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#caduceus clay

The Wildmother swirls in his undercut was actually a point I’d forgotten to make!! Thank you for reminding me :)

Yeah, between the swirls, and the stuff growing on him, and the ‘my family doesn’t approve of tattoos (followed by muttering something under his breath about his ear gauges),’ I’d be willing to bet that a good portion of his presentation up ‘til now is actually related to his faith in some form or another. His body just another medium for a particular kind of worship*. He had a rather single-minded existence in the grove, I think…

Highkey this is my favorite official art of him yet. He just looks so cute. I can’t wait to see all the fanart going forward!!

*as if the literal bioluminescent growths and the ritualized death + resurrection backstory weren’t evidence enough of that.

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To the people worried that Caduceus’ new cut is an Emotional Breakdown Haircut… Please. The man has always balanced aesthetics and practicality.

Have you ever worn a hat all day over long hair? Tangles are inevitable. And it gets ice in it, gets ratted up in coat collars… And sheared sides would be cold if he left them uncovered.

His new cut is:

a) Easier to maintain

b) Warmer

c) Fly as hell

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[ID: A digital drawing of Caduceus from Critical Role. He is drawn from the shoulders up, and is wearing a blue winter coat over a green shirt. His hair is cut short, with one side shaved. He is looking off with a content expression.]

I had to draw the new hair, I love the bob so much

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For awhile now my headcanon about Cad’s hair (yes I’ve thought about this) is that the length/braids/pinkness was a form of tribute to Corellon the Archeart, nonbinary god of beauty* (and one of the two patron deities of the Blooming Grove). I don’t read it as a totally personal form of self-expression because his family all has the pink hair, and we know it’s not natural or genetic.

Which makes the new bob haircut with the harsher, salmon-y pink kind of interesting to me, because that might be a totally personal form of self-expression, and what an interesting time for that to happen.

*my only real evidence on this point is a) my own aesthetic preferences and b) the fact that you could actually make a fairly lengthy supercut of every time a character (PC or NPC) remarks on how beautiful Cad’s hair is. He’s a seven foot tall fae creature with an ecosystem on him and the first thing anyone says about him is that his hair is gorgeous. I have decided this is the intended effect.

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