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i’m ot7 but damn it 😡😡

i think byungchan is my bias.

he really said “choose me💖😍, pick me😔✨”

i’m so sorry seungwoo lmfao. i tried being loyal.

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byungchan x you ♡

you are sick and have a stomach ache so byungchan takes care of you
warnings: nauseous feelings, throwing up


You just woke up from a nap, sweating from the blanket which felt heavier than before. The pill didn’t seem to be working as your head was still spinning and you could barely move your body. You tried to turn to the side but only felt pain in your stomach again. Your wet face winched as your hands softly covered it.  Quickly after, the nausea feeling was flowing over your chest. You got off the couch and ran to the bathroom as fast as you could, despite how weak you felt. 

Your move startled Byungchan, who was in the kitchen in an apron. He’s been following an easy recipe to cure your pain but he lowered the level on the stove before he headed over to you. 

“Are you okay?” Byungchan asked with a worried look. He kneeled next to you as you forgot he was here at your place. You almost gushed into tears when you turned to him. It could be the pain but you were relieved to have someone by your side when you’re not feeling the best. He held onto your hand and patted your back when you felt gulps in your throat. He stayed with you until you were done. 

After washing your face and hands, Byungchan walked you back to the couch with his arms around your shoulders. Once he placed you back on the couch that had turned cold after you left, he set the blanket over you. He couldn’t help to gaze at you nor caress your sweaty hair. He guessed you’re still not feeling well and you’re probably too tired to say anything. He placed his hand under the blanket and rubbed your stomach softly as he sighed. 

“I’m making food for you. It’ll be done soon. Can you stay awake until then?” His voice was soft. You could hear how concerned he was about you that you held onto his hand under your shirt. He smiled when he saw your tiny smile. 

Byungchan got up and brought you a warm drink to accompany you while he’s in the kitchen for you. He leaned down and caressed your hair again. With that same smile, he assured you, “I’ll be right back, okay?” 

You nodded once before he walked back into the kitchen. 

You turned to your side when the pain was still lingering in your stomach. At least you didn’t feel like throwing up. You reached over to the warm cup and took a sip. After setting it down, you fell back onto the couch. Your breath was shaking but you were able to calm it by taking deep breaths with your eyes closed. Soon, you fell into a deep sleep again in hopes that you would wake up without any pain. 

When Byungchan came back minutes later, his eyes were fond of your sleeping face. He had a warm bowl of porridge but he went back into the kitchen and set it on a counter. He covered it with a lid and took off his apron then he walked back over to you. 

He sat down on the floor with his back leaning in front of you on the bottom part of the couch. He leaned his head back onto the cushion where he fit perfectly above your curled legs. He took a long sigh, blinking a few times at the ceiling. He could only imagine all of the pain you were feeling since you woke up this morning. He turned to you, knowing how you hadn’t eaten anything since then because you didn’t have an appetite. He hoped you’d eat his food when you wake up.

He took off his sweater and placed it over your blanket where your chest was. After stuffing it over your shoulders slowly so you wouldn’t wake, he gazed at you again. His lips bloomed softly, then he planted a kiss on your temple. 

Byungchan sat on the floor again and rested his head where he did before. He turned to you with his arm below his head. Soon after, he fell asleep too. He really hoped you would feel better when he wakes up later with you still at his side.

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victon reaction ➳ you jump on their back

pairing : victon x gn!reader

requested? : yes!

a/n : sorry if these get repetitive! maybe they aren’t idk but i can’t but think i kept repeating myself.. anyways, enjoy!


he instinctively catches you. he ensures that you won’t fall, giving you the safe feeling he tries to give to everyone he meets.


he finds it so endearing?? he wants you close to him like this, even if he can’t really see you, he likes knowing that you’re there.


so happy and smiley. his baby is so silly. he’d tell you how much he likes having you close to him to ensure that you’d do it again and again.


this man will scream and probably almost drop you. luckily, he comes to his senses quickly and holds you, laughing about how you just startled him a little.


“y/n, what are you doing?” he wasn’t ready, but holds onto you nevertheless. he’d never admit how much he loves carrying you around since after all, you are his baby.


it’s a common occurrence, so he thinks nothing of it. he turns to look at you just to give you his signature smile.


cocky.. “y/n! you’re excited to see me, i guess? i would be too”, but then he starts cooing at you few seconds later this man i s2g. he likes having you close to him.

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hey, he’s a great example! you have a good eye. as i’m researching i notice this guy literally expresses all the key characteristics. let’s do a soft dramatic case study. you rarely find such demonstrative/educative representatives.

  • long vertical line, is tall —185cm/6′1 — and appears tall (that weighs in more when typing, it’s about the proportion)

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started to get obsessed with victon again the same way i was when they debuted and i feel so 💕🧸💋🥰✨🍓🤩🧚🏼‍♀️😍🌸☀️🌺


if there are any other Alice who just wanna hype over victon with me or people who wanna get to know them,,,,,,pls pop off on here lol

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