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#buying the book! so i can put them on my shelves keep them as decoration and read them a year later <3
chiireads · 2 years ago
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Tiny middle-of-the-night bookshelf tour!
featuring most of my favorite books and really bad lighting!
I love fantasy, I love dragons, I love sailing ships.. need I say more? Naomi Novik’s Temeraire series is one of my all-time favorite book series and honestly I think everyone should read it it’s just so amazing. I’ve re-read the first book so many times I’ve lost count. I own all the Temeraire books in both the english and german paperback editions, and have recently added hardcover copies of the first and last book in the series to my collection, along with a hardcover copy of “Golden Age and Other Stories”, which is a collection of short-stories that take place in the Temeraire universe.
If you’re unfamiliar with the Temerare series but have heard of “Uprooted” and/or “Spinning Silver” - those are two (wonderful!) fairy-tale retellings by the same author, and I’m not ashamed to say that I love everything this woman writes. Everything.
I don’t think I have to say much about these books, as most of you are probably familiar with them, so I’ll just leave it at: god-damn, I am so in love with Middle-Earth, Valinor, Numenor, and everything in between, as well as all the characters to be found there. On these shelves alone you can see 4 of my copies of Lord of the Rings, two of The Silmarillion, and two of The Hobbit, and I only put like half my Tolkien books up on these shelves, not even counting his non-middle-earth-related works such as Farmer Giles of Ham or Roverrandom, etc. Of course I also had to proudly display my Evenstar, my One Ring, my Lorien brooch, my Gondor bracers, and the cute little pointy-ear jewelry my friend got me.
Harry Potter shelf
I know right??? Only one shelf?? What the hell? But I’ve decided to keep my old, worn, well-loved german editions on their old shelf to save some space. However I’m afraid I WILL have to turn my Harry Potter shelf into two Harry Potter shelves eventually, once all the house-themes books are out.. The Quidditch Set in the corner was a birthday present, the little crochet Weasley-twins I made myself, and of course the two Funkos are also none other than my favorite set of mischievious up-to-no-good twins. The wands are those of Sirius Black and Harry James Potter himself, whom I love with all my heart.
Robin Hobb shelf
If you haven’t read the Realm of the Elderlings series yet, get up from your chair, put on shoes, run to the nearest bookstore, and buy them all. You won’t regret it. This world is so magical, the characters feel so real, the plots are intricately woven and original, the magic system is unique and incredibly interesting, and my god the heartbreak you will suffer is a solid 14/10.
I’m not yet 100% happy with the way this shelf is organized, but it’s probably going to remain a constant WIP until I own all the Rainwild Chronicles books in a consistent format. Right now, only two of them are the same size, which is very unsatisfying. xD
Shades of Magic + Eragon shelf
I only finished reading the Shades of Magic series a couple of days ago but DAMN did I enjoy it! I absolutely fell in love with these characters and this world, so much so that I tried my hand at candle-making just so I could have something to decorate their part of the shelf with. They’re still a WIP, as so many things on my shelves, but I’m happy with them so far.
Now, about Eragon. Listen. I know these books are ancient, and I know they were written by a 16(?) year old - well, the first one was, anyway - and are probably not as good as I remember them being, but, as you can clearly see by the state of the first book in the series, I have loved Eragon dearly and with my whole heart. I loved Eragon so much, I even got my grandma to read it. Eragon was one of the first actual books I re-read more than once. Hell, I read it so many times I don’t even remember. Anyway, this series still holds a weirdly fond place in my reader-heart.
Young Adult Shelves
These shelves still need more books!!! Feel free to recommend some of your favorites to me! :D
I need to mention some of my favorites on this shelf because.. oh, I’m not going to lie, I just really want to shout out the Raven Cycle books by Maggie Stiefvater. I read Stiefvater’s werewolf books like.. a decade ago? I’m not sure when they came out, but I really loved them, so when I started to notice people getting excited about the Raven Cycle books, of course I had to go and read them and fall in love with them because the characters in this series are some of the best I’ve ever read. They’re all so lovable and wonderfully flawed in their own ways and the friendships that tie them together are just the most beautiful thing. Besides, Stiefvater’s writing style is a gift to humanity.
On a very important sidenote: I love that little wooden chest so much, it’s just so pretty and cute. The beautiful little red notebook on top of it was a present from my brother, and I treasure it too much to write in it, which is ?? very dumb, but this way it can look pretty on my shelf and be seen by all of you.
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thefaliceofitall · 3 years ago
Polly doesn't want them in the twin’s lives but Alice decorates the nursery anyway because “she still might come home, Hal” and “of course she’s coming back, Betty dear”.
So, Alice paints the nursery walls a bright sunshine yellow and the ceiling blue with white clouds. Everything has to be perfect for when Polly comes home and she can meet her grandchildren for the first time. She goes shopping one day to buy cribs for the twins (Hal is at the register and Betty is at school, and thank god because that means she gets to decide on the cribs herself). Alice finally finishes putting them together at 9pm, she completely forgot about dinner, but that’s okay because Betty’s had Pop’s and she hasn’t had much of an appetite since Polly left, and besides, she was too tired to cook anything. She drives to Pop’s though, simply because “mom, you need a break, eat something” has been ringing in her ear ever since Betty came home. Alice still doesn't want to eat so she just orders for Hal. It’s just FP working and for the first time she ignores his petty remarks. For the first time he can’t get a rise out of her.
“just onion rings and a grilled cheese to go.” “Sure thing, Alice” followed by - well, whatever he’s saying to her, she’s not even listening. “I’m tired, FP.” “Oh.” Well, that worked. Hal gets home at 10, maybe if she gets home before him she can leave a note by the food and just go to bed.
Alice finally asks Betty about the twins’ names. Hell, they must be at least a month old by now. “Juniper and Dagwood? I refuse to call my grandchildren some - those cult names!” “Alice-” “No, Hal. This isn’t fair. Why - I just want to see my little girl again, I just want to meet my grandkids, I just-” and cue another breakdown. What was this? The second one this week? Alice doesn't blame Polly, after all, it was her who drove her own daughter away, “it’s my fault” she keeps saying to herself.
The cribs are too plain, so Alice paints one blue and one white to compliment the ceiling she had painted a month prior. Still too plain, and now the rest of the day is spent carefully writing Juni on the white crib and Dug on the blue crib. Alice outright refuses to call the twins by their full names, they’re hideous. Maybe when Polly comes home Betty can help her convince Polly to change the names. Julia and George are much better. By now, there’s two shelves for each of the twins: one with books, the other with cuddly toys. The cribs even have mobiles on them with little sheep. And the old rocking chair in the attic is now clean and in the corner of the nursery with a puffed up cushion. Even though the nursery is perfect Alice still feels like something is missing. She knows what it is, but refuses to admit it.
She hasn’t left the house for two weeks, even Betty’s friends are asking after her. Most days Alice just sits in the nursery reading the baby books she brought. Three months. It’s been three months since the twins were born and she doesn’t even know their birthday. Polly still doesn’t reply to her texts and calls of “please come home” or “we miss you” or “how are you? How are the twins?” Betty doesn't even hear from Polly anymore. Chic comes and gives her the nightlight she gave him when Betty rushed him home injured, “put it in the nursery, Alice.” He still doesn’t call her ‘mom’, she doubts he ever will.
Hal was meant to be home at 2pm, it’s now 7, Alice thinks about calling him but he’s probably still at the register. Betty comes home at 8, dragging Jughead and FP through the door, “your favourite, on the house.” A strawberry milkshake and onion rings? How does he remember and what does he want? Still not hungry, but she eats it. For Betty. They all sit down in the kitchen, all three of them tell her how they’re worried, FP lectures her on not giving up. “I’ve been there, Ali.” FP and Jughead leave at 9:30 and Alice tries to go bed but Betty doesn’t let her, “I just want to talk a bit longer, mom.” Great.
It’s at 10pm when Hal walks through the front door holding one baby and Polly holding another. “Surprise honey!”
Alice has never cried so much in her life.
Oh, she can't wait to show Polly the nursery.
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crowsvalentine · 3 years ago
Heyyy I love your Kanej fics and headcanons so much! :D Could you please do headcanons about them moving into a house together?Please! :D
Awww thank you so much!!!!
Okay, so I have two headcanons for this
One by @stardustsroses because I literally love her fic that covers this
But like I also had my own idea from wayyyy back that I vaguely remember and still sorta love
I feel like Kaz loves the city too much to move out of it
And that he wouldn’t trust his Dregs enough to be so far from them
So he literally buys the house next door to the Slat without telling anyone
Because the two houses connect so he knocks down the wall in the attic
So no one really knows that they actually live next door and not just in his room upstairs since they never use their front door in the new place
(If you’re confused, They enter through the Slat, go up to the attic, where it’s just one giant room now with next door’s attic)
Inej thinks it’s too much at first but Kaz likes to be cautious, obviously 
The house is so pretty from inside
Mrs. Ghafa helps decorate it but it’s mostly Inej
She likes it to feel like one of the wagons she used to live in while traveling 
While still looking like a Kerch home
The walls are soundproofed tho, because The Slat can get loud sometimes and Kaz likes his home to be quiet with Inej
Their bedroom is the entirety of both attics, it has a bathroom with running water  and he builds a window seat for Inej to feed the crows from
The main floor has the most beautiful kitchen, if Inej was much of a cook she’d spend every second in there without minding at all
There’s also a lot of shelves, shelves on shelves of books
It’s all just so cozy with rugs and comfy couches
The second floor is Kaz’s office, an empty room that they always look in and smile to themselves about when the other one isn’t around, and another bathroom they put in that’s mostly for Kaz so he doesn’t have to keep climbing steps
He keeps his office at the Slat, obviously, but he has one in their home as well, for times he wants to be with Inej but has late night/early morning things to finish
And like private work for him and Inej, like house bills and mundane shit like that
His office is this deep red colour with dark, almost black, wood and it’s the darkest room in the place because it’s the only part of the house that Kaz had complete control over
The rest of the house, the walls are this dark brown colour that just makes everything so warm
Okay, enough about how the house looks
Kaz asked her to move in with him one night while they were laying in bed at the Van Eck mansion
“I know you love it here, you don’t have to say yes, I just thought it would be more-”
“Yes. Yes I’ll move in with you.”
And that was that
Kaz is so nervous because he doesn’t know how she’ll like living next to the Slat
Because she doesn’t know at first
“Kaz I thought we were going to see the house? Why are we in the Slat?”
He smiles at her and just keeps walking up the steps to his old room
“But this is your room- Oh…”
“You don’t like it.”
“No, Kaz, I couldn’t love it more. The Slat will always be my home, it’s nice being so close.”
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softpine · a year ago
hi my love! i'd really love to have an insight on how you approached building your recent home with the barn, etc etc. i've always had issues with using certain build buy objects to make a home look very realistic and i wonder if you have any tips? i'm such a trash builder but i wanna learn!! have a good day! thank you so much (':
hey!! first, i went on google images and found real houses with similar exteriors to what i was going for. i saved a ton of them lmao:
Tumblr media
but in my opinion, you should only use these as general references, not 1:1 copies. trust me, i tried lmao but the proportions of sims are much different than real life, so that’s how i ended up with that weird shaped monstrosity at first 😔 for me, this is the hardest part of building. but don’t give up!! restart it if you have to (god knows i did.... lmao)
once you have the general shape that you want, try to make it look more unique! play around with the foundation level, landscaping tools, add chimneys,  etc. especially if you’re going for an older style house, there’s always weird nooks and crannies to make it special. try to avoid perfect square shaped rooms at all costs, but don’t make the layout so weird that you’ll have a hard time furnishing it. (even an open closet or a pantry can make a box shaped room look unique!)
at this point, i put a few pieces of furniture inside to use as a size reference while i’m doing the layout. once the inside walls are in place, then i start doing the windows. pay attention to how they look on the outside first, and then adjust them from the inside if they look weird. you might have to change your layout a little to make them fit right.
once the entire exterior shape is done, it’s up to you whether you want to start landscaping or decorating the inside! i usually landscape first. in the case of this farmhouse, i built the barn and mapped out where i want the cornfields & cows to go. then i started landscaping (and by that i mean throwing wildflowers and trees absolutely everywhere lmao. i was going for a more overgrown, rustic look, but keep in mind what kind of vibe you’re going for!! ex: an ultra modern house likely won’t have overgrown plants in the front lawn)
and then i decorate! this is the most fun part to me :’) i love using things like wooden beams, half walls & arches, built-in cupboards, under-stair storage, fireplaces, etc. to add interest to the space. also, doing an accent wall of wallpaper helps to liven up a room. then... clutter!! everywhere! lmao this is the best part, i just throw shit in there. look around your own house and pay attention to where clutter seems to accumulate. dishes by the sink, extra toilet paper in the bathroom (i fucking wish...), dirty clothes on the bedroom floor, papers/mail on desks, candy wrappers next to the trash can, shoes by the front door, mud by the dog bed, etc. also: rugs, plants, magazines/books, empty mugs, and kids toys can go anywhere!
i hope that helped!! 💖💖
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rattusrattus3 · a year ago
im moving into a new room soon! nd i was wondering if you had any tips on gettig a nice foresty/cave like aes and feeling in there.
Ohh!!! thank you for asking yes i would love to share some things!!!
I like to hang fabric from my wall or cieling with thumb tacks, if you have some silky/flowy/tattered Green or brown fabric on cieling that could be fun
Im sure u like nature and mybe have collections of things from natures?get bowls or jars! store and display ur fun things....Bowls of moss bones crystals etc super good 
Everything on the floor (including ur bed)
Hang pieces of pine and cedar etc from the ceiling on strings
Keep plants/succulents (plant in unconventional containers like coffee pots and mugs and boots (make sure u put rocks in the bottom for drainage if u use weird containers)
Posters and print outs of forests, animals etc
Feathers on the wall
Wall hangings with wood and green wool and feathers and stuff (diy wall hanging example) just use cool green or mossy looking/fuzzy wool! hang feathers and bells and things u find in nature in it!!!
Press flowers and leaves and use these to decorate posters and things on ur wall
Mushroom lights??? or buy them
A hammock in ur room would be like #goals
Shower curtain of a forest/valley meadow on your wall? My old roommate had one like this (link)
Weird Knick knacks and pottery from the thrift store of frogs mushrooms mythical creatures and fairies and stuff
In fact if u have fairy ornaments and can hang them on the cieling or off walls it would be so cool
I get long wreaths of plastic leaves or ivy and just pin them around the room and off shelves and stuff i get them from thrift stores but here is a smilar product 
Clutter is cute imo
If u have outdoor scavenger gear like a cool backpack or clippers or a field not book have those gave a special spot in ur room >:)
Terrariums me fremd
Cut and put up pages of botany and nature books from long ago from thriftsores !! or buybotany posters online  
I hope that helps thanks again for asking 0:) 
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