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Sue Zhao
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9-1-1 | 5.01 Panic
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911 WEEK ↳ Day 5: Favourite minor character | ALBERT HAN + Compulsion by Martina Boone.
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I knew you’d linger like a tattoo kiss, I knew you’d haunt all of my ’what-if’s’
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3.06 - Monsters // 5.02 - Desperate Times
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welcome to 911women, your newest source dedicated to all the female characters on 9-1-1 and 9-1-1: lone star! we track #911women, so make sure to tag us in your creations, and our requests are open! we’re currently looking for affiliates, as well as for new members who can create original content once a month, so if you’re interested, head over to our submit page to send in an application!
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and it'll follow you still by @buttercupbuck Complete | Mature Rating | 1k
“Hey, I’m back!”
The house is quiet for a moment, which he’s not entirely surprised by - Carla had texted him a few hours ago letting him know that she had dropped Chris off with Pepa for the night, so it was just Eddie in the house. He toes his shoes off and starts to head towards the living room when the unmistakable sound of retching penetrates the silence.
There’s no response but he moves anyway, following the sound towards the kitchen where he finds Eddie bent over the counter, a harsh sob racking his frame as he throws up in the sink. His knuckles are nearly white with how hard he’s clinging to the edge and Buck doesn’t even think before coming up behind him and supporting his weight.
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9-1-1 ▸ buckley baby boxes ↳ requested by @buttercupbuck​ +bonus:
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—Sue Zhao
happy birthday @santabuckley ! 🥰💖
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Cap, I got something!
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#i am looking disrespectfully (at her)
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911 WEEK ↳ Day 1: Favourite season | SEASON 3
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TAYLOR KELLY 911: Survivors
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for @buttercupbuck ♡
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The lyrics to this song fit the Buckley siblings so well, and I love how they made it back home to each other.
This is for Day One of @thebuckleysiblingsweek: Maddie & Buck + Song Lyrics or Quote.
Thumbnail by @bieddiediaz 💜
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fight me, siri
a place for us [ao3 link] eddie/buck, mid-episode for rage
Eddie stares at the phone. 
There’s a cop standing just behind his left shoulder, he’s grateful it’s not Athena, looming and reminding Eddie he doesn’t have long. He should call his abuela, in case he can’t get out in time to pick up Chris. He could call call Lena, ask her to bail him out. He can’t call Buck. 
The fucking lawsuit. 
The anger settles low in his stomach, threatening to boil over. What right does Buck have to drag their personal shit into the open? To let Mackey at it like he deserves to tear apart their decisions and use it against them?
Eddie shouldn’t call Buck, it’ll only lead to a fight. 
Picking up the handset, he dials one of the only numbers he knows by heart and touches his forehead to cold stone, hoping his call is answered. 
Eddie swallows. “It’s me.”
“Eddie?” The sound of a couch rustling, the familiar slow intake of breath. “Where are you?”
It’s a bad idea, but Eddie can’t stop himself blurting out, “i need you to bail me out of jail.”
“I know I shouldn’t call—”
“I’ll be there in ten.”
The dial tone rings in Eddie’s ear. 
When Eddie gets outside of the station, there’s a familiar truck in the parking lot.
Part of him wants to ignore it, to satisfy the rage curling low and angry in his belly and find something else to punch. Part of him wants to wrench open the door of the truck and—
Opening the door, Eddie climbs inside and tries not to make eye contact. “Thanks for coming.”
“Sure,” Buck says. He sounds angry, and when Eddie risks a glance, his jaw is tight. He’s furious, which just makes Eddie angry. What right does he have to be mad at Eddie? It’s his fault Eddie even— “Where do you wanna go?”
The anger stagnates and Eddie buckles in, stares back at the station. There’s a reason he’s called Buck, made the choice to reach out. “Chris is at a sleepover.”
Buck nods, fingers tightening on the wheel. 
“Can we,” Eddie starts, fights the urge to snap something angry, fights to keep his tone calm. “Can we go to yours?”
Head snapping right, Buck raises an eyebrow. “Are you serious right now?”
Eddie doesn’t bother answering, lets Buck make up his mind. He fiddles with the phone in his pocket, trying not to check whether Chris has called. He wants Chris to have fun, but there’s always an undercurrent of worry left behind. The truck is tense, silence dragging out into something dangerous. Eddie wants to break it, to snap at Buck for everything he’s doing, for making everything wrong when Eddie’s already struggling to keep his shit in line. 
The truck comes to a stop and Eddie’s startled to see they’re at Buck’s apartment. He doesn’t know what to say. 
“Get your ass out the truck or I’m locking you in,” Buck says, slamming the door. 
Eddie bites back his own retort—Buck’s bailed him out and he doesn’t know how he’s gonna pay Buck back for it—and clambers out of the truck. Buck’s at the door to his apartment block, holding the door open, his back to Eddie. It’s a dismissal that has Eddie bristling, and he storms after Buck into the building. 
“Why’d you bring me here?” Eddie asks, when he shuts the door behind them. Buck’s angrily wrenching beers from the fridge and Eddie feels ungrounded, like he’s the only one with a right to be angry and can’t understand why Buck’s—
“You asked me to bring you here.” Buck slams a bottle on the counter. “Just like you asked me to bail you out of jail, Eddie, what the fuck!”
The anger is back, bubbling up, and Eddie snaps, “You don’t get to judge me.”
“My money’s the reason you’re standing here right now.” It’s a warning tone that Eddie barrels right over. 
“If I knew you’d hold it against me, I’d have called somebody else.”
Eddie snaps his mouth shut. 
“This is gonna fuck up my case,” Buck says, holding up a hand when Eddie starts to retort. “Shut up, Eddie. This is gonna fuck up my case and I came anyway.”
Eddie snorts. “So what, I should be thankful? You shouldn’t even have been suing us—“
“I want my job back,” Buck says. It’s quiet, exhausted, and it stifles some of the anger. Eddie looks at him, really looks; Buck’s deflated, tired, drawn. How is it that just a few weeks ago, Buck and Chris were in a tsunami and now they’re here, everything breaking and running away from Eddie faster than he can make it stop? “I just want to come back and Bobby won’t let me.”
“Buck,” Eddie says. 
Buck clenches his hands into fists, rests them on the counter. “What excuse do you have?”
“It’s not an excuse,” Eddie snaps, and then shakes it off, turns around and stalks towards the couch. He needs to stop, to get control of himself. Fuck. He punched someone. 
“Eddie,” Buck says, and there’s something about his tone that forces Eddie to look. “You were booked for assault.”
Eddie sits on the couch, rubs at his face. “He was being a dick about Chris.” 
The story tumbles from him, because he needs someone to hear, to understand. 
There’s a ripple of fury on Buck’s face. “What the fuck is wrong with him?”
“I punched him,” Eddie says with a shrug. Then, thinks about it. “Fuck, I punched him.”
Buck sits on the coffee table, to the left of Eddie. His hands between his legs, toying with a frayed thread on his sweatpants. “What’s going on with you?”
Eddie doesn’t answer. How does he even begin trying to put shit into words? “Nothing.”
“Eddie.” Buck looks up, his eyes wide, and fuck, Eddie hates how unmoored he feels around Buck sometimes. “I never wanted this.”
“Yeah,” Eddie scoffs, leaning back against the couch. “Well now you have it.”
Silence stretches between them again and Eddie fidgets, pulls his phone from his pocket. The anger coasts and he knows if he tugs at it, he could use it to hurt Buck, to tear him apart like Eddie wants to. 
Eddie doesn’t want to. He’s tired, too. He just wants things to make sense, to be right. “He misses you.”
Buck winces, drops his head. “I didn’t mean for things between us to go wrong.”
“What did you think would happen?”
Shrugging, Buck’s jaw tightens again and he stares off towards the kitchen. “Bobby’s the reason I can’t come back.”
Eddie frowns. “What?”
“You said chain of command,” Buck says, sounding hoarse, and he looks back. “Bobby told me I couldn’t come back. That the department said it was okay, but he didn’t think I was ready.”
Something stirs in the back of Eddie’s head. “Why?”
Buck shrugs again. 
“Hey,” Eddie says, feeling some of the anger bleed into frustration on Buck’s behalf. “Did he say why?”
“I don’t know,” Buck says, and Eddie hears everything he’s not been saying. The confusion, the hurt, and he’s angry at himself all over again. He’s been so busy and wrapped up in his own shit, with Chris, that he’s never thought to think about Buck. Buck, who’s lost his job, his family, and his confidence. 
Sliding forward, Eddie reaches out, expecting a flinch, and when he doesn’t get one, feels relieved for reasons he can’t explain. “I’m sorry.”
Letting out a shaky breath, Buck stares at him. 
“I’m sorry,” Eddie says, sounding wrecked. “I was so concerned with being mad, I didn’t even think.”
“It’s okay.”
“No,” Eddie says, squeezing Buck’s knee. “It’s not. You gotta stop letting us off the hook when we hurt you, man.”
Buck's look is wry. “I’ll let you off the hook for that if you tell me what the fuck you were doing punching someone.”
It’s so easy to feel the low burn of anger, of failure. Eddie’s been riding it this whole time, trying to exist in a world threatening to drown him. 
“Eddie,” Buck says, reaching out and touching Eddie’s hand. He’s hesitant, apprehensive, so Eddie turns his hand palm up, lets Buck tangle their fingers together. 
Staring at their linked fingers, Eddie swallows hard. “Shannon wanted a divorce.”
The words fall between them. 
“Shit,” Buck mutters, squeezing Eddie’s hand. “I’m sorry.”
“I’m so angry all the time,” Eddie says. He hates being this vulnerable, this weak, but it’s a lot and he can’t stop the words tumbling out now he’s started. Buck’s holding him tight, fingers squeezing hard enough Eddie imagines his fingers breaking. Imagines himself crumbling beneath Buck’s touch and he gasps out the rest, eyes wet. “I let her back in, let her see Chris and I knew, I knew it wouldn’t be enough, you know? It wasn’t enough, it wasn’t, she died, Buck, but she was gonna divorce me.”
Buck’s silent.
“I wasn’t enough,” Eddie says eventually. “I just wanted to be enough. So that Chris could be happy.”
A hand touches his face, fingers gentle, and he looks up, meets Buck’s eyes. “Chris is mourning his mom,” he says quietly. “He’s suffered a tsunami, he’s mourning his mom, but he’s happy, Eddie. Or at least he will be.”
“How do you know?” Eddie whispers, afraid that if he talks any louder, the words will prove he’s as weak as he feels. 
“Because of you,” Buck says. His voice is certain, hard in a way that forces Eddie to pay attention. “You’re a good dad, Eddie. Sure, you’ve just been arrested,” Eddie huffs a reluctant laugh, revels in the smile on Buck’s face, “but you’re a good dad.”
“Yeah,” Eddie says, shaking his head. 
“Hey.” Buck squeezes his hand, the fingers against Eddie’s face sliding around to his neck, thumb to Eddie’s jaw. “You’re the best thing in that kid’s life.” A pause. “In mine.”
Eddie freezes. 
“After Chris,” Buck says quickly, cheeks pink. “You’re my best friend, Eddie. Whatever that means.”
“A lot,” Eddie says, truthfully. “I haven’t had a best friend before,” he continues. “Not sure if I know how to be. Sometimes I think I do, then others—”
“Yeah.” Buck sounds like he understands. 
Sometimes Eddie wants to kiss Buck. To drag him in, hold him close and never let him go. The words won’t leave Eddie’s mouth, stuck somewhere down his throat, threatening to choke him. 
Buck shifts again, until he’s sitting opposite Eddie. He takes a breath, touches their foreheads together. “I’m sorry.”
“I’m sorry too,” Eddie admits. 
Buck’s eyes are really fucking blue. He’s beautiful in ways Eddie’s never let himself see. 
“Shannon died,” Eddie says eventually. “I don’t think I’m over it.”
“I know.”
“I want to be.” 
Buck stares at him, expectation heavy between them. 
“I want to kiss you.” The words are quiet. Eddie takes a breath, meets Buck’s eyes. “Sometime. When we’re both ready.”
“Okay,” Buck says. 
Eddie raises an eyebrow. “Okay?”
“Yeah.” Buck’s face breaks into a smile. It’s small, tentative, but bright. Eddie wants to drag more out of him, ones that light up his whole face. 
There’s another pause and Eddie breaks first, tugs him in. Wrapping his arms around Buck, Eddie lets out a soft sigh. “Thanks, Buck.”
Buck’s arms come up to Eddie’s back, his nose against Eddie’s neck. “For what?”
Eddie huffs. “Bailing me out? Talking some sense into me.”
“What are best friends for?”
Pulling back, Eddie touches Buck’s face, thumb against Buck’s bottom lip. “Hopefully more than that.”
Buck’s smile is wide, a familiar look on his face. “Eventually. If you earn it.”
Eddie’s startled into a laugh and he drops his chin to his chest, grinning. 
“Hey,” Buck says, squeezing Eddie’s arm. Eddie lifts his head and raises his eyebrows. “Either way, I love you.”
“Yeah,” Eddie says. Then, with certainty, says, “I love you too.”
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to build you a home p lease
ask u and shall receive
“This place is disgusting,” Eddie said, standing, hands on hips, in the wreckage of what was presumably once a kitchen.
“It is,” Buck directed his friend so that he was staring out the hole in the back wall of the kitchen where there used to be a door. “But imagine this - big glass sliding doors that lead right out to the garden,” he described. “A fully equipped kitchen for me, a barbecue for you,” he teased, because one of the few things Eddie could actually cook was barbecue. “And a real garden, not my tiny terrace, not the sorry excuse for a desert you’ve got for a yard.”
“In my defence, the landlord won’t actually let me put any new grass down,” Eddie defended. “I wish it didn’t look like a dirt patch.”
“Ssh,” Buck hushed. “I’m giving you a vision here, Edmundo.”
“I will punch you.”
“Just, imagine it,” Buck ignored Eddie’s half-hearted threat. Eddie hated being called Edmundo, sure, but Buck sort of got away with everything when it came to Eddie, so it was fine. “A real garden - plants, patio furniture, the works. The whole house could look exactly like we want it to.”
Eddie leaned against him, looking thoughtful. “How do you know we have the same taste in interior design?”
“Because you’re my best friend,” Buck’s reply was simple. He knew everything there was to know about Eddie - why would his interior design preferences be any different?
Eddie was quiet, for a second. “I love it, Buck,” he admitted. “It’s - it feels like a home already, somehow. I can see us living here,” he admitted. “There’s more than enough room for all of us - and it’s accessible, for Christopher. More accessible than our place right now is.”
Buck hummed, not wanting to give the game away - he’d purposely only chosen to view houses that were readily accessible or could be renovated to be more accessible. The older Christopher got, the more determined than ever Eddie was to make sure his son could be as independent as possible - Eddie had traded his ridiculous truck in for a car, so that Chris could get in and out of it easily, because there was nothing more mortifying to an almost tweenager than your dad having to lift you in and out of the car.
“So you’re in?” Buck beamed.
Eddie nodded. “I’m in, Buck. Let’s do this - let’s buy this house.”
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ceecee may i perhaps ask for a snippet of i wake up falling? 👀
you can have my entire heart while you're at it, alicia:
The second they exit the bar, Buck sways. “Whoa, there,” Chim and Eddie both reach out to steady him. Chim’s brows are furrowed. “You alright, Buckaroo?” “‘M fine,” he mutters, sounding not. “I just need to lay down for a sec.” “Okay,” Eddie nods, glancing at Chim. Chim seems to understand that Eddie needs him to take over steadying Buck on his own, so he does just this as Eddie steps forward and retrieves his phone to order an Uber. As soon as he’s got the ride requested, Chim squawks in panic behind him, screeching, “Seriously, Buck?” Eddie turns around and finds Chim and — only Chim. “What—” Eddie follows Chim’s gaze downward, where Buck’s laid himself stomach-down on the sidewalk, arms pressed against his side. “Buck,” Eddie kneels beside him, taking in his outstretched figure, cheek pressed against the pavement. He leans a little closer to inspect Buck’s eyes and count his breaths; both of which come back decisively unconscious. “He’s asleep,” he announces, and Chim’s mouth falls open in shock. “On the sidewalk?” he waves his arms frantically as he begins to pace back and forth. “What are we supposed to do now? Maddie’s gonna kill me.” A group of women spare them a single glance before making their way around them and inside the bar. Eddie raises an eyebrow up at Chim. “Is it your fault her brother decided the sidewalk was an appropriate place to pass out?” “I was supposed to look after him!” Eddie places a hand in between Buck’s shoulder blades and begins to stroke his back soothingly. “You realize we can just…wake him up, right?” Chim blinks at Eddie. “He’s a heavy sleeper.” Eddie’s lips twitch. “Hardly,” he mutters, his hand rubbing circles on his best friend’s back. Buck begins to stir, mumbling incoherently. “He does appreciate being woken up slowly, though.”
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humbly requesting some buddie nose kisses pls
The room is dark when Eddie opens his eyes—his head still feels stuffed with cotton, the same as it had in the morning, but the fire in his throat has calmed down enough that he doesn’t feel like stabbing something every time he swallows.  He sits up and rubs his hands over his face, wincing at the grime of dried sweat.  
Ugh.  He feels gross.
Eddie swings his legs over the side of the bed with some effort, then pauses, first because of the wave of dizziness and then because he’s overwhelmed with a coughing fit.
Which, of course, is when the bedroom door opens.
“I was going to ask if you were feeling any better, but I guess that answers that question,” Buck says, leaning against the frame, his eyes soft with sympathy.  
“Hey,” Eddie rasps out.  His voice sounds like he’s been gargling with gravel and he drags a hand over his face again.  “How was the shift?”
Buck pushes off the frame and steps into the room—when he stops in front of the bed, he curves his hand around Eddie’s cheek.  Eddie’s eyes flutter closed as he tips into the cool touch.
“It was fine.  Quiet,” Buck replies.  His thumb trails lightly over Eddie’s cheekbone.  “I brought you something.”
Eddie hums in question.
“I called Isabel and told her that you were sick.  Stopped by on my way home.  There’s pozole in the kitchen.”
Eddie groans quietly and opens his eyes again.  “I could kiss you.”
Buck grins.  “Yeah, I know.  But you’re pretty disgusting, so—”
Eddie laughs, then coughs again, and shoves playfully at Buck’s shoulder.
“Lie back down, I’ll bring some in here,” Buck says, laughing himself.
“Of course.  Hey—”  When Eddie looks up, Buck leans in, quick as anything, and kisses Eddie’s nose.  “I love you.”
Eddie swallows hard and fumbles for Buck’s hand, squeezing it once before dropping it again.
“I’m really glad you’re here,” he says quietly.  “Thank you.”
I love you, too.  
Buck smiles softly.  “I wouldn’t be anywhere else.” 
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