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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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Not on da whole topic of my account but holy damn am I obsessed with this game XDDD

and like I was lmao-ing why because my friend and I were doodling at the same time and we were like ok let’s show our drabbles to each other


…I can’t into cute dude…

I just can’t

and yes…at first it was not so yellow “among dude”

Later on I was just bored and decided why not


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not people trying to use the cheating plotlines in gossip girl to justify their bh/va endgames…………….that show is on another level luv

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louis will propose to eleanor tonight. get ready.

is this your attempt at being shady or? ajdjdhd. do better. he’s literally said a few times during this new promo circle that marriage ain’t happening now, he’s got Things To Do.

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Do you still think of me?

I keep wondering if you have forgotten me. If I’m still a presence in your head, slumbering like you’re in mine.

We were never in love.

Did you think we were? Did you wanted to be more than friends? Or was that just my own pretentious mind, my ego telling me I was irresistible for you.

Just be my friend, again. We had fun. Isn’t that enough? I know you did horrible thing. We both know I did too. Everyone did, everyone does, everyone will. Isn’t joy of being friends enough to risk it?

Send me a sign.

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Honestly man. Fuck off. People are here for the theories not the person. Let it the fuck go.

have fun supporting a transphobe then. also the theories suck ass too.

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Hey guys, just wanna let you all know I’m not leaving tumblr, so many of my friends moved to other sites and unfortunately I’m not gonna be much active here. I don’t want to post more stuff that’ll end up getting flagged, instead I’ll be posting more in deviantart! Be sure to follow me there for more arts!

And oh yeah, I created a new channel in yt…I have to spread the news that my acc has been hacked so I created a new one//sobs

So here’s my new channel:

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