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#buy my videos

So I can’t even afford groceries at this point which is awful so dm for any and all content!! Doing custom and premade bundles for 30$ with 3 minute videos and 5 photos!! 🥰

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I need to do more shoots like this with more opaque wax 🔥


- 5 photos for $5

- short, exclusive video clip for $5

- lifetime access to my Google Drive (10+ GIFs, 15+ videos) for $30

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🖤good morning🖤

still on that quarantine 🥺

help ya girl out since I’m unemployed for the time being over this shiiiiit

Message me on here or kik if you’re interested 🥰

Kik- mmollllyy

& I have premium snap 🖤

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bored, self quarantine 😭

but ya girl is unemployed for the time being, so what better time to sell some content 😘

Message me on here or kik if you’re interested!

Kik- mmollllyy

& I do have premium snap 🥰

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🥺r u still staying @ home?

😠well u better be asshat😠

✨+*+✨no dannnng DMs unless it’s regarding purchasing content~~~ times r rough 4 everyone folx so don’t waste my time yo 🙃

Go meditate or jerk off or make a peanut butter SANDWICH WITH ME IN MIND^*+~~

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•*• 🥺I wish I was playing the new Animal Crossing… I’ve been playing the pocket version for two years but now I want the real deal.

+*+ if you too are dying to play~ I’ve been watching some play through videos on YouTube and that’s fun too 😇

~~~no DANG DMs unless it’s regarding purchasing content you little TURKEYS.

•+¥oOoOooo have a good day plssssS, stay inside, social distance,, OOOoo jerk off to my videos instead??!

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Someone who willing to do quarantine roleplay? Cause im bored of that fucking virus, I’m horny only daddy and single. Must be Reblog & Follow.

Kik @ ninakate1114

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•+*u better b staying @ home if you’re able to

*+* 🥺👉🏼👈🏼if you’re interested in content hmu, no DMs unless it’s related to purchasing content

~<*COVER YR COUGH! And have a good day pls or ELSE 😠

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🖤least fav wannabe goth gf here🖤

still selling and doing dealzzz!

Message me on here, or kik if you’re interested 🖤

& ask about my premium!

Kik- mmollllyy 🖤

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