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#but with the Ohana
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Oggi mia sorella ha compiuto 26 anni.

Niente torta con gli zii e i cugini come sa tradizione. Però basta una festicciola in famiglia, con una torta fatta i casa e le foto con le facce brutte, a farmi rendere conto di quanta fortuna ho.

Ohana means family.

E la mia family fa scassare dal ridere, cosa si può volere di più.

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  • Duo of best friends who enjoy being outcast together.
  • Bike rides are guaranteed whenever the opportunity arises, accelerating to top speed as Karmi yells in the back and Stitch drives uncontrollably. It is a miracle that they have not yet stamped themselves against something.
  • Coffee and pieces of coconut cake are a part of the rutine. Since their friendship began, he has taken to the habit of bringing an extra plastic cup of coffee or an extra wrapped cake for his friend regardless of whether it is a special occasion or just a normal day. Sometimes coffee has the words Ohana spelled out in foam.
  • Both call themselves ‘The quirky pair of buddies’.
  • Since the woman has missed a lot of what is 'a standard / youthful life’, Stitch has decided to help her in any way possible and is always willing to lend a hand. Every time the woman tries something new, such as sneaking out of her house, he takes a photo that he sends to a chat that they both share and that has a name like 'Karmi’s first steps’.
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@justmilah( lil starter call )


After nearly three years, Reg thought he’d adjusted pretty well to the new time period in which he’d found himself. He said far less strange things, and therefore got far less funny looks. But every once in a while, he came across something that utterly baffled him. Something so foreign to him that, try as he might, he couldn’t make heads nor tails of it.

And today was one such day. He’d been sent to make some minor repairs in one of the power systems, and opening the panel in front of him revealed… the strangest device he’d ever seen. Some part of the ship’s systems so antiquated in his mind that he couldn’t even fathom what it did.

After silently puzzling over it for nearly half an hour, he finally gave up and awkwardly beckoned Milah over to join him. She was the only person here he could admit this too – the only person who knew the truth about him. “Commander…” he began, scratching the back of his neck in faint embarrassment. “I… have no idea what this is. At all. I’ve never seen it before.”

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Its been a while that I’m a grade 10 student, with my beloved classmate Rua and our super caring adviser Mr. noel and Ma’am Dimas. Yet it is best year of my high school life. Full of excitement memories and being a part of this class. I am grateful to have them that we treat as one family

Yet the best year of my highschool life we’ve been together for 8months and we spend so much time together. I’m glad that im part of our journey that it becomes memories, just like when we are In Baguio, on our retreat which it becomes part of our new learning experience and give us a positive attitude and behaviors and we spend so much time together when we bond on such things we like and we are glad that it became the best memories to us.

The best year is not always the best, yet has a lot of worst and conflict problems we face. Especially in academics and conflict on our subject teachers. And a lot of stress which it goes to misunderstanding and miscommunication, also we are scolded with our bad attitude and sides, But this problem gives us lessons that it really happens in real life situation that we may apply in the future.

This experience leads us to a better place that we also make us gather and be open to eacj other. Chatting to classmate, not paying attention to our teachers  and being distracted to someone are some of problems that the teachers always saying and explaining to us that we are mature enough that we need to change and adjust for our senior high school year and in our future lives.

These things are also experience of our teacher, they are students like one of us yet they don’t want us to live freely and we must observe our actions that leads to positive mindsets.

This sincerely will be missed and the most unforgettable memories we had. I know that college life is a huge experience in life. But high school fives us more learning and failures that we need to continue adjust on our future. We need accept the fact that time is running out and we need move on. This would be memorable. Its time to let go but not to forget.

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Three people so far have asked for Boyd Crowder from Justified, so here he is. :) (Character meme here.)

  • Why I like them: Boyd vibrates with life (after Raylan comes back), speaks with forty words when four will do, is brilliant and also very stupid, loves to scheme, and hides explosives in a pack of cigarettes. Who wouldn’t love Boyd?
  • Why I don’t: Well, deciding white supremacy was the way to go for recruiting (even when he doesn’t believe it, convincing other people of it is … bad). Also, the way he discards the people he cares about or claims to care about like they’re expendable. And I very nearly didn’t forgive him for allying with Arlo and his comment in the season 3 finale.
  • Favorite episode: I love the pilot. I love a lot of season 1, but his interaction with Raylan in Blind Spot is lovely. There are better episodes for Boyd on his own, but since I’m mostly watching for Raylan with Boyd I love Kin and most of season 4, and the last two episodes of season 6. And episode names I don’t recall, season 2 where he agrees to work for Carol Johnson, and season 6 with the cigarettes.
  • Favorite season: 1, 4, or 6. 2 has great side storylines, but the main characters’ arcs are just off-putting for me, and season 3 makes me want to throw Boyd through a window, and season 5 makes me sad.
  • Favorite line: One line?! For Boyd? The one that comes to mind is the season 6 speech about the Ballad of Boyd Crowder. But ugh, there are so many.
  • Favorite outfit: Him wearing Raylan’s hat. ;)
  • OTP: Raylan/Boyd!
  • Brotp: I love Johnny Crowder, but there’s too much going on there. The easy one is Jimmy, though, who may be the only person that Boyd doesn’t dispense with intentionally? Or Colton Rhodes.
  • Head Canon: That he started university on the GI Bill after the military (assuming he didn’t get a dishonorable discharge), but got riled up about the academic superiority of the professors and got himself expelled.
  • Unpopular opinion: I don’t think Boyd would follow orders or directions long enough to rise to the top in a legitimate business or academia, and–given his numerous canonical failures–I don’t think he’s got the long-term strategic mind to run a criminal empire, either. Brilliance and success aren’t the same.
  • A wish: I got everything I wanted in the last scene, I’m good. :)
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: The series is over, so I suppose this one doesn’t apply!
  • 5 words to best describe them: brilliant, bullshit, witty, careless, cool (always be cool :) )
  • My nickname for them: I don’t nickname characters, so I don’t know! I’d be curious to hear other people’s ideas.
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