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the familiarity the tenderness the warmth the beauty the love the affection the care goodbye ⚰⚰⚰😵😵😵

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I‘m currently eating sushi, it‘s very -




No actually i wanted to say;

I’ m currently not at home (and then this meme came into my mind) because i am looking for a place in the city where i will be going to University and i am pretty busy… so that’s why i probably won’t be posting anything this week.

PS: if someone of y’all is living in Darmstadt in Germany and is looking for a roommate, hit me up haha. Please ;-;

Have a nice day!!

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Back on my simp for Tom Holland bullshit again. Gonna watch FFH

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✨My friend trying to guess the names of Ducktales character✨

Hi there. So I don’t have my drawing iPad with me right now so I can’t draw something..but I still really wanted to post bc I have time now; so here’s my friend who knows next to nothing abt Ducktales trying to guess names. It was..something..

( parentheses are what I said, and quotation marks are what she said )

Huey -> Alvin

Dewey -> Louie ( me: wow you were close )

Louie -> Louis ( wow close again.. )

Webby-> Me “she looks like me” (she kinda does tho )

Violet -> nerd

Lena -> angsty girl

Scrooge-> McFlurry ( lol I loved this tho )

Goldie-> Ella??

Donald-> Donald

Della-> “I’m pretty sure it starts with diarrhea”

Gyro-> Scrooge ( Im dead )

Fenton-> Robin

Boyd-> “he looks like a little child” Bobby

Daisy-> lmao at first she said ‘Donald’s mom?’ Then she guessed daisy

Darkwing Duck-> Hugh ( lol I was hoping she would say something abt Batman )

Launchpad -> guy who flies a plane and mcquack ( lol she was really close on this one )

Goslyan-> Wendy (lol if she said this for Webby tho..)

Glomgold-> Malcolm “cuz it’s a Scottish name and he looks Scottish”

Magica -> Roxanne “cuz she looks stuck up”

Gladstone-> spoiled rich guy ( yess )

So I’m using this post as an update, sorryyy. My next drawing comes out tomorrow!! I’m just really busy today and I’ve got a lot of work for school and stuff. I’m kinda stressedddd. 😩😩 Although maybe later I can draw something.. but i’ll see how it goes!

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hello i suppose

hi i’m arrow idk why you’re here but i guess you are. i have no idea why i started this blog but i did so now it exists. i’m probably gonna be posting pretty frequently, mostly just extremely chaotic and random starkid things because that’s my vibe 😎😎😎😎.

aNYWAY as it says in my description i have an instagram it’s @/ if you wanna follow it that would be great idk what i’m doing someone help me okay bye

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