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#cactus au

KiriBaku Cactus AU.

I got some cacti for my birthday, and I decided to name them Katsuki and Eijiro, they live together in a pot with their two adopted children(their kids are a type of succulent that looks like a cactus). The prickly pear cactus is Katsuki, the fairy castle cactus is Eijiro, the larger zipper cactus is Katsuo, and the smaller one is Yudai.

The reason that I’m posting this is that it is this universe that we all live in that is the AU for them. And because I want to talk about my cacti.

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Character A has never been the best when it comes to handling peer pressure, so when they are pushed and pushed by their inappropriate and inconsiderate friends to approach someone on the street who is wearing a bulky trench coat and holds a sign that simply says “SUCC–”, they’re terrified. Is the person a streetwalker? Ted Bundy reincarnate? Or worse…a hot dog vendor??

They don’t have the chance to find out before they feel one final push from behind (literally), forcing them to fall into the person holding the sign, Character B, and feel hundreds of little spikes prick Character A’s arms, legs, and abdomen. 

Character B apologies profusely, gesturing to their sign which Character A can now see says “SUCCULENTS.” Character B opens their coat, checks their merchandise, and says “Oh god, I’m so sorry, are you hurt? Do you, uh, do you want to buy a cactus or something?”

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I get SO sad when I think about Alex grieving silently for Ethan. The only people who knew about him were potentially Rossi and Strauss. She didn’t even keep a photo of him on her desk.

(also yes sweet cactus angel!!! this is your emoji now!!!)

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Jerbo: you showed me?? basic human kindness????
Ed: I was surprised I had that ability, too

I love all of that but consider,,,,,Jerbo ranting abt things to the moon cactus and eventually leading to ranting abt Ed to the plant and its in the middle of one of these rants he thinks abt what he’s saying and realizes its like not even rants. its more like angry gay pining and he has a mental crisis over it

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So @i-legit-dont-know-what-im-doing has this AMAZING DuckTales AU where the Duck bro’s are being raised by their duck cousin counterparts. And I just had to write some head canons about what it was like for Huey being raised by Fethry and what the event of “The Depths of Cousin Fethry!” We’re like for him. (I hope you enjoy! It’s my first time writing things like this)

  • Huey fantasizes about seeing the outside world. Since the JWG book has detailed descriptions of all the legends and monsters all over the world, but he has never even walked on dry land. (He is more adventurous than canon Huey and a bit more like Dewey)
  • Feathers quirks rub off on Huey making him have a bit of a habit to rambling on and on about science and the JWG. People who don’t know him can get the impression that he has a few screws loose.
  • The only show that is available down in the lab is DarkWing Duck, so when (or if) Huey meets Launchpad they get along right away.
  • Since I head canon Fethrey being younger than Gladstone and Donald. Huey and him have a more lax relationship. With them taking turns taking care of each other. So Huey still kinda has the oldest sibling mentality.
  • Huey can sometimes spend days tinkering on a gadget or experiment. He often forgets to eat and even sleep. Fethry tries to remind him but he often gets lost in science too. They take turns reminding the other to sleep/eat.
  • Being raised by Fethry has made Huey a lot more lax when it comes to order. Schedules still bring him a sense of safety and feelings of calm, but he can often be seen looking for his hat when it’s on his head.
  • The JWG rules have become a calming mechanism for Huey so when Fethrey notices Huey is getting close to a meltdown or sensory overload. He starts reciting the JWG rules with him and it help him calm down.
  • Hueys handwriting is almost unreadable. With the only people able to decipher it are him and Fethrey.
  • Heuy has a VAST knowledge of the creatures and plant life underwater and the back of his JWG is full of notes he took about plant life and creatures at the bottom of the sea.
  • Huey a habit of talking to the plants in the lab while he works and even has names for them
  • Having to patch up Fethry more than a few times Huey has a real nack for first aid and uses the plants in the lab to make medicine
  • Huey has a scar on his right cheek from an experiment gone wrong. Fethrye vows to be more responsible so that it never happens again.
  • Huey grew up quickly losing faith in ever seeing or meeting his family, but sometimes he looks out his window and wonders what they are like. He often and fantasies about meeting them.
  • When Huey met Dewy his first instinct was to study him like one of his experiments but he managed to refrain from doing anything “too weird”
  • Huey was DEVASTATED to hear about what happened to Louie/Rebel but tries his best to not show it. He doesn’t want to appear weak in front of his new family. He only manages to let out a “simp nod”
  • Huey is practically star struck when he meets Donald. He grew up hearing stories about his great uncle and “he was even nicknamed little Donald by Fethry!!!” He asks a billion questions.
  • Donald originally disapproves of the way Fethry has been raising Huey but slowly realizes that they just see things differently. By the end of “The Depths of Cousin Fethry!” they have a better understanding of each other
  • Huey gets very angry and starts to release the “Duke” when Donald calls Fethry crazy.
  • Donald is very impressed/surprised with Hueys anger while Dewey is a bit more scared of it.
  • Donald quickly teaches Huey a coping trick to deal with it. While fighting the monster. Huey continues to use it even after their lab sinks again.
  • After Huey and Fethry get dragged down by the monsters Huey goes into a sort of depression barely eating, sleeping, and talking. Fethry tries his best to take care of him and is now twice as determined to get the radio fixed and get Huey back to his family.
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