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#but then i got intimidate because i've read your stuff and you're such a good writer *cries in simp*
bobbymckenzie · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mason & Winter Collins for Love in Wayhaven
HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO THE WONDERFUL @narrativefoiltrope! Or, you know... just a happy regular day!! This is my (humble) offer for @loveinwayhaven which I'm very nervous to share lol but I hope Mason and Winter are doing great ♡ I fell in love with them going through Erin's blog and I *tried* to do them justice... I don't know whether I was successful or not, but I sure put all my love into this and I truly hope you like it!
#loveinwayhaven#the wayhaven chronicles#agent m#twc edits#I'VE HAD THIS READY SINCE FEBRUARY 1ST WAITING FOR ACTUAL VALENTINE'S DAY SOUNDED LIKE A GOOD IDEA BUT IT WAS TORTURE SDFGHJK#anyways i hope you like it ahh *uwu face* hkjdd i've been annoying lyu a lot because i was so nervous loll#ok so ngl i wanted to write a ficlet about W knitting a jumper for M bc i saw a hc and i'm so into the idea...#but then i got intimidate because i've read your stuff and you're such a good writer *cries in simp*#this isn't the biggest gift i know but i promise i put my heart and soul in it#(for you but also for Them because their relationship makes me so soft!!!!!!!!)#i carefully selected every pic lol like. there's homer because of the greek thing (yeah it's ancient greek but still lmao)#and that quote about touch bc u said winter is v tactile and we know m is very particular about touch!#mmh and the one about feeling to deeply can literally be read in so many ways i saw it and i HAD to use it bc head full of thoughts#plus yk some details about winter like the milky tea the french the freckles the type of apartment etc...#also cinnamon rolls cuz... she's one#don't think i have to explain that Hades quote but i'd like to point out that it did make me cry and all my clown makeup ran#i believe in 'AU where winter f*ck*ng lives' supremacy SJDJKDHJKDJKAD#i went through your blog to read some fics and meta (without liking or rb just because i didn't wanna expose myself lol but i'll fix that)#and everytime there was angst i was like SUDDENLY I CANNOT READ<3 so this is where im at emotionally hdjkdhjks denial#myposts#myedits
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