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I just want something real. True. Loving. Warm. Exciting. Passionate. Unforgettable. Beautiful. Jealousy making. I just want that forever. You know? Please? I’m ready. I don’t eat the games or the playing or the giving up. I’m ready for someone who’s in it for the long haul that can handle me, all of me. I’m not perfect but I’m worth it. I’m s as good person and a great girlfriend.

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i honestly don’t think im interested in using a label like femme, futch, or butch to describe myself, because sometimes i hear that the label is more than how you dress, under which circumstance i feel butch, but then i hear things that kind of make it sound like the main thing that makes you butch or femme is how you dress, and at that point i’m 100% a lipstick lesbian, so it’s like no label really fits because i don’t really understand how to use the labels

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