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neverlandsky · 9 hours ago
i am extremely ready and willing to fight anyone who doesn't like sam wilson as captain america or says he isn't the real cap. "people are allowed to dislike things" WRONG theyre not allowed to hate sam wilson aka. human sunshine. it is illegal.
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neverlandsky · 14 hours ago
manifesting captain america 4 / caatws s2 starts with sam and bucky living together with no other explanation except the fact that they're in an apartment where all their belongings co-exist
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zemo-apologist · 16 hours ago
My partner asked me to help him think of an example of cognitive dissonance he could write about for one of his classes. I said Zemo in regards to Bucky v. all other super soldiers.
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xxlittle0birdxx · 19 hours ago
Bucky anonymously runs a Twitter account with the handle @America’s_Ass.
It’s nothing but Samuel Thomas Wilson/Captain America appreciation tweets.
Sarah and Rhodey follow it purely to give Sam shit.
Aunt May follows it because she thinks Sam has a great butt. Better than Steve’s.
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mimisempai · 19 hours ago
Nothing can replace the warmth of your arms - Sequel (2/2)
Where Bucky actually wears Sam's gray vest...
When I wrote the first part, I had no intention of doing a sequel, but then I realized that the idea of Bucky wearing Sam's vest deserved its own chapter.
And one more opportunity for Alpine to play a role...
Part one
Tumblr media
Returning from another mission, Sam stopped at the port, sure to find his sister and Bucky there.
"Hey little sister!" he walked over to her and gave her a hug. "You okay?"
"Yes and you? Back for a little longer than last time?"
"Unfortunately, I'm not so much in control of my time anymore. Let's just say I'm hoping I'll have a little more time while I wait for my new assignment." he looked around searching for Bucky.
"If you're looking for your sweetheart, he's not here today. He came in this morning looking like crap. In fact, it's been a long time since I've seen him like this. I sent him back to your house because of the state he was in. He just said it was not a good day."
"Not a good day?" Sam worried a little, wondering what had happened to make Bucky the way Sarah described him.
"Yeah, I didn't want to push it, I figured if he felt like talking about it, he would." replied Sarah kindly.
"Anyway, thanks for giving him a day off."
He kissed his sister on the cheek. She hugged him back before replying, "No problem. You know Bucky is very helpful and doesn't count the hours when it comes to lending a hand. He's usually the first to arrive and the last to leave. Plus everyone likes him a lot. And not only because he is the partner of the coolest guy in town. Bucky is one of us now, Sam. I know you say he's family, but we all think so. So hurry up and see what's wrong with him and get him back on his feet for us."
Sam nodded, moved by what his sister had just said, hugged her without a word, and headed for their home.
He had noticed that Bucky had fit in so well here, that it felt like he had been living here forever, but hearing his sister say it out loud and knowing that it was a common feeling among everyone close to them, that they had accepted Bucky as one of their own, moved Sam more than he thought.
Bucky's words came back to his mind, it was not a good day.
For the six months he had been living here, Bucky had been a pillar to Sam, ever since he had come to bring him the armor in fact, he had never stopped proving to Sam that their relationship was perfectly balanced, one caring for the other, relying on each other, all of that equally.
In fact, ever since Sam had taken on the role of Captain America, Bucky had been an unfailing presence that got him through the tough times. Even though he too had his moments of weakness, they managed to balance each other out.
Not a good day? Had Bucky meant it literally? Was it something to do with the date? It was the 25th of January. January 25...why did that date sound familiar?
He replayed what he knew of Bucky in his head.
Damn it! That was the day! The day Bucky had fallen off the train in 1945.
Bucky had told him about it early in their relationship. It was the most vivid memory he had of his life before Hydra, a sense of endless falling. He called it the last day of Buck's life.
Bucky had told him why he didn't like being called Buck since his return -even though he hadn't dared to tell Steve- because to him Buck was who he was before Hydra.
Sam quickened his steps.
When he got home, the house was in darkness, lit only by a small paper lamp in the corner.
"Hey Alpine! Hi baby girl!" Sam scratched the little white cat behind her ears and she purred with delight. "Where's your master?"
Alpine started walking towards their room then stopped and looked behind her as if to see if Sam was following her.
"I'm coming, girl."
He took off his shoes, hung up his jacket and followed the cat who was waiting for him.
Alpine stopped in the doorway of the room.
Sam stepped forward and smiled fondly at the scene before him.
Bucky was sleeping soundly on his side in the middle of the bed, arms wrapped around him, wearing Sam's gray vest.
Sam muttered with a soft laugh, "you weren't lying."
He walked over to the bed, climbed up and lay down. He pressed his chest against Bucky's back and then encased him in his arms.
Bucky gasped slightly before he realized what was going on.
"Sam, you're home." he said before leaning in a little closer to him.
Sam whispered in his ear, "so it seems. I figured my arms would be even more comforting than my vest."
Bucky gave an appreciative grunt, "I couldn't agree more."
Sam brushed a hand through his hair, and asked softly, "More seriously Bucky, are you okay? After Sarah told me you didn't work today, that you said it wasn't a good day, I remembered what day it was."
Bucky reached for the hand Sam was running through his hair and kissed the back of it, then whispered, his lips against Sam's hand.
"Actually, since I've been back, this is the first time I can say I feel good on such a day.  And do you know why? It's because of you, this town, these people, this family. I am happy here. So yes, maybe I would have been happy if I hadn't fallen. But I don't know and I'll never know, and that's okay. Because it's now that's important. And for the first time, I was able to let the memory go."
After those words, he turned in Sam's arms. Sam could tell by Bucky's expression that he had just told the truth.
He traced the lines of Bucky's gently smiling face with his fingertips.
Although the gesture seemed innocent enough, he saw Bucky's breathing quicken and his eyes darken. Bucky ran his tongue over his lips and Sam couldn't take his eyes off them so he leaned in and Bucky joined him halfway, his hand moving up a few inches to cup Sam's face.
The first touch of their lips was gentle, almost chaste, but when Bucky pressed himself against Sam with a small noise escaping from the back of his throat, and began to lick his mouth, Sam responded with equal enthusiasm.
When suddenly, interrupted by a little mewl, they had to break apart, panting.
Their eyes widened and they began to laugh.
Then Bucky, turning his head to Alpine who had just climbed onto the foot of the bed, said, "You little rascal.Come here baby girl."
He gently stroked her under the chin.
"Of course you make me happy too."
Still holding each other, they moved aside a little to make room for her.
While purring, she turned on her until she found the ideal spot.
Sam, who was watching her fondly, looked up at Bucky who was looking at him with a smile.
"What's up?"
"Nothing. I'm saving this image of my two loves in a corner of my brain. I think from now on, on January 25, that's the memory I'll invoke."
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ironwolf-gone · 21 hours ago
What’s up, I have once again written more Sambucky garbage cause I’ve lost control of my life ✌️
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redwingsupportgroup · a day ago
I will NEVER ever stop thinking about Sam looking back at Bucky before taking the shield, and only turning back to pick it up when Bucky gives him a small nod of the head. this a connection beyond what canon had shown us so far, how did this purity and trust go to ignoring texts. Sam legit looked at Bucky for reassurance, he gave him the strength to pick it up, with a single look. this is one of their most pretty and precious moments EVER.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mimisempai · a day ago
Nothing can replace the warmth of your arms (1/2)
Sam returns from a mission and desperately needs the comfort of his lover's arms but he's not there. Will Bucky’s hoodie do the trick?
🌈 Happy Pride month ! 🌈
To celebrate, 1 day, 1 story.
Be ready for smiles, laugh, fluff, tooth rotthing fluff, positive vibes and a lot of love!
1284 words - Rating G
Part two
Tumblr media
Sam would never say it out loud, but he loved the fact that Bucky was bigger and stronger than him. Because when he held Sam in his arms and Sam let go, he felt protected, the strong arms of his lover made him feel like a shield against the outside world.
One day he came home from a mission and found the house empty. Which was common, since Bucky was working with Sarah on the ship.
But that day Sam could have used Bucky's comforting embrace because the mission had been difficult.
After walking around their living room in circles, unable to calm down, he went to their bedroom, thinking that maybe a nap would help a little.
His eyes fell on a Bucky hoodie lying on the bed. It was a burgundy red hoodie, worn at the elbows and edges from being worn over and over again, like many of Bucky's clothes.
Sam took it in both hands and after looking over his shoulder to make sure he was alone, he buried his face in the hoodie and breathed in the smell of Bucky and with that alone, some of his anxiety vanished. It was like being in Bucky's arms, without the warmth of his body.
Still holding the piece of clothing against him, he went to lie down on the bed.
He breathed in Bucky's scent a few more times and fell asleep like that, the hoodie tight against him.
When Bucky walked through the door, he saw Sam's belongings lying in the hallway.
He called softly, "Sam?" because it was not uncommon for his lover to go to sleep as soon as he got home.
Being careful not to make any noise, Bucky made his way to the bathroom. He passed the bedroom and couldn't help but take a quick peek.
His heart leapt in his chest.
Sam was lying on his side in the middle of the bed, sleeping peacefully, with Bucky's hoodie pressed against him.
Bucky tiptoed back out, and once in the hallway, overwhelmed with emotion, he slid against the wall, his heart pounding at the implication of what he had just seen.
A few minutes later, he got up and went to take his shower. He was drying his hair when he heard Sam call his name.
"In the bathroom!"
Sam walked into the bathroom and hugged him before asking, "Been home long?"
"Just long enough to take my shower. How about you? Did you get some rest?"
Bucky couldn't help but blush as he thought back to the scene he had caught just before and passed the towel over his face pretending his face was still wet.
"Yeah, I'm fine. But I missed you when I got back." Sam hugged him before burying his face in his neck.
Bucky wondered if it was possible to die from an overdose of emotion. He tightened his arms around Sam and they stayed like that for a few moments. Then Sam broke the embrace, and smoothing Bucky's tousled hair, he said softly, "I'll take your place in the shower."
Bucky gave him one last kiss before leaving the bathroom saying, "I'll get dinner ready."
Waiting until he was sure Sam had entered the shower, he peeked into the bedroom again and saw that his top was lying on the bed exactly as he had left it that morning.
He continued to the kitchen and as he prepared the meal, he couldn't stop the questions from running through his mind. Was this the first time? Was it just this top? Why did he do it?
He tried to think of something else when he heard Sam get out of the shower and he was stirring the pasta sauce when he heard his lover enter the kitchen.
Sam slipped his arms around Bucky's waist and kissed him on the neck before putting his chin on his shoulder and trying to see what Bucky was cooking. After a few seconds, Bucky opened one of the pans with an exaggerated gesture and a sidelong glance, revealing a sauce with a mouth-watering smell.
Sam smiled and said excitedly, "I'm starving, this looks appetizing!"
Bucky blushed slightly at the compliment and replied gruffly, "No, it doesn't. But it will be, in a few minutes."
Sam merely rested his chin on Bucky's shoulder, practically cuddling him, apparently content to wait as long as he had to, while Bucky continued to prepare the meal.
Bucky would have asked Sam to get out of his way, to get some dishes out, to make himself useful. But it was late, he knew that Sam, despite his nap was still tired and, boy, did he enjoy the feel of Sam's body against his.
Sam pressed himself a little closer, perhaps sensing that Bucky was distracted since he hadn't stirred the sauce for a few seconds. Bucky pulled himself together and stirred again and said nothing. He was aware of the proximity of Sam, whose chest was pressed against his back. Sam, whose strong arms were caressing his chest. Sam, who was still gently kissing his neck.
Bucky turned off the fire under the pots and pans and with a flick of his hip signaled to Sam that they were ready to eat.
Sam picked up the plates and cutlery as they went and they sat down to eat.
They told each other about their day while having dinner. Catching up on what they had missed in each other's lives.  Then both tired, they decided to go to bed.
As soon as he entered the room, Bucky's eyes were drawn to his hoodie on the bed. He took it in his hands and blushed  as he thought of Sam holding it against him.
Sam entered the room at that moment, his eyes shifting from Bucky to the hoodie several times. And the realization showed on his face as he flushed slightly.
He looked up at Bucky and asked, "I guess you saw me?"
Bucky stammered slightly, "Ahem... yes, you were asleep when I got home and the bedroom door was open, I couldn't help but peek in. Hm... I... how do I put this... uh... do you do this often?"
Sam shook his head "That was the first time."
Bucky scratched the back of his head and asked, a little embarrassed, "And, well not that I mind huh, but can I ask why?"
Sam said nothing, took the hoodie from Bucky's hands and put it on him.
Then he slipped his arms around Bucky and put his head against his chest.
"And now put your arms around me okay?"
Bucky, baffled, hugged Sam.
"Hold me tight."
Bucky obeyed.
Sam's voice came to him, quieter and more muffled.
"That's the reason why, because when you hold me I feel safe, protected. I needed that when I got home, so when I saw your hoodie, it made me think of you and there you go..."
"Aww Sam..."
"Stop, not a word. I'm embarrassed enough as it is."
Bucky tightened his grip a little more and whispered against Sam's hair, "Let me just say one thing, I think you'll feel better when you hear what I'm about to say."  Bucky cleared his throat before continuing, "Your gray vest is very comforting. You shouldn't leave it lying around on the couch so much..."
Sam wanted to raise his head, but Bucky, embarrassed in turn, pressed his head against his chest, stopping him.
"We're such softies." muttered Sam, chuckling against his chest.
"That's why we're made for each other. " retorted Bucky.
Sam didn't answer anything, because when faced with the truth, there was only one thing to do, and that was to accept it.
Not beta'd I hope you enjoyed it 🥰
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samwilsonsimp · a day ago
" joaquin is scared of bucky " besties are we forgetting that joaquin went to a flagsmashers meeting by himself and faced karli morgenthau ? he took one look at sam and bucky together and decided if sam was dating him he couldn't possibly be that intimidating .
also he saw bucky rip off his sleeve in the most Dramatic Main Character way possible before jumping out of a plane . yeah bucky doesn't scare him .
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adjakskldsk · a day ago
My dad just referred to Steve Rogers as Captain America instead of Sam. I’m disowning myself from this family.
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margarethx · a day ago
I already said that somewhere, but let me eloborate here... I would love to read a story where Sam and Bucky really, really hate each other at the beginning of their “relationship”. Like actually despise to even be in the same room and cannot stand the other person’s voice or sight.
Because I never actually believed that the thing between them was hatered - even at their lowest points. It’s mostly annoyance in my opinion. And the better they know each other the more obvious it is how much they actually care. Even in episode 2 where they only started to work again and still argued all the time they were extremely protective (verbally or physically) of each other.
So a story where they truly cannot stand the other person has a lot of potential. It could be set somewhere in the MCU canon (maybe they couldn’t get along ever since Civil War or argued way harder in tfatws) or it can be a separate AU where they are just regular people who met, because both of them know Steve.
Then we’d witness the slow process of them discovering more things about each other and learning to understand what they go through a little bit better. Bucky hearing what happened to Riley. Sam hearing what happened to Bucky’s arm. Talking about their various traumas and insecurities more and more until one day they realize that there’s no hatered between them anymore and... they don’t know what to do with this situation...
None of that: “I always loved you :’) I just couldn’t express it”. It’s more about: “I thought I could only hate you, yet here we fucking are ;-;”.
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fanficmaniatic · a day ago
Happy Pride Month @slytherclaw2005 !!!
I hope you like this! And thanks for the fic!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(click for better quality, tumblr really makes these look blurry)
on a side note… Why are sam’s wings so hard to draw 😭
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