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#but who doesn't know what i'm making because he's not on social media at all
lokisprettygirl · a day ago
What's your type (loki x reader fluff)
Summary : you and wanda talk about your taste in men and your answer is definitely not the charming mysterious man loki
Note : reposting because it got messed up somehow, a whole paragraph was Missing argh , please read it again
Tumblr media
You and wanda were relaxing in the leisure room. That's what Tony named it "leisure room". A bit cheesy and you would think a genius like him would come up with something unique maybe? but boy if it wasn't fun. It had literally everything from those self massage chairs to a bar, everything you would ever need to relax. But none of you ever had time to relax for more then 5 minutes. You were a shield agent and helped Avengers in undercover stings. After the attack on New York , thor realised something was not right with loki and it turned out he wasn't really himself when he horded an army of chitauris over NY. Not that it excused anything but he definitely deserved a chance at redemption.
Loki has been living in the tower for few months and he hardly ever talks to anyone. You wished he did, but he stayed to himself unless others needed him. "So hot goss, jane is getting bullied by Thor's fans on her social media, why would they go public?" Wanda said to you, you both sat next to each other on one of those masssage chairs. "That's awful wanda and did you just use the term hot goss?" You chuckled and she gets embarrassed "yeah I should get off instagram, but really whenever she posts a picture, Thor's fans just start bullying her, telling her how she doesn't deserve the god of thunder , look at this comment _back off he's mine_" wanda showed you one of the comments and it made you cringe. "He doesn't even know you exist thundergirl5405" you laughed.
"Well not that any of it is right , I feel for our girl but that's exactly what I feared would happen. I mean have you even seen thor? he looks like a god but that's the thing, he doesn't just look like one..hes a literal god. Ofcourse he's going to have crazy fans and why would he even post those shirtless pictures" she huffed a little and it made you smile "Well I mean he's alright I guess" you said nonchalantly "What do you mean just alright?" Wanda raised her eyebrows "I mean he's not my type okay? I mean he's too perfect looking, like he was made in a lab you know, like he's literally in your face with his perfect face and body taunting you about how you would never be that perfect ..I don't like such perfection" You mumbled and wanda smirked "so good looking guys with perfect face and bodies aren't your type? So what is ?" She asks you and you took a deep breath.
"Perfection doesn't exist, everyone have their flaws, you know , God or not. Thor does too and it wouldn't be kind of me to pinpoint his flaws. But he doesn't do it for me " You told her and it made her curious "Who does then I'm just curious as your bff?" She asks you, you have never told her about your secret crush on loki. Or how when he walks past you and gives you a small smile , it makes your heart flutter. Or how on missions he makes sure you're safe and tries to stay near by and it makes you want to jump in his arms and hug him,and how good he smells all the time and it makes you want to go down on him, and how you had impure thoughts about him and you in his bed "Nobody ..I uhh Don't have nobody" you stutter and wanda gives you a smile "You stuttered, you're hiding something, out with it now" she looks at you and you shake your head.
"Okay I'm not saying I have a crush on him or anything okay ? Like that would be silly like what? Me having a crush" You laugh "But what about loki? He's handsome and have nice hair" You say softly and she gasps at the realisation "I mean he have the perfect physique and I mean it respectfully, I do not drool over his body in the training room, like a pervert or something but he looks like a god too, you know one of those Greek gods with their lean physique and distinct but pretty facial features. Not that I care " You huff again "Mmhm I guess it could be but what else does he have that thor doesn't?" Wanda asks you and you don't realise she's just trying to just manipulate you into revealing more.
"First of all you shouldn't compare them, they are brothers but ofcourse loki would always be superior with his inherent charm and that deep dark voice he have, not that it works on me or anything, I mean I don't even hear him when he talks. It just goes straight from one ear to another , and those long dainty fingers may make someone wonder about other things but not me. He have the prettiest eyes I have ever seen, in my life and that's saying something, I have seen alot of eyes " You're such a blabbering mess and wanda realises how deep you have it for him "Mmmhm well he's also a murderer so you know" She replies and she swear she saw anger in your eyes.
"Well he did murder people like I'm not even going to make excuses for that , but it's time we stop acting like he enjoyed doing all of that , he was tortured and controlled just like Clint or Dr selvig was and if they're forgiven for their crimes he should be too . Plus he saved our asses so many times. Remember when he stopped that building from falling over us, that was the hottest thing I have ever seen. I mean not that hot, just mildy hot, not even that it was so not hot ,it was like lukewarm" You blabber and she starts laughing "Oh my y/n, does he know you have this huge school girl crush on him?" She smiles and you roll your eyes.
"First of all, I don't have such things and second of all he never talks to me outside of missions. Always into his books , like he didn't need to be have banging mind and personality at the same time but somehow he does and he can do magic, because being a god wasn't enough for him apparently, wait till people starts to realise how attractive he actually is, I pity his future girlfriend or boyfriend, whatever he prefers" your heart pinged at the thought of him being with someone else but you can't be feeling like that, he would never look at you like that "Just forget I said anything okay, am I drunk? What is in this mocktail?" You look at your drink in hand and wanda shakes her head at your denial.
What you didn't know was how loki sat in the corner of the room , using his invisibility charm ,to read his book in peace without any disturbance before you two came in and he heard everything you said.
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minghao3o · a day ago
it's all a blur (9/?) ☆ volturi guard x f! reader
彡✧ a twilight modern au / social media au series
<< previous || next >>
synopsis: y/n finds herself in a complete mess after what seems to be a one-night stand. The problem is, she doesn't remember what happened that night...let alone, who it was with.
a/n: i am so sorry to you felix stans asdjkfsfdk, but i promise there WILL be something for y'all at the end! <3 i know this one was short, but we're nearing the last chapter!
Tumblr media
⊱ ────── {⋅. ✯ .⋅} ────── ⊰
"What the fuck, Felix?" You yell, glaring daggers his way.
You notice that Jane had her fists balled, ready to pounce and hit Felix. Just as she throws one of her fists back, you put your own arm out, barring her from moving any forward. You didn't want to make a scene at the party and escalate the situation even further with an audience.
You feel Alec tense up next to you. Grabbing ahold of his hand, you squeeze it, hoping it would bring him some kind of reassurance. Looking over to Demetri, you noticed that he had his brows furrowed.
"I think you're a little confused, buddy." He says slowly, "I never slept with y/n."
"But in your text..." Felix starts
"OH!" Demetri exclaims, cutting him off, "I was just messing with you. I knew you had a thing for y/n, so I only said that to get you riled up."
"Wait, but what about the 'good time' you mentioned then?" Felix interrupted
"You don't remember, y/n?" Demetri replies, cocking his head to the side, "We were watching RuPaul's Drag Race together. You even let me attempt to walk in your heels because I was curious about how it feels. That's why I texted you about your shoes the next morning."
You let out a laugh, relieved to know a piece of what actually happened that night. Maybe Demetri wasn't so bad after all.
"Besides, if we really did sleep together, y/n definitely wouldn't have forgotten it." He winks at you, causing Alec to scowl and roll his eyes.
And there he was, Douchebag Demetri, as you so kindly nicknamed him. He gave you all a quick salute before sauntering off, leaving you four still standing there awkwardly. It took a moment before anyone spoke, the tension thick in the air.
"You really thought you did something, huh Felix?" Jane turns to him, arms crossed, "I swear if y/n wasn't here right now, I would've made you regret saying that."
"I don't want to deal with you right now, Jane." He mutters before stalking towards the exit.
Sensing that Jane wanted to go after him, you turn to her, "He's not worth it, Jane. Let him go."
"I get he's upset that you don't like him that way anymore, but what a dick move." Jane rolls her eyes, "Whatever, let's forget about him and just enjoy ourselves."
She makes her way back to the makeshift dance floor in the living room, and you and Alec follow behind.
You nudge him lightly, "You okay? I'm sorry I didn't mention that there also could've been something that happened that night with Demetri."
He shakes his head, "I'm fine but, are you okay? I'm sorry he did that to you. I know he was your best friend, and that must have hurt."
"We don't have to talk about that today. Right now, I want to focus on having fun with you." You smile, wrapping your arms around his neck, giving him a quick peck on the lips.
"Sooo..Are we just going to ignore the fact that Demetri, president of this frat, is a fan of Rupaul's Drag Race?" Alec laughs
"You're right.", Jane grins, "That information could prove very useful in the future."
You and Alec exchange wary glances, already knowing that it wasn't worth it to try and ask what she was thinking.
The party passed by in a blur, and at the end of it, the three of you found yourself in a Burger King at 1 AM.
"Ugh. I just know I'm gonna have a hangover tomorrow." You wince, taking a bite out of your food.
"Hey, at least you'll remember what happened this time." Jane shrugs as she attempts to steal a fry from Alec, who is quick to slap her hand away.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⊱ ────── {⋅. ✯ .⋅} ────── ⊰
Tumblr media
taglist: @aquanova99 @avyannadawn @alecvolturiswifeforever @artaxerxesthegreat @raindancer2004 @volturicullen @volturidoll13 @venusdelaroix
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astriiformes · 28 days ago
Was on a video chat with Scribe and her parents and her mother said she was following my cosplay progress on Facebook but was also very confused by most of my posts and. Amfjgjhjkl
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deadonarrival-archive · 7 months ago
I understand wanting people with large platforms and significant audiences to spread awareness about political and social issues but there is a not a goddamn person in the world getting their social awareness expanded by any posts from the fucking members of my chemical romance
If you feel invalidated by a man who barely uses social media for his own mental health not posting about global issues then honestly you need to think about why you need you fave celebrity to be publicly politically active about issues that are already being discussed by actual activists.
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adore-gregor · a month ago
#faceless#so two guy who i don't know dm me rn#the fact that i don't know them makes me a bit uncomfortable 😅#also it's not like i have any pictures of myself on my social media (okay maybe i need to check that again but not like easy to find yknow)#so how do they even know what i look like?? and if they don't why would they be interested in a girl who they don't know at all#they must have know me from somewhere but i don't?#well that certainly would be better than that they stalked me somehow 😳#also the fact that that one guy is probably about 29 😬#he has in his bio birthday which would make him like 25 but that doesn't line up with his graduation year at all#it is way earlier than mine and yeah i'm not interested in a guy that much older (unless his name would be gregor 😂 jk)#like i'm 21 this would not work too big of an age gap#besides that he's not my type at all#and it's not like i only judge a guy for his looks like i fell for a guy who i was not attracted to at first...#because he really had such a great personality (and sadly also a girlfriend already as i found out 😢)#not that he was unattractive to me or in general it at all was just not that handsome you know#i notice this sounds kinda mean and i don't want to rate guys looks like that but i hope what i mean#but with that guy if i find him the opposite of my type it's rather difficult and i don't think i should continue texting him#don't want to give him any hopes because 1 the age gap also he's so not my type#and the 2nd guy has no picture of him on social media and i also don't know him#at least the age gap is okay he's 1.5 years older than me#that's fine#but also i asked him 'do we know each other' and he just ignored that question 😳#why would he do that#and i know i want a boyfriend but this is not how i imagined finding one 😅#getting dm's from random guys i don't know#this feels creepy#now i'm just awkwardly texting back these guys every now and then#also that one guy one of the first things he told me was his zodiac sign 😂#i was born ___ zodiac sign ___#like ok hahaha
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satanhalsey · 22 days ago
Heyy! idk if u still make instagram fake but could you make with victoria de angelis as the faceclaim? please and thank you <33
i'm not very happy with the results, but here you go. ps i love victoria <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram: chicago, you were incredible last night ⚡🖤
yourfan1: ok but she's so hot.
harrysfan1: harry's new bassist brings me to life.
harrysfan2: @/harrysfan1 same.
harry_lambert: outfit is 🔥🔥🔥
yourinstagram: @/harry_lambert thanks to the best!!
Tumblr media
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harrystyles: Love On Tour. Chicago, IL. I
harrysfan1: EHAT THE FUK
gemmastyles: ugh ?
yourinstagram: looking good as always.
harrystyles: @/yourinstagram Just like you.
harrysfan3: HE'S IN A TUB FULL OF ICE??!!!!!!!!
yourinstagram: @/harrysfan4: 🤐🤐🤐
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram: just because we're in the studio writing ten songs a day doesn't mean we can't dress fucking good.
harrysfan1: HOTTEST COUPLE ALIVE!!!!!!!!
iamhalsey: bisexual panic for me.
harrystyles: U look hot.
harrystyles: Like really hot.
harrystyles: Wanna hang out?
yourinstagram: @/harrystyles we're in the same room what are you talking about.
harrystyles: @/yourinstagram Sometimes I don't know what to say when I really like someone.
yourinstagram: @/harrystyles ok...?
yourinstagram: @/harrystyles OH
Tumblr media
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harrystyles: She did want to hang out after all.
annetwist: So pretty!!
yourinstagram: @/annetwist 😊😊😊
yourinstagram: @/gemmastyles i'll send you the page where i bought it ♡
yourfan1: SHE'S SO 😍😍😍
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram: everyone say thank you harry for the shirt.
yourbff: HELLO ??? HAVE I MISSED A LOT ???
yourinstagram: @/yourbff EMMM YEAH.
harrystyles: Looks better on you anyway.
harrystyles: And on the floor.
yourinstagram: @/harrystyles your whole family follows me.
harrystyles: @/yourinstagram This is why I don't like being active on social media.
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ritacrow-blog · 3 months ago
-Marinette makes friends with Damian.
-She doesn't recognise the name "Wayne". But recognises names of artists she respects.
-then introduces him to her friends. (Adrien, Chloe, Kagami and Luka)
-all 4 recognise him from the Wayne Gala.
C: Aaaand the rich kid magnet strikes again!
M: I am not a rich kid magnet.
A, C, K and L : *look at each other* Yes you are.
M: no I'm not!
A: son of a famous fashion designer and actress
K: Olympic Fencer and (not really sure what Kagami's mom does..... Yakuza?)
C: Daughter of The Style Queen and Mayor of Paris
L: Son of Jagged Stone
D: *looking entertained* Really?
M: how was I supposed to know that adrien was his son?! I pay more attention to the clothes not the people wearing them. Chloe was my ex-bully. Turned comrade because of a common enemy (lila! Salt, class! Salt). Kagami was my ex-rival for Adrien's affection.
D: Adrien's affection?
M: please don't ask... That was one big chaotic mess. Long story.
D: and Luka?
M: classmates older brother. Turned friend. Turned boyfriend. Now ex-boyfriend but still a great friend.
M: please tell me your not a rich kid.
D: sorry to disappoint you but I am a rich kid.
M: damn it... But I'm still not a rich kid magnet.
K: name one person that you consider a friend but isn't a rich kid.
M: Nathaniel, Marc, Alix, Kim and Max. (these 3 are not part of class salt because lila tried to claim that she was dating the artist behind the Ladybug comics. Alix is bunnix and Max is a genius that created a Robot. Kim believes everything Max and Alix say).
A, C, K and L: *all looking smug*
A: Kim, maybe not yet.
M: HA!
A: but he is training for the Olympics. You know how he is. He's a determined one.
C: Nathaniel and Marc. 2 words, buginette... Ladybug Comics.
K: Alix. Her family manages a popular museum in Paris and are very well known. Her brother's a popular archaeologist. (I'm making stuff up here... I'm pretty sure none of these are accurate).
L: Max. His mom is an astronaut and he created his own robot and AI.
D: you are definitely a rich kid magnet.
C: Besides your one too. Your parents run the most popular bakery in Paris.
K: Aand, Nettie. Your already on your way to being one yourself.
A: Right! Being MDC and all that Jazz.
M: I sometimes forget that... It's just something I love doing. It never felt like a job.
K: Have more confidence in yourself. Don't downplay your achievements.
D: MDC? Isn't that the....
L: Upcoming designer? Yup. My Dad's personal designer? Yup
D: My brothers are huge fans. They stalk your social media. They've been trying to find out your identity..... I know your identity...
M: you want to mess with them don't you.
D: *nods*
M: who's in?
*in the manor*
Dick, Jason and Tim: *shivers*
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nexusnyx · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Bronte's Moment — Drabble
◦➳ series playlist ♫ ◦➳ Series Masterlist — Previous Chapter
He should've never re-activated his Instagram account.
The post stared at Bucky like it had a spell.
If he was a smarter man, Bucky would turn that stupid social media off, close his phone and go back to work.
There's plenty of work to do—the noise outside his office never lies on the amount of work there is to be done at the shop.
He hasn’t been very smart for a while now.
Bucky lifts his screen again, staring at Y/N's legs that prop Wuthering Heights on her mid-thigh. The shot was posted not even an hour ago, and he wonders if she's still at her bathtub.
He wonders if she's still reading, or if she's talking to user "yelenayyy" who apparently knows Y/N personally.
His skin itches.
Bucky wants both to throw his phone away on the other side of the room, and keep it close to him the whole day.
He's the idiot who said they're too friends to be more while surrounded by the same group of people. The reminder stings—the conversation from last night is the reason he came to work so early on a damn Saturday of all days, but he can't help it.
Staying at his place without Y/N's voice singing under her breath was strange. Bucky had grown used to her giggles and clumsy noises, walking and bumping against things despite her better judgment.
The legs he had wrapped around his waist the previous night look too bear, he thinks.
He likes seeing the marks she begs for lasting through the night—liked, he mentally corrects himself.
He enjoyed seeing her press a thumb against a bruise absently, unthinking. Y/N's anxious habits bleed out from her hands, and if she doesn't have something to play with, she takes it out on herself.
The number of times Bucky's removed her fingers from being abused by her teeth were too many to count by now.
He sighs deeply, rubs a hand over his face and tries to put the phone down.
Picks it up again.
Only to not leave me in this abyss, where I cannot find you.
Y/n had whispered to him on the car ride home that she finished his latest recommendation and felt the urge to read one of her favorite classics again; he had forgotten to ask which classic it was, too busy staring at the easy way her hand gripped the wheel and drove through town.
He wishes he could've asked some things more.
He wished for a lot of things—to have been able to sleep since last night, Y/N's rambling texts about numerous subjects simultaneously, something that only they seem to have the capacity to keep up with, to not have opened his damn mouth yesterday, to have opened it earlier, to never have said anything.
Those legs.
He wished for those legs, always smelling of vanilla and berries lotion, the soft hand of the touched that followed it and the low, breathy tone of Y/n's whispers on his ear.
Your hands feel so nice, Buck.
It's okay.. I like the beard burns—no, don't do that! Bucky! I'm gonna fall!
Why are you so tall... and built... god it's delicious.
"What am I doing?" He voices, rubbing his face again.
Unfortunately, the answer to that is the exact reason why he's in this predicament in the first place.
Bucky would rather chop his other hand and switch it for a metal one too than see Y/n cry in the future because of him. Steve said this morning he's a conceited jerk with an ego too big if he thinks he can make decisions for her that way, and maybe assuming Y/n is developing feelings is a little conceited of him, but what neither Steve nor anyone else seems to understand is that he'd rather be delusional about this than right.
No part of him thinks she's in love with him.
She left without a single problem.
It's obvious she wasn't developing feelings, but she had agreed that there was that possibility.
The mere idea is enough to make him need another smoke.
Bucky wants to leave, but his phone is still unlocked, and the post still has him bewitched.
What Bucky really wanted... was a text.
All he wanted was a text from Y/N, a hello, a complaint, a quote—anything to prove he hasn't fucked it up already by trauma dumping onto her the nightmares and putting under the light all the raggedy edges that make his pieces.
The fathom of Y/N's sweet, delicate kisses on his shoulder and temple after Bucky spoke of Kim still make something inside him feel out of place.
"Hey." Steve's voice comes from the door, and Bucky looks up immediately, his hands closing over the phone and blocking the sight of the screen. It's unnecessary—Steve probably knows of this account, considering how close he and Y/n had gotten, and even if he doesn't, Steve's entirely unimpressed with him at the moment. "Min and Liv are here."
Some of the sourness leaves his mouth, and he smiles through the headache. "Thanks, Stevie."
"Hmhm. Don't mention." Steve turns to leave, but pauses before taking a step and turns around slowly.
He looks at Bucky, properly looks at him this time. It's the first he's pinned his eyes on Bucky since this morning when Bucky told him everything about the previous night.
Can he see the tiredness in Bucky's eyes? Can he see how much his palms are sweating, how much Bucky feels like screaming or punching something?
Steve forces a smile on his face. "She'll text, Buck." He sighs deeply. "Just give her time."
Swallowing a knot sharper than his blade's tip, he nods to the encouragement.
He was the one who pulled the rug—he was the one that ended it because selfishly, all Bucky wants in life is Y/n close.
Time. He can give her time.
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laf-outloud · a month ago
Overcome with Justin Wren: Jared Padalecki
I just finished listening/watching Jared's podcast with Justin Wren and my main take away is, how can anyone hate this man? Especially those online who continually put him down. He's the first person who would put his arms around them to make sure they're okay.
Jared: "It's not for me to determine whether I'm a good dude or not, I deeply want to be a good dude... I really badly want to be a good husband, a good father, a good employee, a good employer, a good son, a good friend, and I certainly have moment's where I feel like I want to rip that dude's throat out, or I want to make a snarky comment, and sometimes I act on that, but by and large, I want to be a good person."
I love this quote from Justin: "I don't want to take criticism from people I wouldn't take advice from."
Other takeaways (paraphrased):
His childhood bullying experience was crazy scary. I can't even imagine.
If he ever gets into reading online comments/hate, he internalizes it and tends to focus on it, which is why he's not on social media that often.
If you're going through something, you have to share first in order for people to hear you, and it's scary to do.
Giving of one's time/money/self to a greater cause (fundraisers, etc.) allows people to band together in a way that one person giving all the money/time/etc. can't do. It gives people a sense of purpose to help others, which is why Jared hates it when people on fundraisers say, "Why don't you just give them all the money?" That doesn't provide the opportunity for people to be selfless.
I loved hearing it, and I wish people who go around hating him would realize what a genuinely nice person he is and all that he has gone through because he could probably relate to them more than they would ever know.
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fushigoomis · 22 days ago
characters: Megumi Fushiuro, Yuji Itadori, Toge Inumaki, Gojo Satoru, Nanami Kento, Toji Fushiguro, Sukuna, Geto Suguro, Choso
warnings: aged up Megumi, Yuji and Toge, fluff, overall SFW
A/N #1: I'm back from the hiatus <3
Tumblr media
it was hard to convince the sea urchin to agree to do it, but when you pulled out your puppy eyes, he couldn't say no
still made a face when he saw you grab the clay mask, but boi, them eyebags ain't gonna go away themselves 🙄
"Is it that bad that we need to use so many products?"
you had to put his hair in small ponytails all over his head because it was WILD (like usually)
actually enjoyed how soft and shiny his skin looked after
amazed at how his dark circles went away after just two days of using your products
"Can we do this more often?"
now he washes his face with adequate face wash and applies cream every morning and night before bed <3
this ray of sunshine LOVES doing skincare with you
asks so many questions about everything just to make sure the products are right
he might cry when he gets a pimple or blackheads
sometimes he goes and buys products by himself
"Hey baby, is this cream good for your skin type?"
takes selfies in the mirror with you with the masks on
might eat the cucumber you put on his eyes
bought matching bunny headbands for the both of you <3
he literally cannot verbally protest bestie, all he can do is run and try to hide
sometimes gets in moods and doesn't want to, but it happens anyway
helps you apply your products
secretly takes pictures of you looking silly with the mask on and posts them on his social media
he shakes his head and runs away like a chicken
you somehow still manage to grab his phone and delete the pic. but everyone already saw it
as a punishment, you make him try make up on
Tumblr media
you don't even have to ask him to do it, he came up with the idea
kicked your door open, arms full with expensive skincare items and utensils
"Excuse me?!"
he just makes a small, sheepish smile and empties the bags on your bed
read a few articles about skin Ph and skin types and thinks he's an expert now
"You got a pimple, you rat"
runs to the mirror horrified
when he realized he had been fooled, he started attacking you with tickles and started a small war where you threw creams and masks and whatever else at each other
"Who's gonna clean up all this mess?
"Sheesh, look at the time, gotta go"
what a rat
my mans does skincare like, every day and every night
Nanami likes taking care of himself and others, so he definitely doesn't miss out on doing it together
always buys the best products for the two of you
probably has a collection, organized by usefulness in his drawer
yes he does put on the frog headband to keep his hair back
always restocks the products by himself
will boop your nose with cream and then kiss your forehead <3
good luck trying to convince this guy to do it, bestie, he needs it
will actually run away and you will have to chase him through the damn house to catch him
he does wash his face in the morning with the face wash you bought for him tho
doesn't really participate in it, but he likes watching you do it
yes he will roast you when you have the clay mask on
Tumblr media
don't even bother miss gurl
he does wash his face and put cream on, but that's literally all he gonna do
he spends more time on his hair anyways, but he enjoys taking care of yours as well
since he doesn't know much about it, he is actually very interested in doing it
opens the tubes and smells everything
he actually tried to taste the strawberry face wash as well
no, he didn't like the taste
his skin is a lil oily, so he is more prone to getting blackheads than you
he lets you extract them and put charcoal stripes on his nose
puts his hair in a big bun before your routine
very gentle when he applies the products on you
definitely loves doing skincare with you <3
Tumblr media
A/N #2: hope you all liked this, don't forget to comment what you think about it, or what you'd like to see next <3
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sabugabr · 22 days ago
How "Loki" managed to make Loki's "outed" version also be their most heteronormative one
Well hello again!! This one's gonna be a single post, and relatively shorter than my previous ones (God I hope). I just want to get into one little detail that bothered me while watching Loki — the blatant heteronormativity of all that.
I'm not even talking about plot, the well is deeper ( that's a Brazilian saying, I don't know if it exists in English. Oh well)
Tumblr media
SO KKKKKKKKKKK LOKI HUH. Unless you've been hibernating for the last few months, you probably know that some time ago, Disney+ debuted its third series on the platform, Loki, AND TUMBLR WAS ON FIRE. And there's already been a lot of discussion regarding some aspects of the series, some plot choices, well, all sort of things. However, I won't get into all the issues regarding his bissexual representation, or the gender fluidity issue, or even anything regarding Sylvie or Mobius. If you want to know more about it, you can have quick walk around tumblr, or even just go and see what Russell T. Davies has to say about it. It was a crazy ride, this series.
But I know there are a lot of different takes on this matters, and there're many ways in which you can relate to a media or story, and it's not my place here to meddle. If you liked the series, if the queer representation of this series was something that resonated with you, was something meaningful to you, that's genuinely great. So I'll abstain myself to my area of study, Visual Culture, and therefore what I want to talk about here is costume design. More specifically, Loki's.
(just a disclaimer, I'll be refering to Loki using he/him pronoums, since in the series is clear that he identifies himself as male. Also, I won't cover any aspects of Loki in the comics — or even Norse mithology or other medias —and their portrail there, because otherwise this would be WAY longer, so I'll just stick to the MCU)
So let's talk about queer coding, shall we?
Ok so, let's say you walk into a room full of queer people and ask anyone who loved Disney villains as a kid to raise their hand.
Tumblr media
There'd probably be a very fair share of hands up, right? I mean, I know mine would. The relationship between Disney and queer kids has always been an interesting one, to say the least. And it's very common for many of us to feel especially drawn to the villains, and one of the possible reasons for it is the fact that most of the previous Disney villains (and some movie villains in general) are queercoded.
(and Kuzco. Interestingly, I never saw Kuzco being mentioned in these Disney queercoding discussions. Maybe The Emperor's New Groove is just more popular in South America...? Or maybe because it's like a positive representation, so it doesn't count? He's great tho, this movie is wonderful it's truly Disney's finest work I should make a whole post just extolling it just watch me BUT ANYWAY BACK ON TRACK)
If you google it, you'll see that queer coding is
"the subtextual coding of a character in media as queer. Though such a character's sexual identity may not be explicitly confirmed within their respective work, a character might be coded as queer through the use of traits and stereotypes recognisable to the audience. Such traits are greatly varied, but traits of exaggerated masculinity and femininity, vanity, and hypersexuality are frequent." [source: Wikipedia]
In the context of those movies, this was often made purposefully, blatantly, and in a very hurtful way, with very damaging implications, to associate (in a pejorative and stereotyped way) queer = evil. If you want to know more about it, and I highly recommend you do, there are two videos on YouTube by Rowan Ellis that explain these issues in a very complete, didactic way, and much better than I ever could. One's all about Disney villains, and the other is about the historical and social panoramas from queercoding to queerbaiting. I linked them both right there.
But the thing is, even though these are very problematic issues, what ended up happening is that many of us reclaimed those Disney villains. We felt attracted, drawn, captivated by a lot of them (not the Pocahontas one, that one is just bad). To the point where they might be our favorite characters in the movies. And why does it have to do with Loki?
Well, because, let's face it, Loki looks like a Disney villain.
Tumblr media
the attitude. LOOK AT HIM
And that was one of the things that amused me the most when I'd go see a Thor or an Avengers movie, because not only would Tom Hiddleston's impeccable acting make the character completely captivating to me, but his outstanding looks always caught my eye.
In my humble opinion, in all the movies he's been in Loki has the most interesting costumes. They are always not only incredibly beautiful but also richly detailed, always following the color palette of Green, Black and Gold, even when he's wearing casual style. I also love how the gold is always used in adornments, and how well-fit his clothes always look. He looks like he'd only wear Asgardian haute couture.
Tumblr media
I mean, look at the patterned scarf (which looks enormously like a leopard print to me) with green accents, stylishly matching his black vest and longcoat. THE CANE.
Of course the other costumes are also ok (Thor's armor for example has shades of blue, silver and red, all opposite to Loki's colors - although unlike Loki he almost never changes his outfits, which is a bit disappointing to me). But look at how Thor's outfit is made to make him look big, strong, MASCULINE and caricatured, while Loki's is simply elegant and slim.
Tumblr media
His shoulder pads resonate the same shape as Thor's, but are narrower, making him look smaller in comparison. And I find it interesting how (unlike Thor who has an outfit pretty much the same as his comics counterpart) they stripped the more rustic fur trim from Loki's comics design, but kept the characteristic (and more elegant) square shoulder armor/pads.
In short, it's like his whole visual concept is to look dark, slim, fit and elegant.
Tumblr media
And oh my, the sass
And Loki's costume designs actually have very beautiful meanings? As you can see in this Buzzfeed interview with Co-Founder and former Co-Head of Visual Development at Marvel Studios Charlie Wen and Marvel Studios Senior Visual Development Artist Anthony Francisco, when designing the character's casual Asgardian clothes, they made the clothe's lines
"more angular, almost architectural in its repeating angles. The purpose was to contrast the soft interior greens (Loki’s primary color) with the rigid blocky exterior (symbolizing Loki trapped inside the rigid walls of Asgard)."
The green color represents his soft interior. In a similar association, his characteristic collar was inspired by the flower faux calla lily, symbolizing "sacrifice and a resurrection motif". It's all very poetic. They deepened this concept in Loki's clothing in Ragnarok, where the replacement of green for blue in his clothes was meant to represent grief and sadness, and his personal growth.
"It's kind of like a nice arc for him. In the beginning of the movie he's green, then he's blue, then he's green the end of the movie, he finds who he is," they said
But with the blue outfit, they added a yellow cape to represent that things would be all right at the end. Yellow and blue also make green. So like, colors mean something here. And they also wanted the blue to evoke a peacock, since Loki was showing himself off to the Grandmaster. A 10/10 outfit. Because you see, asides being elegant and dark and all that, the thing is Loki is flashy, both in his style as in his body language.
Tumblr media
And of course none of this necessarily means anything. Things like physical appearance, fashion choices and personality traits have absolutely nothing to do with a person's sexual orientation or gender identity. But just as in the case of the Disney villains, there are certain characteristics and representations tendencies that due to both social constructions and pre-established media codes (such as the ones influenced by the Hays Code, and others), when watching, we feel more inclined to perceive as being queer. And while this usually has a pretty negative connotation (since these evocative traits are usually based on harmful stereotypes), with Loki this wasn't necessarily the case.
Even though he was introduced as a villain from the beginning, Loki has always been decently built, deepened and humanized throughout the films. Even though he was queercoded, he was never defined by grimaces, clothes or stereotypes, nor were these ever necessarily the target of bigoted jokes.
And on top of that, his personal narrative revolved precisely around the sense of feeling like an outsider within your own family. Of feeling less loved, less valued, "trapped", because of a trait he desperately has to keep secret. In this case, it was being blue. But you can change blue for queer that still works fine. It was a very familiar narrative to many queer people watching. So in a way, I think we ended up reclaiming him as well.
And I genuinely think that might have been one of the reasons this character became so loved by the LGBTQIA+ and tumblr communities. He was fabulous, and his presentation and personality reflected that perfectly.
And where did it all end? In Loki.
Because you see, in Loki, the only scenes where he actively wears his usual clothes are at the beginning of the series, and then never again. For the rest of the series, he wears the TVA brown coat and later a plain white shirt with a tie.
And while he was on TVA, ok, perfect, they required him to wear these clothes, fine. But after he runs off with Sylvie, he finds himself in SEVERAL situations where he might as well change his clothes. As is constantly explained to us, he can alter his appearance as he pleases and magically create fabrics and clothes at his own pleasure.
But in the one situation where he actively does this (in the train), he chooses to continue with the clothes he got from TVA (and Mobius, which is a cute point of view, but not the point here)
Tumblr media
And for the rest of the series, he apparently forgets about his clothes and sticks to that. In that same train, is also revealed to us as an audience that Loki is indeed queer. In a intimate conversation with Sylvie, he is said to like both men and women, and the director reffered to him as bisexual.
And from there he develops a deep affective relationship with Sylvie, a woman (as we were emphatically told in that slightly misogeneous scene between the Lokis where they debate the mere existence of a "female Loki"), which regarding his queerness would be perfectly fine, if it weren't for the change in Loki's presentation from then on.
BECAUSE YOU SEE one of the major point of the Loki series is the development of the title character. Especially, his development in becoming "a better person". He starts off being a so-called pompous narcissist (much like Kuzco if you think about it), meets people who change his perception of himself and the world, and then he starts trying to improve, and redeem himself. In short, becoming a hero (again, just like Kuzco, only The Emperor's New Groove does it better).
And one of the most important things about character design is that a character's costume essentially reflects who that character is, much more than their lines or actions. Just by looking at a character's costume (if it's a good costume) you can basically know everything the movie or series or play wants you to know. And especially if you're telling a story where a character goes through internal changes, the exterior (ie, their costume) should reflect that as well.
So, Loki goes through his great journey, changes, evolves as a person, becomes a hero, and how does his presentation reflects that?
Tumblr media
I could laugh but then my laughter would turn into tears
No, really, please. I'm not talking about Sylvie please don't think I'm in any way attacking Sylvie here, just look at him. The kinda grimy white tight shirt, enhancing his chest? The rolled up sleeves??? The leather straps holding his weapon and once again enhancing his chest? The creases in his pants evidencing his pelvis? HIS POSE????? This is a CLASSIC cis straight heroic white male lead pose. This is the kind of aesthetics I'd expect from Chris Pratt in a Jurassic World movie, and I know that you can see it too.
At no point in any movie has Loki ever presented that kind of body posture, that kind of body language. It's as if the show was saying "See? He's tough now"
And there is none of the elements that Wen and Francisco had so beautifully enshrined in Loki's costume composition, in the visual narrative that his clothes would tell. No color scheme, no green, no lily, nor nothing reminiscent of the characteristic curved necklace centerpiece he always wore (which according to Wen and Francisco, is an element that symbolizes Loki's mother, Frigga, like a "mother's crest". Interestingly, notice tho how Sylvie's costume has it, and I don't know if I find it endearing or disturbing)
So, since there's no reference to anything previously used by Loki in the first Thor and Avengers, the only symbology I can attribute to this costume choice is to show how Loki now doesn't care about things like looks anymore. His clothes are dirty, he didn't even bother to change them at all, he's not the same man who started this journey, he dropped Gucci. (They even made a joke about how he magically summoned an ugly blanket to cover him and Sylvie) And consciously or not, I genuinely think it's possible they wanted to make him more "hero-looking", "good-guy-looking". And apparently that meant making him less queer-looking.
And of course there's no way I'm saying queercoding is a good thing But why couldn't he save the world with his fabulous looks? Why couldn't he be the good guy and be flashy? Why couldn't he go through the arc of discovering emotional vulnerability and being able to open up to other people and still enjoy nice clothes and gold? Why couldn't he kiss the girl and have, idk, black painted nails? To me this has the same bitter taste as the recent Disney movie Jungle Cruise, in which the queer character proves his worth when he "man-ups". (And besides, this film is very derogatory in the portrait of South America??? But anyway)
And again, of course none of this necessarily means anything. Your choice of fashion has no direct bearing on how queer you are or not. People express themselves in different ways, but we're not talking about real people. Loki is not a real person, but a character whose wardrobe and gestures and lines were all decided and thought out by an external group of people, with goals and direct consequences in our perception.
And this is even more evident and difficult to ignore for me by how much the series itself shows. In the scene where he meets the other Loki variants, if you notice, everyone is dressed in very elaborate costumes. Honestly, President Loki is MAGNIFICENT with that green vest, the one sided shoulder pad detail, and the textured tie evoking something reptilian (I also loved how they adapted the characteristic gold necklace into a tie pin). But the thing is, he is represented as being, in a way, evil.
Tumblr media
They all are. They are shown to be, you know, "the older Loki" versions, those who haven't evolved as much, you know. They're still treacherous, and liars, and slippery, and cowards, and suspicious, and back-stabbers, and narcissists, and bla bla bla. "Our" Loki even calls them "monsters". And since he stands out so much from them all, with his simple, modest, heteronormative clothes, it's very easy for our brain to make an association between "dressing" and "acting." And suddenly Loki's old flashness turns into a harmful stereotype.
Because now the way he dressed is a possible implication of when he was a "bad person". From when he had all the characteristics I mentioned above (all commonly associated with queer people in a pejorative way). And that's so disappointing to me, because in my opinion they missed a great opportunity to get the exact opposite message across. In a social context where the media still villainizes queer traits SO MUCH, where works like Rock Horror Picture Show are still seen as grotesque and villainous by so many people, they could have made a fabulous hero. A queer hero, with characteristics reclaimed by us as a community, portrayed in a beautiful and positive way, just as we see them.
So, this was all only the point of view that I took from the costumes. But the point is that costumes tell a story. They deliver a message. So in Loki's case, what message is this?
Think about it.
Anyway, thank you so much for reading!!!
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shoyotime · 3 months ago
haikyuu captains/pretty setter squad with figure skater s/o?
setter squad with figure skater s/o
Tumblr media
featuring : kageyama, suga, oikawa, kenma,
genre : fluff, humor
warnings : gn!reader
a/n : wrote only four bcz character limit :‹ just gotta make sure it doesn't get messy, i'll add other's in the pt 2 if i ever do !
Tumblr media
— kageyama
this boy
he doesn't how he pulled /you/ because he thinks you're too good for him
gets star-struck whenever he see you skate because you're so pretty and you do it so flawlessly, it's amazing
he isn't good at words, but the way he looks at you and smiles after your performance tells you that he's proud of you and that he's so lucky to call you his girlfriend
there are times when he just looks at you and goes "you're so pretty"— which you are, mind you!
likes it when you both talk about the sport each other's sport, especially the part where you both make random comments over certain things that piss both of you
he smiles like a lovestruck crow cat whenever you talk to him about figure skating and gets so indulged, he forgets what's happening
and then you'll pause abruptly, he's still smiling though
"tobio, are you listening?"
just nod and smile
"i'm listening" — and you're blushing too. it's to easy to fluster him and make it blush
he might rarely say it but he loves it when you hold his hands and pull him in the ring to skate
let me tell you, he's scared. very.
and he's panicking, legs are literally wobbling but he calms down gradually. slips a lot though
has a whole album in his phone with pictures and videos of you skating
overall, he's glad to have you by his side and loves you a lot, doesn't matter how many days pass
— sugawara
he's your number one fan
makes sure he watches all of your competitions and cheers for you like there's no tomorrow. the most supportive of all, if you'd ask me
helps you pick the songs for practice
he m e l t s after seeing you in the ring like, how are you so pretty? h o w ?
he brings your favorite flowers everyday you have a show. it's like a tradition for him at a point— to give you flowers before and after the competition
Suga would never shut up about you being a figure skater, never.
he's so proud of you, even his profile picture on social media is a pic of you taken while you were skating
( which you made him change afterwards )
but basically you're all over his mind, he couldn't help but talk about you all the time
but with great talent comes great responsibility, which is why he makes sure your diet is healthy and that you exercise daily
remembers even the smallest details about you, your health, medical conditions ( if any ) just everything
if, for some reason, he couldn't attend the competition, he would send a lot of wholesome memes to you before it
then take you out on a date
because suga is just amazing like that
looking at you makes him want to skate too but honestly, he's just scared
you don't know why but he always volunteers to stand out of the ring and watch you skate
in short, suga is proud of you for who you are and how far you've come. he loves you for that
— oikawa
no because this mf would gracefully step in the ring and pose, only to slip and fall
and when you laugh, he gets salty
f l e x
"y/n-chan is a wonderful figure skater!" — "yes i'm a volleyball player bUT DID YOU KNOW THAT Y/N-CHAN IS A FIGURE SKATER? THEY'RE AMAZING!"
so he always manages to switch the conversation to you and never fails to make you flustered with the compliments
best hype man ever. you just have to sigh while looking at your performance and he's ready with comfort words and tells you how amazing you are
very protective. v e r y
he knows how things become when publicity hits. no haters, nothing. his hands are always on your shoulders or waist in public
makes fun of you by saying that you could've chosen volleyball but you chose dancing on snow
*very disappointing noises*
but you know it's just for giggles and shit. he went :o :0 :O when he watched you perform for the first time and he knew he was hooked
thought it was easy so he gracefully stepped in the ring, only to fall on his face
calls you ice queen for some reason??
is weird. he's so smitten he doesn't know what he's doing half of the time. like, you'd be talking about practice and he'll look at you as if you're the only person in his world
doesn't care if he overfilled the glass with water
"what if we let our kids play volleyball on ice?" — he didn't attend physics lessons and it shows
long story short, he can't believe he's dating you. he will never let you feel insecure about what you're doing. he makes sure you're happy, it's his first priority.
— kenma
everyone think he's playing games on his phone all day
but ever since you both started dating, he watches your performance videos a lot
is not very discreet about it but is shy. like he'll be watching and if you pass by, he'll hide his phone and give you a lame smile
ok one time you both were watching yuri on ice, and yk yuri number 2 looks like kenma? yeah, but your fav character was maybe victor, or anyone who's not yuri number 2
and kenma got salty
attends all your performances. all of them, never missed one. it's his record
he isn't very vocal but he's super proud of you
general texts like 'good luck' or 'you'll do well, love' before performances
doesn't let you talk about your performance after it's done because that's stressing
one of his hand is always on your waist ALWAYS esp in public just to assert dominance like, 'yea this is y/n and she's mine'
surprisingly, he can skate decently and loves it when you both hold each others hands and then skate
always hugs you before and after performance, it's a must
one time he edited the video of your performances and you found it
he wanted to disappear
boy was petrified
tbh it was to practice editing and why download videos when you have so many already
he's your official fanboy now
to sum it up, he's glad to have you around. he might not put it in words but everything he does for you is out of love and you know he means it
Tumblr media
a/n : what even is this thing 🕳‍🤸‍♀
taglist : will add it later, i'm in a hurry rn :<
© shoyotime ;; don’t plagiarize, repost, translate or recreate in any from !
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jbreenr · 4 months ago
Talk Me Out Of It –Bucky Barnes
Pairing: tfatws!bucky barnes × reader
Summary: partying was not your idea of fun... until someone convinced you to stay for one more drink. (Here's the second part)
Word count: 3.7k
Warning: brief talk about sex, mention of a burn scar (is that a warning? I don't know, I'm gonna put it anyway), but none, other than that.
A/N: i'm beer drunk, it's raining outside and i just walked three blocks to get some churros while daydreaming about this so… enjoy, i guess. and tell me why i shouldn't write when i'm not in my five senses. also, let me know if you'd like a smutty second part bc im thinking of something. Lack of vocabulary and grammatical mistakes abound. *apologizes in español*.
Inspired by talk me out of it –Olivia Holt.
Tumblr media
ᴹʸ ᵍⁱᶠ
“This is ridiculous.” You spat as you eyed up and down your reflection in the mirror. “I look ridiculous.”
“What are you saying?” your friend stood up from the bed and went to stand behind you. “You look hot. ‘Hot’ is good.”
“I don’t want to look hot, Angie. I don't want to go to that stupid reunion, in the first place.”
Angie spent most of her free time these last weeks trying to convince you to go to the annual high school meeting with her. You had missed the last… Well, all of them. And there was a legit reason why: you had way more important things to do on a friday night than failing to reconnect with old classmates (of which you had already forgotten most names) like, watching a Criminal Minds marathon choking on popcorn or scrolling through social media procrastinating the gradings of the exams you were supposed to have ready for monday morning, for example.
“C’mon! You said you’d do me this favor and I’d help you find someone to fix your pipeline.”
“No, you said that if I did this for you, you’d convince Trevor to fix it for free.”
Angie hugged you from behind and placed her chin on your shoulder, pouting and giving you her best puppy eyes. “Just because my fiance has the soul of a bricklayer doesn't mean that he also is a plumber.”
“Fine, fine! I’ll tell him.” She raised her hands in surrender. “But I can’t assure you that he’d do a good job. To have the soul and to have the skills are two different things.”
“Why am I going? Isn’t Trevor supposed to go as your date?” He was technically not invited since he was from another generation of students.
Your friend walked to her closet, opened the sliding door and took two pairs of heels.
“He is, but he and Nate are really good friends and every time he appears, Trev goes to get a beer with him and the gang,” She imitated Trevor’s voice, making you laugh. “And leaves me to deal with Jessica and her bragging about all her trips and the expensive shit her boyfriend in turn buys for her.” Before you could say something, she added, “And I need you there to keep me from tearing up the hair extensions off her bleached head.”
The idea of Angie starting a fight with one of the most odious people on Earth played in your head, thoughts of your friend slowly losing patience and blowing smoke out of her ears had you biting your inner cheeks to prevent you from bursting into laughter. Mostly, because she didn’t have it in her to hurt a fly.
“I'll go.” You affirmed, rolling your eyes at your friend's triumphant yes. She stretched out her arms, heels in hand and looked at you, then the shoes, then you again. “But don't believe I'll get in the way if you decide to break Jessica's new nose with the edge of a table.”
“Deal!” She handed you the white stilettos –that matched the thigh dress that was suspiciously your size–, wearing the biggest smile on her face. “We'll have so much fun; we can try Andrew’s weird ways of getting drunk, bet on who makes a fool of themselves the fastest and, who knows? Maybe you’ll finally get Ryan Morgan’s attention and have some in the bathroom of the club.” She winked at you.
“Ew! Shut up!” You laughed it off, not wanting her to start the teasing she used back in the day when it came to your youth crush.
“I’m only saying that you haven’t had sex in what? Eight months? It is time for you to go out, to talk to other adults besides your students' parents and me. Believe me, with that dress and a smile, you could drive anyone crazy.”
You blushed and tried to play it off with a joke. “Alright, stop flirting with me or I’m telling your soon-to-be husband.”
“Meh,” She downplayed the matter with an exaggerated grin. “He knows he’ll always be number two in my heart.”
As she finished the sentence, the horn of Trevor’s BMW sounded repeatedly from outside, urging you to hurry up and scaring Angie to the point she swore he listened to her.
Sighing, you took your small purse and walked towards the entrance.
“Let’s get you someone to bang tonight.” She said as she closed the door.
“I still can’t believe you convinced me to come.” There had been only five minutes since they entered the bar and Bucky’s grumpiness was already making Sam regret the decision of bringing the super soldier with him.
“It’s not that bad!” Sam nodded his head to the bartender as a greeting and showed him two fingers, asking for drinks. His usual, apparently. “Remember what your therapist said? You need to make a new friend. What better place than a party to do that? It’ll be easy.” he leaned against the bar and took the glass of whiskey, sipping from it.
Of course Bucky remembered what his therapist said. It was the only thing he had been thinking of for a whole week.
”There are still not many contacts on your phone, James.” The woman wearing a blue shirt and a plain grey skirt sitting across from him said as she checked Bucky’s phone for the fourth time in two months.
The first time she did, she found out that Bucky was not answering Sam’s texts on his old flip phone and she scolded him for that; the second time, she scrolled through a couple of messages between them on the screen of his new smartphone; the third time was not so different from the second; this time, she decided to do something about it.
“I'll give you a mission,” She returned the barely personalized device to Bucky, and took her notebook to write something down. “next week you have to bring me at least two more numbers...”
“I know what you’re doing, Doc, and it’s not gonna work.” He put his phone in his pocket and adjusted his position on the couch. “But, eight for the effort... Oh, really?” he protested when her pen came in contact with the paper again accompanied with a tired look on her face.
“Two numbers.” She said as the clock struck eleven, telling them that their session was over. Bucky stood up and waved goodbye to her. “And they better be real, James!” She shouted from her seat as he closed the door behind him.
Dr. Raynor was being a little too optimistic by thinking that Bucky could start new friendships out of nowhere as if he was the same Bucky Barnes the 40’s knew. More than a mission, it was a challenge.
During a quick visit to Sam’s apartment, he managed to get Sarah's number from his phone without him noticing, but he couldn’t find someone else to add to the list, which reduced things to only one more number.
“I wouldn't be so sure about it.” He affirmed, looking away in search of a potential new friend.
Soon after you arrived at the beach club, you found out there was good and bad news: Neither Nate nor Ryan were going to show up tonight. Honestly, you didn’t know which news was which. In line with Angie, it was good that Nate was not there, that way, she’d have Trevor all for herself, and it was bad that Ryan wouldn’t see you slaying –as she previously described– in her lent dress. On the other hand, you knew that thanks to Nate’s absence, your friends would not pay attention to you all night, leaving you alone, but you were relieved that Ryan didn’t attend as well, that saved you from having an awkward moment with Angie trying to make you two hook up.
If you were asked, you wouldn’t admit it, but the place was nice; fake torches were placed all around the dark wooden floor, illuminating the space, along with some light series hanging here and there, walls with tall windows and a glass ceiling allowed the –not so prominent but beautiful– natural light inside, small tables in front of low sofas were strategically positioned on the sides, and a colorful dance floor was saturated with people dancing to the beat of loud music.
“Angie! You came!” Jessica’s whistle-like voice greeted your friend. “Oh, God! Y/N? What are you doing here?” Her exaggerated enthusiasm, the hug she gave you and your forced smile reminded you why you preferred to stay home, eating junk food, instead of interacting with those people. “I thought you’d be nerding as you’ve been doing ever since we graduated.” The lack of tact of her assumption had you almost taking a step forward, you were only stopped by Angie’s hand on yours.
“We’re gonna go find a table but uhm, we’ll see you in a minute, yeah?” Her self-control in those kinds of situations always surprised you.
Saying her goodbyes, she dragged you to the tables near the dance floor, Trevor following behind.
The place was crowded, people walking in every direction, chatting in the line for the restroom or just chilling and singing along to the song currently playing.
When Angie found an empty table, she practically threw herself on top of it to keep a young couple from taking it. Four chairs rounded the table and even though you did your best to sit between your friends, they found a way to be on each other, sandwiching you.
Ten agonizingly slow minutes later, you decided that if you were going to put up with all the cheesiness of theirs, you’d at least take advantage of the alcohol to make it more bearable.
“You guys!” You called, breaking the spell they were in and making them look at you. “I’m getting a drink, you want anything?”
You mentally wrote their order and walked towards the bar. A few people were there, some occupying chairs and others only waiting for their drinks. You spotted a space big enough to make yourself visible to the guy behind the bar.
“What can I get you?” He politely asked you while shaking a silver recipient and pouring the liquid in a cup. After telling him the complicated cocktail Angie asked for, the specifications of Trevor’s special drink and deciding for a simple beer for yourself, he invited you to have a seat so you wouldn’t wait standing.
Chin in hand, legs crossed and a yawn said that your drinks were supposed to be ready a while ago. One of the guys sitting next to you had left his friend’s side to go dancing with a girl, came back and then went to the dancefloor again. At least, he was having fun. The other guy’s back was facing you, his elbow rested on the bar and from your peripheral sight you saw the screen of his phone unlocking and then turning black repeatedly.
Huffing, he went to put his phone in the pocket of his jacket, but the movement of his arm pushed a glass of liquor off the bar and straight to your thigh.
“Damn it!” you spat when the cold liquid made contact with your skin.
Your words brought more attention than you intended. The guy’s (who turned to you with an intrigued expression that fast morphed into a worried one) included.
“I’m so sorry.” he apologized, taking a bunch of napkins and doing his best to dry your leg without touching you that much.
“Angie is gonna kill me!” snatching the napkins from him, you rubbed the growing wet patch in the dress, in hopes of making the yellowish stain disappear. “She's gonna bury me in the woods and then plant a tree near the grave to compensate for the life she took.”
“What?” he asked with a little laugh as he saw you struggling to take the little remains of paper off the dress.
“This thing is hers and Lord protects whoever dares to damage her new wardrobe. I don’t want to deal with an angry Angie ever again. She's the personification of an angel, but even the devil used to be one.” not looking up, you answered.
“And, where’s Angie?” He handed you another napkin.
“The pretty five feet blonde with a blue strapless over there.” You pointed in her general direction, not taking your eyes out of your current task.
“You mean the girl that’s practically eating that guy alive?” Taken aback, you looked at him for the first time that night; Blue eyes reflecting the color of the lights you were under, a short beard framing a plump pink smile, dog tags hanging on a chain around his neck, black t-shirt and leather jacket accentuating his obviously worked body, and a pair of gloves covering both his hands. How was he not melting in those clothes? You had no idea.
After the eternal seconds you drowned in his beauty, you turned to look for your friend, only to find her doing exactly what the stranger said she was doing. Her and Trevor were in the middle of an intense make out session, all thoughts of their upcoming drinks, seemingly forgotten.
“Well, I’m still not taking any risks.” Leaving the ball of napkins you made on the table, you said, “If she yells at me for this, I won’t hesitate to blame you.” The severity in your warning intrigued Bucky. He was not sure if you were being serious or not.
He opened his mouth to respond but was interrupted when the bartender approached you. “An apple, orange and mint Margarita with an itty-bitty tiny bit of cinnamon,” he repeated the way you described Angie's drink. “the weirdest mix I’ve ever done, and a Corona.” he opened the bottle for you and left it to rest on top of a piece of paper.
You took your wallet out to pay for them but a gloved hand stopped you.
“Allow me. To make up for Angie’s dress.” He tilted his head and gave the bartender some cash, not waiting for your authorization. The guy turned from your face to the stranger's a couple of times and with a sigh, walked away to keep working.
“You’ll have to buy more than these to make up for Angie’s absurdly expensive dress.” You laughed while balancing the drinks in your hands, successfully keeping them steady enough for their content not to drop. The piece of paper took off from the bottle and fell to the ground.
You were prepared to leave, but he stopped you for the second time that night.
“How many more?” You couldn’t decipher if he was genuinely asking, mocking you, or being flirty. Your eyes traveled to your friends, who were most likely trying to beat the record of the longest kiss ever performed. The stranger bent down to pick the paper up and quickly eyed it. “They won’t miss you for a couple more minutes.”
You contemplated the situation: you could either go back to those lovebirds, to uncomfortably third wheel them and end up drunk on Trevor's strange vodka, curaçao, white and dark rum mix or, sit again and do all the small talk thing with this guy until his friend came back.
Even though you were mentally prepared for the first option, you put the drinks down and sat crossing your legs.
“Yeah, they're gonna be fine without me.” you affirmed, and it was not only because you spotted Jessica making her way towards them.
Bucky did his best not to look too excited when you decided to stay, maybe his most complicated mission was not going to be that complicated after all.
“I haven’t introduced myself.” He smiled showing his perfectly white teeth. “I’m Bucky.” His right arm rested on the bar and his hand was ready to shake yours.
The politeness of his voice and the little smile he gave you made you giggle. Your palm came in contact with the rough material of his glove as you told him your name.
“I think this is yours.” He placed the piece of paper in front of you.
“It is?” Incredulous, you took it. In black ink were written the name and number of who you thought was the bartender. “Oh, it is.”
“You should be used to it.” Considering how pretty you are, he completed the sentence in his mind.
”Pff, totally. That's the fifth tonight.” You said as you folded the paper and put it in your purse. The statement had him raising his brows in surprise. How was it possible that someone gets five numbers in a night and he can't even get one? “I'm kidding!” You clarified when you saw his expression. “No one ever talks to me. They usually think I have a resting bitch face.”
“He didn’t.”
Various colors danced on his face thanks to the lightning of the room and you only wished to have the red on yours, so he wouldn’t see the inevitable blush on your cheeks.
“He was an exception.”
Trevor’s drink was just as strong as you thought it would be, but Bucky didn’t even blink when he took a sip. Still, you suggested to settle on a bottle of tequila and two shot glasses.
Time flew; you were having so much fun conversing with him, finding out that people didn’t get close to him as well helped you stop feeling like you couldn’t act normal around him, the story of what his therapist asked him to do almost made you spit your drink, and your random babbling with nonexistent words in song lyrics in the middle of a sentence had him cackling every time.
Coming down from your laughter caused by something he said about his friend Yori starting fights out of nowhere, you refilled your glasses.
His fingers took the neck of his shirt and moved it back and forth, as to shake off the suffocating heat he was probably feeling.
“Why don’t you take that off? I boil just by looking at you.” For the look he was giving, you were sure he saw the loading bar processing your words drawn on your forehead. “Maybe that was not the right way to say it.”
“It’s… complicated.” He simply answered, suddenly shy and apparently uncomfortable.
“A poorly done tattoo?” You couldn’t stop yourself from asking, the alcohol already taking effect.
He took a sip of his beer to give him time to answer. “Something like that.”
By the way he said that, you figured it was a more delicate topic than the name of an ex or a distorted face drawn on his bicep.
“Well, I once had a student, she had this huge burn scar on her leg and she hated it, like, legitimately hated it.” Your eyes were glued on him, but he could see by the softness of your face that you were immersed in the memories, so he let you talk. “She would wear tights under her uniform even if it was hot outside.” You had your glass in hand and close to your mouth, but you didn’t drink.”One day I asked her why she did that and she answered ‘Because I don’t want them to think I’m a monster.’” Your expression was sad now, almost as much as Bucky’s. Not knowing, you had put into words the way he had been feeling about himself for the longest time.
“How did you respond to that?” He held his breath, almost afraid of what you were going to say.
Snapping out of your mind, you opened your mouth to answer.
“Hey, sweetie!” Angie’s voice cut you off. “We waited for our drinks.” Your raised brow told her that you didn’t believe a word she was saying. “Anyway, we’re leaving now. Jessica wants to play this stupid game where we remember the emarassing things we did in eight grade and I don’t want her laughing at the thought of me falling off a chair in the lab. You coming?”
“Told you not to interrupt them.” Trevor scolded her as he approached the group, but hugged her in an affectionate way.
“I had to make sure she didn't need backup.” You rolled your eyes but internally (and sarcastically) thanked her for worrying about you.
“It’s ok, but uhm, I’m down for one more drink.” You glanced expectantly at Bucky, wanting him to say that he was too.
He looked around, in search of his friend and huffed. “I think Sam forgot about me, so I don’t really have anything else to do.”
The smile on his lips said that he didn't want to do anything else.
Neither Bucky nor you noticed, but Angie and Trevor shared a look of complicity. Your friend's next words, charged with joy.
“Well then, we’ll get going. Have fun and be safe.” The swiftness of her change of mood when she looked at Bucky was impressive. “You better take care of her.” She pointed at him with a finger, and he understood why you were so worried about her reaction regarding the dress. “I’ll see you tomorrow, girl.” She leaned to hug you and whispered in your ear “He’s hot.”
“Angela!” Your face felt like a tomato. “Just, take her away from here, would you?” You asked Trevor, who saluted you and threw his fiancee on his shoulder, making you laugh.
“It’s the truth and you know it!” She shouted from above the music.
“I'm really sorry about her. She's not even drunk.”
Bucky's amusement was evident, it was the first time he felt that way ever since he visited Sam and his family in Louisiana, and your sweet embarrassment only intensified his happiness.
“I'll pour you another drink to make up for her.” Taking the bottle and filling his glass, you declared.
Suddenly, you felt in a déjà vu, in an upside down reality when he said his next words. “You'll have to pour more than one to make up for her.”
Your smile mirrored Bucky's when you asked “How many more?”
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justanawolf · 2 months ago
Summary: They are already used to fame, but that doubles their wife's acting career.
Request: Hey! Can I req a professional nba player!Gom+Kagami with a popular s/o! Either because they're a singer, actress or a rlly famous utuber!! (you can decide between those three! I don't mind!) ty and hope ur safe in these times!! :]]] — Anon.
Characters: Teiko Team and Kagami (time skip!)
Note: First, thank you for your request, dear anon. Unfortunately, the original post was posted before the right time (I really don't know what happened 😫) so I had to do another one because Tumblr wasn't saving my modifications on the draft. I'm sorry for all that trouble, but I hope you all enjoy it!
Tumblr media
Akashi Seijuro
Akashi prefers to separate the two areas: what's for the public stays in public, and what's intimate stays intimate. He wants to preserve your personal lives from the world outside.
With that being said, he definitely doesn't like the presence of the paparazzi. There's no way to avoid them outside the house, and he's already used to the noise of the cameras, but he has hired private security guards to take care of your residence. If anyone gets too close to take a picture, they will be taken out immediately.
As for the events, well, you and Akashi are absolutely the most elegant couple on the red carpet, and the most sought after by journalists.
Aomine Daiki
Aomine loves the spotlight. He quickly got used to the life of a professional player, and is very happy to be an inspiration to other people in basketball. His self-esteem only increases by being married to a renowned actress like you.
He doesn't care about the paparazzi, they're like flies in meat, keep coming back even if they're scared away. But Aomine doesn't particularly like it when they focus the camera on you, so in every shot he appears holding your waist protectively or embracing you.
At events, Aomine loves showing you off and making others brood with envy because he's the luckiest guy in the world to have a gorgeous like you in his arms.
Midorima Shintaro
Midorima is one of those who despises the extreme attention he gets for being famous. And he hates it even more when people bother you. Aside from your fans, he doesn't like so many people focused on you. If it were up to him, he would change this famous life and live in a quiet and peaceful place, with just you by his side.
Paparazzi irritate him constantly, but in order not to lose his temper, he has tricks up his sleeve like wearing disguises or clothes that hide his face to avoid unwanted encounters, and he gives this tip to you too.
Midorima goes to events out of politeness and not to leave you alone, but he would no doubt trade red carpets for a movie at home with you.
Kise Ryota
This one knows what it's like to be popular. Kise is a star, adored by his fan club, constantly receiving talk show invites and interviews because he is so charismatic and sweet with everyone. And he loves the fact that you can join this lifestyle with him. You are Hollywood's wonderful couple, everyone loves you and wishes you all the best.
Because you two are very dear, you are surrounded by paparazzi all the time, and always a new photo of you together is published at least once a week in the tabloids. Kise doesn't care if he doesn't push the limits, and he even likes to see your pictures stamped in magazines or go viral on social media.
He loves to go to any event he is invited to. The food is good, the attractions are cool, and the best thing is that he and you are always the stars of the night.
Murasakibara Atsushi
Murasaki honestly doesn't see much importance in being famous or not, but he likes the feeling of being admired. He doesn't really like the attention you get, especially from the male audience, but he's very proud of you, and he's rooting for your success every time.
He detests paparazzi, and sometimes even bickers with them to stop taking pictures, but you can calm him down before he does something stupid.
Murasaki is not a big fan of the events. He doesn't like wearing those tight suits (which you love on him) and standing in front of a lot of camera flashes. It's boring, and like a kid, he's always asking you at what time you'll be leaving.
Kagami Taiga
Kagami tries his best to make your routine "normal". He knows you now have the attention of the world, and he has a lot of events to attend and things to work with, but he wants to have a normal marriage life with you, with barbecues on Sunday and cuddles on the sofa at night. He doesn't want the famous life and obligations to stop you two from spending time together.
He doesn't give a damn about the paparazzi or what they're saying about him on social media. He is fully aware of what he does, but if they try to hinder you in any way, he'll do something about it.
Kagami likes events. He likes to answer journalists' questions, receive affection from fans, enjoy a gala moment, but he loves even more when you enjoy all of that. Seeing you in one of your beautiful dresses is a candy for his eyes.
Tumblr media
Did you like the story? Feel free to reblog, give a like and leave your comments. Your feedback means a lot!
Thank you for your support,
— Ana✨
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coffeetoffyy · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Their favorite morning kisses~ [pt.3]
*Pairing - Platonic!Tubbo, Platonic!Ranboo, Quackity, Karl Jacobs x Gn!Reader
*Reader pronouns - they/them
*Warnings - Fluff and a hint of swearing
*Fic information - this fic takes place in real life, and it's showing on how or what are their favorite kisses or what favorites spots for their kisses. Each of them are in seperated headcanons, and it will be during or not during their live streams.
*Author's note - Hello, hello my lovely readers! Sorry for my unknown disappearance now hehe, I was quite busy and caught with some work that I needed to do. So I did another one of these since each of you all are taking a liking, and I also don't mind if you guys want more of these. You can request them if you want but not the same mcyts that I had used on my previous like the Dream Team or the Sleepy Bois Inc. I hope you all enjoy the updated of this fic I've started, take care now and enjoy reading!
First Previous
Platonic!Tubbo -
His favorite morning kisses are nose tip kisses.
It makes him feel all fuzzy and it makes his tail and ears wag nonstop and you think it's an adorable habit of him.
If you point out of his ears and tail wagging, he would be a flustered mess.
And a dash of red pink blush drawing from the one side of his face and to the other.
He would also ask you for kisses in just a simple matter and just for an example, while you're keeping him company and all he will walk up to you and ask for a small kiss.
It will take you a good 2 seconds for you to process on what he just said since he said it infront of your face, and especially out of the blue and all.
But when you understand that he does want kisses, you would laugh abit of how he said so suddenly but in the end you gave him his kisses anyway.
But the real thing is, when is during on one of his live morning twitch streams.
If you're beside him but mostly the camera is facing him so chat won't see you. He would look at your direction and stare at you for a good 3 seconds and he would ask -
"Can I have kiss?" He said in a low tone and not so loud aswell, whilst you are also staring back at him. You ask him to lean forward abit so you can reach.
Chat was quite confused on what he is doing and when he came back face focus back on the screen, he would say a 'thank you' but in a normal tone which caught the chat's attention.
And then he would go back to playing minecraft, all's well and it ends well.
But no, if you did kiss him infront the camera. Chat will go wild and spamming comments about you too.
"Daaaw that's so cute!"
"Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah!! Hold up- are two dating or something??"
"Are you guys seeing what I'm seeing??!"
Oh boy, your boyfriend Tubb's would be a whole flustered mess infront of the camera and the twitch stream. But he would get over it no worries.
And he would also be answering some of chat's question if he wants to though.
And also on the other hand, his bestfriend Tommy with tease the life out of him for just getting kiss from you infront of him and chat.
"Pffft— hahahahhahahhhaaha!! Hahahahah!"
"Oh my f@(k!ng god!! Hahahha, Tubbo I didn't know you we're simp this whole time! Pfft hahahahahaaa!!"
"Wh- I'm not! Cut it out!"
"Yeah, yeah, big man."
Welp, you would pretty much have to take care of your bee lover boyfriend Tubbo from the whole embarresment from that quick scenario now. Good luck with that, I'm rooting for ya.
Platonic!Ranboo -
His favorite morning kisses are cheek kisses.
He finds it really comforting especially when he is starting hearing voices ringing on the top of his own head again.
It makes him feel safe and knowing that your pressence is just beside him or just in the room with him.
He can get quite blushy when asking you for a kiss on the cheek, just like my previous headcanons. He will do the little "tap-tap" thing on his cheek because he is abit shy on asking you that he wanting a small kiss.
He just wants some comfort for you and assurance that you are always with him.
You also pick up the message he's giving quite well, since he always do this often as possible.
So yeah, you ended kissing him on the cheek and maybe ask him if he's okay or anything wrong if somethings bothering him lately.
Him being a mixed enderman and ghast hybrid is quite the interesting combination.
Despite being tall he would would crouch, sit, or even lean down for you to have close contact with his face for you to initiate the kiss if you are short and such.
But if you are close to his height, then it won't be abit of a problem then.
But sometimes during his live morning twitch streams, he doesn't mind asking for a kiss on the cheek on camera or off camera.
It's just abit surprising to chat, but don't worry now chat has already know that you and Ranboo are in a relationship and such.
Of how he would ask you for a kiss, he would turn his chair of even spare a glance at you and when you noticed he would do the little "tap-tap" thing on his cheek.
And if you noticed, you already know what to do and you would ask him to move abit closer to we're you are at or just simply go up to him and give a kiss on the cheek.
After that kiss, you would also give him a little pat on the head just for a little reassurance now.
"Thanks Y/N."
"No worries boo, I'm here."
"Hehe, okay chat so anyways."
He would continue playing on his stream after that little scene. Chat doesn't mind at all but there are few comments here and there.
"I wish I can get a kiss."
"Now that's cute."
"What a sweet couple."
It would just be a normal day like any other day when it comes to Ranboo's live stream. Just a calming stream while a little hint of comfort mixed into it.
Quackity -
His favorite morning kisses are forehead kisses.
Quackity isn't into PDA that much, but he do only accepts forehead kisses since he's wearing a beanie and all that.
He just likes the feeling of it when he just leans up when he just calls you that he wants kisses.
He would walk up behind you, wrap your waist with his arms, and aks you for some kisses.
But when it was sometimes during his live morning twitch streams, it can get abit out of hand at some other ways or such.
He sometimes closes his mic or camera off just for some privacy if needed, but if chat knows the relationship between you two then it's all good now and nothing to worry about.
But if chat doesn't know about you two being a couple, and oh my. Quackity is going to be in a whole big of a problem and dealing with it in his own hands at that state.
I'am guessing that he will he explaning it to his chat, and along so to his friends aswell.
Tommy would also be such a big tease to your boyfriend and it makes you laugh so much that it makes your stomach ache.
"Big Q you big ol' simp!"
"Oh f@(k— Tommy it's not what it looks like!"
"Oh I know what it f@(k!ng looks like Big Q! Oh I know what it looks like m@th€rf@(k!ng simp!!"
"Pfffft— hahahahahahahahaaahh!!"
"Wha- Y/N!!"
Welp, I guess there is going to be one big of a problem now in your boyfriend's live morning twitch streams now oh boy. Don't forget to wish him good luck now alright.
Karl Jacobs -
His favorite morning kisses are head kisses.
He get's all giddy and happy when he get's the feeling of your touch and he just loves it.
Will ask you for more when he feels like it, he'll just tugs the end of your sleeve and looks at you with sweet puppy dog eyes whilst saying the kisses.
By the fact of that, how can you not resist your adorable boyfriend now hm?
But when you give him kiss unexpectedly, he will just be all giggling in the middle of his live morning twitch streams.
His chat alreay knows that you and Karl are dating since he annouce the news during on his past streams.
Chat thinks that you two are adorable, and they don't really mind about you kissing Karl or anything.
But there are still a few comments of a few jealous viewers but it doesn't bother you at all and you are just fine about it.
Since there is one time that he was streaming, you we're just right beside him just sitting there and scrolling through social media.
And one moment later he turned his chair to face you but you we're still busy on your phone but when he just calls your name, that catches your attention.
"Can I have a kiss?"
"Wha- uhm, okay. You surprised me there Karl, my goodness."
And there you we're just giving him a kiss, chat was exploding with many comments about how cute you two are.
It made you laugh abit of how chat was just going mildly intense about the early scenario.
But there are a few comments that made you feel nice.
"Now that was the sweetest thing I've ever seen in this whole stream. Wow"
"I wish both of you're my parents..!"
"Can Y/N be my mom/dad please?"
The last comment you saw made you chuckle while Karl was telling a straightforward "No" to the one who commented that.
But in the end of the day, Karl still begs and ask for your soft kisses even when it's during or not during on one of his streams.
Well hey, atleast you get to spend some quality time with your boyfriend now alright?
*Author's note - Hello my lovely reader, I hope you enjoyed today's fic and the continuation of my past headcanons. I'll be surely to do more of these but in the meantime, I would like to apologize for sudden absence and the lack of posting. I was in a tight schedule nowadays since then, I didn't have that much of time to post anything at all. But since I already did, I would be accepting some request from you guys of any ideas that you have in mind for my next fic writing. I would really appreciate if you guys do, it makes me really happy and it's fun to write your ideas that you guys requested. Thank you for reading, and I hope you all have a nice day and stay safe now my lovely reader.
*Tag list - @thatfunnysprout
*Tags -
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kisilinramblings · 2 months ago
Have the staff made any comments about Gabriel's abuse in the show?
I dunno about Sébastien, Mélanie, Fred and Mathieu as I don't follow them on social medias, but I don't recall Thomas or Winny answering much questions about Gabriel's psych and how he treats Adrien... I even wonder if they do actually get some to begin with. But it appears to be low compared to questions about the LS, Chloé or any lore related question or clarification about the episodes.
But I do remember one moment with the writers during a QA panel at the Japan Expo answering one when someone asked them about Chat Blanc.
(Japan Expo 2020 - 9:53)
Quick translation :
Juleka Cosplayer : Hi! I would like to know why, in the Chat Blanc episode, HM is so violent with Adrien even though he knows he is his son and he wants to take care of him? Well, I didn't quite understand that violence when he is hitting him?
Sébastien (writing director) : Yes, why?
Fred : Very good question.
Sébastien : Did he hit him as hard in the text than on the screen, I dunno.
Thomas : First, he doesn't physically hit Adrien, but Chat Noir who is (physically) invulnerable.
Juleka Cosplayer : But he knows who he is!
Thomas : Yes, and he knows he is invulnerable too. And the goal behind it wasn't to physically hurt him but to render him psychologically unstable so he gets akumatized. It is really more a psychological question than anything else.
Sébastien : To add to this, if he was hugging him and saying nice things to him, it would have been more complicated to akumatize him, you see? And in order to reach his goal, this bad guy does this. He is a villain. It's complicated, but what you are saying is very interesting because it is a debate. Who is Gabriel? What is his relationship with his son? It's a debate which has also happened in the writers room between the four of us (Thomas, Fred, Mélanie and him). We each have different point of views on the father and the son, on their relationship, on the whys and wherefores of this relationship as well of their individual objectives...
I am very careful how I am formulating my sentences to not say anything I shouldn't be saying -- It's very complicated for us to talk about something we have written 2 and a half years ago. Especially that we have written one and half season than what has been broadcasted. And also because animation -- for those who don't know or are baffled by what I am saying -- is a very long thing to produce. For those who are watching the show, it's made in 3D, there is a certain amount of quality and this quality, these requirements we put into the show makes it long to produce. But for the enjoyement of you all, big and small, when you are watching it.
Fred : I'm bouncing a little bit on the subject before we pass to the next question. I find it very interesting during all the conversations so far to see there is a constant with people watching Miraculous. The people who are here with us always look for the good inside each character. Even the bad guys. Even Chloé -- we got an example earlier -- and I find it awesome that you are reflecting that back at us about the show that there is always good inside people, that we must always look for some good inside someone. So thank you for reflecting that back at us.
Sébastien : Kudos to you! It's true that in this negative society which surrounds us, it's beautiful to have a positive show and to have you... That's what I was talking about, the positive you are sending us is very nice.
Please keep in mind I was translating quickly what they were saying, so if a word doesn't make too much sense I apologize (Seb is very tricky to follow sometimes because he can restart his idea as he talks). But that should give you some understanding of how they see things. I find it good all five of them have their point of view in the matter and they did have these discussions about all those points Sébastien has enumerated
Also I have re-listened the whole QA and they do pay attention to what they tell. They have given the example of Chloé's bullying. They make sure kids understand what Chloé says or does when she is mean is not something they should emulate against anyone. That they recognize it is bullying and that it is bad.
And during the last question about what is the story they want to tell with Miraculous (starting at 40:32), Sébastien mentionned that the message has never ever been this clear to each of them ever since they have started to write S4. They had a good general idea during S2 when the writers room got created and they come work together, but it got refined two seasons later and now it is crystal clear for them, making Seasons 4 and 5 episodes very clear about what they want to tell us about.
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joshslater · 2 months ago
Bleecker House
Partial rewrite of an unnamed story by jovialpersonheroflap. Similar stories and bonus material on my Patreon.
“But surely there must be some mistake, I didn’t even choose this dorm as one of my three preferences!” I felt a pit in my stomach. Ever since I got the acceptance letter I've read everything I could online, web pages, blogs, social media, to get to know the University as best I could three states away. You could sense the eye-rolls through the screen every time someone mentioned a student from the Bleecker House, or Bleacher House as it was commonly known. The jock dorm.
“Yes,” replied the admin, “but if you read the terms and conditions, it does say that you may be assigned to a random dorm in the unlikely event that none of your preferences are available. We make sure that as many of our students who ask for specific dorms get them, but this is just one of those years when the math didn't add up. I'm sorry.”
"Isn’t there some other room? In another dorm?" I knew my judgment was clouded with unfounded bias. I'm sure they were all great guys, they passed the entry requirements after all, but it's just that I spent so many years in active opposition to jocks. In my eyes they were dimwitted bullies who ruined my day more than once over the years. More pragmatically I'd have nothing in common with them as a lanky English major with barely passing theoretical knowledge of any sport.
The admin kept clicking around on the computer, presumably rerunning the same queries a second time. “No, I’m afraid we seem to be full. If you wait a few weeks someone may have dropped out but you’d have to find alternate accommodation until then.”
I sighed. With everything I had to buy there was no way I could afford staying somewhere else, if there even was anything available.
“I can’t do that, I guess I’ll just have to bear it.” The admin smiled and handed me a room key and a map.
“I’m sure you'll find you have more in common than you think. You're all students after all.”
“Sure. I guess,” I muttered under my breath.
I rolled my suitcase through campus and through the dorm following the map, and easily found my room, a double on the second floor. Glued on the door were two small football jerseys in paper, one with my name on it and one saying "Dean". I took a deep breath. Maybe she was right. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad after all. Just because this was known as the jock dorm didn't mean everyone there was a jock. I wasn't, so it stood to reason that there would be more students assigned there against their wishes, or just having no idea to begin with.
There wasn’t. Dean was laying in his bed, wearing only baller shorts, scrolling on his phone when I entered. His hair was wet like he had just taken a shower. His face lit up as he saw me and jumped out of bed. "Hey bro. Dean!" he said with a smile while reaching out with a hand. His body and the way he moved didn't go together in my mind. Dean was huge, built to a whole different scale than I. Not only tall with a big set of feet to keep him balanced, but wide and thick from years of workout. But I had never before seen anyone so large move so quickly. He was on the football team, he explained for the first time of a million, and promptly asked who I supported. I blanked and said "Lakers" before realizing they play basket. He smiled a wry smile and said "Shrewd move, bro. But honestly I don't care if you don't cheer the Cheifs. That doesn't make us enemies. It just makes you wrong. Come! I'll show you around."
Leaving the room barefoot, wearing nothing but his shorts, he led the way to present everyone and everything. Everyone there was some kind of jock, even the girls. Everyone was dressed in sports jerseys or workout gear, to what degree they wore anything at all. Even most of the girls were lounging around in sports bra and hot pants, revealing their toned tummies or outright six packs in between. Literally everyone in the building could beat me up without effort.
Everyone was nice enough though, despite having nothing in common. At first I thought Dean was trying to educate me on football with his endless lectures about what happened at practice that day or what one of the other guys on the team had said. He was even trying hard to get me to come to practice with him. I could admire the sports things from afar, but it wasn’t something I wanted to get into. After having tried to change the topic from sports I found that it wasn't so much educating me as him not really being able to talk about anything else. Sure, he watched pop culture movies and listened to music like everyone else, but had no deeper insight into art than "fight scenes good" and "loud music relaxing".
I did get used to it. While everyone still acted nice, it was obvious that I was getting more and more ignored. The jocks preferred to talk to other jocks about jock things. I wasn’t really versed in sports lingo. Classic literature was more my speed, but I tried to tackle it as a new subset of literature. I learned more in a month than ever before in my life just by listening. The ones I did talk to repeatedly didn’t seem to have much of any other interests outside of their sport. In fact, some of them were so stupid I wondered how they hadn’t flunked out of college already. The school was probably keeping them on so they could play sports I reckoned. It drives recruitment and revenues so many colleges are willing to bend the rules so long as you could give them that in return.
A month and four days into the semester my cell phone rang in the middle of the night. Afraid I had woken Dean I quickly grabbed the phone from its charing place only to see his name as the caller. 2:46 in the morning said the clock. In the dim light from the phone screen I glanced over at his empty, messy bed to verify he wasn't there before answering. I asked him what was up in a raspy voice and he asked me to come and help him move something at the sports center, as if it was afternoon or something. I told him it was too late, or possibly too early, and hang up on him. The sports center is just outside the dorm, because of course it would be, but I was way too tired to be bothered.
Dean called again, and this time he sounded more panicked. Not quite as drowsy this time I realized he might have gotten in trouble, and needed his roommate to help him out. We might not have anything in common, but at least we were friendly and if he was in trouble this was definitely what dorm mates were for. Besides, it’d be best not to lose the only friend I had in this dorm.
I got to the sports center and met him at the door. He thanked me for coming and led me into the building. We walked in silence.
“So…how are you liking the dorms so far?” he asked, trying to make conversation. The topic felt both random and out of place, and all urgency from the last call had vanished.
"They’re okay, I guess."
"Met anyone interesting?"
"No, not yet. Everyone seems to be really into their sports. It's not really my thing."
"Yeah," he laughed, "we do have a reputation to uphold. I still think it’s weird that you don’t play any sports. I mean, I’d get restless sitting around all day. You need to blow off some steam man, it’s good for the brain."
"Thanks, I’ll keep it in mind."
We came to a door which he opened. It was pitch black and I couldn’t see inside.
"So what did you call me to move, exactly?"
He smiled at me. "You," he said and pushed me inside, probably with more force than he intended. I tumbled down the stairs just inside the door. Fortunately there were only a few steps down to a platform where the stairs took a turn.
"What the fuck man!"
His silhouette chuckled. "Sorry bro. You alright?"
"Couldn’t you just have asked me to walk down the stairs?"
"Better start walking, or we'll be late," he answered, ignoring my annoyance.
I got up and rubbed my side that I’d hit on the fall. Nothing major. At worst maybe a bruise or something. I glared back at Dean's outline and continued down the stairs.
"Late for what?"
"You'll see"
When we reached the bottom it was nearly pitch black, with the only faint light from the door at the top of the stairs.
"I won't see anything with the lights off."
There was no response but I heard Dean shuffling around. I slipped my hands in my pockets and swore. How had I managed to forget my phone? I could have used it as a torch or something. As if on cue, the door at top of the stairs slammed shut with a loud bang.
“Dean! What the fuck!”
I stumbled around in the dark, stretching out my arms in front of me to make sure I didn’t hit anything. I heard a click and a light turned on behind me. I turned around finally got my first look at the room. It was much bigger than I’d thought it was, in fact, the light only illuminated part of it. In the light there was a single chair and a hooded figure standing by it. I was genuinely scared for a moment before I realized what was going on. This must be some sort of initiation, and since it was Dean who brought me, I guessed it was to initiate me into the dorm. At least that would explain why almost no one was talking to me. I walked towards the chair and stopped about six feet away from the hooded figure.
“Very funny Dean, can I go now?”
He said nothing but gestured towards the chair. I sighed and sat. Sportspeople take their initiations way too seriously, and at least this would be a good story to tell.
Out of the shadows emerged five figures, similarly clad to the one who stood next to me. They each carried a red solo cup in their left hand, and either wore or carried items affiliated to different sports in their right hand.  One wore a baseball helmet on his head and a baseball bat in his right hand, another football pads, another held a basket ball, another a lacrosse stick, and the last wore hockey pads and held a hockey stick in his right hand. They all stopped at the same time, well rehearsed, and gave it all an eerie look. I couldn’t see their eyes but they were all faced towards me nonetheless. I looked to the figure next the chair and he gestured towards the other five.
"What do you want me to do?"
He didn’t reply but repeated his gesture. I got up and walked towards the five. Even close up I couldn't see who was wearing the outfits in the dim light. They probably wore neck gaiters or balaclavas or something. I looked in each of their cups.
The first, the baseball one, held an orange drink. It looked and smelled like orange juice except for the black lumps floating in the cup. They didn’t smell of anything, but I couldn’t tell what they were.
The second, the football one, held a yellow drink. It smelled like piss but didn’t look like it. It was murky, with some sediment mixed into it. I also smelt lavender, which felt out of place.
The third, the basketball one, held a green drink. It was transparent but smelled of mint. Actually, the mint smell was so present it smelled like toothpaste. Strong toothpaste.
The fourth, the lacrosse one, held a blue drink. It was carbonated and clear, but it smelled sickly sweet, like they’d added way too much sugar.
The fifth and last, the hockey one, held a white drink. It was white like cream, and smelled overwhelmingly of mayonnaise.
I looked back at the figure next to the chair and he repeated his gesture a third time. I walked back to the one with the lacrosse stick as from what I could tell, his drink looked and smelled the least weird. I wasn’t looking forward to this, not knowing what they’d put in it, but I guessed they wouldn’t let me leave until I drank something. I just hoped that they’d only made me drink one, not all six. I took the blue drink out of his hands and drank. It was both sweet and sour and went down petty easily but burned every so often. I couldn’t finish it in one go, I had to pause a few times to let the burning subside. I finished the drink and looked back at the figure by my chair. It didn’t move. I on the other hand started to sway like I had instantly become smashed. I started to feel my eyelids getting heavy. Why was I suddenly so tired again? It must have been something they put in that drink. My legs gave out and I fell to my knees before lying down on the ground. I tried to hold my head up but I was fighting a losing battle. Eventually I gave in and slumped on the floor, letting the sleep wash over me. I could feel hands grabbing me, carrying me away.
I woke up in pain. My whole body felt uncomfortable. I recalled the kidnapping by Dean at the sports center, the ceremony with the hooded figures and their boozy, drugged up drinks, but then nothing. Nothing clearly anyway. I had this lingering weird dream of being a jersey or something in a laundry basket, carried to the washing room. Then I sat down on the washing machine, but it was an armchair. Then I sank down deep into the armchair. Then the washing machine started and I could smell the sweaty laundry again. You can't smell in dreams though, can you?
I was trying to locate where the pain was coming from, but no matter what muscle I twitched there was a bit of ache. I really hoped I hadn't done anything stupid while drugged. Something they filmed and would use to extort me, or just publish online to humiliate without the trouble of threatening me with it. I looked over to Dean's bed. He was sound asleep face down into a pillow, his body only partially covered by a sheet.
I got up from the bed, back screaming in agony of being bent straight. trying to ignore the pain that was everywhere. Had they pummeled me or something? No, this was more pain of exhaustion, like the time Ryan took me wall climbing, only much worse. I raise my hand to scratch my face and paused. My nose felt different than usual. Had I broken it? No, my face and head were the few body parts that didn't hurt. Mindful to not wake up Dean by turning on the light I went to look in the bathroom mirror. I was shocked.
In front of me in the mirror was an entirely new person. I was taller to start with, so everything looked slightly different from this angle. My body wasn’t as skinny as it used to be. I would even call it athletic with lean, defined muscles all over, hints of veins popping out on arms and legs, and most distractingly of all a well-defined six-pack. Obviously my clothes had been removed at some point, because I always sleep in a T-shirt. But what shocked me most was my face. It had changed so much I was almost unrecognizable. I say almost, because the more I stared at my face, the more I found pieces of my old face. My ears were the same, just a little bigger. My eyes were a bit narrowed and my eyebrows bushier. My nose had changed quite a bit. Somehow I looked flippant, obnoxious even. Like someone who would make everything into a dare or a competition.
I hated it. The more I examined the body the more things I found that were altered. The skin was way more tanned than yesterday, and almost all hair was gone. The old scar from the camping trip was gone too. What happened last night? Dean, I thought. Dean would know. He was there.
I walked out of the bathroom and turned on the light.
“Wake up!”
Immediately he jerked awake. “What time is it?” he said, shielding his eyes from the light.
“You’ve got some explaining to do!”
He ignored me and checked his phone, “Five to seven. Fuck it, I might as well.” He trailed, then hauled himself out of bed and towards the bathroom. He passed me without even a glance. Over the past month I’ve learned that Dean is not a functioning human until he’s had his morning shower. Soon after I heard the noise from the shower Dean’s phone dinged. I quickly moved over to his bed and read the message on his lock screen.
"How’s he doing? He’ll be in pain, take it EZ on him. Don’t forget to bring him to the nets."
Then I noticed the date. It said Saturday. Dean had called me on Thursday, well early Friday. I had been blacked out for almost thirty hours. I put down his phone, sat back down on my bed, and stared at my feet. They didn't look like my feet. They looked... powerful. Larger for sure, but there were more to them. "Fuck!" I exhaled. I noticed my rippling six-pack still looked athletic even sitting down. No folds of tummy fat. Even Dean had that.
I jerked, surprised by Dean opening the door from the bathroom, and stepped out into the room naked. Without saying anything he started to clothe himself with his workout gear. It's was Saturday, apparently, and everyone in the dorm had training to get to.
“Are you not gonna say anything? Tell me what happened?” I demanded.
He stopped what he was doing, paused for a second, and then turned to me, half-dressed. “How much do you remember?”
“Not much. Everything after we went into the basement is gone.”
“Okay. It was your indoctrination…”
“Don’t you mean initiation?”
He looked sincerely at me. “No. I don’t.”
He looked away and continued. “It was your indoctrination. We made you choose a sport. You chose lacrosse. Then we gave you something to…alter you. To make you a better lacrosse player. A better jock.”
I looked down at my feet again. My lacrosse feet, purpose-built to play lacrosse. It all felt surreal. “You can’t be serious.”
“I am. It’s what happens to people in this dorm who don’t fit in. We make them fit. Guess why all the options were team sports. I'm a bit hurt you didn't pick football for the record.”
“This has to be illegal! If I tell the college board…”
“They won’t believe you," Dean cut in. "And even if you ask to do a blood test nothing will come up except for alcohol. They will kick you out for that. They know we’re doing this but they don’t mind. You know as well as I they are willing to bend the rules for sports.”
“But I don’t want to play lacrosse! Or any sport for that matter!”
He laughed. “Oh, you will. You will.” He looked at his phone. “It seems Zac and Mort want you down at the nets after training. Since it’s lacrosse that should be around 11:30. You’ve got a few hours as it’s only…7:15 now. I’d use it to do some work if I were you. You won’t be doing any for the rest of the weekend.”
“Oh,” he continued, “and your body might hurt now but it’ll get better once you start moving. I've heard burpees are good.”
His words brought my attention back to the pain. It was still bearable, but definitely there and a bit annoying. He slung his bag over his shoulder and started to leave.
“Dean! What the fuck!”
He stopped and turned towards me again. Really looking at me this time. "Look, if it was up to me we would have just found a different dorm and transferred you there, but no one came asking me. I know this must suck for you. You're rewired and rebuilt to excel in one thing and one thing only, and it's not even something you wanted to be good at. I get that. You've lost pretty much everything you thought made you you. Your clothes don't even fit anymore, and how you are going to explain who you are to your parents I can't even begin to imagine. I have no idea how the process works, I left before you even selected your sport, but I'm pretty sure it is irreversible. I can tell you this though. While no one I know would dare go through what you just did, almost everyone will be envious of what you have become. For the next few weeks, this first one in particular, your body memory will soak up movements like a sponge. Make good use of that." He turned to leave. "Just be down at the nets by 11:30."
"Hey, Dean."
"I have nothing to wear."
"Just take a pair of my shorts." He made a final pause before leaving. "Welcome to the dorm, for real."
Tumblr media
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boringblackyellow · 2 months ago
Tiktoker mc who just posts bullshit videos that get too many likes?
I chose Asmodeus and Leviathan for this so I hope you don't mind!
Tumblr media
Asmodeus and Leviathan with Tiktoker MC
(Alternate title: MC being a sussy little baka)
Tumblr media
We all know Asmodeus has many social media accounts and Tiktok is one of them, he has a verified check and everything
All he has to do is stand there and look pretty! (which is what he does all day)
His Tiktok is SO different compared to yours
While he dances, shows off his outfit for the day, does a mini vlog, maybe a thirst trap or two
You would just have random videos that have millions of likes
And with those pov: you're a girl in discord and I'm your incel daddy 😈
Or you just trying to guess some random quiz and failing miserably and the video cutting at the perfect time
Asmodeus gets a laugh out of your content more than he likes to admit it
Considers you as his friendly rival, the both of you compete over who gets more likes and comments
Asmodeus forces you to join his TikTok dances and you give the most minimal effort
Your followers eat it up though
Tumblr media
You use Tiktok?? Y U C K
What a normie!!
(As if he didn't fully know about the Furry vs Gamer War back in 2018, and downloaded the app at that time to laugh at it)
Fully expects your content to be those basic dances and looking at the screen with a picture or a video over your head, or those LED rooms having some overrated sayings over and over again
But upon finding out that it's the good, actually relatable, and funny bullshit videos, Leviathan is hooked
Likes and comments your videos, might save the ones he likes the most
He gave permission for you to record him so he was often in your TikTok
Another video of yours blew up with you saying in the text-to-speech that he was the Mordecai to your Twilight
Leviathan nearly died from laughing, especially when reading the comments
There is a moment that he gets insecure, because why does your content get so popular after such a short time? Granted he doesn't post much on his account but still-
You reassure him that the both of you shouldn't care about numbers, you only make it because it's fun and makes other people laugh anyway, you wouldn't do it if it's only for numbers
Leviathan actually grows popular due to his own content and being in yours all the time
You're shipped by your followers and they will never stop at teasing and jokingly blocking you because the both of you are cute together-
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kingkotora · 2 months ago
okay do you all remember my previous rant about eva 3.0 + 1.0? now that ive seen the actual movie, I think its time for a new one.
I really liked it, and have come to the conclusion that its one of the best rebuilds in my opinion.
its crazy how we all thought the movie would be awful from the fake leaks and the google translated script. that shit caused me inner turmoil for days!!
in true eva fashion I did not understand everything that was going on, but I did understand more than usual. I loved the mari and asuka fighting scenes, and rei in the village was too cute.
I want to talk about two scenes that everyone is missing the point of. mainly because im a kawoshin fan and im tired of the chronic complaning and whining I see in the tags on every social media.
I think its very clear that kaworu loves shinji. we all know about the line at the end of episode 24 in the original series.
kaworu saves shinji and provides him solace and comfort in both the original series and 3.0. here in thrice upon a time, we see shinji help save kaworu for the very first time. remember the loop theory? well, its not just a  theory anymore.
Tumblr media
they are speaking as if they've known one another forever. and they have, as shinji's remembering the loops too. shinji likely already understands by this point that kaworu loves him. there's no need for a confession when both already know. they are finally equals here, so it feels comfortable for them both.
Tumblr media
kaworu does say that he was attracted to him because they were similar. similar in that both kaworu and shinji were lonely.
Tumblr media
when shinji states that kaworu's like his father, he doesn't mean that literally. he's not dadzoning him. he means that he's similar in his passion for those he loves, much like how gendo loved yui. the movie draws direct parallels to these pairs. gendo even plays the piano like kaworu!
kaji tells him that he's mistaken his own happiness for shinji's. its true. kaworu is implied to be as lonely as shinji, but he is always there for shinji at his lowest point. but what about kaworu? he may have the piano, but have you ever considered that he might have wanted to do something else? he sacrificed that choice to always make shinji happy.
this doesn't invalidate his feelings for shinji, either. he may have wanted to make shinji happy out of love for him, but doing so while being stuck in a endless cycle of heartbreak is not the healthy way to do it. kaworu is merely finding more things to do with his life than just focusing on shinji's wellbeing. this doesn't mean that he doesn't hold feelings for him, rather, now they can develop those feelings without that toxic co-dependency in the new world, should they meet again.
Tumblr media
shinji wants them to meet again. he reaches out his hand to kaworu (as far as I remember, I don't think he did this with rei or asuka?) and wants them to stay close (literal direct translation). and kaworu takes it, of course.
Tumblr media
I'm almost inclined to say this scene is a utena reference, paticularily the scene from the last episode of utena, where she frees anthy (much like how shinji frees kaworu here). the creator of utena is ikuhara, who has been stated by anno to be the real life inspiration for kaworu. cool if intentional, I guess!
Tumblr media
kaworu clearly states that he'll miss how he was before. gee, I wonder why?
their names are written side by side in the book of life. it is unclear if this book of life is still around by the ending, but since shinji only erased the evas from the existing world, I would be inclined to say it is. you can be sure that these two will meet face to face again.
I have seen so much heat about this ending. people are tearing each other to shreds over it. I want to clarify it better.
this new world that shinji creates is not an entirely new world. it is the old world, without evas. he tells us that he isn't going to rewrite history, meaning that he did not erase his friend's memories. I mean, he tells asuka to say hi to kensuke for him. she couldn't do that if she didn't know him! the curse of the eva is removed, so everyone wakes up in their new bodies.
Tumblr media
I believe the change in art style while shinji's sitting on the beach conveys time passing while he waits for mari to come get him. at the end, he has just woken up in his 28 year old body. during this time he had waited, everyone else had gotten used to their new lives.
across the train tracks, you can make out asuka on the side, and kaworu and rei standing and talking to one another. ive always been of the opinion that they'd be both be friends, and im sure they would be in a world without evas. in the time shinji was gone, it is likely that they've become close. I wouldn't say that they're dating; after all, they're just standing next to each other. I perhaps would have made that argument had they been holding hands or hugging or something, but they seem to just be having a conversation.
what about mari, you might ask? doesn't she and shinji end up together? not... really? you could perhaps make the argument with it, but I don't think there's enough threads there, personally. mari likes to sniff and mess with asuka and shinji, that's just how she is.
I think mari and shinji interact about 3 times tops in the four films. in thrice upon a time, we see that shinji calls her "miss mari" politely and isn't exactly close with her. they don't even get paticularily close over the movie. to see the ending as such is almost pointless.
anno has called mari the "eva-killer" in interviews, in that she's the one who doesn't follow the script of eva. mari is there to show that shinji has grown enough to make friends with those he never would have been able to had he not gotten stronger. the ending is metaphorical, showing that shinji is abandoning the evas by forming a connection with the one character that doesn't follow the script.
Tumblr media
and to back this up, look at mari's expression when shinji calls her "cute", getting her back for all the flirting she did before. she's stunned. not exactly the behavior of a pre-established couple, eh?
Tumblr media
mari was friends with yui, it makes sense that she would want to help out and guide her son. she probably feels inclined to watch over him.
but kingkotora, shinji is anno's self insert and mari is his wife's! no. there's zero basis to that theory. in an interview, anno has stated that people need to get to know his wife moyoco before making the assumption that mari represents her.
in conclusion, the ending is a happy one for our favorite fucked up pilots. and I couldn't be happier.
Tumblr media
also this totally means misato's alive lmao
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delusionalwriterr · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader x Bucky Barnes
Summary: Being in a polyamorous relationship is a challenge, but what more if you were kept hidden from the public?
Word Count: 2.0k
Warnings: TW: ANXIETY ATTACKS, cursing, hateful comments
Requests: Hii could I request a Stucky x reader (poly!Stucky if you're comfortable) where the reader comes home one day and is talking to her friend on the phone and asks her if she thinks she's a slut/ gold digger/ whore because all her colleagues and social media believe she is for dating 2 men at once. The bestfriend comforts her, but reader is still uncertain. Unknown to her Steve and bucky are in the bedroom and here the whole conversation and feel a little hurt that she is going through this and wonder if she regrets it (obvio no). afterwards they comfort her, just a little tooth rotting sweetness.
Hmm so I'm a sucker for angst which is followed by fluff so maybe if you had time you could give this a shot. So basically reader is dating Stucky, and the world only really knows about the boys but doesn't know about her involvement in the relationship. She's kind of tired of being on the side and seeing Stucky being all touchy feely in public, so they decide to come out. But they get a lot of backlash and reader doesn't handle it well and has slight anxiety attack. So the boys calm her down and yeah you can take it however you want to
A/N: Definitely not one of my best works, but I do plan to experiment with poly fics more in the future. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy this ❤️
Masterlist | 400 Followers Event!
Tumblr media
You took a sip from your drink as you stared at the couple from afar. They were chatting amongst other members of the team, seemingly laughing at something Sam said, but you were too busy looking at how Bucky’s hand was gently placed on Steve’s lower back or how Steve occasionally lets his eyes linger on Bucky’s figure for too long.
You were too busy glaring at the couple to notice that you had a scowl on your face and only snapped out of it when someone beside you piped up, “If you stare at them any longer, they might melt.”
The voice soon turned out to be Nat, who was leaning against the bar as she studied you. Taking another sip of your drink, you mumbled, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
Oh, but you did. You knew exactly what Nat was talking about and you hated it. You watched as Bucky whispered something into Steve’s ear before placing a quick kiss on his cheek. He soon detached his hand from Steve’s back and headed towards where you were situated, causing you to quickly turn away.
You send a glare over to Nat as you heard her snicker upon seeing you try to hide the fact that you were throwing daggers at the two men.
“Evening, ladies,” Bucky greeted as he reached the bar, earning a nod from Nat and nothing from you. He lifted two fingers up towards the bartender before leaning on the table to face you and Nat. His eyes landed on you, who was absentmindedly fiddling with your glass.
“Evening, (Y/N),” he said, offering you a kind smile. Without even a bat of an eyelash or a glance, you merely nodded your head in acknowledgement. Bucky huffed and opened his mouth to say something, but was interrupted by the bartender handing him two bottles of beers.
Bucky quickly thanked him and turned to you, prepared to say something, but ultimately decided against it and walked back to where Steve was now talking with Tony and Maria Hill.
“You good, kid?” Natasha piped up from beside you. You waved your hand dismissively, “ Why wouldn’t I be? It’s not like I’m supposed to act like I’m not helplessly in love with my two boyfriends while I’m watching them together in public, right?”
Nat gave you an empathetic look as you kept your gaze on the two men across the room. She knows what you’re going through, frankly because she was the one you first told when you, Steve, and Bucky made the decision.
The three of you entered a relationship together and while the team was extremely supportive, you weren’t sure what the public’s reaction would be upon finding out that Captain America is not only in a relationship with his best friend, but in a polyamorous relationship with their collegue as well. So, you decided that it would be best if you were kept a secret while Steve and Bucky make it public.
At first, it was alright with you. The constant fear of being judged was looming behind your back so you were fine with being kept a secret, but as time went on you began to feel a little left out, especially if you were in public. The two men who were extremely sweet to you in private become dismissive and cold in public.
And you hated every second of it.
You hated how you got pushed to the sidelines and forced to watch Steve and Bucky have their hands all over each other in public while you do nothing about it. Of course, they reassure you by showering you with love and affection behind closed doors, but sometimes you still feel less significant in the relationship.
Which brings up to where you are right now: in your bedroom that you share with Bucky and Steve, getting ready for bed.
Bucky just got out of the shower while you and Steve were already laying in bed, Steve was reading a book while your focus is fixed on your phone.
“What time is Tony’s charity thing tomorrow?” Bucky asked, changing into a pair of boxers. He then proceeded to climb into bed, situating you in the middle of them as he peppered you with kisses. You ignored him and kept scrolling through your Instagram.
“Seven, and it’s Pepper’s not Tony’s,” Steve replied, sparing Bucky a glance as he continued to smother you with kisses.
Upon realizing that you had no plans of paying attention to him, he pulled away to look at you. “Okay, what’s wrong? You’ve been like this since the party and I’m getting worried,” Bucky mumbled, a small pout evident on his face. Your lack of response caused Steve to stop reading his book and turn over to you as well.
“Everything alright, doll?” he asked, throwing a worried look towards Bucky.
You sighed. Here goes nothing.
You placed your phone down and sat up, “I’m tired.”
The two men blinked as they stared at your blank expression. “Okay, then let’s go to be—“
“She obviously doesn’t mean that, baby,” Steve interjected with an exasperated sigh. Bucky muttered a quick apology before turning back to you, silently urging you to continue.
“I don’t want to be your secret anymore, do you know how hard it is to act like nothing’s going on between me and you when we’re in public? I’m tired of having to make sure no one else sees whenever I kiss you. I just want to show you guys how much I love you without the fear of anyone seeing, is that so much to ask for?”
Steve and Bucky exchanged looks you couldn’t quite read. You felt your heart beating out of your chest as you didn’t know what their reaction would be, but the feeling of dread went away when Steve grabbed your hand and gently rubbed the back of it with his thumb.
“No,” he started, “it isn’t too much to ask.”
Bucky continued by rubbing your forearm lightly, an attempt to calm you down. “You’re right, sweetheart, you’ve waited long enough. We’re sorry.”
You smiled as you saw Bucky lean over to place a soft kiss on your temple, letting his lips linger for a bit before pulling away. “So how do we wanna do this?” Steve asked.
Tumblr media
You woke up to an empty bed and to your phone ringing from beside you. You looked over both sides of the bed to find them cold, figuring Steve and Bucky already went on their morning run as you reached over your phone.
The charity event went great, there was a lot of press there so the three of you took this as an opportunity to finally come out in the open about your involvement in the relationship. This was done through the exchange of multiple kisses throughout the night as the three of you discussed. You didn’t want to release an official statement about your relationship, frankly because you think it was unnecessary to do so. So the three of you landed on showing instead of telling.
At the end of the night, you walked out of the venue in the arms of your two boyfriends while the photographers went crazy.
“Hello?” you mumbled as you answered the call with your college friend on the other end.
“Did you just wake up?” she asked, voice frantic. All the sleepiness went away upon hearing the panic in her voice as you slowly sat up. “Yeah, why? Did something happen?”
“Check Twitter. Your face is all over it,” she explained, immediately causing you to pull your phone away from your face and open the app. Instantly, you were bombarded with notifications of mentions of your name in several articles and comments. You clicked on one article and read a few of the replies.
TWO IS BETTER THAN ONE: Avenger (Y/N) (Y/L/N) caught leaving charity event with Stucky couple.
“seriously? she’s obviously just trying to leech off of their salary as if she doesn’t already earn enough.”
“getting that double super soldier d 💀💀”
“not her thinking we believe that she’s actually in love with them 😩”
“my respect for her 📉📉📉”
You clicked on several articles only to see that almost every comment was similar to the first article’s. You didn’t even notice that you were scrolling for so long until your friend’s voice filled your ears once again. “(Y/N)? Sweetie, are you there?”
Her face turned into muffled sounds, as you stared blankly at your phone. You felt your fingertips go numb, but it soon started to spread throughout your whole body.
“Hey, don’t listen to them, they’re opinions mean shit anyway. Close the app and listen to my voice,” your friend said, but you were too focused on trying to maintain your breathing.
“Talk to me, (Y/N),” your friend demanded, her voice now loud enough to snap you out of your daze. You blinked, still staring at your phone before pulling it up to your ear again. “I’m here.”
“Don’t listen to them, alright? I know you love them with all your heart and you don’t deserve all the shit you’re getting. Honestly, I’m sorry I made you look, I didn’t know it was that bad until I read the tweets myself.”
You nodded silently, not caring if she couldn’t see you. It was mainly because you didn’t trust your voice right now.
Each breath felt sharp and pointed, piercing through your lungs, but getting stuck in your throat. The sound of the clock by your night stand echoed in the corners of your head as you felt your body begin to drench with sweat.
Unbeknownst to you, Steve and Bucky were right by the door to your bedroom, watching the events go down. It wasn’t until your body started shaking and your breath became uncontrollable until they stepped in.
Bucky came to kneel in front of you, careful not to place his hands on you without your permission while Steve gently snatched the phone away from your hand to tell your friend they have it from here.
You tried swallowing, an attempt to quench the unbelievable dryness of your throat as you felt tears begin to fall. “Doll, I’m gonna grab your hand now. Is that okay?” Bucky asked, a soothing tone evident in his voice. You managed to give him a small nod, instantly making him grab your hand as you squeezed it tight.
You felt the bed dip beside you. “We’re gonna start breathing now, sweetheart, deep breaths,” Steve whispered as he and Bucky began breathing synchronously, waiting for you to follow.
You began taking shaky breaths in and out, the air in your lungs still feeling like white, hot coal. The feeling of impending doom still plaguing your mind.
“You’re right here, baby, right here,” Bucky continued, gently squeezing your hand as you slowly began to calm down.
Both of them waited until you fully calmed down before speaking again. Steve was first, “I know it’s hard not to pay attention to what they’re saying, but they don’t matter. We’re free now.”
“Yeah, but at what cost?” you sniffled, turning to him with puffy eyes. “They’re saying I’m just after your money and I don’t love you. If I knew it was gonna be like this, I should’ve never brought it up in the first place.”
Steve placed a kiss on your cheek as he wiped the tears that were still falling down your face before Bucky piped up, “Fuck them. They’re not the ones in the relationship, we are. Steve and I know that what they’re saying is anything but true, doll. We love you more than anything and we’ll get through this together, okay?”
You tried to keep the tears at bay as you stared at the two men in front of you. One was still on his knees, mercilessly rubbing soothing circles on the back of your palm while the other was sitting beside you, lightly squeezing your thigh in order to calm you down.
You sighed, breath finally even and tears finally at bay. Breathlessly, you uttered, “I love you.”
Steve and Bucky smiled before enveloping you in a warm embrace, “We love you, too.”
You didn’t know what the future held for your relationship, but one thing’s for sure: you’d face it together.
Tumblr media
A/N: this was my first attempt at writing anxiety attacks and poly relationships so i hopefully i didn’t do too bad. i had to do a lot of research to figure out the do’s and don’ts but please feel free to leave a comment about what i can do to improve!
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