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#butch hartman

okay hear me out….if your childhood friend infected you with a disease that gave you ghost powers and a terrible case of acne, causing the woman of your dreams to hate you, never accept you etc and instead marry your friend who probably %100 knew you liked her……you’d be pretty pissed. you may even want revenge. causing your morals to change for the worse. meaning, jack fenton is the bad guy. free my man vlad, he did nothing wrong. in this essay i will-

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I was watching some danny phantom and I don’t remember Dani at all. I like her character and everything. The only thing I don’t like is that when she does ghost butch just HAD to put this child in a crop top and give her curves when In her normal form she wears baggy clothes :/ something about that makes me uncomfortable

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Basically, this is why I like the idea of my characters in general having unique eye colors. Notice none of these characters have brown eyes. But when it comes to brown eyes, I do like honey colored eyes, amber colored eyes and cognac colored eyes.

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