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#but these are all fun ways to get the to help the heroes
mylordshesacactus · 3 months ago
This got long so it’s become its own post.
I explained this to my seven-year-old cousin once when she expressed distaste over anyone possibly enjoying horror movies, and she understood perfectly, so adults have no excuse: 
People read dark fiction for the same reason they ride roller coasters. 
It’s a simulation of danger without anyone actually being under threat. It gets the brain worked up, releases a bunch of adrenaline into your system, you experience a whole rush of emotions and excitement and fear; but a safe kind of fear, where you know the danger isn’t real and there are dozens of measures in place to protect you. And then it’s over and you can get off the ride.
That doesn’t mean everyone is obligated to ride roller coasters. I, for example, am scared of heights, and most coasters are scary for me in a way that isn’t fun. The fear isn’t that I’ll die, the fear is of experiencing more of the ride and thus it’s not a safe fear, because it’s real and I have no control over it. As such, I don’t ride large roller coasters. But the fact that large coasters are not mentally or emotionally safe for me to ride doesn’t mean they should be illegal, or that there’s “something wrong” with anyone who enjoys them.
Similarly, sometimes accidents happen. Sometimes people have conditions they don’t know about until a coaster aggravates them in the worst possible way because they didn’t know to avoid it...and that’s no one’s fault. People have died or been injured in coaster accidents, and those accidents are pretty much always the result of human error, carelessness, laziness, or poor communication. It’s the responsibility of the amusement park to make sure that basic safety features are built-in and maintained--or at the very least (mangling the metaphor somewhat because this would obviously be illegal in real life) to make it clear that those features don’t exist! I feel like most people would avoid a ride clearly labelled “HAS NEVER HAD A SAFETY INSPECTION! NO RESTRAINT BARS! RIDE STAFF HAVE NOT BEEN TRAINED AND THERE ARE NO EMERGENCY SERVICES ON-SITE! OPEN FLAMES!” but if you click on a fic clearly labelled “author chose not to use warnings” you know the risks and they’ve met their obligation to warn you of them. And sometimes the people providing this content don’t perform that basic due diligence, and people get hurt as a result--but that’s on those specific bad actors, and doesn’t mean we ban all roller coasters. It also doesn’t mean every single ride operator on earth should be tarred with that brush, especially when they’ve openly spoken out against such practices! Furthermore, if you KNOW you have a heart condition and willingly get on a ride that says it is not safe for people with heart conditions, you cannot then blame the amusement park!
What makes roller coasters safe for me? Well, for one, the fact that I’m an adult now so my family has finally stopped trying to force me onto them. Pressure was a constant part of interacting with coasters for me for YEARS, and THAT fucked me up. There was “mild” teasing, frustration when I refused, anger if I changed my mind, and a lot of guilt-tripping about how it was my fault that they couldn’t go on the rides they wanted to because of me. That shit was not okay, and anyone trying to force someone to engage with content they don’t want to is obviously in the wrong.
The OTHER thing that helps me is content warnings the heroes who upload on-ride video of coasters I’m interested in trying. Knowing exactly what to expect--being able to see for myself all the drops so I can judge if they’ll be too much for me, and know in advance where they are so I can brace myself--can turn a ride that otherwise would have been a miserable and stressful experience that I chose not to subject myself to into a really good time. These are especially valuable, because what’s safe for ME is not automatically safe for everyone else. The only thing that makes a ride too much for me--my only hard limit--is extremely tall drops. I love inversions, fast twists and turns, I don’t mind rough coasters, it’s just drop height. But I’ve known people with medical conditions that made rough jolts dangerous, and plenty of people like tall drops but find tight turns and high speed overwhelming. Do I wish more coasters were designed to have the elements I enjoy without the ones I don’t? Yes, and not being able to find many frustrates me. But that doesn’t mean I expect everyone to have the same limits, or that I think people who design tall coasters with big drops and lots of airtime are malicious.
By this logic, actually, darkfic is much safer than roller coasters--once you’ve committed to a coaster you have to ride it out even if you change your mind. But the moment a dark fic or horror movie takes a turn you don’t like or becomes suddenly too real, you can turn it off and walk away.
And if you think enjoying roller coasters means someone will conclude that it’s okay to fling people off cliffs without their consent, then, well, in that case you’re just ungodly fucking stupid. Sorry you had to find out this way.
Have fun on those hypercoasters, you crazy bastards. Keep uploading ride videos for me.
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wadey-wilson · 2 years ago
Into the Spider-Verse is, undoubtedly, a Miles Morales movie, yet I can’t help but feel sympathy for Peter B. Parker and relate to him more than to Miles as the twenty something kid that I am. The moral of the story the movie presents is there, and it’s Miles’ moral, but Peter’s character story and arc is also there and it’s maybe sadder than you think in that funny, light movie, but so important to me.
Gen Z and Millennials can definitely relate to the older Peter, even if he’s 38 years old. He’s tired, he’s done, he just wants some rest, he resents his responsibilities, he’s screwed up more times than he remembers, he’s not much of a fan of kids, he doesn’t even care about proper spelling (”There's always a bypass key, a virus key, a who-cares key, I can never remember so I just call it a goober.”). Honestly, mood. And I’m only in college, people.
See, there is this moment in the movie that is supposed to serve as a comedic moment: Miles tries to say “with great power comes great responsibility” but Peter abruptly cuts him off, almost screaming “don’t you dare finish that sentence, don’t do it!”. Then he follows with “I’m sick of it.” And then he says “My advice? Go back to being a regular kid.”
Peter still tries to live by the words of his uncle, but where at the beginning they were his motivation and something that gave his life meaning, now they’re a resented responsibility drawing a circle he can’t break out from. He’s been slowly losing his passion for being Spider-Man, just putting the suit on because he feels like he has to. He even says that Mary Jane scared him by her wanting kids. He’s scared to move on and to be something else, something more than just Spider-Man. There's also the reason of him not wanting to see his kid go what he's gone through, and that being a parentless family, but that's half of the problem.
When you get a close up
Tumblr media
you can see the determination on his face, but there are also a broken nose, bags under his eyes, the hair he doesn’t even care to pull back, the gray skin, the scruff, a few wrinkles even, and... sadness. He’s genuinely sad, he’s depressed, and so done with everything. But he’s not one to quit. He’s still living by Ben’s words.
Those words have become his curse because he lost his way somewhere along his life, because he overdid it with understanding the words. It’s like with Titanic where they were supposed to have women on the lifeboats first, and then men, but they just let the women step into the lifeboats because they didn’t understand the command. That being said, instead of being just a motivation and inspiration, Ben’s words became something he can’t let go of, almost like a drug, like a sick addiction, and maybe he does see it, maybe he doesn’t, but it’s there, and it’s determining his life. He can’t help but loathe them. He doesn’t allow himself to be something else but these words. He is those words, nothing else.
There’s a moment in the movie where Aunt May tells him, “you look tired.” And he genuinely replies, “I am tired.” I may or may not have shed a tear, because that was the perfect reflection of how he felt and how lost he was. He was tired of being who he was and still pursued that path. Sounds relatable? Because it is.
Things happen, movie ends, and while Miles’ moral of the story is that everyone can wear a mask and nobody’s ever ready to be a hero, that they just grow into it, and all you need is that little spark, Peter B. Parker learns that the words he’s lived by aren’t what should make his life sad, broken, and resentful. He learns that he’s just a person like any other, not just words. Thanks to the little journey with Miles he learns over again that being Spider-Man is supposed to be fun and a responsibility among other things, not only a responsibility determining his day-to-day life 24/7. Peter learns that being a hero does require a lot of sacrifice, but it’s just a part of who he is, and that he has the right to be happy.
I don’t know what you got out of the movie, but in my opinion, Peter B. Parker teaches you in this movie that you have the right to be happy. You have the right to live a good life despite one or more responsibilities that set up your daily basis, whether it’s a job or a problem you’ve had for a while. You can still be happy.
I stepped out of the movie theater thinking, “goddammit, why don’t people remember that you can still be happy nowadays? Why do people determine their lives by only the bad things? Why are we like this? Why am I like this?” And honestly? Despite all the bullsh*t, all the crap, and all the small or big problems, I deserve some happiness, man. And so do you.
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heroes-among-us-all · 3 years ago
Oh my gosh I loved your Bakugo and Kirishima jealous hcs!! Could you maybe also do Izuku and Todoroki? Nfsw if you want as well!
I’m glad people enjoyed that request! I had a lot of fun writing it :) Other jealous hcs can be found here: 
Tumblr media
Todoroki puts on airs and seems like the type that wouldn’t get jealous easily, but a lot of the times he’s fuming under that mask of indifference.
He doesn’t like the feeling of jealousy or being possessive, but you’re incredibly important to him and he hates feeling as if someone else could take you away. 
Todoroki still has it in his head that he’s “unloveable”, and isn’t used to the notion that someone could generally care for him—mostly because he hasn’t been much exposed to genuine affection. So if he sees someone else coming onto you, it’s going to make him feel icky inside and borderline resentful.
He’s usually quite good at maintaining his placid expression, so he’ll probably just stand off in the distance and shoot an icy glare at whoever’s hitting on you. If possible, he’d like to avoid an unnecessary altercation, but if they still don’t back off, he has no choice but to intervene.
Todoroki will march over towards you and lightly push whoever’s harassing you back. He’s careful not to be overly violent, since he doesn’t like to act that way in front of you, but his jaw is clenched and his eyes are near murderous as he stares them down.
“I would appreciate it if you stopped bothering (Name). Please leave before I get more upset.” 
It takes all his strength to keep his voice cool and steady, but his tone is so utterly cold that his victim can’t help but shiver. They’ll probably realize that pissing off Todoroki is a very bad idea, and will leave without another word.
Todoroki really doesn’t like it when his insecurity resurfaces like this, but the thought of losing the person he loves after finally finding you is just incredibly painful to him. He’s almost shaking as he grabs your hand in his own, and curses under his breath. [NSFW BELOW]
He’ll never attempt to have sex in semi-public areas where you could be found out, but he’s definitely going to be holding onto a whole lot of pent-up aggression up until the two of you are in private.
Todoroki is usually more subtle with his advances, and likes to start off with a lot of slow foreplay, but you’ll notice that he’s being much bolder than usual. 
He’ll wrap his hands around your waist and pull you up against his chest, breathing raggedly into your ear. He doesn’t usually grope you out of nowhere, but you’ll catch him firmly grasping your ass and letting out soft growls. 
It doesn’t take long for you to know exactly what he wants, and the two of you move over towards the bedroom. Still, Todoroki really treasures you, and isn’t going to be aggressive in his approach. He considers sex to be an incredibly intimate moment, and the fear of losing you from earlier just makes him want to shower you in even more adoration. 
He’ll be thrusting into you deeply, with his arms wrapped around you the whole time. Despite how upset he was, Todoroki will force himself to keep the pace sensual and slow, and wants to show you just how much he loves you. He wants to be the only person who can make you feel this good. 
Is usually pretty quiet during sex, but he’ll be much more vocal this time around. “You’re beautiful, (Name)—I love you so much. You won’t…get tired of me, will you? I know I’m not the best at showing my emotions, but I really care about you; more than I can put into words.” 
Todoroki will press his lips against your own over and over as he drives his aching member inside of you. He’ll keep you close and keep repeating how much he loves you, until you’ve lost count. 
Tumblr media
Izuku’s almost too pure to get jealous (bless him omg), but he can definitely be quite attached and isn’t immune to getting protective over you.
In the back of his mind, he actually doesn’t know how the hell he managed to nab someone as amazing as you, and he does worry about whether he’s “cool” enough for you, or even “strong” enough—mentally, mostly. Despite being a hero who’s slowly working his way to the top, he gets flashbacks from when he was Quirkless from time to time, and it does make him feel a bit more insecure when he remembers how he was getting bullied and had no friends. 
That’s why, when he sees you getting hit on by someone else, it honestly makes his heart sink a little. He’s not so much angry as he is worried, and is afraid that you’ll return their advances. Izuku’s a smart guy though, and he’ll snap out of his little trance quickly enough, knowing that now is the time to step in and act like a hero. 
Izuku will be frowning the whole time, looking more so cute than intimidating, but the fact that he tries is all that matters. He’ll place himself between the two of you and ask in a surprisingly leveled voice that they step back.
“You’re upsetting (Name), and as her boyfriend, you’re also upsetting me. I would appreciate it if you left her alone.” 
He’s never been the aggressive type, but his emerald eyes are so stern and unwavering right now; it’s almost as if he’s staring down a villain. The person hitting on you will probably grumble a bit before leaving, and Izuku can’t help but let out a sigh.
You’re surprised to feel him hug you so suddenly, and when he’s squeezing you so tight, he realizes just how upset that actually made him. [NSFW BELOW]
Izuku’s usually very flustered and shy with his affections, so it comes as a surprise when he practically jumps on you once the two of you are alone.
He’ll be hugging you and burying his head into the crook of your neck, mumbling out that you’re his S/O, and that person had no business coming onto you like that. 
Izuku is going to be a lot more dominant than usual, but it’s still going to be an intimate moment. He’ll be blushing up to his ears as he frantically pulls off your clothing and hovers above you on the bed. 
He’ll waste no time before pulling you into a passionate kiss, nibbling hungrily on your bottom lips. Despite how wildly his heart is beating, he can’t stop replaying the scene of you being hit on in his mind and it really pisses him off. 
Izuku will do his best to be gentle, but even he notices that he’s thrusting at a near-spastic pace. He won’t even bother to stifle the loud groans of pleasure he lets out every time he plunges deeper inside. 
“I love you, (Name). Y-you’d never do this with anyone else, right? I’m the only person who’s allowed to, okay…?” 
His hands will be grabbing at every bit of exposed skin he can find, and his kisses are only going to get sloppier. Once the two of you are finished, Izuku will snuggle up against you and hide his flushed face out of sheer embarrassment.
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saisai-chan · 3 years ago
i love.... Bakugou... my angery son... he’s growing up so fast... i love him so much.....
i love... class 1A... such good kiddos... so sweet... so helpful... 
Shouji, the protective big bro, who’s always there to protect or shelter or grab other students when they get blown away
Tokoyami, the emo birb child who offers good advice when those around him need it and is actually huge edgy dork
Ochako, who just wants to support her family and repay them for all they’ve had to sacrifice
Tsuyu, who’s spent most of her life taking care of her siblings, and calls people by their first name to show she’s their friend, and loves teasing others in the class and isn’t afraid to speak her mind
Todoroki, who just wants to be a hero like All Might and is adorable and oblivious to certain things but still tries his best to be sociable and friends with the rest of the class
Ojirou, the helpful child who lets the other kids play with his tail like some indulgent parent, and refuses to accept things if he feels he hasn’t earned them
Kaminari, who’s grades don’t reflect just how intelligent he actually is, and how emotionally aware he is of those around him and how supportive he is of his friends
Kirishima, who has low self-esteem but wants to be a manly hero that’ll help everyone as best he can and designed his hero outfit for the comfort of those around him
Tooru, who’s just so peppy and upbeat and always brings the mood up around her when things get down
Sero, who’s calm and lax but enjoys joking around with his friends just for the hell of it and is super creative with using his quirk, and is just really clever and creative
Satou, a big buff sweetheart who baked his classmates a cake just because he wanted to make his classmates a cake
Momo, who sometimes doubts herself but just wants to do her best and help the class as best she can and loves to tutor her fellow classmates
Iida, who’s had to learn hard lessons about heroism but still continues on with it so he can earn his brother’s title and help those in need, because that’s what a hero is
Izuku, who never thought he’d actually have the chance to become a hero but worked hard and never gave up and earned it and met his childhood idol who told him that he could become a hero
Mina, who gets scared when put in dangerous situations but she doesn’t let that keep her from doing the right thing and helped Kirishima find the confidence he needed to enroll into UA
Aoyama, who’s awkward and doesn’t understand social relationships that well but saw that Izuku was feeling down on himself and wanted to support him in his own way and make friends with the rest of the class
Jirou, who always keeps a calm head during battle but is shy with her interests and loves teaching her friends music just for fun
Kouda, who’s so shy he barely talks, but was able to raise his voice in order to show Jirou support in her love of music, and has a good friendship with Tokoyami
All Might, how he tries so hard to help those around him despite his personal struggles and he just wants to help and save everyone b/c his heart is just too big, and he saw something in Izuku when no one else did and gave this quirkless kid a chance when no one else would
Aizawa, who cares for all his students and does his best to protect them and gets pissed whenever the media tries to turn them into villains (Bakugou) and the reason he’s so harsh is because he doesn’t want to see children get hurt or to have their dreams crushed and wants to keep them from that, but is secretly a softie sweetheart under it all
Mic, who’s loud and exuberant but also silly and dorky and cares about his friends a lot and the only times he gets pissed are when those he cares about are in danger or have been hurt and his silliness masks a man who is serious about what he does
Midnight, who just perks up and looks so sweet and happy whenever she’s teaching the students and is so earnest when helping them come up with their hero names
bonus bonus:
Tetsutetsu, who’s just a sweetheart and emotional and cries easily and immediately befriended Kirishima after their battle and is just a sweet, excitable dork
Inasa, who’s a sweet, silly dork who just tries his best and doesn’t let his bad opinion of Endeavor affect his opinion of Todoroki and is willing to give Todoroki another chance b/c he knows he probably misjudged him at first, and now just wants to be friends with him and is just a sweet, eager child
Mirio, who went through life with a really difficult quirk but never gave up and fought long and hard to become a hero, and sacrificed his quirk to save a helpless child from danger, and refuses to let that loss get to him and stop him from moving forwards
Tamaki, who’s shy and scared easily and nervous but is able to fight thanks to support from Mirio, and has super low self confidence, but continues to plow on and save those around him b/c it’s his duty as a hero 
Inko. what a good mom. she just wants to protect her son and wants him to live his dream and is just doing the best she can for him and will fight with All Might himself to keep her child safe
Fatgum, who’s big and fun and silly and cares so much for the children under his care and is so supportive of them, and will do everything in his power to defend them, and is such a pure, wholesome, surrogate father figuree
Gran Torino, who clearly cares for Toshinori in his own way, and just wants the best for him, and shows the same support for Izuku, and just wants to honor his dead friend’s memory and last request 
anyway there are just so many good characters and i love them all so much
(long story short, this is just a personal list of characters that i really, really love)
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cakeisnotpie · 2 years ago
Cake’s Top Ten Little Moments in the MCU
For @alphaflyer, who suggested the little MCU moments in which “ordinary people (like us) confront and comment on that super-ness.” .Thanks for the idea! This was a lot of fun.
Tumblr media
10. “Can we get a selfie?” -- Thor: Ragnarok
Let’s face it; who wouldn’t want to get a selfie with a superhero, especially one as hot as Thor?  But beyond that, this scene shows the way normal humans would acclimate to the Avengers, accepting their presence the same way we deal with stars and royalty.  We’d take selfies, post on social media, and overall be excited that our paths crossed with someone so amazing, even if only tangentially. 
Plus, Loki’s eye roll is absolutely fabulous. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
9. “Why the hell should I take orders from you?”  -- NYPD officer in The Avengers
It’s a funny scene that highlights the difference between the police and Captain America. But it also shows the very human reaction of disbelief (the officer has no clue who this guy in a spangled suit is), mistrust (what does he know?) and basic skepticism superheroes would be met with by most people.  Only once the officer sees Cap at work, how quickly he neutralizes the threat, does he accept Steve’s orders and begin issuing them himself.  Like Doubting Thomas, he needs visual evidence and actions before he can come to terms with what’s happening. 
Tumblr media
8. “I’m in the system?” -- Luis in Antman
Sidekicks are the best and Luis is the pinnacle of perfection.  Think about it; he befriends Scott Lang in prison, helps him through his time behind bars. He’s there when Scott gets out, gives him a place to live, lets him borrow his car.  When they rob Hank Pym’s house, he’s in the get-away van; when Scott decides to turn hero, Luis dons his uniform and plays his part, even going back to rescue the guard he’d knocked out.  It’s Luis who knows a guy who knows a girl who heard about the Avengers’ compound and the part they need.  He always has Scott’s back, accepting the wacky hijinks with a smile and a long-winded story.  We would all be lucky to be as exemplary a sidekick as Luis. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
7. “We are vegetarians” -- M’Baku in Black Panther
He’s the leader of the J’Bari, a mighty warrior, a keeper of tradition, and entirely human. M’Baku has no time for royalty or superheroes. What he wants is to be respected and to keep Wakanda and his people safe and free ... even if that means turning down the heart-shaped flower and saving his rival T’Challa. This scene sums up M’Baku in an ad-libbed line that cracks me up every time I watch it.  M’Baku is a fully realized character who isn’t impressed with all the posturing that happens in a world of superheroes; he makes a joke out of it instead.  
Plus, this scene, like so much of Black Panther, is layered with the history of colonialism and racism; M’Baku barking at the CIA representative is more than funny, it’s a reclaiming of self-agency. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
6. Peggy almost touches Steve -- Captain America: The First Avenger
Another unplanned moment, the furtive hand movement from Peggy Carter as Steve emerges from the pod is sweet, funny, and so very poignant.  Peggy is a woman in a man’s world; she knows her value, is ready to punch her way out of situations and has battled to be where she is. It’s such a telling slip, reaching out to see if he’s real, if he’s okay, if he’s still Steve.  All the yearning pent up in one action, the knowledge that the young man she’s grown fond of is now changed forever. You can see it in the way she heaves a breath in the second gif, like she’s been through the process herself. This is the moment, with the others celebrating the scientific breakthrough, where Peggy realizes just how screwed she is to be falling in love with a superhero. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
5. “Yes, I did” -- Darcy Lewis in Thor
There are so many Darcy moments to choose from.  “Still muscly.”  “I’m not dying for three college credits.”  “Give me your shoe.”  But this moment, when she proudly admits she tasered Thor, the guy who fell from the sky, is when we knew Darcy Lewis was a ‘take-no-shit’ type of person who will deal with what’s happening and worry about it later.  She’s not impressed by superheroes, but, unlike M’Baku, she’s a small woman who relies upon her wits, her smart mouth, and pure luck.  She’s not a genius like Jane Foster, not a fighter like Peggy Carter, she’s just plain Darcy and that’s what makes her strength of will so damn amazing in the MCU.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
4. “No” -- Sam Wilson in Captain America: Civil War
From the moment Sam jogs his way, slowly but steadily, into the MCU, he never doubts that his job is to skewer the egos of all these super-powered people, make sure they never forget their goal is to help others. From his invitation to eat breakfast “if you people do things like that” to making Natasha thank Redwing to asking T’challa if he likes cats to the fabulous fight scene at the airport with quips flying between him and Bucky, Sam is on equal footing from day one. Of all the scenes, this one in the car, when he’s literally inches in front of the Winter Soldier, a brainwashed assassin whose already tried to kill him twice, really shows just how confident Sam is of his own abilities, both as Falcon, but also as a caring person who’s trying to help Steve get Bucky back. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
3.  “For Wakanda? Without question” -- Okoye in Black Panther
Okoye knows superheroes.  She is the Captain of the Guard of the Dorae Milaje and her job is to protect the King of Wakanda, the Black Panther.  She could have been rigid, unyielding, a follower of the rule of law ... and she is all those things, but she’s also very human, a woman who had to choose between the man she loves and the King she serves.  She’s funny, loyal, unfazed by super soldiers and magic-wielding witches.  She side-eyes Bruce Banner when he trips in the Hulkbuster armor, fights flawlessly in an evening gown, and stays true to her convictions even in the face of King Killmonger’s reign. To Okoye, those with superpowers have a great responsibility to protect others and she’s not afraid to call them on the carpet if need be.  
This scene is revolutionary because of the idea of a woman who doesn’t put romantic entanglements first, who, like male heroes, is willing to sacrifice everything for what she believes in.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
2. “Don’t waste your life” -- Yinsen in Iron Man
God, I teared up just looking at these gifs. Ho Yinsen, a scientist, husband, father, man who just wanted to do some good in the world. Caught in the midst of such violence and faced with the man whose company built the weapons that killed his family, the man who once ignored him and his ideas. This moment. This fucking moment when he’s dying, has always known that he would die, understood just how small a part he was going to play in the larger-than-life story of Tony Stark. How do I get to be this type of person who not only accepts who he is and what he’s not, but uses his precious few seconds on the world’s stage to change the future? Make no mistake, it’s because of Yinsen that Iron Man exists, that Tony builds the arc reactor, saves himself, saves New York, saves the whole world, saves the fucking universe.  One regular human guy who saw the potential in Tony and made the ultimate sacrifice. 
Ho Yinsen. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
1. “Captain’s Orders” -- Cameron Klein in Captain America: Winter Soldier
Of all the moments in the MCU, it’s this one where I see myself the most, the little peon at their computer who suddenly is thrust into the middle of a superpowered battle and has to make a choice between life and death. He knows, knows that he’s dead, that Rumlow will shoot him and push the button anyway. Look, I’m not a brilliant scientist or a warrior or a military officer; I’m not going to be the one fighting beside Steve or laughing at T’Challa or tasing Thor; I’m Cameron Klein and I hope to God that if that moment ever comes where there’s a gun to my head that I can say “Captain’s orders” and refuse. He’s one of the many faceless S.H.I.E.L.D. employees who work at a desk or cafeteria or mailroom, doing their jobs, only to be injured, have their lives destroyed or die when the Triskelion falls or when Hawkeye attacks the Helicarrier or when their names are revealed on the internet.
Cameron is #1 because he’s me, the small cog in the wheel that got caught when the machine gave way.  He said no without having the power to fight back or to change anything ... but he did it anyway. 
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S/O reacts to their heroes turning into villains. Pt I
You either die a hero, or live long enough to watch yourself become the villain.
Pt2 !
Warnings: Foul language, death, slightly nsfw ones are marked with "**".
Tumblr media
He hovered above you, making your heart beat in all directions. His clothes were all black, and he wore some sort of mask that only covered his hair line and down to his jaw.
"You're scared of me."
"Shinsou baby please. You are so much more than this."
"Your tears won't change my mind. Everybody knew it, it was just a matter of time before I realized it too. I'm not cut out to be a hero." With a finger he wipes your cheeks.
"You are not a villain, this isn't right. You want to help people, not hurt them. I know that."
"Oh but you're wrong, hurting them is so much more fun. For the first time ever, I feel alive!"
A finger dragged up from your stomach to your collarbone. He dug there with a razor blade, drawing out blood. Earning a scream from you.
"I want you to be with me. You said you'd support me no matter what, remember?"
His eyes weren't in yours anymore, but in the place where he was inflicting pain.
"No, not like this." you swallowed hard "I would rather die."
He frowned, sending shiver down your spine. His finger kept going up, until it reached the side of your neck.
"That won't be a problem either, angel."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Y/N-chan" he spoke in a sweet tone and took your hand "Why don't you see? Nobody can hurt me this way."
A sob escaped your lips. "Izuku... what happened to you?" Your hands go to his face.
Covered in blood. His face was covered in blood.
"No no, not Izuku. It's Deku now."
"Did Kachaan did this?" you sob, "I will kill him."
"He was right after all, I couldn't be a hero. Not without a quirk."
You started to become dizzy, and Izuku held you, dropping you gently on your knees and he got to your level.
"So I recurred to other ways, my good friend Tomura showed me. You're going to love him."
He held you lovingly, and you were trying hard to stay conscious. What had happened to your sweet Izuku?
"What did you do?" you whisper.
"What I had to, for them to respect me."
"What? Izuku I don't understand anything. This isn't you." He held you like a baby now, pressing you agaisnt his chest.
"It's alright sweetheart, you'll see. Now sleep, I'll take good care of you. I promise, I'm better than ever."
Tumblr media
"Let go of this one ... she's mine."
That voice, it couldn't be. The villain let go of your neck, having you fall to the floor, coughing for air.
"What a brute, look at how he treats my girl." He crouches down and cups your face.
"You're nothing to me." you snarl, pulling your face away.
"That is a lie, your heart belongs to me."
"That changed when you turned into.... this" your voice threatens to break, but you won't let it.
This was the first time you'd ever seen him, like this. You had been avoiding all of the news, not wanting to face the truth. But here he was, real as ever.
You looked him in the eye, this wasn't the man you loved. He got close to your face, and all you felt was cold.
"I'll give you one chance, join me, I'll give you everything you could ever want."
Your lip quivered.
"I'm sorry, I should've helped Shouto" you face the ground and a sob shakes your entire frame.
"Don't be stupid." his voice is harsh "There was no helping me. This, is the only way to get back at him, for everything he put me through." he spoke through grutted teeth.
You cried harder.
"I guess I only thought you how to make girls cry."
You looked up at Shouto, his face frozen somewhere between fear, shock and betrayal. His eyes pierced through you and he grabbed your neck lifting you from the floor, slowly freezing the delicate skin.
He turned to meet his fathers gaze.
"Let go of the girl Todoroki."
"Or what? You'll beat me up? I'll freeze her neck off if you don't back off."
"You love her too much."
He pressed harder and you gagged, he left you with no choice.
"I'm sorry Shouto" you spoke in a raspy voice, he looked at you for a second and that was all it took to end him.
You cried out loud as the metal pierced through his chest, both of your bodies hitting the floor instantly. Empty eyes stared at you, there was blood everywhere.
He was dead, and so was your heart.
Tumblr media
He turned around, as though he had been waiting for you.
"You're always one step ahead of the others aren't you." he asks.
"So I was right." you wished he would say no, you wished you were wrong. But there was no denying it.
Aizawa was the traitor.
"You weren't a part of my plan." he admits.
"You used me."
"No. That was real, all of it... I need you" his eyes inspected yours "You can be very helpful to us."
"Those kids were your responsability, they trusted you."
"Are you upset?" He walks closer, and despite your every instinct telling you to walk away you don't.
"Ofcourse I'm upset! They're going to be so hurt."
"Do you really care?..." he caresses your arm.
"Why did you do it? You're a hero Shouta."
He shrugs "It wasn't enough."
In a stupid attempt you try to use your quirk on him, but he just grabs your arms and turns you around. He pins your back agaisnt his chest tightly and leans on your ear.
"I know you want more too, dont deny it Y/N. You crave action, you want blood."
You clench your teeth and try to break free from his hold. Unsuccessfully. "Not the blood of inocents."
"Mmm I see, you think you're so high and migthy don't you?" his lips caress the skin of your ear and you sigh, unable to help it. Aizawa made you feel things, things you had never felt before.
"Fuck you."
"I hate to break it to you beautiful but you're not, you've killed, you've broken families. You're just as doomed as I am."
"Keep telling yourself that."
"Why do you resist so much? It was you who told me you were bored of living such a simple life."
"Well becoming a villain isn't exactly on my bucket list."
"Admit it, you're intrigued."
You chuckle ironically "What makes you think that?"
"You could've broken out of this hold two minutes ago yet here you are, still in my arms."
You throw your weight backwards, hitting him with your head and spin around once you're loose from his hold. The roof was probably not the best place to fight Aizawa, but you didn't really have a choice.
"You won't make me question my morals Shouta."
He has a hand on his chin, but his eyes are still on you.
"Oh, I think I already did."
You push him with your quirk (Invisible force) and pin him against the door. He quickly erases it but you take a jump on him and kick his face, knocking him to the ground.
Again you use your quirk to keep him on the floor, and walk towards him.
"I didn't want to hurt you, but I have to turn you in."
But before you get a chance he's erased your quirk again and he stands up too quickly. Pushing you against the edge of the building and pulling on your hair so as to have half of your body in the air. You scratch his arms, looking for something to hold on to, put he pulls harder.
You scream in fear, thinking he's going to throw you off and your eyes shut thightly.
There's silence, and the breeze hits you. Cold enough to make you shiver.
You're prepared for him to let you go, you're ready to fall into your death. All because you had discovered him.
But instead, Aizawa places himself between your legs and kisses you ferociously. Pulling you up bit by bit.
You hold on to his neck, securing your safety before returning the kiss. And when you finally pull away, he rests his forehead on yours.
"I would never hurt you." "I'm going with you."
You both say at the same time. Aizawa opens his eyes to find you staring back at him. And a smile creeps on his face before kissing you again.
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petersspidey · 3 months ago
Laundry Day
Summary: Y/N needs help carrying her laundry down to the laundry room and Bucky steps in to save the day. But he also has a load of his own ;)
Warnings: a lot of smut
Word Count: 3154 (its so long wtf)
Tumblr media
Sometimes you hated Tony.
Like when he was overly cocky, and almost ruining your missions but somehow coming out the hero. Or when he tells the team something you didn't want all of them to know.
But you have never hated him more than when he put the laundry in the basement of the Avengers compound. You argued with him when he was first building it. He put your room on the top floor in the furthest possible wing from the laundry and unlike almost all of the Avengers you did not have super strength. So carrying your laundry across the entire building and down eight flights was not exactly easy.
So every two weeks you would spend 15 minutes just getting your dirty laundry from your room down to the laundry room, cursing Tony's name every time.
So there you were, the second Sunday of every month leaving your room, with an overflowing basket of laundry in your hand. As soon as you opened your door it felt like you ran into a brick wall. You toppled backward landing on your ass, and you had completely dropped your basket. Your clothes had spilled everywhere.
You sighed, and looked up.
"Sorry, Y/N." Bucky said
He bent down, starting to help you pick up your clothes.
"It's ok," you sighed, joining him in placing everything back into the basket.
"What were you doing standing outside my room anyway?" you asked
"I wasn't standing outside your room … I just happened to be walking past right as you opened your door."
You laughed, "ok Buck. Whatever you say."
He huffed in frustration. You always knew how to get under his skin, but he also knew how to get under yours.
Bucky helped you pick up the last few items of your laundry, when he held up something in front of your face.
You black lace thong. Your eyes widened, and you quickly snatched it from his hands.
You quickly threw the last things into your basket, and stood up.
"Well, thanks for the help. I gotta go."
You tried to get out of there as quickly as possible. Your cheeks burning red over the fact that Bucky just had your dirty underwear in his hand. But, your basket once again held you back. You lifted it, but had to walk slowly, barely able to see over the top of the mountain of clothes.
"Do you need some help?" Bucky asked, watching you walk away
"Nope. I'm good," you yelled back.
Bucky eyed you for a second, before turning to walk away. You continued down the hall, slowly making your way to the elevator. After barely making it anywhere. You placed the basket down for a moment, resting your arms. You stretched your back, and before you could bend down again to scoop up your basket Bucky was standing beside you, reaching down to grab it.
"I said I didn't need help," you said
"Yeah, and as much fun as it was watching you struggle to carry this and need to take a break five seconds in, I figured I'd just lend you a hand," he said
"Well it's not my fault I'm not a supersoldier like you," you muttered
Bucky chuckled and started walking down the hall toward the elevator.
"You carry this by yourself every week? How do you go through so many clothes?" he asked
"Well, every other week. But, yes."
"And! This is not an abnormal amount of clothes for two weeks, thank you very much." you continued
"You know, if you did laundry every week you might not have such an issue getting down to the laundry room." Bucky said, smirking at you.
You rolled your eyes, "Whatever, Barnes."
"You're just upset because you know I'm right."
As you approached the elevator, you pressed the button and Bucky put your laundry down.
"Thanks, I think I've got it from here," you said.
The elevator doors opened, and once again, before you could grab your basket Bucky managed to get a hold of it first.
"Really, Bucky. It's ok I'll be fine from here."
"Are you forgetting about the long hallway downstairs?" He said, stepping onto the elevator with your clothes.
You huffed, and followed him on.
"I'm a big girl. I can do it myself."
The doors closed and you began to descend.
"Oh don't get your little lacy panties in a twist,  I wasn't doing anything else I don't mind giving you a hand." Bucky said, smirking at you, knowing exactly how you'd react.
Your face became red again.
"Don't talk about my underwear."
"If you don't want me talking about your underwear maybe you should move the hot pink g-string that you have sitting at the top of your basket."
You lightly gasp, and reach over, pulling the pair off the top and shoving them down the side of your basket.
Bucky chuckled again. Knowing he was embarrassing you.
The elevator stopped, and you both stepped off into the basement, heading down the long hall to the laundry room.
"You must've done something to make Tony mad if he put your room so far from the laundry."
"I'm fully convinced he just likes to cause me problems. He probably has FRIDAY watching me on the cameras. I do not doubt one bit that he laughs at me hauling this downstairs twice a month."
Bucky laughed at your statement.
You smiled back at him. You don't see him smile much. It was a good change.
You turn the corner with Bucky. You could see the laundry room door at the end of the hall now. The two of you walk silently until you reach the door. You open it, and Bucky walks in in front of you and places your basket full of clothes down in front of one of the washers.
"Thanks for helping me. Would've taken me twice as long to get down here if I was by myself."
"It's no problem. It's always fun to show off my strength to a pretty lady."
"Oh so I'm a pretty lady?" you teased
Bucky blushed.
You smirked, and opened the washing machine lid. You began loading your clothes in. Bucky stood near you, leaning on the dryer right beside.
"You don't have to wait down here with me," you told him
"I figured I'd just wait and walk back upstairs with you."
"It's really ok, Buck. I usually just hang out down here until my loads are done. It's only a 30 minute cycle."
"Well maybe I'll just hang out down here with you…" Bucky said, as if he was waiting for your permission.
"Sure, I guess. If you really want to."
You filled up one machine, and threw the detergent in, shutting the lid. You moved over to another machine and began putting in a second load.
You heard Bucky chuckling, and turned around to look at him.
"What?" you questioned
"You have so many clothes that you have to use two washing machines." He said, shaking his head.
You rolled your eyes, "Whatever Barnes. It's because unlike you, I don't wear the same Henley's and jeans every day."
"No, you wear different coloured thongs every day." he teased
You finished placing all the laundry in the machine, and left your basket on the floor.
You walked back toward where Bucky was standing and jumped up onto one of the empty machines, sitting on the lid.
"You really just sit down here on top of a dryer waiting by yourself? You know there's a table and chairs right there." Bucky said
"Usually, yeah. Sometimes I bring a book down, but it's nice and quiet down here…" you started
"Well, usually I'll sit on top of one of the washing machines that I'm using, and not the empty dryer," you added, knowing exactly what you were insinuating.
Bucky's eyes shot up to you. "What?" he asked, thinking he hadn't heard you right.
"You heard me." you confirmed
"Well, alright. So why aren't you sitting on one of those today?"
"Well, usually only something I do while I'm down here alone."
"Don't be shy, doll."
Something about the way Bucky said doll, made you squirm. You hesitated for a second before you got off the dryer, and walked toward the machine that you had just turned on, climbing on top of it. You sat, letting your legs hang over the edge, eyes on Bucky.
The vibrations from the machine were shooting through you, pulsating right to your center. You closed your eyes, enjoying the feeling. You could hear Bucky walking closer, he lightly spread your legs and stood in between them. You opened your eyes. Bucky's face was inches from yours. He leaned in closer, taking either side of your face in his hands. You expected his metal hand to be cold against your face, but it was almost as warm as his other.
He looked you in the eyes, before bringing your face towards his, pressing a sloppy kiss against your mouth (ok but think Endings, Beginnings kiss - his character with Shailene Woodly). You leaned into the kiss, opening your mouth more, allowing him to slide his tongue inside. You wrapped your legs around his back, pulling him as close to you as you possibly could. The vibrations from the machine, still sending pulses right to your core.
You could already feel yourself getting more wet by the second. Bucky's mouth on yours mixed with the feeling of the machine below you. You needed more. You ran your hands down Bucky's body, reaching underneath his shirt to feel his skin. Bucky ran his hands over you, one of his fingers grazing against you hard nipple poking through your shirt. You moaned into his kiss.
Bucky slid his hands under your shirt and began lifting it. You raised your arms over your head, allowing him to take your shirt off. You broke your kiss as he lifted your shirt over your head. He stared at your bare chest as he threw your shirt to the side. You pulled him close, shoving your lips back against his.
His hands roamed your bare back, holding you tight against him. He began kissing down your neck, toward your chest. You leaned back on your hands, allowing him easier access to your hard nipples.
You moaned, and allowed your head to fall back as he swirled his tongue around your breast. His hands fumbled with the buttons on your jeans, undoing the zipper. He pulled away, and urged you to lift up your bottom so he could rip your jeans from your legs.
He tossed them aside, and looked at you sitting in only your underwear. He smirked, seeing how wet they were.
"Granny panties?" he questioned
"Shut up, all my good pairs are in the laundry." you said, taking your panties off yourself, leaving you completely exposed. He stood, looking at you, enjoying the sight. You looked down and saw his cock fighting against the zipper of his jeans.
Bucky groaned before touching you.
"Lie down," he ordered, placing one hand on your chest, getting you to lie your back completely flat on the machine.
You twitched as your bare back hit the cold metal of the washer, before settling in.
You looked down at Bucky, just as he was bending over placing a long lick against your slit. You moaned loudly, not expecting him to do that. He looked up at you as he placed another lick, taking in your wetness.
He saw the look of ecstasy on your face and took it as a sign to keep going. He dove into your pussy, face first. You gasped, and arched your back, only pressing your wetness deeper into Bucky's face. Bucky teased you, leaving small, gentle strokes along your clit.
You wrapped your legs tight around his head, "stop teasing me," you begged
You could feel him smirk, "anything for you, doll."
Bucky began pressing his tongue harder against your clit. Moving it up, down, and in circles. You moaned loudly, your grip tightening on his hair.
The vibrations from the machine and his tongue on you were too much. You began thrusting up against his face. You wanted nothing more than him inside of you.
"Buck, please." you moaned
Bucky brought one of his hands up toward your breast. He kneaded it in his hand as his tongue dove around your pussy. He flicked your hard nipple between his fingers. You cried out in pleasure. You could feel your orgasm building.
"Don't stop, i'm so close," you whined out
Bucky didn't stop. He continued sucking on your clit until you could feel your walls come crashing down. You pulled on his har, and tighten your legs around his head as he continued through your orgasm.
When you finally calmed down, you slowly let your grip on him go. You were panting, lying back on the still vibrating washing machine, staring at the ceiling, taking in that feeling of ecstasy.
Bucky stood up and stared at you. He loved the sight of you. You were panting, cheeks red, a total mess. All for him.
Bucky looked around, thinking of how and where he was going to fuck you. He eyed the table.
"Get up, doll." he told you
You sat up, breathless, "Why,"
"Machine's too tall, beautiful. Can't fuck you up there."
Just hearing Bucky say that made your pussy twitch. He placed either hand on your hips and helped you down. You stood, leaning against the washing machine as Bucky began undressing in front of you.
He tossed his shirt to the side, and began taking his pants down. He stood in front of you in only his underwear.
"Take them off," you begged
Bucky gave you a smug look before pulling them down as well.
You moaned, just at the sight of him. You hadn't realized that the supersoldier serum would affect that part of him as well.
You moved toward him, taking his huge cock in your hand. You ran your finger over his tip, precum already leaking out
"Fuck," he muttered
"That's the idea," you said.
Bucky gripped your hips tight, shoving you toward the table in the corner of the room. He lifted you up and sat you down on the edge.
"Lean back, so I can shove my dick in you." he ordered
You obeyed. Lying flat on the table, bringing your heels up so they were resting on the table as well. You kept your eyes on Bucky, he traced his finger up and down between your folds. You twitched at the smallest touch.
"Please," you whined
Bucky grinned at you, before taking his cock in his hand, and lightly brushing it up against you.
Bucky lined himself up with your entrance, and slowly slid inside. You cried out in pleasure the deeper he got. You felt so tight with his massive cock. You watched Bucky push the rest of himself in. He shot his head back, mouth open, moaning loudly.
"Fuck, you feel so good," he said breathlessly
You both stayed still, taking in the feeling of Bucky stretching you out. He pulled you closer to him, taking either of your legs and putting them over his shoulders. When he pulled you tight against him, you could feel him get even deeper inside of you.
Bucky slowly began to rock in and out of you. The feeling overwhelming. You couldn't hold in your moans. Never had it felt so good to have someone so close and so deep inside of you.
You shot your hand down to your clit, moving it slowly between your fingers as Bucky began to pick up his pace. You already knew it wasn't going to take much for you to come again, especially with how Bucky was moving in and out of you.
Bucky slowed his pace, sliding out of you, and then pushing back in hard. You circled your clit harder as he continued thrusting in and out.
He pushed in, and you moaned hard, arching your back.
"Right there, don't stop." you said
Bucky kept his pace, thrusting in and out. He knew you were close to coming again.
"Such a good girl," he said to you
Hearing Bucky call you that was enough. You circled your clit twice more before your walls came crashing down. Your other hand gripped the side of the table.
"Oh my god,"
Your pussy twitched around his dick, but he didn't stop moving. He continued fucking you through your orgasm.
You groaned, knowing if he kept going like this another orgasm wouldn't be far behind. Both your arms were spread, gripping different ends of the table. Bucky brought his hand down to your clit. Running his thumb over it, over, and over, and over again.
Bucky rocked his hips into you, thrusting hard and fast. You moaned every time you felt him hit deep inside of you, his thumb still running over your clit. Your walls clenched against his dick once more. That was exactly what he needed. Bucky threw his head back, pulling himself out of you, spurting his come all over your stomach.
Bucky stood in front of you, letting your legs fall from his shoulders. you were still lying back on the table. Both of you stayed silent, trying to catch your breath.
The washing machine began to sing.
"Guess you got three loads done today," Bucky joked, cracking a small grin, looking down at you.
"Oh my god." you said, rolling your eyes at his awful joke.
Bucky held out his hand to you, offering to help you off the table. You grabbed his hand, and stood up. Your faces were only a few inches from each other.
"We should probably clean you up," Bucky said, not taking his eyes off of you.
You sighed, as Bucky turned away to grab you a towel from across the room.
You cleaned yourself off, and you both got dressed again. Bucky stayed with you as you switched your laundry from the washing machines into the dryers, 100% eyeing your ass as you bent over.
"Ever sit on top of the dryer?" Bucky joked.
"Too hot," you answered, laughing slightly.
You walked toward Bucky, he was sitting in one of the chairs at the table. He grabbed your hand pulling you close to him. You sat down on his lap, and he gripped your face with one of his hands, placing a long kiss on your lips.
"Maybe I should start helping you with your laundry every week," he stated
"Every other week," you corrected.
"No, darling. Every week."
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husbandohunter · 3 months ago
A Small Predicament [Baby Genshin x Reader]
Tumblr media
Characters: Scaramouche, Diluc, Kaeya, Childe, Xiao, Zhongli, Albedo
Synopsis: Cursed for a week, the boys either have to live with it or find a cure as soon as possible. You on the otherhand hoped otherwise.
(A/n): It only takes ONE glance for me to start having ideas. It was twelve in the morning yall, enjoy~
Oh here's part 2
• "Oh you shrank? I couldn't tell-"
• Threatens that he will murder you to pieces and burn your remains but his voice was so squeaky and high pitched (voice crack) that you couldn't help but burst into a tearful laughter. 
• Its payback time  Bully him, take his hat and hover it above his head. Truthfully, without his hat Scaramouche looks like a little schoolboy. Overall less intimidating.
• Tries glaring. Cute. He's really bratty as a kid, sitting on a high chair (which you had to help him get on) and demanding his servants to do his bidding. In reality, his personality never changed. You realized that even as a grown up he still acts like this (bratty kid in a grown man body).
• The curse made his week a living hell. Signora had the audacity to pull his ear when he misbehaves. Childe constantly messes with his hair while giving head pats and the WORST of all, pinching his cheeks. Scaramouche never wanted to commit arson so bad in his life.
• Eventually finds a cure so he doesn't have to deal with it anymore and orders everyone to never speak of it again. Though, he's plotting how he'll get revenge on everyone who made fun of him using the very same curse (You better run).
• "Oh…Oh my! Diluc you're just so cute!" 
• Diluc grimaces as you glomp him in this state. How can you help it? With his head so small it makes his hair all the more fluffier! His coat no longer fits him to the point the sleeves had made past his fingertips. He tried wielding his claymore again, only to lose balance and fall flat onto his bum
• (insert kid voice "Retribution!") Did I mention the babyface?
• Diluc tries to act as if everything was normal, acting like the Darknight hero and Mondstadt's Tycoon but fun-sized. He couldn't. There was no way people would take him seriously in business meetings. Same with fighting abyss mages, his smaller form was too much of a disadvantage. Thus you ended up doing most of his paperwork.
• One time you caught him sitting on the floor couldn't reach his office desk  while reading away the various books for a cure. It was three in the morning. You told him it was way past his bedtime and he argues saying when did he ever have a curfew schedule. In the end you managed to convince him and he begrudgingly obliges.
• The type to NOT ask for help even when it's obvious that he really needs it. Before he was the one who helped you reach things from the top shelves, oh how the tables have turned. He avoids Kaeya like a plague unless he was in it for another round of funny remarks. When he wanted to go out and get some fresh air, you insisted on accompanying him. Worst mistake in his life. A travelling merchant bumps into you and commented that you had a very cute son. Diluc was mortified.
• The day ended up with him sulking in his room. Although it was tempting, you resisted from cooing over his adorable form after days of treating him like a child. It wasn't because you were teasing him, Diluc just works so hard that you wanted to spoil him a bit. At least he could still play a game of chess with you.
• When things went back to normal, Diluc ensures that you will NOT see him as your son.
• "Well look who it is, my little Prince Kaeya~"
• Tries really hard not be bothered by it at all. Kaeya still maintains his suave facade, throwing in a couple of flirting lines here and there (and forcing his voice to go a few octaves too low in which puberty has yet to occur HA). Though no matter what approach, he couldn't ignore the sparkling mischievious glint in your eye. You were obviously not taking him seriously.
• Things couldn't get any worse. He lost his masculine physique and boob window, he wasn't able to go to certain places without supervision. But the worst thing of all was that he was underaged. Kaeya hated the fact he couldn't drink anymore, he even insisted you to sneak him a few bottles (which you refused) and had to settle with plain beverages such as fruit juice (what an insult). He was never really grounded since his childhood days but he certainly felt like he was grounded now. 
• Kaeya still kisses you on the lips whether you like it or not. If you ask him to sit on your lap, he will find a way to turn the position into his favour such as resting his face between your breasts. You're not gonna treat him like a kid, nuh-uh, he actively avoids it.
• Since his personality still remains, Kaeya is a naughty child. He will use his innocent appearance to sway people (even you) to get what he wants. That was how he was able to take a sip of the wine he stole somewhere (he wouldn't tell you). Diluc scolded him heavily and threatened to ban him from drinking from his Tavern for a week (they ended up arguing, Kaeya being the passive aggressive little shit he is).
• He was extremely relieved to return back to his normal form again. He has so much to catch up (specifically his bedtime activities with you *wink wonk*)
• "Hmmm to be honest, this actually suits you very much."
• Unlike the other boys, Childe was completely okay with it. Turns out that YOU were the one who was not going to be okay. If you thought taking care of Teucer was energy-draining then expect Childe to take that tenfold and beyond.
• You've officially became his full-time babysitter who is in desperate need of a raise (and rest). You can't take your eyes off of him and archons forbid that he will ever meet Klee. One point he'll be running ahead by your side and the next you'll find him getting himself in a 1vs7 situation with some shady looking treasure hoarders. Childe genuinely thinks he could take them on but the curse downgraded his abilities. You carried him and barely made out of it alive. (This made you ponder whether the best solution would be to strap him against a chair for the time being…)
• Childe being a child will eat all the candies and ice cream he pleases. You wonder if the curse also turned him a few years back or was it that he acts like this simply because he wanted to (it was the latter). He loves being spoiled, spoiled by you! Childe demands your full attention, spoon-feeding his meals, back rubs and head pats. Yep, he's definitely doing this on purpose.
• Did he just call you 'mommy'? (Childe has mommy kink confirmed).  He has so much energy that it was exhausting, you literally had to drag him away from what ever he was doing in order to get him to bed. "No Childe, your sleeping time is 9p.m stop whining." He bargained that he'll sleep if you sleep beside him (you didn't get any sleep. You knew what he was planning. In the end, you tried to make sure he didn't sneak out behind your back.)
• Finally you were able to get out of that hell-hole. Childe promised to make it up to you, you deserve it after all~
Small (aka Xiao)
• "Did you know in the Liyuean language, Xiao translates to small?" You didn't say that out loud. Not when he's this angry (this angy)
• He just stands there, crossing his arms and grumbling. You were hesitant to touch him in case he might hiss at you. Xiao has always been short, maybe an inch taller than you, but seeing him like this made you think 'my almighty yaksha can't be this cute♡'
• He gets mad when you no longer call his name for help. How could you? He's just so precious~ Xiao makes it clear that no matter what form he takes, it doesn't make him weak ("Adepti and you mortals are nothing alike." Or so he says but you could tell he wasn't running as fast as he used to because…small legs). You may not comment on it aloud but he can tell just by the look on your face and it irritates him.
• Also the type to not ask for help but worse. Xiao is an agressive little kid, he seems as if he'll be willing to bite someone's finger off if they try to pet him (He gives strong cat vibes, so thats understandable). His spear was too big for him to wield so he often has to put it away or else he might knock someone over with it. Xiao hates being short so you'll be hearing him complain alot.
• Since he was an adepti, he didn't need to sleep however, the curse must have brought down his power by a significant amount to the point you DID catch him napping. You almost swooned out loud just by taking a glance upon his face. For once he didn't wear his signature grumpy look. Xiao appears like a normal child, one full of innocence. His snoring was soft and breathly but that just meant he was deep asleep. (You wished to take a picture). 
• Of course, everything had to come to an end (much to your disappointment), he still complains about the incident to this day.
• How is it possible for a baby to still look so handsome? (Must be his godly abilities)
• Zhongli is unfazed by this 'curse' since his past lives have already taken many forms. Though for some reason whenever he walks down the streets of Liyue, young girls, mothers, ladies all come him was and start complimenting him and gushing over him (he was suffocating). They'd squeeze him tight or squish his cheeks, it only takes once glance before the little girls start blushing and hiding behind their moms.
• Needless to say, despite what form he is in, Zhongli is still able to get free stuff. He got some free candies and some free kites to play with. You had to help him carry his items. Zhongli ends up tripping too much because his tailcoat reached his feet (he decided to just take it off. You had to hold that too). Seems like he can have anyone do things for him in the end HA.
• He still got that drippy voice and you're just like ???? "What on Teyvat Zhongli, you're a kid." This is why you can't see him as one, its nearly impossible.
• Actively avoids Hu Tao and Childe. Once Hu Tao caught sight of him and chased him for hours, he couldn't stay in one spot knowing that she might just pop out of no where. Childe still spoils him, however Zhongli feels irritated by the fact the only things Childe buys him toys (its different when other people do it.)
• Everytime you guys go back strolling through Liyue, you had to hold his hand in case more women come swarming hin again. You swear that at this rate he might get kidnapped because hes just such a beautiful baby.
• Zhongli learned an important lesson after his curse was lifted: no matter how many years he lives throughout  never take a form of a child.
• You find him buried beneath a pile of books and had to dig him out before he suffocates.
• Albedo has the cutest eyes, they're big and round full of curiosity and they sparkle too (he has the prettiest eyes out of everyone tbh). He is the only person who is fascinated by this outcome and immediately goes in the wild to test out his new physique. 
• He was always curious why Klee T-poses when she runs so he decided to try it out himself. She was thrilled to find out that she now has a little brother to play with. In the end, Albedo indulges in the games she always wanted to play but couldn't because he was too old: princess dress up tea parties.
• You felt many things when you saw Albedo wearing a frilly gown and a plastic tiara tucked on his head. Deep down you knew regardless of what gender Albedo was still pretty. Klee even had the guts to redo his hair and hardly anyone was able to recognize it was him at all. He has pigtails, PIGTAILS! You made sure to burn that image into the very depths of your mind forever.
• The only advantage was the he was ablw to fit through small spaces, other than that, being small was way too inconvenient. He knocked down a few of his potion bottles which damaged the floor (thankfully not him) because they were lethal (he wonders how Klee was able to not injure herself when using bombs). You carried him and lifted him to alot of places such as trudging through the snow because Albedo would surely fall on his face due to his small form.
• Enough was enough, he only lasted a day with this and decided to just make a potion and put an end to the curse once and for all. 
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nihilistens-luftslott · 2 years ago
japanese book recommendations
japanese literature is one of the reasons i absolutely adore the language and the culture. it's unique, different from anything i've seen in literature from other parts of the world. during the years of learning japanese i've discovered many authors and books that are now my favourite, so i thought i'd share them with you! they can become great help while studying japanese, but you definitely should read them for fun first - it’s worth it, believe me.
i'm gonna include romaji, in case someone who doesn't speak japanese wanted to read these!
Tumblr media
dazai osamu - ningen shikkaku (太宰治・人間失格) (english title: no longer human)
this novel is considered one of the masterpieces of contemporary literature in japan. it's taught at school, adapted to mangas and films and anime series, reissued up to this day despite it being first published in 1948. the book follows a man who feels like he is losing his ability to be human. it's a timeless story, but also very sad and engulfing the readers in hopelessness. don't read if you hate emotional rollercoasters.
natsume souseki - kokoro (夏目漱石・こころ)
natsume is another of the most respected japanese writers, this novel considered his masterpiece. during a trip, the protagonist meets someone he calls sensei - someone he deeply admires and looks up to. however, sensei is more mysterious than it seems. though the plot is quite simple and spoiling it in any way would be ruining your fun, it's definitely worth reading. the author conveyed the feelings of admiration, loss, guilt, shame, as well as described developing friendship between the two men.
yumeno kyuusaku - dogra magra (夢野久作・ドグラマグラ)
the japanese say that whoever finishes this novel will surely go mad. i can't deny; when reading it for the first time i stopped halfway because it's very long and difficult. i still want to go back and read it properly though. it's a very creepy and disturbing story about a man who wakes up in a mental hospital, not remembering who he is, why he's there and what he has to do with the woman who keeps calling him from behind the wall. since this novel has no english or even european language translation (only a french one, to my knowledge) reading it would be big challenge. it contains a lot of medical vocabulary related to psychiatry and mental illnesses. recommended to horror fans.
yoshimoto banana - kitchen (吉本ばなな・キッチン)
this novel is quite short and fairly easy to read. it's often described as a shoujo manga without pictures. it tells a story of a young woman who loses her last family member and suddenly finds herself lost in the adult world. luckily, she gets the chance to live with her acquaintance and his mother. the mother is actually a father, but it doesn't stop them all to live together like a family. this book is very calm and melancholic, devoid of swift action, focused more on the feelings of the characters. it's full of coziness and descriptions of food. read when it's dark outside.
sakurazaka hiroshi - all you need is kill (桜坂洋・all you need is kill)
now this book might seem like it doesn't fit in this list, which is full of classics and serious books. it's a light novel, made solely for entertainment. it even got a hollywood adaptation starring tom cruise (which isn't very good, mind you). what i love about this novel, though, is its simplicity in telling the story. the hero, a soldier, gets trapped in a time loop which feels like a nightmare but also allows him to master his fighting skills. the narrations follows his witty thoughts, which is very entertaining. despite it being simple, the novel is touching and gripping, it also has a fairly simple language to read it in japanese.
that sums up my top 5 japanese books list. if you have any recommendations of your own, don't hesitate to add them here, since i'm always looking for new books to read!
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froppy-poppy · 3 years ago
“why me?” -Katsuki Bakugou imagine
You have a prophecy quirk that lets you know when something someone has said will come true or not. If someone makes a prediction “I will run a hero agency in the future” A ringing bell noise goes off in your head which lets you know that the thing they said will definitely come true. You have never been wrong your entire life. One day Uraraka says something about you and Bakugou (your sworn enemy) getting married and you hear a very similar ringing noise go off in your head.
mild swearing (it’s Katsuki)
word count: 1,361
Writing for katsuki is so fun, he’s so mean and angsty, it’s great. i love it.
Tumblr media
From the moment you and Bakugou met, it started downhill and now it was just Hell breaking loose every time you guys got near each other. At the beginning of the school year, during  your first lunch period, you met Bakugou for the first time. He was walking by you with a group of other students from 1-A and said, “ONE DAY, I AM GOING TO BE NUMBER 1 HERO.” Your prophecy quirk didn’t ring in your brain so you knew this wasn’t true. You didn’t want to let the poor kid keep his hopes up for too long. You walked up to him, calmly tapped him on the shoulder and you swear you heard him start growling. “Excuse me, but you’re not.” All of his classmates looked dumbfounded and extremely fearful, now, looking back, you know why.
“What. did. you . say.”
“I said you’re not. You’re not going to be the No. 1 Hero. Ever. Sorry!” You honestly thought you were helping the poor guy out.
“And who the fuck are you supposed to be?” He was now hovering over you. But you really weren’t the type to be intimidated easily. Especially not by people who just appeared to be fancy bullies.
“I’m from the support class, but my quirk, it lets me know when the things people say are going to come true. I heard you say you were going to be Number 1 Hero, but my quirk didn’t go off, so it’s not going to come true.”
“You’re from the support class and you honestly think you can stand here and speak to me? You’re the scum of UA, get out of my face.”
“It’s never been wro-”
“I SAID I’VE HAD IT WITH YOU. GET AWAY!” An explosion of fire erupted from his palms, not directed at you, just as a warning.
And that was the beginning of your relationship. It’s gotten better in the fact that now he doesn’t try to actively attack you in the hallways anymore.
“Out of my way (Y/N)!” A very familiar and annoying voice spits out behind you. You and your classmates were shuffling around in the cafeteria for breakfast before class started. You hadn’t gotten a lot of sleep the night before cause you heard a tragic prediction on the news about something going on in the States. It kept you up all night, knowing it was going to come true. Your quirk had a lot of perks, but it also forced you to carry burdens such as these.
“Not in the mood Bakugou.”
“Lucky for you, neither am I.” He spits out at you angrily as he pushes past you and as he knocks into you, you drop your food all over the ground.
“Do you just get off on being an asshole? I don’t understand it! Can’t you tell I’m in a terrible mood? Or do you get an extra boner when you make people miserable. Just leave me the fuck alone already.”
You now noticed everyone in the cafeteria was staring at you, mouths agape, Bakugou included. Except his mouth was open because he looked like he was about to start screaming.
“Maybe if you just dropped out, you wouldn’t be in my way! People like you never amount to anything anyway!”
“I could never leave, it would give you too much satisfaction.”
It was like this on repeat everyday. Your burning resentment smouldered into a comfortable hatred and you were used to his biting remarks and spiteful insults. You felt bad because at this point you knew, Bakugou only had one dream, to be the best. And you basically told him that his one dream would never come true. You were basically a dream crusher, but Bakugou’s behavior didn’t exactly make it easy to apologize. You didn’t even know if he remembered what you told him, let alone believe what you said.
One day you were listening to the news again and heard something even more tragic. It bummed you out and caused your anxiety to act up so you decided to take a break from people that day, especially Bakugou. The next day you came to school but you were still feeling gloomy so you skipped breakfast, knowing that’s where Bakugou would be waiting for you. When lunch came, you pulled out a apple you grabbed from home and stowed away in the girl’s bathroom. Trying to avoid his toxic aura at all costs. When it was time to get back to class, two girls stumbled in from 1-A, Uraraka and Asui.
“Oh, (Y/N),” They both look startled.
“Sorry you guys, haha” You chuckled, “You know, just trying to avoid Bakugou,” You thought they would understand, but instead of laughing with you, they exchanged glances with each other. “What’s going on?” You didn’t feel like guessing what their glance was supposed to mean.
“Bakugou has been really on edge the past two days you’ve not been at breakfast or lunch.” Asui started, “Today, he’s been terrorizing other students in your class, asking about where you’ve been.”
Meanwhile at lunch**********************
“S-Sorry Bakugou, s-she wasn’t at school at all yesterday.” There was some more yelling. A table was flipped. A teacher was called. Bakugou was restrained.
“I don’t understand, why is bullying me that important to him?” Why had you become such an important punching bag for him? Forget feeling bad. You hated him. “No offense or anything, but can’t he take some of his anger out on you guys?”
“He does, but it’s gotten kind of intense the last two days. I think it’s cause you’re not around.” Asui looked pensive.
Uraraka chimed in, “my parents were sworn enemies when they went to school, the hated each other. Now they’re married. Maybe one day you and Bakugou will be married.”
A very familiar ringing noise went off in your head. You felt your heart drop into your stomach. You were hoping and praying it wasn’t true. You felt like you were going to be sick. WHY ME.
“Are you ok (Y/N)?”  Uraraka asked.
“Yeah, I’m fine.” You said as you scurried away. You weren’t fine. You were leaving. Dropping out of UA. You can’t marry someone if you never see them again right? Out of the billions of people on this Earth you could not believe you ended up marrying what seemed like the worst person in the entire world. By now classes had started so no one was in the hallways. In your hurry to leave, you turned a corner hastily without looking and collided with someone walking in the opposite direction.You both landed on the ground, facing each other. You prop yourself up on your hands and realize your laying on top of Bakugou.
“You!” You both shout at each other in unison. You quickly get up and adjust yourself.
You saw him in a different light now that it seemed he would be the person you were destined to marry. Maybe he wasn’t so bad afterall-
“Why are you always in my way (Y/N)?” Nope, still the same asshole. Maybe he was so mean to you because he liked you? Maybe teasing him would be the ultimate way of making him suffer.
“Bakugou, why can’t you try being nice to me for a change? Besides, you’re not fooling me anymore, I heard,” You took a step closer to him, “you missed me today.” You point a taunting finger at him and begin to trace the collar of his shirt. He grabs your wrist. “Fuck off, I didn’t miss you.”
“Aww,” you say in a mock-sad tone, “well I missed you.”
“You did?” He tried so hard not to sound excited, but he failed. He was still holding onto your wrist
“Are you trying to hold my hand?” You said, giggling. He realized he was still holding on and tossed your hand away.
“Piss off. I’m late for class.” He begins to walk away.
“See you at breakfast tomorrow,”
**Note* I don’t actually know what Uraraka’s parents were like and I don’t know the ultimate fate of Bakugou (whether or not he becomes the number one hero or not)**
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esperlesbian · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
timeline of the kanto trio is done babey!! ive always wanted to do this
i kinda wrote a lot of explanation here, its under the cut if ur interested in that
(warning very headcanon heavy dont take certain timeline incosistencies and all that fuckery too seriously im just having fun)
1. he has a much kinder and gentler approach to everything compared to the much rowdier kids green and blue who are already saying bad BAD words like stinker. this lil man does not look exactly threatening given that... until indigo league.
2. whoa its the legendary hero red himself can you believe it!!!!!!! who is also now an extremely confused fifteen year old constantly screaming internally. after his "little" mountain trip hes hit hard with teenager problems he didnt deal with there and the realization that green is actually kinda cute and cool now, also friendly?? he still manages to battle really good but also oh god help him
3. sadly he had to say goodbye to green again since hes going to study. during green's absence red is dedicated to getting STRONK with blue... mostly because that means hes gonna be so good at hugging. oh also he finally has a social media account now: default profile picture, never posts and the description just says "Red". he does like blue and green's talkative selfie posts all the time though.
4. husband shaped!!! he and green have settled down to a much more peaceful place and so red is living a much more down to earth life after so many travels and taking down evil organizations, but he can be often found in hiking trails when his husband is working. a pretty damn good climber too, still making it hard for baby trainers to approach him. he finds it a bit amusing that people think of him as oooooo mysterious bc still to this day he just thinks of himself as a huge fan of pokémon and green's loving husband. i still cant figure out his hair.
1. snooty wisecracker as we all know. hes like 1cm taller than red which definitely means hes MUCH more mature!!
2. took his grandpa's role of guiding new trainers in pasio. absolute powerhouse and everyone thinks he is so unbelievably cool absolutely nothing can stop this man nor his complex battle strategy. he is so COOL and TOUGH he bawled like a baby when blue announced red would be coming with her to pasio.
3. studying in kalos. he keeps contact with red all the time though through video chatting and the pkmn world equivalent of social media. with red he can dump as much information on new happenings as he wants and its causing his mind to wander. sure the kalos dudes are attractive, but...
4. proud husband and a dad of a few dumbass kids (theyre pikachu and eevee + the many other pokemon. give him some time when it comes to HUMAN kids...) and still working as a gym leader. pretty mundane adult stuff? well who knows when blue discovers godlike pokémon once again and decides to drag them to another adventure. for now, the newlyweds are happy just chilling.
1. rowdy little creature in a cave somewhere in cerulean city.
2. the one to convince red to come to pasio, also seems supportive of red's gucci choices in fashion. shes matured somewhat and taken the role of being somewhat of a mentor to the johto kids, in her own eccentric way.
3. green's substitute gym leader during his time in kalos. she has much more trickster tendencies than green and may outsmart you in a battle. some trainers love her for this and want her to stay, some on the other hand don't. and yeah her looong hair is just a giant orb when it's up.
4. while red and green are busy paying their taxes or something, she is still on the roads to even further regions. you never know when you might bump into her. blue maintains a heroic and adventurous personality to the very end and never stays in one place, something red and green, along with the johto kids, really admire about her.
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katsukikitten · a year ago
Tumblr media
A/N WELP THIS HAPPENED I GUESS THIRST TEXTS ARE HERE TO STAY Please let me know if this one was too long or if I neglected Kiri with such a short word count last time.
Warnings: NSFW, Adult Themes, 18+ AU/Pro hero, Adult AU. [Revised]
Tumblr media
One of your best redeeming, and most damning qualities was how blunt you were.
The world faulting you for knowing what you want, when you want it and exactly how you want it. 
Never shying away from voicing your needs either.  
So an "I'm horny" text to your boyfriend would be nothing new or unexpected as your thumbs fly across the screen. You could see him now, rolling those gorgeous eyes while  locking his phone. 
He was anything but your past lovers, male or female all it took was a string of special emojis, 😜😈👅💋💦💦, and they would come running. 
Showing up at your door with dinner and intentions to give you exactly what you wanted. 
But your special hot head needs just a tad bit more convincing, especially since he's always so "busy" with hero work. 
So shopping with your pro hero friends was the best way to have fun and kill time. But if you were being honest you wanted, no needed, your hot headed boyfriend to pin you against the wall by your throat and fuck all of his frustrations into you. Rutting into you so harshly, so deeply, you saw stars. God you hate to admit how addicting that caramel spiced bastard was.
So you struggle to think of a good enough text to send, biting at your lip in annoyance. 
"Y/N!" Mina calls as she motions for you to enter the next store, your eyes go from a blinking cursor to a glass case holding troves of mannequins adorned in smooth lace. A devilish smile settles on your lips as even more devilish thoughts form in your head, each clack of your heel is a promise to sin. 
"What can I help you pick out Mina?" You pur as you browse for yourself picking out items here and there to try on. 
You were already wearing a black thong that would match any bra or lacy little thing you would want to try on. So to say this man was about to be weak in the knees was an understatement. He better be stiff in his pants. 
"Hmm I'm not sure...." She gravitates to the bright pinks and you push her gently to moodier colors. 
Deep purples and blacks would make her seem more mature while you guided U-san to blushes and dusky rose colors to play up her "innocence." Although from the stories you've heard over too many shared daiquiris you knew they were far from innocent. Their men would definitely be weak if they took the items you were picking up for them home. 
"Let's try them on!" You announce, overly eager to get into the ambient lighting that would insinuate the curvature of your body and the lust in your eyes. The three of you enter into plushly carpeted floors that lie behind tall black with golden inlay doors. 
Luxury to remind women they ARE luxury themselves, you lock the door before setting out your items. 
You picked the perfect thing, you truly did. You compliment yourself as you undress half tempted to send him a picture of your perfectly rounded ass before you talk yourself out of it. 
One thing you learned quickly in this game of cat and mouse is that the anticipation of what could be underneath was enough to drive any lover mad. 
So it was time you presented his meal properly. 
You adorn yourself in a lacy and see through bra with strategically placed floral. The garment had more of a sweat heart neckline than a plunge, your tits fit perfectly as you adjust the straps that remind you of a cafe maids apron. The black color perfectly matched your bowed choker with the little silver bell. 
You slide on the garter that sits just above your natural waist, the middle bare save the string that holds onto the sheer matte tulle that gives it a softer feminine look than what you normally wear. 
Your thong matches perfectly and you smooth out the garter straps to bisect your thick thighs. 
You twirl for a moment before lightly biting your bottom lip for more color, your core slowly heating as you think of the things he would do to you in this. 
You angle yourself perfectly after a few tries, toulsing your hair this way and that before getting the perfect picture. 
You looking needy as you press two fingers against a greedy pink tongue, eyes filled to the brim with want as your mouth forms the perfect O. 
The same one that makes a lewd pop when removed from your favorite snack. 
You smile to yourself before hiting send.
"Doing okay loves?" You call out to your friends that sing song their confirmation, "Like anything yet?" 
"I'm uh not sure just yet." U san calls out 
"I'm checking with Kiri on what to get." Mina says devilishly, a shutter of a lens can barely be heard in fitting room over. 
Your phone pings and you lift it with feverish hands. 
"Gonna have to do better than that if you're trying to get me to leave, Kitten."
Your face sours into an angry pout as you rack your brain for a way to make him eat his words. You needed to look submissive, but not too innocent. He wasn't a brat handler for nothing, Kamisama above knew just how much of a handful you were. 
"But aren't our men in a meeting?" Uraraka asks and you can practically see the blush forming on her cheeks. 
Your lips curl up in a cat like smile as a plan formulates in your head. You place your heeled foot on top of the plush pink chair before using it to vault yourself over the top of your dressing room into Uraraka's.
"Y..Y/N." It is not as if she is unused to your brashness, it is more that you have no shame. You interrupt her before she can finish. 
"You look killer, you know that right?" 
This was no lie or flattery but full truth as she attempts to hide. 
But there is no hiding her curvy body, especially not beneath the strappy mesh bodysuit she wears in the perfect mauve pink, a darker in hue floral pattern tastefully hides her nipples, her navel and becomes thick over her final goods. 
The rest is mesh with side cutouts to remind you of just how beautifully plush she was, if Izuku were here now he would be salivating. 
Begging for a bite. 
The plan solidifies as you look over her thick frame, devilish smile returning to your plush lips.
"Let's send some to Deku?"
"T..together?!" She almost shrinks and you straighten her posture with your hands. 
"If you're uncomfortable that's fine. But I would love to take some with you and maybe send them to Bakugou..." You almost pout and she confirms there is no one living being on the planet that can deny you when you give THE look. 
"Ah...okay we can send one to Deku. M..maybe Bakugou. Do you think it will hurt Izuku's feelings?" 
"I think it will entice him the same way it will entice mine when I pose us. Do you trust me? If you're ever uncomfortable you'll tell me right?" 
"Always." She says it with confidence, and you squeeze her shoulders before setting up your phone to the perfect angle of you two and the mirror. 
You count down silently with the timer on the camera before you snatch your phone showing U-san first. 
She nods. 
"S..send it to Izuku first?" She asks sheepishly as if it would bother you.
But it's not you who will be bothered. 
"Imma send it to you and then let me see your phone!" She obliges and let's you type out the message beneath the sinful image. 
An image that makes it to Deku quickly, he spys that it is a message from Uchan.
She did promise that she would send Izuku a picture of her lunch, especially since the trio of women announced they were going to be getting cattachinos from the new cafe on main. 
Izuku eagerly unlocks his phone, wholly expecting a bright coffee and strawberry cream cake but instead his face ignites into a fiery red. 
It is far from coffee but it is still dessert. 
A photo of his girlfriend entangled with...with...oh no entangled with you. 
Why did it have to be you? 
He cannot peel his eyes away from either of you, but especially his girl. Your back is to the mirror showcasing your ass and back, lustful eyes looking over your shoulder but what you're doing to Uchan is what's driving him mad. 
Your body blocks a quarter of hers, shoulder to shoulder as one hand is shoving fingers onto a pink tongue suggesting what she can do, pink lips in a soft O while her sweet innocent cheeks BURN. 
Dusting her in blush all the way to her breastbone. 
A delicate hand grasps onto a deadly forearm pushing up Uraraka's pretty tits that Izuku worships. He bites the inside of his lip, emerald eyes flash to scarlet across from him before flying back to the sinful glass. 
Your phone pings and you snatch it up. Smirking over the reaction. 
"You're out with Moonface right? Why is Deku blushing so God damn hard and why does he keep looking between me and his phone?"
You ignore the response for now, leaving him on read purposefully before snapping another picture. 
Deku's phone again demands his attention and he cannot deny it. 
Somehow his face becomes a darker hue, his large hand palming the ache in his pants as he tries to push through the droning meeting but the photo on the screen makes it that much harder to focus.
He cannot believe what he sees. 
The push pink chair is in the center and turned to the side. His favorite ass sits in the chair beneath thick thighs that sit atop of another thick pair. 
Deku bites the inside of his cheek to keep from groaning as he looks up from his favorite ass. 
The two of you are profile to him as you straddle his intoxicating girlfriend, one of your hands is gripping onto the breast furthest from the camera while the other seems to dip deep between the two of you. 
Right between Uraraka's legs. 
Your heads tilted slightly away from each other, both sets of cheeks heavily flushed as you pull slightly away from a dazed chestnut haired woman. 
Both of your tongues peeking past naturally rouged lips, a little saliva string connecting the two pink points.
Not once in Deku's 23 years did he ever think he would come close to cumming in his pants from an image. 
But shit this was close. 
He cannot peel his eyes away from his phone. And he does something he's never done before. 
"Director I'm sorry I need to take this call." He lies as he stands, pretending to put his now locked phone to his ear. 
Suspicion burns hot in Bakugou's blood and it is shown in a text you receive. 
"Kitten, if you ever want to cum again, you'll send me whatever the fuck you've gotta be sending dumbass Deku."
His voice plays through your speakers in a hush, his voice low and husky. Threatening even, as you can see him standing in the hall just outside of his meeting. The thought of his scowl paired with the sound of his voice had you more molten than your shared kiss with Uraraka san. 
"You okay?" You ask a very flushed Uchan who smiles happily before she reads you her received text. 
"'Baby you've got me fucked up. I'm in the men's bathroom right now. Can you guess why?'" She smiles before adding, "Then it's a picture of him stroking his cock. Y/N. I'm so turned on right now..." 
It takes her a second to hear what she's admitted out loud before you smile devilishly. 
"I guess I'm finally rubbing off on you." You smile before grabbing onto the pink chair once more using it to vault yourself back into your dressing room. 
"I can send the last picture to Bakugou right?" You ask, because her body,her rules, no matter what kind of punishment you might receive. 
"Yes I hope it does half of what it's done to Izuku!" She answers with joy. Humming as she redresses. 
More than going to buy what you picked out. 
"Meet us at the restaurant? We'll text you!" Mina shouts, "We're starving and text us what you want you heathen." 
"Yea, yea." You dismiss, as Mina assumes you're about to take more pictures.  Well she wasn't wrong, you were going to take more pictures.
You lived to remind yourself, and the world, that no matter what your mood or what you wore, you were sex embodied.
And God Damn it your boyfriend was going to notice even if it got you in a little hot water. 
Another text comes in, this time sans voice memo. You won't lie, you become a little crestfallen. 
And you can hear the lustful furry even through text turning you into jelly. 
It's a good thing you're wearing your own underwear, as your thighs are beginning to become slick. The thin material doing nothing to sop you up. 
A picture comes through and your heart begins to race as you look it over. 
It's a black door with gold inlay, a little strip shows into the room. Showing off a pair of legs and nicely manicured toes. 
A tattoo identical to yours and your heart hammers into your chest when a second ping comes through. 
"Open the door, Kitten."
Tumblr media
@lady-bakuhoe I guess I can share my husband with you for this😘
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redspiderling · 18 days ago
Here’s why we love Yelena
No, I don’t think Yelena took over Natasha in her own film. Not at all.
Yelena wouldn’t exist without Natasha. Yelena is Natasha’s little sister. Most of Yelena’s actions in the film, are connected to Natasha, in some way. Yelena’s storyline in the film is so intricately connected to Natasha, you can’t really make a comment about Yelena without referencing Natasha.
At the beginning of the film, Yelena got the antidote- and sent it to Natasha.
Yelena proudly shows off the first purchase she made for herself- and she gifts it to Natasha.
Yelena killed Draykov and almost sacrificed herself- for Natasha.
Yelena tries her first superhero pose- to copy/make fun of Natasha.
Yelena eventually gets a dog- and names it after Natasha (’s alias, Fanny Longbottom).
Yelena does take on part of Natasha’s role in this film though.
Natasha has always been our guide through Marvel films. Whenever Natasha is in a film, she’s the one guiding the audience through it’s events. From the sidelines, of course, because Marvel has been sexist for years. We’ve talked about this here. Extensively. What Yelena does for the Black Widow movie, is that she is the relatable character. She guides us through the movie, and we relate to her.
Yelena is us, guys. Yelena is the little girl who grew up looking up to Natasha. Natasha Romanoff, is Yelena’s hero. Yelena is a new generation of women who grew up looking up to Natasha Romanoff, and who love her with all their goddamn hearts. 
I mean, Look at Her Posing as Natasha Romanoff
Tumblr media
What Yelena gave us, is a gift. 
She gave our love to Natasha on screen! She gave her her favourite vest (with all the pockets). She gave her the shared trauma, that all of us women, face, and she showed her that she’s not alone. That she’s never been alone. 
Natasha has the wisdom of the women that came before her (Melina), the love of the mother who never gave up on her (and I so love that they didn’t give a shit about the name of her father by the way. This movie has said Fuck You to Endgame and the Avengers in every possible way). Natasha has that invincible goodness that is herself, the heart that she never loses, and she has us, all the women who look at her, and see a piece of ourselves, our pain, looking back.
Yelena also gifted us with finally saying a proper goodbye to Natasha. 
Natasha Romanoff is our hero, and she deserved to walk into the sunset, as she did, and fly off to new adventures, as she did. With a smile on her face, with the love of 2 families in her heart, and with the gratitude of millions of women on her shoulders. 
I can never thank the makers of this film, and Scarlett Johansson, enough. Never.
Tumblr media
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gale-gentlepenguin · a month ago
What if Optigami is just the start of all the temporary heroes finding out Marinette's identity and as a result getting the miraculous permanently?
Like the next episode is Nino getting it.
Then its Max, then Kim, Kagami, Luka (They don't get back together after finding out. Marinette basically decided that was a no-no since she didn't want relationship drama and she realized she wasn't over Adrien so it would not work out for a plethora of reasons which Luka agreed with. He moved on) , Alix and so on.
Eventually the whole class except for Chloé, Lila and Adrien all know Marinette is Ladybug and they are all supporting her and helping out in their own way as permanent miraculous holders. Which of course Chat noir doesn't know. he still thinks the heroes are still temporary heroes that Ladybug is relying on more.
Marinette's life actually becomes a lot easier. Because she developed like a SUPPORT network.
Meanwhile, Adrien is finding his classmates are starting to drift away. He doesn't want to associate with Lila so he isn't talking to her, and Chloé is still angry over him calling her out over the movie thing.
His best friend Nino is even seemingly avoiding him.
And now when there is an akuma, ALL of the heroes show up.
The akuma and sentimonsters that appear are handled so easily now. Most of the time before Chat noir can even get there. Ladybug is there and she fist bumps with Rena Rouge and which ever heroes made it to the fight.
Ladybug doesn't even patrol anymore. She has her whole guardian thing to figure out, so she helped set up a patrol schedule. Chat noir patrols alone.
He can't even remember the last time he physically saw Ladybug.
Plagg tells Adrien he should call her and tell her. Which he does cave and call, but it went to voice mail. He asks if they can patrol sometime, he misses talking with her.
He gets a message from Rena Rouge a couple days later saying Ladybug doesn't have time for Patrols right now, she is having a break through with some guardian stuff and that Carapace can patrol with him is he wants.
Chat noir decides to accept it. Maybe being friendlier with the new heroes could help him accept this. They aren't hindering them, and it makes akuma fights easier. He should stop being gloomy about progress.
So he patrols with Carapace. And Chat noir actually does have a fun time with he turtle. It felt like he was hanging out with one of his closest friends.
As they relaxed Carapace accidentally leaks how having Wayzz full time has made a dent on his snack budget.
"What do you mean full time?"
Carapace explains that he is a full time hero like everyone else.
"What do you mean everyone... Are you saying every hero is a permanent miraculous wielder now."
"Well we all know who Ladybug is so it would be dangerous if we were civilians..."
Carapace stops and then asks.
"Do you.... do you not know who ladybug is?"
"Carapace. Im going to need you to send a message to the 'Guardian' for me." Chat noir said with a fake smile that was hiding a rather powerful negative emotion.
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blahkugo · a year ago
Shouta Aizawa X Reader (BNHA)
Warnings: 18+, bondage, bratty rc, over-stimulation, umm it’s just pure filth sandwiched between some fluff 
Word Count: 3.9k
A good night’s rest? You’ve never heard of her! 
“At least take off your heels before you throw yourself into bed,” your boyfriend’s voice rings out, still deeply agitated from a long night of feigned smiles and interest. You know that tone well— the exasperated sigh typically saved for his students at U.A— but the room is spinning too fast for you to take heed of his reprimand. 
“M’too tired,” you slur your words, face down against your mattress. 
The two of you had been at a pro-hero gala, or as Shouta called it, a “gaudy show of riches for politicians and government dickheads.” It had taken almost all of your energy, and a lot of homemade dishes, to persuade him to accept the invitation; however, he had followed through. He behaved properly all night, smiled and socialized with every partygoer that approached you, and even ensured the vicious insults on the tip of his tongue were whispered into your ears only after each person had turned away. You deemed the night a success, despite waving off Shouta’s warnings about that fourth glass of champagne you downed. 
“You’re going to get our covers dirty, idiot.” You can’t help but feel your heart flutter at that word— our. Be it the hundredth or thousandth time, you don’t think you’ll ever get over hearing him refer to the two of you as one. It had taken years for him to warm up to you, after all. While he considers it endearing now, you’re positive Shouta had initially found your constant laughter and positive nature unbearable, thinking of you as simply another nuisance to avoid; never had he met someone who reduced his usual threatening tone to something playful or entertaining. And little did either of you know, he would slowly come to adore the way his scolding amused you. 
No amount of persuasion from his students or other heroes can convince you Shouta is actually intimidating. If anything, his constant stoicism only compels you to misbehave more. You love pressing his buttons, take pleasure in watching him get riled up and lose his calm demeanor. But as of this very moment, you’re simply too tired, and a bit too tipsy, to play along. You wave off his words with a flick of your wrist, only to feel a tug at your ankle. 
“Stop squirming. I’m trying to take them off,” he struggles with the straps woven intricately up your calves, “damned things are more tangled than my cloth.” When he finally removes them, you feel the pads of his fingertips graze your legs softly. Shocks travel your entire body as he pays special attention to the indents adorning your skin— drawbacks of the tight laces that are quite easy to disregard when they urge him to touch you so sweetly. 
Shouta stalks away for a moment, only to return with a cotton pad and makeup remover. You’re surprised he even knows what products to use, though you know you shouldn’t be. He has spent countless minutes watching you complete your night routine intently, though usually his stare is paired with a sleepy grumble to hurry up and join him in bed. 
He shifts you into a sitting position, wiping tenderly at your cheek while you pull off your false lashes.
“Those are fake?” He snorts, baffled. 
“Mhhm, I’m prettier without them, right?” You poke fun at him, knowing he’ll ignore the cheesy question. A faint heat rises on his cheeks. 
“Shut up and put this on,” he nudges one of his t-shirts into your arms before he slides your strapless dress down your body. Even with your eyes half-shut, you can feel his charged stare ogling every hill and valley of your naked form. His fingers barely skim you— a purposeful maneuver to focus on the task at hand— but your body jerks into his grasp, keen for more. Sleepy or not, you’d never waste an opportunity for a quickie. You know just how swiftly a few words and caresses on his part could have you bucking and sobbing, like putty in his han– “(Y/N), stop. You’re drunk and half-asleep.” 
“Only tipsy and a quarter asleep, thank you very much.” Your eyes flutter open to see the beginnings of a smile touch his lips, but he just barely holds it back. He’s trying his damn hardest to remain stern, how cute. “Shou,” you mewl, elongating his name in the hopes that he’ll budge.
“Don’t pout at me,” he taps a chiding finger against your bottom lip, “the answer is no. I still have work to do.” Ignoring your whined protests, Shouta walks out of the bedroom. Seconds later, you hear his office door shut, a sign that he’ll be in there long into the night. 
Any inkling of sleepiness your body possessed is gone without a trace, now feeling nothing but an intense heat coursing the skin your boyfriend brushed, and the alcohol left running through your veins only intensifies that warmth. You turn yourself over in bed, naively will yourself to succumb to sleep and deal with the ache tomorrow; however, your body has other plans. Your thighs press together on their own, desperate for any sort of relief to quell the throbbing between your legs, but it’s no use. Looks like you’re getting up. 
With each step towards his office, you find yourself more impassioned. Who does Shou think he is anyways, leaving you alone in such a needy state? It’s not fair. He gives you the slightest taste of his touch and then cruelly rips it away. So if anything, it’s his fault that your body won’t rest until completely appeased— until he soothes the burn. Besides, you’ll be damned if you’re going to allow him the pleasure of hearing your moans through the thin walls knowing he goaded you into touching yourself.
Upon walking through the door of his workspace, you’re greeted with the sight of your boyfriend, the stealthy pro-hero, seated ever-so casually at his desk. He has a hand pressed adamantly against his temple and his hair up in a messy half-bun. So badly do you want to run your hands through it, tug the clip off so you can watch those beautiful, dark locks tumble down his shoulders. You always catch yourself silently hoping for a piece to fall in his eyes so that you can reach out and tuck it behind his ear, delighted when you have any excuse to stroke the soft waves between your fingertips.
“Shou,” you mumble, one hand rubbing at lidded eyes. The white glow of the computer screen washes over him as he turns to you, and you feel your breath hitch again at the Adonis in front of you. 
He’s opted out of wearing any sort of top. Instead, gray joggers hang low on his hips, allowing you to feast your eyes on his lean chest and softly sculpted v-lines. A dark line of hair trails down into his pants, and you feel your mouth water at the idea of licking a long stripe up his navel. 
“Can’t sleep.” You’re aware it comes out a whine, don’t care to correct your tone because it may just convince him to join you in bed. He rolls his eyes, your name flowing off his tongue with a low sigh— music to your ears. 
“I have work to catch up on since somebody forced me to go to that stupid gala,” the accusation is probably sincere, but you smile anyways. 
“Please,” there’s that whine again, “just five minutes.” This time your words are accompanied by a quick yank at the hem of your t-shirt. Your cleavage makes an appearance, and when you see his eyes wander up towards the supple globes— tongue just barely poking out to slide across his bottom lip— you know you’ve got him beat. He mutters under his breath, but the only words you catch are something along the lines of ‘pampered brat’. 
Well, spoiled or not your methods work, and he’s the one indulging your whims anyways. Being curled up against Shouta’s sturdy chest, you find the fatigue of a long night creeping up on you once again. His close proximity is enough to relax you; all of your senses are engulfed in his presence, saturated with him. Your body gladly welcomes his scent with every inhale— clean laundry, aftershave, and something a bit woodier that can only be described as ‘Shouta’. Though he shaved this morning, newly grown stubble scruffs against you every time you nuzzle against his jaw. Slender fingers tangle in your hair, smoothing lazy circles into your scalp. And with your ear pressed to his chest, you realize the slow, steady drum of his heartbeat just might actually lull you into a deep sleep. 
But that’s all before you hitch a leg around his hip to pull him closer. At the sensation of your heat nudged tightly against him, you feel his heartbeat rise rapidly. If any thoughts of sleep linger in your mind, the prospect of riling Shouta up— and perhaps securing an orgasm or two in the process— throws them out the window once again. 
Your fingertips begin to caress his shoulders subtly, ear still pressed to his chest to listen for any jumps in his rhythm. The less he notices your movements, the easier it’ll be to overwhelm him all at once. When your fingers don’t incite any noticeable response, you run them through his hair instead. At the same time, you feign discomfort at the position you’re in and twist your hips slightly, making sure to press your core against him harder. You feel his breath hitch under you, and then your hair being jerked harshly. 
“I know what you’re trying to do,” he forces you to look up at his cloudy eyes, always ringed with darkness no matter how much rest he receives. Caught. You flash him your sweetest pout, gazing up at him through dainty lashes. A slight ‘hm?’ leaves your lips, but within seconds, they’re attached to his neck, shamelessly kissing and nibbling at the sweet spot near his jaw. “If you’re not going to behave on your own, I’ll make you.” Your thighs tighten around his hips, goosebumps trailing your arms at the clear-cut threat.
“Do it then,” you urge between kisses, now peppering them up his jaw. Your teeth kiss the shell of his ear before you whisper, “or I’ll just keep misbehaving, daddy.” 
In an instant, your face is shoved into the mattress, arms crossed behind your back with Shouta’s cock straining against you through his pants. Rigid cotton brushes against your folds and you realize that perhaps he was expecting this turn of events more than he let on, because the fucker never bothered giving you a change of underwear. 
“You’re such a needy slut,” he spits, heated breath fanning your neck while he tightens his grasp around your wrists. “Can’t go one night without getting me worked up, huh?” His free hand darts under your shirt, now kneading and pinching at your ass. 
“Nope,” you bite back, always ecstatic to provide sassy retorts, especially when he’s seething like this. 
A stinging pain travels your body when he slaps the globe of your ass. Once, twice, five times, each spanking invoking a louder gasp until tears prick the corners of your eyes. 
“Are you done acting up?” Shouta’s tone is slow and composed, almost disinterested. If not for his heaving chest pressed against your back, you would believe him unaffected by the punishment. 
You, on the other hand, are very obviously flustered. Tears stream down your face freely now, and you’re positive the spanking has left a blazing handprint on your cheek as a reminder for days to come. Shouta gives you a final, petty love tap to shake you out of your thoughts. “I don’t have all night.” 
But you’re left unsatisfied, the throbbing between your thighs only worsened by his harsh welts and complete neglect of your clit. He hasn’t made a single motion towards your glistening cunt, probably won’t ever if you simply take his discipline lying down. 
“What if I’m not?” The words leave your mouth hesitantly, face turning to stare back at him with wide, unblinking eyes. He doesn’t say a word, his own eyes narrowing and lips quivering into a disgusted scowl. Even though you’ve asked for this, know exactly what situation you’ve gotten yourself into, your heart quickens at the thrill of seeing your partner so worked up. He may not be outwardly angry— Shouta has always been a man who prefers quick, biting remarks over piercing screams and smashing glass— but his mannerisms tell you everything you need to know. It’s going to be a long, sleepless night.
You feel the tight, unforgiving fabric knotted around your body before you’re even aware of what’s happening. Nimble fingers quickly wrap your arms in place. Then, your legs are bent at the knees and tied securely to your wrists. Only your taut midriff and breasts touch the mattress, leaving your sopping core exposed, no way to flail or deny him entrance. You’re his to do whatever he pleases with.
“Behave.” He wraps your hair around his wide palm and yanks hard, a pained cry leaving you at the prickling in your scalp. His fingers graze your slit, but never touch you where you need him. It’s absolutely maddening. You buck into him to no avail— the cloth wraps too firmly around your limbs. 
“Shou, I– I, please,” you’re practically sobbing, his name leaving your lips over and over like a prayer. But it doesn’t matter, you’ve angered him. 
“Who said you could speak?” He tugs harder on your locks. The motion rocks your skull, all nerves standing on end. It fucking hurts, but the action has your slit quivering all the same. “Are you going to be a good little whore now?” 
“Yes, Shou.” The response wins you a sharp slap to the ass, the sore cheek. You suppress a loud wail, correcting yourself quickly. “Y-Yes daddy, I’ll behave.” He doesn’t respond, only lets out a low growl and loosens his grip on your hair. 
Then, his presence is gone. He’s moved off the bed, and your cunt pulsates at the number of delicious things he may do next. 
A slam rings out from your bedside dresser and he’s back within seconds. Something foreign, hard and long,  is pressed against your tight hole. No stretching, no warning, he simply sinks the toy into your slick cunt. After a few merciless thrusts you’re whimpering softly, choking back pleas. If he wanted you to beg, you’d know it. 
“Is this what you wanted?” The dildo is driven into you faster. “Is this what you were grinding like a bitch in heat for?” His words are spit like venom, tone disappointed— appalled— with you, but it only fuels your steady ascension to orgasm. You’re teetering closer and closer to the edge, but you just need a bit more. His cock, a finger on your clit, anything. 
“Yes, yes, yes.” You can’t help the onslaught of moans that spill from your lips in between pants. His hands begin kneading at your ass again, right cheek still flaming with every touch. If he’d only remove the bindings, now digging tightly into your wrists and ankles, you’d be able to hump back onto the toy as you so desperately wish to. 
He stills all at once, leaving you distraught and gasping. If you cry out, you’ll only be met with harsh reprimands. You want to sob— for his touch, for a break, for anything to soothe the ache in your core. 
You hear it before you feel it.
A small buzzing noise as something is clicked on. Then, vibrations wracking your insides, your clit— a slew of pleasure as the dildo pulses. You sigh loudly, that stubborn itch finally being appeased by the pressure of the toy. 
“Is my pretty little slut enjoying herself?” Shouta laughs behind you, voice still cold and filled with loathing. It’s as though he’s repulsed by your desire, your ceaseless need for him. You mewl loudly at the thought. “Mhm, and you’re going to continue enjoying yourself,” you feel the bed dip as he steps away, “until I finish my work.”
The fucking bastard. He’s leaving you tied up and helpless with a sex toy on the highest setting. He knows you’ll be a drooling mess for him, probably only half-conscious, by the time he’s back.
“N- no Shou, please.” Your protests do nothing to sway him. He simply snickers and walks out of the bedroom, leaving you to writhe and wail on your own. And God, does it feel good. Your stomach pulls taut as you rut against the bed like– like an animal. In a constant cycle of edging and ebbing, your orgasms build and build and build until you’re hit full force, only to begin all over again. It’s equal parts satisfying and unfulfilling, because fuck, do you just want your boyfriend’s cock inside you. It’s all you can think of— his warmth, his hands roaming your body, sweet, degrading nothings whispered into your ear while he pounds into you.
You lose track of time, aren’t even sure at this point whether your body is spasming or simply attempting to dispel the thick length inside you. The pleasure has turned to an entirely different ache, swollen clit now abused by the constant vibrations. Your voice is run hoarse, face carved into a permanent wince. And despite your attempts to stay quiet, chokes and gasps still rip through your throat. Even Shouta’s cloth is soaked through with the scorching sweat enveloping your body.  
Though absolutely exhausted, you’re conscious enough to hear his quick steps as he makes his way to the bedroom. You can sense the smirk plastered across his face without even seeing it. 
“Tired out?” Fingertips ghost over the cloth and across your painfully numb calves, nerves jumping at the feeling. “Ah’, you’ve soaked the bedspread.” A fierce blush runs across your skin, humiliated at the sight you must seem to him— a drooling, high-strung mess. He either doesn’t notice or chooses to ignore the way your body shakes at every prod. 
All you can do is let out a meager ‘Mmph’, your brain too scrambled to form anything close to words, let alone coherent sentences. “If you use your words, I’ll consider taking the toy out.” Shouta’s ruthless; he knows every inch of your body, your reactions, like the back of his hand. Of course he’d ask you to use your words. He lives to watch you come undone, thrives off the pain etched onto your features. 
“Please,” the request is drawn out— paused midway to let loose another gasp— and dripping in desperation. “I can’t– I just-”  It’s all you can manage in your state. 
“Seems you’ve been fucked stupid,” he chuckles darkly, though the vibrations wracking your cunt finally come to a halt and the dildo is swiftly removed. Your core clenches at the emptiness. “But I haven’t had the chance to stuff this tight little pussy full,” he slaps a harsh palm against your slit, making sure to wipe the slick that now coats his palm all across your cheek. If you weren’t aware of how soaked you were before, Shouta makes damn sure that you do now. The most you can work out in response is a feeble squeak. 
One of Shouta’s hands strokes at your matted hair from behind, agile fingers tidying the disheveled strands. The other rubs harsh circles on your clit; you twitch incessantly, sparks running through every inch of your body. “There’s that pained little face I love,” he grabs at your cheeks roughly, forcing your lips into a ‘o’ while grinding into your calf. “Fuck.”
Your legs and arms slump onto the mattress as soon as the cloth is unbound. Every muscle in your body aches with overuse; numbness buzzes through the limbs that were strung together for God knows how long. 
Your boyfriend— sadist that he fucking is— thrusts himself into you without warning. Sure, you’ve been stretched by the toy, but your poor slit is so overworked by previous orgasms that even the slightest hint of friction invokes senseless blubbering, your tongue lolling to the side in defeat. Wet, harsh slaps of skin against skin sweep the room, mixed with cries of ‘daddy,’ ‘please,’ and senseless nothings.
“Wanna see you cum.” It’s an order more than a request, grunted into the crook of your neck. His chest flattens against your back. It should feel suffocating, should feel disgusting, considering your body is gleaming with hours worth of perspiration, but you’re enamored with the warmth— engrossed by the way your skin sizzles at his touch. His fingers are secured at your hips, propping your ass in the air and pulling it against him with every piercing thrust. 
“N- no, can’t,” cheek still buried into the mattress, you muster whatever strength you have left and grip at his slick bicep behind you. He simply swats your hand away, takes your wrist between his slender fingers, and presses it into the bed. His thumb caresses the marks left by the cloth, savoring the aftermath of the punishment he inflicted. 
“You can and you will.” Despite the rasp in his voice, the command still holds authority over your forlorn frame and sends prickles down your spine. You feel yourself, yet again, creeping to the edge of an orgasm. “Cum for me.” 
It’s those three, simple words that have you seeing white. Breathless, your brows scrunch together and lips open into a wide ‘o’, but no sound comes out. Your whole body tenses, all senses overwhelmed by this final tidal wave of pleasure, and then finally goes slack. 
You’re officially done, body worked to the point of no return. A couple more snaps of his hips and Shouta follows, your name grunted loudly as he spills into you. 
For a long time you simply lay together silently, chests heaving with his body still splayed over yours. You know that eventually he’ll roll out of bed and make sure you’re all cleaned up. You always revel in the way he pampers you, taking his time to ensure he doesn’t miss a single inch of skin. If you weren’t so exhausted, he’d probably run a bath as well. 
Right now, the heat is finally proving too much for you, so you tap at his hip and he slides himself out of your raw core. 
“Ouch,” you wince at the friction, the ability to speak returning to you at last. The whole bottom half of your body is tender. It’ll be a miracle if you’re able to sit comfortably for the next few days. 
“Surprised you actually behaved,” he chuckles, flipping you over to hold you. His fingers rub lazy circles into your back and he presses a kiss to your forehead, “You were so good for me.” 
“Not like you had me tied up or anything,” you poke a finger at his chest. “And to do paperwork at that.” 
“Oh,” a slow, smug smile inches across his face, “I didn’t get any work done.” You might just slap him.
“Shouta,” your voice is even, but your eyes pierce his, narrowed in disbelief, “what do you mean you didn’t get any work done?” His laugh rumbles through his chest. 
“Do you think I could really focus, hearing your screeching through the walls like that?” 
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l-anna-art · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
So I watched Wolfwalkers (which I loved) and a new au was born! I only took up the concept of people being able to change themselves into wolves while they sleep.
So so so, here the beast!
After a disastrous day, Izuku, 12 years old, has an argument with his mother and decides to sneak out to get some space. Despite thinking that his day couldn't get worse, it ends up to be, because during his walk, Izuku finds himself sandwiched between a big wolf and a weird guy who is determined to fight that night. The poor greenette ends up bitten all over his forearm, but manages to go home to take care of his bleeding arm.
When he wakes up, he has a fever and his wound has not improved. Too afraid of the questions his mother would ask him about his condition, he still goes to school but loses consciousness on the way. He ends up in the hospital, where he is questioned about the bite. (At least the lie is easier to construct since he was outside).
From then on, Izuku starts having dreams similar to the movie, and starts to feel strange during the day: his senses are sharpened, his teeth are sharper, his eyes are more sensitive, and so on.
One night, he ends up taking his wolf form and, in panic, falls out of his bed causing a lot of noise. He nearly gets caught by Inko.
As Izuku can't really sleep anymore, and he finds the time long in his room, he starts wandering at night. He wanders around Musutafu most of the time, and plays the vigilante by helping people he meets while searching for information about the first wolf. His large size (for a wolf, at least) and the fact that he is a green wolf with very nice fangs make people quickly retreat in front of him, but not always. That's how he learns that the wounds inflicted on his wolf form are reflected in his human body.
While he was walking around, Izuku comes across two guys fighting and Izuku interferes. The first flees as soon as Izuku gets too close and the other one remains frozen on the spot. It's Tomura, who will quickly become obsessed by the wolf by dint of crossing him. Tomura doesn't know the wolf is in fact a 12 years old kid and Izuku just finds Handman weird, especially when he starts to define him as "a familiar".
He' s starting to become a kind of urban legend. He is referred to as the Musutafu's Wolf, who only appears at night and only attacks people with bad intentions.
He was thinking about telling his mother he finally had a quirk that would allow him to transform into a wolf in his sleep, but the rumors about his wolf form became a little too much, so he decided to postpone it until later. However, he finally recorded a quirk to explain the sudden improvement in his senses and finally have some peace at school.
Aizawa eventually runs into him during one of his patrols and uses Eraser, which causes absolutely nothing. He tries to contain him with his scarf, but ends up dragged through the streets of the city.
Izuku can cover very long distances in one night. During one of his trips, he meets Yagi, with whom he starts to spend time. He will probably be the first to discover the truth about Izuku.
And that's it for now!
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spicyness · 2 years ago
Cold (Todoroki x Reader)
TW: Angst, cheating. 18+ only (brief sexual content).
Length: ~2.3k
A/N: I wanted to try my hand at some angst. I feel like it’s a little ramble-y, ugh. Sorry if it’s not great, it’s my first attempt! **This will likely be the last non-Halloween thing I post for the remainder of the month; gotta get on that spooky grinndddddd!**
*     *     *
Shouto: I’m sorry, things at work are crazy. I won’t be home until late.
You read the text from your boyfriend quickly before sending a reply.
(Y/N): That’s alright sweetheart, see you when you get home <3 
Clicking your phone off and setting it back on the table, you let out a deep sigh. You drummed your fingers against the wooden tabletop, chin resting in the palm of your hand. The clock hanging on the kitchen wall ticked loudly in your ears. You were grateful for it, though; at least it was better than the deafening silence that saturated the rest of the small apartment. Unfortunately, you had begun to grow accustomed to said silence, its painful ring only serving to exacerbate the emptiness and loneliness in your heart.
*     *     *
You and Todoroki had been dating for a few years now, and you recently suggested moving in together to take your relationship to the next level. Todoroki agreed, and you packed up all of your belongings and moved in to his apartment shortly thereafter. Since then, things between you had been a little distant. Shouto was getting busier and busier with his hero work, and you could definitely empathize, being a hero yourself. Although you were proud of all his hard work and dedication towards becoming the number 1 pro hero, it was causing a lot of strain on your relationship. You’d sometimes go many days at a time without seeing one another, barely communicating through a few hurried text messages. You often felt him crawling into your shared bed at the crack of dawn, just before you’d rise and head to work yourself. On your rare days off, you would try to cuddle up with him, try to be intimate; however, Todoroki would always turn away, requesting some alone time to catch up on sleep. You knew he was exhausted, and you did your best to be both supportive and respectful… but you simply couldn’t help the searing pain in your chest every time he refused your touch.
You desperately wanted to get your relationship out of this sudden funk. Shouto’s birthday was coming up, and you were determined to make it memorable. A romantic gesture… to remind him how deeply you loved him; how lucky you felt to be his. Maybe then he would see just how dedicated you were to spending the rest of your lives together. Maybe, just maybe, this was exactly what he needed from you, and things would finally go back to the way they were before.
So, on your beau’s special day, you requested the afternoon off from work to plan a cozy evening together.  You spent several grueling hours making his favorite cold soba, painstakingly hand crafting the noodles yourself. You decorated the kitchen with fun streamers and balloons. You even went to a bakery and picked up a big festive birthday cake, ‘Happy Birthday Shouto’ written in cursive lettering with blue icing on top. A heartfelt birthday card and thoughtful gift, wrapped beautifully in blue paper and ribbons, sat in the center of the dining table beside the delicious-looking cake.
Lastly, deciding to be a bit forward, you placed little tea lights all over the bedroom until a soft flickering light encompassed the plush bed. You bought some of Shouto’s favorite bubble bath, setting it gently on the ledge of the large tub in the adjoining bathroom. You smiled to yourself, wondering if Todoroki might want to eat cake from the comfort of your bedroom tonight…
Setting the table for dinner just before Shouto was due to arrive, you sat and waited for your beloved to walk through the front door. You were giddy, already imagining his surprised reaction to all your efforts.
*     *     *
You sat there as the minutes ticked by, wide smile slowly fading into a frown as your leg bounced anxiously underneath the table. You made Shouto promise to be home from work on time today… he promised, so where was he? You continued waiting until the sun was long gone, darkness consuming the kitchen. It wasn’t until hours later that you received a text from him, stating he’d be home late. You weren’t happy about this whatsoever; but, you kept your cool— this was just a minor setback in your plans, no biggie! You stood, chair squeaking against the tile floor as it moved out from under you. Leaving the birthday celebration behind, you grabbed your coat and boots, slipping out the front door into the frigid night.
You wanted to do everything you possibly could to make this a special day for Todoroki. He deserved it. So, walking to the nearest grocery store, you decided to pick up some champagne. Dinner may have been a bust, but there was still enough time left for a simple toast to another year of Shouto’s life. If you were lucky, maybe you’d share the bottle and have that romantic evening together you’d been hoping for. You longed to feel a connection with him again in any way, shape, or form. The briefest of smiles from his quiet lips was all you needed to feel grounded in this world once again.
The cold air invigorated your spirits as you made your way back home. You picked up the pace as it began to drizzle a bit, freezing rain stinging your reddened cheeks. It was quiet, save for your boots hitting the pavement, streets devoid of life.
You heard a grunt to your left in a dark alleyway. Stopping dead in your tracks, you immediately went into hero mode, pressing your back against the brick wall of the storefront beside you. Peeking your head around the corner to look into the alley, you scanned the area. This was a common time and place for villain activity, and you needed to ensure there were no civilians getting hurt on your watch!
As your eyes adjusted to the darkness, you saw the source of the noise… though you wished with every fiber of your being that you hadn’t. A little ways down the alley, you saw your tall, handsome boyfriend. He was shirtless, the muscles in his back, arms, and shoulders flexing as he pressed someone up against the wall. His hands gripped a pair of porcelain thighs, their long limbs wrapped around his trim waist. He quickly moved to undo his belt and pants as the woman pinned to the wall buried her face in his neck. Watching the scene unfold, your heart sunk to your stomach and your knees began to shake.
You couldn’t quite see who this woman was, so you turned your body fully into the alleyway, proceeding forward until you were standing only a few feet away from the pair. They didn’t notice you. As Todoroki yanked down a pair of delicate panties and slammed into her, she tossed her head back in ecstasy. Once you saw the long, luscious black hair cascading over her shoulders, the refined bone structure, and the dainty hands gripping his shoulders… you knew exactly who she was.
Nearly choking on a sob, you covered your mouth with your hand. You couldn’t believe your eyes… how could Shouto do this to you? And with Momo? Wasn’t she supposed to be your friend? You thought you were going to explode with rage, faint, and be sick all at once. You wanted to scream… to get their attention… to tell them to stop… but as you opened your mouth, nothing came. You couldn’t think straight; your entire world was crumbling down around you, making your head spin. Before your knees had the chance to buckle, you backed away slowly. Your hands began to tremble and your vision blurred from the oncoming tears. Looking over Todoroki’s beautiful face one final time, you felt your heart split into millions of pieces. The pain in your chest was unbearable. Adrenaline coursed through your veins, allowing you to escape this hell as you sprinted away, not looking back.
The pair of lovers froze, whipping their heads around when they heard an ear-splitting crash. The bottle of champagne slipped from your shaking hands as you disappeared from the alley, and much like your heart, shattered everywhere. Todoroki spotted a glimpse your unmistakable (h/c) hair fluttering in the wind, his stomach dropping at the implication. Staring down at the ground, he watched the tiny glass shards glint in the moonlight as the contents of the bottle oozed onto the cold ground.
*     *     *
You ran like mad back to your apartment— well, Todoroki’s apartment now, and flung the door open. Not bothering to take off your shoes, you ran into the bedroom and snatched your suitcase, kneeling down to start frantically filling it with your possessions. You only took your clothes and important mementos, throwing everything else over your shoulders into a pile. You were sure to leave behind any gifts given to you by that cheating bastard. You could only hear the sound of your heartbeat in your ears as you finally slammed your suitcase shut. Standing once more, you tried to slow your ragged breathing, but the sobs that racked your body made it impossible. You were nearly hyperventilating, unable to stop the the steady flow of tears that rushed down your cheeks. Making your way to the front doors once again, you passed by your special birthday surprise, heart aching at what a fool you’d been.
Slamming the door shut behind you for the last time, you made your way down the street, heavy breaths visible in the cold air. You pulled your coat tighter around your torso on instinct as the freezing rain came down heavily, though you felt so numb inside it hardly made a difference. You thought back to the first time you confessed to Todoroki; it was your third year at UA, but you’d been head over heels for him long before then. He was everything you ever wanted… the perfect man. As your relationship progressed, he promised the world to you— promised to become the number 1 hero, to give you a wonderful life, a family. Looking back now, his word clearly meant nothing. Did he ever really love you? Was it all an act? How long was he seeing her behind your back?
It made sense, truthfully. He and Momo were destined for one another all along. She was brilliant and had a strong quirk. She was a tall, sophisticated beauty, capable of becoming a supermodel with that perfect hourglass figure and long legs that went on for miles. Like Todoroki, she came from obscene riches, a debutante who held her nose high in the air as she moved about with elegance and grace. Simply put, she was everything you weren’t. Of course Momo and Todoroki would eventually find their way to each other; they were an obvious pair. Maybe it was true, that birds of a feather thing…
You were just an ordinary woman, and Todoroki would never be capable of settling. You only wished you’d have seen it back then, all those years ago, before allowing yourself to give him your whole heart.
*     *     *
Dragging your suitcase behind you down the bumpy sidewalk, you came back to your senses, shaking the fog out of your buzzing mind. Looking around, you had already walked quite a ways away from the apartment. Your legs itched to give up and crumple to the ground. You had nowhere to go. Who would be willing to take you in like this, in the dead of night? No doubt, most of your other friends from UA would do so in a heartbeat, but you couldn’t face them… you weren’t ready to receive their pity. You weren’t ready to talk about it. So, you went to the only place you knew you’d be able to avoid both unwanted sentiments. Determining your next destination, you started running with purpose in your stride. Pushing the ice cold air out of your burning lungs rhythmically, an occasional hiccup escaped your lips as your body adjusted to the steady deep breaths. Your watery eyes began to dry despite the bitter wind whipping against them; for now, it seemed you had no more tears to left cry.
*     *     *
Approaching the small home, you dragged yourself up the porch steps. Raising a clenched fist, you brought it down hard against the door, banging your numb fingers against it loudly. You waited a few moments before the door opened, flooding you with the warm light from inside. The occupant leaned up against the doorframe, arms crossed. He assessed you from head to toe, noting you were soaked and shivering uncontrollably from the freezing rain. He watched your blue lips tremble as your teeth chattered, cheeks and nose bright red from the cold. Your eyes were swollen from crying, trails of mascara staining your cheeks.
“Tch— What, did that icy hot bastard finally get caught?”
You looked up into Bakugou’s stern eyes with surprise.
“I heard some rumors through the grapevine,” Bakugou explained before you could ask. “I didn't think they were true, though… that shitty half-and-half must be even dumber than I thought…”
You gaped up at him, shock still preventing you from speaking.
“Well…?? Are you going to come in before you freeze to death, or what?” he asked. You continued to stand there, immobile, the cold seriously delaying your thought processes. Before your brain had the chance to catch up, Bakugou wrapped his hot hand around your wrist, puling you inside his cozy home, slamming the door quickly behind him.
*     *     *
author’s note 8.5.20; this fic is nearly two years old now. i apologize for not delivering a second part as highly requested, but i have since moved on & will not be revisiting this fic. thank you guys so much for all the support!!
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t0wnspersonb · 12 months ago
Caught (Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)
Tumblr media
Hi! Um I was wondering if you could write a Domestic Bakugou where they were doing the do and there two kids caught them? Just wondering😁
Word Count: 1,675
Rated: Explicit
Warnings: slight smut, bad language, slight edging
Yooooo, I had so much fun writing this lmao. I literally love writing all things Bakugou as a husband! It’s kinda short and it might be shitty lol so I apologize in advance. @ari0425​ I hope I wrote this to your liking!😭😭😭 sorry it’s so late! Obviously requests are open and I’ll try and get to as much of them as I can. I’m so sorry for not being as active with my own content, life has just been super busy for me😭 My best friend is coming over tomorrow to chop off my hair so hopefully that goes well lol, and I will be officially out of my boot (hopefully) in the next week! I’ve honestly been walking on the broken technically since last week since it wasn’t hurting so hopefully I didn’t fuck anything up. Guess I’ll find out in a week! ANYWAY, I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend and don’t be shy about any comments or requests! I literally adore you all so much and I’m so very thankful and happy you guys like reading my shit💕💕💕🤗 stay happy and safe!
“Why not?” Bakugou growled, his muscular arms folding across his chest. The sudden movement distracted you for a moment, and you couldn’t help but appreciate your husband’s strength.
 His bulging arm muscles were thick and taut as they rested across his chest, his broad shoulders exposed to your greedy eyes; tank tops were designed with your husband’s physique in mind, you were sure of it. But you were also sure that he knew exactly what he was doing, because a smirk began to tug at his lips.
 “I told you Katsuki, we have a busy day tomorrow with the kids.” You sighed, folding your own arms over your chest, your back leaning against the counter, an eyebrow raised; challenging the large hero before you.
 His smirk dropped, a large scowl now taking its place. “It’s always about the fucking kids.”
 You rolled your eyes at his statement. 
 Despite the rough words, you knew what he meant. Bakugou adored his children, he was a doting father, in his own way; but everyone knew that he would go to the ends of the earth for his children, he would protect them and cherish them no matter what. The minute he knew that you were pregnant, both times, he had never been happier. Bakugou could account for the five happiest times in his life, when you agreed to go out with him, when he became a pro hero, when you married him, and when you gave birth to his beautiful daughter, and then his beautiful son. 
 So, while his children were his pride and joy, sometimes… sometimes… he just wanted them to fucking go away. 
 He couldn’t remember the last time he was able to have you all to himself, and fuck, did he miss you. He craved having all of your undivided attention, being able to be alone with you. It had been far too long.
 “Why can’t they go have a sleepover at Deku’s with his kids?” he huffed angrily. 
 You rolled your eyes again. “We can’t just pawn off our children to Izuku whenever you want to get your dick wet Katsu. Besides, they all hung out last week, when you and Izuku had that call about the hostage situation. I watched all of them.”
 His eyes flashed in annoyance at your statement, his tall frame stalking over to you. You could never get used to how big Bakugou was compared to your small frame, his entire being radiated strength and power, it made you feel safe, secure… and most of all, it made you nervous.
 Not because you were scared of him, far from it, but because it had been a long time since the last time you two were intimate. The physical aspect of your relationship was always there, always important to you, but recently it had just been hard to find the time to be together in that way, especially with how clingy your son started being, and how your daughter was involved in more activities at school that needed attention. 
 You could feel your heart racing as he towered over you, his large arms caging you in as his hands rested against the counter top on either side of your body, forcing you to meet his gaze.
 “I’ve seen the way you’ve been looking at me princess, it’s not just me that wants to get my dick wet. I’m sure you’ve been wanting to use that mouth for other things than just back talking to me.” He said lowly, his voice deep and dark, one of his hands came up to grab at your jaw, the rough pad of his thumb rubbed gently against your lower lip. 
 Your breath hitched in your throat, a familiar ache beginning to settle at the bottom of your stomach.
 How did you get such a gorgeous husband?
 “So, let’s just drop off the shitty kids with the old lady and be together already.” he finished, his fingers sliding down, wrapping themselves easily around your throat. He squeezed his fingers carefully, but there was enough pressure that caused a soft whimper to escape your lips. Bakugou sneered down at you, he knew your body far too well, knew exactly how to touch you to make you bend to his will.
 But when your mind finally registered what he had said, a large scowl covered your lips, the arousal you were feeling simmering down dramatically.
 “Don’t call our kids shitty, and we are not dropping them off with your mom when she just saw them yesterday. You either calm yourself down Katsuki or I’m not going to touch you for an even longer time.” you threatened, your palm resting flat against his muscular chest.
 He growled angrily, stepping back away from you and shoving his hands deep into his pockets. “Why are you denying me so much? You fucking shit, aren’t you supposed to be taking care of your husband?” 
 “Shut up and go set the table Katsuki.” You sighed, turning towards the stove to finish dinner.
 It was silent for a moment, and then his large arms wrapped carefully around your waist, hugging you softly to his muscular body. 
 A soft smile tugged at your lips when you felt his plush lips gently press against your cheek, and then he was gone. You turned to look at him stalk out of the kitchen and into the living room, probably to go round-up the kids.
 Bakugou Katsuki might be rough, but underneath that hard exterior that man was entirely soft when it came to you and his kids.
 This wasn’t how you imagined this morning going. 
 Soft moans were being muffled by hungry kisses, the sound of ruffling sheets and skin slapping against one another surrounded the quiet room.
 That was this was.
 “Fuck, you feel so perfect wrapped around my cock princess.” Bakugou growled, his hips thrusting deep into your core. 
 You whimpered softly, your eyes rolling into the back of your head at the immense amount of pleasure. He filled you to the brim, your tight heat engulfing him completely. 
 This was what he had been missing, what you had been missing. The pleasure, the intimacy of feeling each other’s bare bodies sliding against one another, it was all too much.
 “Katuski, w-wait…” You panted out, your hands grabbing at his broad shoulders, sliding down to hold onto his forearms, the familiar pressure was beginning to bubble up again, filling you up and aching to break through.
 “Again? This is your third one princess, did you miss my cock that much?” he mocked you, one of his hands reaching down to rub at your clit, ghosting over the bundle of nerves, not quite putting pressure down, but the touch alone was enough to cause your body to arch up off of the bed in pleasure. You could feel tears prickling at your eyes, your body aching for release, except now that Bakugou knew that you were close, he was going to drag it out as much as possible.
 The cruel bastard.
 “Katsuki please,” you cried, his thrusts slowing down, he dragged his member out of your body before pressing back into your tight heat deeply, savoring every second of your begging, of your wet core.
 “Beg harder princess.” he growled out, a sadistic smirk etching itself onto his lips. “I want to hear you beg for it.”
 A whimper tore through your lips at his cruel words and slow pace.
 You ached for release now, no words being able to form in your mouth, which didn’t sit well with Bakugou since he gave a particular hard and deep thrust at your silence.
 His thumb suddenly pressed down hard against your clit, rubbing fast and rough, causing a jolt of pleasure to ripple through your body.
 You felt it then, the wall cracking as your release began to build up and up and…
 You and Bakugou froze, both of your heads snapping over to the small child that stood near the now open door. Your son rubbed at his eyes sleepily, his teddy bear dragged against the ground in his other hand.
 You would’ve thought it was the most adorable sight you had ever seen, except for the fact that your husband was still buried deep inside of you. You silently thanked the universe for the fact that the sheets were still wrapped around your guys’ body, covering you up completely.
 Your son looked at you in confusion for a second, taking in the scene before his little three-year-old eyes and then…
 His face turned angry. He was the spitting image of Bakugou, except for the eyes and his personality, that took after you.
 “Wow really?” your daughter suddenly appeared at the door, looking at you guys in disgust. While your son might look like your husband, your daughter looked just like you, minus the hair and her personality. Those of which she inherited from her father.
 The personality part was a bit unfortunate, especially considering how much she and Bakugou butted heads, especially now that she had just turned nine.
 “Get off my mama!” Your son began to yell. “You are hurting her!” 
 Your eyes widened in surprise and you watched as your son began taking a step towards you guys only for your daughter to grab his hand. 
 “She’s fine.” She said curtly. “Let’s go watch cartoons. Leave mama and shitty papa alone right now.”
 Your lips twitched in amusement at her words, she was definitely Bakugou’s first born, that much was obvious.
 “Oi, you shitty fucking brat what did you just call me!?” Bakugou growled, a tick mark appearing above his head as he looked at his children. 
 “Shitty papa.” Your daughter said simply and closed the door as she walked off with her brother in tow.
 “What the fuck! Who the fuck taught you that word you little shit!?” Bakugou screamed out.
 Laughter bubbled up through your lips, causing Bakugou to scream at you next for laughing. 
 But you couldn’t help it, your heart was entirely full right now. 
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unmaskedagain · a year ago
Marinette: Iron Man’s Minion
Marinette: Tony’s Stark new Minion.
I have this random story idea of Marinette meeting Tony Stark. It creates fun dynamic with the avengers who begin to questions just how many children Tony has. This story might not go anywhere apart from a few headcannons so be warned.
Most people meet Tony Stark at the Stark Expo. Some are unfortunate enough to meet Tony when he’s rescuing them in the Iron Man suit.
However, when Stark Industries decide that after the events of Slovakia, thankfully Loki had been there to stop the worst of Ultron’s plan thus saving nearly everyone’s life, a little good press wouldn’t hurt.
Stark Industries quietly announced a competition to young inventors of the world: whoever designs the best new Iron Man suit wins a replica Iron man. When one little French girl wins, however it’s the stuff of her dreams.
Or at least Marinette thought so at first.
When the Parisian hero learned of the competition, she decided to pull out her old sketches of the iron man suit. She had always admired the sleekness of it but thousands ideas always hit her on how it could improve appearance wise. Marinette decided to submit her favorite design, never think it was ever a possibility that she’d win.
In fact Marinette was so sure she’d lose, that she didn’t pay attention when the winner was announced. She didn’t find out until her phone rang and Pepper Potts was on the other side of the videotime.
Tony Stark loved her suit design and instead of a shoddy helmet, the real prize was for the Winner to come to New York, meet the avengers, and work with The Tony Stark for the entire summer as an intern.
Marinette had never screamed so loud in her life. Her parents were thrilled at the idea of Marinette getting away from the dangers of all the Akumas and the drama of her class.
Honestly, Marinette thought it was her lucky break. She hadn’t made a single plan for the summer. All of her so called friends had taken to giving her the cold shoulder thanks to Lila and her lies. Marinette hadn’t even been invited to the class’s annual end of the year party. Whenever she tried to make plans with them. They were always too busy or just plain ignored her but then they go right ahead and make plans in front of her.
Marinette had been in tears by the end of term.
She tried to tell Alya she was leaving to New York but was met with contempt. Alya and Marinette’s friendship was non-existent at that point. And whatever childhood friendship she once had with Nino, died with it. Right or wrong, he always took the side of his girlfriend.
Kim trailed behind Lila like a lost puppy, further cementing he had terrible taste in women.
The most interaction Marinette had with Alix was when the pink-haired girl when out of her way to trip Marinette.
Rose said quietly whispered to Marinette that she didn’t want to cause problems with her other friends so they couldn’t talk much anymore. Juleka follow suit.
Adrien watched it all with a passive expression on his face like he didn’t know the truth. It was then that Marinette realized the boy didn’t care what the truth was as long as he didn’t have to deal with conflict.
As far as Marinette was concerned she didn’t have a single friend left in class. Just like Lila threatened. The only good thing that came from it was that Marinette that she wouldn’t care what people thought. Marinette decided to always say whats on her mind no matter what.
           Jagged said it made her very sassy, and so very ROCK AND ROLL.
Marinette arrived at Stark Tower three days after school ended. She had jumped twenty feet when she stepped into the elevator and a voice greeted her.
“Hello Miss Dupain-Cheng,” A voice said.
“Uh, bonjour?” Marinette said. “Please call me Marinette. And you are, sir?”
“I am Jarvis.”
           Marinette nodded. She had heard about the AI that help run Tony Stark’s world. “How are you doing today, Jarvis?” She asked it.
           There was a moment of silence. Most people, a part of his creator, had never asked Jarvis how he was.
“Less chaotic than usual,” Jarvis said with a dry amused tone that left Marinette wondering if A.I could be amused.
           Marinette straightened up and her blue eyes narrowed, “You are not being worked too hard, right? You get time to yourself?”
           Jarvis assured her that he did and that he liked his job. They went onto have a pleasant conversation about their most exciting experiences and Marinette’s future dreams.
Marinette didn’t know that currently Tony was watching the interaction from his workshop with a grin on her face. He had wanted to know just who he’d be working with. So far, Frenchy looked like a keeper.
When the elevator doors opened, Marinette followed Jarvis’s instructions on where to go. And that she was to wait in the living room until Tony came for her. It was then she discovered something about the A.I.
“You’re a bit of a jerk, Jarvis,” Marinette whispered when she walked into the living room where nearly all of the Avengers were hanging out and watching… Spongebob?
           Unfortunately, Tony had been drinking coffee at the time and ended up doing a spit take all over dummy.
           It took all of two second for the avengers to notice the fourteen-year-old girl standing there.
           The bluenette’s face turned bright red. It took everything in her not to start screaming and jumping up and down.
“Oh god, cap” Clint said, “One of your fangirls
“Fangirl? Oh please,” Marinette scoffed. “Have you seen the disaster of a costume he wears into battle? Not in this lifetime!”
           Unfortunately, again, for Tony and Dummy, Tony had taken another drink from his coffee at the moment.
“She’s trying to kill me,” Tony coughed. “Worth it.” He said with his eyes still glued the screen.
           The avengers just stared for a moment. Steve Rogers blinked hard, “What?”
“No offense,” Marinette quickly said. “I’m just really into fashion. And I cannot and will not be seen as fan of man who dresses like America’s drunk prom date.”
           Clint fell off the couch laughing.
“She’s not wrong,” Natasha shrugged as she eyed the girl with a smirk.
           Steve cast the spider a look, and turned frown to Marinette, “I wore that uniform to war.”
“Like World War 2 wasn’t tragic enough,” Marinette said dryly.
“Jarvis!” Tony yelled as he ran from the workshop still trying to watch his new favorite. “Get me some adoption papers.”
“Sir, she has parents,” Jarvis tried to reason.
“Didn’t anyone teach ya to respect your elders? A voice said behind her.
           Unfortunately for the newcomer, Marinette flight or fight instincts had been firmly in fight mode for quite some time. As she quickly spun around and kicked the guy in the face. And that was how Marinette met the Winter Soldier. She broke his nose.
           Bucky crashed into the wall with a force that left his head spinning.
“Peter always wanted a sibling,” Tony told Jarvis with a joyful look.
“And May Parker still hasn’t given you permission to adopt him either.”
“Sorry!” Marinette yelled frantically as she moved to help the man. “I didn’t mean to, I promise. Are you alright? Can I get you anything?”
“Besides your dignity back,” Sam added with the biggest grin on his face. “Because that’s gone, man. Like forever.”
           Marinette shot him a glare, and turned her the disheveled man. She noticed the bloody nose and her panic increased tenfold. “Oh god. Oh god.” She pulled a cloth napkin from her purse and held it up to Bucky’s face. She looked around the room, hysterically, and spotted Bruce Banner, “Dr. Banner, help please.”
“I’m not that type of doctor,” Banner quickly said.
           Marinette narrowed her eyes at him, “Today you are.”
           Bruce blinked. He felt the big guy rumble in amusement. He quickly got up to help.
“I’m fine,” Bucky said as he tried to wave her off and move towards the others. “Nice kick by the way.”
“You,” She pointed at Bucky. “Be quiet. You hit your head and might have a concussion.”
           Bruce instructed Marinette to remove the napkin as he examine his patient.
“Tis merely a flesh wound,” Thor boomed as he strutted over to look. “Nothing to worry about.” He moved to place his hand on the girl’s shoulder but before he could…
“Touch me and I will break that hand,” The girl suddenly said, her back to the blond god.
           Thor’s hand froze in midair. Marinette turned and looked at him. “Go sit back on the couch.” She ordered in such a way that Thor was reminded of his longtime friend Sif.
“I-” Thor started but was cut off.
           Thor flinched back. The blue eyes watched him sternly as he slowly went back to the couch like a puppy with his tail between his legs. Far from the scary small girl.
“Pepper would love her!”
“Yes, but she’d be furious about a kidnapping.”
“How is he, Dr. Banner?” Marinette asked.
           Banner decided right then shrugging would get him killed. “He’s fine. It’s just small break. He’ll be fine in an hour.” He got a skeptical look. “Super soldier, he heals fast.”
“Thank you, doctor,” Marinette said brightly.
“Come on,” Marinette told Bucky soothingly. “Let get you on the couch.”
           Bucky just let himself be led with a sigh. Why did the small, tiny ones always give him the most trouble?
           The other avengers moved out of their way.
“Are you okay?” Marinette asked again when sat the wounded man on the couch. “Do you need anything? Do you want the remote control? I can get you the remote control.”
           Said current owner of the remote control, Scott, looked up like a deer in the headlights. He froze when the French girl’s blue eyes found him and they narrowed in challenge. Scott barely noticed Sam slowly inch himself away from his teammate.
“Asshole,” Scott hissed to Falcon.
“What did you just say?” Marinette raised an eyebrow.
“I said: Here’s the remote,” He tossed it prized possession the Winter Solider who had a smirk on his face. He knew just how hard it was to maintain control of the TV in a home of superheroes.
           Marinette caught it in midair. She passed it to Bucky.
“Thanks!” Bucky smirked at Scott as he said it. “I’m good now. I swear.”
           Marinette nodded contently.
“Ahh Marinette,” Tony said as he entered the room. The smug expression on his face and in his tone didn’t go unnoticed by the rest of the avengers. “Sorry I’m late. Come on, I’ll show you where we’ll be working.”
           Marinette grinned and ran over to the Tony Stark.
“Wait, who are you, tiny vicious girl?” Clint suddenly yelled.
“My name is Marinette Dupain-Cheng,” She introduced herself brightly, looking very much like the sweet school girl they originally thought she was.
“My new intern,” Tony smirked. Then within seconds the genius pulled Marinette out of the room and disappeared from sight as Jarvis slammed the doors behind them
           Natasha hummed, “Tony always managed find the most interesting kids. First the spiderling and now…”
“The Devil,” Sam finished. “I have older sisters. Fear the wrath of a teenager girl.”
“She’s here all summer,” Steve remember feeling oddly self-conscious.
           Bucky chuckled and propped his feet of the coffee table, “Aww, don’t worry punk, I won’t let the mean powderpuff bully you.”
“So Dominator,” Tony said as the stepped into the elevator. “You really know how to make an entrance. I like that in a minion.”
“Minion?” Marinette squeaked. “Mr. Stark?”
           What exactly had she signed up for?
           The elevator doors opened. “Call me Tony,” He said spread his arms wide as he showed of the workshop. “So this is where the magic happens.”
           For the next few hours, Marinette toured the workshop and the tower. Tony really did love the suit she had drawn but had been a bit dismayed that Marinette didn’t have too much experience in the science. Marinette was a quick learned though, and Tony was impressed about how quickly she picked up information.
Happy, the driver who had picked Marinette up from the airport and who grumbled about always being stuck with teenagers, had brought up her bags as he had said he would and left it in her room.
Marinette didn’t run into any of the other avengers again until the next day. She got up bright and early, the sun still rising, as she was still used to waking up and helping her baker parents. Plus jetlag.
With Jarvis help, she easily found the kitchen. To her dismay, the fridge was full of junk food, take out boxes, and protein shakes. And coffee. Lots of clearly expensive coffee.
She sighed and got to baking. There was plenty of ingredients to work with as the kitchen was well stocked up unused. Within the next few hours, the kitchen and thus the entire tower was filled with the sweets smells usually only found in the bakery.
Marinette had made chocolate croissants, a variety of muffins, Berries and Cream Cheese Breakfast Pastries that her father swore by, and spinach, bacon, mushroom, and cheese quiches. She even made a pot of coffee. All spread out on the dining room table before eight am.
The first to make their way up to see what smelled so good was Natasha.
“Good morning,” Natasha said. “Been busy?”
“Morning,” Marinette beamed. “Daughter of bakers. Hungry?”
           Bucky came next. His hair was pulled back in a ponytail and he had on dark sweatpants. He look half asleep as He grunted a hello as he sat down to eat.
           A lovely girl named Wanda and a man Vision, who was apparently Jarvis’ son, came up next. Marinette hadn’t met either of them yesterday but they had heard of her.
           The next person to show was Clint but he took one look at Marinette and made a hasty retreat.
“Baby!” Natasha and with a grumble, Clint came back into the room.
“Hawkeye, right?” Marinette asked.
           Clint eyed her. “Yes,” he answered as he sat down next to the Black Widow. “And if you kill me, Nat will avenge me.”
“No, I won’t.”
“What!” He cried. “I’m your best friend.”
           The redhead looked at him and then at the berry, cream cheese goodness in her hands, then at Marinette. She looked back at Clint, “You’ve been replaced.” When he went to protest some more, Natasha shoved a chocolate scone in his mouth.
           His green eyes widened as the flavor exploded. He looked at the scone, then at Marinette, then at all the food on the table. Clint nodded solemnly, “I understand.” And made himself a plate.
           Marinette giggled at the antics.
           Tony entered the room, hair on ends, greasy t-shirt on and blinked hard at the feast at the table.
“I made breakfast,” Marinette handed him a cup of coffee cheerfully when he sat down. “Sweet and savory. I didn’t know what everyone liked.”
           He nodded tiredly but perked up as soon as he took a bite of spinach bacon quiche. He swallowed it quickly, “Jarvis?” Tony called.
“You cannot adopt her, sir.”
           Thor was next and thanked Marinette loudly for the splendid feast. Scott, Sam, and Bruce arrived next.
           Steve came next, apparently just having finished up a run.
           The two stared at each other, like a pair of cowboys doing a standoff.
“Listen… about what I said yesterday,” Marinette started. “I, one hundred percent meant it. Your fashion sense is appalling. But please consider this a peace offering.”
“My style was very popular in the forties!” Steve defended.
           Bucky snorted, “Liar.”
           That sounded off around of laughter.
           Marinette spent the next few weeks help Tony design his new suit, got trained with Natasha, Bucky and Steve, and went frequently to Stark Industries with Pepper Potts. (Though Steve had quite liked it when Marinette point at Pepper and said, “See that’s fashion. Gold standard right there. You, no.”
           She met Peter Parker not long after she arrived. He was a nice boy with glasses that reminded her a bit of herself. Tony had guardianship of Peter while his aunt was overseas on business.
“Minion three,” He greeted her. Peter sat down across from her work table and started on his own project.
“Four?” She asked, with a chuckle. “And you are?”
           Peter grinned, “Minion two.” He shrugged. “Riri’s three. Harley’s one. And is the union leader. They’ll be here tonight.”
           Marinette laid down her screwdriver, “There’s a union.”
“No there’s not!” Tony yelled.
           Peter leaned over the table and whispered, “We revolt at dawn.”
“God dammit, Peter!”
           Marinette cackled.
           It wasn’t long before the paparazzi got wind of Marinette. Then suddenly the magazines were filled with Marinette: Stark’s secret FOURTH love child. Marinette literally fell down laughing when War Machine stomped in the workshop and three a magazine at Tony’s head. “Another one, Tony? Didn’t even tell me!”
She was photographed frequently as whenever she left the company an overprotective avenger was sure to join her. She was teen vogue’s best dressed list. In tiger beat’s, things Marinette just can’t live without.
           That was when her phone started ringing and texts started pouring in from Paris. Unfortunately, for her ex friends, Marinette had promised that for the rest of summer the only people from France she’d talk to were her parents. And Marinette keeps her promises.
           So she never bother to look at the texts. The only time she interacted was when she had to use the horse miraculous to portal to home to stop an Akuma. Which was hard to hide from a group of nosy superheroes.
           Everything was going fine until the Kwami was let out of the bag in the middle of a family/team dinner.
           Loki poofed in one day, walked straight up to Marinette, and demanded to speak with Plagg.
“The Kwami of Destruction owes me money,” Loki said easily.
           Said Kwami flew out from where he was hiding, “Do not! You cheated.”
           And that was that.
           Marinette had no choice but to transform into Ladybug.
           To which Happy groaned, “Another teen bug themed hero,” He glared at Tony. “You did this on purpose.”
           None of the avengers had been happy about a teen superhero battle a terrorist on her own. Peter, Spiderman, just high-fived her.
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twincookies · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A storyboard and composition exercise for practice. 
Wanted to be more cinematic and show more emotion. 
His family didn’t hurt him they arrived to the fight later on. Mao Mao is  actually very much hurt but he’s being strong! 
Also Badger clops had to run all the way there. 
Sorry if this wasn’t clear before XD
Note: This is just for fun! It’s all good! Just supporting the show with our art :)
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