but I'll post it anyways so my virgo rising bestie can see it and respond to me heheheh🤣 have fun reading this guys! lemme know what yall think!
heres my rising series
saint jenx🥀
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cayofdreams · 12 months ago
Down with the Monocracy
(Bratty!Fem!Reader x Bakugou)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary: Reader has had a FWB relationship with Bakugou for the past 4 months due to her monstrous sex drive. This relationship however, comes to a brisk end when reader seems to get a boyfriend. Frustrated at your now weird behavior towards him, he decides to get to the bottom of his own way. 
Words: 7.5k
Rating: 🌊 Explicit, Smut
Warnings: cursing, bratty/stuck-up reader, implied cheating, heavy orgasm denial, fingering, dirty talking, spanking, degrading, slight breeding
Notes: Hello! This is the first fanfiction I’ve wrote in close to ten years. Its much longer than I intended for a first fanfic but I was desperate to get this out of my brain. I’ll probably chill out and do drabbles for a bit lol. Feel free to give me feedback as I’ve become more-so used to writing research and analysis papers, I wouldn’t be surprised if my fanfic writing is a bit wonky. Anyways, enjoy :-).
*H/N – Hero Name
Tumblr media
 Harsh pants filled Bakugou’s dorm as the both of you tried to stay quiet.  Kirishima, Kaminari, and Sero were in the next room playing video games. You could occasionally hear them shouting at one another, a signal that one of them had lost or died in the game. Uraraka, Tsuyu, and Yaoyorozu were in the commons watching some sort of K-drama. You’d hear one of them let out surprised gasp or a giggle in reaction to whatever romantic scene transpired on the screen.
But these outside noises would leave your mind just as quickly as they’d come in due to the pleasure that was currently surging through your body. You were seated in Bakugou’s lap, faced towards his desk, grinding away at his cock trying to chase that pleasure to the maximum. Your hands clutching at the notebooks and flailed papers on his desk. A reminder that once again you guys could not study together for 10 minutes without needing to exhaust the filling sexual tension. Bakugou’s hands were grabbing at your hips, his grasp getting tighter as he got closer and closer to his climax.
“Oi…hurry up and cum..I have somewhere I need to-“ You couldn’t finish your sentence as Bakugou suddenly thrusted upward into you. Immediately you clasped your hands against your mouth to stifle your moans. He smirked at your weak attempt of rushing him.
“Surely…you’re not rushing me.” He lifted you up by your hips so that only the tip of his cock was inside you, before slamming you back down. “When your insatiable pussy is the one who started this.”
You didn’t know if he was talking about your lewd relationship in general, or just today’s scandalous activities. You assumed the latter. Waiting until you could stifle you moan enough to make a sentence, you responded. “…wasn’t me. You kept-“. He slammed into you again. You paused as you held back a groan that so desperately wanted to escape from your throat before continuing. “Kept…feeling up my t-thighs.” You flattened your palms tighter against your mouth as Bakugou increased his pace.
“Hah? So a little graze against your thighs…” He began as he traced his fingernails up and down your thighs. “Gets you like this?” A chuckle escaping him as he watched you struggle to keep your voice down as his cock continued to roughly glide in and out of your trembling walls. You didn’t respond. If you opened your mouth now, there’s no doubt that your classmates would hear the voice that represented the erotic things Bakugou was doing to you in his dorm.
“If your highness wishes me to cum, you better fucking start putting in better work than what you’re doing right now.” Bakugou slapped your thigh as if he were slapping a horse to get them to go faster. You winced as you gripped at the edge of Bakugou’s desk to better stabilize yourself. As soon as you started riding him at a more fierce pace his hands slip up to cup your breasts under your bra. He pinched at your nipples, making you let out a lewd noise that had you worrying if your neighboring classmates heard it.
Bakugou noticed you shoot a glance toward his door, listening to see if you’d been found out, and sucked at his teeth. “You worried about those dumbasses hearing you?” He got up, still inside you, and pressed his hand on your back so that you’d be face down on the desk and ass up in the air. Jutting his hip toward yours, you grunted behind gritted teeth as he leaned over so his lips traced just over your ear. “Hearing what I’m doing to your pussy?” His fingers massaging into your scalp before gripping tightly into your hair. “Fuck those extras. Let them hear.” Moving the hand that was on your back toward yours that were still tightly pressed against your mouth. He pried them away from your face, bringing your arm back so that he could use it as a reign when he began to fuck you. He straightened back up to steady himself firmly on the ground.
“Wait- Baku-! Hnngh!” Bakugou started to rhythmically jam the entirety of his cock inside you. Laughing at you as you struggled to not add on to the lewd noises your sopping mess was making.
“Fuck! L/N!” A hard slap came down on your ass cheek. The pleasurable pain causing your slippery walls to quiver against Bakugou’s cock. Your free hand roaming around the surface of the desk, now crumbling up homework papers under your fingers. “You like this? You like almost being found out by those shitty extras? Fucking pervert. Why don’t you just scream like you want to? I know you’re about to fucking cum.”
Your lips curling in under your teeth, grunts becoming louder and louder as your orgasm approached. The growls of the man behind you adding on to your auditory pleasures, drowning out the yells and cheers of your neighboring classmates. But it was getting harder and harder to hold your voice back, and Bakugou seemed to not give any care as his thrusts got deeper and more forceful.
“Fucking scream, L/N. I want to hear it. Imagine those dumbasses’ faces when you walk out there. Knowing what lewd shit you were doing with me.” He let go of your arm and reached around to wildly circle your clit. “And you portray yourself as some kind of princess. Fucking bullshit.”
You couldn’t hold back anymore. Even as your hand quickly went back to cover your mouth, it wouldn’t be able to hold back the suppressed groan you’d soon let out. “I said fucking-“ Before he could let out his demand the loud exclaims from the adjacent room poured into Bakugou’s. Another loss. Or win. Who gives a shit? All you knew is that those yells allowed you the opportunity to loudly moan Bakugou’s name to your heart’s desire as you finally reached your orgasm.
Bakugou would’ve called you out on cheating if the quivers of your orgasming walls wasn’t forcing him into his own intense wave of pleasure. “Oh shit…L/N…gonna cum. Fuck-“. He let out a couple more rough thrusts before spilling his seed inside the condom. You felt his cock pulsating, a weirdly pleasurable feeling as you were winding down from your own orgasm. Bakugou slipped out of you and slumped back in the chair and you soon followed, falling back into his lap.
Seeing that you were exhausted, he lifted up your leg so that he could reach down and slip off the used condom. Tying it in a single knot at the end and tossing it into the trash nearby. He let his hands softly feel up your thighs and squish your stomach, comforting you as you regained your breaths.
“You imbecile. We could’ve been found out, for real.” You said, pinching his thigh, too tired to hit him.
“Shut up. It doesn’t fucking matter.”
“It WILL matter if there’s ever a headline of us. ‘Upcoming pro-heroes, Ground Zero and H/N CAUGHT fornicating in the dormitories.’ You waved your hands in the air, mimicking a hysterical news reporter.
He chuckled into your back. “You fucking wish you could be in an obscene headline with me”. You sucked your teeth at him.
“Are you still going somewhere”
“Are you sane? Like I can move right after that.” You turned to look at him. “Make me some ramen. And don’t add a deadly amount of spice to it, either.” You got up and grabbed some tissues and started to wipe away the seeping wetness off your crotch and thighs.
“Like I’m making you shit! Make it yourself!” Bakugou got up and repositioned his shorts around his waist. Before he could grumble anymore, you placed a kiss on his cheek causing him to turn a deep shade of pink.
“You shouldn’t rebel. It just takes away from energy that’s better spent making that ramen.”
“Honestly, just shut up!” He turned away towards the door but you could still see the pink on the back of his ears.
You chuckled at the slam of the door, your smile widening as you heard him fumbling around in the kitchen.
But the time Bakugou returned with two hot bowls of ramen, you were knocked out asleep.
“…Fucking stuck-up vixen”
You sat in the karaoke room with Mina, Kirishima, Kaminari, and Jirou, making you the 5th wheel. But only temporarily, as your friends had supposedly invited a cute guy from a rival hero school to be your date for the evening. You loved being courted by attractive guys, you were a queen after all, so naturally you didn’t turn down the blind date. Though you must admit, since starting your friends-or rather, rivals-with-benefits relationship with Bakugou, you didn’t go out with guys much. You didn’t really see much of a need since your sexual appetite was being satisfied. Bonus points in that since it was no-strings-attached you didn’t have to frolic in romance, leaving you time and energy to concentrate on your hero studies.
“Are you excited, Y/N!? He texted me saying he’s on his way!” Mina was definitely more excited than you were, but you were waiting in anticipation none-the-less. Apparently Kaminari knew the guy, which worried you a bit since Kaminari was a dunce when it came to most things. But after Mina and Jirou reassured you the guy was definitely your type, you became more okay with date.
“Yeah, I suppose. Tardiness deducts points, though.” You playfully declared as the door to the karaoke room slowly opened.
“Aww…don’t be so strict with me, L/N. I’ll cry before I even properly meet you.” You heard a young man say as he entered the room. As soon as you looked at his face, you felt heat rise to your own. He was nothing less than exquisite. You’d never seen hair so soft-looking and flowy, skin so smooth and obviously baby-soft. A piercing pair of eyes that you were scared, or maybe hoped, could see straight through your clothing, into your soul.
“It’s okay if you cry. I like seeing cute boys cry.” You smiled with an obviously feigned innocence as you picked up your drink and sipped from it. He smiled seductively as he sat down right next to you, not leaving any space between your bodies.
“Seijirou!” Kaminari exclaimed, reaching over to fist pump your date. “Glad you could make it, dude!”
“Kaminari, long time no see. We need to have another jam session before we graduate.” The boy named Seijirou cooly stated, returning the fist bump. “Of course with L/N now joining us in the studio” He returned his gaze toward you. “I’m sure her alluring beauty and energy will inspire me with some great melodies”.
God, his coy smile could lead you straight into hell. How hadn’t you met him yet? You almost wanted to curse Kaminari for not introducing this stunningly attractive man to you before.
“Kyaa!! What a natural romantic!!” Mina shouted slapping her hand excitedly on Kirishima’s thigh. “Right, Eiji?!”
“Haha, yeah, babe.” Kirishima replied, taking Mina’s hand in his own to keep her from bruising his thigh.
Jirou reached over to grab the tablet that connected to the karaoke room’s TV screen. “Okay, guys lets get down to jamming.”
“Yeah!” Kaminari wrapped his arm around Jirou, pulling her into his chest as she picked the first song.
“I sure hope your voice is to the same standards as your face, Seiji.” You seductively challenged, looking him right in the eyes.
“I hope so too, I need to earn those points back.” Seijirou replied, his finger tracing slowly on your hand. You chuckled, holding his hand in yours now.
Jackpot, baby
After a long and tiring session of belching out everything from cute idol songs, to screaming death metal, it was time to head back home. Everyone was laughing and joking with each other as you all walked back. Everyone was also hand-in-hand with their respective partners, including you and Seijirou’s. In fact your hands had never left each other’s grasps since they first joined at the beginning of the karaoke session. You and Seijirou walked a few steps behind everyone, wanting to mimic any kind of privacy in order to soak in each other’s presence. Kirishima looked behind and noticed this, squeezing Mina’s hand to alert her as well. She grinned ear to ear at the lovely display of romance unfolding.
“Hey, F/N! Are you going home or….will you be continuing your date in private?” Mina winked at you, not at all trying to be discreet about her intentions.
“Oh. I guess I didn’t even think about it”. A total lie. You’d been strategizing how you’d cleverly get into bed with Seijirou since you first heard his pretty voice sing.  You wanted to know how he’d moan. How he’d make you moan. If he’d be better than Bakugou.
Woah, how did he cross your mind? You hadn’t even thought about him all night until the potential for good sex crossed your path. But thoughts of him dissipated with the sultry voice of Seijirou.
“I surely don’t mind the extra company. I’ve been dying to share my tea recipe with a worthy guest.” He squeezed your hand. “It’s a special recipe. Made especially for when my throat is sore from an awesome jam session..or when…” He looked directly at you. “When anyone’s throat is sore from using it…extensively.”
Your panties were drenched at this point. Not that they weren’t a bit damp the entire evening. You needed this mysteriously seductive man’s cock inside you. Now.
“Sounds like some delectable tea.” You bit your lip. Seijirou chuckled at you.
“Shame I didn’t bring my car, I’d hate to make you walk all the way back to my place”.
He has a car, too?!
You could throw your panties at him this very moment.
“I don’t mind walking with you, Seijirou.” You smiled up at him, squeezing his hand back.
Catching the mood, the group separated from the two of you, but not without the cheers of Mina encouraging you.
Of course, the two of you didn’t make it to his place. It’d take too long. You needed each other now. So you opted for the love hotel that was only a couple blocks away. As soon as you and Seijirou stepped into the erotically designed room, you jumped on him. He caught you, and you wrapped your leg around his waist. You drowned in each other’s kisses, wanting desperately to become one with each other. You for one, could not wait to see how Seijirou could maneuver his away around your body like he did with your mind.
Tapping your pen away on the notebook in front of you, you struggled to digest the information in the textbook. Not even knowing what to highlight anymore, words became more jumbled and muddled as you tried to continue reading. You couldn’t concentrate at all.
Sighing in annoyance, you got up from the common room’s table and went to make something hot to drink in the kitchen. Everyone was most likely asleep by now, but since you couldn’t seem to do so you decided to force yourself into exhaustion with some late-night studying. But unfortunately, despite feeling wide awake, it didn’t seem to help you focus any better in regards to studying. You were never a “studier” anyways.
As you waited for the hot water to boil, you scrolled through phone trying to find an entertaining distraction, settling for the digital magazine of your favorite fashion designer. You didn’t even notice Bakugou stroll into the kitchen
So startled you almost dropped your phone, you turned around to see the owner of that voice.
“Fucking, hell, Bakugou. You scared the shit out of me.” Clutching at your chest, you tried to ease down the erratic beating of your heart. He always found a way to get an expletive out of you. Bakugou slightly pushed you against the counter to  get a better view of your backside.
“Nah, you’re good” Smirking, he went to the refrigerator to grab a bottle of water as you rolled your eyes at him. “What are you even doing up anyways? Taking some dumbass selfies?”
“Well, if you’re so interested in the affairs of L/N F/N, I’ll have you know that I was actually studying, like the non­-dumbass that I am”.
“Sounds like something a dumbass would say.” Taking a swig from the water bottle, Bakugou took a glance at your side profile, also noticing how revealing your pajamas were. Your pajama shorts were barely covering your plump ass, and the flesh of your thighs slightly spilled over the tightness of your thigh high socks. What the hell were you doing walking around the common area like that? Surely you were waiting for him.
He took a last sip of his water and pinched at your upper thigh.
“Gyah! Bakugou, what the hell?” Your annoyed face being 110% worth the cute noise he was able to force out of you.
“Why are you studying out here? You know you could’ve asked me for help.”. His fingertips still lingering over your thigh, faintly tracing over your skin. You sucked your teeth and lightly pushed his hand away.
“No, I couldn’t’ have.” Your phone buzzed at seemingly the right time; before temptation would get the best of you. You smiled at the recent text message you received, something that didn’t go unnoticed by Bakugou.
Raising an eyebrow, he watched you with suspicion before he made another attempt. This time, he made a squeeze at the squish of your waist. “Oh yeah? And why is that?” You grabbed at his wrist in protest but it only made him dig his fingertips deeper into your flesh. “I know you have needs, Y/N. You haven’t met up with me in the past few days, either.”
The fluster showing on your face didn’t help your denying, but you still tried to step away from him; a fail. He completely closed the distance between you and leaned down toward your ear.
“It must be so hard to contain it right now. Those slutty impulses of yours.” He grinned at the way you bit your lip trying to fight off the urges his voice was erupting in you. He knew his effect on you. “So how about you just accept the favor I’m so greatly offering to you and drop those soaked panties and bend over the counter so I can ram this cock into you like-
“I’m seeing someone!” You exclaimed, possible a bit too loud. Bakugou glanced at you as if trying to see if you were really telling the truth or not. You met his gaze with a stern expression. “I’m seeing someone.”
Slowly Bakugou let go of his grasp on you and stepped back. “You fuckin’ serious?”
Slowly nodding your head yes, you straightened back up to continue fixing your drink.
“What fucking psychopath would want to date you? Are you sure he’s real?”.
“I know this may come as a shock to you.” A sly grin appeared on your face. “That I could humble myself enough to share my precious time and energy with someone-“
“Oh, just shut up, already.” Bakugou sat his water bottle down on the counter, looking at it as if thinking deeply about something. There was a momentary silence before you broke it.
“Are you mad?”
Bakugou scoffed at you. “And just what exactly is there for me to be mad about?”
“Well this commences the end of our relationship. You’re no longer a concubine. Perhaps you’re wondering what more to life there is? Oh, maybe depressed is the word I was looking for.” You put your hand to your chin, feigning concern.
“As much as I’d love to shut you up right now with a cock down your throat, I’m quite happy this is over.” He moved to put his water bottle in the refrigerator. “I can finally put my stamina towards training instead of wasting it on that monstrous sex drive you have.”
“And with that, the counsel dismisses you.” You smugly took a sip from your drink.
“Oh, shut up. I’m going back to bed before I commit regicide.” Bakugou put his water bottle back in the fridge and walked past you towards the hallway. “Good luck on your ‘studying’, your highness”.
When Bakugou was long out of your sight, you heaved out a long sigh.
A couple weeks had went by and honestly Bakugou was beyond frustrated. He didn’t really think you had it in you to avoid his presence for so long. You usually couldn’t go 2 days without coming at him with some kind of ‘You agreed to be my concubine…so fucking perform!’ bullshit. With his pride, he’d pummel someone like you into the dirt. But immediately after saying something like that you’d palm against his growing hardness before lowering your head to his crotch. And you’d  adorn the most lustful gaze. A gaze that told him that he was the only one who could satisfy you.
‘You’re supposed to be pleasing me, but I guess queens have duties too…’
Honestly you were such a fucking brat. Acting all high and mighty and then becoming a filthy wench only moments after having a cock shoved up you. But he lived for it. The challenge of getting you to finally submit to him during sex would drive him crazy. That blissful face of pleasure. Those lips that would call out for him to go faster.
Maybe he’d be willing to let you go if you weren’t being so goddamn strange around him now. Not only were you being more distant around him, whenever he so much as brushed up against you your face rose with obvious arousal. Your lips would slightly part as if you’re about to let out a moan- but then you’d scold him for being so close to you.
‘Can’t you back up? I can barely hear my own thoughts with your vulgar presence around me’
That sort of thing would happen multiple times and especially during training sessions with him. Whenever you were opponents and Bakugou had successfully won and had you pinned to the ground, you looked as if you were on the verge of orgasming. And then as soon as Aizawa blew the whistle to end the round, you’d quickly run away with an annoyed look.
One time he had approached you, asking what the fuck your deal was, but you quickly dismissed him.
‘Maybe I’m just so pleased with my boyfriend that I literally can’t go a minute without thinking of him. I can’t help that you’ve never made a girl feel that way.’
Were you teasing him? Did you even have a boyfriend? If you did, why did you have a face that seemed as if you hadn’t been fucked properly in years? If this boyfriend of yours was so bad at sex, wouldn’t you have dumped him? Before the start of this rivals-with-benefits agreement you’d told him of the time you kicked a guy out in the middle of fucking because he had “no idea how to fuck his royals”.  
He’d really think your boyfriend was fake if it wasn’t for the fact that one time while sitting beside you, he saw you receive a message from someone with a heart by the name. And then you’d smile to yourself before pocketing your phone.
Fuck. Maybe this guy really was that good.
No one could please you the way he did. He knew it. It was an irrefutable fact. He’d get down to the bottom of this. He’d make you realize who you really belonged to.
Bakugou grumbled at the unfinished homework on his desk. He couldn’t concentrate due to your stupid antics. He pulled out his phone to send you a text.
“What are you doing?”
Five minutes had gone by and he was already starting to regret his act of impulsivity. You usually took a while to respond but for some reason this time it was really irking him. He got lost in senses of regret before he heard his phone vibrate.
“Getting ready for my date.”
He scoffed at your reply.
“Oh, with that fake boyfriend of yours, huh?”
A couple minutes went by before Bakugou received another reply. This time it was an image. Opening it, It was a selfie of you in what he assumed was your date outfit. You always dressed exquisitely outside your school uniform and he’d be lying if he said he didn’t appreciate your sense of style. But right now, that appreciation was manifesting into lust.
Fuck, you didn’t have that big of breasts but why were they looking so plump, now? The dress you were wearing teased your collarbones and Bakugou might as well had been drooling at this point. Not replying after a couple minutes, stunned by your posh appearance, his phone vibrated again.
“I don’t get dressed up like this for any commoner. Now why are you disturbing me?”
He wanted to reply with a “Fuck you. Nothing, dumbass”, but he held back.
“I want my fucking manga back.”
A silly demand, he knew. But it was the only thing he could think of to get you back within his grips. Hopefully you weren’t too suspicious as it had been a few weeks since you borrowed his manga to read.
“Ugh…I suppose I can take time out of my meaningful getting-ready time to drop off your little comic. I’ll be there in 20.”
A smirk shaped the lips of Bakugou’s before he brisked his way to the shower in preparation for his plans.
Bakugou had finished putting on his clothes and was now tidying up his room in waiting for a knock at the door. But you were always so rude so instead he was alerted by the sudden swinging open of his door. Before he could yell at you he became entranced by your appearance.
The dress you were wearing hugged you in all the right places and came to a seductive stop slightly below the round of your ass. The plush of your thighs were teased as the start of the top of your opaque socks once again molded erotically around your flesh. It seemed you also had a bit of makeup on as your e/c popped out beautifully from your dark eyeliner.
But you were also entranced by his appearance. You could tell he just took a shower because the smell of his soap traced provocatively under your nose. He wasn’t even wearing anything special, a black long-sleeve top that perfectly fitted his biceps, and a pair of black shorts. But fuck, it was driving you crazy right now.
“Your comic.” You coldly tried to hand it to him, trying to not appear as aroused as you felt.
“Can’t you fucking put it back on the shelf. That’s where you got it from, isn’t it?”
You clicked your tongue at him. “Troublesome.” As you walked past Bakugou to get to the little bookcase above his desk, he watched you. The stride of your hips as you walked had him licking his lips behind you. As you put the manga back on the shelf, he walked up to you so there was no distance between the two of you. Before you could protest his proximity he interrupted you.
“Put it in the right order.”
“What?” You looked back at him confused and irritated. Why was he getting so close to you? Why did his voice sound so intoxicating?
“I have my manga in order. If you pay attention, you’ll see there’s a number on the cover. I believe they teach little princesses how to count, don’t they?” Bakugou once again took notice of your look of arousal spreading across your face. You sucked at your teeth as you hurriedly turned your face away from him. Even after you put the manga in his preferred place, he hadn’t moved away from you. You were starting to get antsy.
“What are you trying to-“
“Where are you going?” His red eyes were fixed on your face, more specifically your lips.
“I told you, a date.” Your fingernails scratched slightly against the wood of his desk. You were overwhelmed with frustration. With desire. But you couldn’t give in.
“Yeah, but where?”
“A restaurant.” Still avoiding his intense glare, it was becoming clear to you that Bakugou had plans as well. And that those plans would involve you.
“Oh. Must be fancy. Considering you look pretty good right now.”
“Hah! I don’t need you to tell me something so obvious. Only someone with my caliber of beauty could make a cheap dress like this look so go- Mmmph!” Suddenly Bakugou had his lips smashed against yours. Damned be your libido, your tongue wasn’t denying him. Your desires were beginning to take over you as you swapped saliva with your rival.
After a few moments, your hands pressed harshly against his chest to get him off you. A chain of saliva still linked the two of you. He licked away the connection with a smirk before pulling you back close to him. He turned you around slightly so that your back was pressed against his chest. One of his hands holding you in place by squeezing at your waist, the other rubbing against your inner thigh.
“The hell do you think you’re doing?!”
“I don’t fucking get it.” His slipped under your dress to rub against your now dampened panties. His palm rubbing slowly against your wetness. “You say that your boyfriend is good at fucking you, yet here you are drenched from a measly kiss from me.”
A moan escaped you as your hands gripped tightly against his wrists trying to pry away from him. You wanted to give in so bad, but you had something to prove. You couldn’t disappoint your ego right now.
“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you haven’t been fucked at all since you ended things with me, your highness.” You whined at his sarcastic nickname of you before your pride came back.
“You’re wrong. I’d say that I hadn’t started getting properly fucked since ending it with you.”
“When was the last time you guys fucked, then?”
“Last night! He pleasures me every night! More than you to say the least!”. You were losing your dominance quickly, assuming you had any right now. The slow stroking of Bakugou’s palm against your covered folds had you letting out whimpers.
“Oh? Is that so? How about this? If you don’t beg for me to make you cum within the next-“ Bakugou paused. “When’s your date?”. You bit your lips between your teeth ignoring him. Not pleased with your silence he dug his fingertips into your waist. You shut your eyes and let out a loud hum in your masochistic pleasure. “I asked you a fucking question. When is your date, L/N?”
“Seven! Fuck, its at seven!”. He loosened his grasp as he checked the clock on the desk.
6:28 P.M.
“Oh that’s not that far away, but I like a challenge.” His voice rumbled against your ear. “Then if I don’t have you begging to cum within the next 20 minutes, I, Bakugou Katsuki, will get down on my hands and knees and kiss your feet.”
He was being completely unfair. 20 minutes? That’s a long fucking time to hold back an orgasm, especially when it’s this guy trying to get you to reach one. But the thought of him kissing your feet flared your insatiable ego. You’ve lasted without cumming before, and you’d do it again to see Bakugou be put in the place he so rightfully deserved.
“So what do you say, your highness?”
“-my whore.” Your breaths settled as Bakugou looked puzzlingly at you. “Say you’re nothing but a whore for the royal L/N F/N while you kiss my feet and I’ll agree.”
“Tch. Fi-“
“And! I’m going to record it.” You were testing the waters now. But if Bakugou could handle any of the game he was talking right now, he’d surely agree.
“Fine. Then we start right now.”
You nodded in a rare display of compliance. Slowly, Bakugou began to rub his fingers against the crotch of your panties. He was going achingly slow, but you weren’t going to complain. The slower he took, the more time would be ate up. Was this his plan? To just go achingly slow for 20 minutes hoping you’d ask for him to speed up?
You tried to focus on other things while Bakugou slowly rubbed away against your now wet panties. Looking away towards the desk, you thought about math equations. Complicated math equations. Math equations that could help solve the mysteries of our galaxy. Bakugou noticed your attempts of distraction and grinned, placing a soft kiss on are the area that your shoulder met your neck.
“Whatcha thinkin’ about?” The coarseness of his voice vibrating against your neck, taking you out of your mathematical universe.
“Your face after I upload that video on the internet…” You gasped at Bakugou’s sudden increase in pressure against your clothed vulva. He was still going pretty slow but you could feel the pressure cause your clit to swell. “And how…everyone is going to see how pathetic you really are.”
“Tch. You sure are good at acting sadistic. Too bad I’m the only one who knows what a fucking pig you really are. I’ll be making you admit that in just a few minutes.”
Before you could retort, Bakugou’s fingers started making increasingly faster grinds against your underwear. It was starting to become a challenge for you to not give in to the pleasures.
But then it suddenly clicked. He only said you didn’t have to beg, not that you couldn’t cum. Smirking you let your pleasure take over you, now softly moaning into the air. Waves of an encroaching orgasm began to fill your stomach and when you were about to finally go over the edge, Bakugou retreated his now slick hand away from you.
You quietly whined at the lack of pressure before steadying your breaths again. You stayed silent, adamant about not begging to the man behind you to finish the job.
“Oh…you’re pretty tough, huh? Lets see, it’s-“ Bakugou took another glance at the clock. “6:33. You only have 14 more minutes to go, princess. I believe it’s only fair that we kick it up just a bit.”
You smugly chuckled at his challenge. “I was wondering when you were going to make this diffi- Hnngg!”. Bakugou had moved the hand around your waist to tightly grasp the locks of your hair, turning your head to face him. Taking a moment to look directly at your grimaced face he smothered his lips onto yours, ravaging your mouth once again with his tongue. The fingers at your drenched panties increasing to a much faster pace.
You moaned loudly inside his mouth as you felt immense pressure build up inside you once again. You tried to wiggle your hips away from him but he placed his leg between yours, locking you into place. Struggling to breathe, you gripped his bicep in preparation for the orgasm once again approaching you.
Bakugou released your mouth as he once again removed his hand from between your hips. You now whined louder in protest.
“You got something to say?” He asked as he nibbled against your ear. You shook your head profusely. “I guess you really do like challenges, eh? Probably more than me.”
Bakugou lifted up one of your thighs so you’d place your foot on the edge of the desk. You hadn’t yet came down from your first failed orgasm before he sunk his hand into in your underwear and viciously circled around your clit.
You were moaning uncontrollably now, not caring if classmates outside Bakugou’s room could hear you. Chuckling, Bakugou bit down on your neck before licking away at the bite marks.
“Fuck! Bakugou! I-I’m gonna-“ You whined loudly at the repeated lack of friction between your thighs.
“You’re gonna what now? I don’t fucking think so. You haven’t let out a single beg. You know the rules.”
Your eyes watered as you unconsciously rubbed your thighs together trying to get yourself off. Failing, you had no choice but to let your body come down from its high.
As soon as your panting softened, they picked back up again when you felt Bakugou slowly stick two fingers up your sopping pussy. His fingers curving just right to lightly massage against the sensitive sponge inside you while moving them up and down in a quick motion.
“Hahh… Bakugou…”You groaned in pleasure. Too lost in trying to chase an orgasm, you hadn’t cared when Bakugou used his other hand to rip open your pretty dress. He roughly massaged at your breasts while burying his head in your neck.
“No bra? No fucking way you weren’t prepared for me to fuck you today.”
Your constant moans prevented you from replying. Bakugou pinched at your sensitive nipples while sucking harshly at your neck, leaving a bruise.
“You wanna cum, princess?”
“Yes! Yes, please!! Please let me cum! Fuck!” You gave in to his challenge, but it’d be worth it. You knew this was going to be the most intense orgasm of your life. So what if you sacrificed a bit of your ego?.
Just when you thought you were about to enter heaven, the fingers that were inside you slipped out.
“Hnngh- Nooo!! Please, Bakugou. I’m begging, I’m begging!” The tears that were settled at your eyes, trailed down. Your thighs trembled as you once again tried squeezing them together to satisfy you.
Bakugou smirked silently. Instead answering you by dragging you to the bed and pushing you down. He ripped off the rest of your dress before he spread your thighs apart to take a good look at the mess he created between your hips. The way not only your voice, but your pussy was begging for him made him want to give you everything you wanted.
But, no. You needed to learn a lesson. You’d remember what happens when you fuck with him- or don’t fuck with him, rather.
His gazing taking too long, you called out for him again. “Please, Bakugou. I want to cum. I wanna cum so baaad…”. You placed your hands on his that were digging into the flesh below your knees, trying to get him to take pity on you.
“I heard you the first time. How do you want to cum? With my fingers, my tongue, or my-“
“Your cock! Please, I want your cock!” Your hands now gripping tightly onto his. “I’ve never wanted something so bad before, Bakugou, pleeease…”
“You’re begging for my cock, huh”. He pulled down his shorts so his cock could spring free.
You nodded with no hesitation. Deciding not to tease you for now, he sunk inside you in one swift thrust, thanks to your abundant juices.
“Hnngh, yes! I’m gonna cum so hard! Gonna cum all over your cock. Oh baby… Gonna cum so hard for youuu…” Your moans turned into gutteral groans as he plunged deep inside you with every thrust. He made sure the tip of his cock was stroking right at your g-spot.
As he picked up the pace, you swear you could sense your pupils dilating as an orgasm approached. You could see the pearly gates of heaven and then-
Bakugou slipped his cock out of you. Leaving you a whining mess.
“Whyyy?! ? Y-You said I could cum. You said if I begged I could cummm…”. You were sobbing at this point. “What do you want? I’ll do anything, Katsuki…”
His cock twitched at the first time of hearing you say his name.  “Say you’re a whore.”
You looked up at him as you hesitated. He coerced you with the teasing of his cock against your entrance. Sniffling, you did what you know your pussy would want you do to.
“I’m a whore.” Your eyes shut trying to hold on to the last bit of dignity you had.
“And? Fucking look at me when you speak.”
The intensity of looking into his vermillion eyes made you want to cower away. But you did as demanded. “I’m a filthy whore for Bakugou Katsuki.”
“And only me?” He dipped the tip of his cock into you and you forgot what even the meaning of dignity was.
“Yeess!! Only you! Only Katsuki! I swear it! I swear it on everything, I swear…”
“Your boyfriend?”
“I-I…” You trailed off and Bakugou started to slip back out again.
“You know I could do this forever. I made sure to jack off a few times in the shower. Let’s find out how long I leave you in this state.”
“Nooo! I don’t have a boyfriend! Fuck! Damn you!”
“Ahh…so he was fake?”
“He wasn’t fake…He was real. But h-he broke up with me after a week or so. He said he couldn’t keep up with my sex drive. Told me I was a-a nympho… So I yelled at him about y-“ You paused, hesitating to keep going. Bakugou just stared at you, not afraid of leaving you like this if you didn’t finish. “About you…”
“Me?” He leaned down to kiss your forehead, praising you for telling him all this. “And just what did your highness say about me?”
“I said if a rugged commoner like you could satisfy me, then he should be able to, too. So he called me a slut and left.”. You turned your head away, too embarrassed by the sharing of your breakup. “How dare he speak to me like that…”. Bakugou took hold of your chin to face him as he leaned down and kissed you on the lips. He wiped away your tears with his thumb and continued to stroke your cheek.
“You’re not a slut, F/N.”
You chucked. “I’m a whore but not a slut?”.
“I didn’t say you were. You did.” He slipped back inside you, making you moan once more. “Besides, you’re only like this with me, right? I doubt he was making you feel the way I do, anyways. Not with how pathetic he sounds.”
“Yeah…no one can make me feel this good.” Your mouth gaped open as Bakugou began steady thrusts inside you. Your ribbed walls clenched around him begging for more. “Lets cum together, okay?” You placed each of your hands on his cheeks. “I wanna cum with you.”
Entranced by your sudden displays of sweetness, he plunged his cock deeper and faster into you. You slipped your hands into his hair and tugged as you felt your high approach. Your moans sounded more high-pitch and angelic as Bakugou leaned down to kiss your neck. He could better hear your beautiful sounds in this position and it was pushing him closer to his own climax.
His thrusts became more erratic at his impending orgasm. “F-fuck, F/N. I’m gonna cum- I’m gonna cum so deep in your pussy.” He layed multiple kisses along your neck. “I might just give you a little prince.”
“Oh fuck! Katsukiii…Katsukiiii…” You tugged his hair tighter. Your long-awaited orgasm finally washed over you. It seemed like it could never end as your walls twitched violently against Bakugou’s cock, making him lose himself even more.
“Me too, F/N- me too. Fuck!” Bakugou pumped his milky seed deep inside you and you could probably cum again just from the hot feeling of it. When it seemed his cock was drained, he allowed himself to collapse on top of you.
You slipped your hands under his shirt, caressing your fingers along his back as you regained your breathing. “You didn’t cum exactly when I did. I’m deducting points.”
He chucked beneath into your neck. “Fuck your point system. I’m rebelling against your shitty monocracy.” You gasped, feigning offense. He kissed you on the lips before turning his body to lay beside you.
“We should..uhh…probably go get a pill, right?”
You sent a confused look at him. “Bakugou, I’m on birth control.”
He shot up from the bed with shock. “Hah?! So why had we been using a condom?” He frustratingly gripped at his hair. “I could’ve been fucking you raw this whole time?!”
“Well I figured you used them because you didn’t trust me.”
“What?” He looked at you before turning his face away trying to hide his blush. “Of course I’d trust my girlfriend.”
“Girlfriend?! This hasn’t been discussed with the counsel!”
Bakugou leaned over you, his forearms resting on either side of your head. “I believe I said I was rebelling against your shitty monocracy, F/N.” He pressed another kiss on your lips. “Who else is gonna put up with your stuck-up attitude and inhuman sex drive?” He layed back down beside you and pulled you into him, kissing the back of your shoulder.
You twisted your body to face him, looking directly into his eyes. “So you fell in love with the enemy?”
“Yeah, your highness. I fucking did. Gonna execute me?”
You shook your head and kissed his nose before burying into his chest. The up and down motions of his chest relaxing you, beckoning you to sleep.
“I did too.” You whispered softly, Bakugou had heard you though. Holding you tighter against his chest, the exhaustion and your comfort drifted him to sleep.
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meiansmistress · 6 months ago
side to side (part two)
Tumblr media
a packed club. a handsome stranger. a night you might never forget. but it’s only a one night stand, right?
maybe you should have paid more attention to the name of your next babysitting client.
pairing: dilf!nishinoya yuu x f!reader, nsfw pwp (minors dni)
warnings: creampie (multiple), noya still likes to talk and praise you, cumeating, multiple orgasms, slight overstim
notes: this au three part mini-series was written for the dilf collab by @kaijime—masterpost can be found here!
this would not have been possible without the idea from the amazing @rosesandtoshi (all credit goes to her!) and the church of meian. i dunno what i would do without you amazing ladies <3
taglist: @chims-kookies, @vivianvampyric
index: part one || part two || part three
Sitting inside Nishinoya’s quaint apartment is so awkward. Not because of his daughter—who is the cutest little toddler and a spitting image of the man you now work for—but because his honey brown eyes regard you with the same intensity as they did back at the club and make you shiver.
He doesn’t say anything about your night together, pressed up against that brick wall for everyone to see and hear. He’s poised and professional as he holds his daughter on his lap, her little fingers wrapped around his as he bounces her on his knee.
“I work construction,” Nishinoya explains in between little kisses to his daughter’s cheeks. “So I’ll need to have you here early in the mornings until the afternoons. Then you’ll be free to go.”
“Yes, of course,” you agree, keeping your eyes on the smiling toddler so you aren’t sucked back into the spell his eyes cast on you.
“But sometimes my schedule changes or I’ll be late, so I’ll need your number to keep you updated!”
Wow, that was smooth, Yuu, you compliment him in your mind, not daring to say it out loud. The large grin on his face indicates he is thinking the exact same thing.
You exchange phone numbers then Yuu shows you around the small apartment. His room is at the end of the hall, but his daughter Chiyo’s is right next to the bathroom that sits between them. The kitchen is off the living room with a washer and dryer attached for when Chiyo undoubtedly makes a mess.
It’s hard to keep your eyes off of his body as he shows you around. You remember those strong arms holding you up, those thick fingers pounding inside of you, the feeling of his lips and tongue all over your neck. Nishinoya seems to be able to read your mind, because whenever he catches your eye, he smiles and makes your heart flip.
After discussing this week’s schedule, Nishinoya says you can go, but to come early tomorrow morning for your first day. Thank God too, because you’re itching to get home and tell your best friend all about what the hell your life has become.
“Hey,” he says to stop you just outside the elevator. He checks back to make sure Chiyo is still okay on her own before he leans against the door frame with a smirk. “Is my cum still inside of you?”
The suddenness of his question makes you squeak. Did he really just ask that? Your cheeks burn as you nod, unable to find your voice.
“That’s too bad.” Too bad? He smiles and takes a step back, giving you a small wave. “See you tomorrow.”
You’re left standing outside of his apartment building, mouth open and eyes stuck on his closed front door, even when the elevator dings and signals its arrival behind you.
Nishinoya doesn’t do or say anything for the next three days. He greets you in the morning, leaves to go to work, then lets you go after he gets home and takes a shower. Chiyo is a sweetie, but she’s got the same energy her father does, and by the time Nishinoya sends you home, you’re ready to face plant into bed and sleep your night away.
Thursday night, right before you’re about to go to sleep, your phone rings with a message from your new boss.
Nishinoya Yuu: sorry this is last minute but my schedule tomorrow got changed. can you come at 10? i’ll get off at 6 You: Sounds good! Nishinoya Yuu: stay for dinner?? You: Oh, sure, if that’s okay! Nishinoya Yuu: great!!! i want to eat out :) You: Okay!
You spend the next day watching Chiyo, and true to his word, Nishinoya comes back to his apartment with fried chicken for the three of you after his shift. It’s a lively meal, with Nishinoya fussing over his “princess” and Chiyo preferring to run around the living room instead of taking bites of her food, but it’s still fun nonetheless.
When you’re done eating, you clear the plates and start to throw away the garbage while Nishinoya pinches Chiyo’s cheek and says, “Princess, can you go wash your hands and face for me?”
There’s the sound of her little footsteps running from the room, and then the sound of other footsteps quickly approaching you. You barely have time to turn around before Yuu is on you, trapping you against his refrigerator and pressing his lips to yours. It’s not unwelcome but sudden, and he takes advantage of your gasp to plunge his tongue into your mouth and lick around your mouth. Fuck, you forgot how good his mouth feels on yours, how lewd the sounds of your kiss are when your tongues tangle together messily.
His fingers run along your sides until he gets to your ass, fingers squeezing tightly as he pulls you flush against him. You groan into his mouth, fingers clinging to his shirt as your mouths move against each other. Heat flushes your body and makes your clit throb, but another squeeze to your ass and you remember exactly where you are.
“Wait—” You try to gasp for breath when he pulls back.
“I don’t think I can do that.”
He winks and pulls away from your strong grip, turning to the hallway just in time to see Chiyo running back out, yelling about how she wants “to play airplane!” Nishinoya runs up and grabs her, zooming around the room with her over his shoulder, but you don’t watch. You’re too busy catching your breath and running through all the reasons why staying is a very, very bad idea.
You know you need to leave. If you don’t, you’ll be encroaching on dangerous territory (even though you already have.) Your mind scrambles for excuses to get out of the apartment before you give into the throbbing in your core and the slickness you can feel already gathered between your folds. Should you text your friend and ask her to make up an emergency? Should you call your boss and tell her you can’t babysit here anymore? Should you just walk out and say you’ll be going now?
Nishinoya’s voice pulls you out of your thoughts. He holds Chiyo to his shoulder, the girl already fast asleep after their play earlier.
“I’m going to put her to bed,” he tells you then he smirks, his voice dropping. “Then I’d like to put you to bed.”
You can feel the heat creeping up your neck and your core clenches at his words.
“Yuu, I’m not sure about that.”
“I am. You don’t have to stay, but I’d prefer if you did.”
He walks down the hallway and leaves you in the kitchen with only your thoughts. You shouldn’t do this—you know that clearly. What’s the saying again? Don’t mix business with pleasure? Playing with fire? Well, you’re clearly doing both, ready to burn yourself for one more night with him.
He’s giving you a choice, just like he did last time. You didn’t have to follow him out of the club last weekend but you did, because you wanted to feel him, to taste him, to have him deep within you, making you cry out his name as you shake and moan. That feeling hasn’t left—if anything, his kiss earlier brought it back full force. You’re addicted to the way his mouth works yours, the way he tastes like something deep and rich that goes straight to your needy cunt.
Consequences are the last thing on your mind as you take the first few steps toward his bedroom.
“Fuck, you feel so good,” Nishinoya pants, his fingers digging into the flesh of your hips as he snaps his hips against yours.
It took embarrassingly little time for you to be naked beneath him, sheets clutched between your fingers at his hard thrusts, teeth biting down on the pillow underneath you. His cock felt so good in you a few days ago, but with him now fucking you from behind, he hits a new angle that has you moaning around the pillow. Juices leak down your thighs as he continues thrusting and one of his hands grabs onto your breast, squeezing and rolling your nipple between two fingers.
Your mouth falls open in a loud groan and he chuckles, breathlessly reminding you to keep quiet. “Don’t want to wake up Chiyo, do we?” he jokingly chides you before he thrusts even harder and makes you squeal.
“Yuu,” you whine and shift your head so you can see him from the corner of your eye. His body is covered in a thin sheet of sweat, his mouth open in heavy pants, eyes downcast and watching your ass jiggle as he thrusts. His hand on your hip smacks one of your asscheeks and you whimper, pushing back against him to get him deeper.
Your walls clench the closer you come to your orgasm and he groans, hand on your breast pushing down your stomach until it reaches your wet cunt. Nimble fingers find your clit and begin rubbing, making you throb around him with a high-pitched gasp. You arch your back even further, legs and arms shaking with the building pleasure in your body, the heat in your stomach threatening to snap.
“Fuck, you’re tight,” he hisses, digging his fingers into your hip hard enough to bruise. “You’re gonna be a good girl and cum for me, aren’t you?”
“Yes!” is the only thing you manage to say before your climax crests and you become a shaking mess underneath him, mouth hanging open with your constant whimpers as you fall apart. Drool drips out of your mouth onto the pillow as your body trembles, legs opening even more so he can hit even deeper. His thrusts become uneven and sloppy, and you’re still coming down from your intense high when you feel his warmth filling you up to the brim. His heavy pants mixed with low groans make you whine and push back, wanting to feel his cum even deeper within you.
When he pulls out, you feel your mixed juices trail down your swollen folds and your upper thighs, coating your hot flesh.
“Shit, I couldn’t see it at the club but you look really good with my cum dripping out of you, baby,” he praises you, deft fingers running up and down your cunt, making an even bigger mess of your already messy pussy. The overstimulation makes you gasp and bite your lip, watery eyes blinking back at him.
Whatever you want to say next is cut off with a baby voice calling “Daddy?” from outside the door.
Oh shit.
You barely have time to grab the comforter and throw it over yourself before Chiyo pushes her way into the room, rubbing her tired little eyes, a small blanket in hand. You hope to God that she can’t see you hiding in bed and that Nishinoya covered himself up, or there’s going to be a lot of explaining to do.
“What is it, princess?” He sounds the same as normal and it makes your cheeks flare even darker red. How is he so calm?
“I’m thirsty.”
“Okay, why don’t you go to the kitchen and I’ll meet you there in a second?”
There’s a soft agreement sound and her feet shuffle away. Only then can you breathe, peeking out at him from your comforter cocoon. Even though you both almost got caught in bed together, Nishinoya’s grinning like a madman, his honey-colored eyes flashing down at you.
“Stay here. I’ll be right back.”
Where else can I go? You want to ask him but he slips on his boxers and a loose pair of shorts from the floor before he leaves the room. You lay back on his pillows, covering your eyes with your fists and cursing yourself. You shouldn’t have said yes, your brain tries to say but you don’t believe it for a second. His cum still fills you up and you’re sure there’s a wet spot on the mattress from where it trickles out of you. You have no regrets and that’s the problem—he’s technically your boss now and you’re definitely going to get fired, aren’t you?
You’re too lost in your thoughts to hear him approach, but the door clicks closed again a few minutes later and you open your eyes to see Nishinoya at the foot of his bed. He slips his shorts and boxers off again and lifts the covers from your feet, making you squeak and hold them closer to your chest.
“I said I wanted to eat out, didn’t I?”
He smirks and disappears under the comforter, hands slowly trailing up your legs until he reaches your wet thighs. With a strong tug, he pries them apart and settles in between them, his warm breath over your wet pussy making you gasp. His tongue traces over your wet folds before his fingers pry you apart, and you hear something that sounds like Oh fuck before flattens his tongue on you.
His tongue laps up everything that drips out of you before he pushes it back in with his tongue, swirling around your walls. His hands hook around your thighs, bringing your hips even closer, fingers digging into your flesh as he works. Your hands bury themselves into his hair and you moan, arching off the bed to get even closer to him. He’s so deep that his nose bumps your swollen clit and you mewl, tugging on his black locks in your pleasure.
The moment his tongue lands on your clit, you jerk up into him, biting your lip to keep quiet even though it’s near impossible. He laughs into your dripping cunt, fingers tightening even more to keep your hips down near his mouth. He sucks and rolls your clit with his tongue, fingertips dancing along the edge of your folds before he pushes two fingers inside. You cry out then immediately cover your mouth, biting into your thumb to keep quiet. He pumps quickly as he works your clit and you can feel your second orgasm begin to build deep within your gut.
He must feel it too because he switches, burying his tongue deep within you again, fingers rolling and rubbing your clit in quick circles. The only thing you can do is moan his name over and over as pleasure washes over you, fingers tugging relentlessly on his hair as you grind your pussy into his face. The hand still on your hips keeps you close so he can lap up all the juices spilling out of you, and he doesn’t stop moving his fingers on your clit until you’re squealing and crying out, it’s too much, Yuu, too much.
He shimmies up the blanket until his head pops out of the top, and the pleased grin he gives you is covered in a shiny mixture of your juices.
“We taste so good together,” he laughs and presses forward to claim your lips, forcing his tongue into your mouth. You moan when it meets yours, tasting both your cum and his cum on the tip of his tongue. It’s languid and slow compared to how fast he was eating you out a mere second ago, and when he pulls back, his pupils are dark and blown wide with lust.
“Can you do one more round for me, baby?”
He grinds down and you feel his half-hard dick pressing up against your sensitive cunt. You whimper and raise your hips to meet his, giving him a feeble nod. You’re tired, sensitive, and surely going to be sore tomorrow, but you want more of him. You want him to fill you back up and make you his again. He’s got you drunk on his cock and the soft praises that fall from his swollen lips.
Nishinoya grabs your legs and hooks them over his shoulders, easily slipping in and filling you to the brim. You can feel him pulsing and growing with every shallow thrust, and when he’s back to full hardness, he grins and pushes your legs down into your chest. The pace he sets is fast from the start and you whine, throwing your head back at the overwhelming pleasure coursing through you. It’s like you can’t think anymore—all you know is the snap of his hips, the dig of his fingers into your flesh, the soft groans that spill from his lips as he wrecks you.
Your lips meet in a messy tangle of tongue and he holds the side of your neck as he nibbles down the other side. His hot breath on your skin brings goosebumps to your flesh and the stinging pain of his bites mixed with the hot pleasure of his cock impaling you makes you cry out his name.
“Fuck, Yuu, I can’t—please—ah!”
You hold onto him tightly as your body ripples with another orgasm, fingers digging so deep into his arms that you’re sure you’ll leave marks. Your vision goes white as your eyes clench shut, and you can’t stop shaking, even after your climax peaks. When you open your eyes again, you see the most beautiful vision: Nishinoya has his bottom lip between his teeth, his eyebrows scrunched together, sweat dripping down his neck as his hips stutter and he releases inside you one more time. It’s enough to take your breath away and make your walls clamp down on him even harder as his warm cum fills your already stuffed cunt.
The room is filled with only your shared gasps for breath, and when he pulls out, you groan lowly at the loss. He stares down at your leaking pussy with a dazed expression, his thumbs drawing gentle circles over your sore hips. When his eyes flick up to yours again, there’s something hidden deep within them that makes you shiver.
“Are you gonna stay the night?”
That’s an even worse idea than the already bad idea of sleeping with him again. Your lips open and close a few times in thought, and you’ll swear later that it’s the fatigue now settling in your bones that makes you firmly nod once.
“Oh good,” he replies cheekily, the grin on his face nearly making his eyes disappear. “Because I’m not done with you just yet.”
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