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Fun Fact
Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
dgrpprideflags · 11 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
femme flag picked from sakura ogami and butch flag picked from aoi asahina!
requested by: anonymous
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cryude · 16 minutes ago
i luv working in archives bc i get to see cool black and white pics of butches from th 70s-80s ...... awooga
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captain-hammerhead · 2 hours ago
oh to find a hurt woman in your front garden and nursing her back to health and slowly becoming more and more intimate as you bandage her wounds and make her food and such, and when she is feeling a bit better we both go to the lake that is a short walk away in the forest and we both undress slightly and have a nice wash and then we almost kiss but a noise interrupts us and we finish cleaning off and go back home and then one night there is a storm and we are both stuck in close confines for a while and open up about our pasts and we slowly get closer and closer and then we kiss
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femmecoder09 · 3 hours ago
bida bida pala ha
ok...I'll shut up na
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filmhabits · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Art by Ignacio RC || IG
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radioactivebutch · 3 hours ago
yes i’m t4t bc i hate cis people but i’m also t4t because the way that i am and the way that i love is only compatible with another trans person. i love them bc i trust them with my body, i trust they can hold me without breaking me, i trust they will appreciate every ounce of my existence as much as i do theirs, i trust the way they look at me and knowing they will never see me as anything but who i am. trans love is beautiful and radical and special and deserves to be cherished, and it is not simply born out of a disdain or uncomfortability around cis people. it’s born out of true, real passion that only we can share for each other.
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brainyxbat · 3 hours ago
(The Team Rocket group burst in on Misty’s turn during the contest; Butch is steaming with fury and embarrassment, forced to use gag boobs like James)
Jessie: We’ll be taking first place.
Misty: James, Buzz! What’s the deal, aren’t you guys?!
Butch: First, it’s Butch; second, I wanted no part of this.
James: It’s alright. Our beauty isn’t specific to a man, or a woman.
Butch: Oy.
Cassidy: The little brat’s in the way; get lost over there.
James: Well then, some service service. *makes his gag boobs bigger, making both Butch and Misty’s eyes widen, before the former facepalms* Look here!
Host: Five women have suddenly burst onto the stage! I personally do not dislike them, but everyone seems to be happy!
Jessie: Naturally.
James: You're ten years too young, boi-yoing.
Butch: *keeps his hand over his face, vowing to kill James in his sleep* I hate everybody.
(Later, Gary’s cheerleaders are participating; Team Rocket watch from a distance, Butch no longer using his gag boobs)
Jessie: Those women are more beautiful than me?! 
Cassidy: And me?! This isn’t funny!
James: I am prettier than-!
(Brutella pulls them all away)
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brainyxbat · 4 hours ago
Butch: Hey, it’s me and James.
James: What’cha doin’?
Butch: I just make popcorn.
James: Yep; the little dude sure can cook.
Butch: ... Little dude? I’m older than you.
James: No you’re not; and it was a joke.
Butch: Was it?
James: ... I’m James.
Butch: I’m his boyfriend, which makes him ridiculously lucky.
James: So lucky.
Butch: ... Oh, you’re not lucky to have me as your boyfriend?
James: I just said “so lucky”.
Butch: You said it sarcastically.
James: You say everything sarcastically.
Butch: Ohoho, right. 😒
James: 'Kay, why don’t we just have a nice time together?
Butch: Okay.
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vlr0 · 5 hours ago
i know everyone accepts irma as the Lesbian Icon, and i think youre all right, but i think Will should be a lesbian too
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theluckyestclover7 · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I had to make a political cartoon for class
Bonus butch hartman cuz I hate him and did it as a warm up
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radioactivebutch · 5 hours ago
ok tell me if it’s just me but,
i don’t like being called a masc lesbian. am i masculine? yes. am i a lesbian? yes. but above all i’m a butch. it’s my identity, my community, my culture. it is a part of me. i don’t wanna be generalized as a masc bc it feels like just a fashion label. butch is my home. masculinity in itself isn’t.
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bleedingheartbutch · 6 hours ago
am I a brat or am I just a really goofy bottom who can’t take anything seriously? more tests needed
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cupidbutch · 6 hours ago
I thought I was so into butches as a femme bc I was identifying as femme and actually projecting but no lmao butches are just hot
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thenthersthat · 7 hours ago
Okay jred fans I have an image request!!
I’m a soft-butch with now- long pandemic hair. I’m getting it cut today but I want to keep most of the length and get some bangs/ fringe- as the brits say. So Basically, I’m looking for images of Jemma with the cute fringe thing her hair does to show the hair dresser. And it’s an excuse for pic spamming the comments right? Can y’all help a gay gal out?
Tumblr media
I love you all.
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corvidexoskeleton · 7 hours ago
You know, I think after the stuff with Butch's arm getting infected happens, it's gonna weigh so heavily on Hector's mind that he might come clean on his own volition. Or hint at the fact that yes, there's more to it than they know, and he's SO sorry. Then it's just a matter of coaxing it out of him and getting him to keep talking.
of course that's provided something with the memory den doesn't happen before then lmao
OR the memory den shows one of those non incriminating scenes and he plays it off as nothing to worry about. People are a bit suspicious but they don't push the issue. Then everything else happens and Hector's just. Okay. It was a little more than that
Tbh I feel like him coming clean of his own volition bc of Butch getting infected would yield significantly better results than waiting until some memory den stuff, even if said memory den stuff was mostly non incriminating like you mentioned
It's like I said in the ask: if it never comes up or there's no real reason for it to get brought up, then they can't really be that mad at him for not saying something about it before. But if it does come up, then him avoiding or trying to hide it will just make the others feel lied to, like Hector doesn't actually trust them, or even like he he might not be as ashamed or guilty over it than he claims, but rather like he cares more about protecting his reputation than the people that care about him
But Butch getting infected seems like a perfect opportunity for him to bring it up, since the guilt of knowing he had at least something to do with FEV research would probably be enough to override any fear he has of how they'll react
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