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#but you're totally right
subbydean · 6 months ago
One of the most frustrating (compelling) things about spn tumblr is that on one day it’s saileen wedding time and the next it‘s hungernatural posting. And it’s never explained, you only know it exists because you see memes of it. Trying to find the origin is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. You scroll through blogs that seem to have the energy for the chaos-of-the-day, never sure you’re gonna discover the original post that started it. And you read stuff on the way there you’re not sure isn‘t ANOTHER Thing That Happened or like, normal cause you never actually WATCHED spn but somehow got caught up in this intricate and intriguing web of meticulous insanity. Truly THEE most media experience of all time.
truly thee media experience, unparalleled, unrepeatable
unfortunately i'm almost always made aware of what's happening within the first half hour or so because i never leave here, it's shameful but it's the truth💔
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uglydragons · a year ago
Tumblr media
i saw her in the auction house and all i have to say is,, moldy cheese gorl
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hattedhedgehog · 5 months ago
In MDZS there’s a main character of humble beginnings who was accepted into a major sect, and was scorned by the cultivation world for his unconventional and underhanded methods. Despite playing a big part in ending the Sunshot Campaign, he ended up scapegoated all the same by his so-called allies. It is undeniable that he committed atrocities with collateral damage, out of both survival and revenge, and made terrible mistakes and lashed out when trapped. All the same, his devoted Lan boyfriend unwaveringly stood by him no matter the cost, and went into seclusion after his beloved’s brutal death.
Anyway enough about Jin Guangyao, let’s talk about Wei Wuxian-
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stonedfur · a month ago
Tumblr media
Leopardstar and Stonefur. Oh to see these two stupid idiots again. I have some thoughts
I like to think that they were both jackasses and that’s what helped them get along so well.
I mean come on, nobody, not even the erins (maybe), can convince me that Leopard ever thought, ‘okay, I need to make a wise choice and pick someone mellow and easygoing to balance out my irrational anger and loud presence’ NO she went. ‘my bestie and I are gonna rule the world and we are unstoppable’  and Stonefur was that asshat bestie
So here’s to hoping Stonefur isn’t just a blank noble character slate so that his heroic sacrifice actually means something to his character and is not something he’d have just done for anyone in his younger years. Listen, not only would it mean something for his character alone, but Leopardstar’s as well. It means for huge impact and growth, I could go ON abt this in another post. Anyways, he’s bitchy. 
But this is just the version of stonefur that’s been in my head for ages now, and will likely continue to be so, regardless of what the Erins just thought of turning him into. Either way, really looking forward for what’s in store for these two. 
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batshit-birds · 4 months ago
Damian: at least i dont think parakeet green and mulberry are a good color combo
Riddler: yeah, and firetruck red, mustard yellow, and shamrock is any better
Damian, unsheathing his katana: IT'S FUCKING EMERALD -
#later while Damian is tying him up Ed is just like#does my outfit really clash?#Damian just goes#you look like a Joker wannabe#the next time Riddler breaks out the purple has been replaced by a greenish blue#Damian: ah i see you chose turqoise. it looks terrible#Ed: what?! excuse you#Damian: no. excuse YOU. you had a chance to remake your costume and look at it! it all blends together! no distinction at all!#Ed: *flustered silence*#Damian: tt. try pthalo blue or perhaps a striking shade of pink if you feel daring#Ed: ohhhhh wait pink?#Damian: well yes if you choose the right color and -#Tim - watching: are they even gonna fight?#Duke: Ed pulling out a notebook?#Steph: he totally is omg AND they're sitting down on the deathtrap to talk. is anyone recording this? im gonna record it#Jason: if we're not gonna fight then im leaving. i have a date with my bed#Duke: someone check on Nightwing i think he's about to have an aneurysm#Tim: he'll be fine. the stress is good for him#Steph: so Robin is just....friends with the Riddler now. okay. that...actually on brand#Dick - muttering: inner peace....inner're sipping from a margarita on a beach....inner peace....#long story short i am pushing my agenda of Damian befriending half the rogues#it starts with the crocodile and it goes downhill from there#one time Jason patrolled with Dami and had a heart attack when he disappeared during a fight with Ivy#he found them at the center of the plant attack chatting about beekeeping and environmental rights#do i kind of want to write a oneshot for Dami befriending the rogues and freaking out a sibling per rogue in the process?#yes absolutely in putting it near the top of the list#batfam#batfamily#damian wayne
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mgsdays · 3 months ago
Hello! I don't know if I'm exaggerating things but, kindly I’d like to know your thoughts on this:
Tumblr media
First: studying? We know this Christmas special posts their graduation so does that mean Mo is attending university/ school?
Tumblr media
2nd: He is wearing the ring Mo gave him on his Ring finger!! As I know in Chinese symbolism is:
Tumblr media
What does that mean!! Does he take this seriously??
Tumblr media
Oh, I hope I'm not exaggerating things!!
Hey dear! I think yes, Mo is studying for college / some kind of degree, I think He Tian is taking the ring seriously BUT I think they're not together romantically and that Mo didn't mean it that way so... it doesn't matter that he's taking it seriously. You can't get engaged if the person isn't asking you? kshdkdh He Tian is just like that
I am super pessimistic about the Christmas chapters 😅 I don't like sharing my thoughts because some people read these as the two of them already together and I wouldn't want to be bursting that bubble. But I don't think they are together. HT doesn't know where Mo lives. Mo is uncomfortable when HT touches him -- just as uncomfortable as he is now. HT doesn't know if Mo is studying and seems unsure about what is happening in his life. They act like they haven't made any progress at all, if anything, they've taken steps back.
I think when He Tian left this hurt Mo deeply. Mo is still angry, aching, pulling at scars at every turn, and he'll have a hard time trying to trust again. So He Tian taking the ring seriously is just He Tian being He Tian. He can't get engaged to a guy that is still hating his guts.
And Mo, god. I think Mo is in love with him, probably hasn't stopped, since he was 15, but He Tian leaving hurt him so much. He had never been hurt that deeply by someone he trusted before. Mo has a hard time letting anyone in, he's got scars, and he was fighting all those inner demons for He Tian. He Tian was carving out a space for himself in Mo's life and Mo was letting him.
Mo was taking care of He Tian on occasion. He was beginning to show he cared. For him, that's not easy.
Tumblr media
He was coming to He Tian for help. With She Li, the most pressing issue, but he was coming to He Tian for help but in general too.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He was opening up and learnig to trust and letting He Tian in.
And then He Tian leaves.
Tumblr media
When He Tian left, all of that journey for Mo would read like a deep betrayal. It is reaffirming some of those demons Mo had been carrying with him before - he should be alone, letting people in only causes him pain. He really can't trust anyone.
He Tian showing up again doesn't fix this. He's playing it cool, smilling his way into Mo's heart again, and eventually it will work, but they are not there yet. The ring doesn't change this. They still have a long way to go.
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incorrect-hs-quotes · 3 months ago
Karkat, on the verge of tears: PLEASE. WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS?
June, eating Skittles, having completely forgotten about the joke she played on Karkat: Like what? 
June: Oh. Ohhhhhhhh. Did you forget that was a prank?
Karkat: FUCK
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1ddiscourseoftheday · 9 months ago
🚨Thurs 17 Dec ‘20🚨
No one will argue, this year has been the worst and I'm not really into that whole 'silver linings to bad things' bit, but... BUT! If the demise of live shows and rise of livestreams meant Zayn deciding to perform for us?! Well. I would be willing to reconsider my whole ass philosophy on life! Unfortunately, despite the excitement (or was it hysteria?) he inspired last night by getting all our hopes up, it might just be a music video? We'll see though. He definitely did register a new song, UNFXWITABLE (!), and then, and THEN: slid a single photo into his instagram story, a truly beautiful old baroque theater stage, fitted with live show speakers and a tantalizingly closed red curtain. The stage lights are on, the seats are empty... prepping for zomething?? It was discovered to be the St George Theater in Staten Island, very exciting, but today more video of them working on whatever they're working on surfaced (a snippet at the theater with a bit of an unknown song audible) that makes it seem more likely they're working on a music video than a livestream set up. Still, we can DREAM. At the very least we're getting a new song any minute now and at best-- Z3 and a video AND a liveztream?? (or prerecorded, that's FINE.) The pap pics the other day were him leaving a menswear boutique (sorry I said home, my bad, it was the usual 'front door to car' walk though) leading to speculation he was getting fitted for zomething zpecial... maybe we'll get to see it soon!
Likely on account of the added European show tickets going on sale today, Louis came online to check in, and also to laugh at old videos of himself, send larries into a tailspin, and best of all, weigh in on and shut down discourse left and right THANK YOU SIR! Louis is happy to walk us all through how not to get Live In London video taken down (“do it on a burner account haha?” tips from the master truly, no one would know better so listen to him); he denies having such an account himself (“maybe I should”) though unlike Liam (see below) HE doesn't go that extra step into obvious lie territory and say he's NEVER had one. On how he deals with comments about his height (which are up again these last few days due to a video circulating that uses math to conclude once again that he is in fact, as documented, 5'9”), “I rise above them,” he zings back, and in appreciation of someone who actually got the joke, “you're on my level,” DOUBLE PUNNING, BOOM but that's not all: he finishes off with the comment that finished ME off, “such a peculiar debate.” REALLY. Peculiar specifically, not like strange or weird or annoying you just... went right in for the Eroda copyrighted word huh. OKAY. Also: no, probably no collabs on LT2 (“doubt it”), yes he loves twitter “in doses, no better way to talk to you lot” (you mean even better than via t shirts?? sounds fake but okay), tells us he is “100% for sure” is gonna get the vaccine, and that “cucumber is shit” which isn't really a discourse we needed him to solve that I knew of but like, okay! Sorted! Antis seethed about him talking to larries and larry UAs and picking a video of him and H singing You and I to reply to, and probably cucumber enthusiasts and anti-vaxxers were unhappy too, but the rest of us? WINNING.
Liam is all over, first appearing in a fisherman's cap that nicely sets of his full and fluffy beard, then demonstrating answering questions for the Naughty List insta filter. He says he has never made a fake social media account, so I guess he's not lurking here reading these or I would guess that if I believed THAT for one second, he also says yes I have lied to my best friend so I'll just chose to believe he means us by 'best friend' since here he is, lying away. Dixie is absent from the recent promo, which is a blessing not just because they don't mesh particularly well but also because she's gotten even more terrible on main, moving from simply allying herself with racists to producing her own racist content- if we're lucky she'll simply fade away along with xmas and we can move on without any of that thank you very much. Liam is still a good BFF to us though: today he's offering himself up as prize in a raffle, you can enter to win a 'once in a lifetime VIP Experience in 2021 with Liam' for a low low £5, funds going to Stagehand's #ILoveLive campaign to support industry workers. And on the 17th day of christmas, my LP Advent Alarm woke me up with... Roman Kemp leading us through a weirdly peppy breathing exercise, backed with both soothing spa music and a sample of Liam's voice taken from the sleep story played over and over at near random intervals! I said it before and I'll say it again, they REALLY should have recorded all the material at once last month, but tbh I am enjoying the chaotic daily scramble to find something to put on the thing that's come of them being caught short maybe even more than I would normal content, it's getting downright experimental and I'm fully here for it. It's got that classic janky af for no reason 1D feel you know!
Rob Sheffield found better things to say about Watermelon Sugar, naming it his number one song of 2020 and calling it “a lost Stevie Nicks/ Stevie Wonder duet” plus gifting us a Harry quote: “that one we reworked a bunch of times, and it died a couple times, then it just kept coming back. We fully killed it a few times, but it kept coming back in. So I thought, There’s a reason it’s surviving.” And Chris Pine- who also says that he's all done shooting his part of Don't Worry Darling- said, “Harry Styles is an absolute delight. He's one of the most professional people I've ever met. Couldn't be kinder, more gracious, I mean, really, I was stunned by this kid. He's off-the-charts cool.”
And finally, as 2020 draws to a close we are being flooded with a barrage of our guys being declared winners of incredibly narrow categories (Harry on a list of 'groundbreaking magazine covers' for example), but I think the winner of MY list of 'Highly Specific Accolades' is sewn up for the year already; Heartbreak Weather is officially “the first [advertising] campaign to utilize weather-tracking technology to target content to users”! I'll definitely be keeping my eye out for competitors but beating that for reaching for a category will be TOUGH.
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embershx · 6 months ago
Obvious Roleplay Thoughts (Human AU):
He's just finished washing the dishes at the kitchen sink when he hears Gavin come up behind him, hands resting on his hips.
"You come here often, gorgeous?"
"... Gavin?"
"You already know my name? I'm flattered doll."
He turns in Gavin's grip, confused, to see that Gavin's dressed up like he's about to go on a bar crawl - he's even dabbed on some aftershave.
It clicks in Nines's brain when Gavin winks - or tries - before pushing into his space with exaggerated charm.
"You know what you'll be screaming later then."
"I'm afraid I couldn't possibly take you up on that offer, I have a husband waiting back home."
"A husband huh?" Gavin reaches up to tug Nines down by the collar, breathing across his lips as he purrs. "Good thing I'm not looking to marry you then."
Nines all but melts in his grip, always weak for Gavin, but he shakes it off and makes as if to push Gavin away.
"And what are you looking for, handling me so roughly?" It's playful, almost coy, and Gavin grins like a shark.
"One night, no strings attached. Give you something to think about while your husband fucks you missionary for the rest of your life."
Nines laughs, looping his arms around Gavin's neck and hooking a leg over his hip. "You're very persuasive, but my husband is *very* adventurous. You'll have to work hard to impress me."
"Baby I'm gonna make you scream."
[Fun Thoughts Masterpost]
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essektheylyss · 5 months ago
Nerd dudes in high school: omg it's so deep because you don't see the top fall at the end so you don't know if he is in a dream—
Me in high school: if you follow this nearly entirely linear story and pay attention to who is dreaming when it's near impossible for him to be still be dreaming.
Me now: oh my fucking god it doesn't matter if he's dreaming or not it just matters that he has accepted this as his reality after wavering the whole time, that's what Mal actually represents, his uncertainty and indecision and lack of trust in himself, you absolute tools—
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