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#but they will fight eachother.
unfried-mouth-wheat · 9 months ago
I don't know why but I feel like Azula and Jet would have been friends???? Like, they're both in prison and bond over their shared anger and radical views and just wanting parental love and doing what they think is the correct thing but would deny the idea that they even remotely care about the other like
Jet: -so I decided the best thing to do was flood the village! No village, no soldiers, right?
Azula: Obviously! That's the only proper way to make sure your enemy is completely eradicated, even if you are on the wrong side of this argument.
Jet: And then I see the old man with his cup of tea and it's STEAMING!
Azula: Of course he would use fire bending for something that stupid.
Jet: How am I supposed to prove that their Fire Benders? Burst into the tea shop they work at and scream "That man had a hot cup so he's clearly a Fire Bender"?
Azula: They'd think you were crazy!
Jet: They did, but I didn't have any other proof!
Azula: Wait
Azula: You did WHAT?
Jet: -then he used this cheap shot with a boulder to take me out!
Azula: I always knew he was a coward. The honorable thing to do would be to fight head on.
Zuko doesn't know how to feel about this because Azula's finally talking again and actually making a real friend who isn't controlled by fear but it's fricking chew on a piece of wheat to hide your spiteful and petty nature Jet
Does this even make sense? Cuz it makes sense to me
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malaismere · a year ago
because i do nothing but talk about aus im never gonna actually write, star wars + vox machina
they’re all in the rebellion, vex+vax are a senator’s bastard kids who ran off to fight the empire, and percy’s an engineer, and pike’s a rebellion doctor who recruited grog and scanlan who are on the same vibe as han and chewie
and keyleth? is a jedi.
well, keyleth isn’t a jedi, keyeth is a youngling who somehow managed to survive the whole murder thing and ended up going home. so she’s been living with the ashari in the middle of nowhere where they all at least kind of viewed her as a chosen one who’d take down the empire. she doesn’t have a lightsaber but she has a strong connection through the force to other life and uses it to fight and maybe also has force lightning? its what she deserves. 
the main plot is their mission: free whitestone from its empire appointed overseers, the briarwoods, to get a crucial hold on the valuable mining materials there, hopefully before the empire has a chance to give them back up. 
of course, it ends up getting spilled that they assumed power by killing percy’s parents and that’s lowkey why hes in the rebellion (this either comes out pre-mission or after percy has sneaked aboard to join them even though he should be staying at base)
the briarwoods aren’t just imps tho. they serve a rival sith - darth vecna - and have gained access to an old jedi turned sith temple underneath the city for eeevil.
which may or may not be tied into the last secret, which is, percy is totally force sensitive, none of them find out until they’re down at the temple, and he hates every single bit of it. 
like. you know percy’s whole hating magic thing? but how he uses it anyways? that’s percy and being a jedi, except keyleth is teaching him how to meditate and they end up bonding and going even more besties than they are in canon but also he complains every minute of it.
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ringpop-poppy · an hour ago
THINKING WHAT UR IDEA OF READER AND ARMIN FIGHTING OVER WHOS THE BETTER SUB love the idea of them constantly going at it like tom and jerry and always setting eachother up to look bad in front of eren, reader is good but armin is always 2 steps ahead! which lands her in her current predicament: getting fucked into the bed by eren. But thats not even the worst of it, eren decides that because armin is such a good boy for him he can take part in the punishment, so he sits in front of her, holding her wrists to keep her from crawling away from the brutal thrusts. While he gets praised for following the rules and directions she gets manhandled. Reader even tries to snitch and explain herself all whole sobbing into the sheets but armin cuts it short with a tighter grip and whisper of "if u ruin this for me, i promise you this'll only hurt you in the long run" all with a smile on his face
No bc armin is a snitch and a 'good boy' wherein you're a brat ;( he's always telling on you and outdoing you on staying behaved. he gets all erens headpats and praise and u get pussy spanks and ruined orgasms <////3 its honestly because armin kinda likes seeing you all pitiful though, you always tease him n poke at him for being a goody two shoes, it gives him a sick satisfaction to see your face all twisted up in pleasure/pain underneath erens punishing thrusts. fucks your stupid mouth full and makes you gag on his pretty cock. you're only a good girl when you're being used by them both, too fucked stupid to think with your dumb brain
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thewolfinthedark · 2 hours ago
9, 10, 24, 62, 71 ❤️
Hi baby ❤
9, my perfect mate would be someone who cared about you deeply and loves you just the way you are. She supports you on your dreams and helps you when you need it.
10, I do but I don't. Like you can think that someone is cute and all, but a real connection you can only find when you spend time together.
24, owww YES! I would definitely marry you. I love you and eventhough we sometimes fight, we always make it up to eachother. And it's the little things we do that make me fall in love with you more and more.
62, secretly wearing lingerie and out of the blue taking of her shirt and revealing what is underneath.
71, ohh well.. I am in a club and me and you went to the bathrooms and we made out with eachother and as we were doing that I teased and fingered you.
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mrspider · 2 hours ago
i love it when people i dont like fight eachother its like i get to reap all the benefits and do no work. like finding a bush of wild blackberries. nature is beautiful
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aenor-llelo · 3 hours ago
take on platonic husbands tubbo and ranboo?
(cracks my little knuckley boneses) maybe i will another post on the tumblr dot com
First off king, fair warning, i do not have Wholesome Headcanons for this here beeduo. Okay? okay, we’ve been warned.
Tubbo and Ranboo are a sitcom marriage- literally.
Which is not to say that the marriage is non-genuine. i think they believe they’re performing this marriage authentically.
but that’s the key here- performing. it’s so... performative.
their previous canon history is dropped in favor of playing house. And it is playing.
They’re playing henpecked wealthy husbands besotted with each other, they’re playing a rich couple making extravagant impulse purchases, they’re playing parents indulging their favorite only child.
so much of the other parts of their life are colored by their frightening pasts and the stress of current arcs, while their marriage remains untouched and “wholesome”- because the marriage, itself, is an act.
The both of them are kids- one of which has limited memory beyond very recently, and the other who grew up in a backdrop of political scheming and constant warfare. they don’t know what healthy genuine marriage looks like- they’ve never had the opportunity to see it.
except in fiction.
so they’re copying a sitcom marriage, using themselves and the world around them as the props.
Ranboo the henpecked husband who constantly commutes.
Tubbo the pushy “homeowner’s association” metaphorical gold-digger, playing the “sitcom wife”.
Micheal is a prop, too, as much as they love him. the “perfect marriage” has a sweet little child- micheal adds depth to their dollhouse.
They add other people into their sitcom. Fundy the sketchy cousin, Philza as the grandfather.
the mansion is a bigger stage, a bigger dollhouse.
The biggest, damning piece of evidence for me is their lack of emotional intimacy. They share things with other people, but not each other.
the weapons? the enderwalk? that’s something they probably should talk about to their husband! but they don’t, because the marriage isn’t about them supporting eachother or working through their problems... it’s avoiding them.
i think they believe their marriage is healthy because it’s “wholesome”- as in free of apparent problems. and as long as the real world doesn’t interrupt their sitcom, it’s working.
it has to be. 
it has to be right. 
it has to be the one good thing that’s not broken in their lives. it’s happy and fun and no one’s fighting, so it’s good, right? it’s right, right?
it has to be. it’s all they have.
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bloodbath-arena · 11 hours ago
Can I request "Forced to hurt somebody" from your BTHB card? :)
you absolutely can request that prompt! here you go! :) enjoy! sorry it took so long btw
Tumblr media
learning the hard way. | bad things happen bingo #1
desc: a dying party with Kane, Hati, Lyaksandro, and Marco goes wrong when everyone gets too intoxicated and tries to spice things up.
prompt: @badthingshappenbingo ,"forced to hurt someone".
cw: fighting/beating, blood mentions, drug/alcohol mentions, drug/alcohol use (mentioned, not descriptive), verbal degradation/abuse
wc; 2,095
This party couldn't have been any worse.
Well, maybe it could've been called a party an hour ago, but most of the guests had either left or passed out in various places throughout the house by now. It was only something to be expected, given that booze flowed like water here and cocaine was as readily available as sugar at these things. Given that, it was almost guaranteed that other substances were floating around, too, but they didn't have nearly as big of a spotlight shone on them.
The wound down, calmer energy of the building was unbearable for a couple of the last four attendants that were somehow showing some semblance of life. Kane groaned loudly in exasperation, followed by a dumb laugh from Hati not too long after.
Marco and Lyaksandro were much quieter, however, both nervously staring around the room to some extent. If they were honest, they'd never really been exposed to this sort of thing much before very recently. Marco especially; he hated the idea that lurked in the back of his mind that anyone passed out in this house could possibly never wake up again. He could be sat down next to a corpse right now and not even know it.
Lyaksandro's chief concern was with Kane. Kane always had a tendency to act up when he was smashed like this, especially if boredom managed to set in at the same time. He wasn't liking the looks Kane and Hati gave eachother, and the stupid snickering that came along with them. He had already figured out they were silently plotting to do some stupid shit, and Lyaksandro just wanted to ride out the rest of his high before he had to re-up it.
He rolled his blue eyes to look at the two older men, as if to already disapprove of whatever their idea was before they had the chance to speak it. His gaze went ignored anyway, though.
"Hey," Kane started out in a slurred voice, unable to stop himself from laughing. "Ly."
Lyaksandro sighed heavily. "What, Kane?"
He didn't even feel bad when Kane's face momentarily dropped at his tone. His giggly demanour came back immediately, anyway.
"You know what would be funny?" Kane asked, and answered before the younger man could reply. "I think it'd be funny if you guys fought each other."
Marco's attention was finally grabbed once again when Kane said the words, his eyes slightly widened with shock, fear, or maybe even both. He hadn't been sure he heard the words right until the boy he was sat next to said something.
"We're not doing that." Lyaksandro replied to Kane then, his voice still managing to stay level and surprisingly firm. Maybe it would help Marco calm down. He hoped that the other two would be willing to leave it there.
But it was never that easy with Kane and Hati.
"Come on," Hati jumped in, his voice tinged with exasperation. "I wanna see a show. It'll be fun. Just do it."
"I don't want to fight him!" Marco suddenly spoke up, the kid's voice shaking. For someone who was such a pest on the ice, he seemed pretty freaked out right now.
Hati and Kane found the youngest one's reaction hysterical, both of them busting out laughing. Kane took another healthy swig of his drink that sat on the table, while Hati decided to take the lead on the matter.
"Well, that's too bad." Hati said, his voice trailing with a certain amount of musing to it. "If you want to go home anytime soon, you're gonna do it."
"Hati, come on." Lyaksandro spoke again, rubbing his face for a moment.
"No, he's right!" Kane snapped, suddenly irritated with their resistance. "Nobody knows where you guys are. Just fucking do it!"
The two stared at each other, but remained where they sat. Lyaksandro hated that Kane fed off of Hati's energy so much whenever they were together. It always made him get so nasty whenever he ended up this fucked up. Hati and Kane stumbled to their feet, standing over Marco and Lyaksandro now.
"We're not fighting." Lyaksandro repeated himself, his own voice starting to falter a bit. Marco was completely silent now, trying to stare off at something else to ignore what was going on.
"Yeah, you are." Hati beat Kane to the punch on saying this, roughly grabbing Marco by the back of his shirt and forcing him to his feet. The kid was wobbly at best, and completely unstable at worst. He saw double as he turned his head to finally look at Hati.
"I don't want-" he started to stammer out, before Hati cut him off.
"I don't fucking care what you want or don't want." he said it so plainly then, rolling his eyes into the back of his head. "Do you ever want to go home again?"
Marco nodded and swallowed hard, his body already starting to shake. Lyaksandro was soon brought to his feet by a very intoxicated Kane, and seemed less than willing to show how much they were getting to him.
"Then you'll beat the shit out of him." Hati said, shoving Marco into Lyaksandro then. The taller boy brushed Marco off of him ever so gently, as if to silently ask him not to give in to their demands. Coming down from his high now, Lyaksandro could only deal with so much.
However, as everything else had been so far, the kid wasn't so lucky. Something about Lyaksandro pushing him off sent Marco over the edge. Marco practically pounced on Lyaksandro then, much to the joy of Kane and Hati.
"Get the fuck off me-!" the taller of the two snapped, shoving him off again. Marco was unrelenting, a certain frenzy having overcome him now. He grabbed at Ly's hair, giving it a hard tug as he tried to wrestle him to the ground.
"Get his ass, Marco!" Hati cheered him on, laughing heartily. Kane covered his mouth as he laughed.
"The quicker you do this, the quicker you'll get to leave!" Kane eventually added in with a disgustingly joking tone, not really even caring that his supposed friend was being attacked as he downed yet another drink.
The words triggered a bigger response out of the already terrified Marco, who forced Ly down to the ground. His frame shook with every emotion he felt in the present moment as he easily climbed onto his back and slammed Ly's head into the floor. The two other men gasped in surprise, but still seemed their gleeful selves. The sudden brutality came off as a pleasant surprise.
Marco managed to get a couple more slams of Ly's head in after he grabbed a handful of his hair. He showed no signs of stopping, until he was finally thrown off of Lyaksandro's back. Ly kicked himself back, but Marco approached yet again.
He didn't want to hurt Marco, but he wasn't willing to get killed over this. He already saw a bit of red trickling into his vision and eventually down to the floor. He kicked himself back, trying to get back to his feet. He'd barely managed the task when Marco tackled him onto the coffee table they'd been using to snort coke off of not even two hours ago.
Bottles and other table ornamentals clattered to the floor as the two struggled, neither Kane nor Hati intervening in their current stupors. Ly swore he felt something digging into his back as he thrashed and tried to keep Marco at bay.
He didn't manage to think about it for long before other issues arose. Before he knew it, Marco had broken a discarded beer bottle right over his head. He gasped and almost shouted in pain, the feeling of more sharp pains in the top and side of his head setting in after he'd heard the glass break.
Ly's head was now leaking like a faucet, blood covering his head and neck, and even the floor now got a generous helping of the crimson liquid. Marco's surprisingly strong hands locked onto Ly's throat, slowly squeezing the life out of him.
When one of his hands left his neck, it was only to punch Lyaksandro square in his jaw. He knew the boy would shatter it if he'd kept hammering away at it. Despite this, all Ly could do was weakly hold onto Marco's hand that held his throat in an iron grip. Both boys had dug their nails into the other's skin for good measure; Ly could see how white Marco's knuckles had grown in the past several moments.
He tried to pull Marco's hand off of him, but only managed to give himself a second of less air restriction if he were lucky enough to make his grip falter. Ly heard the now echoing shouts of disbelief and joy at the brutal match going on in the dead center of the living room. He still didn't see Hati or Kane interfering as he gasped and wheezed desperately for his breath. He weakly hit the side of the table with his hand, as if to tap out.
His calls weren't answered.
"Keep going! Beat his ass!" Hati egged Marco on, his laughter almost maniacal now. His chaotic energy seemed to have turned malicious in the moment. Kane leaned on Hati, snickering into his shoulder. Had he been sober, this might've been a different story.
So Marco threw punch after punch, even occasionally spicing it up by picking Lyaksandro up by his neck and slamming him back down onto the table. He was winded even more with every impact against the hard tabletop, and he felt the razors dig even more into him. He grew too light headed to even try and fight back moments later, but he didn't feel Marco let up even when the boy certainly couldn't feel Ly's throat jump and constrict with every breath of air he tried to force in.
Panicked and highly distressed tears rolled down Marco's cheeks, but something inside of him couldn't help but keep answering Hati's calls to keep wailing on Lyaksandro. His chest heaved and he struggled to breathe clearly as he felt his hands lock on tighter to Ly's neck. He could see the purpling of the bruising that would certainly become deeper later on already start to form on his skin. He cried out as he slammed Ly into the table once more, harder than ever now; hard enough to hear the wood of the table legs start to give way.
The kid just wanted to go home and this was the only option provided to him by someone he considered a mentor. He started to sob and hyperventilate as he noticed the other boy starting to fade right under his fingertips. Something in his mind wouldn't let him release him, even as he heard Ly's weak gargles and quieting gasps for air.
Marco wanted to get out of this place. He hated this situation, this abandoned house, the assaulting smells of booze, sex, and drugs, and the dead eyed stares of anyone around who happened to be awake. 
He whined and looked down at his busted knuckles and slightly bleeding hands. He then looked down at the now unconscious Lyaksandro, whose skin was paling more, other than the splotches of red that covered his face and neck. Marco trembled and sobbed almost hysterically as he finally managed to tear his now shaking hands off of his neck. His chest heaved and struggled to slow down as Marco became more and more upset. He buried his face deep into his hands, not wanting to move from where he was, straddling Lyaksandro with his literal blood on his hands.
The room was quiet for a long time.
"That was good," Hati said from behind Marco, his hand suddenly gripping his hair. "But not good enough."
Hati forced Marco up to his feet again, easily dragging the much smaller boy around by his thick head of dark hair. He threw Marco face first into the ground, standing over him once again as Marco hid himself from him as best as he could. His crying could still be heard, albeit muffled now, from the floor he curled up on.
"I'll let you go this time. But next time you're going to have to pay."
"You have a long way to go before you can even hope to make it in the league." Kane commented.
"Now get up and stop your crying. We have places to be."
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fims999 · 15 hours ago
unspoken words.
its been a little over two months since we’ve last spoken, or had any contact with one another.
as much as i try to suppress the thought of you, i cant help but think of you.
yes, i remember the reason(s) behind our breakup, all of the fights, the yelling, cruel words exchanged in the heat of the moment.. I remember all of it.
But, I also remember you were my person. At the end of an exhausting day, I would come home to you. You would soothe me with your words, and make me forget about all of the bad things to exist ever.
Without even having to say anything, you would already know how I’m feeling.
i cant help but wonder, how are you? do you think of me? are you missing me? even the slightest?
i hope we find our way back to eachother somehow, in the near future and exchange all of the thoughts, feelings, words we’re holding in right now.
i love you always, im sorry it had to be this way.
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sacrificingliberty · 16 hours ago
Cameras at ten paces
Cameras at ten paces by Danny Beattie Via Flickr: A follow on from a shot a few days ago. This is the first time in my life that i've ADDED noise :- / Reminds me of a song my mum taught me as a kid: One fine day in the middle of the night, Two brave men got up to fight, Back to back they faced eachother, Drew their swords and shot eachother
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unknownvaleska · 19 hours ago
can you do kenny/lee (twdg)?
you weren’t specific,,, SO I’LL DO ALL OF THEM :D
1) who rocks the ferris wheel seat and who flips out and begs them to stop?
i,,, both of them but i see kenny flipping out more
2) who is always horny and will have sex at any time, at any place and at any time?
u h,,,,, no :)
3) who is more into taking showers/baths together? who tries to make it relaxing and who tries to make it sexy time?
lee, lee, maybe kenny
4) who likes to walk around the house naked and who tells the other to go put some clothes on?
probably kenny
5) who sleeps on the couch when they get into a fight?
6) who takes photos of the other while they sleep?
l,,, both?
7) who said “I love you” first? and who ends their arguments in a fight with “Because I love you”?
kenny for both of them
8) who likes to wear the others sweatshirts?
they steal eachothers clothes alot but i think,,, kenny would do it more
9) who wakes the other up in the middle of the night to tell them a cool dream they had? who has the most nightmares, and who sings them back to sleep after?
kenny, kenny, and lee. 
10) who is more likely to cheat?
no >:(
11) who makes fun of the other for having a crush on them, and who has to remind them that they are in a relationship?
lee 100%
12) who starts a food fight in the kitchen?
13) who initiates duets? and who is the better singer?
lee. lee can sing well but kenny can’t so he just sings worse so kenny feels better about himself
14) who starts the hand holding? Who grabs the others butt? Who slides their arm around their waist? Who likes to put their fingers in the belt loops?
kenny does the hand holding, lee does everything else
15) who likes writes the others name on their wrist?
16) who is more seductive when they are drunk? and who is louder in bed?
k,,,,,lee and n o
17) who is more protective?
kenny tries to be protective of lee, but lee is stronger than him and ends up saving kenny more
18) who talks to the other while they are sleeping?
kenny. i have a feeling he’d just talk to lee to comfort himself and let out his thoughts
19) who drives and who has the window seat?
lee. i have a feeling kenny would just get distracted or something
20) who falls asleep in the others lap and who carries them to bed?
kenny falls asleep and lee carries him
21) who cuts the others hair?
22) who is super bad at sexting? and who sends them encouraging messages throughout the day?
i mean, i don’t think they’d have phones but i think if they did kenny would be terrible at sexting and lee would send the encouraging messages
23) who thinks they are not good enough for the others love? and who’s more afraid of loosing the other? Who thinks they keep messing up, only for the other to tell them they don’t need to worry?
kenny. for all of them.
24) who starts random slow dancing with the other in the kitchen? Who holds the other just above the ground and kisses them?
25) who says shitty puns and sex jokes just to see the other giggle and blush?
26) who kissed first?
i think kenny would want to kiss first but lee is the one who ends up doing it
27) who orders take out at two in a morning? and who wakes the other up at three in the morning to go downstairs with them to get a glass of water because it’s too dark?
lee, kenny
28) who writes poems/stories and love songs about the other? Do they sing the songs the write for them?
hm- lee.
29) who does some crazy stunt to try and impress the other and who ends up driving them to the emergency room after it backfires?
kenny. kenny 100%
30) who is embarrassed when they have to wear their glasses and who thinks they look super cute?
lee, mostly because i love the idea of him with glasses hsdhfhsdf :))
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momowho34 · 21 hours ago
Naruto Modern AU where Sasuke is this tired and stressed straight laced guy in law school just trying to live up to his parents over blown expectation because of his “perfect” older brother but he’s also hot or something so while he’s freaking out about law school people think he’s so cool and popular but in reality he has literally no idea what he’s doing. and Naruto is that one guy that skateboards and wears beanies all the time and snorts pixie sticks in his free time and is all “living to live, man” but at the same time would totally throw down in a Wendy’s parking lot and then like pat you on the back afterwards, he takes nothing seriously and is besties with his therapist
And the others? Oh boy. Kiba Inazuka is totally a dude bro but a dude bro who was raised by lesbians so he’s got that respect women juice down to a tee and he has girl friends and guy friends and like he’ll play football with the boys and be like “yeah Trisha painted my nails the other day <3 I love this shade” and they’re just like ?????. Shino is the weird wicked smart bug kid that names all of his beetles and will enthusiastically show them to you and he seems cold and emotionless most of the time but he hears everything and will show up at your house at 4 in the morning like “I heard you were talking shit about me, bitch.” Hinata is the sweetest ray of sunshine that cares about her friends more then literally anything else and because she’s a rich girl she’s friends with Sasuke but on the down low she’s so kind and she hardly ever talks about her personal issues but like every single one of the 9 would suplex her dad if they ever got the chance no questions asked.
Lee is weird and straight laced but also really loud and annoying, like a teachers pet that even the teacher doesn’t know what the fuck is going on with. Neji hates the fucking world and wants you to know it (and like fair king tbh fuck it up) but he also gets the best grades ever and is super loved by all his teachers even though he could out curse any sailor at any time regardless of circumstance. Tenten is weird she acts normal and is absolutely ordinary but everybody gets the feeling that one day she’ll snap and murder everybody in the room and like they love her but they keep their fucking distance if they value their heads.
Inoshikacho is like that one groups of friends who have nothing to do with eachother if their parents weren’t friends but they’ve been stuck to eachother like super glue ever since elementary school and there’s no going back now bitch. Ino is kind of a bitch and she talks shit but she has a moral compass for the most part and is genuinely a good person overall but spite her and she will fuck you up and ruin your life just because. Choji is laid back and chill and really really well adjusted and commonly gives sage advice out of nowhere because he’s probably the most mentally stable out of all of them tbh he just eats chips and tells jokes. Shikamaru is that kid who could probably outsmart Albert Einstein but he won’t ever turn in his fucking homework because of executive dysfunction so he just. He just sit there. People tends to think of him as a stupid stoner but he secretly knows everybodies secrets and darkest insecurities by heart.
And don’t even get me fucking started on Team Taka. Suigetsu is incredibly slutty but will also fight you for funsies and he looks harmless but he can fuck shit up if he feels like it aswell as get himself into the weirdest most convoluted situations you’ve ever seen. Karin is smart and tells it like it is always, everybody values her honesty and wit. She holds the brain cells, and only her. Juugo is a big scary looking tough guy that also owns a hundred different animals and feeds the squirrels and birds and meditates all the time even though he looks like a truck. He’s mostly a pacifist, surprisingly.
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two-bits-fat-ass · 22 hours ago
Bentley McIntyre | oc bio
here’s a little biography fer my oc Bentley (plus a little sketch)! this’ll most likely be added onto in the future, i love adding as much info as i can to characters i love :)
Tumblr media
name: Bentley Lloyd McIntyre
nickname: n/a
pronouns: he/him
age: 17 years old
sexuality: gay
sign: pisces
date of birth: february 27th, 1948
conditions: ADD, Tourette’s Syndrome
ethnicity: hispanic-white mixed
love interest: definitely not dallas winston haha um
height: 160 cm (5’3)
weight: 131 lbs
age in looks: about 15
skin tone: light tan
eye color: gray
hair color: medium brown
extra skin marks: dark freckles on cheeks, lips, arms, legs, and back
scars: small scar on nose bridge (obscured by band-aid), "filthy" carved into upper back (jumped by socs after making the mistake of being out alone one night)
clothing: black t-shirt, black belt, high-waisted denim jeans, brown cowboy boots, dark yellow-ish orange jacket, mustard yellow triangle-frame sunglasses, small silver hoop earring (right ear, should be left ear but i got it wrong in the drawings)
positive: witty, street-smart, kind, energetic, humorous, outgoing
negative: not very book-smart, often has too high of expectations for himself, sarcastic, bitter at times, slightly short-tempered, violent
likes: parties, chocolate cake, rumbles, summer nights, roller-skating, vanilla milkshakes, playing guitar, breaking laws, playing football
dislikes: booze, cops, licorice, swimming (never learned how), socs of course, spiders, The Beatles, writing
Bentley Lloyd McIntyre was born in New York, New York to parents Jennie McIntyre and Maxwell McIntyre in 1948. up until age 8, Bentley had been an alright kid, a bit hyper as any little kid and a tad slow ta learn things, but alright. then he met Dallas Winston, on the very night Bentley’s mother had run out on his father. the two had bumped inta eachother in an old alleyway, Dallas running from a group of older kids he’d stepped over bounds with and Bentley from home after realizing his mom was gone fer good. and i mean "bumped inta eachother" quite literally. when Dallas had looked behind himself, checking ta make sure he wasn’t being followed, Bentley had just seen him yet didn’t have the time ta slow himself down. Bentley came down crying, just as he had been before, while Dallas was cussing a blue streak, typical. Dally got to his feet first, about to tell the kid off as he would anyone else, but stopping when he saw Bentley sobbing with reddened eyes. after asking the kid what was wrong, of which Bentley didn’t elaborate, Dallas took the kid by the shoulder and led him off ta the closest gas station he could, it at least being warmer than the cold of the night air. seemed that was all it really took, because after that night the two just stuck together. Dallas taught Bentley how to steal and fight and run from authority, although his vocabulary and compulsive law breaking ended up rubbing off on the kid as well. Bentley had been in gang fights, he’d seen things a kid his age should’ve never had ta see, he watched Dally get jailed fer the first time, and how he hardened over the years. yet, nevertheless, Bentley always stayed his best friend, right by his side every moment he could be. when Bentley was 12 and Dallas just turned 13, the two ran away from New York together, landing themselves in good old Tulsa, Oklahoma.
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