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For @kakyoin-shades​!!  My heartfelt apologies for this taking so long.  I got very carried away and it ended up much longer than I intended.  I had a shitload of fun with these two dorks, so I hope you enjoy it!

Word Count: 3627

Notes: Set in 1957; Caesar Lives AU

Read on AO3!


If there was one thing Caesar had learned over the years, it was that Joseph Joestar was not the kind of man you can take to a restaurant.

They had tried many times, as if their first encounter hadn’t been telling enough, and most, if not all, of those times ended in near or full disaster.  Caesar was sure they’d been banned from at least three chain restaurants throughout the city, either because Joseph had been too loud, or too damn picky.

He was almost like a child in that way, Caesar mused to himself as he flipped through his father’s old recipe book (one of the few things his wretched relatives had left behind).  Joseph would take one look at a food item he’d never seen before, judge from that glance whether or not it would be appetizing upon consumption, and promptly declare his opinion at the top of his lungs.  It was tiring at home, and mortifying in public, but Caesar had adapted to it, just as he’d adapted to every other troublesome aspect of his partner’s personality.

And so, since he knew that eating out wasn’t feasible, Caesar decided that the two of them would spend their night off with a home-cooked dinner.  He was, after all, a rather fine cook, if his experience said anything for him.  Plus he knew exactly how to get Joseph to overlook the visage of any and every meal that may not appeal to him: by making it a challenge.

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New chapter of the fix it fic is up, and boy is it plot heavy.

Might as well throw this in since it just happened!


Thank you to everyone who’s been following along. The fic only has a few more chapters left ;u;

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