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#but they will

the hylt teasers were rushed but they were a serve tho 😳 like i actually dont know how they will top those

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Yeah I’m not going to want to hear that again after this mess. It’s bad enough on a regular day (when we literally know it’s bullshit because there’s pics of him in another country the day before Freddies bday) but after watching all this go down I’m going to have no patience for fake parent talk. Put up or shut up. Some random dude from Doncaster that Ashley’s dating has seen Freddie more than louis at this point so let’s stop with the charade already. You can’t have him play pretend great dad but let this mess go down that is literally putting a kid at risk.

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Right there’s no way people are going to take advantage of being allowed out of the house as much as they want

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big beefy tiefling jester boi/traveling salesman from my dnd campaign 

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louis and liam will write the one direction tell-all book

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Oooooh, “other dimensions”, huh?

I wonder what–or who–could be living in one of those??? :)

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As a fat person I’m not… terribly hurt by ep 4 of the new queer eye season? But I can see why some people would be. To me it’s like… if his weight is something he’s not happy with, his feelings are valid and he should be allowed to change it. Then again, they could have used less… subtley-shamey language about him and his kids weights.

It’s a group of skinny people…. I guess I’m just not surprised. Could they do better? Absolutely. Am I gonna stop watching? Nah. I just hope social media doesn’t go…. Too hard on them.

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it’s so depressing finding out a mutual is on the Gross Side of The Discourse like if someone doesn’t talk about it or has certain views that aren’t that bad i don’t mind but hm,, this time not so much Gotta YEET Outta Being Their Mutual Now

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after reading void pt 4 i want to hurl myself off of a cliff, your writing is absolutely incredible 😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

Don’t hurl yourself off a cliff! You have to stick around to see what happens next! ❤️

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