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#but they're still read fun to read
catgirltail · a day ago
Lmfao the switch stuff I ordered has “departed shipping partner facility” and the usps is “awaiting item” and I feel like the act of leaving the partner facility and driving it to the usps facility should be a quick action and not take 3 days? Maybe I don’t understand the semantics of mail service and delivery
But I assume the usps has a facility in the same area as it was dropped off so it feels like “departing” and “giving to usps” should be relatively quick (already in truck, truck is driving). UNLESS the usps facility that it’s going to is the one near me and they’re driving across a few states to get here. Otherwise idk what’s going on
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torunarigha · 4 days ago
my connection to the german national team has certainly changed as my attachment to hertha grows stronger BUT the song “moonrise kingdom” by angel haze just brings me back to the sheer devotion i have felt for that team and the weird messy hard times we’ve been though in the last few years. especially “they think they’re saving you/they think they’re saving you.... you gotta run! or they’ll catch us and stop us from growing/you gotta run. hold my love in your heart and keep going” and one of the last lines hits me especially regarding my recent feelings for the team: “I hope you learn to fall in love again”
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cacophonylily · 13 days ago
I shouldn’t participate in “library-related debates” in my work-related Facebook groups. Too much anxiety. And then someone talks about kids and manga, spewing some things that just don’t sit well with me and it’s... hard to ignore?
Anyway, the validation rush felt through the likes is dizzying. And it’s okay, because the debate was nice for once, constructive almost, and it was great sharing my vision of things and also understanding where this vision comes from.
I don’t think I would have gotten there without fandoms and fanfictions. The monomania of it all.
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megexpress · 15 days ago
Finished reading: 
Ready Player One by Ernest Cline 
The Blood Gospel by James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell
Ape House by Sara Gruen
The Lost Years by Mary Higgins Clark
And The Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini
The Revenant by Michael Punke
Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.*
Currently reading: 
The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
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Do you not like Jared?
no i do like him nonnie T_T the mlm post is funny to me though! i know you only asked this bc you don't like/would prefer not to interact with jared haters but i'm gonna say a few more things (灬º‿º灬)♡
in general i'm wary of any uhh famous person... what they show of themselves to the public could be far from their true selves. imo . like i don't Know jared, he seems like a nice guy, i try to avoid parasocializing bc i feel like it's better for everyone that way. but as long as ppl don't excuse certain mistakes or get too bummed out when a celebrity messes up, like, of course they can be fans of celebrities!! i honestly think that's rly nice, good for jarpad enjoyers, i hope you have fun interacting with that weird little texan man (in whatever ways are available) ✊
but i feel like if i start getting attached to like, humans who happen to live in the public eye, that's not very good 😔 because we aren't friends and i can't "like" jared... he just is, and i'm observing and i'm entertained and i have more positive feelings than negative ghysgbxy
(with that said. if i don't think too much about things.... i Like him. anything he does i'm like 'king shit. mwah' and even when i find his selfie angles lame and his language corny and he gets arrested it's. just the flavor. When he does something i don't like it's just funny!! because..... he's only real to me when it's fun and convenient hehe)
ig bottom line is, i only like him as long as it's not too serious. or when i ignore my principles of keeping a safe distance from famous people :)) but i like him
#yeah so!! i like jared but i wouldn't say i LOVE him. because he's a real dude. he's just out there‚ being flawed#and i have a limited perception of this dude!! if i watched and read every single interview‚ i still wouldn't 'know' know him#however. i want to like him!!!! i approach him positively! because i like the way he treats fans and i like his opinions and stuff like tha#:3#i DON'T not like jared‚ for sure - he hasn't given me a reason to‚ objectively‚ as far as i know 😳 and subjectively‚ i like him.#subjectively as in........ just the vibes and feelings i get. lol when you get to know someone‚ there's a bunch of different impressions#and sometimes you can just feel that you don't click w the person and other times you feel the opposite. and then you interact and use your#brain to judge if they're a good person‚ w the same core values as you. bc for example.. you might think someone is funny and kind#and then find out they're super transphobic. and then you wouldn't like them anymore#does this make sense? 🥴#my feelings are like oh hehe i like jarpad he's just a silly goose. also he's cute also he wouldn't murter me for a ship. that's very nice!#while my rational brain is like‚ but what has he DONE truly#lmao. i don't know why i typed all that out but it was much more fun than the studying i was supposed to do!! <3#i prolly did this because i think about justifying my actions all day every day and i can't exist in a fandom space without#deciding exactly what i think about the very real celebs ppl post about 🥴🥴🥴#rambles#now THAT'S rambling <3#jared#ask
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thewhizzyhead · a month ago
kinda find it funny how when i find a really good concept or idea, i really latch on to it and try to incorporate that into um everything i create. and i mean everything. for example: i watched a playthrough of little misfortune last year and suddenly all of my musical draft ideas heck even the stuff i make for school shit have the narrators play integral parts of the plot in a fourth-wall breaking way. oh and now i am obsessed with adding fourth-wall breaks in everything. God help me.
#LET'S LIST THEM ALL SHALL WE#Grade 11 has a narrator ala um PMA's Carrie 2 musical narrator#so expect lots of poking fun at the genre and um basically everything in there#and probably a narrator solo too (also sidenote CHECK PMA'S 'THEY'RE ALL GONNA LAUGH' FROM CARRIE 2 CAUSE IT'S REALLY GOOD)#oki next um I threw out the entire plot of Misfits when I first watched Little Misfortune#in order to make the narrators be the main characters here in a way that they directly manipulate how the musical (inside a musical)develops#that probably sounds confusing but um yea the gist of it is the narrators are aware that they are putting on a show for an audience#a conservative christian one and at first they do their best to make the show abide by conservative Christian values#and that goes horribly wrong#ngl it's been a passion project of mine since i was 13 and um even tho i have a lot of baggage (and pettiness) regarding church stuff#i still wanna write it jdjsjs#okay NEXT um Noli/Fili has the protag from the second novel narrate the first act while the first novel protag narrates the second act#filipinos who have read the books most probably know why that's the case#then um Patron has the shadows (played by the understudies) play the um main narrators in a way#i mean all of the main characters address the audience directly at some points but the shadows do it all the time#kinda want it to be another aspect of the main characters aka the sides of themselves they don't really wanna acknowledge#also i took a lot of elements from DW spring awakening here. and i mean a lot. God i love that show#and um i think that's it#Kasaysayan (History) is more of a concept album but i guess the main narrators are filipino students i guess#it's meant to be more of a showcase of philippine history through different philippine dance and music styles so yea#i dunno i like the potential the narrator has in stage productions and stuff#like there's so much you can experiment here djjss#oh and also I played the narrator of a church christmas musical back when i was 11 and the narrator interacted with the maincharacters a lot#and i was like onstage the entire time (it was kinda tiring and very nervewracking cause i needed to know ALL the dance moves)#(also i was the closest to the audience so like. i had to smile the entire time. It Was Very Tiring)#so yea that stuck with me a lot i guess fjjssc#ANYWAYS THAT'S MY RANDOM MUSICAL IDEA RAMBLE FOR THE DAY JDJSJX THANK YOU FOR COMING TO THIS SHITSHOW#but if u guys really do read these tag rambles then fjjsd i appreciate you and i hope you get lots of milkshakes today#personal shit#izzy's rambles and shit
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iamanartichoke · 2 months ago
My old laptop finally died and I recently had to get a new one, and I downloaded Chrome onto it, only to find that the font-changing extension that I use (bc it’s perfect) is no longer in the store and all the others are poor imitations. And, like, it’s a stupid thing but I am genuinely distressed about it every time I use the internet. 
Tumblr media
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bereft-of-frogs · 2 months ago
okay I’ve started a very disorganized read-through of the Star Wars novels, including the old Legends content, so y’all should start preparing yourself for some 10-20 year old #hot takes, because I am nothing if not extremely relevant in this fandom ( /s ) but anyway
I’m a little ways into Shatterpoint and literally all I can think is
you’re in a cult call your dad
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“I’m still pushing my narrative [Taichi and Koushirou] were never foreshadowed as drifting,” isn’t really too much of a reach actually when I think about it because I’m pretty sure the Tri staff writers in that one interview literally said pushing Koushirou off to the side (for Yamato) was an active decision they all made?? Like not something that was just naturally happening?
Tumblr media
That’s kind of what that first paragraph here is saying, right? Or am I totally off base?
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