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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
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taleofnine · an hour ago
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literally only want lockdown to end so I can get my tattoo coloured in
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laurellament · an hour ago
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Did it to em at the grocery yesterday
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femmecoder09 · 4 hours ago
bida bida pala ha
ok...I'll shut up na
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radioactivebutch · 4 hours ago
yes i’m t4t bc i hate cis people but i’m also t4t because the way that i am and the way that i love is only compatible with another trans person. i love them bc i trust them with my body, i trust they can hold me without breaking me, i trust they will appreciate every ounce of my existence as much as i do theirs, i trust the way they look at me and knowing they will never see me as anything but who i am. trans love is beautiful and radical and special and deserves to be cherished, and it is not simply born out of a disdain or uncomfortability around cis people. it’s born out of true, real passion that only we can share for each other.
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thenthersthat · 8 hours ago
Okay jred fans I have an image request!!
I’m a soft-butch with now- long pandemic hair. I’m getting it cut today but I want to keep most of the length and get some bangs/ fringe- as the brits say. So Basically, I’m looking for images of Jemma with the cute fringe thing her hair does to show the hair dresser. And it’s an excuse for pic spamming the comments right? Can y’all help a gay gal out?
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I love you all.
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thefandomlesbian · 9 hours ago
Big presentation today. I'm presenting over the importance of diversity in nursing staff, so I figured it was appropriate for me to bring all my Big Dyke Energy (along with anecdotes of how straight healthcare workers have not treated me appropriately when I was sick, vulnerable, and in pain at their mercy).
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interstellarpumpkin · 10 hours ago
It be the most bland bread vanilla bean basic one dimensional men that get me like huh do I have a crush on you?
Like girl maybe u just have a sunburn maybe that’s why your blushing
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occasionally-relatable · 16 hours ago
So when is someone gonna take care of me.
I'm a soft butch, I need cuddles, kisses, and such too
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criticalrolo · 17 hours ago
I refuse to examine why when I came up with a joke “government assigned kin list” for myself I only thought of male characters and didn’t even question it
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butchramblings · 17 hours ago
Becoming More GNC- men's shoes
I never post on here, so I figured I’d make a series of posts about my experiences of me becoming a ~butch~. So... it was late 2019 and I had just started college. I had a relationship brewing with some random guy (obviously didn't work out). I was at work, in my little plaid shirt and jeans, talking with my coworker about men's shoes for women. She said to me "are you gay? because I need a girlfriend." I was so shocked, and I was like "omggg no I'm straight." It had me thinking, though. I did really like those shoes, but I didn't want to be perceived as more gay, because I apparently was already.
When I got home, I showed my parents a picture of the shoes. They got so upset, saying "they're basically men's shoes! They're so ugly, omg they look gay." I was so upset, but I still wanted them.
I finally had the opportunity. The shoes were discounted, and I kept debating and debating about them. I almost cried in the store about it. I bought them, then I drove home screaming. I ended up folding the box and putting it in the recycling, then I shoved the shoes in my purse (lmao). I hid them in a Nike box in my closet.
Then one day, my mom cleaned my closet out, and she found the fuckin shoes. She brought it up in a sneaky way, and I told her I didn't tell her about it because she hated them. She said to me "omg that's your style though, I won't stop you from wearing anything!" Like lmao ok sure.
I actually ended up wearing the shoes to my grandma's funeral. My cousin came up to me, looked me up and down, and said "so you wore a suit, huh?" And I replied "yes I did!"
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dykedilf · 18 hours ago
me, feeling hot and sexy realizing im a transmasc lesbian: :)
the ovarian cyst in my uterus rn: >:)
me: :(
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