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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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Lehetne egy képregényfilm címe is, de ez a seychelle-i fő telefon- és mobilnet-szolgáltató. A C&W vagy a konkurens Airtel - ennyi a választék.

A reptéren érkezés után vett C&W-s prepaid kártyám aktiválása gyors volt, viszont a mobilnet csak napokkal később kezdett működni. A kioszkos csaj csak telefonálásra aktiválta. Utána még dobni kell egy SMS-t “internet” tartalommal a 9633-ra. Fél óra múlva ment a 4G. 4 GB forgalom 399 rúpia.

A random szám szolgáltatást most láttam először. Kis nép, túl nagy számtartomány…

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I started the week off feeling shitty. The first thing I did on Monday morning was look at Instagram. Seeing people I both knew and didn't posting cool stuff, looking like they were getting stuff done in their stories and man, just looking really gorgeous made me feel kinda just bad about myself. I hate that an app can make me feel that way. But I’m not one to visit the dumps and then sit there for an extended amount of time. I made a change. I decided that from now on, Instagram and Facebook won’t be the first things I look at when I wake up. I allow myself Tumblr because I don't personally know anyone on here and my feed is pretty hot and inspirational. I play this game I’m slightly addicted to and I’ve also decided to get back to working on my spirituality - I’ve been feeling a little lost lately and I think connecting to my Higher Power and positive ways will help me find my path again. 

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Me siento como toda una niña enamorada, durmiendo con su foto a mi lado.

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Quiero que vuelvas, me hacen falta tus manos, y tus caricias recorriendo mi piel. ❤️

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Walking parent nightmare, my life is a dream, where danger and effort are often a theme, for I try, and I try, but I never get far, like my finger is reaching outstretched toward a star, and even though I’ve never made contact, I begged and I pleaded and signed his dark contract, that assured me success and safety the like’s I’d never known, so I swore my allegiance, paid my debt in bone, for I’m good on my word, I must be, he’s knowing, till I die this gratitude I’ll forever be showing. But do not believe I allowed him to deceive, for the bargain has been upheld, without reprieve, his kindness I have seen and shown, he’s protected me, my flesh and bone, hardened my heart to a darker tone, anytime danger came near to home, so that I could save and defend

and be the man that I had to have been. 

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To truly know, where to go, you must open your mind wide and show, YOURSELF, who your character is made to express, and to know that,  you must be put to a test, of which you may decide yourself or fate shall play, and none can guess that waiting day, where you will be tried, judged, and seen, so keep wary with your senses keen, for not all are ready to perform, and will be left waiting, their golden sheep unshorn

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Drake White
I’m just down-home Southern
Lord I don’t need nothin’ just enough to get me by
I was raised at an early age when you shake a mans hand you look him square in the eye
I’m a real cool, old school don’t lie to me fool
There ain’t a dang thing about me fake
Cause I’m a modern-day John Wayne,
Got my daddy’s last name, born fifty years too late
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Flesh is not sin if love and lust is held within
I cannot begin to explain my gravitation
Like one cannot retain the wisdom of drowsy revelations. 
Dreams of when you whisper to me, drunk in my sleep
When I kiss you hard. hardly pressing, something not to keep
Like the wind, you press me,
my will, you deplete, and stumbling You undress me

Gazing apon your naked body, your skin is a mist fallen on the grass
Your hair is the night that shades me
And as time gives pass to the rising sun
As my belt slips past the knobs of my hips
Then sleep gives way,
to a lucidness that condemns my lips.
For your skin becomes the dew fall, and your hair fades to day
Now full is my heart, but empty is my bed
Unknowingly, you left me wishing
For not just a dream of a fog dancing in my head

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Patsy Cline - Walkin’ After Midnight (Bradley Studios TV Show - 1957)

Tuesday’s Song—May 5, 2015

The town just down the road from us, Winchester, VA, was the childhood home for Ms Cline. That city, yesterday, completed their celebration of the Annual Apple Blossom Festival, a long standing event and salute to spring.

Now is the time to include a genre (C&W) that I have largely ignored so far. For this I include a local artist who had a major influence on that genre–a long time ago.

I may have skipped C&W so far, but, lest we all forget, Taylor Swift only recently switched from C&W to Pop. The world was in love with that wonderful young lady long before her switch. In my opinion Ms Swift was as important to C&W as Patsy Cline as she  also helped reshape and revitalize the genre. 


Glenn    leakytr8

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If there was anything I hated more than Wednesdays, it was abrupt wake ups. Which was exactly how I woke up the following day.

“Hello?” My voice sounded like death when I answered my cell phone. I rub my face against my pillow, cursing myself for having set such a loud song as my ringtone.

“Coco,” the familiar voice of Sara rang through the receiver, her tone amused with a giggle bubbling in the two syllables of her nickname for me.

“So you’re not in trouble or anything, but Mary wants you to come in. Something about a blood stain and video surveillance.”

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A 1hr Mix of Country Music.

Hank, Waylon, Kitty, Sturgill & more, lots more.

Sturgill Simpson.
Live in Leaf, Liverpool on Thursday 2nd October 2014

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