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I really want Grimmjow to appear in the Poltergist AU just for the Ichigo Grimmjow interaction. I mean they’re kinda like pack right?

The class ask about him and Ichigo calls him Grimmjow and then proceeds to make cat references so the class naturally Assume Things


No see if Grimmjow was to appear he would, obviously, be Byakuya’s Demonic Cat Rival.

Because Ichigo and Byakuya’s love blossomed on the battle field remember? And Grimmjow is obsessed with fighting Ichigo.

So of course the Class assumes this means that Grimmjow is attempting to steal Ichigo’s heart away from his Demonic Fiance.

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if we're getting into dance AUs then consider ballet Ichigo. All that ethereal poise then bam you've been clocked out by an Ichigo in a tutu. Of course ByaIchi for this would be appropriate. Let this image take us another step closer to magical girl Ichigo

I love it and I want to read it

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We all know Byakuya secretly adores Ichigo’s charm and antics, and I personally believe Rukia may or may not have had something to do with the pairing together of her brother and bestie. Join the chatter in The Seireitei Discord Server to celebrate this adorable pairing!

ByaIchi Week - 22-28 March 2020

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rmf byaichi au kaien screeching when he sees ichigo. "why does a shiba have kuchiki as their last name?" isshin: i done fucked up kaien: .... WHAT DID YOU DOOOOO???

Byakuya is beyond smug. Kaien is basically feral and Isshin is looking into real estate in Human World because getting out of sight and out of mind for a century or two might be his only real option here.

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Ohh just Ichigo either being utterly oblivious Byakuya wants them that much they kill off his rivals, or in the other extreme being totally hot and is swooning over all the bodies piling up !

Alternately, both!

Ichigo who has no idea that Byakuya has basically been channeling his inner Highlander (there can be only one) and contemplating “pulling an Aizen” over the order sent down from C46 right up until she finds out about it and then she’s like “that has to honestly be the most attractive thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life” because holy shit no one has ever fought for her like this before.

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Poltergeist au: what if Byakuya showed up for the first time and there were cherry petals EVERYWHERE. And Ichigo is Frozen With Fear and having Flashbacks to the last time he saw Byakuya with pink petals around. His class is like "it's so romantic" before realizing, that Ichi is not, in fact awestruck, just terrified out of his mind for some reason. And his friends are like "oh yea, that time Ichigo and Byakuya tried to kill one another? Sakura blossoms were involved." Now sakuras are a no no.

Na see no Ichigo wouldn’t be afraid.  It’s Ichigo.  Even if he doesn’t have his powers back yet or whatever he’s not gonna let some shit like that stop him

Ichigo would be ready to throw down.

Byakuya shows up looking all handsome and stoic and just generally fly as shit.  He’s dressed in some Kuchiki worthy Human World Best, his hair is stunning, his skin is supple, he smells like good breeding and money, and he is back-lit by swirling sakura petals.  He’s the complete package and he doesn’t even have yaoi hands.

This man is in it to win it.

And then Ichigo dead-ass just fucking superman punches him in the face screeching about “what the fuck did I do to piss you off this time??”

And the class is f r o z e n  because what the fuck what the fuck whaT THE FUCK???

Why is Kurosaki-sama attacking who they’ve know is his Future Demonic Husband????

And then one of the gang is like “Oh yeah Byakuya totally has control of sakura blossoms and almost killed Ichigo with em that one time.”

And the class is like …. 


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any byaichi au: byakuya is all "evening kuchiki clan members. remember when you became so upset because i married a lovely and gentle hearted peasant woman? well, meet my new partner. they are tall, violent, and - you guessed it - a pleasant. you may now 'eat it'."

Ichigo: *waves at the Elders* Hello, I’m your waking nightmare.

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We definitely lost the battle for short haired fem Ichigo in whichever headcanon @rayshippouuchiha publishes first, but we will not lose the war.

Long haired Ichigo is very pretty, but an orange punky bob is gorgeous and this is the hill I’ll die on.

Side note: got a non broken stylus and wanted to practice.

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ByaIchi, drabble, 690 words

Read on Ao3

It’s a very nice place.

The estate does not sprawl, a thin strip of grass between the house and the treeline, the garden kept tight and well-maintained against the walls. Necessary, Byakuya supposes, for how often the house moves. Only the worn stone of the path beneath his feet reminds him that this building was once part of Seireitei, however long ago.

Byakuya has always known, intellectually, that the Shiba family were nobles, once, and are still very highly respected, but, by the time he became an adult, what little remained of the Shiba family had already become reclusive and distant from the rest of the Soul Society. The death of Shiba Kaien no doubt did little to sway the family opinion back in favor of the Seireitei. That he died by the hands of a Kuchiki did even less to encourage the family to retake their place among nobility. 

The door is ajar. Shiba Kūkaku must be out, for the house to be so silent. Still, Byakuya takes the time to bow, and to remove his shoes just within the door. He has no desire to be presumptuous, and certainly does not wish to be rude. 

For all the exterior gives the illusion of tradition, the interior of the house is really very modern in its layout– the foyer opens into a large room that encompasses the kitchen, dining area, and sitting area in one. The space does not feel empty and vaulting, though. In truth, Byakuya does not think he has ever felt more at ease in his own home, than he feels here and now. 

He forgoes the small table– too formal, too intimate, even now– in favor of the dining bar that acts to section the kitchen from the rest of the room. Zangetsu rests against the wood at Byakuya’s hip as he sits, not the demure form of a sealed sword or the curved cleaver of shikai, but the slender, black blade of bankai, unsealed in every way a Zanpakutō can be. Apologies, maybe, for the years he and his wielder have spent apart.

Kurosaki Ichigo. Or, maybe, Shiba Ichigo now? Byakuya is not certain what his familial status is, at the moment. It’s. Strange. They’ve been apart for twenty years now, but it doesn’t feel it. Perhaps, because Byakuya has been there for the entirety of it, one of Kurosaki Ichigo’s Watchers while he lived out the rest of his mortal life in the Living World. 

The dark green yukata suits him. Makes him look like the tigerlily he is, bold and bright and beautiful. Twenty years, though he does not look a day older than he had been when he gave up his powers. Physically, at least. He smiles more, now, and scowls less, mellowed a touch with time. Favors one side, now, and that is new, and certainly a lingering aftereffect of the–

Ichigo reaches out with one hand, fingers slipping beneath Byakuya’s hair, pulling him gently forward by the back of his neck to place a butterfly kiss against his forehead. 

“Talk to me,” Ichigo requests, simple and soft and with poorly contained joy, and Byakuya feels a great tension that he didn’t even realize he was holding just. Fall away. 

Twenty years to speak about, while Ichigo putters about the kitchen, and Byakuya starts with what feels most pressing– Renji and Rukia and their awkward, stilting, incredibly sweet courtship. It will be a hundred years, at this rate, before they make any significant progress. They are already discussing the merits of a Spring wedding. 

It draws a laugh from Ichigo, soft and honest, and Byakuya’s breath catches in his chest in a way he’s forgotten it could. Twenty years, watching him from afar, but when Ichigo passes him a plate their fingers brush and everything feels real again. Moreso, when Byakuya reaches out and pulls Ichigo in for a chaste kiss over rice and eggs and simplicity that Byakuya cannot remember ever having. 

They part, just enough to rest their foreheads together. Ichigo’s smile curls content, a cat lazing in the sun. 

It took twenty years, but, finally, they’re home

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list your five longest one-shot fics on AO3 (not chaptered works or series) with the word count, fandom, year, and comments/kudos/bookmarks. one-shots are the short stories to fandom’s books and a distinctly different process in my experience.

I was tagged by @agirlnamedkeith

A Matter of Convenience (Bleach, Byakuya/Ichigo, 15.228, 2010, Kudos: 960 Comment Threads: 18 Bookmarks: 331):  The war is over and it’s time for the reconstruction. The new Soutaichou of the Gotei-13 has more than enough on his plate to have to deal also with cocky newly appointed Taichous and a friendship he neither wants nor needs. Not that Ichigo has ever cared for what Byakuya wants. - One of my faves, I had so much fun writing this one. I love Byakuya’s snarky thought process and how done he is with everything and everyone around.

Wayward Son (Teen Wolf, Chris Argent/Derek Hale, 11753, 2014, Kudos: 176 Comment Threads: 10 Bookmarks: 48) Crossover with SPN. The one where Derek becomes a hunter, makes friends with the Winchesters and finally goes back home. - I just love the adults in Teen Wolf (way more than the teens)

Little White Lies (Naruto, Kakashi/Iruka, 11358, 2010 (I think earlier, but that when moved to AO3) Kudos: 187 Comment Threads: 13 Bookmarks: 44) - The worst lies are the ones we tell ourselves - Look, I had wanted a breakup fic since forever and nobody was writing it. So I did. And I cried. And I made people cry. I love it.

Shadows on the Moon (Naruto, Kakashi/Iruka, 9424, 2008 I think, Kudos: 1113 Comment Threads: 27 Bookmarks: 341) - A casual encounter between two strangers will change their lives forever. - ANBU Kakashi and Iruka as his way of releasing after missions. One of the times the story just flowed and one of the ones I am most proud of.

Ever After (Naruto, Kakashi/Iruka, 9773, 2009 probably, Kudos: 171 Comment Threads: 4 Bookmarks: 36) - There is no “happily ever after” after a war of that magnitude. There is just enduring the consequences. - This one is a harsh one about the realities of war and what people have to do to survive. I still gave it a happy ending because I can’t help myself.

I think with the exception of Teen Wolf, all the rest are transfers from LJ so the dates and some of the stats are not exact, but damn, I use to write longish one shot. 

tagging @firesign23 @simulacraryn @justjameka and whoever else wants to do it

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Man, I wasn’t expecting these ByaIchi feels when I watched this movie 👀❤️

Seriously, Byakuya is like…so good in this scene. Ichigo is very obviously freaked out and in pain and Byakuya is reminding him that his friends obviously trust him with their lives; that he can still rescue them.

Like, man, this is legit one of my favorite interactions between the two of them and it show they both have a mutual understanding and respect for one another.

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I forgot that I originally started following you after I saw a bunch of AoKaga smut reblogs because I haven't seen much nfsw stuff from you lately since I only get some of the stuff you reblog in my feed, but i saw the ByaIchi reblog and immediately clicked on your blog, started scrolling, and then, I was like, "WHAT THE FUCK???!?!?!? SINCE WHEN DOES FIREBYFIRE REBLOG THIS SHIT???? IT'S A MOTHERFUCKING TREASURE TROVE UP IN THIS BITCH!!!" So yeah lmao. Thanks for all these ♡♡♡

The thing is I don’t get much AoKaga smut in my feedback anymore ;A;

Haha,ByakuyaxIchigo is great and wonderful, and its fandom here is too damn small. There are three people I know about who ship this ship and you, Anon, are one of them :D At least there is always something nice on pixiv.

….. Now I want to write some ByaIchi drabble. I wrote GrimmjowByakuya fics before ByaIchi, there is something wrong with me,

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I completely adore the imagination of Ichigo wearing his hollow mask and Byakuya in Senbonzakura mask in the Zanpakuto arc ending (no 21, song Sakurabito). And then both of them together? It just speaks to me and I’m not sure why.


It makes me think about a festival dance but also about how both Ichigo and Byakuya are good at bottling feelings inside themselves and how despite their differences they always have each other’s back.

And then I looked up the lyrics singing in that moment:

If we can be born again, let’s meet underneath the cherry tree
I swear that when that time comes, we’ll laugh forever

… excuse me while I’ll go to look for ByaIchi fics.

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hi cross! i was wondering if you could link me to the rukongai-au byaichi snippets you posted on dreamwidth? im not very familiar with that site but id love to read those hcs again so direct links would be rly helpful. thank you!

Here you go :)

Part 1

Part 2

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