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#but what a nice goal
exycuter · a year ago
the REAL post pro exy player careers for kevin AND neil are exy commentators 
#neil josten#kevin day#aftg#all for the game#the joint commentate live matches together and toe the line of professionalism and complete bias all the time#also this is when theyre like. 30#riddled with sports injuries#and kevins like 'that is the worst footwork ive ever seen- including yours in ur rookie season josten- and the ref needs to give a penalty'#and neils like 'well as someone with a working pair of eyes#-nice glasses btw how much is customs from the wizarding world these days?-#i can SEE that wasnt offside and the ref needs to review immediately'#ten solid minutes of no actual exy commentating and just trading increasingly heated jabs at eachother until theyre shouting#no i dont give a FU UUUuhhhhh (remembers theyre live) udge what exy regs 2.34 version says everyone knows that was written by an imbecile#yes i know u wrote it#*suddenly someone misses an open shot at the goal*#kevin and neil immediately in unison: well that was FUCKING EMBARRASSING#their audio is mysteriously abruptly cut for the rest of the game. this happens at least once per game#other highlights include: neil josten flipping the table in the commentary box causing absolute anarchy and chaos as paper flies everywhere#bc kevin remarks the goalie is 'the quickest he's ever seen'#and kevin becoming so filled with misdirected rage at not being allowed to punch neil for arguing w/ him about the ten step rule AGAIN#he picks up his glass of sparkling water and just dumps in on neils head#who is so shocked. and so dumbfounded. he just sits there gasping#he later tips his own on kevins head and they both REFUSE to admit theyre uncomfortable and soggy so just sit like that. for the whole game#HFJDHJKDHFSKSDHFKDH BITCHY OLD MEN KEVIN AND NEIL BECOME INTERNET SENSATIONS FOR THEIR HORRIBLE ANTICS AND CRIMES#and their sports knowledge . sometimes#but mostly bc of that time neil called 34 year old world champion kevin day sporting legend a 'bitch boy' on live coverage of the olympics
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1ddiscourseoftheday · a month ago
Thurs 3 June ‘21
Niall talked about how much he liked Anne Marie’s Our Song lyrics-- “Like, Anne Marie straight away was like, 'I’ll be honest, I’m alright with me’, and that sums up her whole album, because her album’s called Therapy, so she’s been doing therapy. And if you’re able to say in the opening line of a song, 'I’ll be honest, I’m alright with me’, you know you’ve done alright. So conceptually, it’s a good place to be in!” and then tweeted “I’ll be honest….” and liked some responses finishing the line (and one just being silly.) Apparently he was in the studio with Ryan Tedder today, as reported by an attendee of an online press conference with OneRepublic (Tedder’s band) who was kept waiting for it to begin by a late Tedder. If so, that means Niall is in LA; but he also posted showing off his look (and his can of water) in the elevator of his London home, TSK. SO MANY LIES. That would make twice recently his elevator posts have been shown to be prerecorded content, take note, trust no one!
My Policeman filming is back, with Harry! On a beach! Deja vu all over again huh? They’ve moved down the coast a bit from Brighton and the older cast versions of the characters were also filming today. Later a photo of Harry at a pub London, with Olivia, was posted. He signed a note for a fan- and dated it! Cute but he could have saved us some trouble by putting the whole date rather than simply ‘June ‘21’, we’d be spared the arguing about whether it was really from today or not sparked by the fact that he’s wearing the same outfit he was seen in over the weekend in the picture. Whenever it was, the impact of his outings with O can’t compete with years of rainbows and dick themed shirts and accessories; an analysis of the top ten names mentioned in the #Pride hashtag has Harry in the NUMBER ONE spot, beating out various famous queers of yesteryear, as well as Louis, who also made the top ten.
Liam suggested the best name for his fandom-- Paynedora’s Box. THAT”S AMAZING!! Might work even better as a title for his many chat platforms though, don’t you think? He checked in with them to mixed results-- things are going well on discord at least where he commented on some fanart and took suggestions for channel organization but mostly just let fans know he is seeing their messages to him. He says “I am trying to find the best system for engaging with everyone as directly as I can” and “this is my goal, a safe place to connect directly in a sensible kind manner,” can you believe? So lovely! He said that he wants to use NFTs to give special tokens (‘My Day Ones’) to his fans to give them “special access to me”; “it will identify you to me when we do shows or competitions.” Why on earth didn’t you just say THAT sooner Liam, this is a much better way to try to get people to like NFTs than talking about buying expensive digital artwork! The Telegram chat is unfortunately not going as well; he says they have shut down some channels and that it will be changed to read only so people can’t ruin it with unkind spam. He’s also still posting slice of life update videos-- today he tells us from his patio that it’s hot out but he forgot to turn his home heat off, “it’s like Barbados in there.” Well, like Barbados, swimming is an option to cool down, and sure enough; later he pops back on, shirtless in the outdoor pool and giggling about water aerobics, to tell us that he had an exciting call about his NFT-- “things are heating up!” Was this pun intended, only Liam knows.
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winepresswrath · a month ago
I remain astonished at people who apparently believe that Madame Yu or JFM, upon watching one of their kids have a sobbing breakdown in front of everyone and Sect Leader Yao, would angrily demand who made them cry and offer cranky comfort(okay JFM might for WWX). Jin Ling is loved unconditionally and knows it! He believes jiujiu arriving in a bad situation will automatically improve things in some way! He's not always right but jiujiu tries his best
In my old age I'm becoming fond of Madame Yu but honestly remember that time Jiang Cheng got down on his knees and begged her not to hurt Wei Wuxian and she had her handmaidens hold him back but he broke through anyway... honey. I don't know! I really cannot imagine Jin "my uncle will hear about this" Ling sadly confiding in anyone that Jiang Cheng doesn't like him and wishes he had a different nephew.
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stincorrect · a year ago
Robin: WHO ATE MY CUPCAKE?! Steve: Don’t you mean “whom”? Robin: No. That’s wrong. Do you even know how to use “whom”? Steve: Honestly, no. Robin: ...yeah me neither.
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mothervvoid · a month ago
i think the most poignant thing abt c!tommy and c!techno’s friendship is that they did care for one and other and saw each other as friends but their goals misaligned so terribly that their friendship was unable to continue and the way it broke off was in an incredibly painful way, for BOTH parties involved
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anathemafiction · 2 months ago
Great writing week!
Chapter 8 second draft is coming along! This last chapter is composed of three big scenes. The first one is both the longest and the branchiest - there are three conversations with partial variations and, sometimes, completely different versions depending on your past choices. Besides everything else that happens. 
And I am so close to finishing it! Just need to write one more variation and then 8 notebook pages. I'm also really happy with how the chapter is turning up. 😄 The first draft gives me a vague shape, a rough outline if you will, but it's now that I get to actually mold everything else. Add the iris and the nostrils, smoothen the lips, give shape to the jaw, make the clay show me the chapter's true face. 
And what a nice face is transforming before me. 
My goal for next week is to, of course, have finished scene one and be at least halfway through scene two. Scene three is small but very significant, as it will mark the end of the Book. I have a feeling I will be pouring my everything into every line. 
That's it! I've been enjoying writing after the two and half weeks of editing. I hope you all have a great weekend! 🌹
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atsuwiee · 15 days ago
Can i req (an imagine/reaction) enha mem w s/o babysitting a friend’s baby (around 7months old)????
enhypen babysitting a friend's baby!
-ˏˋ♥̩͙♥̩̩̥͙♥̩̥̩ ⑅ ⑅ ♥̩̥̩♥̩̩̥͙♥̩͙ˊˎ -ˏˋ♥̩͙♥̩̩̥͙♥̩̥̩ ⑅ ⑅ ♥̩̥̩♥̩̩̥͙♥̩͙ˊˎ
Tumblr media
probably forgets he's babysitting
or falls asleep idk 😭
the baby has fun with him tho, dw
but at times he may make the baby cry
and when the baby does cry he is very clueless on how to make them stop crying lmao
"hOLY- I FORGOT I WAS BABYSITTING" then he'll just carry the baby around lol
cooks/prepares some good food for the baby
does research to on what healthy foods can the baby eat
really nice babysitter tbh
his ultimate goal tho is to not make the baby cry
but i'm sure he knows what to do when the baby does cry
he's trying his best to calm them down dhjhkjd
really fun babysitter as well
probably plays with them or watches tv with them most of the time
doesn't know how to feed them tho :/
searches on how to feed the baby and what to feed them with
(idk why but he probably becomes sad when the baby cries)
if he really does not know what to do the he probably might call the other members for help lol
probably forgets he's babysitting pt.2
also falls asleep midway
then just wakes up with the baby throwing their toy at his face lmao
plays with the baby too
dude probably teaches the baby to do triple axel's (MAN DHGDJHG)
if the baby ever does cry, then sunghoon is clueless too because he doesn't know why they are crying but he'll try his best to calm them down
(more members under the cut!)
pretty gentle with the baby
also is cautious with them
freaks out when the baby was about to fall from the couch or smth
or when the baby climbs through stuff sunoo is going to run to them
when they cry he probably has a clue on what to do
the baby loves the ball of sunshine yes <3
i think he knows how to babysit
idk he just looks like he knows how to
plays with the baby too hehe
if the baby has nap time then he'll put them to sleep and sing a song for them aaa (wth that's so cute)
when he leaves the baby doesn't want him to go :(
my boy is cLuELesS
he knows how to babysit, well just a tiny bit tho
probably makes the baby cry by accident (sorry lol)
i think the baby would have fun with him
and he probably teaches them how to dance a bit
"oh you're getting sleepy, uh- here, i'll put you to sleep so you can get some rest :,)"
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galoogamelady · 2 years ago
Your line art is so clean and weighted so nicely! What are you inspirations or advice to achieve them goals! Mine always comes out weirdly weighted and empty feeling
I did a post on this a while ago!
tl;dr: find a nice brush you like, work on a large canvas (over 2000x2000 pixels, preferably), use a line smoothing tool and...
Tumblr media
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