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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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4 routes, 4 gay marriages 🌈

Edit: those were my personal choices to S-support in each route, i know there are more options and that 3 of those are from the same house (what can i do, i’m a black eagles bitch and also they are the gayest house)

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MLQC CN: 3rd Anniversary SSRs!


Karma bylines:

Ling Xiao:

  • what are you afraid of? This round is mine for the taking.
  • Only when you discover the secrets yourself are they meaningful.

Li Zeyan:

  • The unrest hidden below this city will come to the surface, at some time.
  • I understand fully, where this path with you will lead.

Bai Qi:

  • Whatever the challenge is, I won’t back down.
  • The depths of my brusqueness hide a thread of gentleness only you know about.

Zhou Qiluo:

  • The people who appear on stage again after the curtains have fallen will have an even grander performance.
  • You are the most radiant existence in that which I can see.

Xu Mo:

  • Say, will tomorrow still be a peaceful day?
  • Every meeting with you seems to be a hint which I cannot see through fully.
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not to be emo but I wish there was a word for the feeling you get when you’re scrolling through social media and you see the profile of someone who recently died. the profile is still there and active and there’s a profile picture of a smiling face and memes retweeted or liked, and the only thing that isn’t there is the person in that profile pic, the person who retweeted those memes. it’s like this virtual boneyard haunted by digital ghosts, or like an archaeological site when you dig a whole house from the ash of Pompeii and find that the table had been set for dinner. the only thing missing are the people that were supposed to be there to eat.

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