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I got this idea when rumors came out that Annabelle escaped and someone made a post about a fight between The Professor and Annabelle and so this came out of that. 

Puppet History is my favourite show on Watcher and the best part are the musical numbers. I’m absolutely obsessed with the songs! They’re all bops! Also love The Professor!

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You click on the newest episode of Postmortem. Everything goes as it usually does, the boys answer questions, there’s banter all throughout, and hilarity ensues. After a while, the end of the video seems to come near, Ryan starting, “That does it for this episode of Buzzfeed Unsolved Postmortem,” and continuing on with the usual outro—but something is off. Something is different. Out of the corner of your eye you see Shane fiddling around, bringing his phone up and tapping with intent, an action he hasn’t seem to have done at the end of a postmortem in a while. Your heart leaps, and as your gaze becomes glued on Shane, Ryan’s shifts and fixes on him as well, and he goes quiet for a moment before murmuring, “Wait… wait a minute…” A cheeky yet giddy smile then appears across Shane’s lips as he shifts in his seat, bringing his phone up as he situates himself before resting his elbows on the table. He then looks down at his phone and begins to speak. “Our weekly Q and A concluded, I now welcome you to the part of the show we call…” he pauses for dramatic effect and looks right into the camera, and your breath hitches, heart beating frantically as you move your lips to whisper along with him: “The Hot Daga.”

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George, taunting Dream: Yeah, I’m dumb! Sapnap is even dumber than me!

Sapnap: That’s not- how dare you?

George, whispering: It’s a bit, I didn’t mean it.

Sapnap: Okay. Yes, I’m dumber than George!

George: I meant it.

Sapnap: You son of a bitch.

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welcome to watchernatural! 

i figured i should make some kind of introduction post before i get into the chaos. i started watching bfu and watcher recently and i’ve been watching supernatural for a while so,,,,here we are. i’m not a writer or an artist so this is going to be more Concepts than any kind of art or actually fics or anything. at least thats the plan for now

a basic explanation is under here, so you can know what you’re getting into without making this too long

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i have so many responsibilities but i so very desperately want to drop off the face of the planet not in a death way oh no no i want to be a cryptid who’s only spotted once in a blue moon and nobody knows if a truly exist and one day buzzfeed unsolved will cover me and i’ll fuck with ryan the entire time while when shane comes to talk to the forest ghost i’ll simply walk out of the trees and we will sit down and have a conversation and afterwards i’ll be like “try and make me seem extra spooky” and he will say ok and continue on my legend is that to much for a girl to want

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i am continuously baffled by the fact that there are certain places the ghoul boys are not allowed to go ,,,,,, like i know for a fact that the locations mentioned allow both paranormal investigations and on site filming but they keep saying that they won’t let them in ,,,,, shane and ryan What Did You Do

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