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twicethetrouble · 16 days ago
Leo Valdez give off strong Aromantic vibes and I love him for it.
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ablogcalledrevenge · 18 days ago
so i’d been reading a LOT of steddie fics recently (which honestly A+ to the fandom, you guys are doing the Lord’s work) and something that I see a lot is when the Party finds out they’re dating, they’re always like “oh Eddie, but Steve’s so lame, why are you dating him etc” which is absolutely hilarious every time. Like a bunch of nerdy 15 year olds negging on an actual adult for being not cool. But part of me also wants to see kind of a reversal of that, you know? Like the Party learns that they’re dating and they give Eddie a shovel talk because Steve’s their babysitter and their mom and yeah, he’s kind of lame, but he’s also cares a lot about them so he better treat Steve right! Like these kids have been carted around for three years by Steve, I know they love him even if they won’t admit it outright. I just think that would be funny because no one would expect it. Like Eddie would never expect fucking Mike Wheeler to be like, “Steve’s weird but don’t hurt him or else!” and that’s hysterical to me.
So if anyone has recommendations... Or if you want to use this idea, feel free!
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dumbcloud · 21 days ago
3, 8, 10 !
3. Hippie Beatles or Teddy Beatles?
Teddy Beatles. Love those dirty rat boys to bits!
8. Did you like Paul's beard?
Hell yes. In fact, McBeardy is the reason I am here chatting with you all today. As a younger Beatle fan I wasn't into the beard at all, but last November I was reintroduced to McBeardy, my previous opinions were quickly abandoned, and I became fully on board with the beard. Funny how life works out.
10. A song that needs more recognition?
Every Little Thing has always been a favorite of mine but I don't see it mentioned often? Maybe I'm just not looking in the right places idk. But it has such a great little chorus and I love Ringo's stellar timpani playing. Highly recommend.
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kaurava-apologist · 22 days ago
i spend day and night working on art and writing and guess which of my post crossed 27.9k notes? A damned silly meme =_=
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gayspock · a month ago
whats going on in love island though?
sloppiness. idk if you know how love island works, but basically at just past the half way point all the couples are split up, and half are sent to casa amor, half stay in the villa & they introduce 5 new girls & 5 new boys to the separated groups... then they spend a few days with the new ppl & at the end of that they can either choose to "recouple" with them or stay with their og partner. if they choose to recouple, the new person comes back with them into the main villa - but theyre then in a couple with them, potentially leaving their og partner single unless they also recouple. anyways basically 2 different couples (tasha&andrew, indiyah&dami) BOTH got split up bc ALL of them brought a new person back and it was carnage ... but then also also also. paige was super loyal to jacques, and jacques was came back to her "solo" (i.e: he didnt officially recouple) BUT he was busy being a freaking manslag the ENTIRE time he was away from her. he like had 2 lasses on the go, though granted. it was like.. he was lipsing one none stop and vocally said he was keeping the other as, like, a backup backup plan... but then just ditched both of them to go back to paige and act like nowt happened.... like the WHOLE way he was acting for dayyssss like speaking abt it. bro. him and freaking dami, my man, who i TRUSTEEDDD with my everything jeez were moving freaking mad the whole time.. jeezzzzzz... dami was also necking it on with two girlies in his bed . fucked up. they kept justifying it like "its like. a test... we're testing whether our og couples are really all that" LIKE NAUR YOU'RE JUST MUGS? MAN.... anyways jacques, like i said, came back and is probs gonna play victim or guilttrip paige or pull some bollocks out his ass bc. every time he does this shit he literally twists it and litterallyyy goes into a huff or acts a victim and its like. paige... whos like. god love her. 0 backbone. jacques called her pathetic to her faceon freaking national tv and she THEN went on to say 0 redflags like hiya and hello woman. is anyone in there. and anyways jacques in general is a fucking knobhead. like certified nonce. he was brought on bc he's gemma's ex (who has a famous daddy so you know they were setting her up with the screen time in the beginning) but like he was shagging her when she was 16/17 and he was 21 ... right. freak. she was doin her fuckin gcses and not to mention during lockdown like. and i say that not in the sense of like "bro breaking lockdown to date" (well that too) but more like BRO DID SHE EVEN GET THE CHANCE TO DATE AROUND AS A TEENAGER BEFORE YOU VULTURED HER.... and jeezzzz no ones saying shite about it. like... red flags red flags red flags and thats just the start of it with that "cheeky lad" fucking hell i'll show him cheeky freaking lad... fucking whallop him. and unfortunately we dont have any star lasses in the villa rn who will rip him apart properly like there's ekin-su, yeah, but shes like. idk. ppl are saying she'll do it but thats not my woman's style imo...................
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olreiign · a month ago
girma all over it 🥰
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bonzai-bunny · a month ago
Writer asks: 3, 5, 16, and 22 for Sugar!
3. Do you read your own fics?
absolutely. all the time. i often want specific things and then find that i'm the only one who has written them.......
5. Do you plan? Or do you “wing it”?
i plan but it doesn't always work out. for example, in sugar, bruce was supposed to realize he was in love with wally after their fancy dinner date in my original outline. that's like 15 chapters too early lol
16. What is your favorite character (or characters) to write for?
bruce but wally is a close second
22. If you had to assign a theme song to [fic title], what would it be?
I mean....................sugar we're going down
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thedoubteriswise · a month ago
my attachment to court and spark is honestly so funny because it is musically pretty different from most things that normally push my buttons. I mean there's some similarity but I don't generally like things that sound a lot like joni mitchell yet aren't joni mitchell
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lezhunter · a month ago
i want to control your life; as an abusive lover? not exactly. no, ill be your fucking god. my lost little lambkin, i want to take your confused and needy self and shape you to what i see fit. your desires are mine to mold, even if you havent realized that yet. i want your hands clasped in bondage and prayer as you confess to me. i want to see awe and fear in your eyes from my presence. ill make you a perfect worshiper, just know that im not exactly a kind god
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benkeibear · a month ago
Tumblr media
We found a Match for you @ryugujitr!
It is: Takemichi
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Pick up line He would use on you: “Do you have a name or can I call you mine?”
The place you would meet: at school
Tumblr media
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thatgirl4815 · a month ago
“I’m gonna hurt you. So you remember.”
It’s the--“So you remember”--that gets me, because it seems so intentional in Vegas’s case. Here is a guy who lives with the weight of his father’s disapproval every day. He doesn’t just remember all the times his father has beaten him--that pain has been rooted so deeply inside that it’s become part of who he is. He tortures people to give himself the power his father has always stripped away. 
When he moves to lash Pete, I imagine the only thing he’s thinking about is how to make it last for Pete the same way it always lasts for him. That’s why his modes of torture are so extreme--it’s about making a memory that will haunt his victims. The only way to escape his father’s pain is to act just like him: by making others feel small. 
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melodyofthevoid · 2 months ago
A Moment of Regret
So @agntm0thman, I hope my entry is adequate. It’s been some time since I’ve written something in this vein.
He should’ve honestly seen this coming. He should have. It was a testament to… to something how torn up he was about this.
It was asinine.
A complete and utter nonsense reaction.
And yet here Dib was, rubbing circles into his aching temples as he resigned himself to curling up into a cocoon and ignoring the world around him.
He just-
He’d been down this road before, not even that long ago. Experience taught Dib that flattery and compliments weren’t to be trusted. That more often than not, ulterior motive lay beneath words sweeter than honey (which sounded quite nice right about now but would require leaving the aforementioned cocoon). It was better to simply put his own goals first.
Plus the anonymity of some of the compliments didn’t exactly lead him to believing them.
But… he reached out to Dib about his work and seemed impressed. With all of the technical prowess he’d displayed given the fact that he was on the verge of near disaster at all times, he was impressed. It felt… nice to be recognized.
And maybe it was stupid.
No- no it definitely was. All Zib wanted was a means out and Dib fit the bill. He said as much. Repeatedly. After countless sleepless nights and desperate attempts to bridge the void somehow. Someway.
And for who?
Dib uncurled and eyed his computer, glowing blue in the dim light of the room. The one link between a world of void and dust and his own. Guilt and anger did their best to settle their differences via a fight to the death in his stomach.
The thought of even looking at his inbox right now gave him hives. He didn’t want to explain. He barely even understood how he felt himself. Used for certain, but-
God this was the same fucking mental rabbit hole he’d gone down the minute he’d closed that conversation. When the righteous anger outweighed the exhaustion and… other feelings.
It wasn’t a trip worth making twice.
Because he hadn’t been a complete idiot- it started on a level of purely mutual respect. And he’d agreed to wanting to be friends. Dib thought everything was okay and that it was going well for once.
Only for all of that good will to be boiled down to the “use” he served. Nothing more. After essentially watching Zib fucking die and shoving aside everything he-
A part of Dib knew why. It was the same thing he’d do, if it came down to a situation as dire and hopeless. Injured, starving, isolated and alone in an endless void with the only other being around being Zim inside his own mind. He’d want to keep others at arms length too.
Because the alternative was not a cost he’d want to pay.
It still stung though.
Maybe it was his way of trying to make sure Dib didn’t get too close. The other’s mind was an enigma, that was for certain.
Which left him with the question of what to do now. As much as the other did burn him, and as much as the betrayal stung (hah) idleness didn’t sit right either.
A sudden bang and a flood of light as the door swung open jolted him out of his pity party and there stood Gaz, scowl entrenched and a single brow raised as he let out a sound that was definitely not a scream.
“Alright you sad sack, enough of the blanket. You need food. Up and at ‘em.”
She pulled a bat from somewhere and despite the mild terror and his heart rate being somewhere in the stratosphere, it at least gave him a distraction.
And he was a bit hungry. He’d figure this out later. For now he’d comply lest she involve his other sisters.
He’d figure this out eventually. He always did.
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olive-jpg · 2 months ago
I always forget how badly they explained Aaron Hotchner leaving Criminal Minds bc Thomas Gibson was apparently such an asshole that they couldn’t even bring him back to close out one of the most crucial character’s arcs
this is after Derek Morgan has left, Tara is in and out “consulting,” and Reid’s in and out dealing with his mom
S12 is rockyyyyyy lol
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belovedgamers · 2 months ago
pspspsp Fish Husbands + space au for the 3 sentance story
This is, perhaps, the most humiliating experience of his life. It’s at least top three.
“So you’re the one spreading all that propaganda,” the pirate says, nonchalantly, like he isn’t currently propping fWhip’s chin up with his blaster. Maybe he does this every other day. “You know, I thought you’d be taller, man. From your voice.”
That’s a stupid... That’s a stupid sentiment. It’s impossible to tell someone’s physical traits based on their voice alone. There’s even special devices designed to hide someone’s accent as they speak these days, although they aren’t perfect. fWhip would tell him so if he wasn’t currently a little concussed. And at gun point, but that second one is less important.
Well, it’s less important to his silence. It’s still a pretty huge blow to his pride.
The pirate must be able to read his thoughts from his face alone —Gem always did say he’s too expressive— because he laughs. He removes the blaster and sits on fWhip’s console. fWhip’s very expensive console. He better not mess with his audio settings.
“Still pretty cute, though,” he says.
“It’s not propaganda,” fWhip tells him, instead of acknowledging that sentiment. He pauses, and works his jaw. He can actually speak now, but damn if that position wasn’t uncomfortable. “It’s the official transmissions from the Intergalactic Space Station.”
The pirate regards him with boredom for a second and rolls his eyes. It makes fWhip bristle. Okay, so maybe he spins the stories about the Cod Alliance, most infamous space pirates of all time, a little more than he ought to, so what? These guys are dangerous, clearly, they have kidnapped the transmission station after all, and with a name as ridiculous as Cod Alliance (where did that even come from, anyway?), fWhip needs every tool at his disposal to make sure everyone knows that yes, these guys are the enemy and no, they aren’t harmless merchants with a penchant for the most hideous clothes he has ever seen. Who in their right mind wears all different shades of green?
“Don’t worry,” their leader, Solidarity, still practically draped over fWhip’s carefully adjusted recording console, says. His eyes are an infuriatingly warm brown. “Pix just needs to take over your transmissions channel for a little bit, and then we’ll let you go.”
Despite himself, fWhip falters. He shakes his head at his own hope, and glares with narrowed eyes, “You’re letting us live?”
“We like listening to your little radio program,” Solidarity shrugs, like he didn’t just casually reveal information that fWhip most definitely will be reporting to whatever authorities come to take his testimony later. Then, Solidarity grins at him, and fWhip instinctively frowns. “We think it’s funny.”
If he weren’t tied to the chair, he would punch this guy.
Send me a pairing + an AU!
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texanstarslove · 2 months ago
I’m feeling frisky tonight if any of y’all are on and in the mood to…I don’t know…
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rooolt · 2 months ago
Guy who’s adamant that they hate a character almost crying to a fansong abt said character
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I’m just gonna come right out and say it : I wouldn’t mind France winning this year
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