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#but u know it's everything
allthingsmustgeorge · 16 minutes ago
ive been studying the middle east and following international geopolitics for a few years now but there's so much conflict and everything is connected and not everything is out in the open and alliances and rivalries are.. complicated and don't always correspond logically throughout different issues and also different interests have different actors and just. whenever i hear someone with a really well established pov and a strong opinion on the one hand it can be very convincing but on the other hand i find it hard to trust anyone who's not like an established expert bc i do believe there is a real truth, i don't think u can relativize everything ad infinitum, but with such an abundance of facts it's so easy to know a lot and still not know enough. maybe it's just me projecting, maybe i'm just so demented that i can never keep all the facts in mind and mix things up and pass over relevant points and fail to connect the dots and i just assume other people have the same cognitive idiocy.
#not rlly interesting but wanted to write it somewhere#like there are so many fucking levels and one actor is not one actor irl things are always more complicated than they seem#ur dealing with different conflicts disciplines developments interests and if it was all so logical we'd be able to predict the future but#we can't bc not just are u dealing w an abundance of options w perks and disadvantages but also human nature and global interference/imperi#ik no one is asking me for a neatly established opinion w no loose ends but i feel like a fraud if idk the nuance and like a coward if#or an uncaring person if i choose to learn abt something and not feel anything abt it and just ignore it#like defense is such a difficult concept to me bc theres so much propaganda even in academia n meaningless statistics by interest groups#and like every single country has one theyre not all the same and we condemn spionage but at the same time every country does it.#how does what i read abt china and russia compare to the truth and what do russians and chinese read about nato#for the record i have the feeling that our nl press is very good and we score high on press indexes and i don't doubt the facts much but#framing does so much and it's so fucking easy to convince me of opposite povs even tho they cant rationally both be right#and there's so much behind the surface lots of which is known and i just dk and some of which is murky and twisted aa#obviously even the most rigorous brilliant researcher can't know everything but i wish i was just a bit less ignorant and remembered things#idk just getting slightly anxious over abstractish issues bc im procrastinating my studies a lot
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h-isforhome · an hour ago
ive attempted watching this one vid of seb stan 3x now and i simply Cannot go past a certain point bc it fucks me up too much :|
#anytime i talk abt him now i have the urge to say 'you-know-who' instead glad my shame is kicking in#it's this stupid scene from e-comma-b and goddddddd thinking abt it makes me want 2 punch smth that's so fucked up and illegal man.#oh and i Tried finding a gifset but all of them r nsfw-ish bc of what happens After it and i can't find The Specific Moment alone yk.#like the moment im talking abt it normal and not nsfw-ish yk. anyway. idiot man can't believe im talking abt him when i should b talking abt#my expected results. wait. if i love writing tags so much why don't i write it here. i also love telling ppl stuff ok here goes no one#steal my work if for some reason u had the same niche topic and assignment lmao#From the distance travelled oh shit i don't have commas fuck wait.#Once the Effexor-given zebrafish are compared to the control group in the average distance the zebrafish travelled‚ one will be able to see#if Effexor is an effective medication for ADHD.#The distance travelled for the Effexor-treated zebrafish must be lower than that of the distance travelled for the control group as this is#testing the hyperactivity symptom of ADHD. As for the zebrafish behavior scoring table‚ the higher the score‚ the less active the zebrafish.#This means if Effexor is an effective as an ADHD medication‚ the treatment groups will have an average high score on the zebrafish#behavior scoring table. However‚ if Effexor is not an effective ADHD medication‚ the distance travelled for the Effexor-treated zebrafish#would be near or higher than the control groups‚ as that would show‚ respectively‚ no or the opposite effect on treating hyperactivity.#Similarly‚ if the treatment groups score low on the zebrafish behavior scoring table‚ Effexor reflect as ineffective as it does not lessen#hyperactivity.#ok im done that was surprisingly incredibly fucking productive i cannot fucking believe this i started writing and didn't stop took no break#im . holy shit im going to do everything in the tags now what magic.#oh wait forgot my seb stan brainrot tag :-)#not this (the overwhelming urge to go crazy go stupid bc of seb stan) again
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catboy-doofenshmirtz · 5 hours ago
. Getting into rabbitboles about Oslo accords and wow. Yikes.
Do not reblog at any cost this is just me venting wildly in tags
#Not to be like Once Again. Fucking Bibi but like. the Oslo accords were not perfect and did not give the palestinians#everything they should have given. but if even those were. y'know. actually followed on consistently and not dismissed with a handwave cuz#'you haven't done enough. we'll give them rights when we're pleased' by Bibi fuckface netanyahu. the entire air of these last 20 years#would havd been different. there os literally no where to go but no modern osraeli government will be willing to go#even halfway as far as what happened in oslo- which as i said. was not enough- much less go further#I'm not one of the people who think israel has absolutely no right to exist. but i think if this country as a collective stands so strog in#it's absolute refusal to accept Palestinian nationality its aspirations and it's belonging in this land-#the same 'inherent right of national home' your fucking zi*nist propaganda is buult on-#we deserve what we get. if you simply cannot get over your desire and your entitlement to do conquering and settling forever#'because that's how it is' than yeah i can definitely understand why people want this place to burn to the fucking ground#personally i just want to run the fuck away from this all. i hate how r government and culture and public perception all lie in the pocket#of settlers and extremists. i hate how normalized all of this insanity is. i hate the laughing emojis on any leftist org Facebook post#jeering at the despicable belief that other people are people i guess and that this violent nationalism isnt normal and the JEERING.#i hate the smug centrist and left center belief that any outside criticism is invalid and what our news and our Obvious Public Mindset say#and believe is the plain truth. that we as citizens Know Best the israeli Palestinian conflict. u r not fucking immune to propaganda#i just want to run the fuck away from here and never come back. i feel guilty for wanting it- running away is leaving all the actual people#ACTUALLY HURT by this to their fate and Washing my hands of it- but i cant help wanting it and seeing it as my one way out
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runawayswithme · 22 hours ago
The infographic Instagram /carrd social issues thing is trash when ppl do it for actual problems but then slip in propaganda demonzing countries for smth american created but I don't get why people hate them just existing. I just see it as an easy way to collect info in one place. Like obviously posting it doesn't count as activism esp like forcing ppl to retweet /reblog smth once but they dont continue doing research afterward doing anything to help a cause. But idk with the infographics I like it as like a basic thing to start. Not a dumbing down the whole huge situation but like if someone wasn't even aware smth existed as a problem but then they were scrolling on their feeds n saw smth digestible to read on their work break to get them to start then that's a good thing ? I see it as a more flawed thing rather than like hating the whole concept.
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oasisofgalaxies · a day ago
if it helps- autism and adhd are very heavily linked to each other, and tend to be comorbid, if i recall correctly. and also neither is inherently ‘worse’/harder to live with than the other so don’t worry about if your symptoms are ‘bad enough’- i would recommend doing research yourself and stuff since obviously i can’t diagnose you lol, but if you suspect you may be autistic/have both, it’s absolutely worth looking into!! wishing you good luck
:0!! thank you!! I’ve kinda suspected for a while that I have it but. I’m not sure? Really? I relate to a lot of things but not everything so it’s really just *squints*
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whomturgled · 2 days ago
thinking abt how greed and gluttony and basically ye olde fantasy capitalism really is the root of the fall of xianle and it makes me
Tumblr media
#the guoshi being like haha told them not to tell u abt the drought bc there’s nothing u can do anyway ^__^#sounds like ur projecting from the last prince u watched grow up but go off#but also a fair point bc the core issues can’t be solved easily#it’s systemic and bc of the culture of excess and ignorance in the kingdom#everything abt this piece of media always gives me such mixed feelings#i’m going to go feral and insane#and look ok yea the problems aren’t easily solved like I said bc a lot of the issue is everyone else’s attitudes as a whole#but also melting down statues and at least trying to implement new rules even just @ xl’s temples to be like a free meal or shelter place#like.... it wouldn’t hurt lol#altho i know even then the nobles n shit would be like EWW YUCKY but like. still u____u#it sucks that xl takes it all upon his shoulders when it’s really not smthn he created or can fix#ur papà shoulda been trying to reform a long time ago. and the others b4 that too.#complacency in letting their kingdom be Like That... eugh#don’t get me STARTED on xl’s parents and qi rong and his mom and#the way qi rong’s mom felt she needed to lock herself away from everyone#is just indicative that They Live In A Society......#the queen and her sister r literally the kinda parents that just become parents bc it’s expected or w/e but really Shouldn’t#they wld buy their toddler a puppy and then neglect the puppy and be mad when it misbehaves or w/e#like literally ex; giving qi rong the carriage without seeing if he’s capable of driving or anything first ??? hello??#hey also is there no such thing as fantasy drivers licenses like u have fuckin. God ID Cards or whatever but anyone can drive a carriage#ok that’s all have a nice day.#tgcf#i mean other factors tho are yknow. happycry face white idiot. whatever his name is.#but even then. there had to be issues for him to flame the fires of
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dincrypt · 6 days ago
New E&M chapter soon :)? It’s so good obviously take your time and no pressure hehe I’m just obsessed
O oh you wanted it s-soon?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yeahyeahyeah soon I can do soon no prob soon for sure ahahahahahahahaha
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wordsxstars · 7 days ago
for the fic writing ask game 😌 : Wednesday, Friday, Yesterday?
hii ily thank u for these<3
wednesday; name a fic which you have posted which u think is underrated
i think,,, maybe clinging to the ruin of your broken home (greys) bc it’s one of my faves that i’ve written ever in terms of actual writing, also maybe you’re the first and the last thought (stevetony) because i wrote that one at 3am it deserves more credit for being so sad</3
friday; most self indulgent fic you have ever posted
‘and i’ve been a forest fire’ without a doubt oops, i literally wrote it because i wanted to write teenage amelia, and then i kind of. wrote 20k by accident LMAO
yesterday; favourite way to write angst
SMALL THINGS!! people noticing tiny details, shifts in facial expressions, unsaid words, tone of voice. just the idea that one person knows another well enough to realise something is wrong. also,,, masks of bravado and humour,,, yeah. 
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