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sketiana · 2 years ago
i was a hopeful one for 2k19 until yall told me theyre turning a one direction wattpad fic into a movie so. guess its another three hundred days of hell ahead
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miraculousgems · a year ago
Tumblr media
Baz: *comforts simons best friend*
Simon: *clenches fist* I just love him so much
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imaginesmai · a year ago
Sebastian Stan- Wired Autocomplete Interview
Tumblr media
Requested by anon. I know this is not exactly what you asked for, but since I saw your request I had this idea, I’m sorry! I couldn’t really write it any other way... I hope you like it! Besides, it wouldn’t be my blog with a tiny bit of angst.
Plot: fans watching your interview with Sebastian are going to get more than what they bargained for.
“Hello! This is Y/N Y/L/N, from Capitan America: Winter Soldier”
“And this is Sebastian Stan, doing the wired autocomplete interview!”
The bright white light that was in front of you was turned off, and you heard someone from behind the cameras to cut for a few minutes. The introduction was done, and they wanted to make sure it looked good before going on with the main part of the interview. Whispers started filling the room and you dropped the happy fake smiled you had on your face.
Sebastian’s arm, that had been sprawled on the backrest of your chair, fell down, and he moved a few inches to his left. Your stylist gave you thumbs up from the other side of the room, signalling that he didn’t need to redo your hair or make up. So you got stuck those five minutes before the interview with the person who you didn’t want to talk.
Your happy and cheerful attitude had already disappeared, and you decided that your shoes were the most interesting thing in that room. More interesting than your boyfriend, who was sat beside you and didn’t have the courage to look at you in the eye. Not after that the previous night argument.
“Hey, um, h-hi Y/N”
You looked up to see a teenage girl with big helmets on, her hair up in a small ponytail. She was wearing the identification of the interview, so you guessed she was part of the crew. Smiling sweetly at her, you nodded.
“So, uh, could we take a picture?” she asked, fingers playing with cords of the headphones. “Or not! I don’t want to invade you, I-I know this is not exactly professional but, I’m such a big-“
“Of course!” you interrupted her rambling and got up. For the occasion, you had chosen a beautiful blue dress with white flowers, and you were glad you did. Because your other option was the old pyjamas bottoms and torn t-shirt from your best friend.
“That’s-That’s so cool” she giggled, taking her phone out of her pocket. “Thank you so much, this-this is the best day of my life.”
“Don’t worry” you said, smiling at her. “Maybe we could ask my manager to take the photo”
“I’ll do it”
You turned on your heels to see Sebastian with a tight smile, offering a hand to the girl. He got to his feet too, and took a few steps backwards to take a good photo. It was the first time you really looked at him since last night, and he looked awful. Tired eyes, bags under them and chopped lips. He seemed more like a homeless man than a famous actor. All of it because the stupid argument.
You had had it before. Actually, you had had the same arguments since the second month of your relationship, and you had been dating for two years already. Neither of you liked to argue about it, but you couldn’t reach an ending point. While you said it was time to make public your relationship, he was against it. Bad publicity for you, too much stress, the press being too pushy or not being ready for it. You had heard all type of excuses by then, and none of them convinced you that what you had with Sebastian had to stay hidden.
The flash hitting your eyes made you blink in surprise, and Sebastian lowered the phone with a small smile on his face. He looked at the photo for a few seconds, and then gave the phone to the girl. She melted in ‘thank you’ and ‘you’re so cool’s before leaving giggling and jumping a little.
Back in your seat, you folded your hands in your lap and fidgeting with the ring. As if he was testing the water, his hand itched closer to you. It was his fingers moving a little; up and down, as if he was tapping in a table, only that each time they moved closer to your leg. You were almost touching, so in a few seconds, his hand was resting on your knee, and you took that as a peace offering. Sure, you would have to talk about it later, but for the interview it was alright.
You put one of your hands on top of his, feeling how they were much colder than yours. On the contrary of what people used to think, his hands were as cold as ice. You put your fingers in between his, and he had to swallow down a smile. For the first time since he met you, he didn’t care about people watching you linking hands. Last night he had been too close to lose you.
“We start in five!”
Some people started running behind the cameras, trying to get everything under control so that the interview could start. The girl who had asked for the photo had the white tabloids in her hands, ready to be handed out to you.
You squeezed his hand one last time and gifted him with a small smile, letting him know that it would be alright.
Sebastian’s laugh filled the room when the next question was revealed; what does he uses on his hair? Your face as you read the question changed from happiness and joy to complete horror. You looked at him with wide eyes, wondering why someone would wake up and ask themselves what does he do with his hair. Joking for a few minutes about how his hair should be something protected at all cost, you continued with the next question.
If you were being honest, you were having a good time. Interviews usually got boring after the third in a row, since all of them asked the same. You liked doing them, though, but that one was being your favourite so far. And Sebastian, without a doubt, your favourite partner.
“What… God, why are this things so difficult to peel off?” you whined, trying to get a grip on the white cover.
“To answer the question, is Y/N Y/L/N a diva? Yes, she is. She needs someone to peel off this things because she doesn’t want to mess up her nails” Sebastian teased, looking straight into the camera, and you slapped his shoulder playfully.
“I can’t stand you”
“You love me”
Yeah, you loved him. You wanted nothing more to than to kiss him right there, and to stop the gossiping about him dating fans who he took photos with or his cousin that came to visit once a year. You forced the thoughts out of your head, not wanting to be seen annoyed or disappointed in the interview.
“Finally” you chuckled, when the paper came off. “What was Sebastian’s first film?”
“Oh, God” he closed his eyes and a faint blush covered his cheeks. Sebastian laughed and looked at you briefly. “You know it?”
“What? It was some teenager shameful comedy?”
“No, I-“ he cut himself before saying the name of the film, and you looked at you with raised brows. “You know it! I told you the last time we were playing Mario Kart!”
A few laughs were heard from the crew behind the camera, but you didn’t mind them. Playing Mario Kart with Sebastian could end in two ways. First one, each one of you in either side of the couch with scowls in your face and aggressively sneaking glances. The other one, video game long forgotten in TV and you riding him in the couch. You rarely payed attention to what he talked about.
Blinking confused, you tried to remember what his first film could had been.
“That-That one with the witches, and so?”
“W-What? What witches?” Sebastian laughed, not bothering to hide the way he was starting at your thoughtful face. You scrunched your nose and resisted the urge to nip at your finger.
“You know, that one where you’re the bad guy. With, with spells and black eyes and those things. There is also, like, a scene with a pool? That’s the only thing I remember, you were shirtless.”
“The Covenant?” Sebastian asked, as if he was not entirely sure what you were talking about. It was common of you to gush ramble about his ‘shirtless scenes’, saying that they were worthy of an Oscar. “I can’t believe you actually said witches.”
“What? I thought you were one! All black, mean.”
“I’m, I’m gonna ignore that” he turned his face towards the camera, his smile not disappearing. “Actually, that was the second. First one was Tony and Tina’s wedding. Small role, nothing important.”
“Nothing that you do is small” you looked at the camera with a small scowl. “He’s the diva”
Two questions later and you had finished his third panel. Sebastian had moved slowly from his seat and had wrapped his arm around your shoulder once more. His arm was touching your back, nothing that the camera could see, but enough to set you in a comfortable state where could set the anxiety and nervousness of being in an interview aside.
His head was in a slightly lower position than yours, and while you waited for your third panel, he propped it on your shoulder and left a quick kiss there. Even though there wasn’t skin, showing, you stuttered with what you were saying and almost dropped the car to the ground. Giving him a pointed look, you placed the panel your lap, and waited for him to start peeling the white papers.
As the rest of them, the first ones was innocent. That type were covered completely asking mostly about your whereabout in that moment. If your best friend lived with you, your next projects and how many pets you had had.
“Alright, next one” Sebastian said, bending forwards to rip the cover. He was, by then, resting his head on your shoulder, and the blush was permanent in your cheeks.
“I’ve seen grandpas faster than you”
“Whatever you say, kid”
The age different was not much. Only a few years, but enough reason to tease each other endlessly. Something changed on Sebastian’s face, as if he had just remembered an important fact. Quickly, he recovered and threw the paper to the side.
“How to seduce Y/N Y/L/N?” Sebastian frowned as soon as the words left his lips. “What kind of freak as that? Who still use ‘seduce’?”
You let out an awkward laugh at the question, uncrossing and crossing your legs. Your fingers tapped on the white board as Sebastian kept talking.
“And-how many people ask this to become trending?”
“Seb, maybe you should-“
“Here is a tip for that”
A small sigh left your lips, knowing that he would say something sassy. Sebastian was not the jealous one; you had to admit you were a little bit more jealous of him. He trusted you and knew you could handle yourself, that you were loyal to him. Still, there were special occasion, like that one, where he didn’t like that fans thought you were available and tried so hard to get you. Then, Sebastian would come up with a sassy comment, making everyone go wide eyed and leave the topic, him looking just like a protective friend.
Certainly, you didn’t expect his next words.
“Just find another one, cause she’s actually taken. And I don’t like sharing.”
The remark that you were going to make died in your tongue, and you looked at Sebastian surprised. Behind the camera, they didn’t hide their shock; they whispered, giggled and you swore you heard someone curse. But you were too busy looking at Sebastian with a open mouth, that he quickly sealed with a small kiss.
His lips closed around you and, after being hit by a sudden wave of cockiness, he even bit your lower one while he tore away. The only laugh that was heard came from you stylist, who you had tired out too many times with talks about Sebastian and your hidden relationship.
“Yeah, so” Sebastian said, his face still close to you. “Y/N Y/N/L can’t be seduced because she’s already with me”
He turned back to his seat and, with a sweet and innocent smile, told the camera that ‘that was all’, saying goodbye for the both of you, since you were too busy staring at him with wide eyes and shaky smile.
That’s how you seduce Y/N Y/L/N.
Want to know more about me? Here is my Masterlist! Feedback is always appreciated!!
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southernbell91 · a year ago
Reasons Captain America:Winter Soldier is better than Captain America:Civil War
The Shield Catching
Tumblr media
This Bad Assery
Tumblr media
This L'Oreal Moment
Tumblr media
Two Words. Murder.Strut.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This Look!
Tumblr media
Hot Shouty Steve
Tumblr media
Stealth Suit
Tumblr media
And Let’s not forget the Glorious Elevator Scene
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And these are only a few of the Many Reasons CA:WS is better than CA:CW
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doyouknowhoyouare · a year ago
Tumblr media
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asterie · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You don’t get to die and be reborn the same. You come back, but you come back wrong.
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tofiveohfive · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I want your belly and that summer feelin' ✨ (thank you @queersue for all the tummy material)
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