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#but yeah.....*sigh*
Bucky: So how鈥檚 your life?
Loki: it鈥檚 good, what about yours?
Bucky: Yeah same.
Bucky, sighing: We鈥檙e both lying aren鈥檛 we?
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redwinterrises17 hours ago
Are you still taking stack fics?? If so maybe a conversation/scene/whatever you want between renbob and doc :)
am i allowed to write fanfiction of a fanfiction? cuz i maybe did.
Doc closes the door to the cockpit, shivering. 鈥淚t is much warmer out here.鈥
鈥淵eah, man鈥斺榮 practically an icebox back there.鈥 Renbob glances back. 鈥淚s he鈥 sleeping?鈥
鈥淔or now.鈥
A galaxy of silence passes.
Renbob clears his throat. 鈥淚鈥 I miss him, man.鈥
They both know the intended 鈥渉im鈥 has changed.
鈥淵eah...鈥 Doc sighs, and leans his head on the window.
鈥溾e too.鈥
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griffintail17 hours ago
Tommy's eyebrows shot up. "Yeah, I sure would do that if I knew a good story about accidentally scaring people, Techno."
He frowned at a little noise from the chest before he sighed. "Yeah...maybe I'll run a practice story by you, then? Before I find her...?"
"Yeah alright. Hit with what you got. You're pretty good with making up stories."
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three--rings12 hours ago
Omg you are a magician fan turned mdzs fan too?! I guess we all migrated after the fiasco with s4, huh?
YUP. I turned to Magicians after Critical Role broke my heart by killing a beloved queer character and half of my ship. That's what we call irony kids.
But yeah there's Magicians fic on my ao3, fwiw. Queliot, obviously, all of it.
SIGH. And yeah, I know some people were able to keep going with the fandom after S4 and are still making fic but I had to just leave. I see gifs sometimes and I miss Queliot so much, but it's all just bound up in so much pain.
"I'm only going to be in fandoms with Completed Endings" I swore to myself after that, watching The Untamed having read the novel, confident it would end well. I was naive, and didn't realize how unpredictable cdrama adaptations could be.
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btsqualityy13 hours ago
Spencer and Lennox are planning their wedding. Spencer already stated that she will design her own wedding dress so that off the list. 鈥淲hat about Greece? This time of a year is beautiful.鈥滾ennox is playing COD with the boys. 鈥淵eah okay鈥 Spencer sighs. 鈥淚 always wanted an Italian wedding鈥 Lennox grunts in reply. 鈥淲hat about France babe? It鈥檚 special to us.鈥濃橪ennox takes his eyes off the game quickly. 鈥淚t鈥檚 where I said I love you for the first time officially鈥 Spencer kissed his cheek. 鈥淚 know and you know what I love?鈥 Lennox smiles and Spencer rolls her eyes. 鈥淚 do but not that right now鈥︹ Lennox dies in his game with the boys taunting him and looks directly at Spencer. 鈥淲hat baby?鈥 Spencer squash鈥檚 his cheeks together. 鈥淵our help. I need help Len.鈥 Lennox knocks the wedding planning magazines and books down to the floor. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 care what you get for the wedding. Money and the price isn鈥檛 a problem. You can dress in a burlap sack and still rock that shit beautifully. We can have the wedding in the most shitty building Korea ha to offer and it wouldn鈥檛 even matter to me. As long as I get to call you Mrs. Jung for the rest of my life鈥鈥檓 happy鈥 Spencer pulls him into of her fully and kisses him. 鈥淧lus I know everything I鈥檓 going to suggest will get a solid 鈥榥o鈥 or a 鈥榳e鈥檒l see鈥 Spencer laughs and wraps her legs around her mans waist. 鈥淚 can鈥檛 wait to marry you Lennox Blake鈥 Spencer whispers in his ear. Lennox leans down more and kisses her. 鈥淚 love you too Spencer Grace Kim.鈥
Lennox would honestly be the worst person to plan a wedding with because he either wouldn鈥檛 care about some details or he鈥檇 be super invested in other details 馃槀馃槶
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upthehillart2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My favorite characters to draw coming to life from my art (sort of.. to the best of my ability)
Edit: The guy I edited Remus from is Otto Lotz :) Obviously looks nothing like my Remus but that鈥檚 who it was in that photo
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mentalgearsolid2 years ago
Me trying to explain why I relate to Elton John so much without mentioning my sexuality or crippling depression and anger issues:
Tumblr media
My mom, still confused as to why rocketman made me cry:
Tumblr media
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bogglebabbles3 years ago
Once more battling with that age old question:聽鈥淎m I burnt out, or am I just lacking in self-discipline?鈥
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