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c3e6 live doodles!
馃専 Instagram | Twitter | Youtube 馃専
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princedorianstorm a month ago
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is he... you know,,聽馃尭馃槼
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sun-critrole a month ago
I feel like I need a timeline after all that good good backstory dump.
30 years ago: Laudna is killed at the hands of the Briarwoods, wakes up 48 hours later with Delilah in her head. She鈥檚 sort of dead now.
10 years ago: Ashton may have been in love, but doesn鈥檛 think about them often anymore.
6 years ago: Orym is present at the attack on the Voice of the Tempest in Zephrah, and sees assailants melt into nothingness. People he knew died.
2 years ago: Fresh Cut Grass is created by Dancer. Also, Laudna and Imogen meet in Imogen鈥檚 home town, the Taloned Highlands. They take up traveling together.
7 months ago: Fearne crosses over to Exandria from the Feywild. Shortly after, she meets the eXu gang. The events of Exandria Unlimited take place. Sometime between then and now, Fearne and Dorian have seen Zephrah.聽
We know a lot about these characters already! Did I miss anything?
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mockingmolly 2 months ago
Fearne is great because she鈥檚 all of Yasha鈥檚 awkwardness without any of the reservation to act as the face of the group. Absolutely no hesitation will insert herself into literally any conversation and test every boundary put before her. I love it
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sparring-spirals a month ago
just had the jarring premonition that at some point in this campaign, there's going to be a deeply emotional, heartwrenching, genuine confession/discussion/past reveal scene that is either going to be started, or ended, with a very soft, emotional "what the fuck is up with that"
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ithinkthiswasabadidea a month ago
C3E6 spoilers no context
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falling-rhayne a month ago
Don鈥檛 you dare give me that little RP moment Liam O鈥橞rien. Don鈥檛 give me聽鈥淎s soon as Dorian comes back Orym unclenches his hand because he doesn鈥檛 realize how hard he鈥檚 gripping the sending stone鈥. DON鈥橳 GIVE ME HOPE. NOT LIKE LIKE THIS, O鈥橞RIEN. NOT AGAIN.
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midground a month ago
I still can鈥檛 believe 鈥淓veryone鈥檚 thoughts are painful except for Laudna, who sounds like music鈥 is CANON and not the plot of a fic (that I would absolutely read).
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flowersforvax a month ago
ohhhh my god i was waiting for this 馃槶馃槶馃槶
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acebender a month ago
FCG: You have hopes, you have fears
Laudna: Mm-hmm.
FCG [turning to look at Imogen]: You have loves. Sounds like you鈥檙e alive to me!
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gammaalanna a month ago
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Let's Go Robbie!
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marvelousbelladonna a month ago
Laudna sounds musical?! 馃槚
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princedorianstorm a month ago
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I will treasure tiny Bertrand forever.
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pagerunner-j a month ago
hey there, Delilah
what's it like in Laudna's head
I mean, I'm sure it's weird and creepy
but you should be fucking dead
and so should she
god fucking damn, necromancy
so crazy
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sunshinekeyleth a month ago
things learnt about the party during "what the fuck is up with that":
dorian: his family has "some money", it's generational wealth. he's not a prince, maybe, it's less official than that. he's "second in line to a prominent family, you've probably never heard of". he's proud of his family, it's full of good people but sometimes it's not enough, he'd rather be with the party. he has high expectations that he put on himself.
ashton: they don't know if they've been in love before, they thought they were but they're not sure. they say it's easy to mistake lust or friendship for love. this was roughly 10 years ago.
fearne: doesn't want to answer a question about regrets. says she came to marquet to meet friends of orym and check out this new beautiful place. she likes having things and keeps her trinkets that she's taken in her bedroom, that's why she steals. there's so many wonderful things in the world. her bedroom is "beautiful" with a large window and decorated beautifully, she lives with her grandma.
imogen: she's nervous about giving her father up as collateral, but she got a good feeling about it. home is a good distance away. she thinks she's a good judge of character but tries not to get into people's thoughts too often. she thinks her dad is probably happy that she's gone, it was hard for him when her powers started. laudna coming to town is the first time she'd felt peace in a while. they've been travelling for two years.
orym: he's in town on a fact finding mission. he represents his home and somebody fucked with his home. he's here because breadcrumbs are maybe leading here. there's similar trouble here and he's been sent to sniff it out. he's good with a sword but he's not in charge or anything, he spent time around the people in charge. he knows plenty of people who go on vacation with swords.
fresh cut grass: dancer created them and they were with dancer for almost two years. they cannot answer if there was anymore automatons than the ones they previously listed. they don't think they've ever dreamed but they're not sure. they never wake up in a bad mood.
laudna: doesn't think she's ever been in love either, she is "deeply loves imogen" though. has been gathering chicken bones during this conversation. she's not sure if she's dead but she think so, some cross in between. she definitely died and then she woke up and whitestone was a mess so she ran. she hasn't aged. this was 30 years ago, she was 20. she was dead for about 48 hours. she remembers her previous life, she was a human with innate capable magical abilities but she thinks she got hit with necromantic magic. she was part of a farming family on the outskirts of town and they walked into a bit of a trap, wanting to give her a better life. her parents are dead with no family left. she was killed by the briarwoods, one is in her head. she fixed up cabins, the people thought she was a witch in the woods.
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sparring-spirals a month ago
I, too, am shocked no one asked about Ashton's hole in head during WTFIUWT, but upon further reflection his compatriots are made up of:
- Laudna, who chose this game to ask her gal about her relationship with her father (warn a girl, Laudna!!!!!)
- Imogen, who presumably was too busy trying to not drunkenly eavesdrop on people's thoughts to fully take advantage of the game
- FCG, who probably knows and is presumably under some kind of misguided therapist confidentiality
- Orym, Fearne, and Dorian, of EXU "we didn't tell Dariax that his eyes had turned jet black until a few days had passed because we didn't want to be rude" fame
So.... you know. Fair enough, I suppose.
(Don't get me wrong, if they play again and no one asks them I am going to PERSONALLY ask Ashton. Watch me.)
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hipsters-watch-tv a month ago
Laudna: ...I don't think I've ever been in love...
Imogen: 馃え
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purplenerd777 a month ago
FCG: Maybe you could go back in time
Orym: That's a fool's errand
Caleb, somewhere in Rexxentrum: sneezes
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essek-hotboi-thelyss a month ago
the campaign 3 party trying to come up with a group name that incorporates the words 鈥渢rouble鈥, 鈥渆clectic鈥, 鈥渟weet鈥, and 鈥淏ell鈥
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