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tiredmoonslut · a day ago
Ripple effects are weird. I bought Dragon Age: Inquistion purely because I was dissatisfied with the limited number of romance options in Cyberpunk lmao
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wigglebox · 4 days ago
I want to babble about this line from this Variety article. It was added in by @celestialcastiel​  on @winchestersingerautorepair​​‘s post. This article was posted just before 1509 aired, and is Dabb giving the answers.* *I do want to say that with interviews, I struggle with what is sometimes canned answers or talking points, and which ones reveal the truth, so this is just me operating on this is Dabb straight up telling Facts TM.
**eta in my original posting of this I said it posted after 1509. It was posted 2 days before on January 14th, 2020. 
Tumblr media
This isn’t me so much going ‘network fuckery’ because I’m growing exhausted of trying to figure out the behind the scenes—however I am growing more interested in what’s been left in season 15 for us to discern.
So Dabb says there that Chuck’s ending, what he wrote in Becky’s house, will pay off completely.
Here’s the thing: Chuck wrote technically two endings to show Becky, but we ended the episode with him still writing, so we don’t actually know what he did with the ending.
I talked about his endings in this post the other week because it wouldn’t leave my head, but essentially, every note Becky gives for the first ending Chuck writes is addressed (or would have been addressed pre-COVID... looking at you Kansas concert). The second one he gives her, however, is truly horrifying to her. But she doesn’t give any specific notes, just some vague feedback that utterly delights Chuck, like, look at his face:
Tumblr media
I’m going to bring up those random “Final Draft” scripts that caused such a frenzy in the Fandom the other week, only because there are deleted words from that script to the episode we got that I’m still “wtf???”ing about (in a good way) which I also highlight in this post. I’ll just re-copy it into here:
From the “Final Draft” script for 1520:
Tumblr media
And then from 1509:
January 6, 2021, 9:09:18 PM, Chuck’s pocket watch ticks as he shows Sam another bit of a potential future. Dean and Sam in the Impala, bloodied from a fight]
DEAN: I know what you’re thinking. But we did everything we could.
SAM: No, we didn’t. We could’ve gone in there sooner.
DEAN: The place was crawling with wolves. We had to wait.
SAM: And because we waited, the victims – they all died. They bled out on the floor. Now, if Cas was still here, he could’ve healed them.
DEAN: Yeah, well, he’s not.
[Real Sam sits in the back seat witnessing this conversation, shocked and horrified]
SAM: Cas?
[Real Sam looks at the watch in his hand and the conversation continues]
DEAN: They’re winning, Sam. The monsters are winning.
The thing is, with this future Chuck had showed Sam, his sole purpose at least that we were led to believe in that episode was that Chuck wanted to break Sam’s spirit, make him think it was “hopeless” in that moment
And what else was hopeless? 
The second ending Chuck presented to Becky. She said it was awful, horrible. It’s hopeless (and on “hopeless”, Chuck made either a confused or “hadn’t thought of it like that” face) The first ending wasn’t hopeless. She wouldn’t have been okay if the first ending had them both becoming Vampires or one killing the other. Not with where she currently was headspace wise as a fan. 
In the first ending, we are not told that the boys are in Heaven. Just various plot problems. 
So which ending won?
It’s my personal belief, and I’m sure others probably share this so I don’t claim sole ownership of this, that Chuck merged the two, while also amping up the villain. In the post above where I liked to my musings on 1504 I discussed him looking pissed as fuck when Becky was saying the villain was lame and then looking peeved when she said a “a little originality wouldn’t hurt”. 
Tumblr media
Another thing I wanted to point out: I do not believe Cas was ever going to be in the finale. 
As to why, that’s a debate for folks who probably know the writer’s room and BTS better than I do because we can speculate all we want, but in 1504 Becky says, as part of her notes:
“No one even mentions Cas.”
That to me implies that he was never in Chuck’s original draft either. Why would someone have to “mention him” if he’s already there?
That’s pretty early in the season to spell out that Cas isn’t going to be in the finale, in my opinion. So early in fact that it wasn’t due to COVID-19, it wasn’t due to super last minute fucking around with the script, but that Cas was never going to be in the finale. 
Does that make me hate Andrew Dabb? Hell no. Because, for me at least, throughout the season, little red flags were planted, plot lines were introduced then suspiciously forgotten about—all of which kind of revolve around Cas. In my opinon, if there were to be a “Season 16″ continuation, it’d be very easy to pick things back up. 
They structured it in a way that once Cas was not actually there, things seemingly went horribly wrong. [mumbles about Jack is Chuck theory]. 
As for the “tension” thing, I am still rewatching the season, but I want to say that the tension was one brother killing the other—I think that was the red herring. We actually didn’t even get that in Chuck’s future he showed Sam. They were both monters in that one, Butch and Sundance.
So yes, what’s the point of this long ass post (sorry by the way)? 
Dabb was honest to God telling us that Chuck’s ending was always going to happen. I think both of the ones he gave Becky merged in a way, but mostly echoed the first one (this part of the theory is still a little muddled for me). 
I do not think Cas was ever going to be in the finale. 
And the monsters won. 
It was “hopeless”. 
But! It’s not the end. It’s Chuck’s ending. He’s the villain. He managed to escape. He brought originality to the story by making it about how he can escape his narrative. “Jack” (again, Jack is Chuck theory) at the end of 1519 said:
People don't need to pray to me or to sacrifice to me. They just need to know that I'm already a part of them and to trust in that. I won't be hands on. Chuck put himself in the story. That was his mistake. 
It’s Chuck’s ending. It’s not the real one. Dabb wrote an ending. It’s Chuck’s ending that pays off. 
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kaleidoscope-of-roses · 5 days ago
really love your fics but generally I find it a bit odd when you write "walnut/cinnamon/etc orbs" no offence it just has the opposite effect to what you may want to create by using such comparisons
Hmmm interesting! I’ll think about this when I writing and it doesn’t like “hurt” me at all or whatever. In all honesty, it kinda depends on whether or not I’ll change it
every time stuff like this happens there’s always a split opinion on whether people like it or not so then I try to find like some middle ground. I’ll def keep this in mind lovely! 💜
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0kami-27 · 8 days ago
Day 13 of being AR55
After doing my daily commissions I headed towards the adventurers guild to collect my rewards
I decided to see what the AR60 rewards were
It must be a good reward.. right?
After all, the amount of time you need to spend on the game and commitment surely the rewards are good. Right?
No, the rewards.. why?
They’re so.. bad.
Why would they do this?
Is being a higher rank even worth it anymore? I ponder
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not-poignant · 11 days ago
I’m just rereading chapter 55 of FFS again and I got caught on the part where Arden’s pulling out stuff from the chest? Is it really full of things he ordered for Ef? Because if so, that just makes me think of how he was in for the long run even in the near beginning of their relationship!
It is mostly full of stuff for Efnisien! Though some of it is more general purpose and not like specifically ‘made’ for Efnisien.
But Arden’s really good at sewing and crafting, so he made the cushion slip, and he made the blindfold himself, and both didn’t take him that long! Likewise, I’d say he already had pale pink ropes lying around somewhere, since he did help make the Pastel Shibari Dreams book in the first place, and I don’t think he dyed it specifically for Efnisien.
But I’d say he’s been thinking about it specifically since they negotiated their contract, which was quite a few weeks before! So he’s definitely had time to prepare. :)
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pinkconkonut · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
New mascot for the PinkConkonut brand that’s a furry???? Yes.
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lovinggreeniehours · 27 days ago
do you have a ref/description/faceclaim or anything for your s/i? :)!
uhhh i have an art tag #arion's art if you wanna scroll through all that cringe. it's mostly me and five down there anyway so no need to really get in too deep.
and i realize i had a ref for him but it's kinda outdated bc at the time my s/i didn't have his lil hair curl and i treasure that thing way more than i should.
so have these random sketches i made but didn't really intend to post
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
left is just,, generally what my s/i looks in his younger body (that age is pending atm bc timelines are complicated and we're all waiting for s3)
right is intended for post-canon but idrk bc there's a whole issue w five's age and if he'll get older or not but yeah we'll ignore that first-
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the-lady-captain · a month ago
Stuff Me and My Mom Have Argued About Today (ALSO ITS ONLY NINE IN THE HECKIN MORNING)
1. Depression
2. Depressive episodes
3. Medication for my sister
4. Eating food- A little background, I took my meds that reduce my appetite as a side effect, and she was like 'you have to eat food now or you won't be hungry til 5'. I didn't want to eat cause general body loathing and just not rlly hungry, so we argued about whether I had to eat breakfast or not for about 20 minutes. She threatened to take away sword practice, and she took away my phone and laptop briefly. Off to a good start today.
5. Her parenting- We were still arguing about food, and she asked what I would do if someone I loved wasn't eating (@doctorsteeb she actually name-dropped you here). I said I would scold and probably tell someone that could get them to eat, and she triumphantly said she could scold me and get me to eat. i shot back with no, her argument was invalid because scolding was ineffective coming from her. (I could've kept going and told her that it's ineffective because I couldn't give two shits about her opinion, but I didn't I left it there) She immediately got really hurt and offended, and was saying that I thought her parenting was lousy and that all my friends were better at it than she was. I'm here like uhhh well you ain't wrong but like that's not a new development you've always been a lousy parent.
(afterthought- @shadowdancer343 i'm eating, happy?)
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pestopascal · a month ago
what do you mean by destiny model if they did a da4 multiplayer?
so like. what i mean is that destiny does have a pve and a pvp play style (not going into what is favoured thats not the point). technically anthem was close to what it is... but you can like. do the main missions and uhh scouting stuff and i forget the names PATROLS thats it. like you can solo a decent chunk of the pve element yourself, essentially. i say decent because the game does kind of encourage/force pvp but i digress.. it is an mmo at the end of the day.
ANYWAY, with that sort of model of a balanced pve and pvp, i wouldve figured that would be the angle they would’ve played it, with a roadmap and gradual releases and probably season passes and so on... because ea loooooooooves money and you can stretch out a plot for several years (notice how they SPECIFICALLY called it a service game? that has a whole lot of meaning packed into it), vs if they actually did like a swtor model, where there are pretty decently long stories for 8 classes in the base game, and then expacs which narrow in on one particular story, because swtor is remarkably more solo of a mmo. me3 multiplayer was actually very successful and people still play it (i’ve checked bc ive needed EMS sometimes lmao thanks me3), because it was/still partially is a requirement to yknow. get the “best” ending. but ea havent been able to capture that i mean i really enjoyed mea’s multiplayer for what it was, but it had no bearing on... anything game wise. and i never touched dai’s multiplayer yknow?
im incredibly glad to see canned it, but i wouldve figured it wouldve played much like a destiny roadmap and release style gameplay... which works for destiny, because there is still shit loads to do in the base game. it has pros and cons, but especially i think they realised that anthem folded because the company had no experience with that sort of game to that level (swtor aside). consistently updating, needing a new ‘exotic’ kind of style mission every other week, the entire pvp element also needs to be constantly balanced and tweaked and then also the players who stream (do get favoured but also) bring in, generally, huge swathes of crowds, seasonal events, the concept of a in game store, etc etc etc etc just. yeah. bioware’s strengths have always been in their singleplayer storytelling, no matter how back and forth we can go on that technicality but. that’s what they’re known for. if da4 had played like destiny (anthem being a road test at the company doing that) it probably wouldve flopped, in all honesty. not just from the company but... the audience aren’t going to play it. so many factors work into multiplayer games as well... reliable internet connection, playing with people, money, money and more money. just from that angle too, it would’ve fallen on it’s own sword.
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nickalicious · 2 months ago
Looking for the answers in the pouring rain.
read on ao3
the boggie rain kiss nobody asked for but i wrote anyway!!!
(also the title is from the song cigarette daydreams by cage the elephant, i highly recommend checking it out it's awesome)
tw: mentions of screaming, getting kicked out, blood, and injury
Reggie met Bobby in the rain at 3am on a Sunday. 
He had needed to get out of the house, away from the screaming ringing in his ears that not even music blasting from his earphones could drown out. It wasn't his smartest idea to go out at night in the rain, he would admit, but as he wrapped up to make sure he wouldn't get a cold, grabbed his umbrella, opened the door quietly, and stepped into the night air, his mind found itself at rest. 
Making his way down the street, twirling and laughing as the rain fell around him like millions of tiny diamonds, he felt at peace. He knew that he couldn't stay out all night, and that eventually he would have to either head home, or call one of the boy's, but he let himself enjoy the moment of tranquility, dancing down the abandoned streets of LA.
That was, until he saw him. 
He was beautiful, lying in the middle of the road like a fallen angel, blood and tears painting his face as the sky itself washed it clean. His thin, black shirt was soaked through, clinging to his body like a lifeline, and his jeans were worn and ripped, like he wore them every day. He had no shoes on, which Reggie thought was peculiar, only socks (one pink and red, decorated with sewn cherries and the other rainbow coloured, worn so much that it had more holes than sock.) 
He looked to be unconscious, but his breathing was too rapid, as if he were trying to fall asleep, trying to get the night to end but couldn't; it was endless. (Reggie knew the feeling.)
Taking a step closer, Reggie managed to get a proper look at his face. His skin was pale, deathly so, with blue and purple staining his jaw and nose so vividly that he almost thought it was ink, until it didn't wash off. His lips were bitten and red like the brightest sunset but the darkest sun, resting in a thin line so as to not let rainwater enter and drown him slowly. His eyes were closed, traces of eyeliner that once rested there neatly were smudged, smoking like a fire and coating his long, swooping eyelashes. His hands were raw, embedded with brick dust and flecks of dried blood, black and red nail polish chipped by somebody else's cheekbones. 
He was beautiful; perfectly imperfect. 
Reggie stood next to him, holding his umbrella out above the boy lying down, making sure that the rain didn't reach him. It took less than a minute for him to notice. 
When his eyes opened, Reggie's breath hitched in his throat. They were a tired kind of beautiful, fading from dark green in the middle to hazel going out. Once full of life they now only lay in the darkness, searching.
By the way his pupils dilated, and his mouth tilted up in a slight smile, he had found something. Maybe it was what he was looking for, maybe it was just a helpful passerby.
"Hello." His voice was higher than Reggie had thought, but also softer, warmer. Like a comforting hot drink after a walk in the snow, or the arms of a lover hugging you to their chest. He could feel himself drowning in it, and had no desire to save himself. 
Two years later, and Reggie was still drowning. With every glance, every lingering touch that they shared during practices, he only sunk deeper, his breath being stolen from him everytime Bobby so much as smiled. It had been worse after he'd gotten to know him, gotten him to join the band, and gotten him as his best friend; but now, standing out in the rain, his broken amp left forgotten as Bobby's face flushed red from the cold, and his hair curled from the damp, it was almost unbearable.
"This reminds me of when we met," Bobby smiled- a small, shy thing that made Reggie's heart flutter- "You really saved me that night, y'know? I was- I was struggling, I'd gotten kicked out and my coping mechanisms...they weren't good. And then you were stood over me, carrying that giant red umbrella, like some kind of guardian angel," he chuckled slightly at the memory, "and eventhough we had never met, it felt like someone cared."
Reggie stepped forward, holding his hand out for Bobby to take, which he did. "When we first met, I thought you looked like a fallen angel."
Bobby snorted, but his amusement turned to confusion when he realised Reggie was being serious.
"You looked so ethereal lying there, blood and tears painting your face like in a picture, bruises inked across your face. You were perfect. Perfectly imperfect."
Sparing a glance at Bobby, he saw him biting his bottom lip, eyes believing but also unsure. 
"When I-" he began, taking a deep breath, "When I first saw you, I thought you weren't real. You seemed so good and beautiful that you just couldn't be, I don't know...but your umbrella stopped the raindrops from reaching my face, and your hand was grounding in mine as you helped me off the floor, so you had to be. At first I was relieved that I wasn't making you up, but then it started to terrify me because I knew I would fall in love with you, how couldn't I when you're just so incredible, so passionate and fascinated by the little things in life? How couldn't I fall in love with you when you look at me like I hung the world in the sky one second, and call me out on my self-deprecating bullshit the next? How couldn't I fall in love with you when you're my home?"
Reggie caressed Bobby's face gently, wiping away the tears resting on his cheeks as his eyes fell to his lips, asking for permission. Leaning forward and pressing his lips against his, Bobby answered. Reggie melted into the kiss, gripping his hands tightly because Bobby loved him. Bobby Wilson was in love with him, and he loved him back. Pulling apart to breathe, they grinned at eachother goofily, pressing their foreheads together, content to simply stare into each other's eyes.
Reggie supposed that Bobby really did find what he was looking for that day, and he did too.
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batshit-birds · 2 months ago
does dickie ever become wren or does he see that shit and go “where are the colors?” and become robin?
also now i’m imagining into the mirror damian meeting canon dick and they become the pointing spider-man meme like “wait uR THE OLDEST IN THIS WORLD?!?!”
dick, teary eyed: omg ur doing so good
damian, definitely NOT teary eyed: *sniffles* pathetic
(also did you ever make a into the mirror nightwing damian suit design? i wanna try and make fan art of it)
Oooh okay drama time
So Dick temporarily became Wren, and got kidnapped by the Court of Owls as a result. There were some steps in the middle but y’know, whatever
Now the kicker is that Damian did NOT want Dick to ever be a vigilante. He especially didn’t want him to be Wren, as Damian views the Wren mantle as cursed. At this point in the timeline Dick was kind of living with Damian? The situation is too complicated to go into right now
But basically Damian dropped off abandoned Dick at the manor before going off to help his mom take down Ra’s, and explicitly told Bruce that he was trusting him with Dick. So imagine Damian’s panic when he comes back only to find out that 1) Dick is now Wren, and 2) he’s been taken by the Court. That does not end well. 
After that whole enchilada, Dick refused to stop being a hero, and made Robin since the Wren mantle had been revoked. Damian had to go lie down when he heard
Oh! I absolutely love thinking about canon!Dick and reverse!Damian interacting. They have Nightwing/eldest sibling solidarity 
& that’s pretty much exactly the interaction lmao. Although Damian would externally be like ‘hm interesting’ and internally be sobbing look at his baby all grown up and being Nightwing
Dick: *longingly looking at reverse Dick & Damian interacting, who are very open about their more father/son than brothers dynamic*
Dick, internally: I want what they have so badly
Damian: *pointedly not watching their reverse counterparts interacting*
Damian, internally: *sobbing in yearning for when Dick was his guardian*
and they both skirted around each other and completely avoided the topic
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smoozie · 2 months ago
Oh I can filter what notes I see on mobile now, that's so sexy
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illfoandillfie · 3 months ago
Um, madam, you look SO CUTE with your hair cut!!!!! I love it!! -shy anon
🥰🥰 thank you 🥺🥺 
honestly its a little longer than i imagined it (i used 2 pics of lucy to show them what i wanted and i said i wanted it above my shoulder) but i really like it like this anyway. its just so much lighter and easier to manage and ahhh why did i put off getting it cut for so long??
also!! in the chair next to me was this old woman, must have been like 80 something i guess?? and she was wearing these really bold leopard print pants with floral (?) elements on the pockets and she was having her hair coloured green and thats fucking goals god i hope im that cool when im old
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