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#c: harley quinn breaking glass
Harley quinn dating imaines ? Shes a beauty queen ♡


Originally posted by ratichu

Dating imagines Harley Quinn

  •     Harley really clingy and surprisingly loyal for (y/n), she’ll make sure (y/n) and herself will respect each other’s boundaries. She won’t let one bad relationship she had in the past ruin her dating life with (y/n)
  •     She really struggles giving personal space to (y/n), mostly due to the effects of her past unlove relationship making her feel very paranoid when (y/n) goes to either work, or running errands. She wonders if they’re using her to gain some time, so it’s better to talk things out with her to put her paranoia at ease
  •     Overwhelmingly affectionate toward (y/n) that they’ll end up drowning in it. She really doesn’t give a damn about being a public nuisance when she does the neck kissing, nuzzling, and heavy makeout that would probably lead to being kicked out of the public area
  •      Most dates with her would consist of going to abandoned carnivals or fairs, just running around the place with her pulling (y/n)’s hand to explore the area. Although, it’s better to pack first aid knit to clean Harley’s injuries from fall to climb thing like a little kid
  •       She’s sometimes conflict with having a life of crime and having a healthy relationship with (y/n) on the other hand. She would facepalm realizing the consequences of her actions, could put (y/n) in harm’s way by either villain or law enforcement 
  •       Very excited to introduce her friends, Viny, to (y/n) while she talks about how great they are just listing everything she likes about them. She’s just really passionate giving a long explanation to friend on why (y/n) is the best, while (y/n) is covering their face flustered by the situation 
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Harley Quinn Breaking Glass’s is probably my favorite version of Harley Quinn ever. 

Right balance of complex, sympathetic, wacky and disturbing.

Also I want more Mama and this series’s Poison Ivy.

Also one of the better Jokers I have seen.

And the Art is solid.

Solid book 9/10 would read more of.

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