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dreamslesbian · 22 hours ago
i know canonically c!fundy is c!wilbur's son but if u watch the stream where it got canonized it genuinely looks like c!wilbur gaslit gatekeep girlbossed a random person who happened to wake up within l'manburg's borders into believing he's his son
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squareupgod · 17 hours ago
c!crime boys as sun and moon symbolism but they way i think they both think of each other as the sun. and themselves as the moon. maybe?? does this make sense??
like to wil, tommy is the Muse. tommy is the sunrise. tommy is bright and so brilliant he almost hurts to look at. they’re kindred spirits, but tommy is the one who tries to be good, and therefore he is the sun. he is constant, unapologetic, inspiring. something something wilbur and phases of the moon. something something, he is just the moon.
but like. to tommy, he looks up to wilbur. he’s caught in his orbit. tommy is inspired by him, wants to follow him, doesn’t really know how to exist without him. wilbur is sun, impossibly bright but destined to burn out. tommy is the moon, reflecting his light. pockmarked but resilient through everything. ffdhgdfgdaHHHH
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call-me-apple · 2 days ago
What if c!Wilbur is massively insecure not because c!Philza is a bad dad, but because his dad is an immortal who may or may not have led a grand Empire in the past.
Philza has no large commitments to drive him, he, as Wilbur puts it, just "enjoys literally living in a peaceful little village in the snow". What if Wilbur thinks he hasn't earned that peace because he hasn't built his Antarctic Empire yet.
What if that's what L'Manburg was supposed to be.
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clairedreems · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
day ????? of not having dadbur and sondy lore.
yes, i am, in fact, starting to lose my mind.
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cannedels · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
The boys are back in town~
One of two coloured pieces I’m trying to get done for the comic stuff. Second one is gonna be more complicated haha. Also, between being away from home and being ill, I haven’t been able to work on the next chapter yet so I’m hoping to get it out by at least mid October.
Read the comic adaptation so far here~
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crankyadri · 2 days ago
i love tommy’s character and here’s why:
i just think abt how tommy never really wanted to be a “hero.” he even told foolish that he isn’t one. he doesnt think he’s “one of the good guys” anymore bc he’s a villan in other’s histories depending on whose perspective you look at it from. things got more complicated and he was just doing what he thought was right bc he trusted wilbur until the very end.
and that’s the thing; his character is just… wants to see the good in people. he believes wilbur has good left in him despite being “bad for a very long time” and after everything he did to tommy. and if you apply his beliefs to characters he’s close to and had issues with…it makes sense.
i think that’s why he was so quick to forgive tubbo abt exile, why he forgives eret for the betrayal, why he still talks to phil, and why he forgives techno and considers him family.
he doesnt believe in second chances but he genuinely believes that deep down, everyone has good in them and that you should never give up on the people you care about, which is something he’s shown countless times.
like yes this kid is annoying and a little bastard and he’s selfish but like. he leaves it up to everyone to interpret who he is bc at the end of the day, tommy is and was just a kid who wants to do right by the people he looks up to and cares about. yes, it’s backfired on him before but even despite all of it, he still wants to see the good in them because he chooses to.
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vilburs · 17 hours ago
hey tumblr users. did you know today's the 23rd of september which means it's been a year since the whole disownment ordeal between fundy and wilbur. hahahah. happy 23rd! (starts fucking yelling)
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headcannon that quackity and wilbur fight like a couple so much they forget their not one. wilbur drunk outside las’navdas at two am “quackity this is it, we’re over!” quackity: fine! why don’t you run off with a fish. i’ve heard you have a thing for scales. wilbur with a dramaticly hurt expression. fuck you! quackity throwing wilburs stuff out the window “oh believe me you did.” purpled is filming it for his tiktok show keeping up with the dsmp. foolish is shaking his head condescendingly “ahh young love you know back in my day when courted people we didn’t throw their things out windows.” speaking of windows fundy is trying to jump out of one with tubbo barely managing to hold him back. “don’t worry fundy it’s the dead of night, i’m pretty sure most people don’t even know what’s going on. ITS NOT LIKE SOMONE IS LIVE STREAMING IT.” purpled smirking: hey i’m sorry for making you famous. this was in my contract. (it was not in his contract.)
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screennamealreadyused · 2 days ago
C!Sapnap: Hey Fundy, how's your husband?
C!Fundy: I don't have a husband, Sapnap.
C!Sapnap: I know. I'm just reminding yo-
C!Fundy: How's your dad?
C!Sapnap: Being mind controlled by a parasitic egg. How's yours?
C!Fundy: Screwing your ex-fiance
C!Sapnap: ....what
C!Fundy: *bolts in the vague direction of Las Nevadas*
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rotten-cowboi · a day ago
Broke: C!Wilbur and C!Quackity can't be trans because mpreg is already canon on the smp.
Woke: C!Wilbur and C!Quackity are trans anyway because they both are hot as fuck but still sad and mentally ill.
Bespoke: C!Wilbur and C!Quackity are going to be a t4t couple and they will also get therapy because I say so.
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squareupgod · 2 days ago
c!crime boys both having problems with vulnerability but where as wil tries to come off as likable as possible tommy does the opposite! maybe wilbur fears being left behind whenever he admits his flaws and maybe tommy fears being left behind even when he tries his best to be good. wilbur is terrified of people seeing his flaws so his hides them! tommy tests people by being an asshole first but also not hiding who he is and seeing who stays! both feel the need to come off as infallible but in different ways! aHHHHHHHH
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nirvalta · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tommyinnit does not have a parasocial relationship with philza minecraft. tommyinnit does not have a parasocial relationship with philza minecraft. to—
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clairedreems · a day ago
thinking about fundy's nightmare of the camarvan and wilbur being revived and making a burger van and the tnt being placed in las nevadas and fundy's dream of a chasm in the earth what i'm saying is we all think the nightmares are his past but what if—
Tumblr media
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lost-mellohi · a day ago
Summary: For a long time, you spent your life adventuring. And at last, you finally reached L'manburg - but what scared you was when you followed someone into a cave, a maniacal laugh echoing through the area.
Pairing: C!Wilbur + Reader ( Platonic )
TW: Insanity, voices in reader's head, death
Pronouns: They/Them
Genre: Angst ( It'll be short - i'm sorry! )
Tumblr media
"What the..." (Y/n) muttered, seeing a figure they thought was familiar. They were curios, they always had been. That's why they ended up finding unique items and the reason of why they went off adventuring.
A laugh echoed throughout the cave, almost maniacal. It sent shivers down their spine, the laughing continued until it slowly distorted into murmurs which they couldn't comprehend.
"Gonna blow it up...Blow it all up..." The same words repeated as (Y/n) kept herself hidden due to the figure repeatedly twirling as they walked. (Y/n) was highly confused by his statement. Blow up? Was the person going to blow up something? Did it involve L'manberg - her home?
The figure finally reached the end of the tunnel, the figure was a male - his hair was chestnut brown, the same familiar color of (Y/n)'s dear friend. But they weren't sure because the man had his back faced to them. He began singing a song, the lyrics he sang matched perfectly to the scribbled signs on the wall, in the end of the wall had a button.
The man hit his fist into the wall, his finger delicately tracing the button as if he would press it any minute. "THE THING THAT I BUILT THIS NATION FOR DOESN'T EXIST ANYMORE!" He yelled out, his eyes held an insane glow and (Y/n) knew this wasn't going to end well.
"It's over." But before he could press the button, they had already came in sight, "What are you doing?"
Wilbur turned his head, wide eyes as he stared at the person who stood behind him. (Y/n), his dear friend, his sibling, his other half.
Technoblade, Wilbur, and (Y/n) were siblings - triplets to be exact. It has been awhile since they have seen each other, and (Y/n) was there to comfort him when Techno had left.
"Wilbur?" (Y/n) spoke out, half surprised and concerned. But Wilbur's softened gaze returned to the insane look he had earlier. "Do you know what this button is? Have you heard the song... on the walls?"
They furrowed their eyebrows and shook their heads, confused by what was going on. "Wilbur, what on earth do you mean? What's going on?"
"I'm blowing up L'manberg."
"What?!" (Y/n) gasped, they thought of it but they didn't expect it to be true. "B-but Wilbur! This is your home, your nation! Why would you just blow it all up?!"
He gave his sibling a lopsided smile, which made (Y/n) more frightened - they had never seen Wilbur like this. At all.
"There was a special place in L'manberg, where everyone could go but - but it's not there anymore. It's gone." He tried to explain, their sibling gave them a confused look. "It's there Wil, it's right there. L'manberg will stay high no matter the changes - the only thing that L'manberg needs is you, Tommy, Tubbo - everyone in L'manberg. You just got L'manberg back didn't you?"
Wilbur's look turned into an angry one as he hit his palm to the side of the button. "(Y/N)! I'M ALWAYS SO CLOSE TO PRESSING THIS BUTTON, (Y/N). I'VE BEEN HERE LIKE SEVEN OR EIGHT TIMES, I HAVE BEEN HERE SEVEN OR EIGHT TIMES."
(Y/n) flinched, not used to the loud increase of his voice. He took a breath as (Y/n) stood quietly, unable to move as he continued to rant. "I've been here... so many times, dear (Y/n). They're fighting, they're fighting."
"And you're just gonna blow it all up?" They questioned. "You - you fought so hard... to get your nation - your land back and-"
"I don't even know anymore. Honestly, I don't even know if the button still works. I - I could press it and... and it might..."
"Do you really wanna take that risk, Wilby?" (Y/n) interjected, trying to grab their brothers hand and to lead them away from the button. Wilbur gently shoved them away, careful not to hurt them but his look said different. The brunette sighed, moving back to where the button was as he stood in front of it.
"There was a saying... by a traitor." (Y/n)'s eyes widened, there had been a traitor in L'manberg? "Eret. A traitor." He stated.
They both stood in silence, Wilbur now looking at his sibling as they looked back at him. Wilbur stood tall as he tilted his head slightly, a small smile that obviously read crazy.
"It was never meant to be."
Without hesitation, he pushed the button and saluted as (Y/n) reached for their brother. "Oh shi - WILBUR!" They quickly got behind Wilbur and pushed him away from the button as the TNT set off.
Yells and cries of surprise could be heard from outside, and from afar (Y/n) could see their younger sibling Tommy, crying out as he watched the TNT go off. They coughed out as the TNT continued to set off, the smoke covering their sight from anything.
Once the TNT had finished blowing, (Y/n) slowly walked towards the edge, everyone was panicked, the area was ruined and Wilbur simply stood behind his sibling. "It's all gone..."
"Oh my gosh..." (Y/n) said looking at the distance, they looked to the side, seeing Quackity looking straight at them. He mouthed a 'What the hell happened?!' but (Y/n) simply shook their head with a frown, looking down onto the ground as Wilbur now approached them.
"Kill me... Kill me (Y/n)" They were shocked upon hearing this. "Stab me, stab me - kill me, murder me (Y/n)."
"Do it, kill me (Y/n)."
"I - I can't. Wil, I can't." They sobbed out, not wanting to do such a thing to her own brother. At this point, they were already on the ground, Wilbur trying to persuade his sibling to kill him, (Y/n) trembling on the ground. "But... your my brother..."
"Do it."
Do it. Do it. Do it. Kill him. He blew your home, he ruined everything, he destroyed the place you loved most. KILL HIM.
(Y/n) screamed at the roaring voices in her head, clutching the side of her head. They haven't even realized that they held the sword as they tried to push their brother away, but instead the sword went straight into his abdomen. Wilbur grunted in pain, (Y/n) gasped as they threw the sword aside.
"Wil...Wilbur...WILBUR I'M SORRY! PLEASE - PLEASE DON'T DIE!" They cried, cradling Wilbur's dying body into their arms. He simply smiled as their memories together flashed before his eyes.
Tumblr media
"Wilby! Wilby! Wilbur! Wil! Wilbur!" Young (Y/n) whined, they repeatedly poked his side, trying to wake him up. He groaned, rolling to his side, facing away from his whiny sibling.
"Wilbur...I can't sleep." They stated, making a pouty face as Wilbur turned to them with a tired look on their face. He sighed as he sat up, (Y/n) reaching for the guitar under his bed. They handed it to him with a toothy grin which Wilbur couldn't help but return.
They leaned onto Wilbur as he played a melodic tune on his guitar, singing the lyrics as they both slowly drifted into deep sleep, the music ringing through the night.
"She's gone...she's gone, (Y/n)." Wilbur cried, they patted his back comfortingly. "Sally is gone... How will I take care of Fundy?"
"I'll help, Wilby." (Y/n) stated, giving a soft smile as they reached for Fundy who was making grabby arms, a sign for at least one of them to pick him up. "I'll be the best aunt/ uncle ever, I promise." They said proudly, Fundy giggling in their arms as Wilbur let out a smile, happy to have his sibling with him.
"You'll be back - right?" Tommy asked frantically, not wanting his older sibling to go, not after the other left. (Y/n) smiled sincerely at the blonde teen, patting his head as they replied. "I'll be back before you know it, TomTom." He began rambling about the nickname, he was slightly upset about the nickname but they knew he liked the nickname.
"Oh (Y/n)..." Wilbur sighed, immediately grabbing his sibling and engulfing them into a tight hug. "I'll miss you so much...Come back soon. Stay safe for me, I'll be there when you need me."
(Y/n) nodded, grabbing their satchel as they walked off, giving a smile as they ran off to their new adventuring life.
Tumblr media
"Please...Wilbur..." With one last smile, he fell limp into their arms, (Y/n) began sobbing more. They didn't even notice their father coming from behind them.
"(Y/n)..." Philza whispered, bringing them in a hug as they clutched onto Wilbur's dead body. "I - I didn't mean to... the voices - they told me to do it... they told me to kill him..." They sputtered out, leaning onto their father as he comfortingly rubbed their back. Philza looked at his now dead soon, he felt tears flowing down his face but he quickly ignored it as he rubbed their back in a comforting way.
"It's over...isn't it?"
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vilburs · a day ago
i find it very amusing how fundy was actually that type of kid who makes a face when wilbur was sappy and extra affectionate with him in front of people but when wilbur isn’t there fundy talked highly about him and was a little shit about it. like “i will tell on you” “i don’t think my dad would be pleased with that” “well, (wilbur) plays a big role in l’manberg, y’know” “can you imagine? wilbur soot pogchamping at you, jack manifold? just imagine” “don’t talk about my dad or my salmon mother like that ever again” fundy was genuinely the biggest little shit but he loved his dad and it was the best
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