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Hello I made a post about this and got feedback, but I was curious what your thoughts would be. I want to write a one shot for a BB proposal, and there may or may not be a serenade involved 👀 lol so just wondering who do you think would: 1. Propose and 2. Propose by serenading? Or do you think either of them would? Thanks in advance this'll help me a ton 🙂

See I’m torn because I firmly believe that Blake would be the one to propose but then I can more see Yang as someone who would serenade her partner as a proposal. If Blake was a little drunk though I can also see her pulling something like that, so I guess I’m just gonna say it could work either way and it’s up to you lol.

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it's so interesting that antis claim team dynamics will be ruined in regards to bumbleby, but have nothing to say when ruby and weiss didn't even hang out with each other (rip my whiterose heart tho). Like their team is fine not being all together ALL the time, and team ORNJ are fine too clearly, because Jaune and Oscar didn't join Nora and Ren. They just wanna find dumb excuses for bb not to be canon and we'll just keep poppin the biggest bottles over here bc of the validation we got this chap
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anyway yang would never tell blake she owes her anything and sun is a good boy overall, but this manga chapter just wasn't it chief lol. Glad it's not really canon at least and our actual canon has that beautiful scene with them talking and has their character arcs fleshed out more :)


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