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elliotl · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
click for the first one. i am an idiot. (all characters btw)
Remember there are 5 books and we only know content of one.
The books names in first image [from left to right]: information, dream, awesamdude, quackity. Techno got this from Dream in the prison.
and the name book from the chest is unknown cuz techno didnt show it and he acquired it outside the prison in the chest of blueprints
where were the books in last lore stream? at no point were they seen.
what is in the book named Dream? why would he give Techno a book named Dream? hmm? also Awesmdude and Quackity... apart from prison interaction in between awesamdude and Techno we didnt get anything. and about Quackity? We got NOTHING on this one.
i am pretty sure Dream would have told Techno about what would happen to them cuz of the sam and quackity in the prison in there itself so what is in written in the books? it is knowledge which will help while techno is outside right?
there is no way they are leaving it unexplained.
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Tumblr media
“You took the wrong hostage! Dream doesn’t care. I CARE!”
aka i’m still crying over Peerpressure.
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tyrant-owo · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
These two goofy mfers would never have a super serious conversation like this but man can I dream aight?
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enjoyer-of-all-mcyt · 2 days ago
I’m just realizing, we got “Sappho-and-her-friend-ed” TWICE on the Dream SMP in ONE WEEKEND. First c!Karlnapity, then c!Beeduo. Are you kidding me. Give the gays what they want!
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C!techno and c!tubbo are meeting up to find Michael. They will probably meet ghostboo when they do it. This will be not only a c!techno redemption arc but also probably a c!tubbo healing arc. C!ranboo wouldnt stay dead because we know he has descendents (ranbob from tales from the smp). After that happens, c!ranboo will probably feel safe enough to tell c!tubbo or the syndicate about the enderwalk. I can actually see this going very well.
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synthetic-eli · 2 days ago
i think c!techno is my favorite character because his character is portrayed as this laid back warrior guy who is a fucking beast in battle and he sees things pretty black and white, like with the government or against. yeah sure he cares about his horse, but he’s always made it seem like to him, everything was based off business and favors.
so when he does show some humanity, like during his moment with tommy at doomsday (? i think) and he was saying things like “i would’ve killed all of them for you” and “i am a person” it hits SO MUCH HARDER. like revealing that he actually valued his friendship that was growing between him & c!tommy made it one of my favorite (& most angsty) duos.
and we could see this same bond happening with ranboo after tommy had left techno for tubbo (or however u might see it, ik some ppl see it as techno betraying tommy), and now techno saying he cares about ranboo and literally wanting to use a favor from one of the most powerful ppl on the smp to bring ranboo back to life. it’s like techno isn’t supposed to care so much about people, but for the few people he does care about, he cares SO MUCH, and does the craziest things for them. ugh i love c!technos pov so much and the way he reveals his humanity in the most intense moments.
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daffodilpetalz · 2 days ago
People are talking about how they hope cTechno apologizes to cTubbo for what happened at the festival, but the thing is? cTechno apologized almost immediately, and literally said “I’m sorry Tubbo” before firing the firework. And cTubbo doesn’t hold a grudge, he even said he forgave cTechno almost immediately.
/rp, if that wasnt clear
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garlic-sauc3 · a day ago
Bro... Techno is probably blaming himself for Ranboo's death. He thinks that if he was faster or could've told Sam to get someone else or if he could've made sure he didn't even get into the prison in the first place, then he could've survived.
Tubbo probably blames himself for not being there when his husband needed him most. If he was with Ranboo, maybe he wouldn't have gotten into the prison at all.
They couldn't do that and now Ranboo's gone and no one even cares. He's just a ghost now, a shell of who he once was.
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justignitestuff · 2 days ago
no cause you’re not getting it. tubbo and techno are gonna try and find michael together and techno’s gonna tell him that dream owes him a favour and that he can use the revival book to bring ranboo back to life and they’re going to create this mutual respect for each other and tubbo will be able to properly forgive him instead of just repressing how he feels and they’re going to be able to become friends again and ranboo’s going to come back and he’ll realise that they’re friends and he won’t have to hide sides of his life anymore and everything’s gonna be okay and they’re gonna move into the mansion and
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existentialfangirl · 22 hours ago
Talking about c!philza with friends. Group ideas:
So y’all know the theory about Phil being the Angel of death right. It captures his character perfectly. But angels are followers. While incredibly powerful and awesome figures, they don’t have a will of their own.
Of course, we all know Techno’s the blood god. Phil, despite being older and wiser, automatically defaults to Techno’s opinion. So regardless of whatever relationship he has with tommy or how distrustful he is of dream, he’s going to follow Techno. when techno teams up with dream or does some crazy shit again, that’s who he’ll side with.
And that’s what worries me.
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elliotl · 6 hours ago
actually this techno lore stream was gold for c!techno enjoyers. like techno was presented a choice about choosing between his honour (keeping his word) and choosing to save who he cares about and he choose both.
(i am not saying c!techno doesnt care about c!dream. we dont know that yet)
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cinnaboo · 2 days ago
i love how we find out that techno has no emotional attachment and doesnt think of dream as a friend anymore and only broke him free because of his favor. like, not only did he focus mainly on trying to get ranboo out, but he even just snatched dreams armor after he was out. dude literally couldnt give a crap about him.
"oh, ur a war criminal i just broke free from the most high security prison? and people are searching for you to either kill or put u back in said prison? cool. now give me my armor back pussy boy :)"
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beeinahailstorm · 2 days ago
Piglin Culture
Gold is not only viewed as Shiny, it's viewed as something that helps protect people. They can't really use netherite from what I can tell, so gold is the only thing Piglins can use to defend themselves.
Non fighters will commonly have earrings or rings, maybe some gold lined clothing if they are upper class. Maybe rich piglins put ancient debris in their earring for that extra Status.
Fighter piglins — so like general piglins and piglin brutes — however tend to have gold necklaces, chains, or bracelets. They will still have rings and earrings, don't get me wrong, but they usually have more concentrated pieces of gold. Piercings are also common because I said so <3
When raids happen it's often that people look at the shiniest person for protection, which can be helpful in blind panic! It also is a good way to show your dominance. Yeah you're invading my bastion, but I am shiner and therefore more protected, get rekted.
Because of the hierarchy of Gold, younger piglins tend to have stud earrings or small loops. These smaller jewels are often unique and have a gemstone. When the piglin grows older, this can be a brand of who they are, like a second name.
Pack dynamics:
Piglins exist between these roles commonly, though they can some what branch out if other things are needed:
Elders council
HOWEVER, to different groups the roles might appear differently. Brutes tend to care more about the elderly, young, handymen, and other regular people. Young are on their highest priority! It is often for brutes to be separated from young unless in high stress situations, so they can complete their jobs.
Don't get it twisted, brutes are sweethearts deep down. Just don't mess with their family and you will meet one of the chilliest people in the nether (no pun intended).
Brutes don't really care about their leaders, actually. Piglins who carry out military duty and value leadership are soldiers! They have the same hybrid mind as regulars, just with the added bonus of kicking ass. They highly respect their leaders and the elder council and often get into disputes with brutes over their conflicting instincts. They do however grow bigger due to different environments when being raised, though they definitely aren't as big as the brutes. I would make Techno a soldier or brute class, but whatever one you choose is up to you.
Leaders are pretty self explanatory. With a combination of gold usually worn by civilians and fighters alike, leaders wear long golden robes. Their robes are probably made of the material of the "leaves" of the trees in the nether, because I feel like that would be a hard material to refine. Depending on the climate that also makes their get up different colors. Leaders also can wear heavy armor. Piglin brutes can not be leaders. It goes against their instincts, since in general they don't really care about leading people. Leaders are usually ex soldiers. They are valued for being coldhearted and brutal to enemies, but a guiding firm hand to their bastions.
Leaders and brutes don't always get along, but they have heavy respect for each other. Brutes want the best for their pack, and someone who tells the others what to do and organizes their efforts seems to be the best! If the brutes don't like the leader, there will be no leader 😊.
The elder council is made up of old brutes and soldiers. These individuals have seen many battles and often help the much younger leader with advice and guidance. The elder council also handles legal matters, but the leader acts as the supreme court.
Handymen make the tools, weapons, armor, and clothing of the bastions. Usually the role is tied to a bloodline, but sometimes they can take apprentices from other families or even from outside of the pack. Becoming a handyman after joining a bastion is actually easier than becoming a soldier, since the other role is highly respected and valued.
Handymen are still really important to bastion life though! Mess with a brute or a soldier's favorite armor maker and you will end up six feet under 😀. Often you will have a handymen who gives advice to a general or something because they hear a lot of shit in their shops, man. People just enter the store and think no one is listening.
Regulars are usually lesser handymen, family people, hunters, or merchants. They grow to be smaller and can be easily thrown by brutes. Not that a brute would ever do that. For fun. When bored on a Saturday night. I have no idea what you mean. Just because they are the lowest class do NOT think they are pushovers. They are still piglins and can put up a good fight. Also every family of regular piglins — and handymen for that matter — have a brute assigned to them. Mess with their little found family, and the brute will find you.
Teenagers have their own class divides depending on who they are going to be. Between their young and teen ages is when this role is picked, and afterwards they are raised and trained to be that role. Teenagers are often doing whatever job they are trained to do poorly or goofing off.
Young! Babies! Children! Literally do nothing but look cute and get everything for it. Probably would bite you and get away with it. Hurt a young, and everyone in the bastion will hunt you down <3. Better know where your nether portal is, bitch, it's the only thing saving you right now.
(I would put Tommy under teenager or young depending on the fic. Take that as you will. Like I know most people would make him a young, BUT IMAGINE TECHNO TEACHING HIM HIS TRADE!!! THAT WOULD BE SO CUTE. BRUTE TECHNO BEING LIKE “you are doing good with your cobblestone making stuff” WHILE ABSOLUTELY HATING IT BECAUSE HE MUST SUPPORT??? AMAZING.)
Wait but, what are Phil and Wilbur then:
Okay, listen. As I said, piglins can have other roles. Wilbur fits both the elder and regular role in my eyes, so Techno would probably view Will with respect, but also view him as someone to be protected for the good of the pack and not because of status.
Phil? He’s probably a leader to Techno! That could have a funky dynamic if Techno is a brute, because his instincts don’t give a shit about Phil, but it’s fucking Phil, man. Techno has to listen to him smh. I love the concept of Techno telling Phil his hybrid brain considers him an elder just to mess with him. “Phil. Phil, look, I’m not saying anything, but the little voice inside my head — well one of them — tells me you’re old. That voice has never led me astray. I think you should lie down,,, for a couple of years.”
Honorable mention, but when Tommy grows up, I heavily see him in the soldier role. He respects authority and is eager to fight, it’s so him. I feel like this implies that Tommy would be the soldier under Wilbur who is his leader, so you could also write a fic where Techno feels like crimeboys have left his pack and made their own. Betrayal,,,,
Another honorable mention, Ranboo. Ranboo is totally a teenager right now, but when he grows older? Probably a Regular.
Displays of Affection (we know why this is here):
Cleaning. IRL pigs are some of the cleanest animals. If they clean your house for you, it means they care. This can also tie over to sharpening your swords or even taking care of your animals.
Resource sharing. Sharing is caring, literally. If someone shares food, clothing, or weapons with you, it means they trust you! Water is a heavily limited resource in the nether, so if a piglin shares water with you assume they would die for you.
Headbutts. Need I say more?
Brutes really hate being thrown off their Duties, but young and teens are 100% allowed to infodump the more boring shit to them. I see many a bedrock bros moment with this.
Music. When everything is on fire, you rarely have time for some sick lofi beats. Sharing music with someone is a way to show that you are completely relaxed with that person and have your guard down around them.
Piglins don’t actually like hugs and cuddles as much after a certain age. Not that they hate it, it just isn’t their most common way of saying “I love you.” They will put up with it for other cultures.
MENTIONED BY A FRIEND, BUT CUTENESS AGGRESSION AND CAIN INSTINCT!!! I could see brutes getting in trouble because of biting a young </3. Techno would smack Tommy upside the head (affectionate). Though, Tommy would probably bite back, and he has rabies.
This is over 1k words, so will stop writing … for now. If you want to see me infodump about bird culture then SMASH THE LIKE BUTTON AND HIT SUBCRIBE/j/j/j/j
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therapyarc · 2 days ago
current running theories i have about why dream gave the axe of peace to techno:
1. he's completely abandoned his goal of controlling the server through attachments, and only cares about torturing tommy for the rest of time
2. he's playing the long con, trying to get into techno's good books and establish himself as an ally and friend, taking advantage of techno's loyalty
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the-dragon-hearted · 2 days ago
You take one - ONE WEEKEND off and suddenly the Dream smp has gone to hell.
Is it worth it - what does that...
Slime's dead!?
Sorry, what now?
Purpled did WHAT? WHEN!?
What do you MEAN Quiackity and Karl - Karl forgot WHO!???
Dream is WHERE!? He's WHAT - HOW!?? Techno?
Tommy WHAT NOW!?
He did WHAT!?
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synthetic-eli · 2 days ago
i think i had hyperfixated on c!tommy & c!techno’s friendship arc so much it makes me so emotional and i genuinely could talk about it for AGES i love that arc so much ugh there was so many revealing moments about both of their characters and their motives in that era
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