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buckypascal · a day ago
I just saw someone seriously say that Bucky deserved to die for killing Tony’s parents. They said that if Bucky was truly sorry for what he did he should’ve sacrificed himself to Tony. I…I’ve seen many comments about civil war but none this drastic (Feel free to not respond if you don’t want to)
I- What even is wrong with people? I'm so astounded at the fact someone actually said that with their whole chest. "Sacrificed himself"? How many times does Buck have to say "I didn't have a choice" before people actually start to believe it? Anon, I'm sorry you had to read such bullshit words. I will defend Bucky with my entire being before I let someone say they think he should have "sacrificed himself". I love Tony but that is utter crap. It wasn't his mind, he wasn't himself, IT WASN'T HIS CHOICE.
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greywolfheirs · a day ago
Just finished Civil War and at the end all I could think about was this photo
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letsby · a day ago
Ammunition Chapter 7
Tumblr media
All Lizzie wants is to be a successful designer. After thinking she’s finally made it, life becomes a struggle yet again. When Tony Stark has her in his sights it’s all too easy for him to draw her into his world. Maybe that would be something she could survive, but there are people out there who are desperate to take Tony down. These so-called good guys have no problem exploiting Lizzie’s family issues to hold her to ransom. What will it take for her to survive that?
Crime boss!Tony x Lizzie Best (OC)
WC: 2005 Beta: My slow burn cheerleader @evansrogerskitten​
Series warnings: Organised crime; explicit smut; angst; manipulation; team cap vs team iron man; domestic violence; meta; flangst; corruption. Chapter rating: Mature
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James “Bucky” Barnes had a deep love of stealth. It was why he was so well-suited to the spying aspect of an FBI investigation. For all his bitching to Steve about not getting to be more visible, he wouldn’t trade reconnaissance for that. And for all Sam’s insults and barbed comments, Agent Wilson would easily admit to thinking that Agent Barnes would do incredible things were he to join the CIA.
His current mission should have been scary to him, as it would to anyone in their right mind. Breaking into the Iron Brothers’ unassuming fortress was a massive risk. That was why they had gotten hold of Lizzie Best and forced her to be their woman on the inside. But Miss Best had given them nothing. Hell, she barely even tried. Sam and Steve were beyond pissed at her refusal to court Stark’s affection in order to gain information, but Bucky was secretly pleased about it. He had the hots for her before, now he had built her up as some Daughter of Vesta. How lovely it would be to make her fall off her pedestal and into his arms.
She was clearly incredibly good at her job too, Bucky mused as he stood in the shadowy room she’d been hired to restore. It was dark in there, but the New York lights and his exceptional night vision could show him enough.
At that point Bucky wiped all thoughts of her from his mind. He had a job to do. Within eight minutes he had planted the bugs and vanished.
The charms around Lizzie’s wrist clattered prettily as she reached for her phone. She hadn’t worn Tony’s bracelet in public since the day he’d given it to her. But for some reason she was donning it every evening as soon as she got home.
“Miss Best. Agent Rogers.”
“What can I do for you?”
“What?” Lizzie went to the window, sensing a threat.
“What I mean is, nothing more. You are no longer a part of this investigation. This call is to thank you for your service.”
Lizzie opened her mouth to quip saltily about a ticker tape parade, but an unexpected sound cut her off.
“Is that a baby?” 
“Yes. He’s hungry so I’ll be going now.”
“Wait! What about my brothers?”
She heard the sound of a large man shifting on couch cushions. “What about them?”
“Well, where do they stand?”
“I can’t speak for Tino but Philip would be in the dock if memory serves.”
“Ha ha. And will you be interfering?”
“We said we wouldn’t, didn’t we? Go ahead, use Stark’s money to hire a big shot lawyer. Resurrect Johnnie Cochran for all I care. Goodnight.”
Lizzie smiled brightly when the call ended. One threat gone. Now she just had to use her last opportunity to make sure Tony and James weren’t about to spring some sort of debt bondage on her siblings.
Steve was less happy after the call. He had lied to Lizzie. Something about having to send Barnes in to plant bugs was needling Steve, and he had decided to take Lizzie’s lack of success rather personally. To the point that he used his influence to make sure a top-drawer DA was going to be put in charge of both putting Philip in jail and disrupting Tino’s parole hearing. 
Steve got his wish, and then tried to unwish it harder than a softening Maleficent.
“Clint Barton!”
“Tony.” Clint shook Tony’s hand, always unhappy to do so in public. Sure, they were at Natasha’s very private office but still, one never knew who was watching. “Didn’t expect to see you here.”
“Oh I’m not here. Just popped in for a chat on my way to a very important meeting.”
“Well, don’t let me keep you. Will Miss Romanoff see me now?” He asked, turning to the receptionist.
“Yes Mister Barton, go right in.”
The men parted ways, Tony not missing the lingering look the pretty girl on the desk gave him. Sitting heavily in his car, Tony might have wondered at his lack of interest in Nat’s salivating employee. But not now. Not since hating himself for banging Christine Everhart back into line. Not since he had ceased to mix business with pleasure at Jericho. He hadn’t expected that his desire to win the heart of Lizzie Best would bring with it an involuntary preference for fidelity. Still, it was what it was. Tony started up his R8 and headed back to Soho as fast as the car could carry him. 
His lady was waiting.
Lizzie looked around the room with utter pride. She’d done a brilliant job and she knew Tony would agree. Slightly more nerve-wracking was the opinion of one Michelle Parker, even with the giddy way Peter had rushed to fetch her after seeing the finished space himself. While she waited for them, Lizzie realised she was correcting more of the furniture placement than anticipated. She couldn’t shake the feeling that someone had been in there after she’d left last night. 
Giggling outside the door caught her ear, and a fumbling over the doorknob. Lizzie went to assist, then stopped as Peter got the door open, awkwardly ushering Michelle inside with one hand over her eyes. 
“Keep ‘em shut, no peeking MJ!”
“You are an insufferable dork.”
“Shush! I am a scary scary man and you will speak to me with respect.”
The couple grinned at the statement. Lizzie just longed for the days when she had thought Michelle to be the scarier of the two.
“Okay, okay,” said Peter as he walked his wife to the centre of the room, “open your eyes!”
He stepped back, leaving Michelle to blink and cast her eyes about. She took an age to do it, face unreadable. The last thing she looked at was Lizzie, and when she did she cracked a big smile and even gave the designer a hug.
“Thank you.”
“That good huh?” joked Lizzie. Michelle let her go.
“I was thanking you for blocking Tony’s half court plans. But yeah, that good.”
“Oh, that was for me. But I’m glad you’re happy.”
“Anyone’d think it was MJ hired you for this.”
Three heads whipped around to see James walking through the door, Tony close behind him. James was dressed casually, while Tony had on a gorgeous light blue suit. No tie was around his white collar, and his hair was even more artfully dishevelled than usual. Lizzie wondered why he was so dressed up. 
The two men stalked around opposite sides of the room and met in the middle.
“Whatcha think, Honey Bear?”
“I think the room survived you, Tony. Great job, Lizzie.”
Lizzie smiled.
“Alright, back to work.” James headed out and Peter and MJ responded to the click of his fingers. They overtook him and vanished. “You comin’?” he asked Tony.
“In a sec.”
James pursed his lips and left, closing the door behind him. 
“Exquisite work. Really.” 
“Thanks,” said Lizzie, stepping back. Tony was standing awfully close all of a sudden. “I’ve had fun, mostly.”
“Yeah, I guess it hasn’t been all one happy picnic.”
If you only knew, she thought. 
“But, I think your next job will be easier.”
“Oh, I don’t know. I just hope it’s comparable. In scale, I mean.”
“Well, tell me what you think of this.” Tony took out his phone and tapped the screen. Lizzie came back to his side, curious. Tony handed the phone to her, a little smile appearing when their fingers touched. Lizzie’s response wasn’t visible, having occurred in a covered part of her body.
She was looking at a kitchen. So big Tony had taken seven photos to show every aspect.
“Nice. A little dated.”
“That’s what my housekeeper says.”
“Oh, I see.” Lizzie handed the phone back and crossed her arms. “It’s your kitchen.”
“Or yours, to do with what you will. What d’ya say? Same rate as before? But less slave-driving, I promise. My house isn’t as important as this place.”
“So why not hire someone else at a going rate and let me go? God, I knew you were gonna do this Tony.” Lizzie walked over to the table where she had set down her bag. Hoisting it over her shoulder she headed for the door, saying goodbye to Tony as she stomped away.
“Hey, hey! What’s the problem?” He caught her arm gently and got in front of her, giving her shoulders a squeeze. 
“You know why I took on this job Tony.”
“And you know why I hired you. Look how good you are.” Tony may have been referring to the decor surrounding them, but eyes didn’t leave Lizzie’s face as he said it. “Besides, you need the money.”
“I have plenty for what I need.”
“Oh, do you?” Tony let her go. “Nat is very expensive, y’know?”
“Oh, what? She just upped her rates? How convenient.” 
Tony blinked. “Well, someone’s pissed.”
“Can you blame me? Be honest Tony, say Nat does free my brothers, what are you gonna want from them in return?”
“Me? Nothing!”
“Yeah right.”
“I mean it!” He laughed out the words, serving to anger Lizzie further.
“If you think you’re gonna have them beating up pimps like you do Peter you are very much mistaken! Screw Nat, I’ll find someone else.” She pushed Tony away, and was rewarded with a vice-like grip on her arm.
“You have no idea what you’re talking about. And how do you even know about that?”
Lizzie stayed quiet. Fighting with him was one thing, letting it slip she’d been spying was something else. She needed to go; who knows what other secrets would come flying out of her mouth if she didn’t. 
“Wrong place, wrong time. Please let me go.”
“Only as far as that sofa.” Tony nodded over her shoulder and released his hold. “Go on.” 
Lizzie obeyed. Tony pulled the coffee table forward and sat down in front of her.
“You better stop mouthing off about shit you don’t understand, and listen to me so I can give you some facts.”
Lizzie's face was solemn. She had thought she would say goodbye to Tony on a high. Now she just felt wretched.
“I have no interest in making your brothers work for me. You, on the other hand, could spend the rest of your career working for me and yeah - I’m gonna try my best to make sure you do. But you are safe. Your family is safe. Do you believe me?”
She wanted to. How could she not when he looked so sincere?
“But...that stuff about Nat’s rates...”
Tony rested his elbow on his knees, bringing his gorgeous face closer to hers. “There’s been a happy accident.”
“Which is?”
“For some reason, Uncle Sam has put a big deal lawyer in charge of destroying Philly and Tino’s lives…” Tony trailed off at the look on her face. Mercifully, he mistook her wide eyes for shock rather than a fresh wave of fear for a certain blonde-haired, blue-eyed fed. “It’s okay, honey. I promise. He and Nat happen to be like that.” Tony held up two crossed fingers.
“Really?” she whispered. Tony smiled. 
“Really really. Freedom is in the bag, I promise. But, this does complicate things. This guy isn’t gonna drop the ball outta the goodness of his heart, y’know?” Tony took Lizzie’s hands gently in his own, stroking her wrist where her bracelet should be. “Don’t be scared. It’s gonna be alright.”
Lizzie couldn’t believe her foolishness. For whatever reason, Tony only wanted what was best for her. If only she’d had no reason to doubt it, she’d have never had to get involved with those asshole feds. Now, no matter what, there would always be a terrible wedge between her and Tony, and she would never be able to make him understand what it was. 
Thanks for reading! Please leave some feedback before you go. Taglists are open!
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redwingsupportgroup · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
– So let's say we agree to this thing. How long is it gonna be before they LoJack us like a bunch of common criminals?
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redwingsupportgroup · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
«Steve receives the news via text, he has lost everyone he knew, outlived them all. Peggy Carter is dead. Of all people he has shared the happy and the sad together with, standing just a floor above him, he chooses Sam to tag along. Because Sam is his trusted man and he knew he could trust him in his moments of weakness and dismay.»
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redwingsupportgroup · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ready to comply
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redwingsupportgroup · a day ago
Tumblr media
“but I did it.”
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redwingsupportgroup · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
a photo you can hear
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svmbucky · 2 days ago
noooo don’t go back into cryo ahaha you’re so sexy
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svmbucky · 2 days ago
SO fitting that this movie gets to end with sam and steve being gay to each other. like you did it you broke civil war down to its basic essentials!
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svmbucky · 2 days ago
rhodeytony <33333
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svmbucky · 2 days ago
i project onto steve because i, too, cannot shut the hell up. either i am dying on a hill or i’m not and he gets that in me <3
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svmbucky · 2 days ago
i would die for t’challa he’s so GOOD. like he’s just a fucking good person
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svmbucky · 2 days ago
heres a cursed fact about me. i have zemos speech to tchalla memorized because i learned how to imitate his accent by watching it over and over until i could say it with him
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svmbucky · 2 days ago
bucky going completely feral while fighting tony is the best part of this movie like GO KING!!!!!
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