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#by god I can’t wait to buy decorations
sexybaldwin · 4 days ago
Me when I see the first hint of an autumn leaf on the floor
Tumblr media
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pies-writes-and-more · 7 months ago
Karasuno boys when you wander away
Tumblr media
Characters: Tsukishima Kei, Dachi Sawamura, Asahi Azumane, & Kageyama Tobio, all with a Fem!Reader
Warnings: probably some swearing but nothing besides that :) 
A/N: So this is somewhat based on my IRL relationship haha. I’m very bad with just walking away or getting distracted by something and always worry my partner xD thought it would make for some cute headcanons! Let me know if you’d like more!
Haikyuu Masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tsukishima had only looked away for a moment. He walked towards a fresh fruit stand, glancing at the peaches and wondering if you wanted one to snack on on the way home. He glanced back and his lips parted to ask you, but you were no where to be seen.
His lips turned into a frown, trying not to give into that small moment of panic as his eyes scanned the outside market. You were no where to be found nearby. His heart pulsed harder against his chest as his mind reminded him of that news story of girls going missing in public places. Tsukishima pushed through people, giving half-assed apologies as he thought about you being dragged away and no one noticing. How had he not noticed? How would he find you? What should he do now?
His heart raced as he continued to look for you, giving out a small yelp when he felt someone grab his hand.
“Tsukki?” You were suddenly next to him, smiling innocently up at him. “Are you okay?”
The rush of relief that came with seeing you next to him was followed with frustration. “Idiot! Where did you wander off to?” He scolded, his hand tightening on yours.
“There was a puppy,” you admitted with slight embarrassment, smiling shyly. “I just gave him a couple of pats - he looked so lonely. Everyone was ignoring him,” you explained, nodding towards an older man who was dozing off on a bench. He had a leash in his hand and a large dog sat next to his feet, eagerly watching people was if begging for someone to pet him.
Tsukishima shook his head in disbelief, “You scared me for a dog? Moron,” he grumbled, pulling you further into the market. He didn’t want to be in such a big crowd right now.
You giggled, trying not to note the redness in his ears, “Aw I’m sorry Tsukki, I didn’t mean to scare you.” You tugged on his arm gently, trying to give him an apologetic smile but he kept looking away from you.
“Whatever, get yourself lost for all I care,” he pouted slightly and you tried your best not to laugh at how such a tall boy could act like a 4 year old.
“I’ll stay with you, promise. Won’t ever leave your side!” you insisted, clutching his arm and beaming up at him.
Tsukishima glanced at your smile, noticing it looked... almost playful? “What?” He raised an eyebrow, already knowing he wasn’t going to like the answer.
“You care about me,” you teased, reaching up to poke his nose playfully. “You were worried about me because you careeee about me.” You had expected him to pull his arm away, stomp off until you apologized for making fun of him.
But instead he just rolled his eyes, flicking your forehead gently, “Maybe just a bit.”
That surprised you just a little, your heart skipping a beat or two in response, “I am sorry, Tsukki, I didn’t think I went off that far. It just got really crowded,” you told him sincerely, squeezing his hand gently. “But lucky for me! You’re so tall so it’s easy to find you!”
Tsukishima scoffed some more but blushed anyways, feeling now like he had overreacted, “Whatever. You’re buying me a snack to make it up to me, idiot.”
“Mmkay!” You beamed, the two of you roaming the market together. Tsukishima pretended like he had completely forgotten the whole thing, but you noticed that he never let go of your hand that easily after that. And he always kept you close in crowded areas.
So yeah, maybe Tsukishima Kei really did care for you.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Daichi is a calm cool collected dude. Calm. Cool. Collected. It was as if he was chanting these words in his brain, eyes frantically trying to find you. CALM COOL COLLECTED, he desperately tried to remind himself. Everything is FINE.
But that still didn’t answer the question: where the hell could you have gone off to?
It was one of the first big matches that Daichi ever invited you too and the crowds were 10x bigger than anything you’ve been to. Daichi’s whole body trembled with the idea that you were completely lost and waiting for him to find you.
“I’m sure she’s alright, Daichi! Y/N’s probably just exploring,” Asahi clapped a hand onto his friend’s shoulder, though Daichi could tell he was nervous too.
“Stop being such worry-bums,” Suga insisted, smacking both of their arms. “Y/N can be as scary as the rest of us! No one would pick on her!”
You were fully capable of dealing with things yourself, Daichi knew this. But he felt a surge of protective energy anytime he felt you needed him. “I’ll be right back,” he mumbled to his friends, his feet quickly running around the gyms to try and catch a glimpse of you.
“Daichi!” Your voice made his eyes widen, darting around to try to find you. Suddenly, he was attacked with a full on jump hug, staggering backwards to keep them upright.
“Y-Y/N! Where’ve you been?” Daichi asked with a laugh, holding you tightly and trying to avoid showing you how nervous he was.
“Coach Ukai told me Hinata left his shoes in the bus so I went to grab it before the game! Shimizu-san and Yachi were both busy so I wanted to help!” You explained, smiling up at him while holding the little bag up for him to see. Your eyes flickered over Daichi’s for a moment, noting the slight blush on his cheeks and the way he couldn’t fully meet your gaze. You couldn’t help but let out a giggle, your lips turning into a little smirk, “Were you worried about me, Daichi?” You teased and laughed as his face turned even more red.
“Well I can’t win without my lucky charm on the stands,” he chuckled, ruffling your hair.
“Oh and I just thought you liked me,” Y/N shot back with a laugh. “Didn’t know it was just cause of your game.”
You turned on your heel, starting to walk back to the gym, Daichi following while stammering out a, “I-I do liked you!” He tried to laugh off his nerves, rubbing the back of his neck as he gave you a smile, “Don’t make me all nervous before a game, love!”
You two shared some more laughs as everyone warmed up, and just before you headed to the stands, you pressed a quick kiss to his cheek. Daichi tried to play it off cool but he was wobbly the whole walk towards the team and the group of boys just laughed, all slapping his back in pride. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Unlike the Cap’n, Asahi is not calm, cool, or collected. I mean I think he’s cool but not in this sense LOL.
Asahi and you decided to have a picnic for lunch in a nearby park. But while he was setting up, you magically disappeared and Asahi felt all of his panic just intensify.
Did you? Leave him? To be on his own? Was this your way of breaking up with him?
No, Asahi tried to convince himself, you loved him. You guys had been together for almost a year now, that’s not how you’d end thins... is it?
Maybe you got lost? Did Asahi walk a little too fast to this spot? He knew sometimes you had a hard time keeping up with his long legs but he thought you had been holding his hand this whole time.
His eyes scanned the somewhat busy park. He couldn’t find you anywhere. His heart was starting to beat way too fast and his fingers were shaking while he tried to text the other third years to ask what the hell he should do.
Suga: LOL knowing Y/N she probably saw some cute chipmunk or something and stopped to take a photo of it
Daichi: don’t worry, Asahi, she’ll probably find you soon - you’re this gigantic dude in a park. I doubt she’d lose you
That didn’t help. Now Asahi was noticing how parents and kids were specifically avoiding him. His bottom lip pouted as he wondered just what he could do to seem less intimidating. Should he sit down? No, what if you were trying to see him? Sitting would only make it harder!
Just as he was considering climbing up the nearby tree to see the park from a higher distance, you popped out from some nearby bushes, holding a few wildflowers.
“Asahi?” You blinked in surprise, finding him trying to find a foothold on the tree. “Are we... eating in the tree?”
“Y/N!” The poor boy almost knocked his head on the tree when he turned around to see you, eyes widening. He immediately ran over to you and twirled you around in a hug, “God, you scared me!” 
You quickly apologized profusely seeing how nervous he was, “I’m sorry, Asahi! I saw some pretty flowers over there and thought maybe it would be nice to decorate our tablecloth with!” You kiss his nose and cheeks over and over again trying to get him to calm down (but really that’s just making him more flustered).
The two of you share a gorgeous meal together, and you spend the rest of the day with his head in your lap and you braiding his hair, intertwining some of the flowers you found. The two of you talked about everything and anything and Asahi made sure from that day forward, he could always spot you. Any time you guys weren’t holding hands or standing next to each other, everyone noticed that Asahi’s eyes would dart over to you every now and then, whether consciously or unconsciously. 
When he got home that night, he pressed the flowers you put in his hair in a book and kept them as a keepsake. And then gave them to you in a gift for your anniversary later.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kageyama would start feeling panic and wouldn’t even know why. The game was starting soon and something just didn’t feel right. His muscles? No… he felt in tiptop shape. He stretched a little extra today too to make sure he wasn’t feeling stiff. His stomach? No, he made sure to have some food and milk a little earlier. And he wasn’t feeling nauseous so it couldn’t be that. His hands? No, they felt perfect in fact. He was so excited for this game earlier, he had felt the anticipation running to his fingers to just set the perfect ball. So why was he feeling so uncomfortable?
His eyebrows furrowed as he tried to think about what was making him feel different. His eyes scanned the crowd unconsciously before realizing what it was.
You weren’t standing up there with the rest of the Karasuno fans.
Where the hell were you?
His feet moved towards the gym doors before Ukai yelled at him, “Where the hell do you think you’re going, Kageyama? The game is staring soon!”
Kageyama’s eyes widened, noting the whole team watching him curiously. Why did Kageyama seem so nervous? He never seemed nervous.
“Don’t worry, Kageyama, with my spikes better than ever, we’re definitely going to win!” Hinata grinned, trying to lighten the tense air in the team.
“I’m not worried, just don’t be stupid on the court,” Kageyama replied, shrugging it off. But his eyes still scanned the stands. Where were you? You had said hello to the whole and wished Kageyama luck just a few minutes ago? So how come you weren’t standing up there with Coach’s friends and Yachi?
The whistle blew to indicate the game starting and Kageyama felt his stomach turn. Why was he feeling like this? You were probably fine so what did it matter?
You had been buying some milk from the nearby vending machines to make sure that Kageyama had some after his game. You knew that he had accidentally finished all the ones he had packed earlier and had been kinda crabby about it so you thought maybe it would cheer him up. You had stood in line for the vending machine for what felt like forever but it was all worth it knowing that you could throw the milk boxes into your lunch bag to keep them cool. Knowing Kageyama would be excited about it made you really happy.
As you walked back towards the gym, you could hear cheering. Your eyes widened as you realized that the game had already started and you ran towards the stands.
“Y/N! There you are!” Yachi’s smile looked oddly nervous. Not that she wasn’t normally nervous at these games, but this one seemed different. “I think something’s wrong with Kageyama.”
Your eyes shot down to the court, seeing how stiff Kageyama looked next to everyone else. They were patting him on the back, yelling “We’ll get the next one!” and Noya screaming, “BRING IT ON!”
“He was looking for you in the stands earlier I think,” Yachi told you with a small giggle, “He looked really nervous when he couldn’t see you.”
Your heart swelled slightly, wondering if Kageyama was off his game because he hadn’t been able to see you. “Kageyama!!” You yelled from the stands, cupping your hands around your mouth. The dark haired boy’s head shot up to look at you, a sense of relief growing on his face. “You can do it!!” You screamed some more, the people on the stands behind you yelling in support.
Even from far away, you could see his lips turn upward in a smile.
Alright, you both thought to yourself. Now we can get started.
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l4verq · 5 months ago
sundays | b.b
bucky barnes x reader
in which you buy him furniture
warnings : fluff
fic : one shot
Tumblr media
it was a joke at first.
horrified when you’d learned he slept on the floor, had one tv that would turn on three out of five tries, you’d bought him a rug right there in that little run down shop.
it was the fuzzy, plush kind that your body just sank into.
see this? it’s a rug, people use this to decorate their houses.
to which he’d rolled his eyes, i’m fine with how i’m living.
but he let you stuff it in his bag anyway.
send me a picture of it.
he lazily reached into his pockets, taking out a flip phone?
he’d snickered at your shocked expression as he waved it back and forth.
you were surp- no, you were just disturbed.
apalled. confused.
see this? you have to press these buttons to use it.
you’d flicked him off, rolling your suitcase around to leave.
it’d been two long weeks undercover and all you wanted was to get home to your bed.
that night bucky couldn’t sleep.
he couldn’t decide just where to place the rug.
maybe he should sleep on it? but it also looked nice at the doorway.
his phone chimes as he settles on sleeping on it.
ᄊᄊ did you place it??
oh wait you cant see the emojis
no, it’s hideous.
- bucky
he falls back on his pillow, hitting send.
the rug was pretty comfortable.
:( it’s not
and ur doing it again -.-
right, the name thing.
sorry, old habits
where was that damn colon.
the next afternoon, he’s standing in front of a porcelain vase, floor covered in package filler.
it’s murky black with little ridged patterns running across.
why is an amazon prime
delivery at my house
he sets it next to the tv, scarfing down a bowl of oats for lunch.
technically it was breakfast for him cause he just woke up.
but he can’t focus on watching tv cause something’s off.
it’s too empty, the vase.
so he reluctantly gets up, stares at it one more time before reaching for his jacket.
fishing out crumpled notes from his pockets, he counts them.
how much did flowers cost nowadays?
the gifts started coming in weekly.
fake plants, a hanging mirror, a frame with a picture of a cow dancing.
each time he’d come up to you with that same look on his face.
a baking tray? what am i going to do with that?
“bake?” you shrug, flaunting your sparkly acrylics at him, “pretty, right?”
after that one nasty brawl in romania, you’d been walking around with sad, ugly nails beds for far too long.
“we’re literally leaving for the quinjet in an hour,” he sighs, taking a seat next to you, “you’re gonna break them again.”
you pull your lower lip, “all i want is pretty nails.”
he pouts too, “life’s so hard, isn’t it?”
“you don’t know the pain i go through when i have to literally fish them out from the ground.”
he chortles, eyes wide.
“you mean, when you force me to look for them too?”
“that’s what friends. are. for.” you punctuate by poking his hand with your nail.
“we’re co-workers.” he gruffs, nodding to the pages sprawled on the table.
it was the day you two dreaded most, writing mission reports.
“i wrote most of it last time so it’s your turn now.” he slides over a pen.
“co-workers? i thought we were besties by now.” you cross your arms, narrowing your eyes at him.
“you’re not my bestie.” he rolls his eyes at the onset of just pure offense on your face.
“who is it then? sam? john?”
you knew just how to annoy him to the point raynor’s rules flew out the window.
but god were you endearing with that little smile peeking through.
“i’m a hundred and nine years old. i don’t have besties.”
of course you’d get him to say that godforsaken word twice in ten seconds.
and he saw it every sunday now, on a new delivery like clockwork.
when your sunshine’s (me) not around
- bestie xx
he grabs the exacto knife, he’d gotten specifially for opening said packages and slits through the taped sides.
it’s a bedside lamp, an old man sleeping soundly on the packaging.
he cracks into a smile, something he’d been doing every sunday recently.
setting it beside the rug, he looks around his apartment.
he could barely recognise it now.
it looked... homey?
it’s a slight pause before sam replies with a suspicious hey back.
“how’s.. your day?” he crumples his face in cringe, hand clenched over his forehead.
he hears a chuckle.
“what do you want?”
“why would you assume i’m calling you because i want something?”
“because this is the first time you’re calling me.”
okay, fair enough.
he slowly phrases his question, “hypothetically speaking, if i were to get something for someone, a woman, what should i get her?”
“what does y/n like?”
he furrows his brows, “how do you know it’s for her?”
“she’s been sending you furniture for two months now, i think it’s long overdue.”
“i don’t know what to get her.” he sighs, tilting his head back against the wall.
he’d tried but everything he thought you’d like just ended up in the spare room.
“maybe you don’t get her something, maybe you do something, put that apron to use.”
he rolls his eyes, “you’re not making any sense.”
sam has to physically hold in a tiny scream.
“i’m talking about a dinner date, you do know how to cook right?”
bucky frowns, “date? i’m not gonna ask her on a date.”
he’d never see a day without you teasing him if he ever asked you out.
“why?” sam asks, flatly.
bucky shrugs, “i don’t know, what if she says no.”
“well, have you tried asking?”
countless times but he’d always back out the last second.
kinda what he’s contemplating doing right now as his finger hovers over the send button.
did you have dinner?
it’s an agonising ten minutes before your reply pings.
it’s 11 in the morning!?
fuck, he just sounds like an idiot now.
haha i meant breakfast
he groans, sinking into his couch.
also, you like the lamp?
he looks over at it propped up next to his sleeping... situation.
it looked perfect.
it clashes with the
if only i knew your
house’s color palatte :(
i could describe it
his heart races as he types.
or you could come over
time seems to slow down as he waits for that ping!
why did he listen to sam? you probably think he’s stepping over the lines.
no, you’re probably crafting a sarcastic rejection right now and it-
like a date?
super casual dinner
he smiles at the little colon and bracket, how could two random symbols be so endearing.
a/n : idk how i feel about this one lol🥴🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️
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we-love-imagines · 4 months ago
Could we get Hcs for the Jojos with a pregnant s/o?
This ask was such a nice surprise because a family member of mine just had a baby this past week! Babies and pregnancy have been my life as of late, what a funny coincidence! So excited to write this one!
This doesn’t include Gappy because I haven’t gotten far into part 8 yet. Also, I kept the reader’s pronouns gender neutral! 
Warnings: mentions of pain during childbirth, morning sickness, depressive thoughts and some subtle spoilers for part 7 during Johnny’s section. Completely SFW!
Jojo’s With a Pregnant S/O
Tumblr media
~Jonathan is so excited! Maybe a little too excited... right after you tell him, he’ll start asking about names, what color the nursery should be, who the godparents are, and all of that junk. You’ll have to calm him down and remind him that you both have 9 months to get this all sorted out!
~Jonathan suddenly becomes really scared of hurting you. He’s always been gentle with you before- he’s a big guy who doesn’t know his own strength, and he’s accidentally hugged you a little too hard a few times- but while you’re pregnant he becomes very aware of this. He’s almost afraid to touch you out of fear of hurting the baby. This fear kicks into high gear when your bump starts to become visible. Even if you comfort him, his gentlemanly nature will make him apprehensive. Maybe you can convince him to channel that frightened energy into something more productive- like baby-proofing the house!
~While he’s not the brightest, Jonathan is just the biggest sweetheart. He tends to not remember little details, like forgetting to buy an actual crib and not just decorations when he goes shopping for the nursery. However, you know he means well, because he goes above and beyond for emotional support during your pregnancy. He plans you the best baby shower and gender reveal parties anyone has ever thrown, and his kind nature makes him prone to some sickeningly-sweet moments. He’ll bring home children’s books and read them to your bump, or politely ask to feel it when you tell him you felt a kick. You can tell by the smile on his face and the way his eyes sparkle how excited he is to be a dad, and you know he’ll be a good one, too!
~On delivery day, he really tries to be calm for you. He really does. However, when Jonathan sees you in so much pain, he can barely contain his own fears. He knew childbirth was painful, but it looked like you were dying! After asking if something was wrong for the 800th time, one of the midwives drags him outside of the delivery room to wait with all of your friends and family. He can’t bring himself to sit down, no matter how long your labor is, and he can’t stop shaking. After the longest few hours of both of your lives, the midwives call him back in, and he bolts to your side. You look exhausted, but the image of you holding his newborn child is nearly angelic to him. When he sees you smile, all of his anxieties disappear as he sits beside you, protectively wrapping his massive arms around his now complete family.
~And yes, he catches just the slightest glimpse of the baby’s head coming out as he’s hurried out of the room. He’s scarred for life.
Tumblr media
~Immediately makes a bet on the gender. When I say immediately I mean immediately- the words “I’m pregnant” have barely left your mouth before he says “I’ll bet one hundred bucks it’s a boy.” Of course he’s ecstatic and smiling like a madman, but he couldn’t help it, he got this intense gut feeling right off the bat! So now, you two have a bet going throughout your entire pregnancy on the baby’s gender. As friends get in on the bet, the pool of money on the line gets larger and larger, until everyone is waiting with bated breath to see what comes out of you on delivery day. So- at least you know you have a lot of support during this pregnancy!
~Joseph is usually a pretty affectionate guy, always trying to sneak kisses and hugs from you, but he becomes strangely sentimental when you get pregnant. His brand of affection becomes a lot less cheeky and more earnest, as he just wants to spend some more peaceful, quiet moments with you. Playful tickle-fights become lazy afternoons where he holds you close, quietly rubbing your stomach as he recounts how you two first met. At first, this worries you; Joseph is never this calm! When you point this out, he tells you that he’s just feeling sappy, and that he can’t believe you two are going to have your own little family soon. While he still has his fair share of loud, bombastic moments of affection that are so perfectly ‘Joseph,’ these new, quieter moments are nice too.
~He isn’t the most comforting person, if we’re being completely honest. He doesn’t really have a filter, so sometimes things he shouldn’t say just slip out. When your bump starts showing, you definitely get a few comments like, “Woah babe! You’re huge!” He’ll apologize if you confront him about it, of course, and make it up to you, but if you’re having a hyper-emotional pregnancy you can’t really trust him to say the right things to calm you down. When you start crying, he just panics, and he has no idea what to say or do.
~Joseph is a smart guy, and thanks to some lessons from Granny Erina, picks up on the ins-and-outs of childcare pretty quickly. He’s constantly practicing changing diapers on baby dolls, lecturing you on how much sleep you should be getting, and out buying things in preparation for delivery day. In a way, he prepares for this baby like he prepared for his battle with the Pillarmen, intense training and all! This desire to be the best dad that ever was carries over to how he cares for you. He helps you stay active without straining yourself, taking you out for walks in the park or wading around in the pool.  Ready to satisfy your unpredictable midnight cravings, he always keeps his coat nearby in case he has to run to the general store at some crazy hour of the morning. He also insists you two figure out the nursery early on in the pregnancy so you could help out  and not have to worry about it when your body started to hinder your mobility. Joseph really puts his game-face on after the initial shock of your announcement, much to your (pleasant) surprise.
~When your water breaks, Joseph starts phoning everyone who had money on your bet, and they’re all already there when you arrive at the hospital. Speedwagon and Lisa Lisa look especially nervous- they have put a lot of money on this wager. Joseph, for once, also looks nervous, but that is mainly because you’re is screaming and crying and a baby is coming out of you right now and oh my god he’s gonna be a dad soon- needless to say, you’re both a bit of a mess. His immediate reaction to seeing you upset is to try and make you laugh, so he starts trying to tell you jokes as they wheel you into the delivery room. Emphasis on trying- you quickly put a stop to that by squeezing his hand so hard that he can hear the bones breaking. 
~Once all of the pain and anguish of childbirth is over, the doctor announces with a smile that you two have had a healthy baby girl. You turn to him, expecting to say something snarky about losing the bet, but you’re surprised when he just starts tearing up and smiling. As you both hold your newborn daughter, he just has so much love in his eyes. He can’t stop talking about how beautiful she looks and just how lucky he is to have the two of you.
Tumblr media
~I know I’ve used this gif before but I couldn’t resist!
~Jotaro... doesn’t really know how to feel. His number one fear is someone trying to come after him by hurting his family, and now that family is expanding. While he’s glad to be taking such a big step with you, and he loves you and your future child more than anything, he’s going to be a big ball of nerves the whole time. Because of this, Jotaro essentially puts you on house arrest; he wants to have a constant eye on you to make sure no one can come and hurt you or the baby. Even if you insist you don’t need him to constantly be around you, he’ll still find a way to keep you safe. This usually entails favors from the Speedwagon foundation, like having some of its finest agents escort you from place to place. After everything that’s happened to him, he’s taking zero risks with you.
~Building off of that last point, all of this heightened emotion and protectiveness brings out a more affectionate side of Jotaro. While he certainly doesn’t become all lovey-dovey, he does tend to hold you closer for longer, have less qualms about PDA, and be more generous with his praise of you. When your bump starts showing, this only increases, and you see something no one has ever seen before- genuine excitement from Jotaro. His eyes light up as the two of you talk about your future family. He admits that you’ll probably be the one to come up with the baby’s name- he’s not the most creative person- but much to your surprise, he ends up suggesting a few really good ones! You also think he’d want nothing to do with the nursery, with him being a minimalist at heart, but he gets pretty into it! He paints the walls and builds a lot of the furniture himself, and while he leaves most of the decorating to you, you notice some cute stuffed animals he picked out sitting inside the crib. He also made sure the nursery was right next to his home office, not just for convenience, but to have an excuse to take a break from his work and visit the baby.
~Jotaro is quite the hard-ass when it comes to your pregnancy. While he specializes in marine biology, he’s taken quite a few regular bio classes, including a few on specifically mammals and humans. He knows what to do to ensure a safe, healthy pregnancy, and he’ll be a real stickler on your diet, sleep schedule, and exercise routine. That last one is especially rage-inducing later on in your pregnancy, when you can barely walk around the house, let alone get up and stretch. It’s a bit much at times, but you know all of his pushiness comes from a good place.
~When your water breaks, Jotaro is stone-faced. He’s never been good with outwardly showing emotions, and when he’s stressed, he tends to shut down even more. But, in a way, it’s kind of calming. Instead of having a partner who is freaking out and losing their mind, Jotaro just squeezes your hand as he drives you to the hospital. While he seems unfazed, you know he is secretly freaking out, but you appreciate how he tries to keep it all together for you. After a long couple of hours, all goes well, and the doctor places the baby in your arms. Jotaro is never one to cry, but when he sees their little hand reach out and wrap around his large finger, his heart melts. Pressing a kiss to both of your foreheads, Jotaro promises himself that he’ll never let anything hurt his family.
Tumblr media
~When you tell him, he totally has a “Jim from The Office” moment and just-
Tumblr media
~Josuke is a little naïve, but super excited! He’s not thinking about practical things like who’s gonna change diapers or when birthing classes are; Josuke’s more focused on the fun aspects of having a baby, like how cute baby shoes are. It’s only when you go to your first childcare class that he realizes how much work raising a child will be. Never one to back down from a challenge, Josuke starts (almost obsessively) practicing the parenting skills he learns from the classes. He times himself to see how fast he can change a diaper, tries squeezing big baby dolls into the tiny onesies, and tries his hand at mixing his own baby food. It’s a little alarming how he turns parenthood into a game- but hey, it takes a lot of stuff off your plate!
~Josuke was always nice, but he becomes quite the gentleman while you’re pregnant. He’s always insisting on opening doors for you, carrying all of your things, and helping you out around the house. As you get closer and closer to delivery, he starts doing more and more for you, to the point where he wants you to basically be stationary. He’ll insist you sit on the couch and relax while he does everything around the house, even the easiest of chores. While it’s cute, he does become a bit overbearing with it, so you’ll have to insist he lets you be a little more active.
~Early on in your pregnancy, Josuke is a little confused. While he learns a lot about babies from his mom and the parenting classes, he doesn’t know a lot about pregnancy. When you start getting morning sickness, strange cravings, or weird cramps, it completely freaks him out. You have to explain that these things are all normal and no, you’re not dying. He’ll always be there to help, but everything is definitely a huge learning curve for him.
~Josuke is proposing new baby names every five minutes. There are so many cool names out there, how can he choose just one? He’ll also suggest silly names in earnest (he’s the type to think that naming your kid Darth Vader is the coolest thing ever), but you’ll have to shoot down some of the crazier ones. He also dedicates a lot of time to decorate your nursery, calling Okuyasu and Koichi over to help him built the crib. While the gang’s hijinks leads to a lot of squabbling and wasted time, the nursery comes out very nice, decorated with light purple walls and toys gifted from friends all over Morioh. Showing his sweeter side, Rohan offered to paint a little mural from the nursery- it’s some of his best work.
~On delivery day, all of the knowledge Josuke has accumulated from the birthing classes has gone completely out the window. He’s scared shitless. In a panic, he ends up driving you to the hospital right after your water breaks, and the doctor has to tell him that it’s way too early. At least this gives him time to calm down and call everyone you guys want to be present at the birth. Once you start going into labor and having contractions, though, all hell breaks loose. Okuyasu has to keep him out of the delivery room until it’s over, because if he sees how much pain you’re in he will combust; but, it’s not like waiting outside is helping much, because he can still hear all of your carrying on and his mother loudly coaching you through the whole thing. Once everything is over and he’s called into the room, you can see all of the worry on his face wash away. He comes up to hold you and the baby close, and he can’t stop smiling. You suggest a name, and he thinks it’s perfect.
Tumblr media
~Giorno is very nervous when you first tell him you’re expecting. Growing up, he had a neglectful mother, an abusive stepfather, and (technically) two absentee fathers. Not having any good parental role models, he’s very scared that he’ll fall into some of their same pitfalls. He’ll need a lot of reassurance to realize that he’s better than that.
~Once he had time to get out of his funk, he’ll prioritize you over all else. Himself, his team, Passione- you become all he ever thinks about. He’ll set up a comfy couch in his office so he can keep an eye on you while he works. Early on in your pregnancy, he’ll give you some space, but once you start showing he starts completely doting on you. Giorno will always be close by.
~He seems to know what you need before you do. Giorno is a very observant person, and he is able to catch onto your ticks before you even notice them. When your legs start to wobble slightly, he beckons you to sit down, even before your feet start hurting. He always seems to have the foods your craving, however abstract, stashed away in some corner of the villa. He has a knack for planning ahead, so he does a lot of research in your first trimester, so he knows what to look out for.
~In the few quiet moments you share in between all of the mafia drama, Giorno loves to discuss baby names, nursery decorations, or go shopping with you. He has very expensive tastes, and you always come home with high-end, trendy baby clothes. The nursery is also fit for royalty, an expensive crib and fancy toys filling the space. He thought he could entrust Mista to paint the nursery on his own- let’s just say Giorno had to do some touch-ups himself.
~Giorno is always calm and collected, even on delivery day. He’s always been your rock, and while he’s internally freaking out, he’s completely focused on you and how you’re doing. Even if the doctors insist he step out, Giorno can’t bring himself to leave the delivery room. He’ll be by your side, talking you through the whole thing, his voice reassuring even as you scream and cry. Once the baby is born, however, all of that pent-up emotion releases as little tears of joy roll down his cheeks. Giorno never cries, but when he holds your child for the first time, he can’t stop. He thanks you over and over again for bringing your child into the world, and tells you that he’ll protect you both for as long as he lives.
Tumblr media
~Jolyne puts her game-face on immediately. She’s going to make this as easy as she can for you. Late-night grocery runs for cravings, foot & back rubs, and doing any strenuous task for you are all givens. She’ll really go above and beyond with you.
~She knows that mobility and safety are about to become huge problems for you, so she helps you pick up new hobbies that can be done inside. Jolyne gets pretty into some of them too; she really likes making baby clothes. After awakening her stand, she started learning how to sew and knit clothing (she thought it might be useful, with her string-based abilities), and making such tiny little socks and hats gets her so excited! She, somehow, is able to whip up baby clothes that look trendy, with cool patterns and unique shapes worked into every little garment. To no one’s surprise, butterflies manage to work their way into almost all of her designs.
~Jolyne already knows a lot about pregnancy from her health classes in school and she is ready. Right after you tell her, she goes out and buys a bunch of prenatal supplies and baby books. Like her dad, she’s always on you about what you eat and how much sleep you’re getting, but she’s definitely more relaxed about it. Later on in your pregnancy, when you’re basically just a waddling mess of hormones and cravings, she’s gonna stop being so bossy. All she wants is for your pregnancy to be as healthy as it can be.
~Jolyne is a very active person, and adjusting to the changes in your body takes a bit of work for her. She used to always drag you to the gym, beckon you outside to throw around a baseball, or go on a run with you when you guys needed to let some energy out. But now- you just can’t do those things anymore. As your pregnancy progresses and you get bigger and more delicate, Jolyne realizes just how tiring carrying a baby is. While she still wants you to be somewhat active, the runs turn into slow walks down the street and the intense gym sessions turn into yoga at home. Jolyne just hopes she can keep her muscles after the baby is born, and not fall into a ‘dad bod-’ she worked hard for her six-pack!
~One day the two of you sit down to discuss names, and she pulls out a very long list of names from an old notebook. From the chicken-scratch handwriting near the top, it looks like she’s been adding to this list of baby names ever since she was a kid. It’s no secret that Jolyne has a more girly side- one of her favorite pastimes is to curl up with you on the couch and watch cheesy rom-coms-  but finding out just how much Jolyne wants to be a mom is a little startling. She tells you about all of her favorite baby dolls from when she was little, and she even has a few old photos of them to show you. After the two of you put together the nursery, you notice a few of those old dolls and stuffies have made their way into the toybox.
~Delivery day is very stressful for the both of you. Jolyne is the kind of person who takes no bullshit, so when nurses and hospital staff try to rip her away from your side to fill out meaningless paperwork sets her off. Jolyne wants to be there for you every step of the way. Even when you start screaming and squeezing her hand raw, she stays by your side and takes it. Jolyne has always been your cheerleader, rooting for you when you whether you needed the encouragement or not, and this certainly won’t change that. When all is said and done, and they put the baby into your tired arms, Jolyne shows you that million-dollar smile that you fell in love with. Letting a few stray tears fall she places a little kiss to the baby’s forehead, laughing when a bit of her green lipstick leaves a mark.
Tumblr media
~SCARED. Johnny has made a fair amount of mistakes in his life, and he honestly thinks that he isn’t cut out to be a father. Despite your reassurances, there’s this horrible voice in the back of his head telling him that he shouldn’t even be alive, let alone making new life. Not to mention his issues with his own father- honestly, Johnny didn’t take the news very well. It’s disheartening, but you understand that he has a lot of trauma that keeps him from being able to take the news in stride. Unlike Giorno, it’ll take a long time for Johnny to come around and get excited. It’s not that Johnny doesn’t want to start a family with you, it’s just that Johnny doesn’t think he should be starting a family.
~When your hormones start acting up, Johnny starts to fear you. He knows the slightest misstep in his wording can have you sobbing or yelling at him, so he takes a lot of time to think over what he has to say. All sad books and movies mysteriously disappear from your house. The few times you do snap at him, however, Johnny just sits there and takes it. He’s very bad at comforting people, so he lets you get all of your rage/ tears out before he even reaches out to touch you. He knows you’re gonna be moodier and more sluggish as time goes on, but at least he doesn’t take your harsh words to heart. However, since he doesn’t want to set you off, he becomes your personal servant. You want him to run out at midnight to satisfy a random craving? Right away! Anything to keep you happy!
~Johnny really likes playing music for the baby. When you two are lazing about in the living room, he’ll pull out some old records and pull the gramophone close to your stomach. He also likes to think out loud about what your child will be like- will they like these songs? Do you think they’ll like riding horses? Do you think they’ll have your eyes? Johnny is just so curious about what kind of person you two will make. He hopes they’ll have more of your features and mannerisms as opposed to his, but part of him really hope your child will like horses. Johnny won’t admit it, but he’s really looking forward to teaching them how to ride. 
~Johnny ends up putting together a killer nursery. He decorates it with a few of the artifacts he had collected over the race, making your baby look far more cultured than any baby should be. He hopes that, one day, the baby will ask where all of these cool maps and dinosaur bones come from so he’ll have an excuse to tell them about all of his adventures. Gyro’s old teddy bears sit in the crib, and he set up two rocking chairs in the corner so you both could sit in there together. When it comes to names, however, Johnny struggles to come up with anything you both like too much. Though, you both agree on one thing: if your child is a boy, you’ll name him Julius. 
~When your water breaks, Johnny seems to be more panicked than you are. What if something goes wrong? Are the doctors prepared? What if he can’t get you there in time? This only gets worse as you start having contractions, Johnny going into a frenzy as he tries to calm the both of you down. When you get to the hospital, you realize you’ve never seen him so nervous. Johnny Joestar, the man who crossed an entire continent and defeated too many stand users to count, is shaking at the sight of you in so much pain. While part of him just wants to go sit in the waiting room, unable to see you in such a state, he resolves to stay by your side, no matter how distressing it may be. Even though he looks just as stressed as you, the way he holds your hand and talks you through everything helps you keep calm. When the baby is out and it’s finally over, Johnny watches as the doctor hands your child, and how you’re smiling despite all of the pain. When you ask him if you’d like to hold the baby, he moves slowly as he hesitantly goes to hold them, almost like he’s afraid they’ll break if he touches them. But, much to his surprise, the baby stops crying the moment Johnny holds them, and all of his fears melt away. Deep down, he knows everything is going to be alright.
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masnmounts · 7 days ago
fireman sam but sexy; mason mount
flirty mason
You have no idea why Ben decided it’d be a good idea for him to throw a Halloween party, you all could have easily just went to a club but no, he had to be difficult. You would have been perfectly fine with attending a party if Mason hadn’t somehow roped the two of you into helping decorate and set up. You’d been helping hang weird decorations and made halloween themed drinks for the most part of your day, arriving early in the morning which meant you’d had to get ready in your own costume in one of Ben’s spare bedrooms.
The only up side to that was that you and Mason had decided to keep your costumes a secret and surprise each other after you’d gotten ready. Having been with Mason for almost two years you knew the ins and outs of what he liked and knew just how to press his buttons and it hadn’t take long for you to choose the perfect outfit you knew would drive him mad. Mason had told you during one of your earlier dates that growing up he’d had a huge crush on Elizabeth Swann from Pirates of the Caribbean and so you’d decided this year, you were going to become Elizabeth Swann.
“Mason is probably going to collapse from heart failure when he sees you in that.” Ben lets out a low whistle when you waltz down the stairs and you can’t help but grin.
“Exactly the reaction I was hoping for.” You laugh softly and let your gaze travel alone Ben’s costume. “A doctor? Really?”
“I always thought I’d make a sexy doctor.” He shrugs. “Plus I’m dead so it’s still spooky.” You roll your eyes at him, smoothing your hands down the front of your extra short skirt.
“Where is Mason? Surely he’s not taking longer than me to get ready?” You lean around Ben to search for your boyfriend, eager for a glimpse of his costume.
“Went to buy some more vodka. And some sweets, he said he wanted to make vodka infused gummy bears.” You shake your head at this because of course he did.
“You need anything else doing?”
“I’m just hanging a few spiders from the doorways, you wanna do the living room?” You nod your head letting him lead you into the dining room to grab a huge fake spider and a chair to balance on before you drag them both to the living room.
You settle yourself on to the chair, your 5’1 frame doing absolutely nothing to help you reach Ben’s massive doorframes and so you’re attempting to stand on your tip toes having left your heels on the floor. With your arms over your head you attempt to tack the hair spider to the frame but nearly topple off the chair when you feel a pair of hands on your fishnet covered thighs.
Dropping your arms to your sides you quickly spin to see Mason grinning up at you, a cheeky sparkle to his eyes.
“Well, hello to you, Miss Swann.” He smirks, fingers pressing dents into your skin.
“God, you scared me, you idiot.” You lightly slap his hand, turning yourself back to try and tack the spider again.
“Who else would man handle you like this?” Mason asks, one hand curling around the front of your thigh. You swear your legs quiver slightly under his touch.
“Any perv at a party?” You feel Mason’s arms secure around your thighs, cheek pressed against your left one as he looks up at you, lifting you slightly off the chair.
“Quick do it now.” Mason’s added boost allows you to successfully hang the spider up and then you’re motioning for him to put you down, his gaze burning along your skin. “Twirl for me.”
“Wait, I need the heels.” You slip the five inch black heels back on, straighten out your pirate hat and then twirl for you boyfriend, hands out at your sides. Mason is standing right in front of you with his hands stuffed into a pair of protective fireman trousers, suspenders set around his bare shoulders. He’s gotten rid of a shirt and you just know you’re going to be drooling over him all night.
“You look fucking incredible, baby.” Mason’s hand snags at your waist, curling his arm around you so he can pull you against him. “Fuckin hell.” Your hands land on his chest and you playfully toy with the red suspenders.
“You look hot.”
“I look hot? Have you looked in the mirror? Sweetheart, I’m gonna be having dreams about you dressed like this for the rest of my life.” His hands move from your waist to the backs of your thighs, his nose brushing over yours.
“Which fireman are you meant to be?” You ask, voice a little breathless from the way Mason’s thumbs are directly brushing the curve where your ass meets your thighs.
“Fireman Sam. But y’know, sexier.”
“Definitely sexier.” Mason drops a kiss to the corner of your mouth.
“How long were you planning this outfit?” His hands have slid further up and he’s now completely gripping your bum in his hands.
“Few month. I bought everything in June.” You speak through the soft kisses he’s leaving on your lips. You curl your arms around the back of his neck, pressing yourself into his body.
“I think it’s the best costume I’ve ever seen. And that skirt.” Mason lets his eyes drop down slightly, gaze settling on your slightly exposed boobs for a few seconds before attempting to devour the rest of you. His hands give your bum one squeeze before he’s dragging them back around to your waist. “Think we can lose Chilly for a bit?”
“Why?” His mouth is directly over your ear, hot breath making your entire body shudder.
“Because I’m gonna take you upstairs and fuck you in that pretty little outfit and then see if you can still walk in those heels.”
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nsfwsebbie · 10 months ago
don’t feed it, it will come back.
summary. | “Don’t let me in with no intention of keeping me. Jesus Christ — don’t be kind to me. Honey, love, darling... Don’t feed me, I will come back.”
warnings. | Non/Dubcon, dark themes, drugging, sex pollen, stalking, obsession, lying, manipulation, angst, smut, fluff, Master kink, praise, degrading, dumbification, unprotected sex, blood, choking, possessive behaviour, creampie kink, stomach bulge kink, cat and mouse chase, fingering, slapping, corruption kink, yandere, grooming, kind of DDLG themes, collars, age gap, facefucking, mentions of bullying, scary stuff, anxiety, mourning, mentions of death, virginity loss, overstimulation, kidnapping, and more. +18, DARK!FIC. MORE WARNINGS AT THE BOTTOM!!
word count. | 10,601.
pairings. | Dark!Bucky Barnes x Innocent!Reader, Sam Wilson x Innocent!Reader.
a/n. | happy halloween!! i’ve changed up many things because why not. thank you so much for 5.1k!! thank you sm @barnesjamcs and @mypoisonedvine for beta-ing, ilysm!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You’re stuck. You’re stuck in that moment where you’re asleep, yet awake at the same time. Time is distorted and you can hear your grandmother faintly humming the ‘Monster Mash’ from down the hall. Childhood memories flood your mind and you blink back the tears that come up. Your eyes are bleary and you can’t tell if the thing in the corner of your room is a chair or a demon. The former seems more reasonable, but the horror stories that the people down the street used to taunt you with believe otherwise. “Sweetheart? Are you awake? You’ve slept in an extra half hour, that’s unlike you.” Your sweet grandmother croons from the other side of the door. You let out a smile and slowly get up with a sigh. “I’m awake, Nana! I guess I’m just extra tired from when I walked yesterday.” You reason, still sad that the bullies destroyed your bicycle that your grandma gave you when you turned twenty — just a mere few months ago. You don’t have the heart nor the courage to tell her, and you don’t think you ever will.
“I hope that darned Johnson gives you your bicycle back! I got a new basket, handwoven by yours truly… You can put your little treats and books in there and ride your bike all over town!” She admits, unable to hold back her secret. Your heart breaks, even more, hating that her basket will have to go towards pens and pencils that she had bought you. They won’t be able to hold your groceries or her fabrics that Mrs. Rogers would save for her. You get up from your bed and revel in the warmth that your llama pyjamas provide. You slip on some old slippers that Natasha’s mother gifted you — even though Natasha loathes you for some reason. And so does Anthony, Steve, Wanda, Thor (named after the Norse God), Clint, T’Challa, Okoye, Vis, Carol, Steven, and Loki (again, named after the Norse God). Sam (you call him Sammie, which always earns you an eye roll), Rhodey, Peter, Shuri and Pietro don’t really mind you, but they’re also not your friends. Except for Sam, who’s known you since you realized brownies are even more amazing when you add a bit of coffee to them.  
They’re all older than you and you’d think they’d be around your age, but no. All are around 10 or 18 years older than you and it’s safe to say that they definitely won’t be maturing until they’ve got their pension plans secured. You giggle at the thought and smile to yourself as you remember that Sam wanted to show you some new flowers but you know it’s code for you to bring him some scones and let him rant about how he can’t wait until he makes enough money to leave town. If he leaves town then you’ll be lonely… The thought sends you spiralling and your heart drops to your stomach at the revelation. You gulp nervously and push it out of your mind. You reluctantly walk down the hallway and you’re greeted with the lovely scent of pancakes and pumpkin spice. Your mouth waters at the smell and a fresh wave of autumn-themed nostalgia hits you. Your feet parted against the wooden floors that you’ve spent ages mopping. She’s already cut the pancakes up and you can’t suppress the child-like giggle that bubbles in the air.
Cheap, silver forks that you had gotten for $2 per pack are set on the table. You can remember that sale like it’s your last name and date of birth. Summer clearance, a real jackpot to say the least. You scored quite a lot of things and you feel the almost two months old embarrassment from when you had to make two trips from the store to your home to bring everything back. You sit down but you don’t dig in yet, no. You watch your poor grandmother dance around the kitchen and it’s not the dance that one would immediately think of, not at all. She frantically moves around the kitchen and occasionally takes a peek out of the window. “Nana… Can you sit down and eat with me? Please? Just- just like old times…” You beg quietly, your voice nothing more than a whisper. She turns around and looks at you before nodding her head, and you give her a meek smile. You both dig into your delectable breakfasts and the only things that you can hear are birds chirping and forks scraping at the plate. 
It’s tense. Awkwardness ready to burst at the seams yet it never seems to happen. Syrup covers your plate and you have the greatest urge to lap it all up like a kitten. “I… I remember when your mom used to do that… Always had to scold her, but she’d never learn.” Nana laughs to herself. She sounds tired, so fucking tired. You let out a dismal chuckle, breathy and full of air. You hold your hair back and indulge in an old childhood habit. Sweetness explodes in your mouth even though the syrup was slightly watered down. You pull away and sadness once again fills the air. “I can’t wait for you to become a…” The word is at the tip of her tongue but her old mind erases it. “Writer...” You fill in for her, before picking up your dishes. The walk to the kitchen isn’t far, only about three steps that you already have forgotten. She follows behind you, placing her dishes atop of yours. “Go sit down, Nana… I’ll show you a new piece I wrote!” You bargain, and she lets out a squeal. A victory, at last. Truth be told, you don’t want to show her your latest piece. 
It’s sad and dismal, no happiness wavering from it and it’s a pitiful rendition of “hope.” You wash the dishes with care, passing your soapy hands over the ceramic gently. “I hear we’re getting a new neighbour, I can’t wait to meet them…” Your grandma speaks up, catching your attention. New neighbour… You grip the dishes tighter at the mention of a new neighbour. You scrub the syrup away from the plates and forks a bit harder, too. You finish off washing all the dishes and stack them away in the old wooden cupboards. “You bake him something… I’ll knit him something too! You know these brisk winds, always so brutal.” She croons, before running off as quickly as her old limbs can take her. You smile at the enthusiasm she radiates and notice a container sitting on the old burner stove. It’s covered in a dingy cloth  — a makeshift one to be exact. A piece of extra cloth that couldn’t turn into anything more than a rag. You smile and walk back to your room to get ready for another autumn day that’ll be filled with sadness.
You don’t have many clothes to choose from, unlike most of the town-folk. You don’t have the privilege to go out of town and to the nearest snob-infested city just for a small sweater that’s going to be thrown away after two weeks. No, instead you buy your grandmother fabric from Mrs. Rogers and she makes you something that you’ll always end up loving. It takes you a mere two minutes to choose a huge cable knit that goes down to your knees (you had begged her to do it and even bought her a month's worth of yarn). You’re careful to dodge your grandmother, knowing that she’ll start tearing up because you look just like your mother. You can’t have that happen, not today at least. With a meal for Sam ready in your hands and a book, you’re off wandering to his home. You wave at the little kids across the street that are busy hanging up Halloween decorations and smile to yourself. You try to remember the entirety of Lana Del Rey’s cover of the infamous “Season Of The Witch” and your memory doesn’t completely fail you.
Sure, your voice can’t compare to hers but that’s not what matters. The ‘for sale’ sign that was in front of your neighbours’ house is now gone, and there’s not even a ‘sold’ sign. Hopefully, they’re nice… You think to yourself, before speed-walking to Sam’s townhouse. Your feet pitter-patter against the concrete and they carry you as fast as they can go. “Sam! Sammie!” You cry out, running to him as fast as you can. You slam into him and hug him tightly as if you haven’t seen him in years. He lets out a groan just to tease you, earning him a huff of annoyance from yourself. “How are you?” You ask, pulling away from the warm comfort of his body. You look up at him and watch as he rambles on about the stress he’s getting all thanks to those bratty adult-children. “I can’t wait to leave this town…” He sighs exasperatedly, rubbing his forehead. Your frown and try to push away the impending goodbye. You hand him the meal and his eyes light up. “Eat up, Sammie! Can’t have the smartest man in town going hungry!” You cheer, watching as he shovels pieces of syrup-covered pancakes into his mouth.
You lead him to his porch and you sit him down in the swing chair he repaired all by himself. “So… When you leave town, where are you going to go?” You question him, looking down at the ground instead of at him. Through a full mouth, he manages to speak still. ”New York, I have some family up there and many opportunities too!” He exclaims, careful to not spit at you. You let out a giggle at his enthusiasm and you can’t lie and say that you’re not excited for him to start up the life he’s always dreamed of since you were both wee things. “But… But you won’t forget me, right?” You hesitantly ask, fiddling with your cold fingers. Selfish… You’re being selfish… You know you’re being selfish but the question slips out before you can even register the words in your troubled mind. You don’t look up at him and you’re ready to retract it along with litanies of “I'm sorry, please forgive me!” “Never, Dollie, never.” He sighs, the sound settling deep in his bones. He looks at you with sincerity and reassurance — comfort in his eyes that you’ll always be weak for. 
You stare at each other for a bit, a tension building in the bitter cold air that’s just ready to snap. You can swear and say that his eyes travel down to your lips — almost as if he’s ready to kiss you. You lean in as well, because why not? Until he abruptly pulls away and apologizes to you. You watch as he heads inside to wash his hands and you sob on the inside. Oh, how you wanted to kiss the syrup off his lips until yours grew numb. You curse yourself with darned words that your mother would’ve been unhappy with. The rest of the day is awkward — not that it usually isn’t. You follow him around like a lost puppy and admire him from the short distance that is between the two of you. You can’t handle the silence- well, heavy sighs and grumbles. He occasionally spares you a few glances that you hang onto for dear life. “Uhm, Sammie? Is everything alright?” You ask him, after spending minutes to find it in you to speak up after a few hours. 
He sets down the screwdriver in his hand that he has been gripping for hours now. He takes his glasses off and you hold back the frown that threatens to drag your lips down. He pulls you into an abrupt hug, and usually, you’d be filled with glee. But… but the way he holds you is different. His arms that surround you are tighter than usual, and the way his chest rises and falls is irregular. “W- What’s wrong, Sammie? Talk to me, please.” You desperately whisper to him. The winds of autumn are loud, but they don’t have the power to silence you. “‘M… I’m leaving tomorrow morning…” He admits. Suddenly, the world stops spinning on its axis and your heart isn’t beating anymore. You swear that you could die just then and take him down with you, but the Reaper is ready for you yet. You look up at him and his eyes mirror yours. Glassy with tears that are ready to fall. “A- Already?” You ask incredulously. He nods and smooths one of his coarse hands over your head.
 You let out a shaky breath and your throat tightens up. A sob is stuck and it’s painful, but you can’t let it out. Nodding your head, a sad smile stretches across your face. “So… New York, huh?” You joke with him, but he doesn’t smile. “Don’t do this, dove.” He warns — no, he begs. You’ve never heard him beg, but you hope that he never ends up doing it again. “Send letters, please… And take care of yourself too. I can’t wait to see you make it big, Sammie.” You say as you blink your tears away. You try to pull away from the hug but he pulls you back into his strong arms. You look down to the wooden floor and he presses a kiss to the crown of your head. He lets it linger for a few moments and then pulls away from you. You’re no longer in his arms and you no longer feel comforted. Suddenly, though, it’s as if gravity pulls him down to you and his lips are against yours. You can recall the way your Mother would lovingly kiss your Father and how you used to blanch at the sight. But now you understand it all. Your lips stay locked for a few more seconds until he pulls away.
Sam places his forehead against yours and you’re glad because you know you’ll end up with a pain in your neck by tomorrow morning. “I don’t want to go and leave you, dove.” He expresses wholeheartedly, a pang of sadness in his voice that’s usually all bright and cheery. “You have to. Go for me, go for the sake of yourself… Please.” You plead to him. You can easily be selfish and beg him to stay, but you know how much New York means to him. “I’ll drop you home, one last time?” He proposes, linking your arm with his. You nod and let out a breathy chuckle — fake happiness staining your face. You play the act all too well, but Sam knows you better than yourself. He unlocks his arm and pushes you in front of him, hugging you from behind and continuing to walk. He hums an old 50’s tune that you can’t place your finger on. You want him to walk slower; to take shorter strides. The neighbourhood is dark, even though it’s only 7:32. “You’ll write to me, right?” You ask, breaking the silence. It seems that it’s your job, and you don’t mind.
“Of course, I’ll write to you until you can get a phone.” He chuckles in your ear. You laugh with him, knowing how he loves to tease you. “And you’ll visit too?” You question, shivering as a gust of wind blows by. “Are you kidding me? That’s a no brainer, dove.” He says as he squeezes his arms a bit tighter. You revel in the feeling and savour it for however long he’ll be gone. If it was possible, you’d lock the feeling in a jar and store it away forever. You never knew that the walk from his to yours was that quick. You stand outside of your home and turn around, still in Sam’s arms. “You’ll wake me up in the morning, won’t you? Just so that I can say goodbye properly, please.” You ask him, even though you’re practically teetering on the begging side. “Of course, Dovey.” He smiles down at you, and you mirror him. Tears glaze over your eyes and they glisten in the pitch-black darkness of the October night. 
He kisses your forehead and whispers a soft “good night” against your cold skin. You’re not sure if it’s the chilliness or the sadness in his voice that sends shivers throughout your body, but you try to ignore the feeling. You don’t want to go inside, no. You want to spend the whole night with him, doing the things that you both love such as baking and reading poetry. “Go get some rest, dove, I’ll see you in the morning.” He smiles, before starting to back away from you. You nod and turn to walk inside your small home, not even noticing that your grandmother was pacing inside the kitchen. You kept looking back at Sam, just like in those romance movies that you found in the attic when you were 12. He looks at you too, as he slowly inches away from the front of your home. You unlock the door and fall into your grandmother’s arms, letting your sobs reverberate around the room and your tears stream down your face.
Tumblr media
You don’t remember falling asleep, and you certainly don’t remember changing your sweater to your llama pyjamas. You wake up and your bloodshot eyes immediately fly to your digital clock. 8:07. You shoot up from your bed and throw your sheets off of your body. The cold harshly welcomes you but you don’t care; you’re not here to stay. You run out of your room and slip on the first pair of shoes you can find, “darn it,” you groan under your breath and your foot doesn’t successfully slide into the shoe. You dart out the door after fumbling with the lock, before running down the street. The lights on the sidewalk are still on, even though it was bright. Your lungs are burning and against their will, you keep on running. “Sam!” You yell, spotting his car parked on the road. You continue to run and start to cry too. Your face and hands are numb from the cold weather. “Sam! Stop!” You yell even louder, feeling as though you’re in a dream.
As much and as quick your feet carry you, you’re still so far from him. He starts up the car and begins to drive away slowly; almost as if he’s purposely stalling for you. You miss the uneven sidewalk that has always been the cause for most of your scars that littered your legs. You fall to the ground and luckily your hands stop you from knocking your head into the concrete. You look up and let out a piercing sob that makes the pigeons fly away. You watch as Sam drives off, leaving you behind without even saying one final goodbye. Your tears fall onto the ground and are immediately soaked up. You can hear your grandmother calling your name through your cries and the distant sound of his car driving away. You’re sure that you look insane, but you don’t care. The love of your life is gone, and he’s not coming back for now.
Tumblr media
You stay cooped up in your room for days on end. Occasionally, you help your grandmother out, but you don’t speak much. You stay in your pyjamas, switching between the llama ones and the sloth ones. You’ve convinced yourself that maybe Sam leaving is for the best. Your sadness still dwells, but you’re happy that he’s pursuing his dreams regardless of anything. “I’m so happy you’re feeling better, sweetheart. But if you ever need to talk, I’m always here for you.” Nana tells you, and you give her a sad smile. “Thank you, Nana.” You gently speak, tightening the lid on the jam jar. You give her the plate you prepared and take a seat at the table. “I heard that our new neighbour is coming today, I’m planning on knitting them a sweater and baking something.” She recounts, and you sigh playfully. She lets out a breathy chuckle and you think about your neighbour. Are they a man, or a woman? Are they nice, or rude? Are they like Sam? You ask yourself, but quickly push the third question out of your mind.
“Can I bake them cookies?” You ask her, before digging into your toast. “Of course! Maybe do macadamia ones? And regular ol’ chocolate.” She gleefully adds, the crinkles in her eyes deepening as she smiles widely. She clasps her hands together and lets out a noise of excitement. You watch her with a smile of your own, and you feel grounded. You slowly eat your food and stare out into space, letting your mind wander to the farthest places. You think back to your joyful times with Sam. Each memory makes you miss him more and more, but you keep on telling yourself that he’s in a better place. He’s happy, and that’s all you care for. You eat your food slowly until you realize that it’s half past nine. Shoveling the rest of it into your mouth, you stumble over to the sink and wash your plate as quickly as possible.
“What’s got you in such a rush?” Nana asks, adjusting one of the many sweaters she wears. “The store! It’ll take me awhile to get there, and I really want to avoid running into any of them.” You explain, changing your tone just so that she knows who you’re insinuating at. “Oh… Go on, sweetheart, dress warm!” She ushers you, grabbing your coat for you whilst you run back to your room to change into a sweater. Before, you couldn’t even bear to look at Sam’s favourite sweater of yours; but now you’ve realized that it’s best to face the music. Maroon had always been his favourite colour, and you remembered the joy on his face when you wore your maroon sweater. You smile in front of the mirror, pleased with your appearance. You grab your coat and slide your shoes on, before yelling goodbye to your Nana.
You hum some random Halloween tune under your breath and slowly walk down the street. Your eyes are trained on your hands as you fiddle with them. Suddenly, you crash into a slightly soft yet hard wall. You whine in pain, still weak as ever, something that Sam would playfully mock you about. “You should watch where you’re going, little one.” A husky voice warns playfully. You furrow your brows -- one of your many little traits that was left in your Mother’s will for you. “I’m so sorry, Sir! I didn’t mean t- to bump into you, I swear.” Litanies of apologies spill from your mouth and you don’t even look up at your victim. “Don’t worry, little one... Hopefully you’ve learned your lesson.” He lets out a breathy chuckle as he stares you down. Your eyes move from your hands to the house next to you, and you notice the abundant amount of luggage.
Embarrassment engulfs you in a tight grip and you groan softly. “You must be my sweet neighbour, hm?” He teases just like Sam would. You shyly nod and squeeze your hands together as you begin to become nervous. You hesitatingly look up at him, and your breath is taken away. You’re sure that he’s God’s favourite, because no regular man is as beautiful as he is. “Uh, yeah! Nice to meet you…” You introduce yourself and give him your name, reveling in the way it rolls off his tongue and falls past his lips. You nod your head and smile at him, your trip to the store long forgotten. “I’m James, James Buchanan Barnes.” He smirks. His accent… His accent is different. A Brooklyn drawl mixed with a few European accents. “Oh sweetheart! I thought you left!” Nana calls out, startling you and slightly annoying James.
“I uh… I bumped into our new neighbour!” You exclaim to her, stepping away from him so that she can wrap her arms around his large form. She does exactly that, and the large man — James — reciprocates. She pulls away after a few fleeting seconds and sighs, staring up at him. You watch him with wonderment and tune out your grandmother’s sweet voice. Dressed in all black, long hair, a five o’ clock shadow and a beautiful face. You find yourself in some sort of trance, eyes raking him up and down with no shame. His do the same, except he’s more careful and sly about it. “Thank you for your welcome, maybe we could get to know each other better?” He offers, raising his eyebrows and both you and your grandma. You both eagerly agree, excited to learn more about your new, elusive neighbour. “Sweetheart, how about you take our neighbour, James, with you to the store? Give him a little tour?” She proposes. “If it’s not too much trouble, I’d love to.” James entices.
“I… Of course!”
You and Bucky — James, but he insists on you calling him Bucky — walk slowly to the store. Every now and then, the wind picks up and sends shivers throughout your body. The cold doesn’t faze him, he tells you. “I actually prefer autumn, fall, whatever you kids call it these days, over anything else.” He jokes around, making you bubble out in giggles. He smiles down at you and watches you with careful eyes. “Shy? Your laugh is very cute, little one.” Your eyes nearly fall out of their sockets as he praises you. “Uh, yeah, uhm, thank you so much…” You gleam and preen under his gaze, and Bucky is already in love with the sight. “Hobbies?” He questions, shooting a glare at those that even dare to glance at the two of you. “Writing and baking! But mostly writing, what about you?” You ask, shoving your cold hands into your pockets.
“Hmm, I’m not sure. It depends… Perhaps watching...” He ponders out loud. “Like bird watching?” You press, looking up at him for a bit. His eyes lock with yours and you can’t seem to look away. “You’ll see, little dove.” He reassures you, still staring back at you. You shyly look away and keep quiet for the rest of the walk. A faint smile is on your face and you’re not sure why he’s the cause of it. You let it fall and keep your shy resolve. “Is that the store?” He asks you after a minute or two of silence. You nod and don’t utter a word, scared that you’ll end up rambling to him. You bit your lip as you try to hold in your glee as you notice that the supermarket has already been decked out with Halloween decorations. “Do you celebrate Halloween?” Bucky questions, grabbing a cart for the two of you. “Mhm, favourite holiday ever. I love everything about it! You?” You try to keep your reply short, but when it’s about your favourite holiday you just can’t resist.
He agrees with you, and you’re happy that he isn’t a scrooge about Halloween. You lead him through the aisles and pick up what you need, and want. Bucky pushes the cart for you and makes sure you don’t wander out of his sight. The Halloween and autumn display catches your eye and your heart fills with a type of glee that only holidays can bring. You want to pick up everything — from the Halloween cookie cutters to the small decorations that would look lovely sprinkled around your home. You don’t even hear Bucky behind you because you’re too caught up in deciding what you want. Bucky watches you with careful eyes, trying to figure out what’s going through your head. “You should get one of everything, maybe a few little ghosts, three pumpkins,” he suggests to you, “it’s Halloween, you’re not allowed to only get one thing.”
You giggle and shake your head, even though he’s right in your mind. “I wish I could, but I need to spend my money on needs and not wants.” You sadly admit, wishing that you had the type of money the other’s in town have. You walk away from the display and you don’t give it another look, before heading to the freezers for your eggs and milk. Bucky frowns deeply and watches as you slowly walk away. He picks up almost everything that’s on the display and throws it into the cart. He could never see a frown on your face ever again, knowing that his heart would break into two. He trails behind you slowly, forced to make his usually long strides shorter just for you. You turn around to place the milk and eggs in the cart and a heart gasp leaves your mouth. You look up at him in shock, which then turns into your usual confusion.
“Uh- Are you getting those?” Your voice is no more than a mere whisper, and Bucky is lucky that he can hear you. “Nope, for you.” He pops the ‘p’ and then smirks at you. You’re flabbergasted. Shock and confusion still reside in your mind and you can’t find it in you to object to him. “I’m paying for it, little dove.” He reassures you, his voice turning from gravelly and deep to soft and calm. You smile brightly at him and without thinking, you engulf him in a hug. He revels in your touch and pulls you closer to his warm body. Bucky rests his chin on your head and dips his nose down to your hair, inhaling your scent before you could pull away. You stare up at him and smile widely, letting out a squeal of happiness. “Thank you so much! Oh my- How do I repay you? That’s so much money, is there anything I can do for you?” You ramble, straining your neck to look up at him.
“Hmm… I would love to be your friend, and maybe I could come for dinner every now and then?” He ponders aloud and you immediately agree. You couldn't wait to go home and tell your grandmother, knowing that she would be the happiest woman on Earth. You both go through the aisles again and he keeps on encouraging you to pick up the things that you lay your eyes on. The cart is filled and your heart is fluttering with gratefulness. Everytime he shoots a look your way, you send one right back at him. His eyes are the colour of the sea, beautiful and bright yet dark and mysterious. Yours, on the other hand, are soft and innocent. Both are just as beautiful, though. “Once again, thank you so much, Mr. Barnes.” You say, smiling at him. He carries all of your bags and you hold a small, painted pumpkin to your chest.
“Don’t worry, little dove. Oh, and call me anything but Mr. Barnes, formalities haven’t been my thing as of now.” He speaks with eloquence and such grace that makes you think he’s from another century. You giggle before speaking, “you speak like you’re from another century…” You joke, before giggling again. Bucky’s jaw hardens and his stare goes from adoring to menacing. You stop laughing when you don’t hear him joining you with his own rupture. Swallowing thickly, you look ahead to the horizon. It has already gotten a bit cloudy, but you don’t mind. You’re careful to not trip on your own feet, wanting to avoid embarrassing yourself for the second time. “Sorry about the joke, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable…” You apologize after around five minutes of silence. You chew on the slightly dry skin on your bottom lip as you wait for him to speak.
“It’s okay, little dove.” He smiles, not even letting it drop. You look down at your ghost-painted pumpkin and smile, before giving it a kiss. Bucky snorts, making you pout at him. “Hey!” You cry out it faux offence. He only laughs harder, before biting his lip. The sight of you pouting at him sends blood rushing down south, but you’re oblivious to what you’re doing. The rest of the walk home is filled with jokes and questions about each other. During another moment of silence, you realize that you haven’t thought of Sam since this morning. You feel guilty at first, knowing that it’s wrong to forget about him so quickly. Shame eats you up like it’s starved until your mind convinces you otherwise. Sam would be so happy that you didn’t dwell on him leaving, he’d be so proud of you. You promise yourself that you won’t be sad, but you also won’t forget him. Ever.
“Do you have any other friends?” Bucky asks you as you both turn a corner. He remains closer to the road, whereas you're on the inside. “I had one, but he left to go pursue his dreams in New York.” You sadly explain to him, and he lets out an “oh.” You turn again, but this time you’ve reached your home. Your grandmother can be seen dancing around the kitchen, flour in her grey hair and an apron on top of her fuzzy sweater. “I can take them in now.” You tell Bucky, stretching your arms out to him. He lets out a breathy chuckle, what seems to be one of his many habits, and walks towards your home. You’re in shock once again, before realizing that you haven’t moved. You run behind him and frown as you see that the door was unlocked the entire time.
“Nana! Did you leave the door unlocked again?” You ask her and you hug the smaller woman. “Oh, I probably forgot to unlock it… ‘m sorry, sweetheart.” She apologizes against your forehead that she just covered in kisses. You can’t blame her, honestly. Slowly but surely, her old age had started to catch up to her. “Uhm, Mr. Barnes bought all this stuff for us, Nana! Can he stay for dinner? As a thank you?” You excitedly ask her, and she mimics your happiness with a smile that’s similar to yours.. “Of course! Thank you so much, Mr. Barnes.” She gratefully expresses and ushers Bucky further into your home. You take your shoes and jacket off and he does the same, wishing that you could shed more than that. “It’s nothing, and please, call me Bucky or James.” He assures in his Brooklyn-European drawl. He watches you with careful eyes and doesn’t tear his gaze away from you.
Dinner is lively. It’s more lively than it’s ever been since you were seven years of age. You’re all laughing, smiling and happy. Even though it’s only 5 in the evening, it’s still dark. “Where are you from, James?” Nana asks him, and he gulps thickly. “Romania, actually. But I grew up in Brooklyn.” He recounts to you, and then shoves some pasta into his mouth. The flavour of spicy marinara fills his mouth along with yours as well. Through a full mouth, he still speaks. “This is amazing!” He exclaims, covering his mouth with the utmost politeness. Your Nana thanks him and you nod in agreement. The rest of the evening is filled with compliments and questions, but also with wandering eyes and strong gazes. Six o’ clock hits, and 7, 8 and 9 does too. “Well, I should go retire now, thank you for the lovely welcome.” He sighs deeply, almost as though he is regretful. You say good night to him before running off to your room.
Bucky closes his door behind him and hastily shed his clothing off of himself. Underneath his dark black jeans is his hard cock. Dripping with pre-cum from it’s raging red tip, he throbs with want and need. He’s not sure if he should take care of it or not, but as soon as he thinks of you all plausibility flies out the window. He rushes up to his room, dark red walls and ominous lighting are all a blur to him. His room is even darker. The only bright things in it are the many photos of you that line his bedside tables and walls. He walks up to the window and pulls the purple curtains to the side. He watches you cuddle with your stuffed animals — your innocence only making him harder. His cock hangs heavily and he still has the urge to jerk off. “No, I have to be patient.” He tells himself, pulling his boxers back up. “Just one more fucking day until you’re all mine, little dove.”
Tumblr media
You wake up earlier than you usually do. Rousing from sleep with a smile on your face, you find yourself in the same clothing from yesterday. You frown and walk into the bathroom for a quick shower. The water is as cold as the winter, and you have no choice but to bear it. Even though your teeth chatter, you tough it out as much as you can. Today… Today is Halloween. You jump with glee and joy for your favourite holiday. You don’t even bother making your bed because the decorations waiting for you are far more enticing. “Nana! I’m going to decorate the house!” You yell to hear, earning a loud “ok” from her in return. You grab your two step ladder that Shuri gave you when you were 15 and you sigh with delight. In just a mere two hours, you’re able to turn your home into the perfect Halloween.
Your stomach continues to growl, but you choose to ignore it. You play old Halloween classics in the background that you found in your father’s DVD and cassette collection. Nostalgia hits you like a truck and you recount all the memories of your childhood. You sniffle a bit as Coraline’s voice rambles on from behind you. Rubbing away the tears that threaten to spill, you continue to place fake pumpkins around the living room. You occasionally get distracted from the movies that play in the background, dragging you away from your tasks. The doorbell suddenly rings, sending a sharp shrill piercing through your calmness. You keep a hand on your heart as it beats through your chest. You rush to the door and quickly unlock it, just to see Bucky in all his great glory.
“Bucky! Hi!” You greet him, moving out of the way so that he could come in. “You’re up awfully early.” He notes, choosing to stay outside. You nod and smile at him, before remembering your manners. “Oh! Happy Halloween!” You tell him, holding out a ghost cookie for him to take. He takes it and devours it like he’s a starved man. “Happy Halloween to you too, little dove. I see you’re decorating. Is that what’s got you up so early?” He asks you, drinking in your form. Nothing else but an overly large cable knit sweater… Fucking beautiful. “Yep! Are you going to decorate?” You ask him in return, leaning on the doorframe. You notice that he’s holding a tray of desserts that make your mouth water. “No, not really. But I am baking, can you try this for me? I don’t really trust myself.” He smirks, handing the tray to you.
You gladly take it and your stomach rumbles loudly, embarrassing you. Bucky laughs but you shy away, turning your face away from him. You take a cookie from his tray and devour it because you are starved. “C- Can I have them all? They’re so amazing, Bucky!” You exclaim, nearly drooling at the amazing taste. “Go ahead, little dove.” He ushers with a wicked smirk that you pay no mind to. You shovel cookies into your mouth like no tomorrow. He watches you, tilting his head and palming himself through his jeans. His half-hard cock slightly bulges through the material, but you can’t see it. You hand him back his tray that’s covered in crumbs and a few sprinkles. Bucky stretches his hand out towards your face and grabs your chin gently. He uses his thumb to wipe the crumbs and slight drool off of your mouth. His thumb dances over your lips and you look at him with such doe eyes that he can feel himself get harder.
“Be sure to come trick or treating at my house, little dove, I have something special to give you.” He says, before smiling at you and walking away. You watch him and feel yourself start to smile brightly. You haven’t felt this way about anyone, not even Sam. Bucky… Bucky is different. He holds this elusiveness that keeps you hooked like he’s a drug. You feel your heart fluttering and butterflies flying, even though you’ve only known Bucky for almost two days. “Was that James, sweetheart?” Nana asks, just waking up. You turn around and nod, remembering the way he let you have all his cookies without even hesitating a bit. “Can I trick or treat-ing tonight? Please Nana! I’ll be safe, I promise.” You beg her, folding your hands together in a plea. “Of course, sweetheart. Just stay safe, okay? I don’t want anything bad happening to you.” She agrees, making you squeal. “Of course, Nana!”
Tumblr media
Your stomach cramps up, but it isn’t too painful. Something… Something sticky and slick pours out of your cunt and you don’t know what it is. You don’t want to miss out on your trick or treat-ing, so you choose to keep quiet. You walk with your thighs clenched together; the only way the pain will relieve itself. You say a quick goodbye to Nana and exhale heavily as soon as you get outside. Your makeshift cat ears rest on your head perfectly and you try to keep your smile from faltering. An older choker your mom had from the 90’s is wrapped around your neck and even has a bell on it. You slowly walk to Bucky’s house, which has a single pumpkin on the doorstep and nothing more. You hold a pumpkin basket in your hands and admire the way kids run from one house to the next on their own missions. You turn back to Bucky’s house and raise your fist up to the door, but an extremely painful cramp stops you.
You double over and try to keep in a cry of pain. The door suddenly opens and Bucky looks down at you in pain. “Oh little dove, is everything okay? Do you want to come in? Here- Let me help you.” He rambles as he grabs a hold of you. He leads you into his home and you don’t even look around to admire it. You fall to the floor and sob in pain, begging for help. “Shhh, be quiet, hey, no tears now… I’m here to help.” He lifts you up with ease and reassures you at the same time. Bucky gently sets you onto his couch and takes your jacket off of you. You drop your pumpkin bucket and realize that your palms are overly sweaty. “Wh- What’s happening to me, Bucky? It hurts so b- bad!” You cry out, falling onto your back and pulling your legs up to your chest for comfort.
Bucky cooes and you and pulls you up to him. He cradles you to his chest and shushes you. Your sobs echo throughout his living room and your tears soak into his sweater. You look up at him and he flashes you a smile, fangs sparkling and sharp. You gasp through your sobs before realizing that he dressed up as a vampire for Halloween. Bucky runs his hands up and down your body, caressing you gently. He pulls the headband out of your hair and plays with the bell on your collar. His left hand — which was covered in a glove — trails it’s way between your thighs. You’re soaked, leggings damp and sticky and so are your thighs. He pulls your pants down, and you’re too out of it to even realize what’s going on. He lifts you up slightly to untangle your pants from your feet and you take the opportunity to look around his house. Through your bleary eyesight, you can see pictures of someone scattered along the crimson red walls.
You squint and try to figure out why the pictures look so fucking familiar. Bucky stands back up and blocks your view. His hands travel up to the bottom of your black sweater and he rips it into two instead of pulling it over your head. You furrow your eyebrows as you feel a sudden gust of coldness taking over your body. “W- What?” You rub your head in confusion and realize that you’re naked. “Shh, it’s okay little dove. Your Master will take care of you now…” He reassures you again, but he only makes you more confused. “Aw my dumb little baby doesn’t know what’s going on?” He mocks, before lightly slapping your face. Drool leaks out from the corner of your mouth and your eyes are glazed over. “You see, dove… You were made for me! I’ve spent centuries searching for the perfect little dove for myself, and there you were. You know, I know every little thing about you? I’ve been watching you for years, baby.” He explains, and you furrow your eyebrows.
He opens his mouth to speak and continues to tell you every little thing he has done. “All these pictures are all of you. You’re so beautiful, baby. Sam never had to leave, but he was in the way of everything. Too bad he tried to come back, now he’s at the bottom of Lake Erie. Oh and those bullies? The people that thought it was okay to make my little dove feel like shit? They’re dead too, it’s not like they magically disappeared. And since you’re so out of it, I might as well tell you. I’m a vampire.” Bucky bluntly monologues, leaving you in shock and horror. You feel the urge to throw up, but you also want to scream and cry your heart out. You feel your chest tighten and you gasp for breath. “Shh it’s okay, little dove.” He whispers in your ear, before nibbling on the skin. “Are- Are you-” You try to ask him a question, but the pain is so bad that you can’t speak properly.
He nods his head and presses a few kisses on your face. You grumble and pull away in disgust, before trying to pull away from Bucky. “Aw that’s fine, I love it when my prey has a bit of fight.” He chuckles, before pushing you away from your body. “I’m going to give you five seconds, and you’re going to try to run away. I’m going to catch you, okay little dove?” He explains, and he doesn’t even give you time to agree. “Five,” he shouts, making you jump. You try your hardest to ignore your pain and focus on escaping. You know the door isn’t a possibility, so you dash down the hallway. “Four!” He calls out in a sing-song voice. You cringe and turn on your right, going up the dark stairs. “Three! Two! One!” He yells out, before running after you. You run into a room and shut the door behind you, before realizing that your inner thighs were glistening and sticky.
You reach down to your thighs and run your finger through the slickness that drips down. You’re too distracted by it to notice that Bucky was nearing you. Suddenly, the door bursts open and you're falling onto the floor. Bucky quickly pounces on top of you and rips your bra into two. You cry out but you know that nobody will be able to hear you. “Fuck, I can’t wait to ruin you, turn you into my personal dumb little slut.” He spits, pushing your legs apart. He tears your underwear off of you and you sob loudly. Bucky smashes his lips against yours, dominating you in the kiss even though you can barely register it. He runs his thick fingers through your sopping wet folds. Your clit is swollen and sensitive and you’re leaking like no tomorrow. He rubs your clit slowly, enjoying the way you write wildly underneath him.
He shoves his tongue into your mouth and his left hand comes up to wrap itself around your throat. He squeezes the sides and you let out a throaty moan. You don’t know what any of the things you’re feeling are. He presses harder on your clit and pressure builds up in your lower abdomen. White hot flames burn inside of you with passion. Suddenly, Bucky pushes a finger into your tight, wet hole. He feels around and chuckles wickedly when he finds your special spot. You see blurry stars in your vision. “That’s my good little dove, taking her Master’s fingers so well.” He praises against your lips, before kissing you fervently. He quickly thrusts it in and out of you, watching as you go through at least fifty different emotions. Tingles erupt throughout your entire body, and you whimper against Bucky’s mouth.
His finger continues to massage against your g-spot and you cry out in pleasure. “W- What’s happening, Bucky?” You ask him in confusion and bewilderment. “Don’t think, little dove, just feel.” He shuts you up quickly and suddenly the pressure that was building up explodes. Your jaw slacks and drool leaks out of your mouth as your cunt constricts around his finger. “Look at you, going all stupid with my finger in your pretty little cunt. I bet you won’t be able to handle my big fat cock in your pussy, ruining you over and over.” He growls, grinding his hard cock against your thigh. He continues to fuck you with his finger, despite your protests and pleads for him to stop. The feeling is too much for you to handle, but that doesn’t stop him. He pulls his finger out of your cunt and the pains immediately return.
He sucks your arousal off of his finger and moans at the sweet taste. Suddenly, he gets off of you and picks you up easily. You’re still in your collar, much to Bucky’s enjoyment. “Why are you crying? Hm? I’m helping you out, little dove. This isn’t wrong or anything, okay? I would never do anything wrong, and I’m quite hurt that you think I’m a bad person.” He whispers, shaking you in his grip. “I…” You don't know what to say. He knows what’s right and what’s wrong… you don’t. “I’m just helping you out, little dove. Because you’re mine, and I love you. This is love, okay? Anything else is just bullshit.” His whisper turns into a ferocious growl, scaring you. He throws you onto his large bed and puts you on your knees. Bucky strips himself quickly, eager to feel you wrapped around his cock.
“Say ‘ah’ little dove.” He smirks, and your jaw hesitatingly slacks open. He pushes his boxers down and his leaking cock bounces up. Truly, he is big. Long and thick, a phenomenon. He grabs the base and gives himself a few strokes, rubbing the pre-cum that leaks from his tip onto your tongue. He moans softly and suddenly pushes into your mouth. Bucky’s cock hits the back of your throat and you gag loudly. Bucky shoves your head down his cock until your nose meets his pubic hair. He keeps you there for a few seconds, enjoying the way you struggle around his cock. Your gags resonate in the room and your tongue laves against the bottom of his cock. Thick veins throb and pulsate against your wet muscle. The manly, musky taste of him fills your mouth and you’re in love with it.
He growls loudly and slowly moves your head up and down for you. Your bell jingles with each movement and he fucks your face relentlessly. Your gags fill the room and fresh tears stream down your face. You try your hardest to breathe slowly, but Bucky’s cock makes it difficult for you. His swollen, heavy balls slap against your spit-soaked chin and he thrusts in and out of your mouth. He moans loudly and the need to cum grows. You struggle to breathe and easily remember all those nights of panic attacks. You hit against his thigh gently, looking up at him so that he can let you breathe. Black dots decorate your vision and you can see Bucky smiling down at you before moaning loudly. He suddenly pulls you away from his cock and trails of saliva follow. You gasp for air as though you were just drawing. Or you were thirteen and having a panic attack in the hospital as you watch the doctors cover your mother’s head with a sheet.
After a few seconds, Bucky shoves you back onto his cock and you let him. “Shit, such a good fucking girl. Look so beautiful with your face stuffed full with my cock, so good.” He praises, making you preen under him. You grab onto his thighs for support and let yourself be limp under his touch, fully trusting him. Your short nails leave crescent shaped scars that make Bucky hiss. Bucky uses your mouth like a fleshlight, chasing his orgasm without stopping. He moans loudly and you can feel more slickness leaking out of you. It comes in ten-fold but you know that he’ll take care of you. You just know it, deep down in your innocent heart. “Oh, fuck!” He shouts loudly, his metal arm whirring wildly. “Fuck, ‘m going to cum.” He moans, thrusting even harder. You feel yourself losing air, and you wonder if you’re going to pass out. Soon, Bucky pushes your head down and his hips still.
Hot, thick ropes of cum shoots from his tip and he fills your mouth up with no shame or regret. It’s so much, too much. His cum overflows and leaks from your mouth and you’re left with no choice but to swallow it all. Bucky pulls his hard cock out of your mouth and smiles at you. There’s still some left on the corners of your mouth, and a thin sheen of his covers his cock. “You looked so fucking slutty with my cock down your throat, little dove. I know you liked it.” He smiles down at you, before pressing a chaste kiss on your forehead. Bucky once again picks you up, but this time he throws you at the mountain of pillows. He climbs on top of you and kisses you passionately. You try to mimic what he’s doing, but you soon give up. He chuckles against your mouth and pushes your legs against your chest. Bucky grabs the base of his cock and he settles between your legs. Your sticky thighs touch his and he pulls away from your mouth.
“You want your Master’s cock, don’t you little dove? You’re drooling for it, and so is your cunt.” He husks, making you whimper. He slaps the tip against your clit and you jolt from the sensitivity. He rubs his cockhead through your soaking folds and teases your sopping hole. “Y- Yes, Master…” You sheepishly admit, not even knowing what either of you are saying. He curses under his breath and drops his head into the crook of your neck. He bares his teeth with a not-so quiet hiss and drags his fangs against that spot on your neck. He’s careful to avoid your collar, knowing that his sharp teeth can easily destroy the cheap lace of it. “O târfa atât de bună, atât de bună pentru stăpânul ei.” The European langue falls from his mouth beautifully and you have no idea as to what he’s saying.
Bucky feels you getting wetter as he speaks, your cunt giving away how much of a slut you are for him. The throbbing veins of his cock pulsate against your needy pussy, much like how they were throbbing in your mouth. Your wetness mixes with the extra cum and saliva that stained his cock from before. You’re a complete mess. Cunt dripping, drool leaking and you're panting like a wanton bitch in heat. Bucky moves his head up to your ear, lciking the shell of it. “O să te iau iar și iar, o să te fac o mizerie stupidă pe scula mea. Poate și degetele și gura mea, te voi umple iar și iar. Ți-ar plăcea asta, nu-i așa? Porumbelul meu... Atât de nevinovat. Abia aștept să te văd plin cu sperma mea, o să-ți distrug păsărica.” He groans in your ear, watching you become needier and needier with each fleeting moment.
“You want my cock? Beg for it, beg for it little dove. Let the whole neighbourhood hear how much of a cockslut you are.” He commands loudly, pulling his face away to see you burn up. You don’t know what to say, so you choose to remain silent. You look up at him, his eyes dark and blown out. They no longer carry that comforting look that you trust. “Aw, does my little dove need some help? That’s okay, I’m here to take care of you. You gotta repeat after me, okay? It’s okay if you hesitate or stutter, but don’t go purposefully messing it up.” He explains, before slapping you lightly. Your bell jingles and Bucky chuckles along with it. “Say that you want your Master’s cock so bad- that you need it. And beg for it too.” He elucidates, and you let out a little ‘oh.’ “I… I want you c- cock so bad, Master! I need it, please give it to me! I’ll do anything, just please give me your c- cock… Please, Master? I’ll be so good!” You plead, taking both you and Bucky by surprise.
He gets even harder than he already is and he can swear he could cum on the spot right there and then. “Fuck, little dove, you’re already my little slut and I haven’t even fucked you yet.” He remarks, before slapping the fat tip of his cock on your swollen button. One. Two. Three. You yelp and whine each time, before begging him again. “P- Please, Master…” You mewl, throwing your head back. Bucky growls at the sight of your pretty neck, all sweaty and ready for him to sink his fangs into. Suddenly, he pushes into your tight, wet cunt. His thick cock painfully stretches you out, but all he feels is pleasure. Your pain soon turns into euphoria and you feel full… A little too full. “Ngh… Master...” You whine in pain. Bucky fills you up to the brim and it’s almost like he’s never going to bottom out.
The sounds leaving your mouth make it hard for him to control himself. He wraps his metal hand around your neck and looks down to where you’re connected. Through your stomach, you could see his cock bulging through. The sight has him ready to pound you into oblivion. Bucky begins to snap his hips back and forth, hammering into you at an inhumane pace. Your mouth falls slack and your eyes roll back into your head. Your hands search to hold something for support, but you can’t find anything. “La naiba, ești atât de strâmt, porumbel mic.” He growls under his breath and you moan loudly. The sound is lewd and pornographic. Loud, wet squelching noises reverberate each time his cock drags against your sensitive walls.
“Uită-te la tine, atât de drăguță cu scula mea mare care ți-o trage. Îți distrug păsărica inocentă.” he moans, fucking you even faster. Wetness coats his cock and you’re moaning litanies of “Master” over and over. His balls slap against your ass and Bucky pounds into you relentlessly. The light from the moon shines brightly and you look like a beauty under him. Bucky squeezes the sides of your throat even harder and your tits bounce with every harsh thrust of his cock. His other hand, the flesh one, moves to your swollen and sensitive clit. He begins to rub your pearl with slow, hard ministrations. You clench around Bucky’s cock and can feel that weird fire inside you burning up again. “M- Master! That- That thing… It’s happening!” You cry out, feeling the veins of his cock throb against your walls.
Tears fall from your eyes and Bucky coles at you. “Poor little dove, can’t handle your Master’s big, fat cock.” He husks, staring at your stomach as he can so is cock driving in and out of your tight pussy. “Master!” You cry out abruptly, your back arching off of his soft bed. Your pussy convulses around his big cock, milking him for all his worth as you cum. You gush all over him, cum dripping all over your pussy and his cock. You continue to clench around him, hugging him tightly as he continues to fuck you. Bucky stops rubbing your overwrought clit and pressing down on the bulge of his cock. “Look, little dove. Look at how good your Master is filling you up, deep in your tight pussy.” he growls, making you look down. You moan even louder at the sight of his cock bulging through your stomach. “C’mon, beg for your Master to fill you up.” He demands, fucking you even harder. Through your moans and sobs, you manage to speak.
“Pl- Please fill me up, Master. Please, I ne- need it so- so badly…” You beg, before cumming again. You squeeze Bucky’s cock even tighter and soak his cock with your sticky cum. Bucky snarls like a ferocious animal as he feels you milk his cock for his cum. “F- la naiba, rahat, am de gând să cum. O să te umplu, porumbelul. Fill you up to the brim with my cock, watch it leak out of this pretty pussy ‘a yours.” He groans, his thrusts becoming more and more sloppy. “Give me one more, little dove. I know you’re sensitive, but you can do it, cum on my cock.” He growls, and on command, you come undone around him. Bucky sinks his teeth into your neck, making you cry out in agony. His hips still and his balls tighten up as he cums. Thick, hot, white streaks and ribbons of cum paint your walls and you both moan at the feeling. He keeps his cock locked inside you and laps up the crimson liquid that spills from your neck.
You can feel him getting even harder inside you and you moan loudly. Bucky lazily kisses you with his blood soaked mouth. You whimper as you can taste the metallic flavour of it on your tongue, but he only cooes at you like you’re a little baby. “Bu- Master? Am- Am I going to turn into a vampire?” You frightfully ask him once you’ve calmed down. “No, but you are mine. You always have and you always will be mine.” He smirks, rubbing his nose against yours. Your pains haven’t completely dissipated, and Bucky knows that. Feeling his cum spill around his cock, leaking out of you, he chuckles like usual. “Can I go back home, please?” You beg him, thinking about your poor grandmother. He shakes his head and his jaw clenches with anger. “You’re not leaving me, little dove. No matter what.” He reassures, starting to slowly thrust into you. You moan softly and close your eyes, letting sleep take you over.
“I love you, little dove. You’re mine, and there’s no way you’re escaping me.”
Tumblr media
WARNINGS. | Dark!Vampire!Bucky, feeding, murder.
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Old Trucks and New Suits (N.R.)
Part 2 to Locked Doors and Stale Cheese Puffs
A/N: I don’t like this one as much as the first part but oh well
Word Count: 2.5k
You and Natasha climb into your Chevy C10 and you turn the key several times, but the engine just keeps sputtering. You can see Natasha holding in a laugh from the corner of your eye and you shake your head, turning the key one last time. The engine roars to life and you let out an excited ‘yes’ under your breath. As you pull away from the tower, Natasha examines the interior of the beat-up truck. She hums and turns to face you.
“Something you’d like to say, Miss Widow?”
“I’m sorry, but I gotta ask. Your father is Tony Stark一 a literal billionaire. Why do you have such a crappy truck?”
“Hey, it is not crappy! It’s a project truck一 a classic. And I don’t want my father’s money. I don’t need it.”
“You’re weird. If I were you, I’d use daddy’s money to buy myself a shiny new Corvette.”
You scoff and shake your head. “You make a fair point. Corvettes are very tempting,” you say with a slight smirk on your face.
It’s silent for a few minutes after that, and you push a cassette tape into the player to fill the void. Hank Williams’ voice fills the vehicle and Natasha lets out a loud snort. “You’ve got to be kidding me. First the ancient truck and now this? When is this music even from? Oh my god, wait. Did you go into the ice with Cap? Cause that would explain, like, a lot.”
“Ha ha. Very funny, Romanoff. One, this truck is not that old; it’s a ‘78. Two, this particular song is from the 50s. Don’t attack me just because I have better taste than you.”
“Older definitely does not equal better, Y/N.”
“Mhm. Whatever you say, Natasha.”
There are smiles on both of your faces as you pull into the parking lot of the small diner. Natasha hops out and you pull on the handle of your door, but it won’t budge. She watches you through the windshield, standing in front of the truck with a cocky grin. You huff out a breath and shove your shoulder into the door, which seems to do the trick, considering you fall out of the side of the truck and land not-so-gracefully on your ass. Natasha is now full-on belly laughing at you, and your face is decorated with a deep blush and a sheepish smile. “The door sticks sometimes...”
“Yeah, I can see that,” she says, still laughing. You stand up and dust yourself off.
When you enter the diner, the two of you earn some strange looks, and you realize you’re still wearing a dress that definitely doesn’t suit the environment.
“I really should’ve changed first,” you mumble as you slide into a booth across from Natasha.
“Yeah, you should’ve. I thought you were supposed to be really smart?”
“I’m sleep-deprived, leave me alone.” She only laughs at you in response, but you love the sound of it.
A concerning amount of food and coffee later一 along with several missed calls and ignored texts from your father一 you and Natasha are fighting over the bill.
“You drove, just let me pay.”
“I invited you here, so I’m gonna pay.”
“You’re a broke college student. I’m not letting you pay.”
“I’m not a college student anymore and I’m not broke!” She playfully glares at you and you meet her hard stare with raised eyebrows, not backing down. You see the waiter coming towards your table, but Natasha can’t see him. You quickly slide your debit card into the check and hand it to him as he passes.
Natasha scoffs and squints her eyes at you. A smug grin spreads across your face as you nod your head in silent victory. Her feigned anger quickly fades and she shakes her head at your antics, chuckling quietly. The sight causes a warmth to spread in your chest, and you avert your gaze to the window.
You stack the empty dishes as you wait for the waiter to return with your card. She raises an eyebrow at this and says, “I take it you’ve worked as a waitress before?” “Yes, actually. That and I’m a decent human being,” you say with a pointed look. 
“When did you work as a waitress?”
“All throughout college. On top of, like, two other jobs,” you reply as a waiter hands you your card and receipt. You nod with a small ‘thanks’ before sliding out of the booth.
“Why’d you work so much?” 
“Needed the money,” you say shortly as you hold the door open for her.
“You never give real answers to my questions,” she playfully remarks.
“Well, maybe you just ask too many of ‘em.” Your lips quirk into a small smile.
You turn to look at her once you’re both situated in the truck. “My mom had cancer. I needed the money to pay her hospital bills. That’s how Tony and I reconnected. She knew her time was coming and she didn’t want me to be stuck alone with that kind of debt, so she called him. He had already known about me, but I guess he finally just grew up and decided to deal with it.”
“I’m sorry for your loss.”
“No need to apologize. You didn’t invent cancer,” you say, shrugging as you start the truck. It’s quiet the entire ride back to the tower, but, despite the heavy conversation that previously took place, it’s a comfortable silence.
Natasha walks you back to your room once you get back to the tower. She claims she’s being courteous, but you’re pretty sure she just wanted to know where you’re staying. You open the door to your temporary room and wave her in.
“This is it? An old cramped apartment in the basement?” She asks with scrunched eyebrows, which you find adorable.
“Well, I told Tony that I didn’t want anything extravagant. And I’m only going to be here for a couple of weeks, so…”
“Yeah, this is definitely not extravagant. You are allowed to have nice things, you know,” she says, turning to face you.
“I know. I mean, he can obviously afford it but he’s already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on medical bills. I just wanna get out of his hair,” you reply honestly.
“He doesn’t seem to mind having you around. And I definitely don’t,” she says with a flirty smile, setting your cheeks ablaze.
You shake your head as you look anywhere but at her. She steps closer and reaches behind you to grab your phone from the countertop, holding eye contact the whole time. You watch with wide eyes as she types away on your phone.
“There,” she says. “Now you have my number, so we can set up a second date.”
“I wasn’t aware this was a date. I would’ve gone for something a little fancier than diner food.”
“Well, at least you were dressed the part,” she says, gesturing to your dress.
“Mhm. I might’ve gone for something a little less...revealing. For the first date, at least.”
“Aw, but I like this dress. It makes for a very nice view.”
“Oh, I’m sure. The other patrons at the diner loved it, too. And you aren’t too hard on the eyes either, Agent.”
She chuckles and says, “I should probably get going. We could both use some sleep.”
“Yeah, definitely. I’ll see you later, Natasha.”
She presses a soft kiss to your cheek and whispers, “See you around, Y/N.”
You don’t snap out of your trance until the door clicks shut behind her. You blink several times, trying to reassure yourself that the past sixteen hours had actually happened. You shower and change, then send the orders through to JARVIS to have Natasha’s new suit made. As soon as that’s taken care of, you practically collapse into your bed.
You’re awakened by a loud knock at the door. You have no idea what time it is, but you flick on the light and stumble to the door anyway. You pull the door open to find your father standing on the other side. “I was sleeping,” you mumble as you glare at him.
“It’s four in the afternoon,” he deadpans.
“Well, somebody decided to lock me in a lab all night so I’m a little behind on sleep.”
“You could’ve slept on the...workbench or something. That’s not what I’m here for. Can I come in? Thanks,” he says, walking through the door before you have the chance to respond. You shake your head and close the door behind him, moving to get a bottle of water from the fridge.
“Why are you here then, Dad?”
“I went to my lab and discovered JARVIS working on a suit. I didn’t give that order and nobody else has that kind of access, so I figured it must’ve been you. Who’s it for?”
“Natasha. She had gone to the lab last night because her suit needed some repairs after her mission. I just designed a new one because whoever made the first one was an imbecile who knew nothing about combat.”
“Hey, I helped design that suit!”
“Oops…sorry. But, I mean, c’mon, dude.”
He looks away from you and shrugs, pretending to think it over. “I can see your point.”
“Are you mad about the suit?” you ask tentatively, afraid of overstepping.
“No. I’m quite pleased, actually. Looks like you’re taking after your old man.”
“Don’t get ahead of yourself, Dad. I just did her a favor ‘cause we were both locked in there with nothing better to do.”
“Okay, just hear me out. I know you’re really looking forward to your new job, but you have so much talent. You could stay here and一”
“No. I don’t want a handout and I don’t want to work for you. I’ve already accepted the job, Dad. And I’m really looking forward to it. I appreciate the offer, I do, but no thanks.”
“Just think about it?” You stare him down, but he doesn’t budge, so you hesitantly agree.
“Fine. It will linger in the back of my mind, but I will not be actively thinking about it.”
“Good enough for me,” he says with a smug grin, raising his hands in the air.
“Call me when the suit’s finished, yeah? I wanna see my work.”
“No, you don’t. You want to see Romanoff, who will happen to be wearing your work.”
“Shut up.”
“You know I’m right.”
“Get out.”
“I’d better be invited to the wedding!” You push him out the door and close the door on him, cutting him off. You laugh at his antics. As complicated as your relationship with your father has been, this past year would’ve been hell without him.
It’s about seven p.m. now. You decided to stay awake, hoping that maybe you’d be able to get some sleep tonight. You’re in the middle of an episode of Criminal Minds when your phone buzzes from beside you. You pick it up and see a text from your father.
‘Suit’s done. I just texted Romanoff. Better get up here so you don’t miss the show ;)’
“Oh, good lord. That man,” you mumble to yourself as you shut your laptop and leave the room.
On the elevator ride up to the sciency floor, you suddenly become very self-conscious of your appearance. You’re wearing black leggings and an oversized band tee with your hair thrown in a messy bun, and glasses instead of contacts. ‘This is ridiculous. She’s just trying out her suit,’ you think to yourself. You shake your head to clear your doubts as you step out of the elevator.
Tony is the only one in the lab when you get there. “Is she not here yet?”
“She’s in the bathroom changing.” He turns his phone off and picks his head up to look at you, immediately laughing. “Did I wake you again?”
“Very funny. I was watching Netflix, asshole.”
“Hey, don’t speak to your father that way.” You scoff and raise an eyebrow at him, but whatever sarcastic remark he was about to make was cut off when the door to the bathroom opened and Natasha stepped into the lab. You’re fairly certain your jaw dropped a little at the sight of the redhead.
“It’s a nice suit. You look great. Doesn’t she look great, Y/N?” Tony’s teasing tone tells you that your gawking is very obvious, and you don’t need a mirror to know that your face is bright red.
“Uh- yeah. No, yeah. You look fantastic. Do you- how’s it feel?” You silently curse yourself for stuttering, knowing that your father would never stop teasing you for it.
“It’s amazing. Much better than the old one. Thank you, Y/N. You really didn’t have to do this for me.” Her cocky smirk fades into a small, sincere smile and it doesn’t fail to make you melt.
“You’re welcome. You deserve it. You’re sure it doesn’t need any adjustments?”
“No, it fits great. Whoever designed it did a pretty good job,” she says, her smirk returning.
“I’ll be sure to let them know,” you retort with a similar expression.
“If you two are done flirting, do you think we could wrap this up? I have a date with Pepper at nine and Y/N here was very busy being a couch potato before we interrupted her.” You slap his arm for his remark and disapprovingly shake your head at him.
“Ow!” He grabs his arm with a slack jaw and you scoff at his dramatics.
“Yeah, just let me change back. I’d hate to interrupt her couch potato time,” Natasha adds in.
“I am not a couch potato!” You huff as Tony leaves the lab laughing and Natasha goes back into the bathroom. You lean against the workbench and pop your knuckles, waiting for her to finish.
She emerges and notices you instantly. “You didn’t have to wait for me, you know. I’m capable of walking myself out.”
“Really? I thought the Black Widow would need a bodyguard to get to the elevator,” you quip, feigning confusion.
“Funny. Seriously though, thank you for the suit,” she says as you walk her into the elevator.
“Like I told you before, it was my pleasure.”
“I know, it’s just that nobody’s ever really done anything like that for me before, and we’ve literally known each other less than 24 hours.” She catches your gaze as she speaks, and the raw sincerity in her eyes almost takes your breath away.
“Well, to be fair, they have been a very eventful 24 hours.”
“That is very true. Goodnight, Y/N.” 
“Goodnight, Nat.” She steps off the elevator at her floor and you continue downward. As the unusually large metal box descends to the basement, a giddy smile takes over your features. It might be the lack of sleep or the borderline-dangerous amount of caffeine you’ve consumed in the past 24 hours, but you think that you just might be falling for the ex-assassin.
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pascalpanic · 4 months ago
Prompt idea: Lingerie with Frankie Morales but make it cute/funny? Picture this, you've got all of the fancy bits you've never worn before and you're struggling with the fiddly latches, crying out, "I can't get this shit on!" You finally figure it out, show it off to Frankie and he loves it. But he likes sex best when there's nothing between the two of you, so he works on unwrapping you. You notice his lips stop moving on you for a few seconds before he whines, "I can't get this shit off!"
Tangled Up (Frankie “Catfish” Morales x f!Reader)
Summary: ^^
W/C: 3K
Warnings: uh this is filth. SMUT 18+, oral sex (f receiving), lingerie, unprotected PIV sex (wrap it before you tap it, babes), Frankie has no patience and is rlly strong
A/N: this speaks to me, anon. I love this. I hope you do too!
Tumblr media
Frankie already thinks you’re the most beautiful thing on the face of this planet. Every little thing you do is amazing to him, the way you call his name, the way you bat your lashes at him when you really want something.
He’s absolutely obsessed with your body; he’s told you that and demonstrated time after time that he thinks you’re the goddamn prettiest thing he’s ever seen, that your body is absolutely perfect in its uniqueness.
Naturally, Frankie has his favorite pieces of clothing on you, the way they cling to or flow off of your wonderful form. Frankie is a big believer that the body is the soul, and he’s absolutely in love with yours. Anything to accentuate your soft skin, with colors that stand out against the tone of it, drives Frankie absolutely wild.
Lingerie is his favorite. It surprised you at first. Frankie is a patient man, slow and soft when he wants to be, prioritizing you over himself in everything he does but especially in the bedroom. Something like that feels self-indulgent to him, like it’s his one weakness, you looking like that just for him. Then he gets to unwrap you like the best fucking present he’s ever received- yeah, Frankie is really into lingerie on you.
He’s gifted it to you, gone shopping with you to buy it, but his favorite thing is being surprised. The element of shock and sensuality when he’s confronted with the most beautiful body wrapped in such perfect garments is his favorite sensation, next to digging his fingers into your hips and pulling your body against his to kiss you.
You know how much he loves it, and that motivates you to do it somewhat often. The problem is that lingerie is expensive. You usually find yourself repeating outfits for Frankie to rapidly strip from your body, which he clearly doesn’t care about. You look sexy, and he loves it. But you love the surprise, the shock and admiration as he has to run those tough and strong hands over the lace.
Frankie particularly loves dark colors, like black or a deep velvety red, on you. He thinks they look painfully seductive, tempting.
That’s what’s motivated you to buy the piece laying on your bed. It’s black, with a bra and panties and quite a lot of straps, buckles and loops built into it. You’d been hesitant, but seeing it in real life makes you even more excited. Frankie gets home soon; time to get in.
The panties go on easily, obviously. The next part is the challenge. There are straps upon straps, endless slots for you to shove limbs through. You hold it up and frown, not quite sure how to get it on.
Wandering to the mirror, you shove yourself into the thing, making some errors but eventually finding the proper way to wear it.
You look hot: both physically and sexually. There’s a lacy collar, attached to the intersection of the bra. The cups are mesh with lacy decor to cover the nipples, and there are many straps over your abdomen that hook up to the panties. All in all, it’s a complicated number, but you smile as you do a little twirl. Frankie will like it.
The other hot: you’re sweating. It took effort to put it on, lots of odd angles to pull and tug. You feel warm and flushed, so it’s a relief to plop on the edge of the bed and let the cool air of the house get you acclimated again.
You wait, mindlessly scrolling through your phone as you relax on the bed. Frankie’s schedule is far from exact, but you know the 15-20 minute window he’ll arrive home in. Lucky for you, the garage door opens at the normal time he arrives home.
Tossing your phone aside, you perch seductively on the edge of the bed, crossing your legs and leaning back on your arms. “Frankie, baby,” you call into the house as the door opens.
“Hey honey,” he calls back. You can hear him taking off his boots, taking off his jacket. His footsteps ascend with him as he climbs the stairs, and you fidget a little with the lingerie.
He stops in the kitchen, doing something or another. You frown a little. “Frankie,” you call again.
“Just one second, babe,” he chuckles, grabbing a glass of water and something to eat in the kitchen. When he has his things, he meanders through the house and to the bedroom. He nearly drops what he’s holding at the sight waiting for him.
He’s wearing a t-shirt and jeans. Nothing special, but he always looks so good in it. You naturally smirk just at the sight of your man, of how perfect he is. “How was work?” You purr, letting your head loll to the side so he can get a full view of your body.
Frankie swallows hard. “One second.”
You frown and he walks away, putting the water and food back down in the kitchen. He hurries back just to stand in the doorway, staring at you. “I… wow.”
You giggle a little. “I know you like something to tug on,” you tease and snap one of the straps against your skin. The sound goes straight to Frankie’s dick, steadily growing harder in those dark-wash jeans. “Well?”
“You look like a fucking bombshell, babe,” he groans as he walks closer and falls to his knees at the edge of the bed. “Holy fuck,” he shivers as his fingers trace up your bare thighs, sliding beneath the waistline of the panties.
“Glad you like it,” you chuckle and take off his cap, throwing it aside so you can bury your hands in those pretty curls. They’re so soft, fluffy when you run your fingers through them.
Frankie’s lips find your thigh, starting just above the knee and making their way up. “Love it,” he nods, murmuring it into the soft and sensitive skin there. “But you know I like you better with nothing to separate our skin,” he flirts, looking up at you with those round eyes that make you weak.
You shiver under his work, twirling one wave around your finger. “Take at least a little time to enjoy it, baby,” you pout.
He sits back on his knees and nods. “Of course. You know what…” he trails off as he stands, going over to the dresser and grabbing something from on top of it.
He returns moments later with your Polaroid, smirking a little. “Now I can enjoy it longer,” he chuckles as he pops open the lens. “Pose for me, baby girl,” he says, his voice growing darker and deeper as he takes in the sight.
You do, legs spread and chest pushed out, looking at him seductively through the camera. There’s a flash and a click as the camera takes the picture, then the film pops out through the bottom, still black as it develops. Frankie sets it back on the dresser, along with the photo, then stands at the foot of the bed. “How do you suggest I appreciate it, hm?” He asks.
Eyeing him, you can’t help but smile. “Take your shirt off first.”
“Okay,” he laughs softly and pulls off the soft gray tee, exposing his muscles and slight tummy. It’s such a beautiful sight, and your eyes follow the thin trail of hair down.
“Now the belt.”
“Should I just presume you want it all off?” He asks again, tilting his head.
Laughing, you fall flat onto your back on the bed. “Yes. All of it. Off.” You lift your head just slightly, dropping it as you realize it might add a couple of chins.
“No, watch me,” he orders, and it makes you smirk. It’s an easy domination, the way Frankie could do whatever the fuck he wants with you. Neither of you ever agreed upon anything, never made a pact and discussed the idea of something serious, but it’s something the two of you learned over your time of knowing and loving each other. Frankie knows what you like, and you know what he likes: when he gives the orders. When he’s fully nude, his thick cock heavy and reddened, you smile even wider. “What next?” He asks, allowing the role to be played.
You pretend to think about it, stroking your chin. “Well, do whatever you want to me. But the lingerie stays on.”
Frankie pouts. “I wanna fuck you, and I like it best when there’s nothing between us.”
“Then find another way,” you shrug, that devious little smile tugging up the corner of your mouth. “Do something else. Maybe if you’re good enough, I’ll take it off for you and let you fuck me.”
“Oh, you’ll let me fuck you?” He teases as he gets on his knees, one hand on each thigh as he pushes them apart and nestles between them. “How kind.” His lips trace along the inside of your thigh, slowly working their way from the knee to the apex.
You shiver beneath him, wiggling at the anticipation. “I’m giving,” you sigh, any sarcasm you attempt to give lost in a moan as Frankie mouths at your clit through the panties.
“You sure are,” he murmurs, his own body shuddering at the wetness of the lacy fabric covering your slit. His tongue contributes to the dampness, starting at your opening and slowly licking all the way up to nip at your clit through the lace.
“Baby,” you whimper, your hands digging into his hair.
“You told me to take my time,” he mumbles and looks up at you, eyes darkened with lust. “I’m just following orders, baby girl.” He pushes the panties aside and laps at your folds.
A whimper trails from your lips and your back arches off the bed, desperate for more. “God, I fucking love you.”
Frankie traces two fingers through your slick, teasing at your entrance and sitting back on his heels to watch the sight that accompanies the unholy sounds. “You think you love me? I got to come home from work to this,” he groans, taking in the sight of you and plunging two thick fingers inside of you. “Nothing better than this, pretty girl,” he shudders and dives back in, sucking at your clit and tracing it slowly with his tongue.
You keen into his touch, grinding your hips back against his mouth. “Fuck, Frankie,” you cry out as he curves his fingers inside of you, hitting that perfect spongy spot.
“Yeah?” He murmurs into you, his tongue barely resting for a second.
“Yeah, oh fuck,” you shiver. “Baby, don’t you dare stop.”
“Couldn’t if I tried,” he groans, working his tongue harder against you.
It’s all too much in just the right way. The cresting wave that builds inside of you finally breaks as Frankie swirls the sensitive bud around his tongue, and you whine his name as the release pours through your body, making you shake and squirm and moan. “There we go,” he murmurs as he pulls away, your body coming down from its high. “That enough appreciation for you?”
“Plenty,” you nod. “Now fuck me. Please.”
He smirks a little and stands. “Finally,” he chuckles as he runs his fingers over the endless straps covering your body. He snaps one of them against your breast, making the soft flesh ripple. He groans at the sight, of the way your tit bounces against it.
Frankie pulls you to sit up, reaches behind and unclasps the bra. Normally, that would be enough to get you naked, but there’s a neck harness and straps and to be honest, he doesn’t know where to get started. “How the fuck did you get this thing on?” He murmurs.
You laugh a little. “It took me a really long time, honestly. It was hard.”
Frankie sighs and pulls at the straps, trying to find a good way to get it off. His deft fingers search your body for some kind of clasp or buckle, but find none. He unclips the panties from the top, at least, and slides them off, then gets back to working.
His eyes look up at you and he pouts. “Come on. Give me a hint, baby.”
“I don’t fucking know, Frankie,” you laugh, still on an endorphin high from the orgasm moments ago. “I don’t know how this thing got on and I know even less about how to get it off.”
Frankie’s forehead falls against your chest, groaning. “Fuck.” He tries gathering the straps and pulling them up. That doesn’t work. He searches under every strap for maybe velcro or snaps. Nothing. He pushes you back down onto your back.
“Goddamnit!” He groans and his lack of patience gets the best of him. Gripping the straps, Frankie pulls them hard until the straps break, leaving you bare beneath him and completely stunned.
The straps fall to your sides, exposing your full chest and abdomen. “Frankie!” You exclaim, honestly more than turned on from his little show of strength.
“Sorry,” he bites his lip and looks down at you, but you know he’s really not. The tip of his cock is leaking, red and flushed and you know he’d do just about anything to get inside you now.
You giggle a little, the adrenaline from the moment rushing through your veins. “That was fucking hot,” you admit, spreading your legs. “You got me stripped down. Now fuck me, Frankie, please.”
The embarrassment is gone from his face within seconds. “Yes ma’am,” he mumbles, climbing over you and kissing you desperately hard.
You cup his face and hike your knees up around his waist, kissing him back just as readily, tongue pressing against the seam of his lips. He allows you in in the exact moment he thrusts inside of you, making you moan into his mouth before breaking away.
“Frankie,” you whimper as he’s pushed fully inside of you, throbbing and twitching as you say his name. “Fuck, baby,” you whine, his thick cock pressed against your cervix. “You gonna go easy on me?”
“Not in the slightest,” he mumbles back and pulls mostly out before pushing back in, hard. You cry out his name over and over, grabbing at his shoulder blades and back. You can feel the muscles there shift as he pushes, holding himself up over you. His head falls down with a groan as you reach one hand behind him to teasingly tug at his balls.
In return, Frankie lowers himself over you and brings one hand down to circle your clit, thrusting in time with the movement of his worn fingertips. God, he’s so damn good with his hands, always has been, and you whimper that into his ear, moving both hands back up to clutch at his back, nails digging into his skin.
It’s almost a competition of pleasure between the two of you, who can do more of the tiny little things the other loves, who can get the other to their peak first. Frankie kisses at your neck, mumbling sweet words into your skin, crying out as your nails drag down his back. “Baby, please, you feel so fucking good, god you’re so big,” you groan next to his ear, filling it with all of the affirmations he loves.
“You‘re just so fucking tight,” he grunts, thrusting harder and harder into you. You get tighter as you clench around him, and Frankie knows that it means you’re close. “Come on, baby girl. You gonna cum on my dick?”
“Yes, yes,” you chant, head falling back into the bed. “Oh, fuck, Frankie-oh!” You squeal as he hits the sweet spot inside of you once more, his fingers working in the perfect rhythm with his hips to make you fall apart, clenching and fluttering around him as more slick coats his cock.
He groans at the feeling, shivering at the way you clamp down on him. “W-where? Where do you want it, baby?” He asks you, knowing he’s about to burst at any second, the way you’re absolutely destroying him.
“In me, please,” you beg, and it’s an offer Frankie can’t refuse. He lets go, filling you with the hot, sticky seed. You whine at the feeling, desperately gripping his skin.
He whines your name in your ear as he comes down, shivering and pulling out, lying next to you on top of the ruined lingerie.
“That was expensive,” you whimper as you limply toy with a strap.
“I’ll buy you a new set. Two new sets,” he tells you, breathless and sweaty. “God, you looked so good in that,” he sighs, chuckling a little. He gets up and wanders to the bathroom, getting a warm, wet cloth and coming back to clean you up.
The sight of his cum dripping from inside you is almost enough to make him hard again, but he bites his lip and wipes you down, tenderly kissing your thigh. “Thank you,” you murmur weakly and smile down at him.
“Doing my job,” he teases and kisses your knee before cleaning himself off and tossing the cloth in the laundry. When he lies down next to you, he takes the discarded lingerie and throws it off the bed, wrapping you in his arms. “You’re so amazing,” he chuckles. “God, I love you.”
“I love you too, baby,” you hum and kiss his face, nuzzling your nose into the curve of his flushed and dewey neck. “I have stuff to make for dinner.”
The reminder that it’s only 5:00 or so makes Frankie laugh a little. “You don’t have to. You’ve done enough for me tonight,” he murmurs, kissing your temple lovingly.
“Never said I was doing it alone,” you chuckle sleepily, your eyes slipping shut. “You’re helping.”
“Damn right I am. Maybe we take a nap first though,” Frankie says as he pulls you closer in his arms.
“A nap sounds good,” you nod and kiss his cheek. “I love you.”
“Love you too, baby.”
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jungshookz · 4 months ago
hwayoung’s two now and y/n’s allowed to be emotional about it, okay?
Tumblr media
➺ genre; ceo!yoongiverse!! a little bit of yoongi and y/n being mushy for each other!! fluff!! cutest drabble for the cutest girl!! jungkook and jimin bickering like an old married couple as per usual!! 
➺ wordcount; 3.2k
➺ p.s. this drabble is approximately five months overdue and it’s basically been collecting dust in my drafts so i figured i’d finally release it into the wild since it’s mother’s day today and i thought it’d be nice to read something sweet on this special day!!!! happy mother’s day!!! give ur mom a big ol hug and a kiss on the cheek :-) and if u don’t celebrate mother’s day that’s okay you can still read this for a small boost of serotonin wahoo :D 
                                       »»————- 🍰 ————-««
“i’d just like to inform you that if it wasn’t for the fact that today is hwayoung’s birthday, the idea of having cake as part of breakfast would definitely be off the table.” yoongi pauses before turning his head to look at you pointedly, “in fact, it wouldn’t even had made it to the table in the first place.”
“trust me, you’ve made that clear multiple times-” you roll your eyes playfully before offering yoongi a half-hearted shrug, “it’s not a big deal! we’ll just give her a tiny little chunk that’ll fit in her tiny little hand and then we’ll save the rest for later!”
“yeah, right-” yoongi snorts, making his way over to you to hand you a balloon, “you’re probably going to sneak an entire slice of cake into her mouth while i’m not watching-” he teases, digging his fingers into your sides playfully before wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you back against his chest, “you think you’re so sneaky-”
“hey-!” you giggle, squirming in his grip when you feel him starting to nip at the side of your neck, “this is not a very productive use of our time, boss-”
“hey, you two! are you just going to stand there making out all day or are you actually going to help me with the decorations?”
both you and yoongi peer over the edge to see jimin standing by the bottom of the spiral staircase looking very unimpressed and you flash him a sheepish smile 
“we’re not making out-” 
“yeah, well you might as well be-”
“we’re helping! we’re almost done tying balloons to the banisters-” you argue, holding the balloon in your hand up before flopping it around enthusiastically, “we-” you jolt when you accidentally let go of it, watching with wide eyes as it rockets around the ceiling before poot-poot-pooting pathetically and landing on the ground by jimin’s feet
“…yes, that’s very helpful, thank you.” jimin mutters to himself, shaking his head as he bends down to pick up the sad, spitty balloon up off the ground with a grimace, “when you’re done, come down and help me because this balloon arch isn’t going to make itself! chop-chop, people-” he claps his hands together as he wanders back to the living room to the half-constructed balloon arch
“you know, you’d think that hwayoung was his daughter-” yoongi murmurs lowly, twisting his neck to give your cheek a quick kiss before pulling away
“mm, tell me about i-”
“she’s mine when the two of you drop dead!”
you jump in surprise at the sound of jimin’s voice snapping at you from below and you and yoongi exchange glances before bursting into quiet giggles
“i feel like i should be more concerned that jimin seems to be very eagerly waiting for our deaths.” you joke, reaching for the bag of balloons and pulling out a handful of them
as much as you love your daughter you weren’t planning on having a super big birthday party for her just because..,., well, she’s probably not going to remember most of it considering she’s two and also it’s just the five of you celebrating at home, so you thought that a cake and a bunch of presents would be good enough of a celebration
of course, when you told jimin about these plans he looked like he was ready to bury you alive which is why he insisted that he’d take care of the food and the drinks and basically the entirety of hwayoung’s birthday party and told you that all you and yoongi had to do was sit back, relax, blow up a couple of balloons and also choose a cute birthday outfit for hwayoung
(jimin actually ended up taking over that part as well. he bought her a new birthday dress and a brand new pair of shoes to go with it.)
“everyone can relax! the star of the show has now arrived!”
the sound of the front door slamming shut suddenly shatters the silence and you smile lightly when you see jungkook sauntering in as if he owns the place
“good morning, kook.” you hum, jungkook looking up at you before offering you a lopsided grin, “actually, the star of the show is still fast asleep in her room.”
“oh, right-” jungkook snorts, dismissing you with a flick of his wrist, “i mean, yeah, of course this is hwayoung’s special day- but check it out! i picked up her birthday cake and brought it back here and i didn’t accidentally ruin it somehow!” he raises the big blue box in his hand with a beam, “i’m incredible!”
“that thing looks huge, jungkook!” you frown lightly, “i told you not to go crazy-”
“please tell me you didn’t max out my credit card buying a giant cake for hwayoung.” yoongi chimes in, leaning over and folding his arms atop the banister, “i hope you realise it’s just going to be the three of you having to eat it all-”
“it’s hwayoung’s birthday, i had to splurge! you know that ‘everything is cake’ trend? i ordered a custom cake and asked them to make it look like a giant cookie! but i also ordered a dozen chocolate chip cookies just in case she’s not into the cake.” jungkook smiles proudly before pausing, “…of course, knowing hwayoung, she’s going to love the cookies and the cake, so i’m not too worried. i’m going to see if i can shove these into the fridge-”
“what’s wrong?” yoongi nudges your side to get you to look at him, “you look like you’re thinking, which is never really a good thing-”
“hwayoung’s two now.” you blink twice before turning to look at yoongi, “she’s two.”
“yes. you’re very good at keeping track of our daughter’s age.” yoongi coos, reaching up to pinch your cheek playfully, “good job, baby.”
“two years old!” you gasp, turning around to lean back against the railing before shaking your head, “my god, she’s aged.”
“oh my god, you’re right. the ripe old age of two.” yoongi teases before gasping dramatically and reaching over to grip onto your forearm, “soon, we’ll be thinking about what elementary school to send her off to... and then the next thing you know, we’ll be helping her look for her own apartment when she’s off at university... and then you’ll be going wedding dress shopping with h-”
“stOP stop stop stop-” you wave your hands before covering them over your ears, yoongi laughing lightly when you frown at him, “i don’t want her to turn two! because that means she’s going to turn three… and then she’s going to turn four… and then five, six, seven, eight-” you pause and your eyes suddenly widen in horror, “she’s going to be a sixteen year old one day- what if she turns into a bratty sixteen year old?? because i was a really bratty sixteen year old and i don’t want her to turn out like me! do you know how hard it’s going to be if she turns into me? i used to sneak home at four in the morning-”
“let’s keep in mind that hwayoung is also my daughter and i was not a bratty sixteen year old,” yoongi interrupts calmly before giving your arm a reassuring squeeze, “she’s gonna be fine! and you turned out great, so give yourself a little bit of credit-”
“i just want her to stay two forever.” you pout, crossing your arms stubbornly as you look down the hallway towards her room, “is that too much to ask for??”
“when the terrible twos hit, i guarantee you’re probably going to feel a little different.” yoongi teases, pushing himself up off the banister before gesturing for you to go and join jimin and jungkook downstairs, “why don’t you help jimin out with the balloon arch while i go and wake our little miss two year old up?”
                                      »»————- 🍰 ————-««
yoongi presses his lips together tightly as he twists the doorknob, being careful not to make too loud of a sound to accidentally shock hwayoung awake
the last thing he wants is for to burst into tears at the start of her special day
he peers into the bedroom, smiling fondly when he sees a little lump under the covers shuffling a little 
a chubby sock-clad foot pokes out for a second before it disappears again
“이게 누굴까요? [hm… who’s that]?” yoongi asks quietly, the lump suddenly freezing in place, “드디어 일어나셨네요… [i think someone’s finally awake…]”
he tilts his head when a messy head of hair pops out from under the covers, the corners of hwayoung’s mouth immediately lifting in a bright smile when she spots him, “우리 공주 좋은 아침입니다! [oh! good morning, miss min!]”
he lets himself into the room and reaches over to click the white noise machine off before starting to quietly pad his way over to her, his heart melting in his chest when her mouth opens up in a quiet little yawn
“잘 주무떠뜹니까… [gub moming…]” hwayoung murmurs, eyelids fluttering slightly as yoongi reaches down to push some of her hair out of her face
“잘 잤어? [hi, baby… did you sleep well?]” yoongi asks, leaning down to scoop her up, “우리 화영이 생일 축하해… 밑에서 다 기다리고 있어... [happy birthday, my darling… we’re all waiting for you downstairs...]” he whispers, rubbing circles into her warm back when she immediately clings to him, “머리에 물 좀 묻히고 내려갈까? 머리가 아주 산발이네. [why don’t we freshen up a little, hm? the birthday girl can’t take pictures with a bird’s nest on her head.]”
“딴바. [birb’s ness.]”
                                      »»————- 🍰 ————-««
“i hope she likes the present i got for her.” jungkook mutters, his foot tapping anxiously against the ground as he looks up towards the top of the stairs in anticipation of hwayoung’s arrival, “i mean, if she doesn’t like it, there’s a receipt in the box so i can return it and get something else for her… but i really hope she likes it.”
“jungkook, she’s two. i gave her a wooden spoon to play with the other day and she was ecstatic.” you snort, peeling an eye open to look at him from where you’re lying on the couch before shutting it again, “i’m sure she’ll love whatever you got for her.”
“what’s the matter with you?” jimin hums, glancing at you for a second before focusing his attention back on sticking the bright pink ‘2’ candle onto the cake, “you look a little out of it today.”
“gee, thanks.” you snort, blindly grabbing one of the throw pillows before hugging it to your chest, “no, i’m fine, i just- i was feeling a little mopey this morning about hwa turning two and now i’m just thinking about how time has just flown by…”
“mm. it seems like it was only yesterday that i was holding your hair back while you violently puked your guts out into the toilet bowl.” jimin jokes, holding a hand to his chest before spinning around to face you and jungkook, “ah… fond memories that i’ll look back on for the rest of my life.”
“you know, i should’ve told yoongi i was pregnant in another way.” you suddenly change the subject, propping yourself up onto your elbows with a frown, “all i did was give him a tiny cookie. how lame is that?!”
“to be fair, you didn’t know how he was going to react, so maybe it was a good thing you went for something so simple!” jimin shrugs, making his way over to you before sticking his hand out for you to take, “c’mon, miss mopey. hwayoung probably doesn’t want to see you throwing yourself a pity party on her special day when she comes down here.”
                                     »»————- 🍰 ————-««
“-화영이가 엄마한테가서 이쁜짓 해주는 거 어떨까? [-now, mama is feeling very emotional today, so i think it’d be a really good idea to act extra cute, okay?]” yoongi whispers to hwayoung, planting a quick kiss on her cheek while slowly making his way down the stairs, “of course, that probably isn’t going to be a problem for you, seeing that you’re adorable 24/7-”
“i adowbo.” hwayoung murmurs, leaning down and squishing her cheek against yoongi’s shoulder, “졸려. [i seepy.]”
“졸리다고? [sleepy?]” yoongi pauses on the steps, reaching up to adjust one of her pigtails with a smile, “이거 큰일났네, 졸리면 어떡해! [you can’t be sleepy for your morning conference. look alive!]”
“is that the sleepy little birthday girl?” 
yoongi looks down to see you waiting eagerly at the bottom of the stairs, your hands clasped together and your eyes glued on hwayoung, “good morning!”
“mama!” hwayoung immediately twists around in yoongi’s arms at the sound of your voice, reaching out for you with a teethy grin as soon as yoongi gets close enough to you
“oh, happy birthday, my sweet little baby!“ you coo as you take her into your arms, squishing multiple kisses to her chubby cheek as you hold her close, “happy happy birthday, my beautiful girl…”
“ahppa bouday!” hwayoung giggles, little hands patting against your face
she leans in and smushes her nose against yours before giving you a drooly kiss on the cheek and you can’t help but laugh at how affectionate she’s being with you
you want to keep her like this forever and it sucks to think about the fact that one day you’re going to set her down on the ground after carrying her and you’ll never pick her up again because she won’t need you to pick her up again
“oh…” you sniffle, suddenly feeling your nose prickle and your eyes starting to get a little tingly, “i love you so much…”
you don’t get much of a chance to say anything else before hwayoung’s suddenly being plucked from your arms, both jimin and jungkook immediately starting to fawn over her as per usual
“우리 화영이, 공주님이 따로 없네! [look at how beautiful you are in your dress!]” jimin exclaims animatedly, hwayoung clapping her hands together in response
her dress is sage green and gingham and it even came with matching ribbons for her hair and you have to admit that jimin made a pretty good choice with this birthday outfit
you probably would’ve stuck her in a pair of overalls or something
“see, what’d i say?” jimin smiles proudly, smoothing down the back of hwayoung’s dress before looking over at jungkook, “i told you the sage green was cuter- 아니 빨간 걸 왜 입혀 뭐 애를 도마로 만들 생각이니- [the red one that you wanted to go with would’ve made her look like a picnic blanket-]”
“아니 도마라니! [red gingham is classy!]” jungkook argues, trailing behind jimin while making faces at hwayoung to get her to laugh, “입혀보지도 않고- [you didn’t even give it a chance-]”
“난 그딴 거 염두에 두지 않는다 정국아- [i don’t need to give tacky garbage a chance, jungkook-]”
“hey, are you okay?” yoongi gives you a quick hug and kiss on the side of your head when he suddenly notices a tear running down your cheek, “she’s just turning two, y/n... she’s not moving out of the country-”
“i know, i know-“ you sniffle, reaching up to quickly wipe at your tears before chuckling, “i guess i’m just feeling extra emotional today-”
“c’mon, parents!” jimin calls out for you two while setting hwayoung down in her high chair, “the candle is melting and this cake is too expensive to get any wax dripped on it-”
“gookee!” hwayoung points to the cake and claps her hands as she bounces up and down on her seat, “gookee, mama!”
“yeah! cookie!” you mimic enthusiastically, smiling widely when she suddenly lets out a high-pitched squeal of excitement, her nose scrunching particularly cutely, “i’m glad to see that you inherited my love for cookies and not appa’s love for muesli.”
yoongi immediately scoffs and reaches down to give your bum a quick swat
“i know she’s saying cookie, but i’m just going to go ahead and say that she’s actually saying the name of her favourite uncle-” jungkook sighs, reaching down to pinch hwayoung’s cheek, “화영이는 꾹이 삼촌 제일 좋아하- [uncle gookee is your forever favourite-]”
“어 응 뉘에- [yeah, okay, whatever helps you sleep at night-]” jimin snorts, shoving the camera into his hands as the four of you stand in front of hwayoung, “okay, don’t touch the cake yet! let’s get some pretty pictures of the birthday girl first!”
“hwa, look into the camera!” jungkook coos, snapping his fingers to get her to look up at him, “그래 삼촌 한 번만 봐 봐- [look at uncle goo- yeah, there we go-]”  
you watch hwayoung fondly as she continues to ham it up for the camera, her little legs kicking in anticipation under the tray
“good girl, you’re being so patient.” you hum before reaching over to pluck a cookie from the open box, “ooh, i’ve been dying to sink my teeth into one of these-” 
“i had one earlier, they’re pretty good!” jimin nods, brushing past jungkook to get to you, “the bakery i ordered them from has, like five out of five stars one google review- hey, what’s that face for?”
“eugh- do the cookies taste a little funky to you?” you face screws up as you swallow the bite before holding the cookie up to take a closer look at it, “it’s just chocolate chip, right?”
“yeah- hold on, lemme try-” jimin frowns, reaching over to steal your cookie before taking a bite of it and chewing thoughtfully
“maybe you just got a weird one?” yoongi suggests, peering into the box with a frown, “all cookies taste funky to me, so my opinion probably isn’t valid here-”
“it’s fine, i’ll try another one later-” you dust your fingers off before perking up and clapping your hands together, “hey, should yoongi and i hop in for some pictures before hwa completely destroys the entire cake?”
“yeah, it… might be a little too late for that.” jungkook clears his throat and the three of you look over to see hwayoung’s tubby arms shoved elbow deep into the cake, “i gave her the green light to go ahead and eat. she just looked so sad and hungry, i’m sorry!”
hwayoung cackles in glee as she continues slapping her hand against the cake, her grubby little hands now sticky and her new dress stained with globs of frosting chocolate
“oh my god.” you stifle a laugh and reach up to cover your mouth so that you don’t burst out laughing at the fact that both jimin and yoongi look absolutely appalled
“i spent, like, ten minutes doing her hair-” yoongi whines, gently nudging you aside so he can hurry over to hwayoung and try to salvage the neat little pigtails he spent forever working on, “and now there’s frosting everywhere!”
“that dress was expensive, jungkook!” jimin snaps, and if you didn’t know any better you’d think he was about to burst into tears, “and i didn’t even get any nice pictures with her before she- come on, man-”
“i’m sorry!”
“ahppy bodday!” hwayoung shrieks in delight and flings her arms up, chunks of cake and specks of frosting flicking out from her hands, “i adowbo!”
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Pink Lemonade
Pairings: Jaemin x Renjun x Haechan x Jeno x Mark x Reader
Genre: Smut, Fluff, Humor (I guess), Slow burn af
Summary: The dreamies decide to spend some weeks at an Inn in the middle of the nature to relax and enjoy some outdoor adventures, far away from their crazy idol life. What they didn’t expect was the nice girl running said Inn.
Word count: 4.1k
A/N: hEy guys, I’m SO sorry for 1. taking so long for this shitty chapter and 2. I will no longer be tagging new people simply because I am so lost and I feel like I will miss half of the people who asked so I don’t want to make anyone feel forgotten or upset
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Tumblr media
The next morning you woke up before Jeno, you tried to silently sneak out to give him the chance of pretending nothing happened, in case he decided it had all been a drunken mistake and it should be forgotten. Your plan was proven kind of difficult with the whole having to untangle yourself from the man and unzipping the tent open situation, bright sun rays suddenly filling the space. You winced at the light and tried to quickly close the door back up, startled by a groaning sleepy Jeno who confusedly sat up and rubbed his eyes, “What’s going on?”
“Sorry, I was just trying to get out,” You apologized.
“Oh, ok. What time is it?”
“I have no idea, my phone died.”
The man searched for his phone among the covers and sighed when he realized he had run out of battery too. You awkwardly stared at each other, not really knowing if one of you should bring up what had happened or just casually move on.
“I don’t think the others are up yet,” You tried to start a conversation before the tension could swallow you up.
“Probably not. I’m still sleepy though, could go for a morning nap,” He smiled before lying back down, you were thankful he was trying to end the awkwardness too.
“I love morning naps.”
“Come join?” He asked with hopeful eyes and you nodded before practically throwing yourself back into his side, careful to not touch him in case he wasn’t interested and you didn’t want to impose yourself. You turned your back to Jeno and closed your eyes, ready to fall asleep in seconds, but was surprised when you felt the man’s arm silently wrapping around your waist and his chest pressing against your back before lazily whispering a “Good night” against the back of your neck. You smiled contently to yourself, hearing Jeno’s breathing get heavier and slower as sleep took over him, following his steps soon after.
The second time you woke up, was to a screaming Jisung. You and Jeno both jumped awake, startled, before running outside thinking there was a snake or something dangerous like that. The two of you were soon staring at the young boy judgingly, looking between him and the cockroach on the floor.
“Jisung, it’s dead,” Jeno sighed, trying to not get annoyed at the young man.
“It’s still moving!” He whined, still refusing to go down from the camping chair.
“They do that,” You sighed too, giving up on trying to make sense of the situation and approaching the boy with your hand out to help him down. “C’mon, help me to put the things back in the truck so we can go back to the Inn.”
Jisung reluctantly did as you said and Jeno started to wake up the others, everyone folded their tents and picked up the trash in silence, too tired and hungover to play around. If looked from afar, one might have you mistaken for extras on a zombie movie.
As you arrived back at the Inn, everyone crawled into their rooms without muttering a single word. You took advantage of the moment to take a shower since you were still in your bikins and Jaemin’s sweater, feeling completely disgusting after a day (mostly a night) of sweating. You were deep in your nirvana state of mind, enjoying the hot water relaxing your muscles and finally cleaning your hair of all that lake water, when you heard a bang at the door. You jumped in shock and looked over at the door instantly.
“Whoever is there, please let me in, I really need to pee!” Jisung screamed, fist still knocking on the door in urgency.
“You can use the bathroom downstairs!”
“Cockroaches,” He squealed before letting out a loud whine. “Please, I’m going to explode.”
You lightly groaned at the inconvenience before quickly shutting the water down and wrapping your towel around you, opening the door and signaling to Jisung that the bathroom was all his. He banged the door shut and you leaned against the hallway wall, waiting to return to your very good shower that you were missing very much after experiencing the chilly wind outside.
“Is there anything wrong?” Jaemin asked after opening his door, seeming like he had just woken up from a deep slumber.
You tried to act casually, like you weren’t standing around in just a towel, “Everything’s awesome.”
Jaemin had his mouth open to start saying something else when another door opened, an annoyed Haechan appearing behind it, “Who’s yelling and why?”
“Jisung needed to use the bathroom,” You explained, feeling way to exposed and embarrassed to elaborate.
“Can’t a guy ever sleep in peace?” Renjun’s suddenly appeared from his room, whining at his friends and rubbing at his eyes sleepily.
“Ok, can everyone please stay inside their rooms for the next 30 seconds?!” You requested loudly in frustration, kind of laughing internally at the way Jeno was midway through opening his door before muttering a sorry and closing it back in super speed.
“Yeah, sorry,” Renjun apologized before going back to his nap, but you didn’t miss the way he gave you a once-over first.
“Enjoy your shower,” Jaemin smiled at you before copying his friend.
Haechan simply stood there staring at you and you looked at him in expectation and a ting of annoyance. The man smirked at you before winking, “Looking good.”
“Yeah, and very much naked, so if you could like, just go inside for a minute,” You politely requested.
“But that’s very much what I’d like to see,” He playfully flirted with a low voice so no one would hear, slowly approaching you. He gave you no time to react as he looked down at your chest, right hand suddenly pinching your hardened nipple and you gasped in surprise, “Cold?”
He looked up at you with a teasing look and you nodded with furrowed eyebrows, confused as to what he was playing. Haechan whispered a “cute” against your ear before returning to his room with a smirk, right on time for Jisung to open the door, “Thank you so much! I’m sorry for interrupting your shower. I think I had the content of two whole wine bottles in my bladder.”
“It’s ok,” You assured him absently, still bothered by Haechan’s antics. You honestly had thought he was all bark and no bite, you two have been playfully flirting since day one and you had guessed it was just part of your friendship dynamic considering you both always laughed about it.
Well, you could do nothing about it except from seeing where life would take you two.
After showering, you prepared some yogurt bowls with fruits and granola for breakfast, figuring you could all have a late lunch. Jaemin came downstairs after an hour and helped you out, stopping you from murdering another poor orange.
“Do you think everyone will be up for an activity today?” You asked, hoping they would opt for a more relaxing afternoon, as you were pretty much tired and hungover yourself.
Jaemin softly laughed, “If the activity is dying on the floor of the living room, yes.”
“Oh, thank god.”
“Slept late?” He raised an eyebrow at you and you almost dropped the knife you were holding.
Does he know?
“I went to bed right after you did, red wine is just not my friend,” You awkwardly laughed, trying to calm your mind down. He couldn’t have heard anything over the loud singing yesterday and Jeno probably didn’t tell him.
Jaemin said nothing to that and you both enjoyed a semi-comfortable silence until he offered, “Want me to teach you how to peel an orange?”
“Theoretically speaking I know how to do it, I just can’t make my hands actually work,” You laughed, but moved closer so he could show you anyways.
“I’ll teach you an easier way then, it’s not ideal but it’s better than losing half of the orange,” He teased and you glared at him. “You just have to cut it in half like this, and then like this. Actually you can cut it as many times as you want to. When they are in slices like this you can just use your fingers to pull the peel away.”
“Oh, I think I can do that,” You exclaimed in excitement, “Thank you.”
“My pleasure. Hey, do you by any chance have more of that pineapple cake?”
“Chenle finished it but I can go to town to buy some more when we’re done with this. You can come along if you want to, they have a lot of options.”
“That sounds great.”
The two of you managed to quickly finish decorating the bowl, even adding some pretty flowers Jaemin went out to pick on top of it. After placing it all in the fridge so it wouldn’t become a mess until the others woke up, you scribbled down a note letting them know you had gone to the city and would be right back before heading outside to the car.
“Can I drive?” Jaemin asked jokingly, knowing your car was very dear to you.
“If you crash it, you’re giving me that watch,” You rolled your eyes, throwing the keys at him, who looked surprised at your compliance but laughed excitedly when catching the keys. His watch was probably worth more than your car anyways.
You hesitantly climbed into the passenger seat and tried to not say anything as Jaemin left the property in reverse, you hated riding shotgun.
He did look kind of hot, though.  
“I know how to drive, you know? You don’t have to grip the handles so tight,” The man laughed once you were already on the road.
“I’m just not used to not being the one behind the wheel,” You apologized, forcing yourself to relax your hands on your lap so you wouldn’t offend a man’s driving’s skills. “Turn right on that street. Did you enjoy skiing?”
“I did, yesterday was just a fun day as a whole. You also looked really pretty in my sweater,” He looked at you softly and It took a lot of control for you to not melt into the seat.
“I’m giving it back as soon as I wash it, by the way. Thank you again for not letting me freeze.”
“Don’t worry. You can keep it, it looked better on you.”
“Jaemin, I know you’re trying to be a gentleman and all but that’s a Balenciaga swea-“
“And I’d like for you to have it.”
“I’m really living everyone’s fanfic’s dreams, aren’t I?” You giggled softly.
“Do you read those?” Jaemin chuckled.
“Of course. I live in the middle of nowhere, anything to pass the time. Follow that Sunny Mountain sign.”
“Ok. You should teach me how to find those, I’m curious as to what our fans write about us.”
“Uh, you really shouldn’t.”
“Dirty stuff?”
“Lots of it, probably.”
Jaemin laughed at that but said nothing more, deciding to pay attention to the road for once. You were distracted trying to find a cool Spotify playlist on your phone when you felt the man’s hand on your thigh, he didn’t move it and he didn’t look at you, just staring straight ahead with a casual demeanor like it was something you did all the time. You said nothing about it, just enjoyed the touch and followed his lead.
As you arrived at the city, you directed Jaemin around until you were parking right in front of the little traditional bakery.
“Good morning, Mary. Looking beautiful as always,” You complimented the old lady behind the counter, who you have known since you were a little girl. “Please tell me you made some pineapple cake.”
“My dear, if I didn’t I would run out of business,” Mary laughed. “I’ll wrap one up for you.”
“Thank you. Jaem, do you want to try something else?” You asked, pointing to the display in front of you full of a variety of cakes, which this region was famous for.  “This is a banana one, it’s so good. The wine one is also tasty.”
Jaemin shivered at the word wine and you laughed because honestly, same.
“The banana one sounds good,” He agreed.
“Mary, I’ll take one half banana, half peach.”
The boy looked at you surprised that you remembered his favorite fruit and you just smiled at him, showing you were also paying attention.
“On it. Is that your boyfriend? I’ve been praying for you to find someone to keep you company in that big old house for ages,” The lady started, taking the cakes from the displays to cut them for you.
“He’s handsome, isn’t he?” You joked, winking at Jaemin who gave you a teasing smile back. “But unfortunately he’s just a guest at the Inn.”
“Oh, that’s unfortunate, but it’s a pleasure to meet you anyways. Maybe it’s better this way, my Gus would be jealous.”
You laughed in joy at the mention of your childhood summer friend, “How is he? I miss him!”
“He’s doing amazing,” She answered with a smile when talking about her grandson, placing the cakes’ halves on a plastic plate. “He just graduated last year, rented me a fancy dress and all.”
“Oh, I didn’t know that! I need to congratulate him. When he’s back in town, can you ask him to drop by the Inn really quickly? We’re having some internet problems as always.”
“Of course, dear. He will love that, I bet he’ll come around by the weekend. Here’s your cakes! I’ll put it on your account.”
Jaemin helped you getting one of the boxes from the balcony and you got the other.
“Thank you, Mary! Have a nice day!”
“You kids too!”
You carefully placed the cakes on the back seats, wrapping the seatbelts around it so they wouldn’t move during the transportation as Jaemin looked around, appreciating the view.
“The city is pretty cute, right?”
“It is, actually. Is that an ice cream place?”
“Kind of. But they do have an ice cream buffet.”
“That sounds awesome, can we go there?”
“I guess the cakes won’t go bad in the car if we’re quick.”
“They won’t, it’s kind of cold today.”
“Right? I thought I was sick or something,” You complained, pouting at the temperature change.
“Here, let’s go freeze,” Jaemin laughed, wrapping one of his arms around your shoulders and leading you across the street.
You figured you liked Jaemin. As in, you really liked Jaemin. He was just so easy to talk to and a genuine funny caring guy – You didn’t see much of those anymore.
What was supposed to be a quick trip to the town turned into a 2 hour long tour around all the little spots the city had to offer, playfully taking photos of each other like you were in a romantic movie or something.  When you finally went back to the Inn, your heart was swollen and your cheeks were hurting from smiling too much.
“Be right back my ass,” Haechan welcomed you with a grunt.
“We took long but we brought cake,” You pinched his pouting face.
“Ok, I forgive you.”
“Are you guys hungry?”
“For cake? Yes,” Jisung excitedly exclaimed.
“I meant for real food, it’s past lunch time.”
“We actually just ate breakfast, Jeno is still sleeping,” Renjun informed.
“It’s ok, I’ll cook today,” Jaemin messed with your hair and you glared at him.
“No, you won’t. You’re a guest here.”
“And I’m a great cook, so get your ass back in bed and I’ll call you when I’m done.”
“That’s rude of you, Na Jaemin,” You joked.
“Learning from the best.”
You glared at him but decided to accept your fate. After your nap with Jeno and your shower, you were not sleepy anymore, so you decided to invite the rest to sunbathe in the lower deck by the lake. Haechan and Mark were happy to join and the three of you sprawled around under the blue sky after changing into your bathing suits. You were struggling to get sunscreen on your back and Mark silently asked for the tube in your hand, doing It for you as Haechan blabbed about League of Legends – It was really hard to hide the chills across your skin when you were wearing basically no clothes.
After Mark got over being awkward because of your exposed skin, he was actually one of the most fun people to be around that you had ever hung out with. He literally laughed and got excited over everything you and Haechan said and it made you feel special, you definitely understood his charms now. Also, with him being from Canada and all, you two had a lot more in common than you had imagined, which was revitalizing.
Soon enough, both boys started bickering over something and you just closed your eyes and tried to drift off, this was supposed to be relaxing time. But then again, it was hard to put relaxing and Haechan in the same sentence.
After what seemed like ten minutes of the men next to you arguing, you suddenly heard your name and opened your eyes begrudgingly with a “Huh?”
“Help us. Who’s right?” Haechan asked.
“I ain’t even listening, I’m sorry.”
“Haechan over here seems to think he has a bigger chance with you than I do,” Mark smirked and you chocked around air. What kind of demon possessed Mark Lee’s body?
“Of course I do, don’t I?” It was Haechan’s turn to smirk at you and you just stared between them totally lost. They were arguing about song lyrics a few minutes ago, what the fuck happened? “So? Who’s right?”
“You heard me,” Haechan lifted an eyebrow at you in a challenging way.
“Let her speak,” Mark cut him off and you felt goosebumps up your body once again at his strict tone. Damn, that was definitely not expected from Mark Lee.
“This is very unprofessional,” You muttered in shock, not really knowing what to say.
“Oh, c’mon. You think I didn’t hear your little show with Jeno the other night?” Mark laughed darkly and you shrank into yourself.
“What? What happened with Jeno?” Haechan asked confused.
“Nothing,” You quickly inform, trying to end that conversation.
Mark tsks and softly put your hair behind your ear, looking at you with endearing eyes, “Our pretty Y/N had some fun times with Jeno in their tent, didn’t she? Tell Haechan.”
You gulped and turned to Haechan, only nodding in shame because you were not about to admit you sucked his friend out loud. The boy’s eyes only widened and you could see Mark’s smirk from the corner of your eyes, what a wicked man.
“Guess none of us have a chance, then. Since Jeno got to you first,” Mark played and you briskly shook your head, feeling how you were already pulsing between your legs. The man raised an eyebrow at your reaction, like it wasn’t what he had planned, “Oh?”
“Please,” Was all that you managed to let out. Too embarrassed to elaborate.
“Kiss her,” He ordered and you noticed he was talking to Haechan, who smiled widely before bending down to capture your lips.
His kiss was playful like his personality, his hand found its place behind your neck and he lightly nibbled on your bottom lip with his teeth, not allowing you to deepen the kiss like you wanted to. When you whined in frustration, you felt his smirk against your lips before he harshly grabbed your hair and pulled you closer, his tongue finally against yours.
Well, this was not how you expected your day to turn out.
You were so focused on how good it felt to melt into Haechan, that you jumped in shock when you felt Mark’s fingers playing with your bikini bottoms.
“Look how wet she it, Haechan,” He commented like he was hypnotized by the view and you two broke the kiss so he could look at where his friend was staring. Mark’s middle finger started to lightly circle your clit over the fabric and you moaned, hiding your face in shame. You were probably about to have sex. No, not sex. A threesome. With your guests!!!
“What?” You groaned.
You uncovered your eyes annoyed only to find Haechan and Mark staring at you weirdly, sitting up on their own beach towels like well-behaved boys.
“Did I fall asleep?” You asked confused.
“Yeah, we thought you were having a nightmare so we decided to wake you up,” Mark explained softly and you gulped.
“Thank you, it was horrible,” You lied, heart beating fast and chest heaving.
Mark and Haechan went back to arguing while you tried to recompose yourself, but as soon as Haechan shot you a knowing smirk, you quickly got up and left, figuring you could play cards with Renjun or something.
Jaemin didn’t lie when he said he was a good cook, and not only that, but he was also an organized worker, washing and cleaning everything right after using it. What a dreamy man. You were still too bothered over having a weird wet dream with your guests, who were right beside you, to think much about how amazing Jaemin was.
After everyone had lunch (and you decided to sit far far away from your sunbathing partners, safely cuddled between Chenle and Jisung at the end of the table), you washed all the dishes left while Jeno dried them, thankful that you two managed to not let things go south after your little encounter.
The Inn still had no internet so there was nothing much you could do with everyone being tired, so like Jaemin predicted, you all sprawled around the living room’s floor and played some games. After a few hours, you started getting tired of playing and turned the Tv on, trying to find the least terrible channel the Tv’s antenna could pick up, settling on a game show that got everyone pretty excited. Somehow you ended lying on Jaemin’s chest and you noticed Jeno giving you a look but couldn’t quite catch what he meant with it. He seemed normal with you after it, so you decided to let it go, realizing you were only overthinking things.
For dinner, you all had some leftovers from lunch and lots of cake. You had spent so many hours talking that you felt like you have known these boys since forever, or at least you wanted to. There was just not a moment around them when you weren’t laughing or smiling, and besides the obvious sexual tension moments, it felt really comfortable to be around them. Of course they could be annoying and inconvenient at times, they were men after all, but it was not hard to get over that.
Surprisingly enough, even after sleeping until way past noon, the boys were still tired and went to bed early with the promise of fun adventures for the next day. You and Renjun stayed back in the balcony talking about life and art, looking at the stars and drinking a glass of wine. It was nice sharing your deep thoughts with someone who matched your intensity and excitement, Renjun was indeed an artist and you loved experiencing the universe with him for a night.
When it was around 1 in the morning, the two of you said goodnight with a soft smile, knowing you two now shared a bond.
Entering your room and turning the lights on, you were surprised to find Jeno playing with his phone on your bed.
“Hey,” You offered confused.
He gave you an eye smile before dropping his phone on the bed, “Hey.”
“So, you’re in my room…”
“Just wanted to ask if I could sleep with you, it’s nice.”
“Oh, ok. Yeah, I’d like that. Let me just change,” You agreed and laughed at the way Jeno covered his eyes when you grabbed on the hem of your shirt and pulled it off, “I think we’re way past that, Jeno Lee.”
“Sorry, it’s automatic,” He explained as he dropped his hands back on the bed, watching you silently as you changed into your pajamas. You sleepily climbed into bed next to the man, both of you lying on your sides and staring at each other. “You’re so pretty.”
“Thank you,” You softly breathed out. This seemed all too familiar.
He delicately pressed his lips against yours, hand grabbing your cheek so his thumb could soothingly caress your cheek. You closed your eyes and enjoyed the soft touches, reciprocating the kiss with the same fluttering intensity. Jeno simply did that for a few minutes before breaking away from you and smiling, “Sorry, I just really wanted to kiss you.”
“It’s ok,” You giggled, content and in peace.
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spencersawkward · 5 months ago
top shelf//MGG - part 1
summary: broke and having a bad day, Reader runs into Matthew outside a café. after a couple encounters, his financial support and friendship become something more.
word count: 3k
content warnings: swearing but nothing else!
pairing: Fem!Reader/Matthew
A/N: hi! welcome to my new series. i don’t think this will be super long in terms of parts, but i’ll try to update as frequently as possible for you all. this chapter is pretty expositional, so i’m sorry in advance lol. also i know i made it short but lmk if you want them to be longer. also shoutout my sweet sweet angels @reidsconverse and @voidsfilm bc i would literally cry without both of you. also THANK YOU to @dr-spencerr-reidd for this concept bc i probably wouldn't have written it without your ask!! sending hugs :)
Tumblr media
you throw your phone down on the passenger seat with a frustrated groan. after everything that's happened today, you're now stuck on a congested street with your car barely inside the parking spot alongside the sidewalk.
your screen sits there beside you, blank and unresponsive, and you know you're going to have to go inside the coffee shop to ask to use their phone and call Triple A. of course it's not working because nothing is working today. you might as well just sit in your car and cry.
but you can't, because you have a huge project for work that you need to get done by next week, and you've already procrastinated enough. a red glow from the headlights of other cars on the street shine through your windows like melted wax, distorted by the rain. it's been pouring all day.
bracing yourself for the onslaught, you grab the old umbrella from the foot well of the passenger seat and open the door of your car. the torrents hit your body like a wall of ice, soaking you as you try to get to the safety of the café. the umbrella helps a little, but then you get to the overhang and have to actually close it before you head inside.
your fingertips slip around the metal, trying to shove the thing closed while water drips off the bridge of your nose. it's frustrating. your footsteps are still determined as they move towards the entrance, but you're distracted by the stubborn nature of the object, so you don't see the man walking out.
it's not even a bodily collision, really. it's so much worse: the sopping material of the umbrella pokes him in the stomach, knocking the hot cup of coffee all over his sweater.
your eyes widen.
"oh my fucking god, I'm so sorry--" you stutter over your words, completely at a loss. his face is twisted up in an expression of concealed pain. it can't feel good to have hot coffee seeping through your clothes after being prodded by a piece of metal. you move your wet hair out of your face in order to look at him full-on.
"it's fine, really." he gives you what's supposed to be a friendly smile, but looks more like a grimace. your stomach twists; he's hot. like, if you saw him at the bar you would stare at him all night kind of hot.
"no, it's not," your face heats up, despite the cold, damp air. "let me buy you another coffee."
"I--" he glances down at his sweater, which is knitted with cute foxes on the front, then back at you. he pauses a moment and you have to bite down on your tongue to keep from collapsing. he's considerably older than you, but he doesn't dress or act that way. maybe late thirties, if you had to guess. "sure. thanks."
a flowering relief in your chest, partly because he doesn't seem angry and partly because you'd like to look at his face just a bit longer. your eyes stay on his until someone walks through the door of the café and reminds you of where you are.
without a word, you brush past and go into the building, him trailing behind.
Matthew watches as you walk ahead, your clothes spattered with rainwater and your hair somewhat messed up, too. he smiles to himself at the way you almost bump into the corner of a table, nervousness evident in nearly every movement.
you head to the counter, setting your hands on the granite while the barista checks out your unkempt appearance.
"hi," you smile at her before realizing you have no idea what this guy wants. you turn around and see him standing slightly behind you, suppressing a smile. he can tell how flustered you are, and now you look like a fool. "what coffee do you drink?"
"can I have a medium Americano, please?" he asks the barista with a friendly smile. he's got straight teeth, dimples... holy shit. you wish he had been unappealing so that this whole situation would be less humiliating.
you pay for his drink before getting out of the way, both of you slowly walking to the pickup counter.
"again, I'm really sorry. that stupid umbrella." you shake the thing at your side, raindrops falling to the floor. you run a hand through your wet hair.
"it's okay. I appreciate you getting me another cup." he flashes that smile again and you remember that his sweater is all stained. before you can think to do anything else, you pluck a handful of napkins from the self-serve station and start to dab at the material.
he looks down at you for a second, surprised by the way you grab his clothes. Matthew feels your hand pressing into his stomach innocently, and he feels himself blush a little. it's only when you pull away that he's able to regain his head.
"it's still bad," you throw away the napkins and re-evaluate the garment. "jesus christ, it's a nice sweater, too."
"hey, it's totally fine. I can just wash it out." he lets out a slight chuckle, and the sound makes your heart flutter. he's got a dad laugh. deep in his chest.
"baking soda and water." you say abruptly. he frowns.
"to get the stain out? I use baking soda and water for coffee stains and it usually works." you explain gently, your eyes meeting again. his irises are a brownish hazel color, warm. the laugh lines by them are charming.
"oh," he grins. "do you get coffee stains often?"
you twist your mouth to the side and glance at the windows of the coffee shop. he's teasing you and you'd be remiss if you said you don't want to play along. "more than I'd like to admit."
you can feel him looking at you with that stupidly brilliant smile and it's really setting you off-kilter. someone shouldn't be that attractive; it's not fair. and yet you want desperately to stare, if purely for the sake of aesthetic enjoyment.
"I'm Matthew." he extends his hand, which is decorated with a series of rings. you realize that you don't even know his name.
"Y/N." you shake. his fingers are softer than you expected.
"nice to meet you, Y/N."
"and under such fortuitous circumstances." the corners of your mouth turn up as you relax a little.
he laughs at your words, the delightful ring of it interrupted by a new Americano showing up on the counter. he glances at the to-go cup, then at you, then goes to get his drink. you wish you knew what he was thinking, but he's not displaying anything past friendliness.
"well, um." something like disappointment settles in your stomach as you recognize this will be the last of your interaction. there's no reason for him to stick around, and you need to get back home to work, anyway.
"I'll let you get back to your day." Matthew doesn't seem nervous, just unsure as he grips the coffee in his hand. you open and close your mouth like something impressive enough to keep him here will come out. you know it won't.
and then you remember the state of affairs, the existence of your useless car and the useless phone in the front seat, how you're going to have to call Triple A and then your roommate to come get you.
Matthew realizes that you aren't going to say anything and he gives you one last smile and an awkward wave before turning to go. you watch in silence as he crosses the room to the door. two more seconds until he's out of your life forever. so of course you choose this exact moment to speak.
his head jerks suddenly to look at you. this is embarrassing, but you have nothing to lose.
"can I... borrow your phone?"
Matthew tilts his head to the side slightly, frowning as though deeply confused. and you suppose it is a strange thing to ask, especially given that you're a younger person and most people your age carry their phones everywhere. "sure." he walks back over to you, pulling his cell out of his pocket.
"I just--" you fumble with the device while you decide how to phrase it without sounding like a pathetic mess. "my car keeps breaking down and my phone battery is, like, totally fucked, so it just turns off and on constantly and it’s still in my car but it’s raining and I just wanna see if it’s back on so I can call my roommate." you immediately cringe at yourself. the rambling isn’t cute.
he’s not too bothered by your panicking, though, his mouth only forming an O shape. "it’s no problem."
you dial your number, fingers trembling while he waits. he's turned his eyes to the rest of the coffee shop, but it still makes you nervous that he's standing right there. you put the cell to your ear and pray that it rings out.
you’re greeted by the sound of your own voice telling you to leave a message. great. with a frustrated sigh, you hang up and Matthew gives you an inquisitive expression.
“it’s still off,” you explain. “I’m gonna call my roommate.”
he nods and shoves his hands into his pockets while you punch in the other number. for a split second, you peek his way and admire his side profile. he really is something to behold; a model, maybe.
"hello?" good thing Cecilia has no problem answering unknown numbers. you bite your lip.
"hey, it's me."
"Y/N? whose phone are you using?"
"uh, someone I just met--" you frown as you try to find a way to describe him without something as insulting as a random guy. "anyway, my car broke down so I was wondering if you could pick me up."
there's a pause on the other end of the line, like the movement of sheets and the slightly disappointed groan of another person. she probably has her boyfriend over again. "sure, of course. where are you?"
you give her the address and hang up before dialing the car repair company. Matthew gestures to a table off to the side so that you two don't need to stand, and then you sit down across from him. you're so distracted by the person on the other end of the line that you don't even think about it.
Matthew twists his rings on his fingers. he's fidgety and it's sort of cute. you try not to stare at his hands, at the black spot of ink on the outside of his pinky. either he writes a lot or he's an artist. you have to focus on the table in order to keep from blushing.
finally, you finish up with the phone and hand it back to him. "you're a life saver."
"do you want me to wait with you until your friend gets here?" he gestures out the window. your immediate reaction is to say yes. it'll be awkward to sit here alone without your phone, without coffee. but you don't want to keep him any longer than you already have.
"it's okay, I'm sure you have places to be." you smile accommodatingly. he chooses his next words carefully, it seems.
"I don't, really. but I'll leave you alone if that's what you want, too." the way he speaks, offering his company without trying to impose... something about it makes your heart melt a bit. you appreciate his thoughtfulness. it makes you want to know more.
"okay," you nod as you make your decision. "if you wanna stay. it shouldn't be too long."
"great," he settles back into his chair, the light from the café lights above you reflecting off the lenses of his glasses. "why does your car keep breaking down?"
you exhale sharply at the thought. "that's a really good question, because I don't know the answer. it's super old and I'm too broke to afford a new one."
he nods.
Matthew's mind turns to different avenues at this knowledge. he knows you're young and that usually means that there isn't a lot of spare income. and he doesn't know if you have a job. but what he does know is that you've got an energy about you-- a sweet, well-intentioned manner that draws him in. every once in a while throughout the conversation, you throw out certain phrases that hint at a quick-witted intelligence.
you're funny, but not boldly so. and when you two get on the topic of how you ended up rain-soaked, shoving your way into a Los Angeles café, you tell him about your day.
"--and I have this shitty job right now working for one of my old professor's friends, so it's not like I can afford to constantly repair the damages. all my money is going towards my savings so I can pay for grad school, anyway." you sigh. he listens intently to your words, and he never shies away from eye contact. every time he nods along, you practically feel your heart leap.
"what do you do?" he asks.
"I write for a wellness magazine, but I'm sort of a fraud." you joke.
he laughs. "why's that?"
"I don't know, a lot of it is about different yoga methods and meditation, stuff like that-- but I don't do any of that in my daily life." you admit. it should be embarrassing, but you don't feel ashamed of the fact. he seems to find it funny.
"working your way toward a different kind of job, then?"
"I'm hoping for a more editorial role, honestly, but..." you lift your eyes to his. they're bright, he notices; full of a deep-rooted hope. "gotta start somewhere, right?"
"very true." Matthew wants to tell you just how much he understands, about the roles as an actor he's taken and the hours he spent making films in college, just hoping that one day he'd be able to make things on his own, but he doesn't want to scare you away or sound like he's bragging. it's not your fault you don't know who he is.
"sorry," you speak through a silence he doesn't realize he's left between you two. "I've talked your ear off and you don't even really know me. what do you do?"
"oh--" Matthew actually blushes this time. you see the pink creeping up his neck. "I'm an actor."
in the same way they did when you ran into him, your eyes widen. "an actor?"
"yeah," he smiles at the expression on your face. "you know that show, Criminal Minds?"
the name is familiar, but you've never seen an episode. "yeah, of course."
"I'm in that."
you don't know a lot about the program, but you've heard it talked about and you know that it's a popular show. so this guy is an actual actor, not just some LA wannabe. that makes him about five times more intimidating. you feel even more idiotic for not seeing it before.
"oh, shit," the words tumble out. Matthew grins at the bluntness of your reaction, and you scramble to recover. "sorry I didn't know who you are."
"no worries!" he laughs it off. "it's not a big deal."
"do you like it?" you ask. "being famous, I mean."
he shifts in his seat for a second as he makes a face like he doesn't know how to answer. you wonder if there's something deeper to him that you just haven't seen, yet. secret feelings about the subject. "I'm really not very famous, but I love the work."
genuinely humble. you can see it in his face, the sparkle in his eyes. and maybe he's just charming and you're just a girl blinded by his attractiveness, but your gut tells you that he's being real.
this time, you're the one who falls silent. admittedly, you get a little in your head sometimes. and it makes sense, now, the smoothness of his behavior and the sheer beauty of his face. this is a show business city-- of course he's famous.
Matthew's phone rings and he jumps, as if jolted from a dream. your attention moves immediately to the screen and you recognize Cecilia's number. he pushes the device over to you.
"hello?" your voice sounds far away.
"hey, I'm here. where are you?" she says.
"I'm just inside the café."
"oh, okay, I'll park and come in--" you hear the click of a seatbelt and start to panic. she can't see you in here with him.
"no!" you say too loudly. Matthew's head jerks up to frown at you.
"why not?" Cecilia asks, confused.
"no reason," god, you're a bad liar. "I'll come out and we can wait for the Triple A person in your car." you and Matthew make eye contact again. he gives you an understanding smile. your stomach flips.
"sounds good." she hangs up and you grab your umbrella. time to go.
"thanks for letting me use your phone." you stand, not really wanting to say goodbye but also lacking a reason to stay. he remains in his spot, seemingly now settled into this little corner of the café. it sort of suits him, this place. all cozy and slightly strange.
“happy to help.” you notice the tip of his tongue dart out over his bottom lip as if deliberating whether or not to say anything further. but he doesn’t and you feel awkward just standing there by the table.
“I’ll, uh…” you could ask for his number. but that would be weird, right? he doesn’t really seem to have an interest, anyway. “I’ll see you around, then.”
“yeah. it was nice to meet you, Y/N.” he gives one more of those killer smiles and you turn around, almost bumping into a display of coffee beans before correcting yourself and heading back outside.
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abimess · 4 months ago
Move in and don't ever move out // Part 4
Leigh Shaw x Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: After Leigh asks to spend a few days at your house, living together awakens unwanted feelings in both of you
Word count: 3.307  II  10.920 
Warnings: angst; fluff
All parts  ||  Part 3
A few days have passed since you and Leigh had that intense moment together and there seems to be a silent agreement between you not to talk about it.
Not that you are complaining. Acknowledging that that moment happened also means acknowledging that your feelings for Leigh have returned and that was the last thing you wanted to do.
But things are going well, as they were before. You are, as usual, in the living room, enjoying each other's company in silence.
“Can I write about you in my column?” Leigh breaks the silence and you continue fiddling with your cell phone as you answer. “It depends, are you going to talk about how awesome I am?” You joke and she snorts, giggling. “Obviously.”
“What are you writing about?” You ask, putting your phone way and Leigh sighs. “Just about my life actually. Drew wants me to be honest about my life so that people can relate. So since you are part of my life now, it makes sense that I would write about you too. But only if you're okay with it, of course.”
Leigh explain casually, but you can't help the silly smile that invades your face when she talks about you being part of her life now.
“I'm cool with it, yeah. As long as you talk about how charming and funny I am.” You tease and Leigh rolls her eyes. “Oh yes, hilarious.” You’re about to play offended, but then you realize something and raise your eyebrows, an amused smile on your face. “You agree that I'm charming, then.” You say and Leigh frowns.
“What?” She asks and you giggle amused. “You made fun of me when I said I was funny, but you didn't say anything about me being charming.”
Leigh raises her brows, trying as hard as she can to ignore the heat on her cheeks “Are you hunting for compliments?” She teases and you chuckle, resting your back comfortably. “Sure, they're always welcome.”
Leigh rolls her eyes, trying to ignore the way this conversation has stirred her.
Leigh has a meeting with the people from Basically News today and should be gone for the rest of the afternoon, which gives you the perfect opportunity to organize the office. With luck, everything will be ready for when she returns.
You hired a painter to fix the mess you and Leigh made on the room and when he glances you a shocked, judgmental look, you just shrug your shoulders feeling slightly ashamed.
While he paints the room, you build the furniture you had bought, laughing lightly as you read the instructions, remembering when you and Leigh built the bookcase a few days ago.
The room is small and it doesn't take long for the painter to finish. So you pay him and thank him for his services, and after waiting for the paint to dry a bit, you start carrying things into the room.
You organize everything in the best way you can, making everything as beautiful and cozy as possible. When you finally finish, you feel exhausted and sweaty, but you smile proud of the result.
Soon you hear the front door opening and you rush your way out of the room, closing the door behind you.
“God, I'm exhausted, I can't wait to take a shower.” You hear Leigh grumbling as she closes the door and when she looks at you, she frowns. “God, you're rotten. You clearly need a shower too.”
You chuckle and look at her teasingly. “Is this an invitation to take a shower with you, Shaw?” She rolls her eyes and crosses her arms, shaking her head annoyed and feeling her cheeks warm up on her face. “You're full of crap these days, aren’t you?”
You chuckle again and tilt your head towards the room. “Come on, I wanna show you something.”
You lead her into the room and stop in front of the door with an eager smile on your face. Leigh frowns, but your joy is contagious so she smiles too. “What did you do?” She asks, one brow raised, but instead of answering, you just open the door.
Leigh observes the room with an expression of complete surprise. What was once a room with walls completely ruined by your mess is now an office. A very nice office, by the way, with a desk, a small bookshelf and some discrete decorations. Leigh smiles, noticing how everything is just the way she likes it.
“What is this?” Leigh turns her attention back to you, astonished, and you smile shyly.
“Well, I've been thinking... Maybe it would be nice if you had a place to work. You always write in the living room... And I'm not saying you can't be in the living room! You can stay wherever you feel most comfortable. I just... I don't know... I thought it would be a good idea to have your own office.”
Leigh listens to your embarrassed speech with a mixture of amusement and tenderness. A loving smile emerges on her face as she watches your cheeks blush.
She is about to thank you but she stops suddenly, raising her eyebrows at what she has just realized. "Why did you set up an office for me in your house?"
You massage the back of your neck shyly as Leigh looks at you with eyes full of expectation. “I've been thinking... And it's okay if you don't want to, but living with you has been a lot better than I thought it would be, and I would really appreciate it if instead of staying here for a few days you would move in for good.”
You admit it and the way your cheeks are burning makes you even more nervous but Leigh looks at you with a happy smile on her face and a silly giggle escapes her lips. “I’d love to move in with you.”
You widen your eyes in enthusiasm at the answer and Leigh laughs even harder. "Are you serious?" You ask excitedly and Leigh replies in the same tone "Of course I am!"
Without thinking too much about it, you hug her around the waist and spin her around, and Leigh wraps her arms around your neck. You both laugh happily and foolishly at the idea of moving in together for good. None of you really thinking about what this might entail.
After several days of living together, you imagined that Leigh actually moving in with you wouldn’t change things that much. But turned out you were very wrong.
Soon enough the decorations in the rooms, especially in the kitchen and living room, changed. Not that you were complaining. Leigh was clearly better than you at this sort of thing, and the house was much nicer and cozier now.
Besides, Leigh made a point of buying a lot of healthy foods and kept a daily diet of what to eat, which you were not too keen to follow. But considering that Leigh was way more stubborn than you, you didn't have much choice. But you’re also very stubborn yourself, so you would never admit that your well-being has improved a lot since you started eating better.
You were helping Leigh carry a box of her things into her room one day when she suddenly stopped, looking at the door next to you. You frown in confusion, but before you can ask, she speaks.
"I don't think I've ever seen that door open." She tilts her head toward the door and you assume a thoughtful expression, but then slightly widen your eyes in surprise. "Gee, it's true.”
"Is that your play room, (Y/n)?" She looks at you with her brows raised mischievously and you grimace. “Please tell me you did not just make a reference to 50 Shades of Grey.”
Leigh laughs amusedly as you two put the box you were carrying on the floor. "Jules made me watch it."
"That must have been quite an experience." You joke and she assumes a sarcastic expression. "Oh, a lot. I spent half the movie wanting to kill Jules and the other half wanting to kill myself."
You laugh and put your hand on the doorknob. "Ready to see my play room, Ms. Shaw?" you ask in a mocking flirtatious tone and Leigh giggles but replies in the same tone. "Dying to, Ms. (Y/l/n)."
You open the door, revealing several shelves with comic books, action figures, and various other pop culture items. "You're such a nerd," Leigh sneers, but she looks at everything with great enthusiasm and you smile, crossing your arms and leaning your shoulder on the side of the door.
"After I came back to LA and put my new stuff together with the stuff I already had here I realized that I had a lot of nerdy stuff" You make quotation marks with your fingers and Leigh chuckles. "I didn't want to go spreading them all over the house so I figured I'd leave a separate room just to keep them."
Leigh nods in agreement, admiring your collections and smiling fondly at things you had mentioned before and things she already knew. But as soon as her eyes land on a specific item on the wall, she freezes.
In a simple but beautiful frame, you had one of the copies of the comic Matt wrote framed. Leigh runs her fingers gently across the frame, feeling her eyes burn slightly as tears form.
You walk slowly and stop beside her, also admiring the comic on the wall. "It’s a great comic. It deserved a special place." You speak slowly and Leigh looks up at you, her eyes full of tenderness and laden with tears.  
"It's a very sweet gesture." She speaks softly, trying to hold back the tears and you just smile, preventing tears from forming in your own eyes.
You both look at the frame again, and when Leigh rests her head on your shoulder, you close your eyes, trying to ignore the feeling of guilt that begins to take over you.
You've been distant for a few days now and that bothers Leigh quite a lot, but at least the distance is helping her deal with her conflicting feelings for you.
You’ve been distant, so when you invite Leigh to join you for dinner with some friends from work on Friday, she’s surprised, but accepts without a second thought.  
In the middle of the night of that day, you wake up with a thirst and go to the kitchen, drink some water and walk back to your room, all in zombie style.
But then you hear some noises coming from Leigh's room. You move closer to identify what it is and your heart squeezes when you realize that it’s the sound of crying.
Without hesitation, you lightly knock on the door and the noise stops immediately. A few seconds later, you hear the rattling of the doorknob, and the door opens next.
Leigh's swollen face and red nose and eyes make you want to cry too. Or to hold her tight and never let go. But you control yourself not to do either of those things.
"Hey" you say softly, unsure of what to say next. You want to ask if she’s okay, but she’s obviously not. You also want to ask what happened, but besides being too intrusive, it doesn't take a genius to know it's about Matt. Leigh murmurs an almost inaudible "Hi" and your heart hurts even harder.
Before you can figure out what to say, though, Leigh speaks again. “Sorry, did I wake you up?” she asks worriedly and you immediately shake your head. "No, no. I just went to get a drink of water and ended up hearing.... Is there anything I can do for you?"
A dry laugh escapes her lips. "I don't think there's anything anyone can do for me." You just nod slowly, unsure of what to say next. "I get it... Well, if you need me, you know where to find me." You say, pointing to your room and smile lovingly at her. "Good night, Leigh.”
Leigh is silent, so you figure she won't say anything else and you turn around. As you walk to your room, Leigh calls your name.
When you turn to her again, Leigh runs her hands on her arms anxiously. "Can you... Can you stay with me tonight? Please."
She sounds so fragile and hurt that it’s impossible for you not to walk up to her and hug her tight. Leigh doesn't hesitate to hug you back either, burying her face in your chest and trying her best to hold back the tears that threaten to fall again.
"Of course I can." You say after you move apart and Leigh gives you a grateful smile. You walk slowly into the room and you lie on the bed, unsure of what to do next but Leigh lays her head on your chest and wraps her arm around your waist.
Without a second thought, you hug her back, one hand hugging her and drawing small circles in her back, and the other running your fingers through her hair.
Having you so close, feeling your touch in such a new and intimate way only increases the conflict within Leigh. On one hand, she wants to allow herself to open up to you, to let you in and never let you go. On the other hand, the weight of guilt is overwhelming, and just the thought that this might be a betrayal to Matt already makes her want to run away.
Still, even for one night she lets you comfort her, feeling your touch and smelling your scent until she falls asleep.
You have no idea how long you stayed there, but as soon as you realize that Leigh has fallen asleep, you allow yourself to do the same.
It’s been a few days since you slept in Leigh's room.
And even though she thanked you with a tender hug the next morning, you both seem to avoid the subject the same way you avoid talking about the day of the dancing in the living room.
But there’s no tension of any kind between you. In fact, it seems that things only get better every day. It just seems that Leigh doesn't want to talk about it, and you obviously don't pressure her to do so.
"Drew is organizing a costume party for Basically News" Leigh says one day, when you two are having ice cream in the kitchen.
"Um, that's interesting. Is that an invitation or a comment?" You ask with a raised eyebrow and Leigh smiles mockingly. "It was just supposed to be a comment, but since you invited me to dinner tomorrow I would feel guilty about not inviting you to the party."
You make a hurt expression. "Gee, what an honor then." Leigh laughs and shoves another scoop of ice cream into her mouth. "Of course it's an invitation, you idiot. I want you to come."
"Okay, then. Since you want me to come." You say trying to avoid the silly smile that wants to escape your lips and Leigh rolls her eyes, a shy smile forming on her own lips.
"Have you chosen which costume you’ll wear?" You ask after enjoying some of the ice cream and Leigh shakes her head. "Not yet. I was wondering if you had any characters from your comics neerdy stuff to recommend."
You think for a moment and hum as an idea comes to you. "There’s the Scarlet Witch." You suggest and with Leigh's confused expression you pick up your cell phone and start looking for a picture of the witch to show her.
"There's not the slightest possibility of me wearing an outfit like that." Leigh declares with a mixture of astonishment and offense on her face and you laugh, putting the cell phone back on the counter.
"And what are you going to dress up as? A tree?" She scoffs and you force a fake laugh. "Wow, Leigh, how hilarious you are. I think you should dress up as a clown." You retort and Leigh makes a fake offended expression. She throws the dishrag in your face and you laugh.
The night of the dinner has arrived and you decided to dress up nicely.
After you were ready, you went into the living room to wait for Leigh. It didn't take long for her to join you, and as soon as your eyes fell on her, your brain stopped working.
"It's not nice to stare, you know?" she says with a mocking smile and flushed cheeks. You chuckle softly, admiring her. "Well, it's not my fault you look so pretty." The words escape your mouth and you scold yourself as soon as they do, but Leigh giggles shyly so you don't worry too much.
"Shall we?" You say indicating the door and trying your best to pick up the pace of your breathing. "We shall." She says with a smile and you two walk towards the door.  
Dinner is going pretty well, although you have to try very hard not to stare at Leigh all the time. It is inevitable the way your gaze searches for her even if you do everything you can to avoid it.
It's beautiful to see the way Leigh is allowing herself to have fun tonight, talking and laughing with your colleagues and if you could, you would stand there just watching her.
"You didn't tell us your girlfriend was a lot more fun than you, (Y/n)." Your colleague who is sitting in front of you, Jennifer, sneers and you almost choke on your drink.
You and Leigh exchange embarrassed glances and you turn your attention back to Jennifer, your cheeks burning. "She's not my girlfriend. We're just friends." You explain and Jennifer quickly begins to apologize.
An uncomfortable atmosphere forms around you. Freaking out too much, you don’t notice the slight expression of hurt that flashes across Leigh's face.
Trying to bring back the pleasant atmosphere from before you joke. "And there is not the slightest possibility that she is more fun than me. She's just pretending to be a nice person.”
Jennifer giggles and Leigh taps you lightly on the arm. The conversation soon becomes as light as before, but neither of you can avoid the tension that has arisen.
It’s late when you and Leigh return home. You chat and laugh about some of the evening's events until you stop in front of her door.
She turns to face you and you both stare at each other for a few moments, silly smiles on both your faces.
"I had a really good time tonight." You admit and Leigh's smile widens. "Me too." And there it was again. The twinkle in her eyes that you've noticed a few times before and that always makes your heart beat a little faster on your chest.
But this time you can't help yourself and you put your hands on her waist and pull her close, connecting your lips to hers next.
Leigh freezes, completely surprised by your sudden action. You notice, and soon come to your senses as well. You widen your eyes and move quickly and awkwardly away from her, mumbling words of apology.
But Leigh moves toward you and brings her hands to the back of your neck, connecting your lips once more. You melt instantly at her touch, and don't think twice before putting your hands on her waist again and corresponding to the kiss.
You run your tongue gently over Leigh's bottom lip asking for passage, and when she gives it to you, you waste no time.
You both sigh as your tongues meet, and when Leigh pulls you into her room you don't stop her.
Part 5
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ssamie · 5 months ago
them getting caught simping for their s/o (part 1)
Tumblr media
·˚ ༘⌗ just hq boys simping for you and getting caught simping by their friends
·˚ ༘⌗ characters include: tanaka ryuunosuke, oikawa tooru, iwaizumi hajime
·˚ ༘⌗ gender neutral pronouns were used.
·˚ ༘⌗ warnings: swearing and fluff lol
gen masterlist.                      hq masterlist.
Tumblr media
honestly are we surprised?
he's already a massive simp, so why should he hold back when it comes to his s/o
he simps by literally any and every way you could think of
hyping you up? ofc, no need to say anything he already does that on a daily basis
want cuddles? say less,, he's already waiting with his arms wide open
want to go on dates? who cares about practice, he'll go on a date with you anytime, no matter what the consequence he may face
want to meet up at 3am for no reason at all? wdym, he's already up and waiting outside your house
you're sick? no no, he's already in your room taking care of you with meds, soup, and cuddles <3
i could go on get the point
he gets caught simping by the team when they walked past you and him sitting by a tree on the school yard
he had you sitting on his lap with a gleeful and lovesick smile as he brings his chopsticks up to your mouth to feed you
"do you like that, baby?" he asked you with a smile. "yeah, it's very good" you said. "did you cook this?" you asked him
tanaka proudly smiled and nodded "yup! i have to make sure my baby gets only the best food there is!" he exclaims as he wraps his arms around your waist
you laugh lightly and playfully smack him in the chest "you're too sweet, ryu" you said "but thank you."
"hmm, anything for you, babe" he muttered in reply as he pressed a soft kiss on your cheeks and temples
the whole team is watching with varying reactions lmao
first of all, noya and hinata are crying from jealousy (suga too but he won't admit that 🙄)
tsukki, yams, and the other second years are snickering while daichi and asahi jokingly join along
they tease tanaka about it, but it's not like he cares lmao 💀
"damn what a simp."
"you're so smitten it's actually sad."
tanaka: "you're just jealous you don't have an s/o!"
it's true. they were just jealous 🙄🤞🏼
they're still very happy tanaka actually found someone that loved him back. they all knew he had a heart of gold, and he deserved every bit of love he received from you
i love him :(
Tumblr media
oikawa is actually a very affectionate partner
he does have a high ego, but he will succumb once he gets a quick glimpse of you
to him, you're the most beautiful being to ever walked the earth, not even kidding.
that's usually how he simps lol
he just praises you about pretty much everything
gives you never ending compliments and aims to make you feel like the most perfect person alive, because thats how he sees you
also loves physical touch <3
doesn't have to be sensual,, he just likes feeling your skin on his.
his favourite is when you're holding hands because his hands are much bigger than yours and he finds that cute >:(
"tooru, practice will start soon" you said to him as you comb your fingers through his hair, though being careful enough to not mess it up.
"hmph" he said, though it only came out as muffled murmurs, seeing as his face was buried into your chest
"you're very clingy today" you hummed "something wrong?" you asked him
his hand, which he felt the need to intertwine with yours, squeezed yours tighter as he brought them up to his lips
"mm, i just love you that's all" he said as he went back to burying his face into his your sweatshirt.
you smiled and kissed the crown of his head, making him sigh in content. "love you too, tooru"
they clown him.
the whole team just clowns him.
it would start with iwaizumi quietly snickering, though he wasn't really that fazed since he sees oikawa like this with you a lot
but makki and mattsun saw you too and just burst out laughing. idk why either they just did
they, along with yahaba, would just laugh and throw in some teasing comments
he usually responds with petty replies
"damn, what a simp"
"didn't think the oikawa tooru would like anyone but himself"
oikawa: "shut up! stop teasing me, you're all dumb! you're just mad i have a god/goddess of an s/o. you probably don't know what that's like cus you're all ugly. unlike me ofcourse. though blah blah blah.."
oikawa sweetie... shut up <3
kindaichi laughs along,, kunimi and kyotani just doesn't care lol
i love tooru sm :(
Tumblr media
i love you sir 🛐
anyways, iwaizumi is a very loving boyfriend!! very protective and affectionate, but more showy when you're in private
he could never say no to you, no matter the request
you could probably ask him to eat cat shit and he'd do it for a kiss ngl
okay.. maybe don't go that far.. but yeah
you want kisses? he's not the biggest fan of pda but he'll do it if u really want it
wanna go on a date? can't say no to that
want him to buy you food/clothes? he'll do it no questions asked.
i could list down more things but my brain can't think of anything else so no <3
you were outside the gym, getting drinks and snacks and just talking
and you thought it would be a good idea to try on some clips you got on his hair
"please, hajime" you pleaded with a pout "i got these really cute clips yesterday but im wearing enough already" you said
"so i want you to wear the rest" you present him a small bag of colorful butterfly clips with a smile
iwaizumi looked at it with dread, not really wanting his head to look like a rainbow. but one glance at your hopeful smile and he just ~melts~
"ofcourse, baby" he said with a small smile "do what you want" his smile only widened as you cheered, excitedly picking out the colors to accessorise him with
"would you like blue and pink or blue and purple?" you asked
"which do you like more?" he asked "hm. maybe blue and pink.. i dunno though. you'll look cute with both" you said
"just do both then" iwaizumi shrugged as he leaned his head back on your lap, closing his eyes and humming as you comb through his hair with your fingers.
"thank you for letting me play with your hair, haji~" you cooed with a soft laugh as you press a kiss on his nose
"anything for you, love" iwaizumi replied with a chuckle
everyone just stops for a second. just pause.
they definitely didn't expect to see iwaizumi to enter the gym with his hair decorated with blue, pink and purple butterfly clips.
oikawa gasps in shock and would probably ask to borrow some.
he already knows its from you since iwa is his best friend, and he really didn't want to get a beating so early into practice.
"iwa-chan! can i have some?! give me the blue ones!"
iwa: "no way, shittykawa get your own fucking clips!
makki and mattsun would tease him to death. they were the only ones brave enough to do so :p
"damn, y/n really had you wrapped around their finger, huh?"
"ah, the things we do for love~"
"what a simp"
makki and mattsun came home with a bruise that day.
kunimi and kindaichi are quiet. they didn't want to end up like the two idiots. though kunimi may or may not have snapped a quick photo
kyotani thinks its iconic. he's an iwaizumi supremacist, what can i say.
i love iwa sm pls 😖
Tumblr media
i think im getting better at making headcannons,, idk tho jjsbsnabs
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taestefully-in-luv · 3 months ago
Always You | JJK (Eight-Part 1)
Summary: you and Jungkook have been best friends since freshmen year of college, there’s a lot of unsaid feelings and tension but neither make a move. what happens when his friend Taehyung (also your crush) needs a fake girlfriend?
Pairing: Jungkook x Female reader
Genre: friends to lovers, idiots to lovers, slight slow burn, roommate au, college au, SMUT (starting ch2), fluff, angst (in later chapters) slight crack, lots of drama
Word Count: 11.5k (part 1)
Warnings: Swearing, alcohol consumption, sexual tension (!!!), mentions of sex, oc struggles with her future, mentions of vibrator, mentions of cum eating, dirty talk, vaginal fingering, oral (female receiving), masturbation, swallowing
Notes: I am having to post this chapter in two parts, I am so sorry about that! But here it is!! Hope you guys enjoy this chapter:) feel free to send an ask if you want to be added to the taglist or just want to chat about the story:) I LOVE talking with ya’ll!
Taglist: @mooniyooni @thisartemisnevermisses @giadalin @kookiebunny097 @cosmosjk @moonchild1 @just-jeon @anpanman-sonyeondan @starlight-night0 @yessii-i @apollukee @mikasaredscarf1 @kaye-rosales @bunnyjeonjk @dyriddle @aclowe13 @bishuthot @271101 @seagulljk @hass-mich-los @peachy-skz0325 @wonusbitch @not-your-lion @flowersgirl02 @justinetingball @fiantomartell @fairysunooo @taebae19
© taestefully-in-luv
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“What about this one?” You hold up another birthday banner, showing Vanessa yet another option.
“Ugly.” She says.
This is the fourth fucking birthday banner you’ve shown her and she doesn’t approve of any of them. But you have to admit this one is a little ugly.
“Vanessa…” you groan out, getting very obviously frustrated.
“I like this one.” She points to a banner. The very first one you showed her.
“Seriously?” you grab the banner and place it in your cart. “Okay, we still have to pick up the cake at 3. And we need to make sure we have enough plates for everyone…oh! We also still have to pick up the bottles at the liquor store.”
“I can get the cake.” She replies smoothly.
“We can just go together?”
Today is Jungkook’s birthday and you and Vanessa have been (Kind of) texting throughout the last week trying to find a good day to meet up. The day happened to be today of all days, so you’re feeling quite rushed.
“Fine.” Vanessa picks at her cuticles, just standing here looking gorgeous.
You on the other hand…were not expecting this to be a fashion show! You’re in shorts and a t shirt while she wears a flowy green dress and sandals.
“I want to be the one to present his cake to him though,” Vanessa begins, her eyes never leaving her fingers, “I am his girlfriend after all.”
You hate that your chest tightens at her words, you hate how her words affect you like this, how she affects you like this. Just being in her presence alone makes your heart twist.
“Got it.” You place some birthday plates in the cart, “So…what did you get him for his birthday?” you try to make conversation.
“A cologne.”
“You know he’s sensitive to smells—”
“He likes this one.”
“I know him better than you think y/n.” her smooth voice cuts you like a butcher knife.
You nod your head, not knowing what to say. Maybe she does. But like, you still know him better right? You got to, right?
“What about you?” Vanessa lifts her eyes to meet yours, her eyes are small and dark and inviting.
“Uh, to be honest…I’m meeting with Jimin after this so we can go shopping for his gifts. So, I don’t know yet but I have an idea.”
“And what’s your idea?” her eyes go back down to her nails that she keeps picking at.
“Friendship bracelets.” You state.
“Hm.” Vanessa pushes the cart forward and walks towards the isle with candles. “We still need nice candles for the cake.”
“It couldn’t have been that bad, babe.” Jimin holds up a plain black hoodie and nods approvingly. “Another one for his collection, what do you think?”
“Looks like something I’d steal, so yes.” You give him a quick thumbs up, “And it was bad dude. She’s so hard to talk to!”
“Yeah, I could see that.” Jimin stands in front of a full body length mirror and checks himself out, pushing his hair out of his face. “Forehead or no forehead, tonight?”
“Hmm, no forehead.”
“Forehead it is.”
“Wow, you never listen to me!”
Jimin chuckles wholeheartedly, shrugging his shoulders like he agrees with you.
“So, where are these bracelets you keep going on about?”
“That one weird shop buy the smoothie place has these cute bracelets with letters for names on them! I was thinking I could get him a black one with my initial on it and I would get myself one with his initial.”
“You guys are so…that’s cute I guess.” Jimin giggles, he holds up his wrist as if imagining himself with the bracelet. “I want one too!” he whines.
“Maybe for your birthday.” You wink. “Anyway, do you think Vanessa knows Jungkook better than me?”
Jimin stops walking to get a look at you, an expressions that reads: Are you serious? Plastered on his face.
“It’s a valid question.” You say.
“No one knows Jungkook like you honey.”
“Okay…Also, you’ll be meeting my friend Yoongi tonight!”
“The not date, date guy?” Jimin pouts, “I thought you weren’t going to lead him on…”
You scrunch up your face in confusion,
“I can have friends Jimin, I’m not leading him on!” you try to defend.
“If you say so. Just like, try to focus on one boy at a time, you know?” Jimin teases.
You two walk to the shop that sells the bracelets and go inside. You find the bracelets you’re looking for rather quickly, feeling nice and lucky. You grab them and go to pay, when you finish up at the register you notice a Jack Skellington key chain and add it on to Jungkook’s gifts. You always have trouble finding good gifts for people, okay? You take what you can get.
“Shit, it’s already 6. I still need to go home and get ready!”
Nick lets you and Vanessa use their place as the spot to celebrate, it’s bigger than your place and Vanessa agrees saying it’s bigger than hers as well. Nick and his bro that believes in aliens (You really got to learn his name but at this point you are too afraid to ask) are the only ones here as you and Vanessa set up.
“Bro AI is out to get us man—” Aaanndd you are tuning him out, you watch as Nick listens closely, nodding his head every few minutes and whispering ‘Bro’. You and Vanessa hang up decorations in silence, the sound of Nick and his bro chatting away filling the room.
“People should start arriving soon…” you try to make small talk with Vanessa, she only hums in response not even sparing you a glance.
“You look nice.” You try giving her a compliment, she turns her head to the side to look at you and a sly smile grows on her face.
“Do you have feelings for Jungkook?”
You immediately choke on your fucking spit, what the actual fuck? You try to compose yourself when you hear the front door opening. Thank God.
“It is I!” You know that voice. “Where is my Jungkookie?” You hear Jin entering the living room along with Namjoon and Hobi.
“Jimin should be bringing him in the next 30 or so minutes!” you yell out. Once Jin and the other two boys spot you they light up.
“y/n!!!” Jin hurries to your side and bring you in for a quick hug. “How are you?!”
“Good, good.” You laugh, hugging him back.
“Good to see you y/n” Namjoon says with a soft smile and then you hear your named being shouted even though Hobi is a foot away from you.
“Long time no see!!!” He hugs you, shaking you around in his embrace. You can’t help but chuckle at your friend.
“Hi guys, I’m so glad you could make it.”
“Would we miss our Jungkookie’s birthday? No way.” Jin says.
“Oh,” you turn around to see Vanessa just standing behind you, not saying anything just staring. “This is Vanessa. Jungkook’s—”
“We know!” Hobi says, “Jungkook has brought her to Jin’s. Nice to see you again Vanessa!”
Vanessa tilts her head and nods, her lips not even attempting to curve into a smile.
“You too.” She finally says.
This girl either has no manners or just does not know how to properly socialize? Maybe she gets anxiety being around too many people?
You feel your phone buzz.
Yoongs 7:14pm
Im outside
“Be right back guys, a friend of mine just got here.” You try talking over your group of friends. You head towards the front door, swinging it open to a Min Yoongi waiting patiently.
He smiles at you when he sees you, he holds up a bottle of wine and shakes it around a bit.
“For the party.” He says.
“Perfect, let’s pour us a glass right now!” you gesture him to enter the apartment.
You two walk into the kitchen, and you start searching for a wine bottle opener but can’t seem to find it.
“Hey Nick!” You yell out, hoping to get his attention, “Where’s the wine opener?”
Nick shuffles into the kitchen and gives you an expression that screams he has no idea.
“I know where it’s at.” Vanessa’s silky voice fills your ears as she enters the kitchen.
“Oh.” Of course she does. Why wouldn’t Vanessa know? She probably comes here more than you do…
“Thanks.” You finally say when she hands you the wine opener.
“Well, let’s open this baby up!” you turn to face Yoongi and he smiles at you.
“Hi Vanessa.” Yoongi waves at the girl and she hums in response, walking out of the kitchen.
“Sorry, she’s…” but you don’t know what to say. Also, why are you trying to excuse her?
You pour you and Yoongi a glass and gulp it down quickly, you finish your first glass in just seconds.
“I need another one.”
“What’s got you so stressed in a time of celebration?” Yoongi casually sips on his wine, one baby sip after the other.
“Nothing, nothing.”
“y/n…” his soft tone makes you feel comforted already and he hasn’t even said anything yet.
“I don’t know how to say it without sounding psychotic.” You admit, pouring yourself your second glass of wine.
“Try me.”
“I feel like I am competing…with…”
“With Vanessa?” He gladly finishes for you.
“Yeah, like…I don’t know, I feel like she’s trying to take my place. But my place isn’t ‘girlfriend’ so I don’t know what I’m freaking out about.”
Yoongi sets his glass down and studies you for a moment, you begin to feel antsy under his gaze.
“I’m obviously on your side,” Yoongi begins in a hushed voice, “But maybe she’s worried too?”
“I wish I knew if she felt worried, or felt like, anything. This girl is hard to crack!” you quietly say.
“Just try to enjoy the night, okay?” Yoongi smiles and you don’t even feel like smiling back but you do. Suddenly, you feel your phone going off.
Jungkook 7:32pm
Why is Jimin making me dress up? I thought it was just a couple of us? Why do I need to look nice, I’m tired from work
Jungkook 7:33pm
Seriously y/n…it’s just a couple of us, right?
y/n 7:35pm
omg yes Jungkook it’s nothing big I swear, he just wants you to look nice for pictures
Jungkook 7:36pm
I always look nice for pics lol
y/n 7:38pm
No comment
Jungkook 7:40pm
Don’t be fukin rude
` y/n 7:40pm
Can you guys hurry up?
Jungkook 7:44pm
Jimin is in the mirror deciding if he’s showing his forehead or not
y/n 7:45pm
classic Jimin
Jungkook 7:45pm
Classic Jimin
You stuff your phone in your back pocket and grab your glass of wine and begin sipping on it again. Yoongi eyes you up and smirks.
“That the birthday boy?”
“Hm? Oh, sorry…yes. He and Jimin should be here soon.” You watch as Yoongi nods his head and then you realize…”Oh my god, let me introduce you to the guys!” you set your glass down on the counter and reach for Yoongi’s hand and pull him towards the living room. Unfortunately for you, you miss the way Yoongi blushes at the contact.
“Guys, guys.” You interrupt the boys from their conversations, “This is my friend Yoongi…” you gesture towards the boy, “Yoongi, this is Jin…Namjoon, Hobi, and Nick and his pal, uh…” you blink at Alien Dude and he just grins at you, not realizing you don’t know his fucking name. “Yeah, anyway.” You decide to move on, “Jungkook and Jimin should be here soon—” Suddenly, there is soft knocking on the door. You raise a brow because who else could it be?
You walk towards the front door and look through the peep hole and much to your surprise you see Holly and Trina waiting outside the door. You’re quick to open it with a wide smile on your face.
“I thought you didn’t want to come?” You ask, your question directed towards Trina.
“I…” her eyes slide to Holly, “…Had a change of heart.” She huffs out quietly.
“You’re going to be civil?” you smirk at your friend and she rolls her eyes at you.
“She’s going to be more than civil.” Holly pipes up, “She’s going to be nice.”
“Hey we never agreed to that!” Trina crosses her arms over her chest, “But whatever.”
“Thanks for coming T.” your smirk transitions into a soft smile. This means a lot to you, that Trina is trying to accept Jungkook.
“Well? Are you going to let us in or what?”
“Right, right.” You move to the side and let the girls through. They step inside and make their way towards the boys.
“Oh? You must be Mister Oatmeal Raisin!” Trina grins towards Yoongi, who stands here chatting with Hobi.
“You’re…let me guess, Trina? And you must be Holly?” he nods at both girls, “I’ve heard a lot about you two.”
“I hope good things?” Trina teases.
“Only the best.” Yoongi raises his glass to her and she turns her head to smirk at you.
You watch as everyone gets along, talking, laughing and having a good time—all except Vanessa. She is sitting on the sofa on her phone, tapping away. She doesn’t even try to converse with any of Jungkook’s friends? Strange. You hate her, technically. But you can’t help but feel bad? Like, why does she isolate herself so much? Does she really just have some social anxiety or something? There’s got to be a reason for her odd behavior.
“Hey.” You say, sitting on the sofa next to her. “You okay?”
“Hm?” Vanessa doesn’t look up from her phone as she barely acknowledges you.
“Why don’t you come hang out with the rest of us?”
Vanessa tilts her head to get a look at you and she blinks at you repeatedly.
“Why?” she finally asks. “I’m only here for Jungkook.”
Okay, ouch.
“You never answered my question from earlier,” Vanessas coy smile begins growing on her face. “How you feel about Jungkook.”
You feel your palms get sweaty when you process her words. How the hell do you respond to that?
“I—I…” Then the front door is opening and you hear Jimin obnoxiously announce their arrival, that he has the birthday boy.
You immediately jump to your feet and rush towards the entrance of the apartment to greet your friends.
“Too bad you can’t admit it, “ Vanessa whispers, her eyes going back to her phone, “I could help you too.”
“JUNGKOOKIE!!!” Jin opens his arms wide, “Come and embrace me! It’s your birthday gift.” Jungkook stumbles in the apartment with wide eyes as he searches the living room. His eyes find yours and he smiles. He shows you his bunny grin and you can’t help but smile back. He looks breathtaking, Jimin didn’t play around picking Jungkook’s outfit. Ripped black jeans, chunky boots, a plaid shirt with a leather jacket—he looks hot as hell. Vanessa is a lucky girl, you think bitterly to yourself.
Jungkook greets his friends one by one until he sees Yoongi walk from the kitchen into the living room. Yoongi has refilled his wine glass and stops just in front of Jungkook and bows his head in greeting. You rush to the two boys, joining them in this awkward encounter.
“Oh, I invited Yoongi.” You begin to explain, “You remember Yoongi, right?” you ask Jungkook.
“Of course…” Jungkook tries smiling but it’s tense and strained. At this, Yoongi smirks.
Yoongi steps closer to you and wraps an arm around your shoulder and he smiles at Jungkook.
“I’m y/n’s plus one tonight—or I guess her…date?”
“D-Date?” You and Jungkook both stutter out.
Yoongi brings you in closer, nice and snug against his shoulder as he chuckles.
“Something like that.”
Jungkook tries releasing a breath but finds it to be troublesome. He looks at you with an expression you cannot really decipher, but he doesn’t look all too pleased.
“That’s nice.” He finally says, scratching the back of his neck.
“What’s nice?” It’s a smooth and silky voice. Vanessa. “Happy birthday babe.” She joins your circle next to Jungkook and places a kiss on his cheek.
“Right…” you butt in, “Happy birthday Jungkook.” You smile, still in Yoongi’s arms.
“What do you want to do first?” Vanessa links arms with Jungkook and you feel your body go tense. You don’t want her to touch him.
“Eat.” Jungkook laughs, “I’m so hungry.”
“Well, we have pizza for everyone.” You say loudly, getting the rest of everyone’s attention.
“You say pizza? Hell yeah.” Trina walks towards you four with Holly following behind her.
“Oh hey Trina…” Jungkook says, not entirely too sure how to talk to the girl that hates him.
“Hey Jungkook,” she says quickly with a smile, “So where’s the pizza?”
Jungkook and you share a look of pleasant surprise. Trina? Being nice?
The rest of the boys follow and you all head inside the kitchen to snag a few slices of pizza from the pizzeria that Jungkook is fond of. Vanessa stays close to Jungkook’s side, not that you are surprised. But what is surprising you is that Yoongi has suddenly become slightly more affectionate with you?
Yoongi takes any chance he can get to touch you in some way, whether it be picking a piece of thread off your shirt, or placing a wild strand of hair behind your ear. He doesn’t really strike you as the type to be so openly affectionate…at least not the one to initiate it.
But can picking a piece of thread off your shirt really be counted as affectionate? Maybe he’s just trying to help. What you don’t know though…Jungkook has picked up on too. He has watched as Yoongi smiles at you and you smile back, he has watched as Yoongi subtlety touches your arm when he talks to you and how your hand finds his shoulder when you laugh.
Jungkook sits on his couch, chowing down on a slice of pizza as he glares at you and Yoongi. He doesn’t mean to glare but why is he here? This is a small get together between close friends. How close have you and Yoongi gotten?
“And then bro, I was like no fucking way bro.” Alien bro talks animatedly, his hands motioning all around the place.
Nick stuffs another slice of pizza in his mouth, nodding along to Alien bro’s story.
“That is fucking wild.” You hear Trina pitch in, “Like, did that really happen to you?”
“It may have been a dream, but let me tell you…” Alien bro closes his eyes, “I think it was real, like a memory.”
You internally laugh, because this dude has got some wild fucking stories and you don’t know how to take him seriously. But everyone seems to be enjoying it.
“Let’s do cake!” You hear Jimin yell out, “I have such a sweet tooth right now.”
At this you see Vanessa actually light up, like she has been waiting all night for someone to mention the cake. You two agreed she could present it to Jungkook, maybe that’s why she’s so visibly excited.
“I’ll go get it…” She speaks up, “I’ll be right back.” She says, facing Jungkook. Vanessa stands from her spot next to Jungkook on the couch and heads towards the kitchen.
A few minutes pass by when you hear your name being called. You get up and walk to the kitchen when you see Vanessa with the cake in her hands, the candles already lit up.
“Can you turn off the lights?” she asks, “And you can start the Birthday song.”
You nod your head, walking back into the living room to switch the lights off.
“Okay, ready Jungkook?” you smile at him and he rolls his eyes with a smirk.
“I guess.” He says, amusement laced in his voice.
“Happy birthday to you!” you begin singing, the rest of the gang joins in and the living room is soon being filled with the sound of everyone’s voices singing Jungkook a happy birthday. You pull out your phone and begin recording, Vanessa walks in with the cake and she keeps her face neutral. She doesn’t even sing, wow. You can’t help but kind of laugh, that’s so in character for her.
“Happy birthday dear Juuuungkoook, Happy birthday to you!” You all finish up and start whooping and hollering.
“Make a wish.” Vanessa sets the cake down in front of him and Jungkook nods his head. He takes a deep breath before his eyes find yours. You guys share a brief moment before he’s blowing out his candles.
“What did you wish for?!” Hobi asks, excitement filling the room as everyone agrees that they want to know.
“Secret.” He says, still looking at you.
“Here,” Vanessa nudges a perfectly wrapped box in Jungkook’s hands, “Present.”
“You didn’t have to Vanessa.” Jungkook grins at her but he’s already unwrapping his gift, he throws the wrapping paper to the floor and takes a look at the cologne box.
“This is so expensive!” he whines, “But thank you!” He looks at you for a moment when he awkwardly pecks Vanessas lips in front of everyone.
“My turn!” Jimin shouts, “My turn, my turn!” he stands up and walks by the front door where he left the gift. He picks up the bag and walks back into the living room, standing in front of Jungkook, handing him the bag.
“You’ll love it.” Jimin wiggles his brows at the boy.
Jungkook wiggles his brows back as he opens up the bag and pulls out a black hoodie.
“Fuck yeah.” Jungkook stands up to hug Jimin, “This one is so soft.”
The rest of the gang gives Jungkook a gift one by one until all eyes are on you. Suddenly, you feel super fucking shy and lame that you got matching bracelets.
“Uh, I haven’t gotten anything for you yet…” you lie. “But I will soon, promise.”
Jungkook’s bunny smile begins to fade as he processes your words,
“No worries, y/n.” he smiles again, “You don’t have to get me anything.”
“It’s just a little late, is all.” You shift awkwardly from one foot to another. You wish you weren’t such an idiot. You notice Jimin staring at you from across the room, he looks disappointed.
“What about the bracelets y/n?” Vanessa’s voice can be heard by everyone. She looks at you with a blank expression and you never wanted to strangle someone more.
“What bracelets?” Jungkook’s curiosity showing.
“It’s nothing.”
“It’s not nothing. They’re friendship bracelets. Such a sweet idea.” Vanessa smiles at you.
“You got me and you friendship bracelets?” Jungkook stands up and walks to you, he extends his right hand out and waits expectantly.
“Thanks Vanessa.” You deadpan.
“No problem.”
“It’s really nothing Jungkook…”
“I want the damn bracelet y/n.”
You stare at him for a moment, his big doe eyes making you feel like you must give in.
“okay, they’re in my bag…” you turn around and search for your purse. You notice Yoongi trying to hand it you and you smile at him gratefully.
“Here.” You hand him his bracelet and he inspects it, rolling it through his fingers.
“Your initial?” Jungkook clenches the bracelet in his fist and looks up at you.
“I fucking love it.” He brings the bracelet to his heart, “I will wear it every day.”
“I have one too…” you pull it from your bag and dangle in around.
“It has a J?” Jungkook bunny smile grows ten times as wide. He takes the bracelet from your fingers and chuckles at the two bracelets.
“I love it.”
“I’m glad you like it—”
“No, love it. I love…” Then he’s clearing his throat, remembering he is in a room full of people.
“Thank you.”
“Oh! There’s one more thing…” you pull out the key chain and you watch as Jungkook’s face lights up. Of course he is more excited about the key chain, you laugh.
“Fucking awesome!” Jungkook takes it from you, “I’ll put it on my keys!”
“That’s the idea,” you chuckle. “Anyway, let’s play games now.”
You and Jungkook stand at the front of the living room, in front of the T.V in battle mode.
“You’re going down Jeon.” You snicker at him, he only rolls his eyes at you as he readies himself.
“I’m just glad I’m not going against Jimin.” Jungkook shoots Jimin a look and Jimin winks.
You two have to chug an entire beer can, trying to beat the other.
“Honestly, same.” You admit, if anyone can down a drink in seconds—it’s Jimin.
Trina stands up and joins your side,
“Okay, are we ready everyone?”
Everyone begins cheering, the sound motivating you and making you feel excited.
“Okay. When I yell…BAM…you start drinking and don’t stop until that can is empty…got it?”
“Yes, we know how to chug a drink, Trina.”
“Damn girl, I was just sayin’.” Trina throws a hand on her hip, “Okay, 3…2…1…BAM!”
You and Jungkook scramble to start drinking, the chilly liquid making its way down your throats. The drink is cold and carbonated and you’re trying to ignore the way it sizzles, instead pretending it’s as smooth as water and you down it back.
“Jungkook is going to win!” Namjoon yells out, he has risen to his feet, the excitement too much.
“No, y/n is! Look how much her head it tilting back!” You hear Jin chime in.
Truth is, you aren’t really sure how much you’ve drank, or how much is left! You’re just wanting it to be over!
“Holy shit, they’re both so close!”
And right as you’re about to finish your drink you hear the sound of a can being crushed right next to you. He won.
“WHAT’S UP…LOSER!” Jungkook shakes his empty, crushed can in your face as you finally finish your own drink.
“Okay, okay. Literally only let you win because it’s your birthday.” You snide playfully.
“Sure y/n, sure.” Jungkook grins down at you, his laughter bounces off the walls and you feel so whole when you hear the sound. He leans forward until his arms are wrapped around you in a quick yet loving hug.
“Whatever you got to say to yourself…loser.” He chuckles out, letting go of you.
“Yeah, yeah. Whatever.” Your pout is so cute, Jungkook thinks.
Yoongi stands up, his gummy smile lighting up the room as he approaches you two. He stands next to you and asks if you’re alright.
“You’ve already had so much to drink, I’m just making sure you can make it back to the sofa.” Yoongi’s shoulders shake as he laughs.
“She can handle herself.” You hear Jungkook say in a somewhat serious tone, “She knows how to drink.” He tries to say a little more lightly.
“But she doesn’t really have to do the penalty, right?” Yoongi asks.
“No, I definitely do.” You laugh out, “Where’s the shot, huh?”
Jungkook gives you a silly looking smirk as he heads towards the kitchen to fetch you that shot. He’s only gone for a moment when you realize he has returned with the liquid of fire.
“For you, princess.”
You roll your eyes at his little nick name he’s given you but you cannot help the blush that creeps on your cheeks…
“Please…please.” You pant, rolling your hips into his as you meet his desperate thrusts.
“Please what, princess?” he breathes out heavily, “Told you that when you’re with—” He begins fucking into you faster, “When you’re with me…to use your words.” His pace is bruising, causing you to choke on the air around you.
The little nick name causing you to remember something you have tied burying.
“I think you should take one too, since it is your birthday after all.” You tease.
“But I’m the winner…” Jungkook pouts, his bottom lip jutting out so far.
“Come on, I bet you won’t.” Jimin pipes in.
“Yeah dude.” You hear Nick say.
“FINE!” Jungkook throws his hands up in defeat, “But you have to go pour it for me.” He says, looking at you.
“Done deal, baby.”
“Pour me one too.” Vanessa walks up to you, her strap on her shoulder sliding down.
“Oh?” you ask, but you nod your head in approval and head towards the kitchen to pour two more shots.
You return with the shots, but feel your stomach drop when you see Jungkook and Vanessa laughing together, her hand laying on his chest, his arm wrapped around her waist.
“Oh!” Jungkook looks at you and smiles, “The shots!”
And then Min Yoongi is at your side with his own shot, he looks at you and gives you a sweet smile and eyes full of understanding.
“Let’s take them.” He says. His hand going to yours, he squeezes it tight and you feel yourself trying to breathe.
“Here you go.” You hand the two shots to Jungkook and Vanessa, they take them and you four look at one another before raising your glasses.
“Happy birthday, Jungkook.” You whisper, taking the shot.
Hours pass, and things are starting to wind down, you think. Jin, Namjoon and Hobi are at the front door saying their goodbyes and you feel your time is coming soon too.
“Us too.” Trina says, “Our uber is almost here.” Her and Holly gather their things and make their way out the door.
“Jimin, you coming with us?” Trina asks.
“Um, what about you y/n?” Jimin makes it to your side, his hand going to rub your shoulder.
“You guys go without me, I’m going to help clean up. Hostess duties!” You salute towards your friends and they giggle.
“Okay babe, I’ll see you soon?” Jimin goes in for a tight hug and you hug him back even tighter.
“I’ll help you clean up.” Yoongi offers, but you shake your head.
“No, I couldn’t ask that. Me and Vanessa got it. You go home too, it’s so late. I will come by to see you soon though.”
“Are you sure?” Yoongi asks as he catches Jungkook watching you two. “Well, if you insist y/n.” he inches towards you and to your surprise, you feel his lips leave a small kiss on your cheek. Yoongi smirks when he sees Jungkook react. Jungkook glares at the boy and Yoongi feels like hopefully he helped enough tonight.
“What was that for?” you feel yourself turn red.
“Nothing.” He whispers before he’s turning around and walking out of the door.
You are left here shocked and confused but you cannot help but smile at Yoongi’s small gesture. He really is too sweet.
“Well,” you turn around to face Jungkook and Vanessa, “Let’s clean up,” you say to Vanessa, “And then I’ll get out of your hair.”
“Actually,” Vanessa curls her lips upwards, “I am feeling quite tired.” Her eyes find yours, “So maybe Jungkook can help you clean up.”
“You’re going home already?” Jungkook looks confused. He was probably expecting birthday sex or some shit.
“Mhm.” She breathes out easily, “See you later babe.” She leans over and pecks his cheek, you immediately twist your head to look away. Vanessa notices and she fucking smiles that sly ass smile. “See you later, y/n.”
And with that she is out of the apartment, leaving just you and Jungkook and Nick and Alien Bro.
“We will be out on the balcony smoking, if you guys want to join.” Nick offers to you, but you’re shaking your head no.
“Nah, you guys enjoy.” Jungkook says. Nick and Alien bro (You really got to learn this dudes name) are opening the back door and leaving you guys for the balcony.
“And then there was two.” Jungkook jokes, he chews on his lips as he watches you begin the cleaning up process. You get a large black trash bag and start throwing away the empty beer bottles and other trash around the living room and kitchen.
“Help me clean, birthday boy.”
Jungkook grins at you and starts helping, he’s gathering the shot glasses and setting them in the kitchen sink. You two work like this for around 10-15 minutes when the place is finally looking like his apartment again.
“Well, I guess that’s it.” You set the last trash bag in the kitchen, “You and Nick can take these out later, right?” “Yes, y/n. You did enough, I swear.” Jungkook smiles at you. “Hey, where’s your bracelet?” he dangles his wrist around, showing you his.
“Oh…” You dig around in your pockets until you finally find the piece of jewelry.
“Let me.” Jungkook stands closer to you, reaching his hand out, expecting you to hand over the bracelet. You place it in his hand and he grabs your wrist and clips the bracelet on.
“There.” He breathes out, “Never take it off.” He half jokes.
“You really like it?”
“I really love it.” Jungkook pulls you in for a hug, but he’s letting go much faster than you would like.
“Wanna chill for a bit?” He asks you, his hands still on your arms from your hug that you just shared.
“For a bit, sure.”
You two walk to the living room sofa and plop down, the long day finally catching up to you. It’s around 1 am now, you’ve been running around all day.
“So…” Jungkook looks at you with an unreadable expression, “What’s going on with you and this Yoongi guy?”
“What do you mean?”
“Was tonight like, a date for you two?”
“What? No?”
“Really? Could of fooled me and like, everyone else.”
“He was just joking…I think.” You groan into your hands, and laugh. “Why?”
“I was just wondering.” He turns to face forward, his face hardening as he thinks. “Is he going to be like, your boyfriend?”
“What?!” you choke on your spit, “Yoongi is my friend.”
“Does he know that?” Jungkook continues to look forward, “He was all over you.”
“He definitely was not all over me. Oh my god. What are you getting so crazy for?”
Crazy. That’s the word you use, but he knows you mean jealous. Jungkook sits here, biting on his bottom lip. He has to admit, he doesn’t like this ‘crazy’ feeling. He feels like he’s suffocating just remembering you with Yoongi tonight. He has no right to feel crazy or jealous. He has a girlfriend for fucks sake!
“I just hope he’s treating you right.”
“He’s just a friend Jungkook. But you know what? And if he was trying to date me?”
Jungkook feels his chest tighten, not liking the idea already.
“Then like I said, I hope he’s treating you right.” He says more softly, turning to look at you again.
“Did you enjoy your birthday?”
“It was nice, thank you.”
“What’s your favorite birthday in your life so far?”
Jungkook tilts his head as he thinks, rocking it side to side. He folds his arms behind his head and lets out a long breath.
“There’s two I can think of.” He says, “When I was 10 all I wanted to do was see one of those drive thru zoo things. But I wasn’t expecting much because I guess birthdays and holidays were stressful for my parents…” he takes a deep breath, “they always fought so much and so I didn’t think we would be doing anything for my birthday at all. But they for once, they got along this day. They took me to the zoo and I just remember being so on edge like something may go wrong…but it never did, it was a perfect day.”
“I bet 10 year old Jungkook was so cute.”
“I was the cutest!”
“And what’s the second?”
“Sophomore year of college.” He states quickly making you choke on air. Really? That birthday of all birthdays?
“Jungkook, there has to be a better one than that…” you begin, “We literally didn’t even do anything.”
It seemed everyone happened to become busy the day of Jungkook’s birthday, everyone except you. You and Jungkook spent the day just the two of you in his dorm room watching movies and playing video games. You didn’t even buy him a present, much too broke!
“That day meant a lot to me.” Jungkook explains, “You didn’t leave my side, no matter what.”
“Well, you were my best friend.”
“And now?” Jungkook turns his head to face you, “Am I your best friend now?”
“Jungkook…” you caress his thigh, “Of course.”
Jungkook throws his head back as he smiles that bunny smile and you can’t help but giggle.
“Were you worried?”
“So worried.” He continues to laugh, “You’re my best friend too.”
“I don’t know guys!” you whine, bringing the cup of coffee in for a sip. “Marketing…can someone even be passionate about that?”
“What did I say y/n? You’re so concerned if you’re passionate or not, why don’t you start off small—finding something you just like.” Yoongi offers his piece of advice but you groan.
“What do you think Tae?” you point your head in his direction, “Wait, I am asking one of the most passionate people I know.” You complain.
“I agree with Yoongi, y/n.” Taehyung says, he drinks his water in gulps.
“Of course, who wouldn’t agree with Yoongi?” You hit your head on the table a few times.
You three are seated in Yoongi’s record shop in the cozy corner of the store, discussing the burden of dreams.
“I mean, guys.” You begin, “I don’t want to be making cookies forever.”
“But I really like them.” Yoongi whispers.
“Me too,” Taehyung says as he shoves a sugar cookie down his throat. “So good.”
“Guys, you aren’t helping.”
“Honestly y/n…” Yoongi stands from his seat to get some more coffee, “Stop trying to force a dream to happen. It will come to you naturally, just trust in that.”
“You make it sound so easy.” You hand Taehyung another cookie and he takes it with a grin.
“So y/n…” Taehyung swallows down the last bits of the cookie before he’s turning to face you in his chair, “How was Jungkook’s birthday, I forgot to ask.”
“It went really well actually.”
“Why do you say ‘actually’?” Taehyung laughs, “Were you expecting it to go bad?”
“It’s not that…I don’t know. Maybe.”
“Is it because of Vanessa?” Yoongi comes back with two fresh coffees.
“That’s his girlfriend, right? I just don’t get it. Should we come up with an evil plan to break them up?” Taehyung snickers.
“Tae, chill.” You giggle.
“I’m joking but I am also totally serious.” He comments. “Anyway guys, I gotta head back to the museum. But same time next week?”
“You know it.” You blow on your hot coffee, waving him goodbye.
The last few weeks the three of you meet up for coffee (Tae usually brings his own drink of choice, says coffee is too bitter for him) and chit chat just like now. It’s an interesting group but you feel comfortable. After time has passed, forgiving and moving on from Taehyung’s crushing you has gotten easier and now you even find his friendship to be quite valuable. You guess they weren’t kidding when they say time heals all wounds.
“Are you two ever going to tell me what happened between you? You were so tense when he first started hanging out.” Yoongi says, observant as usual.
“I will. But another day,” you smile.
“No rush.” Yoongi drinks his coffee slowly, “Whenever you’re ready.”
“By the way, did it work?” Yoongi asks between sips.
You can’t help but raise your brows in question,
“Did what work?”
“Did Jungkook say anything? About being jealous?” He gives you a smirk.
“What are you talk—wait, were you purposely trying to be affectionate with me to see if Jungkook would get a rise out of it?” You ask, completely shocked. That seems almost out of character for Yoongi!
“I tried. I’m a little awkward being the first to show affection, “ he admits, “But for you, my friend, I was willing to try.” He gives you a shy smile and you feel your heart race.
“You really don’t even have to answer because I know the truth. I could see it on his face, but I was curious if he said anything to you.”
You think back to Jungkook’s birthday and well…he technically did say something to you. He was being a little crazy (jealous) but you cannot understand why. Jungkook is your friend and not to mention he has a girlfriend.
“Sorry to disappoint Yoongs, but he did not.” You decide to say.
“Did you know you avoid all eye contact when you want to lie.” Yoongi takes another sip of his coffee, his sly smile telling you he knows the truth.
“Jeez, why do you pick up on things so quickly?!” you groan, “I can’t even tell one little nothing lie in front of you.”
“Maybe you shouldn’t try to lie to me then.” He laughs. “So what did he say?”
“He just—I don’t know. He just…wanted to know what was up with you basically.”
Yoongi opens his mouth to say ‘Ah’ and then continues to drink his coffee.
“He’s not going to be rude to you or anything!” you quickly say, “he’s just a little protective over me, is all.”
“Oh? That’s all?” Yoongi teases.
“Hey…” you set your cup down and fold your hands in your lap, “What makes you think Jungkook feels the same way?”
Yoongi breathes out slowly, his fingers tapping against his mug when he looks up at you and smiles.
“There’s an obvious tension between you two, “ he starts, “The way he looks at you. That honestly gave everything away. His eyes always find you, no matter what.” Yoongi quietly chuckles, “The way he’s threatened by me. He doesn’t even try to hide it.” Yoongi thinks for a moment, “And…you two, the way you are together…god, it’s like watching two people who are in a relationship but don’t know they’re in a relationship.”
“What—what do you mean by that?” you pry further. Curious about your own dynamic with Jungkook that maybe even you can’t see.
“I don’t know like, you guys act like boyfriend and girlfriend already!” he laughs, “That’s when I knew I didn’t stand a chance.”
“It’s okay,” his gummy smile lights up his whole face, “being your friend has been so much more rewarding.”
You feel yourself smile at his words…although, you do feel bad. But keeping a friend like Yoongi around has been amazing. And maybe if you weren’t already in love with someone else…no, you shouldn’t even think that, that’s not fair.
“Thanks Yoongs.”
“We need to talk.”
Jimin is shoving his way through Jungkook’s front door, his hair pushed back in frustration like his fingers have been running through it for hours.
“Jesus man, it’s like 8 in the fucking morning.” Jungkook’s low, groggy voice booms from his chest.
“This couldn’t wait. I have to be at work at 9 and I’ve been up all night with the same one thing on my mind.” Jimin takes off his shoes and makes his way to the couch.
“And what’s that?” Jungkook asks, clearly annoyed.
“You need to tell y/n how you feel.” Jimin decides to go with the straight forward approach, he does not have the time to beat around the bush today.
Jungkook closes the door and swings around to face Jimin,
“Listen man, I’ve been racking my brain about it all fucking night. It’s got to be you. You have to do it, she won’t.”
“Why the fuck would I do that?”
“Grow the fucking balls, man!” Jimin sits back on the sofa, his head falling into the cushion.
“Look dude, I don’t know what you—”
“You’re in love with her, you have been since freshmen year. You guys fucked, I know. She didn’t talk to you for however long, I know that too. But come on man, it’s so clear how you both feel.”
Jungkook continues to stand here, not knowing what to say. Where is all this coming from?
“I have a girlfriend, Jimin.”
“Oh please, give me a fucking break.” Jimin stands up, walking towards Jungkook. “There is almost zero chemistry between you two. Like emotional chemistry…I don’t know what your sex life is like…” Jimin holds up a hand, “And I don’t want to know.”
“Wasn’t going to tell you anyway,” Jungkook pouts. “Listen, how can you be so sure y/n would even feel the same way?”
“Can’t you just fucking trust me?” Jimin yells out, exasperated.
“Did she say the words Jimin?” Jungkook becomes very serious, making Jimin shudder. “Did she tell you she has feelings for me?” his dark eyes pierce into Jimin’s.
Jimin looks down at the ground, feeling defeated.
“You know I can’t tell you that.” Jimin finally says, “You just have to have the courage man. Are you really going to go your whole life not telling her? Why torture yourself like that?”
Jungkook stands here feeling so lost, and fucking emotional. Like, he could god damn cry about it.
“Because,” Jungkook sniffles into his sleeve. “It’s guaranteed she would be in my life. I can’t risk losing her. I couldn’t handle that man…” Jungkook begins to choke up.
Jimin walks closer to Jungkook and pulls him in for a tight hug, Jungkook keeps his arms to his side.
“I know. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” Jimin whispers.
“I think though…that there will be a moment where you finally have the courage…”
“I don’t know.”
“You will, Jungkook. When the timing is right…but I don’t know when that is for you two.”
“I really do love her…” Jungkook allows a few tears to slip from his closed eyes into Jimin’s shoulder. “I’m so frustrated like, all the time.” He admits, “Seeing her, talking to her, I just want to tell her how I feel. I hate how hard I have to try just to stay in the zone of friendship. But you don’t understand the risk…” Jungkook leans back, pulling away from Jimin. “If she doesn’t feel the same, I could lose her.” His puffy eyes avoid Jimin. “Can I handle a loss like that again?”
“But she…” Jimin has to bite his tongue…seeing his two best friends like this hurts his heart beyond belief.
“Yeah, I understand.” Jimin decides to say, “But I think you might be surprised.”
Jungkook pulls his brows together, his face scrunching up and he scoffs.
“Maybe, but maybe not.”
“I’m sorry to bring this all on you so early in the morning…I’ve just been so worried about you two…” Jimin starts to put his shoes back on.
“Maybe you could stay until you really need to leave for work? You still go like 45 minutes, right?” Jungkook practically begs with sad, soft eyes.
“Sure.” Jimin takes his shoes back off and grabs a hold of Jungkook’s shoulder, “Let’s sit down for a while.”
The two boys head to the couch and take a seat, leaving little space between them. Jungkook needs the presence of another human being right now, he needs to feel real live warmth. Jimin wishes he could mend Jungkook’s cracked heart but he knows only you can do that. But Jimin can try his best. The two sit in comfortable silence, the only sound that can be heard is Jungkook’s light sniffling and Jimin humming a soft tune.
“It’s almost 9.” Jimin mentions regretfully.
“I know. Thanks for staying for a bit.”
“Of course.” Jimin rises from the couch, “You guys are my best friends but you two sure are fucking idiots.” He smiles and makes his way to leave.
Bored. So fucking bored. Trina and Holly went out for dinner tonight and you were not invited! You kind of wonder what’s going on between them…but that’s a thought for another day, right now you are so fucking bored.
It’s Friday night and you don’t know what to do with yourself. Jimin has some party he’s going to tonight but you didn’t really feel like going so you rejected his invitation, Jin and the guy’s invited you over for a cookout but you said no because you didn’t feel like driving all the way to Jin’s place—you know, lazy.
And you haven’t heard from Jungkook all day so he’s probably tired from work or worse—with Vanessa. But would it hurt to try? To see what he’s up to?
y/n 9:04pm
Jungkook 9:10pm
y/n 9:12pm
Whatcha up to tonight?
Jungkook 9:13pm
Nothing really, you?
y/n 9:13pm
nothing either…
y/n 9:13pm
Wanna have a movie night with some wine?
Jungkook 9:20pm
Jungkook 9:23pm
Lemme guess, I have to bring the wine
y/n 9:23pm
Jungkook 9:50pm
I’m almost there
Not even 5 minutes later you hear your door being knocked on, and you yell a ‘come in’. Jungkook pushes the door open and finds you sitting on the couch wrapped up in your favorite blanket. He shuts the door behind him, and walks to the kitchen for some wine glasses. You two only nod at one another in greeting, getting comfortable in each others presence.
“I brought 2 bottles,” Jungkook says, “One for you, one for me.”
“Wow, you’re so smart.” You smile up at him and his heart clenches in his chest. Your smile is so special, it’s so soft and so fucking pretty he almost cannot handle it.
“Y-Yeah.” He sets the glasses down on the table that sits in front of the sofa. “What movie do you have in mind?”
“You can choose.”
“Iron Man?” “No, not that.”
“Fine.” He pouts, “Let’s find something new on Netflix.”
An hour into some random drama, you find yourself getting sleepy.
“Wakey wakey.” You feel Jungkook’s breath on your ear, you open your eyes a little wider to prove your consciousness.
“I am awake…hey,” you suddenly get an idea, “Remember a little while ago you said you felt like our friendship kind of started over?”
“Hm? Yeah?”
“Would if we do?”
“I don’t get it?” Jungkook asks clearly confused.
“Let’s play a game! Of getting to know each other better. Everything out on the table.” You say with a pleased smile, obviously loving your own idea.
“hmmmmm…” Jungkook wraps his blanket closer around his body, “Sure.”
“Yay! I’ll pull out a list of questions from the internet.” You get your phone and google a list of questions. “You ready?” you say with a wink.
“I guess so.” He playfully shrugs his shoulders and shows you a small smile.
“Okay one…What’s your favorite way to spend a day off?”
“hmm…sleeping in, working out, playing video games, making videos, sleeping some more, hanging out with you.”
“Wow, honored.” You tease. “For me, it’s sleeping all day.”
“That’s it? That’s your whole answer?” Jungkook giggles.
“What type of music are into to?”
“y/n…” Jungkook whines, “You already know these answers…”
“We’re pretending we don’t!”
“Fine, I like almost all genres but I really prefer ballads.”
“I like music with meaningful lyrics,” you say.
“I agree.” Jungkook grins at you.
“Next…Do you have a favorite holiday. Why or why not?”
Jungkook nibbles on his lips as he thinks…is he honest?
“I use to hate holidays.” He admits softly, slightly slurring thanks to the wine, “But now it’s Christmas and New Year’s. And why? Both reasons are because of you.”
You feel your cheeks become warmer and probably pinker.
“Mine too.” You say quickly, “Next,” you are in a rush to change the subject. “Do you want a family of your own?”
“One day, yes. With the right person…”
“I’m the same.” You scroll through the questions, “If you had only one sense…hearing, touch, sight, etc, which would you want?”
“Touch. Imagine not being able to feel things?” Jungkook asks, he thinks about not being able to feel the soft touch of sheets on a bed, the feel of your hair between his fingers, your skin, your lips—wait, he needs to chill. “Yeah, touch.”
“Really? I would choose sight.” You say, “Who do you admire most in this world?”
“Mom.” Jungkook whispers, “She was so strong, she went through so much yet still found the strength to love me.”
“You.” Your hand finds Jungkook’s, you hold on to him softly, “My answer is you.”
“y/n…” Jungkook leans into your side, “Thank you.”
You clear you throat and continue scrolling through your phone, looking for the next question.
“If you found out today is your last day on Earth, what would you do?”
“Exactly what I’m doing right now.”
“Honestly? Me too.” You whisper, you feel your heart beginning to race as you and Jungkook admit that if it were your last day, you would spend it together. Somehow the thought almost seems romantic to you…that’s obviously your imagination but you can dream.
“What’s the last thing you do at night?”
Jungkook wiggles his brows at you and you hit his arm, laughing.
“Gross.” You giggle. “Something besides that.”
“What? You think it’s gross to mast—”
“Don’t!” you yell out laughing. “Don’t be gross.”
“Everyone does it y/n…I bet even you.” Jungkook voice goes low. “in fact, I have a question for you.” Jungkook scoots closer to you, “When was the last time you got yourself off?” your eyes go wide, “It’s not like you’re seeing anyone…unless you and Yoon—”
“No!” You begin to panic, “I’m not seeing anyone, you’re right.”
Jungkook releases a long breath and he smiles, “Thought so.” Then he’s scooting even closer to you.
“How do you touch yourself y/n?” He slurs out, “With your fingers only? Perhaps you use a vibrator?”
You push your head back in shock, there’s no way in hell Jungkook just asked you that? Is he drunk? Barely.
“Why do you want to know that?” you scoot a little closer to him too.
“Best friends know this type of stuff about each other all the time, don’t they?”
“Not really…but I’ll play. I use both.”
Jungkook raises a brow in amusement, he bites on his bottom lip as his smirks at you.
“You own a vibrator?” Jungkook chuckles darkly, “How come I didn’t know?”
“Why would I tell you that?”
“I bet Jimin knows.”
“Fine, he does.”
Jungkook narrows his eyes at you as he tries to hold in his slight laughter, his hand comes to his mouth and he chuckles into it.
“Thought so…when’s the last time you used it?”
“Last night before bed.”
“So, it’s the last thing you did at night?” Jungkook points his finger at you knowingly and you can’t help but laugh.
“Okay, I see where this is going. Fine, I get. We all masturbate. It’s completely normal and not gross and a totally valid answer for something you do before bed.” You throw your hands up as you giggle.
“Thank you.” Jungkook knees touch yours as he scoots just an inch closer, “But I wasn’t trying to make a point, I was genuinely curious about you.” He admits in a deep voice and you squeeze your thighs together, an action that does not go unnoticed by him. His eyes land to your lap and he chuckles. His voice is so low and inviting as he speaks, “Are you curious about me too?”
“What do you mean?”
“About when’s the last time I—”
“Fine, when’s the last time?” you ask lightly.
“Right before I came here.” He admits easily.
You and Jungkook stare at one another for what feels like at least an hour but in reality probably seconds. But his dark gaze is so raw and powerful, you find yourself leaning into his space.
“The last time I used my vibrator was yes, last night. But the last time I touched myself was tonight. Before you arrived.”
Jungkook nods his head in understanding, or maybe it’s approval? Either way he nods his head as a sly smile creeps on his lips.
“Can I ask you what you thought about?” Even Jungkook widens his eyes in surprise as he asks that. Where did that confidence come from? “Sorry that’s TMI.” He quickly rushes to say, not wanting to really hear your answer because he shouldn’t know what you fantasize about especially if he’s not in said fantasies.
You lean your head back and snicker. You wish you had the fucking courage to tell him the truth. Him. You thought about him.
In your fantasy his head was between your legs, licking you up and making you squirm. He would moan into your greedy cunt, basking in your juices. God, you can just picture it now. His mouth and nose covered in you, the shine on his face evidence of how well he’s eaten you. His fingers still buried inside you as he lifts his head up to smirk down at you, his hair a fucking mess from how much you have tugged on it.
You’d be lying if you said you weren’t thinking about it right now and getting so heavily turned on. Your chest heaves just a little more than usual, and there’s an ache between your legs that you wish Jungkook would soothe. Your fantasy of him going down on you? You took that straight from your memories.
“Not going to say anything?” Jungkook leans in a little closer.
“Sorry, just thinking.”
Jungkook’s eyes expand as he processes what you just say until—
“Wait, wait. That came out wrong.” Your hands scramble to hold on to his shoulders. “I mean, I was thinking about you. But not like that.” You lie. Because you have to lie.
“Oh…right, that makes sense.” Jungkook visibly deflates at your confession.
“Anyway, yeah. That’s a TMI for sure.” You laugh awkwardly and Jungkook leans back away from you.
“For sure.” Jungkook leans back on the sofa, “So, what’s the next question?”
“Ever had a threesome?” you ask from your own brain.
“You already know I have.”
“With two girls or with another guy…?”
“Two girls.”
“Would you ever with another guy?”
“Maybe if it’s with a girl that doesn’t mean something to me…but if it’s with someone I care about, probably not. I think I may be too possessive. Don’t wanna share.”
“Ah, I see.”
“What about you?”
“I would do both.” You admit. “Sounds like fun…”
“It is fun,” Jungkook laughs, “But there’s something special about just being with one person, if it’s special…”
“Have you ever had sex with someone special?”
Oh. Jungkook’s never been in a serious relationship since you’ve known him so you weren’t expecting him to answer that with a yes…but he is with Vanessa now. So obviously…
“I see.”
“What’s the next question?”
“I’m looking up a new list. It’s kind of sexy, is that okay?”
“A list of dirty questions? I’m down.” Jungkook smirks and you feel the heat between your legs grow.
“Okay the first one is asking if you’re a virgin and I think the whole town knows the answer to that…”
“Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?!”
You laugh out, “Nothing, nothing.” Then continue scrolling, “Okay, opinion on shower sex?”
“Hmm, I’ve done, and I will do it again.”
“For me, it’s a little uncomfortable but I’ll do it,” you say, “boob or butt guy?”
“Fuck. Both of them, can I say both?” Jungkook pleads and you giggle.
“Sure, both.” Your eyes light up when you find the next question. “Oooh. What is your most embarrassing sex story?”
“Oh god…okay. When I was in high school I was getting head from this girl…”
“Uh huh…and then?”
“We got caught by our teacher and that’s a total mood killer right?”
“Well, when the teacher was scolding me I popped another boner. And I was wearing sweats so it was super obvious and she was trying so hard not to make it obvious. But I don’t know, my body betrayed me.”
“You got hard from getting scolded?”
You burst out into giggles, the story absolutely killing you. Who does that? Who pops a boner from getting scolded…by their fucking teacher?
“Your turn, your turn.”
“Okay…one time I was giving head…”
“Uh huh…and then?” he copies you.
“And I guess I swallowed his cum too fast because it shot out of my nose like milk.”
“What the fuck y/n.” Jungkook laughs out hysterically. “That’s so awesome.”
“It wasn’t awesome Jungkook, it was embarrassing.”
“In what world is someone’s perspective on this awesome?” “Mine.”
“Well, you’re fucking weird.
“Maybe so.” Jungkook continues to laugh, “What’s next?”
“Do you prefer to give or receive?”
“Who doesn’t love to receive? That’s obvious. But me? I am a giver, 100%”
And he’s right. Hence why you’re able to use the memory of him going down on you as good masturbation material.
“I see.”
“I think I am a giver too.” You look down at your phone, “But who doesn’t love to receive?”
“You do give nicely.” Jungkook whispers, “Anyway what’s the next one?”
“Do you like sexting?”
“Fucking love it. I love the dirty words and pictures.” He admits.
“Yeah, me too.”
What would it be like to be texting Jungkook throughout the work day, sending one another your dirtiest fantasies and pictures to go along with it.
“I’ll read the next one now…If I came home from work stressed, how you do you relax me?” your eyes go wide when you realize, “Wait, pretends it’s asking about someone else. So a girl you’re with comes home from work stressed, how do you relax her?”
Jungkook is quiet for a few moments, he chews on his bottom lip and breathes out heavily.
“How would I relax you? I mean, some girl?”
“First, I would kiss you breathless.”
“You mean her.”
“Right. I would kiss her lips over and over, taking off one article of clothing at a time, sit her down on the couch while I make my way into the kitchen…pour her a glass of her favorite wine and hand it to her. Then I would kiss down her body, telling her sweet words. How much I love her, how much I missed her today, how much she means to me. I will kiss down until I am taking off her pants along with her underwear…” “And then?” you breathe out.
“Kiss her sweet, soft skin…taste her. Taste how fucking good she tastes. Eat her out while she sips on her wine…”
“Oh nice.” You laugh a little.
“Make her come all over my tongue, getting her drunk on her orgasm.”
“And her wine.” You point out.
“Yes, both. After she comes, I will kiss back up her body and hold her.” Jungkook releases short breath after the other. “Make her feel wanted.”
“That does sound relaxing…”
“You like?”
“Then maybe—”
“Next question is ‘What turns you on almost instantly?”
“Dirty talk.”
“I see.”
“You have to answer too, remember?”
“My stomach being touched.” You admit. “How do you feel about toys?”
“Not against them, could be fun to try out.”
“I agree…how do you feel about blindfolds?”
“You answer first.” Jungkook says shyly.
“I’m into it.”
“Being blinded? Or blinding someone?”
“Both? Yes, both.”
“Fuck, me too.” He folds his arms behind him as he leans back further into the sofa.
“Both for you too?”
“Yes. It would be boring if I was only into one thing right?”
You laugh, “Yes, I think we think similarly.”
“Very.” You smile at him and he smirks, “Would you like to watch me touch myself?”
“—Wait, like your partner, not me.” You both say at the same time.
“Oh, well yes.” Jungkook says again. “Watching your fingers travel down to your pussy, rubbing your clit…well, not you but you get my point.” He says, his breathing becoming heavy again.
“Oh. I would also like to watch you.”
“But not me.”
“Spit or swallow?”
“I like a girl who swallows.”
“I like to swallow most times and if I don’t swallow it’s because I’m letting the guy come on my face or my tits or—”
“God damn it, y/n.” Jungkook breathes out erratically. His hand goes to his crotch as he tries to hide his growing member.
“Rough or sensual?”
“Fuck. Both, definitely both.”
“I agree. Why not both all the time?” you squeeze your thighs together again as you watch Jungkook shift uncomfortably in his seat on the couch.
“Would you let me pleasure you as you drive? I mean, your partner. Sorry it’s just the way the questions read…”
“Yes. I would.”
“Seems a bit unsafe…but I would give it a try.” You say, “Do you like your hair to be pulled?” you ask with a smirk, already knowing the answer.
“Fucking love it.” He admits between heavy breaths, “But I like to pull hair too.” He winks.
“I do too, but I prefer being the one pulling.” You wink back. “Are you quiet during sex?”
“I—I don’t know…Am I?” Jungkook looks into your eyes, and you blank. Is he actually referring to the time you two had sex? Without him getting weird? “You aren’t the quietest.” You admit, “But it’s so fucking hot.”
“Well, you definitely aren’t quiet.” He says, “Can barely touch you and you’re already whimpering out.”
“Depends who the guy is.”
“Well, when it’s with me…sorry, I shouldn’t bring that up.”
“Right…” your fingers find their way into Jungkook’s hair, “But why not?”
“y/n…” he warns and you chuckle.
“What?” you decide to play innocent. “It was so long ago, Jungkook. We should be able to talk about it by now.”
But Jungkook can’t. Because although it’s almost been 4 years, it’s still so fresh for him. Not just the feeling of being inside you but the emotional shit he was feeling too.
“I’ll tell you one thing and one thing only about that night,” Jungkook decides to say, his hand goes to yours and gently places it back in your lap. “It felt so fucking good.” He whispers out and you feel all the heat in your body rush to your aching pussy.
“Oh.” You breathe out erratically. “I guess, I would have to agree.”
“Should we sleep soon?” Jungkook leans back as he asks you this.
“Don’t you want me to share one thing about that night?”
“You…felt so…good…inside me…” you say between deep breaths.
“You felt even better, y/n.”
It’s Saturday morning, and you find yourself waking up on the couch, a big blanket draped around your body and you can’t help but snuggle into it, not wanting to get up quite yet.
On the other side of the couch is a still sleeping Jungkook, his light snores filling your ears. You two didn’t even finish your wine last night, so you are waking up hang over free. The sun is shining today, it’s rays peeking through your window blinds and you want to throw the blanket over your head to hide yourself from the brightness but you decide to actually wake up and get up instead.
You throw the blanket off your body and on to Jungkook, who gratefully takes it and cuddles deeper into the covers. You stand up and head towards the bathroom to wash up, turning on a hot shower.
You wonder what you’ll be up to today, will you stay in? Go out? Hang with the girls? By the way, did they ever come home last night? You stop by Holly’s room to find it empty. Interesting, you guess they went to Trina’s.
The shower is ready for you so you slip in and let the warm water cascade over your tired body. You shampoo, condition and wash your body, when you hear insistent knowing on the bathroom door.
“y/n!!! I gotta pee!!” Jungkook’s worried voice is heard over the running water, “That’s it, I’m coming in okay?!”
And before you can respond, you hear the door being swung open and Jungkook lifting the toilet seat lid up and releasing himself. You fucking laugh. He literally says ‘Aaahhh’ for the same amount of time he is peeing.
“Fucking finally, I thought I was going to piss myself.” He says when he’s finishing up.
“Sorry.” You reply lamely. “Shower felt too good to leave.”
“Well, hurry up so we can go get something to eat. I’m so hungry!”
“Okay, okay.” And with that, Jungkook is leaving the bathroom, shutting the door behind him.
You finish washing up, stepping out of the shower and drying off. You quickly leave the bathroom in just your towel to head to your bedroom. Thankfully, Jungkook is on the couch watching some show on Netflix—too busy to notice your half naked state.
You get dressed in a rush, not wanting Jungkook to wait much longer for you. You settle for some jeans and a cute yellow shirt.
“I like yellow on you.” Jungkook says when he sees you. “Pretty.”
You are sure your cheeks are turning a nice shade of red at his compliment but you cover them with your hands to hide yourself.
“Thanks JK.”
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okaymybeloved · 6 months ago
baking with mcyts
Tumblr media
members included: dream, george, sapnap, karl jacobs, quackity, tubbo, tommy, & ranboo
fluffy and cute <3
*implied* f!reader (in tommy’s); other than that gender neutral!readers :)
a/n: i made this on whim bc im really stressed with school but this cheered me up for a bit :)
Tumblr media
tries to make brownies
doesn’t read the recipe, does what he thinks feels right
“dream read the directions! that’s too much flour!”
“trust me, i got this”
you don’t trust him and he doesn’t got this
everything actually went smoothly until he puts it in the oven
accidentally leaves it in the oven for a bit too long
comes out dry and burnt
you try and eat a piece and almost break your tooth
“well you can’t bake, but at least you can outrun hunters”
Tumblr media
wants to bake a cake with you as a cute way to spend time
instead of looking up a recipe and making it from scratch he goes to the store and buys cake mix
he was in charge of making the cake
puts the right amount of ingredients and makes it perfect
once in the oven he brags to you bc of how well he did
“y/n look, it’s rising beautifully” “don’t you think i’m the coolest person ever???”
after taking it out, you were in charge of decorating
frosting, putting sprinkles, and making it look pretty was your expertise
cake comes out looking great and you both fed each other the first bites
“wow, y/n i think i’m gonna quit streaming and become a baker instead”
Tumblr media
he doesn’t seem like the person to particularly like baking but would do it just for you
he’s more of a cook so he tries and learns from the master
you end up doing most of the work
probably get bored watching you mix ingredients so he decides to have some fun with it
“i don’t know how this egg got on the floor” “trust me, it wasn’t me”
the only thing he did was put it in the oven since he felt left out
the pastry turned out amazing and y’all fed it to each other on the counter like sappy couples do
Tumblr media
karl jacobs:
he actually tried to surprise you when you were taking a nap with a lil cake since you weren’t feeling the best
while he was finding a recipe and mixing the ingredients together, he tried to do it as quiet as possible
however, he realized he needed to use a hand mixer
he prayed that it wouldn’t wake you up but it did
you wandered downstairs and found him in his lil apron and you basically melted at the sight
creeping up behind him, you startled him and he almost screamed bloody murder
you both ended up finishing making the cake together and cuddled up with him after you both finished
Tumblr media
you both were actually doing a long awaited baking stream
“today me and y/n are gonna be poppin off and make the best goddamn cake pops ever”
he would entertain chat while you were actually doing all the work
“alex quackity, you are no help” “at least go melt the chocolate”
he grabbed the bag of chocolate and put it into a bowl and put it in the microwave to melt
however, he didn’t know how long to put it in for so he just left it in there for about 3 mins
“wheres the chocolate?” “oh my god what is that smell”
he immediately took it out and the chocolate actually burnt
“ah ha ha oopsies”
both of you never ended up finishing making the cake pops after the chocolate fiasco and vowed to never do another baking stream again
Tumblr media
if you couldn’t tell from his cooking stream, he isn’t very good in the kitchen
you wanted to make something nice for his lani’s birthday and decided that a small red velvet cake would do the trick
you gathered the ingredients and got him to make it with you so that it would be quicker
he wasn’t actually as bad as he was making pancakes and was pleasantly surprised
as soon as it got to decorating, he let you take the wheel
“y/n i don’t wanna mess it up”
“you’ll be fine, come here, i’ll help you write ‘happy birthday’ on it”
you stood behind him whilst holding his hands to write and it turned out wonderful
lani was genuinely so surprised and happy and you felt so proud
Tumblr media
“blue premium bond”
“oh my god tommy i just had the best idea”
he was confused watching you sprint into the kitchen and grabbing all the ingredients needed for a cake
working hard, you whipped up a simple vanilla cake
you decided to make your own frosting and grabbed blue food coloring
tommy was still standing in the kitchen, waiting to see what happens
you added the food coloring into the frosting and started frosting the whole cake blue
he would occasionally take bits of frosting and eat it, but as soon as you asked him he would deny it
“i didn’t take any frosting!! what are you talking about woman!!??”
“tommy, your mouth is stained blue.”
after finishing the cake, you stared at your masterpiece
“blue premium bond.”
Tumblr media
you were stressed, and when you stress, you stress bake
walking into the kitchen, you slowly started grabbing the ingredients from the cabinets
you blasted music, drowning you in your own sorrows and started mixing the ingredients together
ranboo came into the kitchen and realized you were stressed
“are you okay?” “do you want me to help?”
considering the fact that he baked cereal and wanted to add spaghetti in it, you weren’t very confident in his baking skills, but you agreed to it anyways
you both were silent as you were baking, singing to music here and there
as you both were waiting for the cookies to bake, he came over to you and engulfed you into a hug
after the cookies were done, you both ate it on the couch, hugging each other as tight as you could, releasing the stress of your day
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cherryatiny · 6 months ago
𝐒𝐮𝐠𝐚𝐫 𝐃𝐚𝐝𝐝𝐲! 𝐀𝐭𝐞𝐞𝐳: 𝐦𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐬 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐢𝐫 𝐬𝐮𝐠𝐚𝐫 𝐛𝐚𝐛𝐲
𝑊𝑎𝑟𝑛𝑖𝑛𝑔𝑠: 𝑠𝑜𝑚𝑒 𝑠𝑐𝑒𝑛𝑒𝑠 𝑚𝑎𝑦 𝑠𝑒𝑒𝑚 𝑎 𝑙𝑖𝑡𝑡𝑙𝑒 𝑠𝑢𝑔𝑔𝑒𝑠𝑡𝑖𝑣𝑒, 𝑏𝑢𝑡 𝑡ℎ𝑒𝑟𝑒 𝑎𝑟𝑒 𝑛𝑜𝑡 𝑎𝑛𝑦 𝑒𝑥𝑝𝑙𝑖𝑐𝑖𝑡 (𝑠𝑚𝑢𝑡) 𝑠𝑐𝑒𝑛𝑒𝑠
𝐺𝐼𝐹𝑠 𝑎𝑟𝑒 𝑛𝑜𝑡 𝑚𝑖𝑛𝑒, 𝑐𝑟𝑒𝑑𝑖𝑡 𝑔𝑜𝑒𝑠 𝑡𝑜 𝑡ℎ𝑒𝑖𝑟 𝑟𝑒𝑠𝑝𝑒𝑐𝑡𝑖𝑣𝑒 𝑜𝑤𝑛𝑒𝑟𝑠
⩥ 𝐊𝐢𝐦 𝐇𝐨𝐧𝐠𝐣𝐨𝐨𝐧𝐠
Tumblr media
„Are you done, baby?“ Resonated the voice of your sugar daddy Hongjoong from outside the luxurious bathroom you were dressing up in. As you were finishing putting on dark red matte lipstick - the last detail of your makeup to decorate your perfect image, you opened the door and stepped outside into the wide hallway of his house.
Hongjoong was taking you out tonight. He had to use this opportunity of the only performance the worldwide famous soprano singer had in your city.
Coming out of the bathroom, you were wearing the black satin gown made by the best French tailors, Hongjoong bought for you when he was staying in Paris last week. It was as if the dress was made for you and you only, perfectly accentuating every curve you wanted to show off.
„Gosh, you look like an angel who fell straight from the sky, beautiful. Words can't explain how pleased I'm to accompany a lady this charming. Ladies first, we should get going to the philharmonic orchestra, shall we?“
Hongjoong bowed a little as he saw you, holding out his hand for you to take. A true gentleman. Going outside the luxurious mansion, a limousine was already waiting for you two in front of his grand house.
If there was anything Hongjoong loved more than you, it was spoiling you with everything you wanted, so when he heard that the primadonna you were fond of, was going to sing in your city, he had to buy the tickets with the best seats for you two.
Walking down the red carpet, straight to the VIP lounge of the philharmonic orchestra. Leaving your purse on one of the hangers, along with the coat Hongjoong helped you to take off, you sat down on one of the two velvet sofas there were, as Hongjoong did the same next to you.
The waiter who was previously waiting by the door came up to you two, a bottle of red wine from the best French winery in his hand as he poured you two a glass.
Throughout the concert Hongjoong’s hand never left its place on your upper thigh, your one, on top of his, fingers playing with the rings he had on.
However, the concert was kind of forgotten as you two just peacefully enjoyed the presence of each other.
Tumblr media
The sound of a steak being grilled, vegetables being roasted, the tastiest smell of the chocolate lava cake that was being baked only added to the sight of your handsome sugar daddy Seonghwa, as you two enjoyed your time together in his black & white marble kitchen.
You were sitting on a kitchen counter, watching Seonghwa who had his back facing you as he stirred the vegetables, however, your mouth wasn't wetting at the vegetables, but the immaculate sight of his broad shoulders in the white shirt.
It wasn't a problem for Seonghwa to afford any 5-star Michelin restaurant or rent the best chef in the country to cook for you, but it didn't have the same atmosphere, nor was it a gesture that came straight out of his heart, like cooking for you himself was.
As he turned off the stove, he served the meal on pretty ceramic plates with golden lining. Pouring champagne into a fancy glass and dropping some strawberries into it, Seonghwa picked you up, your legs wrapped around his waist, and arms around his neck to not fall, he seated you on a dining chair in front of the glass dining table
Flashing him a smile, you dipped your tongue into the bitter alcoholic liquid, cutting the vegetables and the meat on your plate, you put some of it into your mouth, the tasty food melting on your tongue.
Like seriously, is there something this man is bad at? He is the most lovable person you know, he's smart, he's handsome, he can cook, and he can definitely bring you a lot of enjoyable moments in bed...
„Enjoy the dinner, beautiful. I hope you’ll like what I’ve cooked for you and don’t get too full, because there are also some desserts waiting for you.“
You laughed at his flirty comment because you knew the chocolate cake wasn’t the only dessert waiting for you tonight.
⩥ 𝐉𝐞𝐨𝐧𝐠 𝐘𝐮𝐧𝐡𝐨
Tumblr media
Spoiling his sugar baby, buying expensive clothing and accessories for her, or just spending money on her in general, was probably Yunho’s favourite activity. So when he was scrolling down different blogs trying to look for some place to take you to next a photo of Milan in Italy popped up.
Travelling there wasn't a problem as your sugar daddy Yunho owned a private jet ready to take him wherever he pleased. And before you could say anything, you were already laying in a king-sized bed with a tray full of different types of breakfast food, because in Yunho's opinion there was no better way to start a day than with a tasty breakfast in bed.
Laying next to you, he fed you crepes with fruits, pouty smile showed up on his face as he saw how much you seemed to have enjoyed the food he ordered for you, his hand tucking your hair behind your ears so it didn't get to you face as you ate.
After the breakfast you had to take a shower because let's say, there just wasn't much energy left to shower the night before. And as you finished showering an outfit Yunho prepared for you was already waiting there, since you two were supposed to go out today and do some shopping for the next week's ball Yunho was taking you to.
And there came his favourite part of this day - shopping. It wasn't a coincidence he chose Milan for your trip, since it was a city of fashion you two adored that much. Shops like Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, or Versace, you name it. Yunho's hand found your as you two intervened fingers and headed your way through the beautiful city.
„Princess, take this dress as well. I’m sure it'll look amazing on you, this shade of blue is totally your colour.“
You know, when shopping with Yunho, everyone would feel like the prettiest person alive, he won't stop hyping you up or complimenting you as you show yourself off in different robes. The current blue satin robe, that was accentuating your curves went perfectly with the clear high heels with diamond straps that adorned your ankles. However, the diamonds on the straps weren't that shining as the ones in Yunho's eyes when he looked at you in awe.
„Oh god, no words needed, we must get you this dress, it's just so... perfect on you baby. Now… what do you think of us going shopping for lingerie and you give me another private fashion show afterwards?“
⩥ 𝐊𝐚𝐧𝐠 𝐘𝐞𝐨𝐬𝐚𝐧𝐠
Tumblr media
After you got into a sugar daddy type of relationship with Yeosang, you learned the difference between secret and private relationship. Even though people knew you two were in some kind of relationship, no one knew what it was about and apart of that, Yeosang liked to keep things rather private and just between the two of you. So the best dates in his opinion were the dates where you two weren't in public and could be just by yourself, which was quite difficult to carry out considering your busy schedules.
„Good evening, Mr. Kang. Your table is ready, the restaurant is closed down as usual, so you two could dine and enjoy each other in private.”
Said the young waitress, who was here always at the times you two came.
Showing you the way wasn't necessary as you always took the same table. The one right next to the glass wall with a panorama of the city covered in the dark, shining lights that decorated the evening in the streets.
You usually just stood there quietly for a few minutes, while the best cooks in the city prepared your meal. A glass of red wine, in one of Yeosang’s hands and the second one, wrapped around your waist, keeping you close to him. At this point, dinner at this restaurant was like a ritual, always keeping your schedule free for a few hours on a friday evening no matter what.
Every friday, Yeosang would reserve the whole restaurant for two hours, just so you two can eat in private, and spent the time talking and enjoying each other's presence.
„The view today is magnificent, the lights are shining bright, not as impressive as my girl though, but it's still very beautiful.”
Giving you a soft peck on your cheek, Yeosang's hand motioned for you to sit down on the leather chair with soft cushions, and talk to him about your week while enjoying your favourite food with the best man in the world.
⩥ 𝐂𝐡𝐨𝐢 𝐒𝐚𝐧
Tumblr media
„Gosh, princess come on, why does it always take you so long to pack when we go somewhere, it isn't like you're gonna wear something half of the time though. I told you that you don’t need to bring anything, I’ll buy you anything you need when we get there, so please hurry up already...”
You couldn't quite understand why San was being so impatient to leave when the jet you were flying by was his, therefore, it probably wouldn't be that much of a problem if you came a few minutes late, but you still listened and obeyed his complaints, zipping up the luggage you decided to take with you.
Turning around, your eyes fell on the already impatient figure of you sugar daddy San, the unbuttoned top buttons of his white linen shirt exposed how in shape he was, sometimes making you wonder why he hadn't become a model with a face and body like that, but when you came to think about that, if he were famous, he wouldn't have been yours...
San needed a well-deserved rest at some peaceful place for a while, since his job was stressing him out so much, and there wasn’t a better rest than a week on a private island with his beautiful sugar baby. And since you already finished your semester, there wasn't a problem with you leaving for two weeks.
His limousine along with a driver, with who you were well acquainted, was already outside his mansion, waiting to take you to the airport. San, like the true gentleman he was, immediately took the luggage out of your hand and opened the door of the limo for you.
Throughout the drive to the airport, you were sitting on the back seat next to him, your head on his shoulder and his fingers playing with your hair.
You fell asleep on the way to the airport since San for some unknown reason woke you up at 5 fucking am, and San just couldn't help but admire how beautiful you looked as you were in the peaceful state occupied daydreaming. And because of that, he didn't have the heart to wake you up, so as you two arrived at the airport, his strong arms picked you up close to his chest as he carried you to the jet bridal style.
⩥ 𝐒𝐨𝐧𝐠 𝐌𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐢
Tumblr media
Seeing the impact your overly stressful work had on you lately, Mingi couldn’t leave you to suffer and cope with it by yourself, that’s why he had to come up with a way to help you relax, and there wasn't a better way to make you relax than to take you to a luxurious spa resort in mountains.
He wanted to dedicate you a week full of massages, swimming pools, jacuzzis, saunas and of course himself. While you two were there, Mingi had carefully planned out your daily routines, so you can get as much relaxation as possible.
According to his in your opinion completely unnecessary schedule, it was time for a good massage. But for real, what was the point of creating a timetable, when you could just be spontaneous. However, it was still really cute and thoughtful of him.
The male masseur hasn't even massaged you for more than five minutes, when Mingi told him off, jealous at having to watch the way the male's strong arms rubbed on your bareback rather inappropriately in his eyes. And that was why Mingi was currently massaging scented oil into your skin, certain that he'll do better than the male masseur because he knows what's the best for his princess.
His hands roamed all over your body, not leaving any part of it untouched, and by that time, you both knew that it wasn't just a massage to relieve stress anymore. He tried to hold himself back to not tug at the towel that covered your bottom half from him, his eyes drifted to the wet swimsuit you previously had on when you two went swimming.
„Princess, what do you think of jacuzzi right now? You know, the one that's outside on our balcony, we could watch as the snowflakes fell onto the ground, while mountains covered us from the sun, while enjoying the hot water and bubbles. And since it’s private I don’t think there would be any need to wear a swimsuit…”
⩥ 𝐉𝐮𝐧𝐠 𝐖𝐨𝐨𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐠
Tumblr media
„Mr. Jung, here’s the virgin mojito for you and Ms. Y/L/N” interrupted the waiter you and your sugar daddy Wooyoung in a conversation full of teasing and sexual tension. Poor boy, the awkward discomfort visible on his face. You two smiled at him and took the drink he handed you „Hmm, virgin mojito, just like the first time we met, well except for the virgin part...“
You two were laying on the couchette, the beach umbrella keeping you safe before the piercing sun rays. You cringed at the reference about your virginity from the first time you two met in the club. „Oh my god, Wooyoung can you not-“
Looking at him in disbelief through the expensive sunglasses you had on, you both fell into a burst of deep laughter at the memories from a few months ago that were flooding back. Taking a sip from the cold drink in your hand, you eyed the people that were playing around on the beach or in the sea.
„Wanna go swimming, princess?“ giving Wooyoung a side-eye, you pondered over his idea, without any word being said you stood up from the couchette and made your way to the sea. Looking back you saw Wooyoung still sitting there under the umbrella watching you in the distance.
„You going or not?“ and with that, he ran over to where you were, a mischievous smile on his face as he picked you up unexpectedly, running with you deeper into the water, „Jung Wooyoung, if you throw me into the water, I'll fucking kill you.“
⩥ 𝐂𝐡𝐨𝐢 𝐉𝐨𝐧𝐠𝐡𝐨
Tumblr media
Opening the massive door of your sugar daddy Jongho’s penthouse, with the golden entrance card e gave you, you stepped into the marble hallway. His housekeeper took the purse from your hand and helped you take off the coat you had on.
And as you arrived in the living room, he was already waiting for you there, his eyes shining brighter than the beaming smile he had on when he was you standing there in all your glory. You two haven't seen each other for almost two months he spent abroad.
And as soon as you caught the look in his eyes, you ran towards him, not wanting to wait any longer until you can finally hug him. Jongho's strong arms effortlessly picked you up as your legs wrapped around his waist to get closer than possible to him as you hugged him, probably squeezing the soul out of him.
„Baby, I’ve missed you so much, my pretty little princess, I promise to never leave you for this long, every day I had to spend without you was like a punishment. And the guilt I felt for neglecting you was eating me alive, that’s why I had to bring you some gifts to make it up for you. Come on, let me show you.”
You pecked the tip of his nose as you always did, the look in your eyes telling him that you felt exactly the same without him, allowing him to take you wherever he wanted. Not letting you go out of his arms that held you up, he took you to the guest room of his penthouse.
The one that was usually empty, because you of course always spent the night in his room, when you were staying over. Opening the door of the room for you, you almost fell from his arms as you saw all the designer dresses, shoes or accessories there were. „Jongho, baby, but you didn’t have to buy me anything, I just wanted you to finally be home.”
„Well, then now you not only have me but all of this. I too wanted to get back to you as soon as possible, but you know how much I love spoiling the heck out of you, so buying these things for you helped me overcome the sorrow I felt from not being able to be with you, princess.“
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nightwishesworld · 5 months ago
Babysitting (Part 1)
You and Alcina are roped into taking care of your friend's daughter for a few days. Alcina is...less than excited about it. I mean, come on, a baby in Castle Dimitrescu? What could possibly go wrong?!
The warmth of the afternoon sun crept its way into the windows of Castle Dimitrescu. Both you and Alcina decided it was a beautiful day to take your afternoon tea in the gardens instead of the library . Blooms grew in newly fragranced air, the sweet petals that fluttered reflected by the honeyed-sweetness within. The garden birds always warm your heart. They bring so much joy just from watching them play and dance around the hedges. There are so many of them out today, large and small, brown, red-capped, and golden stripped. You love listening to their chirping, each singing its own beautiful song.
Alcina held your hand over the table as she sipped her special blend of tea.
“Oh, Darling, did I tell you Cristofor and Lucia are going out of town? He says it’s for business but honestly, I think they just want to have a break from the baby. I mean, I don’t blame them, it’s their first kid and you know how hectic everything’s been for them lately."
Alcina nods. “Yes, well, it didn’t help that they were a little unprepared for baby Julianna. That’s her name, right? I remember we offered to buy a few things for them before she was born.”
“Yeah, that’s it, but I just call her Jewel. My precious little gem. I guess they’re gonna be gone for the extended weekend and need someone to watch her.”
Alcina scoffs. “I pity those they choose.”
“Oh stop it, Alcina, it won’t be that bad.”
She stops what she’s doing, nearly choking on her tea, and just stares at you. “You didn’t. You did not! Please for the love of Mother Miranda tell me you didn’t say we would take care of her!”
Your silence was all the answer she needed.
“Why would you do that? Castle Dimitrescu is no place for a baby!”
“Tell that to Cris! I tried telling him that and all he did was assure me that everything would be fine. They feel Jewel would be safest in our care; they were practically begging, Al. What was I supposed to say?”
“No?” You roll your eyes at her. “What about their family? Are they really not available?”
“Lucia said she would feel guilty asking her folks to do any more for them. They usually watch her every day Cris and Lucia are at work. Imagine that plus three straight days; I would want a break too.”
Alcina stayed silent.
“They’re gonna stop by in a few days with some stuff, like diapers and toys and things.”
Alcina huffed and crossed her arms over her chest. “I’m so glad you discussed the details so thoroughly with them.”
“I figured you would say no. Look, I’m sorry I went behind your back but they really need a babysitter and they don’t trust anyone as they do us. Besides, I’m Jule’s unofficial aunt, I don’t think I can say no to something like this. I know you don’t like kids, but-”
“What are you talking about? I love seeing little Julianna.”
“You do? Cause every time they come to visit you seem kind of...distant”
“I don’t...I don’t like holding her. She’s too tiny and fragile for someone like me to be holding.”
“Someone like you?” Then it dawned on you. “Oh, Alci. You don’t actually believe that, do you? You’re always so gentle with her.”
“Because if I’m not delicate I’ll crush her.” Alcina’s face held sorrow to it, not evident to most individuals.
“You wouldn’t crush her, Alci. I know you better than that. You literally came running into my study the other day because I screamed ‘spider,’ and then carried me out because I lost sight of it. You’re a lot more gentle than you’re giving yourself credit.You're a good, thoughtful, and gentle person Alci. Anyone who can’t see that is purely idiotic,” I muttered under my breath.
“I suppose it’s not the worst thing in the world, having a baby running around the castle. And we have time to babyproof everything.”
“That shouldn’t be too hard, love, she’s only seven months old. She’s only just starting to learn how to crawl.”
You were talking but Alcina wasn’t listening. She was too busy making a mental checklist of everything that needed to be done before baby Julianna arrived. “Hmm? Oh yes, of course, darling. Do you know where they got those baby gates? We’re going to need quite a few of them.”
“Alci, I don’t think we’ll need-” She’s already walked away. “ Hey, at least you’re embracing it?”
True to his word, Cris arrived at the castle three days later with a carriage full of supplies. You wanted to welcome them with Alcina, but the matriarch was nowhere to be found. The past few days for her have been spent deep cleaning the walls and floors, which really sucked, especially for Bela, Cassi, and Dani. They stuck doing the hard labor as Alcina bossed them around.
You greeted him with a tight hug. “Thank god you’re here. Alcina’s going crazy trying to babyproof everything. I don’t think the castle’s ever been this protected. Or this clean,” I muttered the last part under my breath.
Cris put a hand over his heart. “Oh, she doesn’t have to do that! Julianna can barely crawl five feet. Besides, I know for certain this place is much neater than our house, even on a bad day. She would have been perfectly fine.”
“I tried to tell her to not worry so much, but it just goes in one ear and out the other. Perhaps if she hears it from you she’ll finally listen,” I rolled my eyes playfully.
Cris nods. “And you wonder why I think Julianna’s so safe up here. I’ll be sure to mention it to Alcina. Do you wanna unload this stuff now or wait for her?”
You glance behind him to the carriage. There were a few large bags filled with miscellaneous items as well as a few larger things on the back seat not bagged at all like the playpen. “I don’t even know where she is, Cris. And I’d offer to have the girls help, but they’re hiding from Alci. Let’s just get started. We can put it in the lounge in the foyer until Alcina comes around.”
“Sounds like a plan. Some of this stuff I’ll bring more of when we drop her off, like diapers, you’ll never have enough diapers,” he says as he tosses you a bag.
“So you’ve said. Didn’t you have a nightmare about it once?”
“Before Lucia even went into labor. We ran out and every shop in a 50-mile radius was sold out. To date, it’s one of my worst nightmares.”
You laughed. “So where are you guys going? I mean, really going. You don’t actually think I believe that crap about a Mortician Expo, do you?”
Cris gave you a look of skepticism and stayed silent as if he were planning his next move.
“Relax man, I don’t actually care. Taking care of a baby is more work than I can imagine. I would want a break too!” The statement seemed to ease him.
“Nowhere special. We made reservations at a nice hotel a few hours south of here; it’s got a pool, hot tub, couples massages, the works!”
You nod, tossing the last of the bags by the lounge. “Nice! You guys deserve it, like I said, I can’t imagine how much work taking care of Julianna is.”
“You won’t have to in a few days,” he laughed.
“I’m excited now, but something tells me I won’t be in a few days. Just sleep deprived!”
“Nah you’ll love it. It’s just, well only slightly tiring! That’s all. Should we go looking for Alcina? I wanna go over Julianna’s schedule with both of you.”
“She knew you were coming so she should be here any minute now. I’m sure she just lost track of time bossing the girls around. The entire west wing has been baby-proofed and when I mean the entire wing, I mean the entire wing. She had Daniela take down all of the ornate weapons and armor from the walls while Bela and Cassi scrubbed everything. And that was just this morning.”
“I’ll be sure to thank them then,” Cris chuckled lightheartedly.
As if on cue, you can just make out the sound of high heels rushing down the corridor, only to stop abruptly just around the corner. Knowing Alcina she was probably adjusting herself to look like her usual well-presented way. Sure as rain, Alcina approached looking as elegant as ever. “Oh Cristofor, please forgive me. It’s been total chaos around here- I completely lost track of time and-”
Cris waved it off and took her hand in his, bringing it up so he could kiss her wedding ring. “Think nothing of it, Alcina. I heard you’ve been keeping yourself busy.”
The matriarch sent you a glare that you shrug off with a smug smile.
“You don’t need to worry about anything, Alcina. I know my little girl will be in the best care possible up here. There’s no one Lucia and I trust more.”
“That is one very generous statement, Cristofor, but a castle is still no place for a baby, especially this one.”
“That may hold some truth, but most of all that...messy business stays in the basement, right?”
“All of it does,” you answer for Alcina. “Even I’m not allowed down there and we’ve been married for three and a half years!”
“And for good reason,” Alcina says. “You know what goes on down there. Why would I put my wife’s life in danger?”
You were about to retaliate but Cris wrapped his arms around the both of you. “Let’s just get this stuff upstairs, huh? Far the fuck away from the basement and whatever goes on down there.”
Alcina opens her mouth but Cris shakes his head profusely. “Nope, don’t want to know. Let’s just get to the bedroom. Wow, the walls do look bare.”
“Indeed,” Alcina nodded. “It’s a good thing little Julianna is staying, I should have had the walls deep cleaned nearly decades ago,” she let out an elegant laugh.
“I hope you didn’t do all this just for us.” Cris looked in awe as the various portraits and ornate weapons decorating the walls became more scarce as they neared the master bedroom. It made this part of the castle feel abandoned. The chemical smell of cleaning solvents was strong, but it would surely be gone in time for Julianna’s arrival.
“Of course I did. You are family and you deserve nothing but the best possible care.”
Cristofor shakes his head. "You're a good woman, Alcina. I genuinely hope you know that."
She gives him a warm smile while holding the bedroom door open for him. "I try to be."
"So," he sets down his two large boxes of supplies to rub his back. "Where do you want this stuff?"
"At the foot of the bed for now," you shrug. "Alcina and I will organize everything once it's all here."
He nodded and kicked it lazily to the end of the bed and took a seat on the mattress. "If we wanna be lazy we could shove the rest of the boxes in the playpen and carry it all up in one trip."
"We can do that," you smiled. "Then we can start organizing everything."
"And while we're doing that I'd like to walk you through Julianna's schedule. Lucia made you a copy with a couple of notes on how to do specific's all well let’s just say pretty detailed," he laughed.
A look of fear crossed over the matriarch's face for a moment. "Why don't I go grab it? Then you two can start unpacking. If I run into the girls I'll send them up as well."
"Oh leave the girls alone," you shake your head at the matriarch. "They're already hiding from you."
Alcina lets out an exasperated laugh. "Can you believe that, Cristofor? My own daughters are hiding from me!" Alcina exclaimed with a look of sheer amusement on her face.
"Nothing I'm looking forward to." You started unpacking the many boxes of  diapers and arranging them neatly on the already emptied shelves while Cris made himself comfortable sitting on the floor, unpacking blankets and clothes. He unfolded and refolded them in a perfect square and placed them on top of the hope chest. You smiled at each plush blanket bearing a different pattern and color.
"Where can I put her clothes?"
"Um, just on the bed for now. I don't know if Alcina emptied out a drawer yet. It would be that middle one if you wanna check."
You hear almost all the joints in his legs crack as he stands and makes his way over to the dresser. He grips the knobs but pauses before opening them. "I'm not gonna find anything dirty in here, am I?"
"Not in there, no."
He turns back to you with an arched brow and hung jaw. You only laugh at him.
"Is it cleared out?"
He nods, neatly organizing the various onesies and pajama sets.
He busied himself displaying various lotions and powders on the coffee table, which would act as your changing station.
“What can I do?” Alcina asked, staring down anxiously at the various bottles.
Cris thought for a moment before taking two smaller boxes out of the playpen and pushing them towards the vampire. “These are for bath time." He quickly scanned over the contents to make sure he was correct. "This box is shampoos, soaps, and toys. Julianna loves bath time; the more toys and games the better." Alcina smiled. “And this box is her special duck towel, washcloth- also a duck pattern she loves ducks, two non-slip bath mats for both inside and outside the tub, and a sponge.”
She looked a tad overwhelmed again taking in all the items but took the boxes nonetheless. “Good thing I cleared out cupboard space, right darling?”
You wanted to laugh but restrained yourself to biting the inside of your cheek instead. “Yes, dear.”
"Well, that's everything. Oh, and don't worry about a crib. Lucia and I are bringing it when we drop Julianna off."
Alcina shook her head and simply waved him off. "Oh don't bother, Cristofor. We have one she's more than welcome to use."
You gave her a confused look. "Um, no we don't."
"Yes, we do. I just have to grab it out of storage. If you'd like to wait and see if it's up to your standards you're more than welcome to." It wasn't so much of an invitation as it was a plea.
Cris laughed. "Alcina, I told you anything you have is probably way better than ours. I'm sure it's fine."
"It would make me feel a lot better," Alcina said with a hint of desperation in her voice.
"Alright, whatever it takes to make you feel better about this."
Alcina sighed in relief and rushed down the hall.
"She really is worked up about this isn't she?"
You let yourself collapse back onto the bed. "You have no idea. She's been fretting over everything since I told her three whole days ago!"
"I kinda figured she would be the calm one between the two of you since, you know, she's got three kids already."
You feigned a look of hurt. "Ok first of all, ouch my pride! Secondly, all three of the girls were turned when they were adults. Which is why I wanna know where this supposed crib came from."
He turned back to you. "And you know what you're doing?"
"Of course not, but one of us has to be calm about it."
Cris laughed, letting himself lounge back on his elbows. Any further down and he was afraid he would fall asleep. "I guess that's true. You're gonna be great though, both of you. Just the fact that you're worrying about all this stuff tells me you're really dedicated to keeping Julianna safe and happy here."
"Thanks, man. I think I really needed to hear that. Got any advice to help us prepare?"
He slaps a hand on your thigh and gives it a friendly squeeze. "Have as much sex as you can before she's here. Because once she is, you'll be way too tired to even think about it."
You sit up and look at him incredulously, which earns him a hearty laugh. "I asked you for advice on how to keep your baby alive and you tell me to bone my wife?"
"All I'm saying is Lucia and I haven't been able to do it since before Julianna was born," Cris whispered in all seriousness.
Alcina returned carrying what you can only assume is the crib covered with a sheet. Bela stepped in first to hold the door open for her.
"Thank you, darling. I found my one good daughter to help me. Not the rascals this time!"
Cris laughs. "I see that."
The blonde nodded and joined you both on the bed. "Hello, y/n. Hello, Uncle Cris."
"Good to see you, Bela."
“Alright,” you hop off the bed. “Let’s see this crib that we apparently have just laying around.”
Alcina rolls her eyes and yanks the dusty sheet away, revealing the most beautiful baby crib you have ever seen. Polished solid dark oak frame with solid gold detailing wrapping around the bars like vines. The Dimitrescu House Crest is shining proudly on both sides.
A smug grin plastered itself on Alcina’s face knowing she single-handedly put an end to your snarky remarks.
“Holy shit,” you finally say. “And you had this in storage…just because?”
The question made her uncomfortable, you could tell. A shadow cast over Alcina’s face. “I had it made a while back and forgot about it until now. I’m glad it stayed in such pristine shape. Any polishes used on it were water-based and non-toxic. Perfect for a baby to slobber on,” she chuckles almost a bit uncomfortably.
Cris shook his head as he ran a hand across the smooth wooden framework. “I don’t know what to say, Alcina. It’s absolutely gorgeous.”
“Only the best for our favorite niece.”
Cris clapped his hands together and pulled out a few pieces of paper from his back pocket. "Now, onto Julianna's schedule. Lucia tried to be as helpful as possible when writing it down, but she said if you have any questions just ask her when we drop her Jules off."
Both of you nodded as he handed them to you. Bela situated herself on your bed with one of the plushies he brought over just because.
 Daily Routine
7 am- wake up and bottle feed 8 ounces for about 20 minutes (doesn't have to be one the dot if she's still sleeping. It's a rare occurrence for her to sleep in, but it could happen
7:30- playtime on the floor or outside (we usually keep her inside this early in the morning but either is perfectly suitable)
8:00- breakfast (something solid-ish. Like oatmeal and fruit chunks)
8:30- more play 
Between 9-9:30- bottle-feed 6 ounces for 15 minutes then naptime
11:00- wake up and play (she loves her building blocks and rattle)
Noon- lunch (baby food! Fruit or veggie) (she'll probably refuse solids but don't take no for an answer! Even just a few are ok if she's especially cranky)
12:30- play (peek-a-boo in the mirror! she gets a kick out of it every time. 
1:30- bottle-feed 6 ounces and nap (Congrats! you're halfway there)
3:30- wake up and play (try using the hand puppets and engage her in nursery rhymes)
4:00- bottle feed four ounces for roughly 20 minutes
5:00- dinner (more baby food. Whichever one she didn’t have for lunch)! Same as the morning, she'll probably refuse)
5:30-play (maybe go for a walk if you haven't already?)
6:30- bath time! (see added note for specific bathtime notes. She loves hearing her little rubber ducky squeak)
7:00- bottle-feed 8 ounces then time for bed (good luck trying to sleep and getting her to sleep)
1:30 am- bottle feed again (she’ll wake you up when she’s hungry don’t worry)
Breastmilk can be refrigerated for five days and I’ve given you more than enough to hold her over. Protect it with your lives! Breast Milk is liquid gold!
 You read the note over a couple of times before handing it to Alcina who looked just as overwhelmed as you. "That is so much."
"Not enough," Alcina says at the same time.
Cris laughs. "Wanna see what she wrote for bathtime?"
Alcina took the second not from him.
 Bathtime Tips
Make sure the adhesive mats are set down before bath time begins. One in the tub one outside
Make sure you have everything you need nearby; towel, washcloth, toys (especially her duck), shampoos, lotion, clean clothes, and a diaper
It’s easiest (and less painful) to sit on a stool or something instead of standing and bending over
Take off any jewelry and be sure to wash your hands
Check the water temp with the inside of your wrist- it should be warm (not too hot or too cold)
Dry and dress her on the floor (hence the second mat) 
Squirty toys! (The duck is her favorite as it also squeaks)
Plastic boats that she can push around
Whale-shaped basin for rinsing hair
Once she’s all dry she can go right in her crib
 "Sweet Satan, Cristofor. This is a lot of information. I mean, the more the better but..."
You take her hand in yours and kiss the top of her knuckles. "It's alright, Love, we've got this. If anyone can manage this it's us."
She nods but doesn't really believe your words. You can see the doubt reflecting in her eyes. "You're right."
"It looks way more complicated than it is, ladies. You just put her in the tub, don't let her drown, clean her, and take her out. Boom, simple as that."
Alcina lets out a relieving chuckle and you thank him silently.
You lay awake that night unable to fall asleep. Alcina is awake too, but you don't dare speak to her. She's too lost in her own world to be bothered with your nonsense. But it was starting to eat you alive from the inside out. You looked over at it sitting across the room. Its existence is mocking you to the point where you can almost hear it laughing at you.
You finally break the silence. “Who’s even is it? You turned the girls when they were adults, right?”
“All of them?”
You hear her sigh. “Yes of course all of them. Now please, I don’t want to talk about this.”
“But you had to have a reason, Al. No one just has a crib as intricate as that made out of the blue.”
“It doesn’t matter,” her tone grew sharper. “We have it now for Julianna and that’s what matters.”
“I guess so, but…” you turn your body to face her. Her silhouette is laying on her back staring up at the ceiling. “D-did you try having a baby with someone else and…”
She turns to look at you with wide golden eyes. Not angry, but certainly not expecting that line of questioning. You immediately regret opening your mouth.
“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have-“ Alcina silences your ramblings with a searing kiss. One you happily return.
“It’s nothing like that, my love. My only children are ours. I had it made last year when Lucia first told us she was pregnant. I remember how excited you were for them. You did so much to help her get ready, for both of them, really.” Alcina smiled and reached blindly for your hand. “And every time they come up to visit your eyes just light up when you see Julianna. You’re so good with her, iubirea mea.”
A shadow of guilt passed over her face. “I overheard you talking to Lucia about wanting kids of your own.”
Your heart plummeted down to the pit of your stomach.
“You love our daughters with your entire heart, but it’s not the same as raising your own flesh and blood. Every time I saw you holding little Julianna or singing to her I pictured you with our baby. So, I got all excited and, albeit, ahead of myself and had the crib made.”
“For our baby,” you finished with a genuine smile.
Alcina nodded. “I wanted to wait for you to bring up the conversation before saying anything about it, and” her voice cracks. “You never did. I didn’t understand why at first. You would produce such a beautiful baby with or without me.” Tears pooled in the corners of her eyes threatening to cascade down her cheeks. “Then one night it just sort of hit me; why would you want to share something as precious and innocent as a baby with a monster like me?”
Tears flowed freely from her eyes and sobs racked her body, it broke your heart. Without thinking you throw yourself at Alcina and wrap her tightly in your arms. The vampire happily buries her face in the crook of your neck and cries her heart out. You thread your fingers through her hair to help soothe her.
“Oh, my love, I’m so sorry. Don’t you ever refer to yourself as a monster ever again, do you hear me? You are no monster, Alcina Dimitrescu. How can someone as loving, and soft, and generous like you be anything besides an angel?”
“Oh stop pretending, y/n. I’m a genetically mutated freak! The baby would take one look at me and start wailing,” Alcina let out a frustrated huff.
“Stop it, Alcina. Our baby would adore you just like Bela, Cassandra, and Daniela do. Julianna loves you to pieces! She gets so excited every time you walk in the room.”
Alcina sniffled. “She does that with everyone.”
“Because she likes us, Al.”
A beat of awkward silence passed between the two of you until you finally felt her breathing steady.
“You want to have a baby with me?”
You couldn’t contain your smile as she nodded ever so slightly into your neck. “Why didn’t you say anything before? We could have talked about it months ago. The only reason I never brought it up was that I assumed you didn’t want any more children running amuck in the castle. Imagine if they turned out to be just like Daniela.”
That got her to laugh a little. “I wouldn’t mind a baby running around; especially if they look like you.”
“Well I don’t know about that considering we would have to adopt.”
A mischievous smile crept on Alcina’s lips. “Who says we can’t have a baby ourselves?”
“Um, nature? We’re both women, Alcina. I don’t think I have to explain to you how that won’t work.”
Alcina chuckles into your neck. “We’d have quite the brood running around the castle if it did.”
“Then you want to find a donor?” She detached herself from you just enough to give you a look of disgust. “Of course not; no one is allowed to touch my y/n except me.” She flips you both over so you’re pinned underneath her. “There are ways we could have a baby, you know?”
A blush covered your cheeks down to your chest. “O-oh?”
“Mmhm. The old witch in the village could brew something up for us, should we choose to carry.” She laughs at your dumbfounded expression. “It would be a sex change tonic of sorts. Temporary of course, I believe it only lasts a week.”
You blush furiously.
“And depending on the portions of ingredients she uses we could change the erm, size, if you catch my drift.”
You couldn’t bring yourself to respond, in real words at least. Something between a yelp and a whimper came out of your mouth instead. It gets a laugh out of Alcina at least.
“That’s really a thing we could do?”
She starts trailing kisses down your neck to your chest. “Oh yes,” her free hand comes up to pull your shirt down over your breasts. As soon as they pooled out of their confinement Alcina started circling one of your nipples with her tongue. “Would you like that, darling? To feel my cock pounding into you.”
Fuck you loved it when she talks dirty to you. But that turned you on more than you were willing to admit. You gave a shy nod.
Alcina rewards your honesty by taking your hardened nipple in her mouth and sucking. Her other hand moved up your body to rest on your other breast, gently kneading it like dough.
Alcina has always been fascinated with your breasts. Always burying her face in them when cuddling. She simply melted into them on bad days. Giving her a scalp massage at the same time earned you bonus points.
Her lips abandon your nipple, leaving a bridge of saliva still connecting you, and snuggled her face deep in between your breasts. She let out a long sigh and closed her eyes, letting herself get lost in the moment. Her eyes flutter open and you can see the corners of a smile buried in your chest. “What do you think, my love?”
“I think we should see how we do this weekend before making any big decisions.”
Alcina leaned forward only enough to kiss your lips. “Sounds like a plan.”
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onlyswan · 6 months ago
illicit affairs | jjk
→ pairing: jungkook x reader
→ genre: angst, smut (kind of), fluff (questionable tbh)
→ warnings: cheating, smut but not descriptive like yknow, hairpulling, a light tap (?) on the cheek, mention of safe word, reader is a masochist bc that’s what i am, infuriating ?  . . . lmk if i missed anything please i’m sorry
→ word count: 1.5k
Tumblr media
summary: don’t call me baby. look at this godforsaken mess that you made me. you showed me colors you know i can’t see with anyone else.
note: i’m mentally unstable that’s all i can say… listen to illicit affairs by taylor swift while reading if u want! again, this is all fictional! don’t take it too seriously :]
+ my asks are open if any of you wanna ask q’s or talk or whatever i’m flexible <3
“i need you,”
those are the three words jungkook only needed to say before half an hour later, your arms were clinging desperately to any part of him you could reach. you just get so lost in him. when you’re connected with him like this, you become hyperaware of every sensation that sparks in your body. every single touch sends you into an overdrive. you lose all your inhibition and fall apart, with no care about the world outside the four walls of your bedroom. as cliche as it sounds, being with jungkook is nothing short of intoxicatingly liberating.
you cried out at the overwhelming pleasure that overtakes your senses and self-respect, unconsciously digging your nails on jungkook’s shoulders and down his back. he hissed at the slight sting, but it only drove him to relentlessly drive his hips harder into you to chase his own high.
a gasp escaped your lips when he tugged at your hair to level your face with his. “look at me,” he said softly, but was then interrupted by a choked out curse. “fucking shit! your pussy just got so much fucking tighter. ah- can you- goddamn it,” his pupils were blown out with undeniable lust, glossy eyes darting around your tear-stained face before meeting yours. it was too good, too much that your eyes were drooping hazily, betraying you. his palm tapped your cheek lightly to get your attention. “i said look at me, baby. keep your eyes on me,” and you did. it took a lot of you to keep them open, but you just can’t miss this. when it’s as if everything falls into place.
the way he looks at you almost makes you believe that he loves you and he is here to stay; that he is lost in you as you are lost in him. almost. and you hold onto these short-lived moments of granted delusion and fantasies. you keep your eyes open. your naked body laid out beneath him. all while begging for him to see that your heart and soul are also bare to him.
your back arched, your breasts pressing against his toned chest. his desperate whines of your name, sputtering curses, and words of worship made your head spin. you weren’t aware of the sounds you were making, and frankly at this point, you don’t give a fuck anymore and neither does he. did i break you again? he would often tease you, tattooed hand you shamelessly adore gently massaging your sore legs while the other is combing through the tangled mess that is your hair.
“jungkook, fuck!” you squealed. you were made aware of the fact that the bed was creaking and for a few seconds you were scared it was going to break (you don’t really have the money to buy a new bed), but he looked majestic like this. his hair that he’s been growing the past year because he wanted more options to style it was dangling prettily and you couldn’t help but tuck a few strands behind his ear. your eyes dropped to his soft, pink parted lips and the mole under them that you admire. you pushed yourself up a bit to press a quick kiss against it, and you didn’t miss his smile that formed after.
he huffed in quick pants. sweat rolling down his temples, and even the glorious ink that decorated almost his entire arm were covered in a layer of shine, and you could swear he is the most beautiful person you’ve ever seen. “you’re going to be the death of me,” he muttered before meeting you for a deep and sloppy kiss. stars exploded behind your shut lids, surrending to the euphoria of your cathartic release . . .
and then you fell in love with him all over again.
jungkook came out of the shower with only a towel draped around his waist. “i left one of my hoodies here, right?” he asked, looking through your closet.
“the grey one?”
“yes. wait- okay, i found it.” he smelled the said hoodie, followed by a loud sigh which made you pay your attention back to him from changing the sheets.
“it smells like you, y/n. i can’t wear this.” you felt a pinch in your heart so you chose to turn around and carry on with your silly little task, ignoring your shaky hands and legs. “i’m sorry. i forgot to wash it separately. i was half-asleep when i did laundry.” you silently cursed at yourself for feeling the urge to cry. this isn’t new. you should’ve known better. “the green sweatshirt from the other time is fine, i think. take that instead.”
he didn’t answer, and you weren’t sure if that or his careless remarks hurt more. a few minutes later and he was ready to leave. he approached your seemingly unbothered presence. you settled with reading a book, wrapped in your blanket.
“i can’t stay longer tonight. i’m sorry. next time, i promise,” you refused to look at him but he tilted your chin and showed you his smile you can never resist. he planted a sweet kiss on your lips, and then your cheek, before walking out to leave you in a pitiful state worse than the last time. you waited for the sound of the door closing before breaking down into a puddle of tears. he just had to make you look at him. you just had to get a fucking glimpse of his lockscreen. a picture of him and the woman you would do anything to magically become tomorrow morning.
jungkook kept his promise, after all. and here you were thinking he shouldn’t have. wait. fuck. no. no, it’s all your fault. you shouldn’t have answered his call when you knew that you needed some more time to gather yourself before letting him destroy you again. and again. and again. because here you both are, having no clue what to do as you’re crying uncontrollably in his chest. the warmth and comfort he was radiating only made his presence more painful. and yet, you still cling pathetically to his arms.
this is all you know how to do, right? to take what can you get, even though you know it will never be enough?
“you’re scaring me,” he rocked you back and forth. “please, please. talk to me. shhh, did i hurt you?” you wanted to say no, but you couldn’t speak. couldn’t breathe. “i’m sorry, baby. i should’ve reminded you of the safe word.” he sounded so upset and guilty. his concern made your broken heart swell. and it made you so angry.
it took a few more minutes for your sobs to subside. his hushed whispers, attempts of calming you down turned into gentle humming. he brushed off the hair that sticked to your face and wiped away your tears, pressing fond kisses as he went. you were just watching him tend to your trembling and exhausted figure.
“did i really hurt you? where does it hurt?” he asked softly, scanning your naked body. he was treating it as if he was terrified of breaking you.
“no, you didn’t, jungkook. i’m fine,” you managed to croak out. your throat hurt and you were dehydrated, which he was quick to notice. he reached out to your nightstand for a bottle of water. you took big gulps while he was still caressing your hair. “you swear? then what’s the matter, baby?”
“don’t call me that,” you snapped. you finally snapped. “please don’t,”
jungkook’s body tensed. sure, you can be snappy and sarcastic and cold. but you never turn away his acts of affection. he was thinking of what to say but you beat him to it, your words leaving him even more speechless. “you know i love you, right? i haven’t told you, but i never kept it a secret either.” of course he knew. he knew whatever’s been going on between the two of you was a form of escape from the difficult lives you both led. he always described you as intoxicating. his escape became unescapable, because as time went on it became harder and harder to let you go. and yes, he knows it’s fucked up. he knows you deserve so much better. and even though they both know he’s only been staying in his relationship for the sake of the memories and time and energy he invested, and that he’s too much of a coward to admit it, he knows she also deserves better. he’s been in and out of his head, focused on the thrill of it all, that he abandoned all morals and decency.
and now here he was, holding your exhausted vessel that is cradling your bruised and battered heart. “yes, y/n. i do know,” his voice came out as a pitiful whisper.
“then why are you doing this to me?” your voice wavered, your eyes threatening to spill acid rain once again. “you make it so easy to love you. you make it so hard to push you away when you hold me close like this. look at what you’ve done to me!” he flinched at your last sentence, but it was too late to dial down your anger and frustration to cater to his feelings like you always do. “i was a better person before you came into my life, kook. you took so much from me. and i’m also to blame. and this is just fucking horrible. so why?” you poked at his chest accusingly. “why are you like this?
he was clueless, probably even more than you were. he didn’t know what to say. he didn’t know if there was anything for him to say. he wasn’t going to defend himself. he didn’t want you to blame yourself more than you already had. the shame and guilt were eating away at his insides. so instead, he embraced you tighter than he has ever embraced anyone in this lifetime. his salty tears leaked down your naked shoulder he has pressed a thousand kisses on. nothing but endless apologies escaped his mouth, amplifying your heart shattering cries.
god, what has he done?
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leviiattacks · 3 months ago
hairstylist Levi and the reader has a crush on him so they get frequent and sometimes ridiculous haircuts just to see him
Tumblr media
author note :: kinda drifted from the original ask BUT!! there is still hairdresser levi soooo :-))) reader loves seashells just because i said so okay,, i may make a part two where reader gets to talk more about marine biology and all that fun stuff bc... why not? UNRELATED BUT happy 800 i’ll plan something cute when exams are done !!! word count :: 4.2k… i had a lot to say
Tumblr media
levi really isn’t into customers who waste his time. for that reason it should be inevitable for him to despise you.
you walk in all chipper and happy one friday evening, you laugh along with the receptionist making small talk and levi hates the type of people who stand around talking for ages but seeing you point eagerly at the decorative framed seashells on the walls doesn’t make him mad. actually he’s pretty??? surprised someone knows that much about??? seashells???
“did you know most seashells open to the right?? and there’s two shapes!!! plain or smooth. also the–”
“could you for the LOVE OF GOD HURRY IT UP??” the people lining up behind you are frustrated and you sheepishly apologize before scurrying off to take a seat in one of the waiting room’s leather chairs
and that’s pretty much all levi sees of you, he’s too busy with other clients to even realize you’re getting your hair cut. by the time he does it’s because your sobbing can be heard in the relatively empty salon
you’re practically wailing and muttering “sorry” over and over again telling mike it isn’t his fault you don’t like the haircut he gave you and that you’ll wait for it to grow out
of course levi makes his way towards you because ??? what else is he to do ??? he’s got a hair salon to run and unhappy customers means bad reviews and you know what ? levi would like to keep the 4.8 star rating he has on yelp, he takes great pride in it. :-)
“what’s wrong?” he bluntly asks directing the question to mike, he’s fidgeting and looking anywhere but at his boss clearly buying time whilst trying to form a reasonable answer
thankfully for him he isn’t given the opportunity to explain, instead you butt in not before sniffling and wiping your nose with a tissue
“no, no don’t be mad at him he’s done nothing wrong i picked a bad haircut he just did his job!!!”
levi hasn’t got a proper look at you and as he turns to analyse the damage his eyes practically bulge out of their sockets
it sure is, an attempt?
honestly he should have supervised mike more, after all he is new.
levi can’t help but feel guilty because you seem really nice and don’t even look like the type to drop a bad review despite the hellish state of your hair
okay yeah, you don’t look horrible (he thinks you’re pretty cute actually) but the haircut really just doesn’t fit you at all
in fact now that he’s looking at you more closely the entire haircut is choppy and rough around the edges
“mike what the hell is this?” he snaps trying to understand where his colleague was headed with this bright idea of a haircut 
“i said it was my fault not his—”
mike places his arm between the both of you before heavily sighing
“i was told to do whatever i wanted, so it is my fault. i misjudged and picked something that didn’t fit. i’m sorry.”
you’re opening your mouth to defend mike yet again because levi’s glare looks like it could kill but before you can even blink levi’s ushered him into the back room whispering into his ear that he’ll deal with the incident tomorrow
levi comes back and gestures towards the tissue box looking slightly disgusted, “you’ve got a little something on your nose...” stuffing your hand into the box and hurriedly pulling a tissue out you hide your face out of pure embarrassment
“anyway i’m sorry for the inconvenience. i’ll try and fix this for you.”
you sniffle again.
“are you sure? i don’t know how this can be fixed and it’s late i don’t want to bother you.”
he’s meant to be closing up right now but for some reason or another he has no problem letting you sit down in one of the leather chairs across the room. you’re unable to look at yourself in the mirror, you feel much too embarrassed
the day’s been exhausting for you and so you decide to close your eyes for a second. just a second of ease should be enough for you.
but of course without noticing you’ve nodded off to sleep
your head drifts forward and levi has to reel you back in. really he doesn’t even want to wake you. you look so tired and you’ve already cried over the haircut. the least he can do is simply hold you by the chin to prop your head up, there’s no need to wake you up for that
by the time he’s done you’ve already began to rub at your eyes, when the position you’re in finally dawns on you your limbs react without permission. you jump with full force up and almost out of your seat. levi’s hand slides away from your chin, in its wake your skin burns
“you’re up now i see, stay still. please.” he directs plainly
his face is closer to yours than can be deemed comfortable but he’s doing his job nothing else.
obviously you have nothing else to do apart from distract yourself from the obnoxiously handsome man in front of you but you decide since you’re already here you may as well shamelessly gaze at him. it’s not like he’ll notice when he’s occupied.
at first your eyes trail down from the top of his brows to his cheeks. you notice he has little to no blemishes on his skin, it’s the type you see in skincare ads.
he smells of lemon and mint and– HIS HAIR??? looks so??? soft up close??? the silver highlights look amazing on him and you want to reach out and touch them but you know that’s inappropriate...
wow, whatever conditioner he uses it sure does smell expensive though
“soooo... who owns this place?” you finally manage to break the silence between the two of you. levi’s eyes flick up to yours and you can feel the heat rush to your cheeks again.
“i do.” is his short reply, it takes a second for you to register it then you’re practically gaping wide mouthed in shock
“oh??? congratulations!!!!”
“thank you.” he responds not seeming the least bit annoyed
thank god
you’re saved he doesn’t care!!!
he doesn’t care!!!
you are just a customer, he’s had many customers today, once you’re out the door you’ll never see him again, so he doesn’t care, therefore by default you shouldn’t care either!!
“we’re all done.”
for the first time in the last fourty five minutes you take a look at yourself. levi does feel slightly anxious but he hopes you’re happy with it because he knows how important things like this are. appearance matters a lot to people and he’d hate to be the reason you don’t feel confident in yourself
you blink a few times not even knowing what to say, he takes it as a bad reaction and sighs
“you don’t have to pay. i’m sorry i tried to save what i could–”
you turn to face levi and you’re smiley brimming with pride in your new hairdo. it makes his typical >:-| face becomes a >:-) this is what he does this job for. to see the confidence that surges through his customers.
“it’s free either way. after what happened it would be unreasonable to make you pay.”
“do you just want a good yelp review is that why you’re buttering me up? ;-)” you lean over the counter and levi doesn’t think you notice just how compromising the position is. if anyone outside were to be looking inside through the glass windows it would look like the two of you were kissing
“i appreciate good reviews.” he says taking out one of the business cards sitting under the desk
“swing by again if you’d like.” he places the card into your hand and it feels like one of those movie moments. the type where the two love interests know they’ll run into each other again and fall in love
maybe it’s just you who feels the spark because levi’s face is as stoic as ever
“oh, i see. have a good night!” you wave wanting to make the interaction last longer, it’s a little ridiculous how long you’re stood there just waving
at some point levi just nods at you offering an awkward smile almost hinting you should probably get going now.
you finally step outside and take a breathe of fresh air before heading home.
little do you know levi felt the spark too.
Tumblr media
levi doesn’t expect to see you after that, he guesses movie moments are full of shit when they happen in real life.
it’s a friday evening a week later and he’s busy swiping away the hair left all over the floor with a broom. it’s nearly closing time when the bell by the door rings.
“hi i’d like to book an appointment for a friend?”
he recognises the voice straight away and has to double take because he doesn’t quite believe you’re standing there in the flesh. he notices you look a little sad when you see the decorative seashells are no longer on the walls.
“don’t worry, the seashells will be back i just wanted to get some new ones.” levi’s standing in front of you in no time and you feel yourself grow nervous - how did he know you were thinking about the seashells?
“i’m happy to hear that you know because they were cute- hey did you know seashells were once used as a form of currency?” you begin to type away at your phone probably to show him examples of the shells in questions but this is levi, socially awkward levi who still doesn’t believe you’re standing in front of him. he just has to ruin it for himself
“oh, okay.” he has no clue what his response to you should be, should he reply? he thinks he probably should have stayed shut because he has to witness your face drop in real time and you stuff your phone back into your pocket.
he feels bad because he doesn’t want to seem stand-offish or cold. he really wants to talk to you more because you’re so...
okay, how does he even say this?
who even knows that many random facts about seashells?? that’s good enough of a reason to want to talk to you
“is the one pm time slot available?” you ask wanting to get this over with.
levi has to think you’re being weird right now for even coming by again but it’s not your fault you just... want to look at his silver highlights again!! yup that’s what it was!!
looking at the fluff of hair on top of his head you notice you can’t use it as an excuse. he’s dyed it again and it’s all black this time, it somehow makes him all the more intimidating.
“yeah it’s available would you like it for next week?”
you give him a thumbs up and he types it down onto the system after you give him your friend’s name and phone number
“so about those seashells, how do you know so much?” levi’s question catches you off guard and your lips quirk upwards almost immediately
you’ve pulled your phone out again and swipe through your camera roll. eventually the phone is held out and on the bright screen is a picture of your seashell collection. they all look unique in their own way.
“i am what you may call a conchologist :-)!!!” he wants you to explain more, he wants to ask if that’s your day job or something but you begin rambling on and on about how you prefer the rose murex over the pitted murex and really he can’t tell the difference but if you say you like the rose murex he’ll pick it just for you
he thanks the heavens that no one comes in when you’re so eager to show him more and more
“so is this your job or something? just a hobby?” he’s trying his best to sound open right now because the last thing he wants is for you to never want to speak to him again
you groan and pout a little thinking about it
“not at all, i wish it was but it’s a hobby. i work a boring office job, before that i wanted to be a marine biologist but that didn’t really take off.” you look miserable looking back at the what ifs and levi regrets ever asking you the question
“guess i’ll see you next week?” you notice the atmosphere has become awkward and decide it’s time to leave
“next week?” levi asks
“to keep my friend company... if that’s okay with you?”
usually he doesn’t like friends or family taking up space in the waiting room but you know what? he’ll make an exception for you :-)
Tumblr media
by the time three weeks pass levi’s convinced you have something going for him, not to get big headed or anything because he’s definitely not the cocky type but all signs are pointing to yes right now
when you come in with your friend for her appointment she assures you she’ll be okay but you insist you’re okay with waiting. levi thinks nothing of it, maybe you just want to sit down and he doesn’t really mind but when all you really do is hover around him and ask a ton of questions he grows suspicious
then you leave a really really really nice yelp review and levi nearly spits his tea out when he reads the words “levi was a sweetheart !!! a true gentleman !!!”and “plus he was very cute ;-)”
maybe you’re just really friendly?
then you bump into him right as he’s closing up. the incident is definitely a coincidental meeting but you still linger to ask him if he thinks green would suit you and he assumes you’re asking in the context of clothing
but then you explain how you saw a celebrity with green hair and wanted to try.
levi has to stop you in your tracks and talk you out of that bad idea. you’re pretty and all but neon green hair probably isn’t appropriate for an office job.
a few days later you pop in simply because you say you were passing by. then you proceed to plop a fancy handmade pasta salad onto the front desk and say it’s for levi. he knows you’re trying to throw hints at him
sure, he thinks you’re downgrading because he doesn’t really get what about him is interesting to you. all he does is cut hair and dye it.
maybe you saw him give a kid a lollipop after a haircut and decided that was the reason god knows. he still wonders what there really is in your short interactions with him that makes you come back?
when you place the salad down onto the front desk he’s confused and wonders why you’ve gone out of your way to do that for him but you quickly interject before he can even get a word in.
“i wanted to thank you for the free haircut. you said no paying so!!! i was just around here and thought you could take this you know, i have my own too i just made too much.” you’re pointing at the salad and he finds your offering to be sweet.
he quite literally has to fight the urge to smile because god you are so kind and he wouldn’t mind if his suspicions about you are correct
you seem content despite his short reply, you’ve learnt levi doesn’t really say much. either way you’re happy he’s accepted the gift with little protest
“i have a break right now want to eat with me?”
his question makes you gulp, you’re nervous but this is what you want right? every time you’ve come here and made an excuse it’s because you wanted to see him once more
you clutch at the strap of your purse firmly. building up the courage to say yes is difficult but you manage to nod. levi gives you a warm smile and the butterflies in your stomach can’t seem to handle the rare display.
he walks ahead of you telling you to follow and so you do. the streets are bustling during this time especially since it’s a weekend and you half regret what you’re doing because you’re bound to mess this up some how
half way through your walk the distance between the two of you increases. far too many people get in your way and suddenly you can’t see levi. you’re about to panic but he’s grabbed you by the wrist in no time.
“you’re slow aren’t you?” if you didn’t know it was levi speaking you would have assumed he sounded annoyed
you shake your head then remember he’s faced away from you so he won’t be able to see.
“i’m not slow... it’s just busy.” you think he’ll let go of your wrist once you’re out of the crowd but he doesn’t. you don’t mind, his coarse fingertips feel comforting against your skin.
soon the green of the park is within view and you take a seat on the grass. levi’s a little more careful and decided to sit on top of his jean jacket instead
“you normally eat lunch in parks with your customers?” you ask taking out your pasta.
levi stretches his arms over his head “anything for a good yelp review right?” a throaty chuckle leaves his mouth and he’s so pretty this way with his eyes scrunched shut and his cheeks flushed pink.
it’s hard to tell what exactly causes the flushed cheeks. it could be the summer sun...or the fact that he’s with you?
maybe movies aren’t all full of shit? maybe there really is something salvageable in them? that’s what levi’s thinking when you both tuck into the pasta you’ve made
it feels like one of those moments where character b is meant to love character a’s cooking but it’s just horrible. nevertheless character b can’t bare to see character a upset and has to wolf it down as quickly as possible
“it sure does... taste interesting!” he’s trying not to gag but damn you for walking in with that proud smile of yours, he can’t just leave it unfinished. this is a token of gratitude from you and he’s not about to make you look like a fool by saying it tastes bad
he secretly wonders how the hell you’re eating it and not tasting the RIDICULOUS amount of salt but he gives you the benefit of the doubt. maybe something bad happened with his portion ????
you eat in silence for a while mainly because levi’s still getting used to the unusual flavour
then out of nowhere he decides he has to take this opportunity by the reigns and throw a hint or two back at you
“i really liked the yelp review by the way.”
you stare at him. he’s looking off in the distance at a group of children playing baseball and you let yourself indulge in his side profile for a second
he looks like he’s been sculpted by fucking donatello or michelangelo. it’s them or one of those other old sculptors that you don’t really remember well.
listen, your forte is seashells not european sculptors.
“thanks by the way. i think you’re cute too.” he adds in without much thought at all
levi’s so blunt and straightforward you can’t even form a response within an appropriate time frame.
now, there is of course the argument that you’re equally as straightforward for shamelessly flirting over a YELP REVIEW but you had to force yourself to add in that sentence about him being cute.
as soon as you sent the review you wanted to curl up into a ball and fall asleep FOREVER
because AGAIN...
who in their right mind is flirting through yelp??? in 2021??? how old fashioned are you???
ask for his number!! ask for his number!!
“cute enough to ask for your number?” the question comes out as an awkward squeak and you want to slap yourself across the face because you don’t even sound remotely confident
either way.
you’ve gone and said it.
it’s been done.
the deed has been done.
levi gives you a wide-eyed look, that’s it. you are done, finished, obliterated. for lack of a better word, fucked and no not in the way you’d like.
you’ve ruined all your chances, and are never making a move on anyone again at least not in the next ten years.
you might as well explain after that. "i just—i did not mean to say that. you know i was just joking!!! obviously!!! i mean people like you don’t give people like me something as huge as a phone number. also i am really fucking embarrassing —but i'm not into you don’t worry. uh, definitely—"
you stop when you see that levi is having a hard time trying to maintain his composure. his shoulders rise and fall and his laugh is surprisingly high pitched. he kinda sounds like a windshield wiper?
he’s laughing like you’re a world class comedian and you want to literally drown yourself in pasta and never walk past his hair salon in fear of him laughing at the very sight of you.
you look so dumb right now.
when levi finally stops he’s still got a boyish grin painted across his face. you on the other hand look like you’ve been through the hunger games.
“you sure you didn’t mean it? i’d like to give you my number.”
your heart LEAPS out of your chest as soon as he says that but you have to shove it back down once you come to terms with the fact that he’s probably teasing you and trying to play it off as a joke
“ahhahaha. funny. anyway i have to get back to work—”
“i’m being serious. i want your number, only if you’re comfortable with that though.” levi’s back to his typical straight faced expression and you want to know how a man can be so frustrating yet attractive at the same time
can he stop throwing mixed signals ?!\<\€\! does he think you’re a fool or does he really want to talk to you more???
“are you joking... or?”
“correct me if i’m wrong or have taken you the wrong way but you’re always making up excuses to drop by. not like i hate it, i actually like when you visit and talk about marine biology and seashells and all that other stuff you like—”
you don’t let him finish and instead hand him your phone. if he continues any longer you’re going to burst (in a good way)
“just give me your number, okay?” you say as you jab the phone into his chest
“you didn’t let me finish.”
“then finish. whilst typing your number into my contacts :-)”
“fine, but put your number into my phone too.”
he grabs your phone from you and you grab his from him. he begins to type his information in, all the while he talks about the yelp review and how he never thought someone would ever have the audacity to blatantly flirt over yelp but he guesses you’re unique in your own way
“done.” simultaneously you both switch phones again and you look down at your screen.
your phone is back in your possession and you have to bury your smile away. honestly you don’t want to look like a creep but levi’s saved his name with the scissor emoji and it is a little funny
levi stands up and begins to walk away not before teasing you once more because he’s cruel like that.
“hey, just a word of advice but maybe next time you have a thing for a hairdresser maybe don’t ask him to dye your hair green just so you can see him again.” you can tell he’s joking by the playful lilt in his voice but you still wish to defend yourself
“i— that was not about seeing you again... i just wanted to ask if green was my colour!!!” you yell behind him
levi laughs to himself, maybe he’ll give mike a raise for causing all of this :-)
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dreamescapeswriting · 5 months ago
Under The Table ~ LF [M] [Request]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
GENRE: Smut, fluffy, teasing, use of names “cock whore,” oral both F and M receiving, cream pie, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it people) 
PAIRING: Lee Felix x Fem!Reader 
Tumblr media
The dorms were unusually quiet when you walked through the door, your boyfriend was sitting on the sofa concentrating on a game while you could hear mumblings coming from the kitchen. This was as quiet as it could ever be in the dorms considering there were eight men that acted like children living there. You figured the rest of the boys were all doing their own thing while Chan and Hyunjin were cooking was you suspected to be a lovely meal,
"Y/n? Oh, thank god!" You heard a dramatic sigh from Hyunjin as he called out your name, gesturing for you to join him and Chan in the kitchen, Felix looked up from his console and smiled at you. Taking in your appearance as you headed into the kitchen to see what the boys wanted. You were wearing his favourite outfit on you, a black floral dress with your hair just the way he liked it. He knew you'd dressed up for him which made him feel warm inside at the thought of finally getting to see you.
"I need your tasting ability, Chan said it's spicy." You rolled your eyes at the comment of spice coming from the one member who couldn't handle species in the slightest. Chan stared at you with his arms folded across his chest waiting for some kind of sarcastic comment to come since he knew you all too well to know something was coming his way.
"Why do you ask Chan? He can barely handle ginger nut biscuits," You teased, taking a clean spoon from the drawer and trying some of the soup that was bubbling on the stove in front of you. It looked as though it would be a little spicey but nothing that was too much since they all knew how much Chan hated the spice.
"Seems perfectly fine to me Hyunjin, Chan's just a baby." You nudged Chan playfully in the side before leaving to go and join Felix on the sofa ignoring the sarcastic laughter coming from Chan. It had been so long since you and Felix got to hang out together and this was the first time you'd seen him in over two weeks so you were going to take every opportunity to get as close to him as you could, 
"I missed you," You whispered, wrapping your arm around his as you laid your head on his shoulder watching him play on the game you'd gotten him recently for the switch. It turned out he was just as addicted to Stardew Valley as you were, playing it every spare moment that he could. 
"I missed you too," He cooed, saving the game before he wrapped his arm around your shoulder and snuggled together with you, staring down at your dress as he played with the hem. 
"You like it?" It was a stupid question since you knew this happened to be the dress that Felix loved on you, well...loved to rip off of you but who could blame you for wanting to tease him just a little? 
"You know I do," He growled in a low voice so that only you could hear him speaking, the doors to the dorm bedroom's opened and slowly the boys began to appear one by one. Some of them going into the kitchen to sneak a taste of the food while the others came to talk with you. You'd gotten close with each of them over your time with dating Felix, it was as if you were apart of the family. 
"Are you staying tonight?" Jisung asked as he stole the switch from the coffee table in front of you all, earning a death glare from Jeongin who had initially been going to grab it first.
"I wish, I'm up early tomorrow for work and I didn't want to wake anybody up," You pouted, Felix's grip around you tightened as he thought about letting you go later that night. All he really wanted to do was keep you with him longer than he could, just the two of you. As much as he loved the fact that you got along so well with the boys he wished he could have some time with you by himself, the two of you hadn't gotten that in so long. 
"Are you coming back after work?" Felix whispered to you as the boys began talking amongst one another, as you turned to look at Felix you realised how upset he seemed that you would be going home soon after eating but you nodded. 
"If you want me to? I have some time off so I can come over..." He nodded at him, placing a small and quick kiss on your cheek as neither of you was fond of being overly public with your affection for one another not wanting to gross the other boys out or rub it in their faces.
"Sounds perfect to me, I have no practice this weekend," You smiled at the thought of you both waking up in the mornings together, it was normally spent laying in his bottom bunk your head laid on his chest listening to his slow heartbeat while he ran his fingers up and down your back. It was one of the most relaxing ways to wake up beside Felix, not to mention the most romantic if he decided he wanted to sing to you in the mornings. 
"Dinner is served," Your thoughts were interrupted by Hyunjin who was ringing a small bell to announce that everything was ready, Felix tapped your knee and you both raised from the sofa.
Tumblr media
The table was spread out beautifully, seats were around the table with place settings and cute napkins laid out. 
"We went a little over the top," Hyunjin chuckled as he pulled out two chairs, one for you and the other for Felix beside one another at the end of the table. This was just supposed to be a cute "we missed you" meal but it looked as though Chan and Hyunjin had prepared a full course meal and the table was decorated for a restaurant.
"Dig in," Chan called out as everyone glanced at one another nervously not knowing if they should start or not, 
"Here," You laughed softly picking up your spoon and showing that the soup was fine to eat and the boys followed along. Even Chan decided to eat some of the soup as he began eating. All of you exchanging conversations about how their week had been going, talking with one another about all of the different things that they had been up to. 
Throughout the meal your hand innocently began to rest on Felix's knee while you spoke with Changbin about some of the songs he'd been working on recently. 
"I've been working on a joke song lately, Chan and I have been blocked," He sighed as he shook his head, Chan immediately laughing as he remembered the day they had spent in the studio creating a joke song together.
"What's it called?" You questioned with a hesitant tone, staring at Changbin who was starting to turn a little red. 
"Can't Live Without You Changbin," He answered making your mouth fall open as you began to giggle softly at the title track, asking him for lyrics as your hand slowly and innocently began to massage Felix's thigh not noticing what you were doing at first. The thing was that one small touch from you sent Felix into a spiral, pining after you as he felt your hand raising higher on his leg but you didn't seem to notice and if you did you were doing a good job at playing dumb. 
"Lix? You okay?" Chan's voice made you turn to look at your boyfriend who was gripping onto his glass of water so tight his knuckles were beginning to turn white and his cheeks were red. 
"Lixie?" Your voice came out almost as innocent as your touch but as soon as you felt Felix's leg twitch you knew what was going on and what was making him like this. 
"Feeling a little light-headed," He lied as he raised the glass to his lips and took a sip but you smirked to yourself. Raising your hand towards the crotch of his pants where you gently ran your fingers over the outline of his cock, just like you thought. He was hard and clearly ready for you which only made you smirk more at the thought of teasing him under the table in front of everybody.
"I'll get you some ice," Seungmin said as he got up from his seat and headed behind you into the freezer. 
"My poor baby," You cooed in Felix's ear, your breath sending shivers down his back and he knew then that you were teasing him.  
"Babe," He hissed to you so that only you could hear him but you ignored him starting to palm him through his trousers as you kissed his cheek softly. Playing innocent around the boys while you were doing something completely opposite out of their line of sight. 
You felt Felix twitch under your touch as you continued to palm him through the denim fabric of his jeans so you rubbed your hand down his thigh giving him a break but it only made him grunt out. 
"I'll get you back," You nodded at him as he whispered into your ear, 
"Not yet, the boys are all here." You stared at him and he glared back at you, wishing he'd never agreed to your deal about not having sex when the boys were at the dorms. 
"What if we had ice c-cream for dessert?" Felix stuttered through his sentence as you began to rub him again but he managed to keep his cool. Locking eyes with Chan as he hoped they would go to the store and buy something for you to share, 
"Ice cream sounds nice," Minho agreed looking at the boys for their opinions. 
"Sure. We could all go for a walk-"
"No! No! I mean-" Felix cleared his throat as he realised how quickly he had cut off Hyunjin and he bit down on his lip. 
"Y/n and I can stay here...We'll do the dishes," Your hands were on the table now, staring at Felix in horror as you realised he was about to get all of the boys out of the house for one reason and one reason alone. Punishment time. 
"If that means I don't have to do the dishes I am completely fine with that," Changbin called out as he rushed up to get his coat and mask hurrying so nobody would change their mind. 
"Amen to that," Jeongin chimed in, following in Changbin's footsteps as he headed for the coat rack at the entrance of the dorms. 
"Dish duty, I'll wash you dry," You told Felix as you began to run hot water from the faucet. Felix let out a dark chuckle as he came up to stand behind you. Grinding against you so you could feel what you had done to him over the course of the last hour under the table. 
"Oh no. We're not doing any dishes, not yet." He bit down on your ear lobe as you let out a shaky breath, 
"W-What if the boys come home and ask why they're not done yet?" Your eyes fluttered closed as Felix continued to kiss and suck down your neck until he reached your shoulder. 
"Then you'll explain something to them. I need you." He growled, running his hand up your thigh, lifting up your dress as you gasped out at the sudden cold air to your core. 
"My dirty girl," He mumbled against your neck spinning you around so suddenly you dropped one of the plastic cups you had been holding.
"Up on the side," You frowned at his words not moving, 
"Why the side?" You questioned, staring at the countertop behind you as he smirked. 
"You're right, food is meant to be eaten at the table." You let out a small squeal as he suddenly picked you up, carrying you over to the kitchen table before laying you down on the hardwood. Grabbing your ankles he pulled you to the edge of the table, putting your feet onto the wood and slowly spreading your legs to expose your clothed core. 
"My dessert," He chuckled, running his thumb over your clit through your underwear. 
"I haven't even touched you yet and look at you, already dripping." You whimpered as he began to pull down your underwear, lifting up your ass so that he could get them off with ease. He let out a small moan as he watched your core closely, licking his lips at the sight of you.
"Fuck, I'm starving." He smirked at you, putting your underwear into his pocket before kissing either of your thighs.
"Mind if I get a taste?" You hated that he was going to take his time with you when you both knew you wanted this to go fast so you could be together before the boys came home. 
"Lixie," You protested as he continued to tease you but he ignored you continuing to kiss your thighs until he reached your core. Blowing cold air onto your clit before smirking wildly at you as you let out small whimpers. 
"Lix." You hissed as he took his time, 
"I need you, don't tease." You moaned out as you locked eyes with him, he smirked sinking down onto his knees in front of you and he ran his tongue through your folds slowly a few times before attaching his lips to your clit. Moaning out in sync with you as he pushed his face deeper against your core, burying himself deep into you. 
"F-Fuck!" You cried out as he moans out against your clit, sending a vibration over your body that made you cry out his name.
"Felix!" You moaned out, running your hands down to his hair and threading your fingers through, begging him not to stop as he began to lap up your juices. Sliding two fingers into you as you cried out his name. Your legs began to shake as you felt yourself getting closer. 
"L-Lix- close," Was all you could manage to muster out as he hummed against your cunt. Dragging his tongue up the length of your clit and humming once again. Your body shook as he continued to do it over and over again, eating you out as if you were the ice cream he'd sent the boys out to get. 
"Felix!" You mewled out shaking your head as you knew you were going to cum but he continued to push against you. Staring up into your eyes as he smirked, 
"Cum." He ordered you, gripping onto your thighs tightly as he continued to pump two fingers into you roughly, curling them up as you moaned out his name. The pleasure exploding inside of you as you threw your head back against the wooden table, screaming out his name as he continued to eat you out prolonging your orgasm until you were shaking violently from his touch. 
"Cute," He chuckled darkly, wiping the corners of his mouth with the back of his hand as he stared down at you, a panting mess. 
"Your turn," You hummed as you slid down from the table, doing your best not to lose your balance as you pushed him onto the table. He leant against the edge of the table staring down at you as you shakily undid his trousers and pulled them down to expose his cock. You let out a gasp as you felt drool running down the corner of your mouth. Your eyes staring at his erection as Felix watched you closely, waiting to see what you would do. A giant smile took over his face as you licked him from base to tip before taking him into your mouth. He let out a groan as you began to take his cock in and out of your mouth periodically, pushing yourself deep so you could gag on it. 
"O-Oh fuck," He moaned out rolling his hips in time with you as you moaned around him, looking up to see him in total bliss. His eyes were fluttering as he let out small moans and whines, you continued to take him into your mouth. Gargling and gagging around him as you tried to please him as much as you could with your mouth but he suddenly held you down on his cock. 
"J-Just like that," He groaned out as your throat contracted around his cock for a second before he pulled you off him and moaned, you had a string of saliva and cum dripping from your lips and your eyes were tearing up but you'd never looked so sexy, 
"T-Table, quick." He moaned out, kicking off his trousers as you hoped back onto the table. Hearing him chuckle as you at the edge of the table, 
"No, no princess. Ass up, chest against the wood." You whimpered sliding down from the table and bending over so you were exposed to him. He pushed up your dress and slapped your ass cheek playfully, letting out a small moan as you bucked against his touch. 
"So obedient for me after being a tease during the meal," You shivered as he began to run his cock between your wet folds, your clit throbbing out for him to sink into you. 
"Tell me how much you want me," He was breathing heavily now as he continued to rub your cock through your wetness, you knew he needed you as much as you needed him so you weren't going to tease him anymore. 
"I-I need it, I need it more than ever...L-Lixie it's been too long." You whimpered in submission and Felix let out a whine. Sinking into you as you let out a loud moan, hands gripping onto the edges of the table. 
"All mine," He moaned out as he pulled back out of you looking down at his cock that was covered in your juices, 
"So fucking hot." He praised as he began to move inside of you once again. His dancer hips snapping in and out of you in practised motions as he fucked you, making you cry out as it built up your orgasm inside of you. 
"Fuck! Felix!" You cried out as he continued to fuck into you, making your eyes roll back as you laid your head against the cold wood, 
"Feel good baby?" He asked rhetorically as he continued to snap in and out of you at an unruly pace. 
His phone lit up on the table and he smirked feeling you clenching around him, he knew you were close so he told you to check his phone, 
"Who is it?" He questioned as he continued to slam into you, moaning out as he felt your wet walls clench around him once again just the way he wanted.
"T-The boys, they're j-just down the road," You dropped his phone as he pulled at your hips, 
"You better cum quickly then, unless you want them to see you like this," He hummed at you, reaching down to rub your clit as he continued to fuck into you.
"Do you want them to see how much of a cock whore you are, just for me?" You screamed out at the name and Felix let out a dark laugh, 
"You like that name? Looks like I'll have to use it more often my little cock whore," Without warning, you came around his cock letting out a pathetic squeak as your lips parted and his name was the only thing you knew what to say. Cumming around him until he thrust into you holding himself deep as he came hard. Hips jittering as he held you close to him, letting his hot cum fill you up as you struggled to think straight.  
After a couple of seconds, Felix pulled out of you, grabbing some napkins as he kissed your cheeks holding the napkins at your core. 
"Go clean up, I'll make a start on the dishes," He whispered to you, kissing you before you began to carefully run in the direction of the bathroom. The boys walking through the door a short time later and yelling out that they had ice cream and other snacks ready for when the dishes were all done. 
Tumblr media
Tagline: @taestannie​ @kneel-begyourpardon​ @minholuvs​ @sw33tnight​ @acciocriativity​ @that-anxious-bisexual​ 
Tumblr media
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